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               FAQ/Walkthrough For Tomorrow Never Dies v1
                            For The Sony Playstation

Author:      Joshua (XXXAXEXXX) Crook ([email protected])
Game:        Tomorrow Never Dies
Platform:    Playstation
Version:     1
Last Update: 4:00 P.M. Tuesday, May 06, 2003
This Document is Copyright 2003 Joshua Crook (XXXAXEXXX)

                      |         Table Of Contents          |
                      | I.  Introduction                   |
                      | II. The Basics                     |
                      |      - Story                       |
                      |      - Controls                    |
                      |      - Characters                  |
                      |      - Weapons                     |
                      |      - Gadgets                     |
                      |      - Items                       |
                      | III. WALKTHROUGH                   |
                      |      - Outpost, Russian Border     |
                      |      - Arms Bazaar, Russian Border |
                      |      - Carver Media, Hamburg       |
                      |      - Pressing Engagement         |
                      |      - Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg     |
                      |      - Convoy, Swiss Alps          |
                      |      - Ski Ridge, Hokkaido         |
                      |      - CMGN Tower, Saigon          |
                      |      - Market District, Saigon     |
                      |      - Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay   |
                      | IV.   Legal Disclaimer             |
                      | V.  Author's Last Words            |


                             -= I. Introduction =-


Hello!  This is a FAQ for Tomorrow Never Dies for PSX.  This is actually my
first FAQ, and you might see mistakes that I may make!  So, if you do see
anything that I could improve on, just email me!  Email me on the smallest
mistakes...  Even spelling and grammar mistakes!  I want my first guide to be
perfect!  Or close to it.  I'd also like it if you emailed me with any
comments on anything that I did a good job on also :)

Why did I choose this game to write a FAQ on?  I decided to write a FAQ for
Tomorrow Never Dies because... first of all, I have the game and really enjoy
it, and second, I feel that I can write I very helpful and detailed FAQ on the
game.  Yes, the game may have scratchy graphics here and there =P  But it is a
very fun-filled game!  The controls are very easy to work with, and you won't
find your self completing the game in an hour (as long as you set the
difficulty to 007).  Well, I do admit, this game isn't very hard.  But, despite
the difficulty, it is a very action packed game.  You should at least try it

Now, before you read this guide, I want to warn you of spoilers.  You should
know that there will be spoilers in a walkthrough for a game.  I think that
playing through games while reading a walkthrough sucks the fun factor right
away from it!  I do encourage you to try completing the game on your own
without a FAQ before you come to my FAQ.  If you are stuck for some reason, I
guess you can come to my guide for a little help :)  Alright, enough of my
talking.  Lets get to the guide!!!  Enjoy the ride!


                               -= II. The Basics =-


----- Story --------------------

Elliot Carver, is trying to begin World War III.  Carver has a stealth boat,
and a special device used to screw around with satellites and G.P.S. systems,
which is enough to do just that.  First, Elliot uses his device to send the
wrong position to a British ship.  The British thought that their ship was in
international waters while it was really in the South China Sea.

The Chinese threatened to fire at the British vessel if it didn't turn back
into international waters, but the British, thinking they were already in
international waters, said they would fire back at the Chinese if they were

Meanwhile, Elliot Carver sat back and watched this scene from the protection of
his stealth boat.  He first fired at the British ship.  Of course, Britain
thought it was the Chinese who fired this missile at them.  Next, Carver fired
a missile at the Chinese MIGs, and China thought it was the British.

You can see how this started a great conflict between Britain and China.
Luckily, Bond has been given the job to figure out how Carver is doing this,
and to stop him.  Now you just need to play the game to find how it is all

----- Controls --------------------

On Foot

D-Pad........................... Walk
X button........................ Shoot Weapon
Square button................... Use Item
Triangle button + D-Pad......... Change Weapon or Item
Circle button................... Open Doors, Talk, Aim at closest enemy
L1.............................. Kneel
R1.............................. Aim with Crosshairs
L1 + D-Pad...................... Stealth
R2.............................. Sidestep Right
L2.............................. Sidestep Left

