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| #01 - FAQ Header                                                           |

                    Tomb Raider Chronicles Walkthrough/FAQ
                      Game: Tomb Raider Chronicles (TR5)
                      Author: wolfe
                   Version: 1.1, Date: 11-11-00 - 25-11-00
                      System: PlayStation, Dreamcast, PC
                     Genre: third person action/adventure
                      Contact:[email protected]  
                 Memory card: 2 blocks for each save (on PSX)
                Author's website: 
                 Game's website: 
             This is free, accept as is, you get what you pay for
                   Copyright (C) 2000 - All rights reserved

| #02 - Table Of Contents                                                    |

                              Table Of Contents:

                   #00 ........................ ASCII Logo
                   #01 ........................ FAQ Header
                   #02 ................. Table Of Contents
                   #03 ............. Author's Introduction
                   #04 ..................... Game Overview
                   #05 ....................... Walkthrough
                   #06 ........................ Characters
                   #07 ........................... Weapons
                   #08 ........................... Secrets
                   #09 ............................. Codes

| #03 - Author's Introduction                                                |

Hello,  my  pen-name  is  wolfe,  I also use this nickname in most of my hobby
Please  don't  tell  me how you dislike my FAQ, how bad my english is etc. 

When I first saw the first Tomb Raider demo, immediately that became one of my
favourite  games.  I  always  missed the spirit and game play from the PC games
before  that  one,  so that was the perfect game for me. (Not just because the
nice  and  sexy polygon chick, but Lara is cool too of course.) The game looked
good,  was  fast and was really-really playable. It was the 3D version of Rick
Dangerous,  Core's  first big success. I wrote the first published walkthrough
in  my  country about the game, what is still the most popular TR1 walkthrough
here,  after  4 years I'm still getting positive feedback about it. Since that
time  every year I wanted to write walkthroughs about the TR games, but either
somebody  else  got  it  or only reviews were needed (wrote a few, but no more
walkthroughs).  Now I've got the Tomb Raider Chronicles PSX beta quick enough,
I  thought I'll make a nonprofit walkthrough about it just for fun in english,
the  world's  first one. So I did it. Since the 1.0 version I bought the final
PC  game  too, finished that one a few times too and updated this FAQ with the
differences, so the PC final (and probably everything stands for the PSX final
and Dreamcast final too) and PSX beta owners both can use this walkthrough.

And  some  words  about  this  walkthrough itself. As I'm really busy now with
several jobs and tons of hobby projects, probably it won't be that detailed as
some  better FAQs (anyway it was the first one as I know and I'm proud of it).
You  can  finish  the  game  and  collect  all the secrets with this, anyway I
skipped  a  few extra pickups what I already found and a few ones what I maybe
missed.  And  there  are  a  few  different pickups at different places in the
different  versions  I  tested  (PC  final and PSX beta), I mentioned a lot of
these  but  not  all of these. Anyway I think this is complete enough and as I
wrote  above, you get what you pay for, this is free, if you'll find only some
parts a bit useful, it was worth to write.

| #04 - Game Overview                                                        |

I'm  sure everybody who knows computer games knows Tomb Raider games just like
Quake.  And  not  just  the  gamers.  So everybody reading this knows the main
character,  the  sexy english aristocrat brunette, Lara Croft too, she doesn't
need  any  introduction.  She's  mainly  the  female  rippoff of Indiana Jones
(hunting for old artifacts) and Batman (she's rich and living alone in a large
manor  with  a  butler). Now in this fifth story of her she will explore a few
more movie rippoff areas, one inspired by an X-Files episode and the other one
was  inspired by The Matrix and the Metal Gear Solid game. And we all know the
previous  games  too,  not  just  the  character.  These  games  are  full  3D
arcade/adventure  games,  following  the oldskool path with new technology. We
can  wander in the 3D world, climb and jump to things, use and combine object,
interact  with the world, kill enemies (or get killed by them), swim under the
water  etc, etc. There are millions of well animated and useful moves what are
making  the TR games more interesting and more complex. The authors are always
keeping the previous moves and adding new ones to each major episode.

We  all  know  how  Tomb  Raider 4: The Last Revelation ended. A whole pyramid
collapsed  to  Lara,  so  everybody  thought she died and even there were many
rumours  about  that  TR4:  The Last Revelation is the very last TR game. Tomb
Raider  Chronicles  is  following this story. Lara's friends are meeting after
her funeral (her corpse wasn't found of course) and telling four small stories
about Lara's previous adventures. The stories are really small compared to the
previous  games,  even  smaller than the Gold version games. So the whole game
has less levels than any previous game, including the first one, and isn't the
most  complicated  game  either.  It is really good in my opinion, I found the
third  game  a bit too hard and the fourth one a bit too long (too many levels
and  you had to go back and combine puzzles between many levels). This game is
smaller  and  easier  and  still  well  balanced.  Also  the gameplay is a bit
different  in  every  story  (not  just  Lara's outfit). I only miss the block
moving  puzzles (there are around 3 moveable blocks in the whole game) and the
wehicles.  Some  people miss the multi level puzzles too as seen in the fourth

The first story is a typical TR level, we'll find ourselves in Rome again just
like  in a previous game (at least as I remember we already explored Rome too,
not  just  Venice,  but I'm not sure, I finished too many TR levels). Lara has
the  usual  outfit  and has to jump over rooftops, wander in houses and swim a
lot.  The story is around a small artifact (the Philosopher's stone), as usual
and two enemies are from the first game, Larson and Pierre. And there are many
creatures of course.

Jean Yves is telling the second story, the Russian Base story, where he helped
Lara  on  a  quest.  This  one was heavily inspired by an old X-Files episode.
Mostly  playing  on  a  russian  u-boat hired by a russian gangster Sergei and
controlled  by Admiral Yarofev. They are diving for Hitler's Spear Of Destiny,
a  powerful  artifact  what  was a base of many other games too. In this story
Lara has two clothes. First she wears some winter camouflage military suit and
a  cap,  then a heavy diving suit too for a short time. The enemies are mostly
russian  soldiers  and  russian mafiosi. The gameplay is mostly the usual here
(out  of  the  diving  part),  in  the  u-boat  we  have  to use a bit stealth
technique too.

The  third  story,  the  Black  Isle,  is the story of Lara and Father Patrick
Dunstan,  when  Lara  was  a  teenager  (if you loved the TR4 training levels,
you'll  love  this one too). Father Patrick Dunstan is travelling to an unholy
abandoned  (well,  mostly)  irish island to fight against evil forces and Lara
is  hiding  in his boat, so she ends up on the island aswell. In this level we
can  control  the young Lara and we are unarmed, we can't use weapons, so this
is more an adventure and avoiding enemies game. A really cool part.

Finally  the  fourth  episode, the Tower Block, is a high tech episode. Lara's
outfit  was  heavily  inspired  by  The  Matrix,  Lara has a black shiny latex
catsuit  and  headset.  And  the  gameplay  was heavily inspired by Metal Gear
Solid.  We  have  to  avoid  enemies  (on  the  second level we mostly will be
unarmed)  and hide a lot and kill some enemies with chloroform. There are some
really  heavy  enemies in this story, the Mobile Refrigerators, these guys are
looking  like  Judge  Dredd  and  shooting large electric shock beams (one hit
takes  50%  of  our energy usually), it's not easy to stop them, only an exact
headshot  will  kill  them.  In this story we have to steal the Iris artifact,
what  we  already  know  from  the beginning of Tomb Raider 4, and the boss is
Verner  Von  Croy once again, in the time when he was evil, however he's quite
passive in this story. This is the hardest story of the game.

About  the  new  moves.  There are many smaller ones. The most interesting new
moves  since  the  last  game are the tightrope walking (only on the first and
last  two  levels,  quite  easy, sometimes randomly Lara is unbalancing to the
left  or right, we have to push immediately her to the opposite direction) and
the  stealth  attack (we can knock out the chef on the u-boat with the crowbar
and kill some enemies with chloroform in the Tower Block). Another new move is
that,  Lara  can grab horizontal poles and spin around them and can somersault
from crouch position to lower areas. In the Tower Block we will have a cool HK
gun  with scope and three different speed modes. Also we will have a grappling
hook  gun,  with  this one we can shoot out hooks with rope and make ropes for
ourselves. We can interact more with the background too, for example shoot out
pipes and search out drawers, shelves and cabinets.

To  sum  it  all, I really enjoyed this game. Everything is well balanced, the
size, the complexity, the different game modes and stealth modes too. I mostly
played  Tomb  Raider  games on the PC, I only have one TR game on PlayStation,
TR3 (thanks to EIDOS Interactive or Croft Times, I don't know where I won it).
That  game was really slow, ugly and uncontrollable on the PSX compared to the
PC  version  (I  guess became too complex for the machine as they improved the
original engine the third time and made larger levels and more complex objects
for  the  actual  standard  PCs),  so  this  one  was  a surprise, Tomb Raider
Chronicles  is extremely fast, nice, detailed and playable on the PlayStation.
Of  course  it is great on PC too and I guess on Dreamcast too. First I played
the  leaked  out  PSX  beta version and based the first version of this FAQ to
that  version. That version had some serious bugs (especially on the very last
level),  but  was  complete  out of the missing voice and final music from the
full  motion videos. Since that time I bought the final PC version and updated
the  FAQ  with  this  one, also added a lot of new tricks and all the secrets.
There  are  a  lot  of small differences between the PSX beta and the PC final
version  (and  I  guess  the  PSX and Dreamcast final versions too), usually I
wrote about these too.

| #05 - Walkthrough                                                          |

Some words about the walkthrough. This walkthrough was originally based on the
PlayStation  beta version, so I originally wrote the first version of this FAQ
about that game. Since that time I bought the final PC version too and updated
the  FAQ, also updated with all the secrets and many more areas, pickups, tips
and tricks. There aren't big differences between the PSX beta and the PC final
version (and I guess the PSX and Dreamcast final versions are totally the same
as  the  PC  final  version), I wrote about most of these when I thought it is
needed  (gameplay  differences) and I skipped a few unimportant differences (a
few  extra  or  missing platforms, a few extra or missing or different goodies
etc).  Due to that I kept mostly the original PSX beta FAQ, but added a really
lot of things, sometimes this FAQ can be a bit confusing (for example when I'm
writing  a  solution  for  a  problem  both  for the PSX beta and the PC final
version),  but when you are playing I'm sure you will find out what to do with
this  FAQ, even if you stuck somewhere. Of course if you are playing the final
games,  ignore  the parts where I warn you about the PSX beta bugs. So you can
use  this  FAQ with the final PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC versions too, also
with  the  PSX beta version. I added all the secrets too for both versions and
made  a  secret guide for those who want to finish the game on their own, only
missing  a  few secrets. I advise you to play on your own and use this only if
you  are getting stuck, that will be more fun. I also have to add that I'm not
an english speaking person and my english is terrible, so this FAQ is probably
filled  with stupid errors due to this, also it isn't a paid work and I did it
in  a  rush, due to these it has even more typos and spelling and other errors
as  my  usual paid works. Sorry for these, but as it is 100 percently free and
was  done  to help the people out, I hope you don't mind the errors and can at
least  imagine what I wanted to write in some really stupid sentences. Finally
thanks  to  Core Design for the great game (great job Del and Nuke of Anarchy,
hey,  aren't you looking for a betatester-programmer, hehe), CHOIR for the PSX
beta  (of  course  I  bought the final game too), the people who submitted the
cheats  to  GameFAQs from where I borrowed most of them and everybody who sent
me  additional  tricks,  tips  and  solutions  for  some  problems.  Of course
greetings to all my other friends too. Now let's start!

Level 01 - Streets of Rome - Rome

This is the first story. Winston or Jean Yves is telling it. From the movie we
can  learn  that  Lara  tried  to  buy an artifact, the Mercury stone (what is
needed  to  find  the Philosopher's stone), but the sellers, Larson and Pierre
(Natla's  goons)  wanted to keep it for themselves together with Lara's money.
Lara  took  the  stone  and  ran away from them. And we get the control on the
streets  of  Rome.  Lara has the usual green top and brown short in this whole
story.  I  was  hoping after the FMV that we can control her in that cool blue
dress a bit too. :)

First  run  to the corner and turn right. You get to a small fountain, you can
shoot  your  first  enemy there, a dog. From the fountain you can do a running
jump  to  the  top  of  the  cafe and get the Flares there. As this is a quick
walkthrough,  I  will  not  write  about  everything  like  this, feel free to
explore  the  areas in details yourself (I leave a little bit of fun for you).
Go  to  the path behind the cafe and put your head into the mouth of the lion.
Just  kidding,  press  action  (on  the  PSX  the  X button, on PC the Ctrl by
default)  and  you  pull  a handle in its mouth (anyway Lara will put her head
into  the  lion's  mouth  on  PSX, hehe). From the fountain go to the path you
originally  came  from  and  turn  right at the first corner. Go down and pull
another  handle in another lion's mouth. Bats will attack you. Now climb up to
the  platform  and  into  the house from there. Follow the path. You'll find a
window, if you shoot it out, you can find some ammo behind it. Follow the path
and  you'll  find another window with a Small Medipack. Go down on the stairs,
kill  the dog and pull the switch, now you can get back to the fountain easier
and here you can open a door too to get more goodies and find another dog. Now
go  back to the last window, shoot out the opposite one and jump over the gap.
Go to the left and get the Golden key 1. Now go back to the fountain, kill the
dog  and  open  the door. Inside you have to gunfight with Larson, after a few
shots  he  will run away and you can get a Small Medipack there. Go after him,
turn  left  and  get the Garden key from the top of the wooden box. Follow the
other  path  and gunfight with Larson again, he'll run away again. Now you can
try  out  one  of  Lara's new moves. Go to the rope, press the action and then
press  and hold Up. Lara will randomly lose her balance, stop and lean left or
right,  when  she  does  it, press the opposite direction, she'll get back her
balance  and  you  can  continue  walking  on the rope with Up. Go down to the
street  with action and pull the handle, you have another open way back to the

