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Hello I'm submiting this because I like Tomba.
Warning!If you want to play this game and actually enjoy it then get out of here
because it will reveal some secrets you may want to find by yourself.

First I will start with the pigs then the 5 golden items and then  I will answer 
some questions.

Red Pig Bag: Behind the Big Keyhole Door on Stormy Mountain
Red Pig Gate: Above a roof in Charity Square

Green Pig Bag: In a 1,000 year-old Chest in the Lava Caves
Green Pig Gate: Behind the Smile Door on the North Side of Mansion

Pink Pig Bag: Behind the Big Keyhole Door on the North Side of Mansion
Pink Pig Gate: At the top left-hand corner of the Lava Caves

Orange Pig Bag: In a 1,000 year-old chest in Town Hall in Baccus Village
Orange Pig Gate: To the left of the tall tree in the Masakari Jungle

Navy Pig Bag: In a 10,000 year-old Chest on Old Tree Hill
Navy Pig Gate: In the dining room behind the left door at Familiar Mansion

Yellow Pig Bag: In a 10,000 year-old chest in Trick Village
Yellow Pig Gate: At the top of the Clock Tower in the Village of Civilization

Blue Pig Bag: Given by the Dwarf Elder in Dwarf Village
Blue Pig Gate: In the Million Year-Old Man's room in the Underground Maze

Black Pig Bag: Aquired after bagging the seven Evil Pigs
Black Pig Gate: In the Strange Small Room in the Underground Maze

Now the 5 golden items:

1:Fruit of gold get it after giving 20 cheese to the cheese collector.
2:Candy of gold give the needed ingredients to the witch.
3:Golden flower first get flower seeds then plant them at the garden where the elder 
4:Golden butterfly give 30 leaf butterflies to the collector in charity square.
5:Golden medal win it at the motorcross race.

And  the questions and answers:  

Q:where are the vitality vests?
A:this are some of them:
1at the lava caves
2by winning a bronze madal at motorcross
3from the blue fortune teller.
4in the haunted mansion after beating the spooky pig.

Q:How do I beat a pig?
A:Throw him in the bag

Q:How much events are there?
A:A think 130.

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