On Skis

Up On D-Pad..................... Speed Up
Left On D-Pad................... Turn Left
Right On D-Pad.................. Turn Right
Down On D-Pad................... Slow Down
L1 and R1....................... Hit enemy with Ski pole
Circle, Square, or X............ Push enemy
D-Pad Left + L2 or R2........... Sharp turn Left
D-Pad Right + L2 or R2.......... Sharp turn Right
Press L1/L2/R1/R2 while in air.. Stunt

In Car

X............................... Accelerate
D-pad Left...................... Turn Left
D-pad Right..................... Turn Right
Circle.......................... Brake
Triangle........................ Choose Weapon
L2.............................. Honk Horn
R2.............................. Reverse
Square or R1.................... Fire Weapon

----- Characters --------------------

James Bond

The main character in this Game.  You will be controlling James Bond to stop
Carver and his destructive plot.  Bond is armed, very dangerous and has a
license to kill.


Q is the man that you see in mission 6.  He will give you your BMW.  Q makes
sure that you get the latest gadgets.  The man that played Q in the Movie,
Tomorrow Never Dies, passed away a few years back.  R.I.P.

Wai Lin

What is a Bond movie and game without a Bond girl?  Well, it's not a Bond
movie.  That's why Wai Lin is in here.  Lin is from China and she is also
trying to stop Carver.  That is how the two meet.  She will help James Bond on
a few of his missions and you'll even have to complete a mission with Lin on
her own.

Elliot Carver

A Bond movie also needs a bad guy.  Carver is the villainous master mind that
you'll have to stop in this game.  Elliot uses his stealth boat to create
conflict between Britain and the Chinese.  He also owns his own newspaper
called "Tomorrow".

Paris Carver

Elliot Carver's Wife.  James and Paris had an earlier relationship but it ended
when Bond walked out on her.  Paris will help James out a little, but she gets
in a bit of trouble with Elliot.


Elliot's right hand man.  Stamper obeys pretty much all of Carver's commands.
You will have to fight him in the last level before you fight Elliot himself.


Kaufman also works for Elliot Carver.  He will be waiting for you in the hotel
that Paris is staying in.  In the movie, Paris is dead when Bond gets back.  I
don't know why they made the game different.  Either way, you'll have to
fight Kaufman, but don't worry, he's very easy.

----- Weapons --------------------


James Bond's basic and one of his most reliable weapons.  This pistol
has unlimited ammunition!  So, you never have the excuse of "running out of
bullets", while playing.  This gun has it's upsides and downsides.  I really
like the PK7 and use it a lot because it can actually shoot rather fast if you
have a quick thumb, and you don't have to worry about running out of ammo.
However, I would not use this weapon when there are a large amount of guards
you are shooting at.  You'll need a more powerful gun to handle these guys.

Assault Rifle

Very powerful weapon.  A lot of the enemies you will find in the game are
equipped with Assault Rifles.  You'll probably find your self with plenty of
ammo for this gun most of the time.  This gun should be used for taking out a
herd of guards.  The pistol is just too slow and weak to kill them fast enough.
With the Assault rifle you can kill a group of guards real quick.

Sniper Rifle

High-powered scope used to take out enemies from great distances.  Yup, you can
now shoot enemies from far far away.  The problem is that this gun is the
_slowest_ gun you will ever find.  While you are zooming and you want to move
your crosshairs over to a guard, it will take you a good 30 seconds just to
move the damn gun over to him.  So, due to this, you have to move your eye
away from the scope, and move the gun whichever direction you like while not
using the scope.  While scoping someone out always remember to go for the head!
Oh, and I highly suggest not using the sniper rifle in close combat!

STK Mines

Woo... these are neat, but I think you only use them once in the game.  This
just looks like a handgun, except it has one huge barrel.  This gun shoots
mines that stick to whatever they are shot at.  Once you are ready to detonate
the mines you have shot, use the detonator.  Just remember to keep your

Auto 9mm

A handgun similar to the Assault Rifle.  Uses 30-round clips.  This is also a
rather fast shooting gun.  You won't find many of your enemies equipped with
these, but I'm pretty sure that you come equipped with the Auto 9mm in one of
the missions.  If you need strategies on ways to use this gun read the
descriptions on the Assault Rifle and maybe even the SMG 45.