You  can  skip this part if you don't need practice, goodies and a Secret, the
following  is  a  large  practice  area  filled with these but isn't needed to
finish  the  level.  Go  back to the fountain and go where you originally came
from,  go  to  the Opera Backstage. (You can do this in different order too of
course,  maybe  it  is  the  best  to start here, learn and practice the moves
first.)  Climb  up  on the boxes, jump and go to the other room. Jump over the
gap  and  climb  up  to  the metal platform (you can't do this in the final PC
version,  you can jump to these metal platforms from the yellow machine you'll
reach on the other way, if you need some more goodies). From there you can get
some  goodies  and  after  a jump, from the middle platform even more. Now you
have  to reach the top of the yellow machine, you can do it on two ways in the
PSX beta, either with a simple jump from this platform, or you get back to the
previous gap and follow the path to the next room where you jump from platform
to  platform  and finally get back to this room. (And I must add you can go to
that  third room on ground level and climb up there too.) When you get back to
this  second  room,  jump  and grab the platform above you, monkeyswing to the
other  end  of the room and climb up to the yellow machine there. Many ways to
choose.  When  you  finished here, crawl into the hole, pull the switch and go
through the door. Climb up to the next yellow machine and jump to and into the
pool.  Follow the path by swimming under the water. And from the next pool you
can  follow  a  small path too what you can find at the bottom of the pool, to
get  some  goodies.  Get  out  of the pool and you'll find another rope. Don't
cross  it,  but  explore the area below it. Press action at the shelves to get
goodies  and push the shelves at the corners to get even more behind them, and
a Secret. Now go back to the rope, you can simply climb up at the other end if
you  don't  want  to  practice  on the rope. More shelves, more stuff. Finally
you'll  reach  another  handle,  pull  that one too and you can go back to the

Now  go back to the last opened path and turn left. In the opening on the left
you  can  pick  up some ammo, then follow the path and pick up the Revolver at
the top of the stairs. Go down to the closed door and press action to open it.
You  can find the LaserSight there, combine it with the Revolver and shoot the
lock  this  way.  Take  the  second Garden key and get out of here quickly. Go
back  to  the  previous  junction,  run  to the end, turn left and use the two
Garden  keys  to open the garden gate. Now you can go into the garden from the
street through the gate.

When  you  go to the snake heads, you get the cutscene with Larson and Pierre.
Continue your way behind the building. Another cutscene with a bell. Of course
you  have  to  ring  the  bell  with  the Revolver and LaserSight. You can get
another  LaserSight  and  a box of ammo at the upper door. Go back to the path
where  you  found  the  Revolver and second Garden key. On the way to the left
there was a closed door, now you can go inside, kill the dog and take a Secret
and  a  Large Medipack from the shelves. Go back to the bell again and go into
the  opening  on  the  left  from  the upper door. Do a running jump, pull the
handle  in  the  mouth of the lion and the upper door is open now. Now go back
and  into the upper building, go to the left and pull the handle, then operate
with the crystal bird. Go to the right and on the upper platform hop backwards
with  action,  then shimmy right below the swinging thing. Pull the handle you
find  there,  go down and operate with the other crystal bird too. Now you can
get  the third Secret. Go back again to the room where the previous lion mouth
switch  was  and  you  can find two new openings with a Secret and a Medipack.
Now  go back to the building with the bell and go through the lower door. Take
the Saturn symbol and watch the cutscene.

Level 02 - Trajan's markets - Rome

In  the  cutscene Larson and Pierre are taking the Saturn symbol from Lara and
placing it into the gate. Now two symbols are there, two more are needed.

We  find  ourselves  on the streets again. Go into the left room and shoot the
box  to  get the Crowbar. You can do the same on the right too, to get another
LaserSight.  Open  the  metal  door  with the Crowbar and climb up. (There's a
Small  Medipack in the box.) Take the other Small Medipack from the window and
walk  through the rope. Jump to the other platform, go out and jump across the
two  gaps.  You  can  get  the  ammo from the window too. Continue your way by
climbing  and  jumping  and finally down into the building where the gears are
(before this you can go down into the closed room too for some goodies). Climb
up  on  the  climbable  wall  on  the  right, at the top climb left across its
corner.  Now  you can jump into two directions. Jump to the right and into the
building  from there. Pull the rope, the cutscene shows that the gear goes up.
Don't  leave  yet,  pull  it again and again to raise the gear to the top. Now
jump  from  platform  to  platform  until you reach the other rope, pull it to
start  the  big  machine what will move away the biggest gear from the way. At
the  same  time a trapdoor opened too. Take the ammo from the window above the
gear,  then  go  down and through the trapdoor, what you can find on the floor
where  you  reached  this  building. Take the ammos and the Secret, climb out,
then  enter  the  door  where  the  gear  was.  Get  the  goodies inside, then
continue  your  way to the left exactly where the big gear was. Get the Golden
coin  with  the Crowbar and place it into the knight's platform. You can leave
the building now and enter a new area what was closed before. Get the ammo and
continue your way in the water.

Get  the  Medipack and get out of the water at the other end. Get the ammo and
prepare  for  the  metal  octopus  boss.  It is not easy, it will fry you very
quickly  with  electric beam. You have to use the Revolver with LaserSight and
aim  and  shoot its green eyes really quickly. You can jump in and out for the
two  eyes.  Save  here,  probably  you  have to retry it a few times (anyway I
usually  kill  it without problem with one quick aim to the two eyes). Go down
and  get the Mars symbol. Back at the red machine you can jump up to the metal
platform  and  jump  to the top of the red machine to get a Secret. Go back to
the  octopus  room,  get  the  ammo  and open the manhole. Climb down into the
sewers,  get  the Medipack in the water and swim through the upper hole in the
big  hole on the middle. Follow the path, get the ammo and get the Valve wheel
with  the  Crowbar.  Go back to the red machine, use the Valve wheel on it and
turn the wheel, then go back to the sewers and dive at the big hole again. Now
you  can swim through the deeper hole, you can get a Large Medipack in a room,
then  swim  up  where a ventillator is pumping the water. Another red machine,
turn  the  valve and you can swim right at the ventillator. Follow the path to
the  surface.  Get  the ammo and the Shotgun, then kill the knight boss. Don't
let  him  catch  you  with  his sword and jump to the left or right when he is
preparing  his  electric shock. Get the goodies, jump out where the window was
and  go  back  to  the main street. You can find a new open door there now, go
through  it and take the third Secret there. Now go back to the water and dive
down  for  the  fourth  piece,  the  Venus  symbol. Swim through the other new
underwater door too and you'll find yourself at the snake gate again.

Time  to  save.  After  a  small cutscene you have to fight again with Larson,
after he's down, you have to shoot him some more times. The time gone out, the
snakes  are  coming alive. These are the next bosses to fight against. Get the
goodies  in  the  garden  and shoot the snakes with Shotgun (other weapons are
really  weak  against  these  so  be sure to have a lot of Shotgun Ammo here).
Don't go too close to them and always jump left and right to avoid their fire.
Now all you have to do is to place the two symbols into the gate and jump from
platform  to platform in the open gate (this area is different in the final PC
version,  but  you  have  to  do  the  same  basically).  You  can't  take the
Philosopher's  stone  at  the  end, it was a trap and you fall down ... to the
next  level.  There is an alternative solution for this part. Don't shoot back
to  Larson,  just  go  to  the gate, use the symbols and jump from platform to
platform  in the open gate. In this case you have to waste some Medipacks, but
you  can  avoid  the  big  snake  bosses  (anyway I doubt anybody want to skip

Level 03 - The Colosseum - Rome

No  FMV  or cutscene this time. Just follow the path, in the second small area
push  the  block  with  the  ring  and take the Secret you'll find in the room
behind  it.  Now  continue  your  way  and  run  and  jump when the stones are
collapsing  below  your  feet.  From the stone you landed, in the PSX beta hop
back while you hold the action, climb a bit down (these walls are climbable in
the  PSX  beta),  then  a lot to the left until you reach a small place with a
stone button on the wall. Push it, then go back the same way. (In the final PC
version  this  is totally different. Hop back, shimmy to the left, climb up to
the  hole,  climb  down on the other side, push the stone button and go back.)
Now  the  door is open, follow the path, it is really linear. Slide down, kill
the  lion,  push  the button, kill the lion, climb up and pick up the Gemstone
piece.  The  simple  linear  part  continues.  Kill the gladiator, pick up the
Medipack in the opening, go up, kill the gladiator, pick up the ammo, push the
stone  button, go up, go up, kill the gladiator, kill the lion, go through the
door,  go  to the left, pick up the Large Medipack and pick up the Uzi. Now go
down  to the previous level and go into the big hall and save there. This is a
quite  heavy  timed part and strange, but the PC hall is the mirror of the PSX
beta  hall.  Probably  you have to waste a lot of time until you can make this
part in time. Explore the hall if you want to (you have to learn the places of
the  platforms),  then  do  a  running  jump to the right, where you can see a
pulling  rope switch. Pull the rope three times, then quickly run to the right
corner  of the platform (right when you are facing to the middle of the hall),
jump  to  the  platform  what  is  in front of the middle area, jump from that
platform  to the next one, from that to the next again (you'll see the order),
climb up, run around on that large platform, finally you'll face to the middle
and with a running jump you can reach the middle again. Everywhere you have to
do  running  jumps  at  the exact points. You can't hop back for runup and you
have  to  press jump at the very last position. Also you can't save in a timed
sequence  like this, at least not in the PSX beta. Technically you can, but it
will f*ck up the game. (As I remember this problem exists in many TR games and
I had to restart many levels due to that I save sometimes in timed sequences.)
Anyway  as it seems this isn't a problem in the PC final version, you can save
inside  this timed sequence if you wish. If you did it right, you'll reach the
metal  cylinder  before it goes down again and you can get the second Gemstone
piece  from  it.  Combine  the  two  pieces  into the Gemstone and go into the
direction  of  the  closed door, what will open when you reach it. You'll fall
into  another  trapdoor  trap  and a cool and funny cutscene is coming up with

After  the  "busy girl gotta go", running jump over the steep stones and climb
back  to the previous hall with the timing puzzle through a newly opened door.
Go  up  to  the cylinder and go through the door again where the trapdoor was.
Now  you  can  jump  across  the  gap and go into the room and take the Secret
there.  Now  go  back to the big pit where you met Pierre, go through the door
into  the next room and use the Gemstone on that thing. The room is collapsing
under  your  feet,  turn  around quickly and do a running jump to the opposite
direction  (to  the  direction  of  the  door). Turn around again a do another
running  jump to the opposite direction again. Hop back with action and shimmy
left  around  the  corner  until  you  can,  there  you can release action and
continue  your  way. After you climb up to the next level, finally you can see
the outdoors again and you see the Colosseum. You have to kill a gladiator and
a  lion  and the gladiator will leave the Colosseum key 1 for you. Use the key
at  the  door and go inside, prepare for a fight with another big knight boss.
After  you  killed him, go into the opening, take the Colosseum key 2 and open
the  next  large  door  with  it. Slide down and running jump from platform to
platform, then at the end crawl into the hole and take the last Secret. Now go
back  the  same  way and finally get the red artifact, the Philosopher's stone
with the Crowbar. This is the end of the level and the end of the first story.
You  get  the  FMV  where  Lara  is  holding the Philosopher's stone, then her
friends are watching the stone.

Level 04 - The base - Russian Base

The  FMV  is  continuing and Jean Yves is telling the next story, the story of
the  Russian Base and the russian and german submarines. The story is starting
in  1945,  a german submarine is sinking (german submarines are always sinking
in  every  movie like Das Boot) and we will learn that the Spear Of Destiny, a
mysterious  and  powerful mythological artifact was on the board. Something is
moving  in the boxes and then the soldiers are fighting against something what
is  lighting. A little bit of Abyss, a little bit of Das Boot and a really lot
of  X-Files  rippoff. And then they died and the submarine crushed. We can see
Lara in a white snow camouflage suit and a small cap and Jean Yves standing on
a  hill  above  a  russian  military base, watching russian mafiosi going into
the  base.  I  have  no  sound in this beta version, probably they are talking
about  that the base is organizing a u-boat mission into the german submarine,
to  get  the  Spear  Of  Destiny.  Then  Lara  is leaving to get into the base

Where  we start to control her after a small sliding sequence. Follow the path
into  a  large  hall with a lot of boxes. There is a large crane what can move
everywhere on the ceiling and its heavy head can go down to the floor quickly.
A  bad  guy  is  controlling it behind a bullet-proof glass and trying to kill
Lara  with it. When we aren't in move it will reach us and kill us (we can see
its  shadow too and the voice is a big help too, also when we are close to the
wall  it can't reach us). First get the Silver key from the cabinet, then open
the  door  on  the opposite wall (where you entered the hall). Go up, kill the
enemies and get the Swipe card. Get the Uzi too from the cabinet. Go back down
and  use  the Swipe card at the left door, then kill the dog and shoot out the
grating.  Climb  into the air shaft for a Secret. Now open the other door with
the Swipe card and go up. You have to jump from box to box now, really quickly
without  falling  down  or getting killed by the crane. It's not that hard and
you  can  see the sequence easily. Now you reached the other end, you can open
the  door with the button and take a revenge on the crane controlling bad guy.
It  is  just a keyframe cutscene, we don't have to fight this time. After Lara
killed  the guy, she's taking over the crane controller and ripping out a phat
part  from  the  wall,  opening  new  areas  for us this way. Get the ammo and
Medipack from the cabinets and open the other door with the button.

