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Tofu's Scenario 

Room 1: Sewers
There's nothing here; simply walk up the stairs and leave. If you look closely at 
the wall next to your character, you'll notice a four etched in the wall.

Room 2: Chess Piece Room
Walk up and use Tofu's special long range to stab the female zombie in the back. 
She'll turn and come after you. Wait a brief moment, watch which way she will 
and as soon as she starts to move, run past on the oppisite side. Stop at the 
side of the bridge and wait for the next zombie to approach. At the last moment 
around and behind it on the right side. Run to the end of the bridge and wait on 
left side for the next two zombies to approach. When they come close enough to 
run around and behind them to the left and then hug the wall all the way to the 

Room 3: Hallway
This room is simple; run along the left wall past the first zombie. Don't go to 
hallway on your left because there is nothing but a dead end. After you have 
the first zombie, zigzag around the next one and then walk to see which way the 
remaining zombie is going to go. After that is established dash past him and walk 
down the stairs.

Room 4: Spiders
Since spiders poison you it is a good idea to get past them as fast as possible. 
best way is to walk along until you see the first spider creep his ugly head 
the corner. Usually the spider is on the inside wall turing the corner, so run 
the outside of the wall. The second spider will also be on the inside wall so run 
past him on the outside again, then climb up the ladder.

Room 5: Kennel
It's incredibly easy to run here. Just have your thumb on the run button and be 
pressing up as the game loads the room. Run perfectly straight; the dogs will 
but miss. Turn left and run out the door.

Room 6: Prison Area
In this room you will see two zombies; one will be crawling at you. Wait in the 
upper right corner of the room and get ready to run, then when the first crawler 
saw is near the right wall, dash around them to their left. After the camera 
changes, run and hug the right wall to pass the other two zombies and escape.

Room 7: Garage
When you enter there's a dog to your left, one in front of you, and a third one 
further away, but you can avoid all of them. Run forward, turn to the left to 
the first two dogs, then circle around to your right to circumvent the thrid 
attack. Run to the exit.

Room 8: Basement
You must run past tons of crows. Running from the crows can be difficult as there 
one bad camera angle in this area. It's when you are trying to make a left turn 
heading towards the stairs. Try to avoid running into the wall or a crow. At that 
point, you must master the angle of the turn. When running always try to run in a 
zigzag pattern so birds won't be able to get a beak on you. 

Room 9: K9 Hall
When you first enter, turn to angle facing the unshown area, when the first dog 
comes into sight, immediately run straight to the wall, when you hit the wall 
to the right and hug the wall. If you did this right the first dog would have not 
jumped, but he will chase behind you, as he will jump from behind and miss. If 
happens you know that the other two dogs will miss when they jump at you. Just 
continue running and hugging the wall to pass the next to dogs, turn to the right 
and go through the exit.

Room 10: East Office
Run through the doorway on your right. Walk forward untill the camera angle 
so you can get a look at the zombies around you. Wait for them to start to close 
then zigzag through the middle and go around the desks to the door.

Room 11: East Wing Hallway
First just take a step towards the two zombies on the right, when the zombie on 
right moves away from the wall run past him on the right. head to the coke 
and lure three zombies toward you. Once you have a clear path, run around them 
to where the door that you came is. There should be two zombies that you can 
past if you hug the wall, and finally by the door there is a zombie, if your fast 
you can beat him to the door that leads into the main hallway.

Room 12: Main Hall
A brief stop in the Main Hall of the R.P.D. There's nothing here, so just move on 
the lobby. 

Room 13: West Wing Lobby
Two spiders inhabbit this room. The key to running around them is evading their 
heads when they are raisng there legs. The best way to trick them is to wait 
the pillar and run to the oppisite side the spider decides to take. After you 
run past the first spider just wave your way around the second.

Room 14: West Wing Hall
This room contains three lickers. The first one is hanging on the ceiling, but 
not drop until you take a step. Run along the outside of the wall and get to the 
inside of the wall when going around the corner. After that you need to break to 
outside wall, moving forward and then back to the inside to avoid the two lickers 
around the corner. Then go through the door.

Room 15: Boarded Up Hallway
When you enter the room wait for the plant to get to you (it will take a long 
It will try to spit acid at you, so dodge it. When it gets to the table, run up 
hug the table right beside the plant and use your knife to stab it to death. Lure 
the second plant to the wide space in the hallway and while standing against the 
left hall, begin to run and switch sides to bolt past him on the right and your 

Room 16: Stairwell Area
When you first eneter hold up and the run button to run straight into the wall 
dodging the plants acid spit. As soon as you are there, turn Tofu so that he is 
ready to run down the hall away from the plants . After a couple of seconds run 
the hall and wait in the right corner. To avoid spit from the plants you must 
at the right and then move to the left corner. Once in the left corner get ready 
run back to the right because two more spits are coming. Wait for a split second 
run diagonally towards the left plant but don't get to close or it will grab you. 
When it raises it's tenticles move a little closer so the plant on the right does 
not spit at you. Let Tofu get hit and make a mad dash toward the stairs.

Room 17: Upstairs Hall
Go to the right corner of the hall and wait for Tyrant, lure him then cirlcle 
and run down the hallway.

Room 18: S.T.A.R.S. Room Hallway
Dodge the first to zombies, run through the inert (but not dead) zombies, lure 
last crawling zombie and escape by running over the legs of the inert zombies. If 
you are low in health use you handgun for this part, you should have plenty of 

Room 19: Licker B Room
This room is rough!!! When you enter the room DON'T MOVE! Have your character 
the long hallway (you should know where that is by now). Wait for the licker to 
kind of close then run forward and behind him. Keep running up and another licker 
should come from the long hallway, quickly turn to the right and head to the 

Room 20: Library
A free room for you with no enimies in it. Continue to the second floor balcony.

Room 21: Second Floor Balcony
When you first enter the room you will see one pant, run towards it, changing the 
camera angle twice and wait by the railing. Wait for the plant to spit at you 
times, as each time he will miss. After the thrid time you need to run straight 
to the wall, as you run the plant will spit but miss. Then as soon as you get to 
wall turn right and run past the plant. Continue running down past the ladder and 
stop at the railing of the next corner. The plant will spit twice, and after the 
second time, you must move up and position Tofu to the left of the corner, but 
the corner, ready to run. This will lure that annoying plant to the left and off 
wall, then get close to him so he raises his tenticles and run past him pushing 
against the wall and head to the next door.

Room 22: Waiting Room
Before you enter the room push the up and run buttons, you will dodge the two 
zombies at the door. Then run slightly left and pass another two zombies. Run up 
hug the wall to get past the zombie that looks very large in the camera angle and 
continue hugging the wall to get past the zombie guarding the door. 

Room 23: Helicopter Hallway
This room is easy if you know what to do. Upon entering, turn to the left and run 
past some zombies, get behind the cockpit of the helicopter and wait for the 
to line up infront of you. They can't fit behind the chopper! Now, get into the 
spot where you can hit them but they can't hit you, and once you are there knife 
them to death. This takes awhile but it will get you past this part without a 
scratch. The knife will make a clanking sound but don't worry it's still hitting 

Room 24: Tyrant's Final Ambush
Unless you want to knife this guy to death, you must take a hit. Run up to him 
take the blow, and when he goes to do the overhead smash run past him.

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