SMG 45

Sub-machine gun.  Fastest firing rate out of the weapons you'll be using.
Uses 30-round clips.  It's small but an amazing weapon, mainly because of its
firing rate.  This thing could take 10 guards down in 5 seconds.  Definitely
my favorite gun.

GL 40:

Grenade launcher.  Launches grenades, what else?!  Uses a 12-round ammo drum.
Oooh, how I love this gun.  You'll use this in the last mission, mission 10.
One of the bosses in the mission use the weapon for part of the fight, but once
you kill him, you'll be able to use this baby.  This thing deals a hella lot of
damage.  I used it for Carver and ended the fight quickly.  You want to be
careful not to fire this anywhere near yourself though...

Gas Bombs

Chemical bomb that creates a poisonous cloud of smoke.  You'll find these when
you encounter Isagura in mission 7.  These deal a lot of damage.  If Isagura
throws one of these at you, move away from the gas or you will keep losing HP
while you stand in the gas.

Rocket Launcher

Hey, this launches rockets!  Uhh... very powerful.  The only time you'll find
yourself using this is in mission 9.  The Rocket launcher can take out
barricades easily, but be careful not to shoot it too close to your position.

Infrared Sniper Rifle

The Infrared Sniper Rifle is the same as the Sniper Rifle except... it's
infrared!  This means that you can see enemies through this scope even in the
dark!  Life forms show up in red.  Also, the Infrared Sniper Rifle doesn't
shoot quite as far as the Sniper Rifle.

----- Gadgets --------------------

Laser Designator

Use this to give air units the location of an area to bomb.  You only get to
use this in the first mission.

Cuff Links

Contains explosives and used to shatter bullet-proof glass.  This is seen in
the third mission.

Satellite Link Camera

Used to send images to an MI6 satellite so that a global position is

Fingerprint Scanner

Some doors will require a fingerprint to open.  The fingerprint scanner is just
as good as the fingertip you need :)

STK Mine Detonator

Used to detonate STK mines.  Information on the STK Mines can be found in the
weapons section.

Med Kit

Used to regain some of your health.  There are two different types of med kits.
A small med kit and a large med kit!  Read about these in the items section.

----- Items -------------------

Small Med Kit

Gives you one med kit.
Is small and red and has a blue cross on it.

Large Med Kit

Gives you two med kits.
Is big and red and has a blue cross on it.

Light Armor

Enables you to resist 25% of damage.
Looks like a bullet proof vest and is light in color.

Heavy Armor

Enables you to resist 100% of damage.
Looks like a bullet proof vest and is dark in color.

Ammo Clip

Adds ammunition to a weapon.
An ammo clip is a small weird looking thing that sits on the ground.  Enemies
drop ammo clips.  It is grey and has a little yellow stripe at the top.

Case of Ammo

Adds ammunition to all weapons in your inventory.
A case of ammunition is a big and usually green box.  It has the word AMMO in
big red letters.

007 Icon

Gives you an extra life.
A 007 icon is gold and says "007"  It spins around too.


                             -= III. WALKTHROUGH =-


Use the Ctrl+F feature to find a mission.  Also, you might notice that I have
my opinion on the difficulty on the mission.  There are only three


----- Outpost, Russian Border --------------------

Objectives: Laser Designate Dish
            Obtain Security Card
            Escape On Skis

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Briefing

007, satellite reconnaissance has located a military outpost on the Russian
Border.  MI6 intelligence has confirmed that they are using a high powered
communications dish to illegally decode the positions of our GPS satellites.
Your first job is to laser designate the dish for an immediate air strike.
Remember to keep a safe distance from the target.  We can't afford to lose you

Objective: Laser Designate Dish

Ok!  Listen Up!  The second you gain control of James Bond, you should see a
guard directly in front of you...  Well, first turn to your right a little
bit.  There should be a barrel, a box, and some ammo.  Don't get it yet.
First you need to kill the guard.  Come up from behind him and hold down
circle to get a lock on him.  Press X to shoot.  You will probably need to
shoot him twice to finish him off.