Continue  the  way through the ripped out wall. Kill the commies and go out on
the  left. You can explore a few areas here, you can go into the water or jump
on  boxes, if you want to. To get a Secret, climb up to the box on the middle,
then  to the hanged box from this. From here you can see the Secret on the top
of the boxes on the left, but even if the distance isn't that far, you usually
fall  through  the boxes (bug both in the final PC and PSX beta version). Keep
on  trying, from the right place you can reach the left box with running jump.
Climb  up  and get the Secret. To continue, open the door with the Swipe card,
go  inside  and  run around that machine. You'll see that a fuse is missing. A
guard will come in and after you kill him, you'll get a Silver key. Go back to
the  other  door and go up on the stairs. Open the door there with the key and
watch  the  cutscene.  Go to the right, jump to platform from platform and get
the  goodies  at  the  end. Hop to the ground and open the door with the Swipe
card.  Go into the building, kill the dog and open all the cabinets. There are
a  lot  of  goodies, including the Revolver (Desert Eagle on PC) and the Fuse.
Open  the  trapdoor  in the shower under the water, take a big breath and dive
down.  Turn to the right at the first junction and follow the path, you'll get
a  Secret  at  the  end.  Go  back to the shower, open the other door with the
button  and  go  to the machine with the missing fuse. On the way you can kill
two snipers in the windows with the LaserSight. Use the Fuse, kill the dog and
push  the  button  behind the newly opened door. Go out, climb up to the large
box  on the middle and jump to the hanged box you just moved, then jump to the
u-boat of course.

A  keyframe cutscene is coming up, Lara is landing on the u-boat, knocking out
a big russian dock-worker and hiding between the boxes in the cargo space.

Level 05 - The submarine - Russian Base

The  cutscene  is continuing here. Several hours later Admiral Yarofev and his
men  found Lara, took away her weapons and locked her into a cabin. We get the
control there.

We have a limited invertory, not too many things to do. In these cases we have
to  work  with  the  given  things  what  we  can find (Lara learned this from
McGyver,  hehe).  There  is  a  lazy  handle  on the middle, hmm, looks like a
Crowbar.  Use  the action and you'll have a Crowbar. Now what can we do with a
Crowbar?  Maybe  open  the cracked wall at a grating. And we have a way out of
here.  Now follow the air shaft, you have to move, crawl and climb a lot there
(Lara  learned  this  from  Bruce  Willis, hehe). Soon you'll reach a sparking
hole,  climb down into it (it won't hurt you) and you can find a Secret there.
Climb  back  and  continue  your  way.  After  some more crawling and climbing
you'll  reach  another  sparking  hole with moving phat wires. I think this is
dangerous,  crawl backwards and use the action to avoid them. Shimmy and climb
out  on  the  right,  open  the  trapdoor  with action and climb down. Get the
Battery  (-)  from  the  drawer  and  the Medipack from the shelf. The door is
closed, so you have to go back to the wires and continue your way on the known
way.  After  even  more crawling and climbing you'll reach a grating and get a
cutscene with Admiral Yarofev and the gangster Sergei on the bridge.

Continue  your way by crawling, running and climbing down, until you reach the
end of the air shaft at a trapdoor. Open it, climb down carefully and with the
walk  button  walk silently behind the chef. Knock him out with the Crowbar by
pressing action behind him. Take the Bronze key, open the door with it and get
everything  from  the shelves and drawer. You'll get your Pistols back finally
and  the  Silver  key to leave the kitchen, use it at the other door. Kill the
guys  in  the dining hall and get the ammo one of them left behind. Go through
the  open  door what isn't leading to the restrooms, follow the path, kill the
soldier  and  open  the  only door you can open there. Climb up and run a bit,
you'll  reach  the  cargo  space.  Kill  the guys and collect the Shotgun, the
Aqualung  and  the Large Medipack from the top of the boxes. To the right from
the  entrance  you can find a cracked box, open it and get the Secret from it.
Go  back to the dining hall and open the closed door, go through it. Go to the
room on the right, kill the guy, climb up to the box and at the right position
jump and hold the action, you'll open the trapdoor above you. (The shelves and
drawer  are  always empty.) Climb up to the air shaft, climb up for the Secret
at  the second bigger hole where you can stand up above a ventillator and open
the  trapdoor  at  the end of the air shaft, climb down. Kill the guy, get the
Battery  (+)  from  the  drawer  and  combine  the two battery parts into Suit
battery.  Continue  your  way, but don't turn left where you can (that path is
leading  back  to the dining hall), climb down, kill the guy, get his ammo and
get  the  Small  Medipack  in the sleeping room. Open the door on the previous
corridor,  kill  the  guy  at the torpedoes and climb up. On the next corridor
there  are four rooms, open the first door on the right, kill the soldier, get
his  Suit  console  and combine it with the Aqualung. Continue your way on the
corridor,  in  the  second room on the right you can kill a guy, but you won't
get anything for doing it. Finally open the last door, go to the upper part of
the diving suit, use the Suit console and use the Suit battery.

A  small  cutscene  is  coming up. Lara is taking on the heavy diving suit and
going out from the submarine.

Level 06 - Deepsea dive - Russian Base

This  isn't  a  real  level,  just  a  small half level in my opinion. All the
stories  in this game are built up from three levels, this is the extra one in
the Russian Base story. There aren't things to combine or kill here.

You are starting in the water in the diving suit below the u-boat. Now you can
swim  without losing air (at least in the first part of this level). New items
are  the  Chaff  flares  and  the  only  enemies  are the indestructable small
submarines  what  are  trying to kill you with torpedoes. The Chaff flares are
the  only help to fool the torpedoes and of course the quick move. Swim to the
forth  and  then right. At the first small submarine you can find a small hole
at  the back of the area on the bottom. Pick up the only Secret there. Go back
to  the  u-boat,  to  the forth and at the junction turn right again. Continue
your  way at the back of that area. You will reach a large hole (once this was
the entrance of the german submarine), dive into it and follow the path.

After  you  swim  a bit, you'll reach a box. A keyframe cutscene is coming up.
Lara  is  taking  the Spear Of Destiny out from the box, then some rusty metal
things  are collapsing on her and Lara's suit starting to lose the air. So now
you  have  to get back to the starting point at the u-boat as quick as you can
or  you  will  die. Fortunately you can use the other path back to the u-boat,
the flow will even speed you up a bit.

Level 07 - Sinking submarine - Russian Base

Another  cutscene  is  coming  up.  Lara  got  back to the u-boat, Sergei, the
gangster  is  waiting  for  her  with  his men. After a conversation Sergei is
taking the Spear Of Destiny from Lara and ordering his men to insert Lara into
the  ocean  from  the  torpedo  room. After Sergei is doing something with the
Spear, he opens its powers what are killing him with a detonation. At the same
time Lara is knocking out the other men. Probably due to the detonation of the
Spear  Of  Destiny,  the  u-boat  is  sinking.  Fire  and  electric  shock  is
everywhere.  These  are  the  worst  enemies  on this level, together with the
russian  soldiers and mafiosi. Lara is again in her previous winter camouflage
suit and cap.

Climb  down  on  the  ladder, kill the guys and get the ammos they are leaving
behind.  Continue your way until you'll reach the corridor with fire. Don't go
there  yet,  continue your way further and kill the guy and take his ammo. Now
go  back  to  the  corridor  with fire and get through it into the room on the
middle of the corridor. (Face to the wall and use side jump.) Get the Uzi from
the  shelf,  then  go back to the corridor and jump again, until you reach the
dining  hall.  You can see a small cutscene showing high voltage cables coming
down from the ceiling and reaching the water filling the dining hall's floor.

So  you  have  to  avoid  touching the floor, jump from table to table. Anyway
electricity  won't  kill  you  immediately,  you always have time to jump to a
table  if you fall down. Leave the hall at the cables, go right, kill the guy,
get  his  Swipe  card  and  get the Medipack from the shelf. Now get back to a
previous  door what you can and have to open with the Swipe card (it is before
the  electric  dining  hall  and  the  corridor  with fire). Open the door and
continue  your  way  there. You can't cross the electric corridor on the right
yet,  climb  up on the ladder, ignore the other electric room on the left too,
follow  the path to the bridge. Open the door there and you'll get a cutscene.
Lara will find Admiral Yarofev there, he's a friend now, talking to Lara about
the  only  escape,  the  Escape Pod (above him, but don't climb there yet) and
giving  her  the  Silver  key.  After you get the control back, go back to the
bridge,  climb up to the table with the map and face to the lazy grating. Jump
and  shoot  it out, then jump and climb into it. In the air shaft crawl to the
right and open the trapdoor you find there. Climb down, go to the high voltage
switch,  face to the wall, jump and hold the action and you finally turned off
those  high  voltage  cables.  Now go back to the high voltage room before the
bridge.  (You  can  finish this without switching off the electricity, but now
you  can  collect  more.)  Collect  all  the goodies you can find in this room
including the Revolver (Desert Eagle on PC) and the Nitrogen canister, then go
out and climb down to the lower corridor. Now you can go throught the corridor
with  the  many high voltage cables, do it and use the Silver key at the door.
In  the  conference room open the cabinets, collect the goodies, including the
Oxygen canister, then go to the kitchen through the corridor with fire and the
now  not  electric dining hall. On the way you have to kill a few soldiers and
you  get a Bronze key from one of them. Take the Secret in the kitchen, now go
back  to  the  bridge on the known way. On the bridge jump up to the air shaft
again  and crawl to the room with the electricity switch, now you can open the
door  there with the Bronze key. Get the Secret from the drawer there. Go back
to Admiral Yarofev, climb up to the Escape Pod and use the Nitrogen and Oxygen
canisters up there.

A  cutscene  is  coming  up  followed  by  a FMV. Admiral Yarofev and Lara are
arguing, Lara wants to save the Admiral, finally they are agreeing in that the
Admiral  will  close the airlock and release the Escape Pod and Lara will tell
his  story  to  the  world.  So  this  is  happening, the white (X-Files type)
lightbeam  is  killing the Admiral and destroying the u-boat, Lara is reaching
the  surface  where  his  friend,  Jean  Yves  is  waiting for her. End of the
second story.

Level 08 - Gallows tree - Black Isle

The previous full motion video is following here too. After Jean Yves finished
his  story,  Father Patrick Dunstan is starting his and Lara's story when Lara
was  young. The story is starting in Ireland (I still don't have voice and the
right  music  in this beta, so this may be wrong) where Father Patrick Dunstan
is  meeting  with  his old friend Winston in Winston's house (where Lara is on
vacation), then leaving the town on a boat, travelling to a small irish island
to  hunt  down  demons.  Lara  heard  when those two talked about the priest's
quest,  found  it interesting, so she was hiding on that boat too and ended on
the  island.  She  is  the same young Lara from the previous Tomb Raider game,
wearing the same clothes (must be cold in that bad rainy weather). We start to
control  her  on  the  island.  In  this story we don't have weapons and can't
fight, so it is more an adventure part.

Follow  the  path  from  the  starting point until you reach a big chasm. Do a
running  jump  to  the other side of the chasm where you can see the platform.
Grab  the  ledge  and  shimmy  to  the left until the end. You can see a steep
platform  where  you  have to continue your way. Jump to it and when you slide
down,  grab the ledge, then release it. To the right there is a hole, you have
to  jump  inside. It is easier if you jump with the walk button together (swan
dive).  In  the cave bats will attack you (you can't do anything against them)
and  you can collect a Large Medipack and a Secret. You can't do anything, but
go  down  to  the  bottom  of the chasm. From a platform climb into a cave and
after  a  few  climbing  you'll  end  exactly at the starting position of this
level.  Now  go  to  the  chasm again, jump to the other side, grab the ledge,
shimmy  to  the  left  and  jump and grab the steep platform's edge again, but
instead  releasing  it,  now shimmy to the right on it. Release the ledge here
and  immediately grab it again (the ledge below), then crawl through the hole.
Slide  down  at the other end and climb up to that small platform. You can see
plants above you on the rocks, jump and grab them, monkeyswing this way to the
other  side  of  the  chasm again. Follow the path, on the right you can get a
Large  Medipack.  Slide  down  on  the left and watch the keyframe cutscene, a
hanged demon on the Gallows tree orders Lara to get back his Heart for him.

After  you  get back the control, imps (the small white creatures) will follow
you  and  stab  you whenever they can. You can't do anything but run away from
them, luckily they are slow and first there is only one on this area. First go
to  the  wall where you came from. Jump to the steep wall in the corner, climb
up  and hold the jump button, so instead sliding down, you will jump backwards
to  a  platform,  where you can get a Secret. Go to the opening near the well.
You  can  crawl throught the hole, but there's nothing interesting over there,
this  is only an exit path what you will need later. At the hole jump and grab
the  ceiling  and  monkeyswing  until  its  end.  (You still can't do anything
against  the  bats.)  From here you can standing jump into the well (you can't
jump  into  it  from the ground due to it is surrounded with high walls). Swim
until  you reach the surface at the house. There are a few dead ends under the
water,  but  even  if  some  of  them will fool you, you can easily reach your
destination.  Climb  out from the water, and don't jump to the other pool, but
from  the  platfrom in front of the closed door do a running jump to that long
steep  platform and jump backwards from that to the corner of the house. Crawl
into  the  house  and  take  the  Large  Medipack and the Rubber tube from the
drawer.  Unfortunately  you can't ride that cool rusty bicycle, or anything in
this  game.  :( Jump into the hole and swim through it. You'll end at the same
place  where you reached the house. Now you can't do anything else, climb out,
jump to the other pool, climb out and go back to the well through the hole and

Now  go  to the tower and crawl through the crawlingspace. Follow the path, at
the  end  get  the  Pitchfork  and  combine it with the Rubber tube to get the
Catapult. Climb up there (in front of the place where you found the Pitchfork)
and  use  the  Catapult  at  the  planks.  A small cutscene is coming, Lara is
shooting  a  heavy  stone  attached  to the heavy bells with chains. The bells
are  falling down and the wall is collapsing too, so the way is open now. Take
the  Iron  clapper  and hop into the hole. Climb out at the other end, go into
the  first  crypt  (the  only  one  immediately to the left) and get the Torch
(behind  the  coffin).  The  next two crypts are empty, light the Torch in the
third  crypt  by pressing action at the flaming torch. The last crypt is empty
too  and you can't do anything at the top of the hill yet, so go into the hole
next  to  the  last  crypt.  Drop  the Torch into it with the drop button, hop
backwards  and  climb  down.  There is a trap inside, collapsing platform with
spiked  trap,  so  be careful. At the first junction go right, at the next one
right  again. You'll reach the roots of the spiked trap. You can't go into the
spikes  with  the Torch, so drop it down at a safe area temporary and with the
walk  button  go  into the spiked area. At the end crawl into the hole and get
the  Large  Medipack  and  the  Secret.  Now go back carefully by crawling and
walking  again,  take  your  Torch and continue your way at the last junction.
Another  junction,  to the left is this spiked trap and the starting point, so
go  to the right. And soon you'll reach the roots of the Gallows tree. Step to
the  platform  below the roots and light the roots and the tree with the Torch
(action  button).  You  get the demon's Heart, to take it you have to drop the
Torch at least temporary, so do this.