Pick up the Assault Rifle that he dropped.  I recommend saving your assault
rifle bullets for now and use your PK7.  Now, return to the barrel, and the
ammo I mentioned earlier.  Shoot the barrel until it explodes to reveal a med
kit.  Near the barrel you blew up, there should also be a case of ammo.  Grab
it too.  Now head over to the fence.

Open the fence door with Circle and shoot at the two guys ahead to get them to
come your way.  Once they are closer get behind the two large and _explosive_
tanks.  The guards probably won't shoot because they don't want to blow up the
tanks.  Walk around to the other side of the tanks and shoot the two guards
before they see you.  Now, walk around to the bunker and behind it you will see
a door that leads into the bunker.  Walk inside and shoot the guard inside.

Now, pick up the sniper rifle that he dropped and step out of the bunker.  If
you walk around from behind the bunker, you'll notice a sniper shooting at you
from a tall hill.  Try to get behind the bunker and edge around the corner so
the sniper can't see you, but you can see him.  Use your sniper rifle and shoot
this guy in the head.  If you hit him in the head he will die in one shot!
Now, head up the hill toward the tower where the sniper was.  Just pop your
head over the hill and snipe the three guys.  Once you shoot the first guy, the
other two will probably charge at you, so pull out your PK7 or Assault rifle
and waste em!

Hopefully you have sniper rifle bullets left, because they come in handy right
here.  Up ahead you should see three or four guards.  One in another bunker,
one behind a box, and one or two just walking around.  I found it easy to kill
the guy in the bunker first.  When the other guards run at you, you should
sidestep back and forth, so they will miss some of their shots.  Get out your
Assault Rifle and kill them.  Now, there should be one more guard behind a
box.  He'll probably be shooting at you.

Run at him and shoot like mad until he falls.  Now beware, there is still one
more guard up in another tower.  Get behind the bunker and take him out with
your Assault Rifle.  Walk over to the tower where the guard was, and two guards
will appear on the other side of the fence shooting at you.  I found it easy to
use the strategy shoot like mad until they both fall. :)  There is a barrel
next to the tower...  Shoot it!!  There is an extra life under it!  Run up into
the tower and grab the light armor.

Now turn around towards the tunnel.  Walk through it and shoot anyone that
gets in your way.  Don't forget to pick up any ammo that drops!  Now... when
you exit the tunnel there will be a hill on the far left... Walk up the hill
about half way while making sure no one sees you.  There is yet another sniper
on the other side of the camp.  If you have ammo for your Sniper rifle, snipe
the guy.  If not, do your best with the assault rifle.

Once the sniper's gone there should be about 3 guys left in this area.  One
will be standing closest to you and will not be moving.  One will be in the far
back guarding a door, and one will be pacing back and forth.  There isn't
really any strategy in killing these guys so just take aim and shoot!  Once the
area is clear, pull out your laser designator and point it at the satellite.  A
bomber will fly by and drop a bomb on it.  Objective one complete!

Objective: Obtain Security Card

But now an alarm sounds and a helicopter full of guys comes towards you.  Come
down to lower grounds and wait for the guys to come out of the helicopter.
They aren't that tough... Just wait until they hit the ground and shoot.  You
can't hurt them until they are on the ground. Once you've killed all of the
men, the helicopter will leave.  Walk over to where they died and there should
be an access card somewhere.  Objective two complete!

Objective: Escape On Skis

Now all you have to do is escape on skis.  Hurry up and run over to the door
and open it before the next load of guys come on another helicopter.  Now, for
the skiing part... This is pretty fun.  You want to keep your speed pretty
high, but if there is an area with a lot of trees.  Slow it down!  I would
suggest not trying to grab med kits unless you really need one.  Usually when
you try getting med kits, you end up hitting trees in the process.

I find it pretty difficult knocking your enemies off of their skis, so I didn't
worry about them too much.  They didn't cause me too much trouble.  Eventually,
at the end, Bond will dive off of the cliff and pull his parachute.
Congratulations!  You have completed your first mission!

----- Arms Bazaar, Russian Border --------------------

Objectives: Photograph Weapons
            Locate Cockpit Key

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Briefing

Good job on destroying the dish.  Your drop setting should be just outside a
terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border.  Five days ago a reconnaissance
team deployed several remote video cameras, but they stopped transporting due
to the severe cold.  We believe a major transaction is happening soon,
possibly involving the exchange of stolen weapons.  You must infiltrate the
bazaar and photograph the weapons.  Check your cell phone's objectives screen
for more details.

Objective: Photograph Weapons

This mission is definitely one of the easiest.  From your starting position
walk forward and there will be a guard in front of the scud you have to
photograph.  Shoot the guard and get behind the scud.  If you veer out from
behind the scud you should see a guard pacing in front of the door.  Sidestep
from behind the scud and shoot him.  Now you should be able to get a good
picture of the scud.  Hold down square and move the d-pad until it says, press
R1 to use.  Ok, good... two more pictures to go!

Now, on the other side of the area, you should see the mortars and a guard.
The mortars are next to a small jeep.  Kill the guard and take the picture.
Now, one more to go!  But you can't seem to find it?  Well, you see the green
crates that are stacked up to form a wall.  Throw a STK mine on the crates
that are next to the mortars.  Now pull out your Assault rifle.  There are
four guards in here I believe.  Once you have your Assault rifle, use the STK
detonator to blow the mine.  Walk through the hole you formed and blast the
guards inside!  Take a picture of the helicopter.  Mission One Complete!

Objective: Locate Cockpit Key

After you take the picture, Bond will get a call from M16.  The British have
launched a missile to destroy the bazaar!  Well, goodie!  Run to the door and
it will slide up.  Bond notices that the jet in front of him has two nuclear
warheads on it.  He phones M16 and tells them to abort the missile.  If the
missile hits the warheads there will be a nuclear disaster!  But, the missile
is out of range and they cannot abort.  So, you gotta get the jet out of
here.  How you ask?  That's what I'm here for!

You have two minutes and that is plenty of time.  Pull out your Assault rifle
and just kill most of the guys first.  You need the cockpit key to the jet!
One of the guards has it.  Run to the very back and to the right, a guy is
behind some boxes.  Shoot him and pick up the key he drops.  Run up to the jet
and press circle to get in.  Now, the jet will spin, all you have to do is
press Circle and X to blow up the place.  Bond will then take off... saving the
day again!

----- Carver Media, Hamburg --------------------

Objectives: Rendezvous with Paris
            Cut the Power
            Destroy Central Computer

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Briefing

Last night the British Naval Vessel Devenger was sunk in the South China sea.
We believe Elliot Carver may have played a part since his newspaper, "Tomorrow"
printed the story before our intelligence team had received a full report.
Carver is hosting a large party tonight and will be busy broadcasting the
launch of his global satellite network.  His wife, Paris might have some
knowledge of his dealings.  Perhaps you can "pump" her for information.

Objective: Rendezvous With Paris

Walk down the hallway and you'll see a guard with his back turned.  It's best
to perform a stealth attack so the alarm will not be set off.  For a stealth
attack hold down L1 and use the d-pad to sneak up behind him... Once you're
directly behind him press X.  Now, there are two more guards in this next
room.  You should get in a position where you can see both of them.  They won't
notice you because they are playing poker or something.  Use your Asssault
Rifle to zoom in on either one of the guard's heads.

After you kill the first one, the remaining guard will either run at you, or
walk over to the far wall to sound the alarm.  Whichever he does, just step out
from behind the boxes and put a few bullets into him.  Well, now you need to
get out of this room through that gate!  But you need a key.  Well, do you see
the boxes and lockers and stuff on the wall opposite the gate.  Well, in one of
the lockers you will find the door remote needed to open the door.  Also, check
behind the box for heavy armor!  Now, walk over to the door and press Circle.