A  cutscene  is  coming  up. The door is opening and Lara finds Father Patrick
Dunstan  while  he is destroying the demon in the hole. They are talking a bit
and  Father Dunstan is leaving, while telling Lara to go to the chapel and use
iron  against  unholy creatures. We get back the control here. You can get the
Torch again if you want to (isn't needed from here) and follow Father Dunstan.
After  a few sliding you get back to the well. Crawl through the hole again at
the  tower (you can't climb or crawl with the Torch, so you have to leave that
cool  Torch),  jump  up again at the bells and go through the hole to the area
with the crypts. Go up to the hill at the end of the path and use the Heart at
the  hole  on  the wall. Now from every coffin in every crypt an imp is coming
out (a really small cutscene is showing this) and going up to the hill to kill
Lara.  So  you  have to act quickly when you get the control back, but all you
have to do is to run through the newly opened door. Another cutscene is coming
up,  Lara  is  opening  a hole on the floor of that crypt and tossing the Iron
clapper  (be sure you have it here) into the imps. The Iron clapper is killing
the  imps as those are unholy creatures and iron is a good weapon against them
(also  it  is  from  a  bell of a church or something). Follow the new path by
crawling,  running  and  climbing  (on  the bridge get the Large Medipack) and
finally you'll reach the chapel and the next level.

Level 09 - Labyrinth - Black Isle

No  cutscene  this  time,  you immediately find yourself inside the chapel. Go
around  a  bit and you will get a cutscene. A monk ghost is flying through the
walls  and  in the other room turning around a golden thing at the corner of a
seat.  Now go to the other end of this room and push the stones. First the one
on  the middle, then the left and finally the right one. The camera is showing
that  the  door  is  now  open  to the room where that monk operated with that
thing.  Now there are big skeletons with big swords everywhere (and are really
dangerous), try to avoid them, fortunately they aren't moving. Go to the other
room and use action on that golden thing, a small cutscene is following with a
really  stupid  church music and you get the Bone dust. Get the Small Medipack
too  and  go back to the previous room to the stone buttons. Use the Bone dust
in the corner, now the camera is showing us that the skeletons are burning and
flying  away,  so  they won't hurt Lara anymore. Another door is opened now at
the  beginning  position,  go that way and climb up at the opposite wall. Pull
the  switch  and go back to the room where you found the Bone dust. Go through
the newly opened door, take the Large Medipack and the Secret from the hole on
the  wall.  Now  go  back to the previous door with the switch, slide down and
fall into the hole. Swim up and climb out from the water.

Another  small  cutscene  is  coming up, showing that monk ghost and the whole
building.  Now  this is a big, but not that heavy puzzle. First start to go up
and  go out at the first hole in the wall. Don't go through the bridge yet, on
the  bridge  turn  left  and do a running jump to that platform. Shimmy to the
right,  climb up and do another running jump to the next platform you see from
there. Follow the path and take the Secret. Now go back to the bridge the very
same  way  and  go  through  the bridge, into the rotating wooden tower in the
middle  of  this  hall.  You have to play with these towers like with that old
Rubik  Tower  toy. Pull the switch and the tower is rotating two times. Go out
and  start  climbing again. This isn't the same place as the previous one, the
figures  on the stones on the walls are helping you to find out where you are.
Go  one  level  up, out to the tower again, but now don't pull the switch, but
leave the tower on the other path. In that place go up until the top and there
you  can  crawl  for a Small Medipack. Go back to the upper exit and go out to
the  tower  again  from  there.  Now  in the tower you will find a book titled
Bestiary,  take  it and the exit will open from here. Now do a running jump to
the  door, climb up and leave this area. Probably you can play more with these
rotating  towers  if you want to get more goodies, but this is the easiest and
fastest way to solve it.

Outside  you  will  find a lighting spirit (you can hear it too what is also a
help  to find it if you get lost), what is a good spirit probably, showing you
the  right  way out of here. So all you have to do is to follow it always. And
if  you are slow and getting lost, it will wait for you after some corners, so
you  can find it again easily. First get the Large Medipack, jump up, grab the
ledge  and  climb  up.  From the top of this platform jump diagonal way to the
climbable  ceiling,  grab it and monkeyswing on it to the crawlingspace. There
release action and immediately grab the ledge of the crawlingspace again, then
crawl  into  the  crawlingspace. When you can't crawl anymore, turn around and
climb into the spiked hole, but don't release action, shimmy around, climb out
on  the  other  side  of  the hole and finally take the Secret. Go back to the
previous room, again jump and grab the ledge and climb up to the platform, but
instead  monkeyswinging  again,  do  a running jump and grab the ledge of that
thin  wooden  platform.  Then  do  a  running jump from this to the other thin
wooden  platform (you won't slide down from it even if it looks steep). Follow
the  path,  go  up,  slide down, go up, get out and keep following the spirit.
Outside  there  are a few monsters, try to avoid them, and a few pits, try not
to fall down into them. After a few corners, monsters and pits the spirit will
lead  you  out  to  a  path. Slide down, take the Large Medipack and leave the
level through the opened coffin door.

In  the  following  cutscene  Lara is sliding down a bit more and meeting with
Father Dunstan again. The Father's hair turned white, probably he saw too many
creepy things around here. He is leading Lara out from the labyrinth finally.

Level 10 - Old mill - Black Isle

The  previous cutscene is continuing here. Father Dunstan and Lara are talking
while walking, about leaving the island, the Bestiary book and things and soon
we  get  back the control here. If you follow the path here, a few steps after
that  grey  stone  you'll  get another cutscene. You can't go there, but it is
worth  watching  once  why you can't go there. A living dead Cossack horseman,
Vladimir  Kaleta  is  chasing Lara and knocking her out two times. And this is
happening  every time you cross the grey stone, so you have to go on the other
path to the left.

After running a bit in the cave you get to a hole, you can do running jump and
climb  up at the other ledge or simply climb down and climb up if you wish. At
the next junction go to the right. You get to the big pit and the rope and the
camera  is  giving a hint what to do. You can see two imps on a lower platform
and something on an upper platform. This won't be easy if you aren't good with
the  ropes  in  Tomb  Raider and the imps are really dangerous now as they are
throwing  stones  at  you nonstop. So jump and grab the rope, move down to its
bottom,  rotate  around  it  and face to the upper platform where you saw that
thing.  Then  start  to  swing  with  the  dash  button.  Finally when you are
swinging,  at  the  right position jump to the platform from the rope with the
jump  button. Take the unlit Torch and slide down to the starting position. Go
back  into  the cave and follow the third path. After the next junction on the
right  take the Small Medipack (bats are attacking you there and of course you
have  to  drop  down the Torch temporary to pick the Medipack up), then on the
left  light  the Torch. Go back to the rope and it is recommended to save now.
You  have  to  drop  the  burning  Torch  to  the platform where the imps are.
Unfortunately  the  Torch is bouncing down to the pit often. Try to aim to the
longest  opposite corner. If the burning Torch is landing there well, the imps
won't  hurt you anymore, they are running in circles from now without throwing
stones  or stabbing you. Jump to the rope again, slide to its bottom, now your
destination is that door with metal bars, turn into that destination. Start to
swing  and  jump  to that platform. You can see that it is not a real door and
there's  nothing  really  interesting  there, only the metal bars. And that is
what  you  need, use the action button and you will get the Crowbar. Hop back,
grab  the ledge and fall down to the starting position again. And now you have
to  swing with the rope again. Now this will be easy, you simply have to reach
the  opposite  area, jump into that direction from the rope and you are there.
(Aim  to  the  steep  rocky platform and you can reach the destination without
losing energy.) Get into the small cave, pick up the stuff, then check out the
white-grey  rocky  stones  with  steep  upper areas. You saw things like these
before  in the previous TR games. You have to jump in a sequence from stone to
stone,  without  falling  or  sliding  down. This one is hard, fortunately not
dangerous.  Start  on  the only not steep rocky platform and face to the steep
platform  below  it. Step to the steep platform, when you start to slide down,
push and hold jump and left. You will jump to the next steep platform and from
there to the next steep platform and always move left a bit, then you jump off
from  that  one too, in the air press and hold action to grab the ledge of the
next  steep  stone. Shimmy to the right and climb up to this one. You start to
slide  down  again, press and hold jump to jump to the next steep platform and
from  there into the direction of the crawlingspace. In the air press and hold
action  too  to grab the ledge of the crawlingspace. (If you can't finish this
jumping sequence, keep on trying.) Finally climb up to the small crawlingspace
and crawl around. At the end climb out, but don't release the ledge, shimmy to
the  left  and  at the end climb up again and crawl into the hole. Climb down,
take the Large Medipack and use the Crowbar at the stone to get the Chalk. Now
climb  out to the imps and crawl into the hole below the platform there to get
the  Secret.  Crawl  out  again  and  now  get  back to the starting position.
(Standing  jump  to the platfrom below the starting position platform and jump
and climb to that platform.)

You finished here now, go back to the starting position of the whole level and
go  to  the  grey  stone  before  the  Cossack.  Use the Chalk on it to draw a
pentagram.  A  really  cool  keyframe  cutscene is coming, Lara is drawing the
pentagram, the Cossack is attacking and Father Dunstan is saving Lara. Finally
the  Cossack  is  knocking  out Father Dunstan, kidnapping him and riding away
with  him.  After  you  get back the control, you can go behind the grey stone
now. Slide down into the cave and follow the path until you get another really
cool  cutscene with Lara, the Cossack and Father Patrick Dunstan. From this we
will learn that the Cossack's name is Vladimir Kaleta, he is 700 years old and
imprisoned  into that valley, because he is a demon and demons can't cross the
running  water  what  is  running  around  that valley. Finally the Cossack is
ordering  Lara  to  stop the water (or he will kill Father Dunstan), then he's
taking away Father Dunstan again and we get back the control.

This  is  a  really  cool  area.  Go  between the two houses and jump over the
running  water there and you'll reach another great area, a windmill after the
previous  watermill.  On the left you can find two small caves, crawl into the
second  one,  take  the  Large  Medipack, run through the flames with the dash
button  and  jump  immediately into the water (I don't think it is possible to
jump  over  the  fire as the ceiling isn't high enough, so you'll get fire and
you have to waste the Medipack you just found), then take the Secret and leave
the cave through the two waterpools (so the two caves are one cave). Jump into
the  big  water  and swim around. You can see a lot of interesting things, but
you  can't  do  too  many  things at the moment. There is a deeper area of the
water,  you  can  see  a red creature there, Swampy, it is swimming around its
gold  and  silver  collection.  You have to swim to the gold and silver really
quickly  when  you  can't  see Swampy and steal its Silver coin. No problem if
your  timing  is  wrong, you get a cutscene where Lara is fighting with Swampy
and  you can try again until you make it. After this Swampy is chasing you and
its  Silver  coin.  Swim  to  the  cage and use the Silver coin there. Another
cutscene  is  coming,  Lara  is  putting  the  Silver  coin into the cage, the
creature, Swampy goes after the coin and getting trapped. The imps are lifting
up the cage with a crane, then killing and probably eating Swampy.

Now  swim back to the area what the red creature, Swampy patrolled and now the
path  is  open,  swim into the windmill from there. Inside the windmill go up,
until  you  reach  that large gear switch. This is a timed one, but not really
hard.  Pull  it  three times, then do a running jump on its left to that small
horizontal  pole.  Grab  it  with action and you can see a great move, Lara is
spinning around that pole like a striptease chick. The only difference is that
Lara  isn't  naked  (maybe  Scorpion  will make a nude code for this game too,
hehe)  and  the  pole  is  horizontal,  not  vertical.  Lara could spin around
forever,  but  you  are in a timed sequence, so jump off that pole and jump to
the  platform on the middle. Quickly crawl below that closing door. Behind the
door  don't  slide  yet down, but jump up and grab the ledge, then climb up to
that  platform.  From that platform jump off into the direction of the switch,
hold  the  action  and  you  pull that switch. A small cutscene is showing the
whole area, you stopped the windmill now and the water became slower, also you
opened the windmill's underwater door. Now you can slide down and you will end
in the water at the bottom of the windmill. Swim out from the windmill through
the new door or where you came from and go back to the watermill.

Jump  over  the water again and go back to the house of the Cossack. Now go to
the other side of the house and jump into the water. Swim around and somewhere
behind  the  house  you  can swim to the left, now you can do it, the water is
slow.  Get the third Secret there and swim and go back to the Cossack's house.
Go to the left area again, into the water again, but don't swim a lot, get out
from  the  water  on  the  left before the water runs below the rocks. Jump up
there  and crawl into the hole, climb down, run and crawl again, finally climb
up  to  the  platform  and  you will have a good view to the Cossack's valley.
Slide  a  little bit down (don't slide down in the PC version) to the platform
below and from its ledge do a running jump to the other white-grey rocky stone
platform.  You can see easily what you have to do, another running jump to the
roof of the Cossack's house (where the roof isn't that steep), then a standing
jump to the roof above the entrance, then another running jump to the platform
similiar  to  the  previous one. The next destination is the watermill's roof,
but  it  is  a  harder  jump. Even if you do a running jump from the very-very
corner you usually can't grab the ledge to climb up (however works sometimes).
If you fall down, reload it and try again, if you use swan dive (walk + jump),
it  is easier to reach that roof, so probably the makers wanted us to use swan
dive. Now this is another interesting part where some people stuck. If you try
to  crawl  into the watermill, Lara won't do it. The reason is that the ground
is  lower  inside.  You can get into it two ways. You crawl to the opening and
push  the  jump  button,  in this case Lara will somersault into the watermill
control  room (a new move, so probably Core wanted us to use this), or you can
crawl  backwards  and  climb down with action. There is a wheel switch inside,
turn it around to finish the level and the story.

Another  cool  keyframe cutscene is coming up. Lara switched off the watermill
too,  the water stopped flowing. The Cossack is coming out from his house with
Father Dunstan. Now he is free, the water isn't flowing around him anymore and
he isn't imprisoned into his valley. He is fighting with Father Dunstan again.
The  Father  is  telling  Lara to use the Bestiary book, to read out the names
from  it.  Lara  is  reading, but the Cossack is getting closer to her to kill
her.  Father  Dunstan  is saving Lara once again and fighting with the Cossack
and finally Lara is reading out the right demon name and naming the demon what
the  Cossack  is.  With this move she is saving her and Father Dunstan's life,
then  she  is  sending  back the demon to the hell. Finally we get a FMV where
Lara  and  Father  Dunstan  are leaving the island on a boat. End of the third

Level 11 - The 13th floor - Tower Block

The previous FMV is continuing here. After Father Patrick Dunstan finished his
story,  Winston,  Lara's old irish butler is showing Lara's secret room to the
others, where Lara is keeping her artifacts. Winston is starting the new story
about the Iris artifact. At the same time we can see Verner Von Croy in Egypt.
Everybody  who  finished  Tomb  Raider  4:  The Last Revelation knows the Iris
artifact  and  Verner  Von Croy. Verner was Lara's mentor, they found the Iris
artifact  together, what was Lara's first and Von Croy's last adventure in the
past.  Von  Croy  was  an enemy in the middle of the game (the egyptian god of
death,  Seth  was in him) and at the end he was Lara's friend again. He wasn't
able  to  save  Lara's life and now wandering in Egypt and feeling guilt about
it. Back to Winston's tale (what was a few years back when Verner Von Croy was
evil),  we  can  see Lara in a large urban city at a rooftop. She is flying to
another  rooftop  with  a  hang-glider like in the old Pink Panther movie with
Peter   Sellers.  She  hired  a  partner  for  this  quest,  Zip,  who  is  an
african-american hacker and/or communication specialist or something (as I can
see  it  is  an  unwritten  rule  in  the  american  movies  that  hackers and
communication  specialists are almost always african-american people), helping
Lara from a van through Lara's headset. Lara has a cool shiny catsuit here and
a  cool  headset and shades, inspired by the movie The Matrix. Lara is jumping
down  with  a  rope from the rooftop and while swinging, she is shooting out a
grating and jumping into the air shaft.

We  get  the control when Lara is sliding down in the air shaft. This story is
also  different  a  bit  from  the  usual  Tomb Raider gameplay, just like the
previous  one.  The  gameplay  here  was  heavily  inspired  by Hideo Kojima's
masterpiece  game,  Metal  Gear Solid. We don't have to make noise, we have to
use  stealth  techniques  and  in  a part we won't have any weapons out of the
Chloroform  to disable really silently and carefully the guards. We start with
new  Binoculars with infrared mode and a cool HK Gun with built in LaserSight,
three  different  modes  (different  speeds) and the possibility to combine it
with silencer to kill the guards without a noise. Another similiarity with MGS
is  that  Zip  is  talking  a lot to Lara, telling stupid jokes and stuff, and
sometimes a few useful infos.

So  from the starting position after Zip stopped talking go to the left and on
the  bottom  shoot  out  the grating. Crawl into the air shaft, take the Large
Medipack  and  keep  on  crawling.  You'll  get a cutscene where you can see a
heavily  armed  guard  in  a Judge Dredd like suit and Zip is talking too (you
have  to  fight with this guard soon). When you get the control back, continue
crawling,  take  the Large Medipack on the right, then turn left. Crawl behind
the  red  hole (there is laser inside so don't step into it) and only stand up
when the laser robot (just like the ones in Metal Gear Solid) goes behind you.
Jump across the hole and continue crawling. At the end turn right, crawl a bit
and  then  somersault  into  the  room  through the left opening with the jump
button.  Take  everything  from the shelves, you'll get ammo and a Hammer. Now
from  the box do a running jump and climb into the air shaft again. Crawl back
to  the right and shoot out the grating, crawl into that air shaft too. At the
end  somersault  to  the right when the laser robot isn't close, then crawl to
the  left. At the upper area wait until the laser robot goes behind you, stand
up,  run a few steps and crawl into the hole at the end. Crawl to the left and
somersault  into  the  next room. Take the Secret here and then go back on the
known  route  to the very beginning of this level. Now there are two dangerous
laser  robots  here  and  you have to reach the other end of the air shaft and
climb  up  there.  Notice  that  the  lower  robot is coming closer to you but
leaving out a small area at the other end and at the same time the upper robot
is  leaving  out  a  small  area here. When the lower robot goes away from you
follow  it  to  the last point where the upper robot can't reach you. When the
upper  robot goes there and goes away from there follow it and jump across the
lower  robot.  Run  until  you  can and at the end crawl below the upper robot
and  crawl  to  the  end.  Now you have a little bit time to jump and climb up
before the upper robot comes back.

You can see the Iris artifact in a room on the right and after a few steps Zip
is starting to talk again in a small cutscene. Take the ammo and after another
few  steps, another cutscene and another stupid joke from Zip. Now you have to
be  very  quick,  shoot  the  lock  on the grating, slide down and kill REALLY
quickly  that  Judge Dredd like guy. Zip is calling these Mobile Refrigerators
and  these are the most dangerous enemies in this story. These are similiar to
the  electric  octopus  in  the first story, are shooting electric shock beams
(one  hit  is  usually  taking  50%  energy from Lara) and are really fast and
unvulnerable in most parts. They can only be killed with an aimed headshot, so
aim  really-really  quickly with the HK Gun's LaserSight or you'll get killed.
After  you  killed  him,  climb  up to the air shaft from the broken air shaft
parts  and  make  a  few  steps. You'll fall down into another air shaft and a
detonation  sequence  is  starting. It won't stop until you are there (move or
heat  detector  against  intruders),  you have to run through it with the dash
button. Get the Secret at the end and climb up on the ladder. (In the final PC
version  you  can't find the Secret here, only in the PSX beta.) Alternatively
if  you have the Hammer, you can use that at the lock instead shooting it out.
You'll  reach  the  area after the ladder and you don't have to fight with the
Judge  Dredd  and  run  from the fire (of course in the PSX beta you'll miss a
Secret  too  if  you choose this easier route, in the final PC version this is
the recommended route).

You can find an interesting ladder here and another laser robot with dangerous
laserbeams. Climb up into the hole on the wall and take the ammo (you can't do
this  in  the  PSX  beta)  then  go down and climb up on the ladder, avoid the
laserbeams  (go  below it and continue climbing immediately when it is leaving
to  the  left). The door is closed, shoot out the white wall and continue that
way.  Take  the ammo in that air shaft and somersault out at its end. Be quick
and  careful,  there is an automatic machine gun in this air shaft and a guard
is  patrolling  the  corridor outside. On the corridor go to the right, at the
drink  automat  Zip  will  start to talk again. Crawl behind the glass, so the
sleeping  guard  won't  notice you, nor the automatic machine gun and no other
guard  will show up. Take the High level access card from there silently. Keep
on  crawling  and  use  the High level access card there at the door, take the
ammo  and  Medipack from the shelves, then crawl back to the corridor. (In the
final  PC  version this area is a bit different. There are lasers at the drink
automat  and  a  grating, so you have to shoot out the grating, crawl into the
crawlingspace,  shoot  out the other grating too and crawl out. From there you
can crawl behind the glass.)

Go  to  the  elevator  and  use  it,  you  will get to the 16th floor. A small
cutscene  is  showing  the two guards, kill them (really easy with LaserSight)
and there's a third one too if you wait a bit. Now go to the left and open the
door  with the High level access card. This room also has an automatic machine
gun, so be careful. You don't have to kill the scientists in the orange suits,
push  the only button in the room, then go back to the elevator and follow the
corridor into the other direction. You will reach a place above the Iris, only
one  of the other doors can be opened, on the opposite side, go there. This is
the  orange suit room, you don't have to wear this stuff and you don't have to
kill  the  scientist  here  either  (but no problem if you kill him). Push the
green button on the side of the scientist and you'll get the Access code disc.
Go  back to the elevator and with the elevator to the 13th floor. (If you were
silent  before  and didn't killed the sleeping guard and no other guard showed
up,  now  they usually will attack you.) Use the Access code disc at the other
end  of  the  corridor  with  the console and climb up to the newly opened air
shaft.  Another explosion sequence is starting here, run to the pole and slide
down  on  it.  At halfway jump backwards and you can find a Secret there. From
there  you can hop down to the floor and continue your way by crawling. You'll
reach  a  hall  where Zip is starting to talk again and where you have to kill
two  of  those electric Judge Dredd Mobile Refrigerators. You have to be quick
and  aim precisely. In the upper level get the Medipack and the Cloth from the
cabinets,  then  go  downstairs.  There are a few doors, but you can open only
two.  First  open  the  smaller  door  with  the High level access card and go
inside.  Take  everything  from  the  cabinets  (Small  and  Large  Medipacks,
Chloroform  etc) and leave the room quickly, the quick and dangerous bugs will
attack  you.  In  the hall open the other, large door with the High level card
and go through it. Kill the Judge Dredd guy with a headshot, take his Iris lab
access  disc  and  use  it  at  the  console.  Continue  your way, there is an
automatic  machine gun and a guard. The guard is patrolling the area and if he
is  noticing you, the gun will notice you too. After you killed the guard, you
will  reach  a  lab.  Zip  is  calling  you and telling you to not to kill the
scientist  in  the  orange  suit. Kill him if you need the third Secret in the
final  PC  version  (in the PSX beta you already have all the Secrets here and
the  next one isn't available in this version, so don't kill him, aim your gun
to  him  and Lara will force the scientist to help her to open the door), this
will  alert  a  lot  of  guards and open a way to a Secret. Now go back to the
beginning  of  the  previous U shaped corridor (with the automatic gun) and go
through the newly opened door. On the way kill all the guards. Follow the path
and kill even more guards. At the end crouch under the laser robot and when it
is on the right, run to the left and take the Secret. Now wait until the robot
goes  to the right again, run to the middle, crouch and when the robot goes to
the  left,  run to the right and out through the door. (You'll end here if you
open  the  door  with the scientist and knock him out. In the PSX beta version
this Secret and laser robot is missing.) After the door go upstairs first, you
will  reach the control room above the Iris. You can find a timed switch here,
switch  it  over  (it is disabling the force field around the Iris for a short
time),  then  run downstairs quickly to the Iris, take it, then leave the hall
through the other door.

Level 12 - Escape with the iris - Tower Block

No  cutscene  this  time,  you'll  find  yourself  in  the  office area of the
building. After a few steps Zip is calling you and telling you to put your gun
into  that tray. Do it by going to it. That grey corridor is a weapon detector
x-ray  area,  killing  you  if  you go there with your gun (also the automatic
machine  guns are starting to shoot you from the two ends of that corridor and
the  end  will be closed with deadly laserbeams, so it is a deadtrap with your
gun).  Before going through that corridor, you can see a small cracking on the
ceiling,  you  can jump and grab that block and open a trapdoor. Unfortunately
you  can't  go  that  way  yet,  there is a closed door behind it. You can see
Lara's  skeleton  when you go into the x-ray corridor, open the second box and
get the Small Medipack, don't touch the first one, that's a bomb. But remember
later how bombs are looking through the x-ray, two bombs and two panels on the
top.  On  the  next  corridor Zip is starting to talk again, also you can find
three  closed  doors,  some  ammo  and  a monitor where you can see the stairs
outside.  (In  the  PSX  beta  version  there  is  a door on the middle of the
corridor, so you can't go to the right. You can't go to the right in the final
PC  version  either,  but instead the door, infrared lasers are there and will
kill  you,  so  don't  go past the ammo to the right.) Go through the door and
into the room through the opposite door. Take the Chloroform from the cabinet,
then  go  out  to the small corridor, follow it and go into the next door (the
other one is closed). Before going inside you can see a small cutscene showing
the  guard  at  the  end  of  the corridor. Take the Cloth from the drawer and
combine  it  with  the  Chloroform  to get the Chloroform soaked cloth. Now go
behind  the  guard  carefully  with  the  walk  button  and  kill him with the
Chloroform soaked cloth by pressing the action button. Unfortunately you can't
take  his  gun,  it  is  disappearing  with  him. Go into the last room on the
previous  corridor and get the Small Medipack from the drawer. Now on the next
corridor  go  into  every room and search through them. In the second room you
will  find a Chloroform in the cabinet and in the last one the Restroom access
card  in  the  drawer. Now go back to the end of the previous corridor, to the
restroom.  Strange,  it  is a high security restroom, you can get into it only
with  a  code,  they  are guarding the sh*t well, so you have to continue that
way. You can see the number "8526" on the Restroom access card, this number is
what  you  have  to type into the keypad at the restroom. To the left you will
find the women's area, even if Lara is a chick, ignore that area, you can't do
anything  interesting there. :) (Anyway in the PC version you can find a Large
Medipack  behind  the  door on the middle.) Go into the men's area and kick in
the  first door. Inside, above Lara you can see another cracked ceiling, jump,
grab it and open that trapdoor.