Walk through the door and turn right.  See the glass area?  Walk over to the
glass and you'll notice that the guards cannot see through it for some reason.
Well, lucky for you.  There should be a guard standing in front of the computer
and another guard pacing back and forth next to the computer.  Wait until both
guards are in your view, and take out the one that is just standing there.
Then, you should be able kill the other before he can react.

Alright, now where should we go.  Well, if you want to blow up the computer's
in here, you can.  You do not need them for anything.  I know how fun it is
blowing up computers!  After your computer killing spree, exit this glass room
and back into the hallway.  Well, in this hallway you will find an elevator.
You want to get on this elevator, but it is locked.  You'll need another key.

Continue down this hallway to find two more locked doors on your left, but
eventually you will come to a door at the end of the corridor that is unlocked.
There is only one guard in here, so it shouldn't be too much trouble.  Kill the
guard and grab the elevator card and two med kits in here.  Well, now that you
have the elevator card, you can operate the elevator.  Exit this room and walk
down the hallway until you are back at the elevator.  Stand next to the panel
on the wall and press Circle.  Walk onto the elevator and press Circle in here
to close the door.

The elevator door will open at a new floor.  Step off of the elevator and turn
to the right.  Up ahead there is a guard hiding behind a small computer in the
middle of the room.  Use your assault rifle to zoom in and pop him in the head
when he sticks his head up over the computer.  Now, there are two or three more
guards in here that you need to take care of.  Try to stay further back and let
them come to you.  If they don't, just walk forward a little bit until they see
you and then walk back into the hallway.  The guards will probably follow you.
Use your Assault rifle and shoot them when they come into your sight.

Once all of the guards in here are dead, remember to grab the two large med
kits in the two corners.  They will help you later on.  Up ahead now, there is
a hallway with pictures of Elliot Carver covering the walls.  Take this hallway
and you'll find Paris in the next room.  Feel free to put some bullets through
a few of the pictures while your here.  Now, you'll be taken to a cheesy cut
scene and you may learn a little about Paris and Bond's past.  Elliot will walk
in with a couple of his guards and ruin the party.  One of the guards will
knock Bond unconscious and you'll wake up in what looks like an interrogation
room.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Cut The Power

Ok, your in a room with a locked door leading out, a table and a chair, and a
mirror.  Well, one thing is for sure; You need to get out of this room!  The
only visible exit is the locked door.  Well, in your gadgets you'll notice you
have some cufflinks.  You'll also notice that when you walk up to the mirror, a
blue box pops up and says, "use a gadget".  Well, that pretty much gives it
away.  Pull out your cufflinks and walk over to the mirror.  Press Square to
shatter the whole mirror in seconds.

Right after the glass breaks, run over to the table nearest to you and grab the
Pistol that is laying on it.  After you have your pistol, jump back into the
room you were in initially and wait for the guards to come to you.  As they
turn the corner use your pistol until they are both dead.  Well, how do you
think your supposed to cut the power?  Well, luckily you can do it in this
room.  There are two computers in this room.  One of them is useless.  The one
you need is the one with the big red flashing lights.  It is over in the corner
blocked by a small wall.  Stand next to the computer and press Circle.  *Gasp*
...the lights are out.  Good job!  Objective Complete!

Objective: Destroy the Central Computer

Exit this room and you'll be back at the hallway with the elevator in it.  If
you didn't shoot out all of the glass in here ealier, the guards that are in
there now will not be able to see you.  I suggest shooting through the glass
again.  If they come at you just wait for them to round the corner and shoot
them.  Once the majority of the guards are down, enter the glass room for the
last time.

Grab the two large med kits in the back of the room first.  You probably have
been needing them.  Where could the central computer be?  Well, you may have
already destroyed it.  In this glass room there is a computer in the center of
it.  You probably blew it up earlier, but if you didn't, do it now.  Objective

Objective: Escape

Exit this room and get back into the hallway.  Walk over to the two gates
that you had to open in the beginning and press Circle to open them again.
Two more guards are in there now though.  I would tell you to run back into the
hallway where they can't see you and wait for them to come to you, but you have
plenty of med kits, right???  So, just run in and shoot like mad until they are
dead.  Walk over to the hallway and up the slope, until you come to the door
you started at.  Stand next to this door and the mission will end.  Mission

----- Pressing Engagement --------------------

Objectives: Find Gupta's Briefcase
            Retrieve hidden Encoder
            Escape from building
            Minimize civilian casualties

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Briefing

007! International techno-terrorist, Henry Gupta, was spotted entering the
"Tomorrow" printing press with a large secure briefcase.  We're almost certain
the briefcase contains the missing GPS encoder that was used to track and
manipulate our satellites.  Your mission is to infiltrate the printing press
and recover the encoder.  Use your cell phone's fingerprint scanner to defeat
Carver's security systems.