Climb  up and crawl. Be careful, there's a deep pit at the end. Hop backwards,
grab  the  ledge,  release it and grab the ledge below it too. Then release it
and  when you are landing you are losing only a little bit of energy. Crawl at
the end of this air shaft, crawl backwards and climb out to the climbable wall
of  the  elevator  shaft.  Climb down on the wall to the very bottom until you
can.  Lara  is hanging there, if you keep pushing the down button too together
with  the action, Lara is swinging a bit to the left and right and forth. When
she  is  swinging  out to the forth, into that hole, release the action and go
into  the hole for the Secret. Now face back to the elevator shaft, exactly to
the  pole,  jump to the pole, grab it and climb up to its top. A bit below its
top  push  the jump button and you'll jump backwards and land on a platform at
the  elevators.  You  can  see  a horizontal pole between the elevator and the
wall,  you  have  to  do  a  running  jump  to it, spin around and jump to the
platform  on the other side where the grating is. This is a heavy jump, if you
fall  down,  keep  on  trying, you will do it. From the opposite platform do a
diagonal standing jump to the top of the elevator and grab the ledge and climb
up.  Open  the  trapdoor  on  the top of the elevator, climb down and push the
button.  Go  to  the door, it will open for you. On the corridor you can see a
guard  looking  elsewhere.  Seems  like a guard you can kill with a Chloroform
soaked  cloth,  but nor in the PSX beta, nor in the final PC version you can't
kill  him,  so  walk  to  the  other elevator silently, open it by pushing the
button on the panel, and inside start the elevator by pusing the button on its
panel.  The  elevator  is  moving  up  and  you find yourself looking at three
heavily  armed  guards,  one  of  them  is  in that Judge Dredd suit, they are
starting  to fire you immediately and Zip is telling you to close the elevator
door immediately. As you can't kill them without your gun, the best thing what
you  can  do  is  to  run to the control panel inside the elevator and push it
again  quickly  before  the  guards are killing you. (If you are really-really
good,  you  can  run  to the end of the guarded corridor and get the two Large
Medipacks  and  run  back,  but  your surviving chances are really low on this
area.)  After  you  push  the  button you get a cutscene, the elevator door is
closed  and  the elevator (probably due to the gunfire) is heavily damaged and
starting  to fall down rapidly. When you get the control back, you have to run
to  the  control panel and use the action button again, you are turning on the
elevator  breaks  and with this move you can survive the crash of the elevator
to the ground level.

Lara is in one piece, Zip is calling her again. Climb up on the grating to the
top  of  the  elevator, do a standing jump to the horizontal pole, spin around
and jump off to the platform, grab the ledge and climb up. From there climb up
on  the  climbable wall and around the half position jump backwards to another
platform  behind  your  back.  From  there  do  a  running  jump  to the other
horizontal  pole,  grab it, spin around it and jump off to the platform on the
other  side.  From there climb up and crawl into the hole in the wall and stop
at the end. It is recommended to save now (however this isn't that hard part).
Slide  down  on  the slope and start to slide on the next slope too, then jump
and grab the pole. Spin around it until the fire goes out for a short time (as
it  seems  the  first  fire  can't  reach you so you don't really have to wait
here),  then  jump to the next pole and spin around it too until the fire goes
out  at  the end (this is really needed). When this happens, jump off the pole
and  immediately  start hopping back before the fire is starting again, at the
end  grab  the  ledge  of the platform, shimmy right and climb up to that safe
place.  Do a running jump to the opening on the wall, grab the ledge, climb up
and  now  you  have  to walk across that horizontal pole as you learned on the
first  level  with  ropes.  (In  the  final  PC  version  here  you can take a
Chloroform  too.)  Slide down a lot and crawl out to the corridor, then run to
the  right end of the corridor. The guard will notice you, chase you and shoot
you  whatever  you  do.  If  you  need the Secret, stand in front of the green
aquarium and the guard will shoot out the glass for you. Go into it, crouch at
the  hole and somersault into it with the jump button. Take the Secret and get
out of there quickly. (In the final PC version you can simply take it from the
aquarium,  you  don't have to somersault into a hole.) Go around the corridor,
no matter if you go to the left or right, you will end up at the same place.

Go  up to the upper area where you can see the lasers. A sniper will shoot you
on  this area, always move quickly to avoid it. On the upper area go around to
the  opposite  door  and climb up to the next level on the grating to the left
from that door. Go around to the other side again and push the button you find
there,  this  will  disable the lasers. Run around that red fire-extinguisher,
the  sniper  will  shoot it accidentally, it will blow up and you can get into
that hole for the third Secret. Now climb down and go through the newly opened
door where the lasers were. Don't step to the lower floor in the room you find
there,  the  laser  will  kill  you.  Wait a bit at the end before the lasered
floor,  a guard will come out from a closed door behind you and start shooting
at  you.  (In the final PC version jump to the aquarium.) He will accidentally
shoot  out  the  green aquarium if you are standing at the right place and the
water  is  disabling  the lasers. Run to the switch on the other side, use the
action  button and immediately run through the opening door, from the opposite
door  a  Judge  Dredd guy is coming out, so now these two guys are chasing you
and  shooting at you. Run to the left into a room and watch the small cutscene
what  is a conversation with Zip. The chasers are opening the door behind you,
so  run  through  the room quickly, left on the corridor and through the right
door  at  its  end. This is the teleport room, the chasers will not follow you
here. (In the final PC version it is a bit harder than in the PSX beta. In the
room  two  automatic  machine  guns  will  shoot  you and you have to push two
buttons  to  open the door to the corridor. Zip is talking something about the
top  corner, but whatewer I did the machine guns kept shooting at me, so I had
to waste a few Medipacks here.) Behind the only other door you can find a room
filled  with boxes. Jump and grab the cracked ceiling part and climb and crawl
behind  that opened trapdoor. Climb down and use the switch. Now you turned on
the  x-ray in the room, you can see that all boxes are bombs (if you opened up
one  you  sure know this already) except one. Go back to the room and take out
the Teleporter disc from that box. As I can see the disc is always in the same
box.  Crawl out from this room and use the Teleporter disc with the console at
the  entrance of the teleporter room. Now go to the teleporter (marked with X)
and use the Iris artifact there to teleport.

After a small cutscene you'll find yourself in a similiar teleporter room. You
can  leave  it through a hole on the floor, in the air shaft Zip will call you
again  and  tell  you  what  to  do.  You  have  to use your Binoculars at the
grating  with maximum zoom to the keypad on the wall and watch the numbers the
guard  is typing in. Crawl out from the air shaft and quickly enter the number
to  the  console,  what  is "1672". (You can avoid the guard, go to the keypad
when  he  is  inside,  when  he  is coming out and going to the left, type the
number  and  walk  inside with the walk button, he won't notice you.) You will
reach  the  control  room behind the first x-ray area at the beginning of this
level. You can find a switch, push it quickly to disable the x-ray, then leave
the  room,  crawl through the red hole. Climb up on the grating and somersault
down  at  the other end, you will find yourself at the beginning of the level,
you  just  came through the door what you found on the ceiling before. Finally
get  back  your HK Gun and run through the disabled x-ray area. All the hassle
was  for  this. On the next corridor aim and shoot to the fire-extinguisher at
the  closed  smaller door (where the monitor showed the stairs outside). It is
blowing away the door and you can go out to the stairs and to the next level.

Level 13 - Red alert! - Tower Block

This  is  the  last  level  of  the  game.  It  is  starting with two keyframe
cutscenes.  In  the  first  one  a  guard  is reporting to his bosses that the
intruder  (Lara) evaded his men and stole the Iris artifact. They are watching
on  a  big screen what the cameras recorded and the big boss in the wheelchair
(who  is nobody else than Verner Von Croy when he was evil) is identifying the
intruder  as  Lara  Croft  from his past. The other cutscene is showing that a
helicopter is firing a rocket to the stairs where Lara is, so when we get back
the  control,  we  have  to  climb up on the almost totally destroyed, burning

A  few  words  to  the players of the PSX beta version what I first played and
based  the  first  version of this FAQ to. The beta is almost totally complete
and  bugfree out of the wellknown missing voice (and temporary previous music)
under  the FMVs. But this last level is really buggy. Whenever I reached it, I
started  this  level with an already messed up invertory. I have an empty slot
in  the  invertory  with  the Restroom access card description. (What we don't
need  here  and  we  don't have here in the final PC game.) Also the invertory
will  be  messed  up even more later, after a save the Iris artifact will grow
larger  (its  rotating  point will move) and will be renamed to load etc, etc.
There  are many-many more problems I will mention later what even can lock the
game  totally  or  make  it  impossible to finish. It is wise to save a lot to
several  slots.  Of  course  the owners of the final PC and other versions can
ignore these, these are fixed in the final game.

So  you  start  on  the  stairs.  From the starting point you can see a Mobile
Refrigerator  or  Judge  Dredd standing higher on the stairs. He didn't notice
you  yet,  with  the  LaserSight  with  zooming  you  can shoot him out easily
(remember,  aim  to his head). Continue your way up. From the top of the first
part  of  the  broken stairs do a running jump to the other part. Go up on the
next  stairs to the door, then run up on the next stairs and do a running jump
from  the  middle,  the  stairs will fall down below your feet. Wait until the
helicopter  is  leaving, then hop back and climb down on the fallen stairs and
left  into  a hole for a Secret. Jump back to the stairs, climb back, go up on
the next stairs and from the top do a standing jump to the next platform. From
there  do  a  running jump to the opposite area and run up on the next stairs,
but jump off from the middle, this part will go down too with an explosion.

Kick in the cracked wall and crawl through the crawlingspace. In the next room
you  have to jump up, grab the trapdoor and open it with action, then climb up
and  kill  the  guard. Zip is giving a useful information here, you can see to
the  right  with the Binoculars (you have to use the action button to turn the
infrared  mode  on  it)  the  area  is heavily protected with infrared lasers.
Take the ammo from the bigger box, but don't take the stuff from the other one
yet  if  you  are  playing  with  the PSX beta, otherwise you can't finish the
level,  only  by cheating. Now you have to cross the infrared lasers the first
time.  Aim the valve wheel on the pipe where the steam is coming out, shoot it
down  and the steam will show you the lasers from this time. Now you can cross
the  lasers.  Some  more  hints:  they  are  at  the  white  lines  and always
disappearing  twice,  first for a short time, then for a longer time, use this
timing.  Take  the Large Medipack from the box and continue your way, kill the
guard,  use the elevator, kill the guard. This is the training area, first you
can  only go into the left door at the elevator. Inside pick up the ammo, push
the  button  and  shoot all the targets as quick as you can. You have only one
try, if the upper lamp will light up, you were good and opened two other rooms
on  this  level.  If you were slow you can access only one room, still you can
finish the game, but not with all the Secrets. So if you were good, you can go
to the next room too and continue the shooting practice. This is a harder one,
you  have  only  one chance here too, but now your life depends on it. Pick up
the  ammo,  push the button again and shoot the targets. This time the targets
are  showing up in a sequence (sometimes two at the same time and once three),
you  have  to  be  really quick, when a target is leaving the middle line, gas
will  kill  you  and  the  door was closed after you entered the room, it is a
deadtrap.  If you were good, now you can access both the weapon rooms. You are
getting  gas in this case too, so quickly run out from the room, to the end of
the corridor.

Here you can go to the righ in every case (if you practiced at least once) and
to  the  left  only  if you finished and survived the second gun practice too.
First  go  to  the right and pick up the Grappling Gun at the green laser. Now
this  is  an interesting stuff. Not a real weapon, but you can shoot out ropes
to  gratings  on  the  ceiling  at  some places and you can make rope this way
yourself.  Also this is a problematic stuff in the PSX beta (no problem in the
final version of course). When you pick up its ammo first (behind the infrared
lasers),  the  ammo is disappearing when you pick up the gun. And you need all
the ammo you can find on this level. Also sometimes when you are trying to use
it  at the wrong place it can even destroy Lara's object and kill the game, so
be  careful with this stuff, but only in the PSX beta. After you picked it up,
a  soldier is coming in and after you kill him, the door is closing, you can't
leave  the  weapon  room that way. Pick up the other things here, the ammo and
the  Grappling  Gun  Ammo, then leave to the other practice area. A soldier is
hiding behind the boxes, you can kill him easily, then climb up to the highest
box.  Pick  up  the ammo and aim the grating on the middle of the ceiling with
your  new Grappling Gun and shoot. You have your own rope now, jump to it from
a  box  and  swing  into  the  direction of the opening on the wall. Well, not
exactly into that direction, you can't jump into the opening, but you can jump
to  the upper cracked walls and climb into the opening from there, so do this.
Slide  down  and  you will end on the previous corridor in front of two Mobile
Refrigerators. If you survived the second shooting practice, two headshots for
these will be a piece of cake for you.

Now  if  you  survived the second shooting practice, go into the second weapon
room. If not, skip this part, you can finish the game without this. So go into
the  room  if you can, pick up the Secret, the Large Medipack (this is missing
in the final PC version) and the ammo, then leave.

Now  go  back to the elevator and use it. You get back to the infrared lasers,
kill  the guard, cross the lasers again and now pick up the Grappling Gun Ammo
you  left behind. (In the PSX beta, of course in the full version you can take
this  whenever you want to.) Now go outside to the stairs again on the way you
came inside.

Use  the  Grappling Gun again at the stairs, aim upside and when the target is
green,  shoot  to get another rope and a way to continue. From the stairs do a
running  jump  to  the  rope,  swing out and jump off on the other side to the
opening.  You start to slide down, jump to the ledge before you slide into the
fire.  Crawl  into the air shaft, follow it and at the other end somersault to
the next box diagonal way with the jump button. From there shoot precisely and
quickly  the  guard  with  LaserSight,  before  he is activizing the automatic
machine  gun.  Now  jump and climb down on the boxes and use the switch at the
door  to  open it and leave the room (of course take the Large Medipack too in
the  PC  version). From the corridor use the elevator and quickly kill the two
soldiers  coming  down  from the ceiling with ropes. There is another beta bug
here  in  the PSX beta. If you go back to the elevator where you came from and
try  to use it again, the game will lock up totally. You don't have to go back
anymore,  so  this is not a big problem, but don't do this accidentally in the
PSX  beta. (No problem in the full version of course.) Go to the switch and do
a  running jump to the rope. Swing out with the rope and jump to the high box.
Jump up with action and open the door above you, then kill the guard behind it
and  kill  the  other  guard on the ground. Climb up and follow the air shaft.
(Strange,  but  in the final PC version I wasn't able to open this door and no
other  soldiers  came,  but I was able to climb up THROUGH the door. I have no
clue  what caused this bug, anyway if it happens for you too, don't panic, you
still can finish the game without problem.) Before you can push the button you
find, a trapdoor is opening under your feet and you slide down.

Follow  the  path and you'll reach a junction with four doors, two of them are
closed  with  lasers,  so you can go only into one direction. Another junction
and  another  laser,  crawl  into  the crawlingspace and follow the air shaft.
Climb  up on the grating and you'll reach a hall and a bald android boss. Fall
to  the  box,  take the ammo and start shooting the guy. When you can see that
his  half metal leg starting to spark too, go to the corner of the box what is
the  closest to the valve wheel on the pipe. Aim the valve wheel and shoot it,
the  water  is  killing the enemy because he is an electric robot. But now the
room is filled with water and there is high voltage coming from the dead boss.
So  don't  fall  down to the ground level, you will die. (And if you aren't at
the  right  corner when you are shooting the valve wheel, Lara is falling down
automatically in the PSX beta, however no problem in the full version, you can
be  anywhere  on  the box when you shoot out the valve wheel in that version.)
Another  big  bug  exists here but it is both in the PSX beta and the final PC
version,  I  assume  in the final PSX and Dreamcast versions too. If you climb
back to the air shaft now and go back a bit on this level, when you come back,
the  water  will  disappear  and  this  is not normal and from this many other
problems  will  lock  up  the  game,  corrupt  the save file and make the game
impossible  to  finish.  So DONT'T leave this area until you don't finish here
completely.  Now  do a diagonal running jump to that steep platform, you don't
have  to do anything, just keep pushing the jump button, you jump to the other
steep  platform  and the other one and then you'll end up on a normal platform
above  the  pipe  automatically.  Hop to the grating exactly above the running
water  and  pick  up  the  Grappling Gun Ammo from there. Climb up to the grey
platform  (the  top  of the air shaft where you came from), aim the grating on
the  middle  of  the ceiling with the Grappling Gun and shoot a rope. Hop back
from the end of the platform and do a standing jump from there, grab the rope,
slide  to its bottom, swing out, jump to the opposite area, grab the ledge and
climb  up.  Switch  over  the switch, then do a running jump back to the rope,
slide  down,  jump off to the previous platform and go down from there. On the
ground collect the Large Medipack and the Key bit (left), then on the previous
way  go  back  to  the  switch  and  switch  it  over  again.  (When the water
disappeared,  the  exit  also  closed, so you have to switch these back to the
previous  state.)  After you finished with it, go down again, of course not to
the ground level, only to the top of the air shaft. From there fall to the box
(or  in  the final version into the air shaft immediately) and from there jump
and  climb up into the air shaft and leave the area back to where the previous
laser was.

There's  no  laser  now  at the moment. Maybe this is the worst bug in the PSX
beta.  If you go around, especially to the area from where you originally came
here  (but only a few steps are enough), the laser will show up again here and
you  can't  finish  the  game.  So don't go anywhere else from here in the PSX
beta,  just  into  the direction of those yellow cans. Of course no problem in
the  final version. Run like mad in a straight line, because a helicopter will
chase  you  and shoot into your direction (rockets and machine gun). Jump when
you  reach  the yellow cans, those will blow up too. You will reach a room, go
to  the next one where the helicopter will shoot at you again, you have to run
behind  the  bar  counter  to the opposite corner (crawl where you can and the
gunfire  will  not  reach  you).  You will find a switch there, push it. It is
operating  the  door  in  the  bar, but seems to be broken, the door is always
opening and closing, so that isn't the way to escape. Run back to the previous
room,  at least that switch did something, you find yourself face to face with
another bald android boss shooting heavily at you. And in the worst moment Zip
is  starting  to talk a lot again. Now run back where the yellow cans were and
jump  across  the gaps. If you are brave and really good you can explore every
pit while the helicopter and the boss is shooting at you nonstop. In the first
one  you  can take a Large Medipack and in the second one you can take another
Large  Medipack  in  the crawlingspace. So run back to where the laser was/is,
the  boss will follow you. Maybe it is good to shoot him until he will be half
metal  and  sparking  everywhere,  maybe this is slowing him down, but I'm not
sure  and  this isn't needed. Run into that corridor where you weren't before,
even  use  dash  there,  turn at the first corner, turn again and again at the
junction  and stop at the switch. Now watch the corridor above you through the
grating,  when  the  boss  is going into the corner above you, turn the switch
immediately  to  trap  him  into that corner between two doors. You can repeat
this  if he already left the trap and shooting at you or if he missed the trap
at  the  other  end. After you trapped him, go to the previous junction and to
the  four  way  junction. (Now the other two doors are closed with lasers.) Go
through  the  open door. This area is filled with gas, so be careful. When you
are  poisoned  with  the  gas, your lifebar will turn yellow sometimes and the
screen  will  stretch in X and Y direction with a sinetable, looks cool (as it
seems  it is missing on PC). You can usually crouch down to get fresh air. Run
straight to the opposite door, then into the next room through the door. There
pull  the  switch above the small platform and crawl into the crawlingspace to
get  the Secret. Now run back to the previous room, kill the soldiers, then go
another  room back and leave that room through the other door (what was closed
before).  You  can  see the boss through a glass window, running around in his
trap.  Use  the switch on the wall, the gas will be pumped from your room into
his  room  and  slowly  will  kill  him  (maybe  he was just a wired up man or
something).  After  he died and disappeared, he left something for you. Switch
this switch back, go back to the trap switch and switch that back too, then in
the trap pick up the Key bit (right) and combine it with the Key bit (left) to
get  the  Helipad  access  key.  Now run back to the place where the laser was
(hopefully  you  won't  find it there now), run to the right from there and in
the  junction  to  the left. Climb up at the two closed doors and you will see
the  steep floor where you reached this area. You can't run up on it, but turn
around,  jump  to the climbable wall and climb up on it. The top of this shaft
was closed before, but now you can climb out at the top. Climb down to the box
and  from  the  box to the floor. Now all you have to do is to use the Helipad
access key at the door and run though it.

Lean  back  and  enjoy  the  endsequence. It is a full motion video with three
parts. First Lara is reaching the top of the building with her hang-glider and
escaping with it while the enemies are shooting at her. In the next cut we can
see  Lara's friends, Jean Yves, Winston and Father Patrick Dunstan, while they
are  drinking  to Lara. And finally we can see Verner Von Croy in the egyptian
desert.  An  egyptian  kid  is  leading him into the pyramid where some people
found  someting.  One  of the things is Lara's backpack. Von Croy is taking it
and we can see in his eyes that there is a chance, maybe Lara is living and we
can  play  Tomb  Raider  6 (sure we can, it is heavily under development for a
while).  Of  course only after the usual Tomb Raider 4 Gold. :) After these we
can  see  the  credits in front of a few keyframe action sequences what we can
also see on the main menu. That's all folks.

| #06 - Characters                                                           |

Lara  Croft:  She  is the main character we have to control in the Tomb Raider
games.  She  is one of the most wellknown computer game characters, like Mario
and  Sonic.  A  rich  young  english aristocrat brunette chick with long hair,
sporty  body,  really  big  boobs  and  big  hunger  for  gold  and other rare
historical  and  mythological  artifacts.  She's the female Indiana Jones (and
Rick  Dangerous)  and she's always in trouble. We controlled her in 4 previous
major episodes, 3 Gold episodes, one small extra game and one 2D GameBoy Color

Winston:  He  is Lara's butler and old irish friend, maybe a little bit father
figure  for  her  too.  We can usually see him in the TR games since the first
one.  Originally the fans called him Jeeves as he had no official name before.
He  is  really  similiar  to  Alfred,  Bruce  "Batman" Wayne's butler, both in
outfit, position and workingplace. (Or we can say he's an Alfred rippoff.)

Jean  Yves:  We  saw  him  in Tomb Raider 4 first. A good old french friend of
Lara, probably archeologist and secret agent in one. He's a bit fat and always
ready  to  risk  his  life  for Lara (just like Lara for him). I must add that
people  call  him sometimes Jean-Pierre, Jean Ives and even John too, probably
even Core used a wrong name for him in the TR5 sketches (we can win these with
all  the  Secrets)  as  his name was removed from all the pages, probably they
wrote a wrong name first as Jean-Pierre or something.

Father  Patrick Dunstan: He is a new character in Tomb Raider Chronicles. Also
irish.  As it seems from the movies he is an old friend of Winston. We can see
in  this game when he first met Lara and they saved each-other's life. He is a
priest  and  demon hunter. Probably he was in touch with Lara since they first
met.  His speciality is that he can turn his hair quickly to white and back to
black or dark hazel again. (Or was it just a communication problem between the
authors  and  the  FMV  team,  hehe.) Sometimes EIDOS is writing Father Dustan
instead Father Dunstan.

Zip: Also a new character in Tomb Raider Chronicles. He is an african-american
hacker  and/or communication specialist. (As I can see it is an unwritten rule
in  the  american  movies  that hackers are usually african-americans.) He has
terrible  Jar Jar Binks like voice and terrible jokes. He is keeping the touch
with Lara through a headset and helping her out from the distance, that's what
Lara hired him for in the Tower Block story.

Verner  Von  Croy:  A  really  interesting character. We saw him first in Tomb
Raider  4:  The  Last  Revelation.  At the beginning in the past he was Lara's
mentor,  introduced  her into the world of adventures. He was lost in a failed
quest  for  the  Iris  where he and Lara were partners and Lara wasn't able to
save  him. The egyptian god of death, Seth used him since that time and he was
an  enemy,  until the end of the game when Seth left him. At the end of TR4 we
saw  the  same  what  we  saw  at  the  beginning, but Lara was lost below the
collapsing  pyramid  and  Von Croy was who wasn't able to save her. Since that
time he is wandering around the pyramids in Egypt and feeling guilt for Lara's
death. He is the big boss enemy too in the last story of TR5 (before the TR4's
present time) when he was evil.

Larson:  He  was an enemy in the first Tomb Raider game, one of Natla's men. A
mad  texan  man, one of the enemies in the first story of this game too. He is
quite stupid.

Pierre:  Another  enemy  from  the  original Tomb Raider, was Natla's goon and
Larson's mentor and partner. He is french of course with heavy french accent.

Admiral  Yarofev:  He  is a new key character in the second story of this game
and  he's  also  dying  there.  He is an old russian admiral, commander of the
u-boat.  He served Russia for many years and he doesn't like that what the big
bear  (Russia)  is now, falling apart, under the control of the russian mafia.
First  he  is  more or less an enemy (doing his job), at the end Lara's friend
and helping her out.

Sergei:  He  is a big typical russian gangster, probably one of the leaders of
the  russian mafia. He want to get the Spear Of Destiny to take over the world
with  it.  A  typical  stupid and greedy boss. Also a new character in TR5 and
dying here too in the second story, the Spear Of Destiny is killing him.

Vladimir Kaleta: (I hope I heard the name right.) He is a 700 years old living
dead  Cossack  horseman  demon.  Somehow  stuck on an irish island in a valley
surrounded  by  running water. He is the main enemy in the third story of this
game. Introducing and dying (goin back to hell) in this game.

| #07 - Weapons                                                              |

Pistols:  These  are  the  basic pistols we can see since the first TR game. I
don't  know  this  pistol  type  (maybe weapon maniacs know this), but this is
probably a reincarnation of the spaghetti western Colts as it is never running
out  of  the  ammo. :) This is the best part of it, it is OK if you don't have
anything else or you don't have a lot of ammo for your other weapons. It has a
low firepower, but it is always there (at least usually).

Revolver  (Desert Eagle on PC): This one has a far better firepower, of course
it  has limited ammo. It can be combined with the LaserSight and with that can
be  used in sniper mode too to shoot down target from long distance precisely.
We saw this one first in Tomb Raider 4.

Shotgun:  Another  old friend since the first TR game. But since TR4 it can be
used  with  two  different  ammo  packs,  Normal  and  Wideshot  ones.  It  is
extremely  powerful.  A  bit  slow,  but the best one against bosses (when you
don't have to shoot out eyes or make a headshot).

Uzi:  And  yet  another  old  friend  since the first TR. It is good and fast,
unfortunately less powerful than the Revolver (Desert Eagle on PC) and Shotgun
and wasting the ammo quickly, especially at bosses.

HK  Gun:  An  extremely great automatic gun we will get in the fourth story in
this  game  the  first  time. Its speed can be set between three speeds, has a
built  in  LaserSight and can be combined with Silencer. (However I'm not sure
this item is available in the game, I was able to get it only with the cheat.)
It  is  a  bit  similiar to the Uzi, but more customizable, can be slowed down
even to the speed of a sniper gun and the LaserSight is really cool on it.

Grappling  Gun:  This  isn't a real weapon, but works like one. This thing can
shoot  out hooked ropes, so we can shoot it to a grating on the ceiling and we
can  make a classical rope for ourselves. This one is making its debut in this
game  too,  exactly  on  the  very last level and can be (and have to be) used
only three times.

Chloroform  soaked  cloth:  Well,  this  is  a  weapon even if not a dangerous
looking  one  with  high  firepower. This one is also making its debut in this
game,  a classical spy stuff we already saw in many other games. The Cloth can
be  combined  with the Chloroform and we get the Chloroform soaked cloth. What
can be used only once with one bottle of Chloroform. Lara has to move silently
behind  the enemy and kill him with it. However I was able to use it only once
in  this  game. I have to mention that the Crowbar is acting this way too once
in  this  game,  but  its  main  function isn't a weapon in the TR games, so I
better don't list it as a weapon.