Objective: Find Gupta's Briefcase

You'll start in a hallway and the hallway turns just ahead of you.  In a
couple of seconds a man in white will come from around the corner.  Don't
shoot him!  He is just a worker.  Walk to where the hallway turns and sidestep
from behind the wall.  There will be a guard on the right side of the
hallway.  He probably won't notice you, so execute a stealth attack.  If he
does turn around and see you, just put a few bullets in him from where you

All of the doors down this hallway will be closed except for one.  The second
door on the right is unlocked and contains two small med kits, two light armors
and a case of ammo.  Exit the room and continue on your trek down the hallway.
At the very end of the hall there is a small opening.  Beware!  There are two
guards in this room.  Before you make it to the opening, walk along the left
side of the wall.  Walk until you see the guard in the right corner of the
room.  Shoot him.  The other guard will probably come to you.  So get your
pistol ready as he turns the corner.  Hearing the commotion, another guard will
probably come out of the door on the left in this new room.  Kill him.

Now, enter the room that you just killed the guards in.  Straight ahead there
is another opening. To your left and right are two doors.  The one to your
right is electronically locked so forget it for now.  The door to the left has
two large med kits and a worker.  Make sure you don't kill the worker and grab
the med kits.  Leave this small room and make a left.

After walking through a hallway, you should see a doorway in the wall ahead of
you and in the next room rolls of paper and machines and stuff.  The second you
walk into this room, look to your left and upwards above this machine.  There
is a guard on the walkway and he's probably shooting at you by now.  Take aim
and fire away so you can watch him sail into the printing machine.  Walk
forward just a little.  Don't walk past the blue machine to your left.  Use
your crosshairs and look along the raised path to your left.

Near the end of the path you should barely be able to see a guard in red.  If
you see him, shoot about 4 times for him to die.  He'll fall into the printing
machine too!  Now, turn to your right and walk against this wall until you
come to the corner of the room.  Turn Bond to the left and walk forward until
you can just see the red hint of the guards' suits up ahead on the raised
path.  There are two of them.  Kill them!  Now, there should be an opening up
ahead and to your right.  Sidestep around the corner and kill the two guards
in here.  Open the briefcase you find here.  Objective complete!

Objective: Retrieve Hidden Encoder

Run back to the door that was electronically locked.  If a guard starts to
shoot at you, just keep running, and turn around to kill him when you get to
the door.  When I did this I didn't encounter any guards, so you shouldn't
either.  Use the fingerprint scanner to open the electronically locked door
and walk to the end of the hall.  Open the last door on your right with the
keycard from the briefcase.  When you enter the room go to the file cabinet in
the far right corner, and push it to the right.  This will flip one of the
paintings open revealing a safe that is also electronically locked!  Use the
fingerprint scanner again to open the safe.  Inside is the encoder.  Objective

Objective: Escape From Building

Well, this shouldn't be too hard right?  Well, other than there are new guards
spread throughout the building, no.  Exit this room and as you walk down the
hallway, a guard will shoot at you from the doorway.  Blast him with your
weapon and make a right up here.  You may think that you escape the same way
you came in.  Well, you don't!  So...  Make the way through the area with the
rolls of paper and blue machines.  You know where you found the briefcase?
Well, right next to that opening there is another path that leads to more
paper rolls.  If you keep going and kill the guards here, you'll come to a
large metal door.  Walk close to this door and your mission will be complete!