And  here's  an  alphabetical list of the items I saw in the game. Without any
reason, I just took notes about these too when I finished the game and thought
maybe  somebody will find this list useful. I hope this is complete, of course
maybe  I missed a few things in the game and maybe even I forgot to take notes
about  a  few  ones.  Most  of  the  names,  including the capital letters are

A  Fuse,  Access  code  disc,  Aqualung,  Battery  (+), Battery (-), Bestiary,
Binoculars,  Bone  dust, Bronze key, Catapult (Pitchfork + Rubber tube), Chaff
flares,  Chalk,  Chloroform  soaked  cloth  (Chloroform  + Cloth), Chloroform,
Cloth,  Colosseum  key  1, Colosseum key 2, Crowbar, Desert Eagle Ammo, Desert
Eagle,  Flares,  Garden  key,  Gemstone  (Gemstone  piece  +  Gemstone piece),
Gemstone  piece, Golden coin, Golden key 1, Grappling Gun Ammo, Grappling Gun,
HK  Gun  Ammo, HK Gun, Hammer, Heart, Helipad access key (Key bit (left) + Key
bit  (right)),  High level access card, Iris lab access, Iron clapper, Key bit
(left),  Key  bit  (right),  Large  Medipack, LaserSight, Mars symbol, Mercury
stone,  Nitrogen  canister,  Oxygen  canister,  Philosopher's  stone, Pistols,
Pitchfork,  Restroom access card, Revolver Ammo, Revolver, Rubber tube, Saturn
symbol,   Secrets,  Shotgun  Normal  Ammo,  Shotgun  Wideshot  Ammo,  Shotgun,
Silencer,  Silver  coin,  Silver  key,  Small Medipack, Spear Of Destiny, Suit
battery  (Battery  (+) + Battery (-)), Suit console (Suit battery + Aqualung),
Swipe  card,  Teleporter  disc,  Timex-TMX, Torch, Uzi Ammo, Uzi, Valve wheel,
Venus symbol

| #08 - Secrets                                                              |

Here  are the full Secrets of the game. Both for the PSX beta and the final PC
version  (one  Secret  is  at  a  different  place,  I guess the final PSX and
Dreamcast  version  is the same as the final PC version). These Secrets are in
the walkthrough above too, this Secret guide is useful mostly for those people
who  are  playing on their own without following the walkthrough and missing a
few  Secrets. It is worth to collect all, 36 Secrets will unlock a few extras,
however won't give an extra level as in the case of Tomb Raider 3.

Level 01 - Streets of Rome - Rome

Secret  01: This can be collected in the practice area (Opera Backstage) below
the rope, after pushing back a shelf and going behind it.

Secret  02:  This  is  on  the  left  behind  a closed door on the path to the
Revolver  and  second  Garden  key. The door will be opened after we shoot and
ring the bell.

Secret 03: We can access this Secret at the last lion head switch (opening the
upper door at the bell house), after we finished the bell house and opened the
lower door with the crystal birds.

Level 02 - Trajan's markets - Rome

Secret 04: This Secret is below the trapdoor in the house with the gears where
we  reach  the  ground  first.  It  will  be opened after we pulled the second
ropeswitch here and moved the large gear.

Secret  05:  This  Secret  is  on  the  red  machine where we killed the metal
octopus.  We  can jump to the metal platform and from there to the red machine
to take this Secret.

Secret  06:  This  Secret  is  behind  a  door  from the main street, what was
originally closed. It will be opened after we killed the knight boss.

Level 03 - The Colosseum - Rome

Secret  07: At the beginning at the second small area to the right we can push
a block with a ring on it. Behind this block we can take this Secret.

Secret  08: After the cutscene with Pierre we can go back to the hall with the
timed  puzzle.  Where  we  felt down we can jump into a new room now (the door
will be opened this time) and take the Secret there.

Secret  09:  This  Secret  is  at the end of the level. Instead picking up the
Philosopher's  stone  to  finish  the  story,  running  jump  from platform to
platform there and at the end we can find the Secret behind the crawlingspace.

Level 04 - The base - Russian Base

Secret  10:  We  can get this Secret when we go through the left door with the
Swipe card in the hall with the boxes and shoot the grating and climb into the
air shaft.

Secret  11:  When  we first go outside into the snowy area (before we move the
hanged  box),  we can jump to the hanged box from the box in the middle of the
area  and  from there to the boxes on the left. On these boxes we can find the
Secret.  It  is  a  hard  jump due to a bug, we usually fall through the boxes
instead grabbing their ledges (what isn't that far by the way).

Secret  12:  In the shower we can open a trapdoor in the water, swim a lot and
find a Secret at the end.

Level 05 - The submarine - Russian Base

Secret  13:  We can find the first Secret when we find the first sparking hole
in the air shaft. We can climb into it and get this Secret there.

Secret  14:  In the cargo space where we can get the Shotgun and the Aqualung,
to  the  right from the entrace we can open a cracked box with the Crowbar and
inside we can find this Secret.

Secret  15:  We can find this Secret in the air shaft, when we climb up from a
box though a trapdoor into the air shaft and going into another room this way.
At  the second hole where we can stand up above a ventillator, we can climb up
into a hole for this Secret.

Level 06 - Deepsea dive - Russian Base

Secret  16: From the beginning we have to swim forth and right and at the back
of the area on the bottom we can find this Secret in a small hole.

Level 07 - Sinking submarine - Russian Base

Secret  17: After you turn off the high voltage electricity behind the bridge,
you  can  go  back  to  the dining room and into the kitchen, electicity won't
kill you this time. Take the Secret from the kitchen floor.

Secret  18:  When  you collected everything in the conference room and go out,
you'll  meet  a  few  soldiers and after you kill them, one of them will leave
behind  the  Bronze key. Go to the high voltage switch from the bridge through
the  air shaft and open the door there with this key, take the Secret from the

Level 08 - Gallows tree - Black Isle

Secret 19: At the beginning after you shimmy to the left in the shaft and then
jump to the other steep platform, simply release its ledge and from there swan
dive into the cave on the right. Take the Secret there.

Secret  20:  At  the hanged demon and Gallows tree where you reached the area,
face  to  the steep wall on the right, jump, grab the ledge, climb up and push
jump  to  jump  backwards from the steep wall. You'll end on another platform,
take the Secret there.

Secret  21:  From  the crypt area go into the hole, in front of you there is a
spiked  trap.  Go  right and right at the next junction too. Soon you'll reach
the  roots  of  the  spikes. If you drop the Torch temporary, you can walk and
crawl  through them and at the end of the spikes in the crawlingspace there is
a Secret.

Level 09 - Labyrinth - Black Isle

Secret 22: When you opened the door at the starting position by using the Bone
dust, inside you can climb up to a platform and pull a switch. Then go back to
the  other  room, through the newly opened door and you can take a Secret from
the hole with action.

Secret  23:  When  you  climb out from the water after the fall, go out to the
bridge  at  the  first  opening  on the wall when you start going up. From the
bridge  do  a  running  jump  to  the  left, shimmy to the right, climb up and
running  jump  to the next platform you see from there. Go inside and take the

Secret  24:  After the Bestiary book when you found the lighting spirit, jump,
grab  the  ledge,  climb  up  and  jump diagonal way to the climbable ceiling.
Monkeyswing  until  you can, release action and grab the ledge below it. Crawl
into  the crawlingspace. Climb into the spiked hole, but don't release action,
shimmy around its ledge to the other side, climb out and finally you can crawl
to the Secret and take it.

Level 10 - Old mill - Black Isle

Secret  25:  At  the  large  deep  pit  with  the  rope  you  can crawl into a
crawlingspace where the imps are and you'll find a Secret there.

Secret  26:  In  the area where the windmill is, you can find two caves on the
left.  Crawl inside to the second one, take the Medipack, run through the fire
with  the  dash  button (I think it is impossible to jump over them due to the
low  ceiling),  jump  into the water (so you won't burn alive), climb out, use
the Medipack to heal yourself and take the Secret there.

Secret  27: After you turned off the windmill, the water slowed down. From the
Cossack's  house  jump  into  the water on the left, swim and swim to the left
somewhere  behind  the Cossack's house (the flow was too fast before) and take
the Secret there.

Level 11 - The 13th floor - Tower Block

Secret  28:  At  the beginning go to the left, shoot out the grating and crawl
inside  to  the air shaft. At the end crawl to the left again, avoid the laser
robot,  stand  up  and jump across the lasered small pit too. At the end shoot
out  the  grating  and  crawl inside, to the left again. At the end somersault
into  the  next  air shaft with jump and keep crawling to the left, avoid this
laser robot too. When it goes behind you run to the upper area, crawl into the
air  shaft  and  crawl to the left again. At the end somersault with jump into
the  Judge Dredd weapon room and take the Secret finally. Of course on the way
you can collect many goodies too.

Secret  29: When you have the Access code disc from the 16th floor, go back to
the  13th  floor  with  the  elevator,  use  the  disc at the other end of the
corridor  and  climb  up  into  the air shaft. Jump to the pole and slide down
(avoid  the  fire  and explosions) and around halfway jump backwards to a hole
where you can get the Secret.

Secret  30  in  the  PC  and  probably  other final versions: After a U shaped
corridor  when  Zip  is telling you to not to kill a scientist, do kill him. A
new door will open at the other end of the U shaped corridor, go that way. You
have  to  fight  with  a  really  lot of guards on the way down. At the bottom
crouch  on  the  middle and when the laser robot goes to the right, run to the
left and take the Secret.

Secret  30  in the PSX beta: In this version if you follow the above lines you
won't find the laser robot there, nor the Secret. Instead that, this Secret is
elsewhere  on  this level in the PSX beta. It should be called Secret 29 as it
can  be  collected  before Secret 29, but now I numbered these in the order of
the  final  game instead. At the beginning when you collected Secret 28 behind
the  grating  on  the  left  and  climbed up on the right and followed the air
shaft,  you  have to shoot the lock instead using the Hammer. Slide down, kill
the Judge Dredd guy, climb up back into the air shaft and now you'll fall down
into  another  air  shaft  where fire and explosions will try to kill you. Run
through  the  air  shaft in one piece with the dash button and at the end take
this  Secret.  What  is missing from the final PC and probably all other final

Level 12 - Escape with the iris - Tower Block

Secret  31: When you reach the elevator shaft from the restrooms, climb out to
the  climbable wall, down to the bottom and at the very bottom keep on pushing
the  down  and  action  buttons.  Lara will swing a bit to the left, right and
forth. When she is swinging to the forth, release the buttons, you'll end in a
small hole and can take a Secret.

Secret  32:  When  you finally left the elevator shaft, after walking across a
pole  and  sliding  down a lot, crawl out to the corridor and run to the right
until  you'll  reach  a green aquarium and a junction. A guard will notice you
and  chase  you  and shoot at you. Stand in front of the aquarium so the guard
will  shoot  its  glass  out  for you and you can go inside. (You don't have a
weapon  here.) In the PSX beta you have to somersault into a hole and take the
Secret there, in the final PC version you can simply pick up the Secret inside
the dry aquarium.

Secret  33:  From  Secret  32  run  to the left or right, go up, around to the
opposite  door  and climb up on the grating to the left from the door. On this
level run to the opposite area again and run around the red fire-extinguisher.
A  sniper  will  hunt you on this area (and you still don't have a weapon), if
you stand at the right place he will shoot out the fire-extinguisher what will
blow up and open a way to this Secret.

Level 13 - Red alert! - Tower Block

Secret  34: At the beginning of the level when you reach the first stairs what
are  falling  down  below your feet (run up and running jump from the middle),
hop  back  and  climb  down  on the remains of these stairs. Around the bottom
climb to the left into a hole and take the Secret there.

Secret  35: This is the hardest Secret in the game IMHO. After you gone across
the  lasers  the first time and used the elevator, go into the only open room,
the  left one from the elevator. Take the ammo, push the button and shoot down
all the targets as quick as you can. If you were good the light will light up.
This  shooting practice is easier, if you finished it two more doors will open
on  this  level.  Go  to  the  next  room, another shooting practice room, but
harder.  Take  the ammo, push the button and shoot down the targets again. Now
you have to be quicker, when a target is leaving the middle, gas will kill you
(and  you  are  closed into this room). More targets will show up at different
positions,  sometimes  in  pairs  and once three at the same time. If you were
good  the  door  will  open (gas will come in this case too, so leave the room
quickly).  Only if you finished this can you acces the left room at the end of
the corridor and take the Secret there.

Secret  36: The last one. At the endgame when you trap the second bald android
into  an  L  shaped corner room between two doors, you have to go into an area
filled  with gas. Go through the next, opposite door and through the left door
from  there,  here  you  can  crawl  into a crawlingspace for this Secret. (Of
course  you  can  collect  this whenever you can reach this area. So after you
killed this first bald android.)

| #09 - Codes                                                                |

At  the  moment there aren't too many cheats for this game. Of course from day
to  day  more and more cheats will pop up on the major cheat sites on the net.
I won't update this FAQ often, but probably from time to time I will add a few
more  cheats  here when cheat sites will publish more or I will find out more.
So  most  of  the  following  cheats  are  from  several websites, mostly from
,  credit  goes to the people who found them (or the
Core people who leaked out them). I corrected some descriptions and found some
easier cheats too below.

PlayStation beta version cheats (tested by me):

Cut-scenes:  At  the  main  menu  press  Select+R2  to  bring up the cut-scene
selection menu.

Start  at other stories: On the title screen move to the "New Game" option and
press  and hold L1 and press X to start the second story (Russian Base), press
and  hold  L2  and  press X to start the third story (Black Isle) or press and
hold R1 and press X to start the fourth story (Tower Block).

Unlimited  Large  and  Small  Medipacks, Flares, weapons, ammo, extras: In the
game   open   the   invertory  and  move  to  the  Small  Medipack  and  press
L1+L2+R1+R2+Up. You have to exit from the invertory to see some of the changes
(the new things).

Get  all  level specific keys, pickups etc: In the game open the invertory and
move  to  the Large Medipack and press L1+L2+R1+R2+Down. You have to exit from
the invertory to see the changes.

PlayStation final version cheats (not tested by me):

Unlimited  Large  and  Small  Medipacks, Flares, weapons, ammo, extras: In the
game  open  the  invertory and move to the Timex-TMX and press L1+L2+R1+R2+Up.
You  have  to  exit  from  the  invertory  to see some of the changes (the new

Get  all  level specific keys, pickups etc: In the game open the invertory and
move  to  the  Timex-TMX and press L1+L2+R1+R2+Down. You have to exit from the
invertory to see the changes.

PC final version cheats (not tested by me):

Nothing yet.

| #EOF - End Of File - Copyright (C) Credo  2000          |
contact:[email protected]

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