Objective: Minimize Civilian Casualties

All this is, is don't kill the guys in white.  They are just innocent workers.
If you kill any, you stand a chance of failing this mission!  I recommend
watch where you're pointing your gun...  If there are any workers next to a
guard you're about to kill, make sure the worker doesn't catch any stray

----- Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg --------------------

Objectives: Talk To Bartender
            Activate Service Elevator
            Meet With Paris
            Escape The Hotel

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Briefing

Intelligence is still piecing together Carver's involvment in the Devenger
incident.  For now, you have the night off.  I see you have an appointment to
meet Paris Carver at the Atlantic.  Why don't you go there and relax a little

Objective: Talk To Bartender

All right, this mission isn't too hard.  You needed a little break anyways.
Ok, Bond parks and gets out of his BMW.  He steps out and you notice two
guards standing nearby.  Don't pull your gun out because they won't shoot at
you until you have met with the bartender.  You do have a choice.  You can
kill the guards as you go.  If you do this there will be less guards to deal
with later on.  Or you can just not kill them.  So, make your way past the two
guards and exit the parking lot.

Make your way through the two red doors.  If you killed the two guards back in
the parking garage, just after you step through the door, two more guards will
respawn back in the parking lot and come after you.  Pretty Cheap eh?  Fill em
with lead for messin with Bond and continue down the hallway.  The path makes
a turn to the right.  Put away your gun and turn the corner, and turn the next
corner too!  In this next room there is a guard pacing the floor, and the man
at the counter has an assault rifle too.  If you want to kill these guys feel
free to.  Now, there are two doors here.  The one directly across from the
counter is locked.  And the other isn't, so I think you know what to do.

Make sure you don't have your gun out and make your way through the door.  Now,
before you talk to the bartender in here, walk around the room so you know
what you're getting yourself into.  Once you're done, walk up to the bartender.
(the guy in red)  I suggest walking around the bar before you talk to the guy.
So walk around the bar so you are on the side that the bartender is on. Step
next to him and press Circle!  Bond asks for Paris Carver and a little more
chit chat goes on and the bartender pulls a gun on you!  But, no worries, Bond
will kill this guy on his own, without you having to do a thing! Objective

Objective: Activate Service Elevator

*Yawn*  Ok!  Once you meet with the bartender, you will receive a new
objective.  You have to activate the service elevator!  First, kill all the
guys in this room, and duck behind the bar for cover whenever you need it.
Run over to where the bartender died and pick up the key he dropped.  Run back
to the door that you encountered earlier that was locked.  Remember that door?
Sure you do!  Walk through the door and down the hallway.  This is a big room
with three entrances, so be careful when grabbing the three med kits in here.
A lot of enemies will come into this room through two of the entrances.

Now, run back to the parking lot.  It shouldn't be too much trouble if you
killed the guys on your way in.  There are guards that respawn, so you are
going to run into some guards no matter what.  Ok, see Bond's BMW?  To the
right of his car there is a door!  Go through the door and pick up the huge
stash in here!  There are a few rounds of ammo, a large med kit, some armor,
and the switch to activate the elevator!  Wooo!  While you are in this room
and in the parking garage there will be tons of guys that will respawn and will
keep coming into this room.  Grab the goods and flip the switch.  Objective

Objective: Meet With Paris

Make your way back to the big room with three entrances and three med kits.
If you walk through one of the exits of this room you will notice that one of
them has a sign that says Service Elevator.  If you haven't guessed already,
take this path and get on the elevator!  Ok... the elevator will take you up.
Hop off and take a left, and just when you take the left, make another left
and you'll see a door.  Go through this door.  Walk down the hallway until you
come to another door!  Walk through this door now.  Oh wow!  Your first boss.
About time!


BOSS - Kaufman
Difficulty - Easy

Ok... just pull out your Assault Rifle and keep shooting until he falls.  The
number above his head starts at 100.  As you shoot him the number will drop.
Once the number gets to zero, he's gone!  If you hit him in the head, more
damage will be done to him.  Use the R2 and L2 buttons.  They help a lot with
this boss.

Once this fool is dead, make your way to the staircase by the purple couch.
There is a guy waiting for you up here, so kill him.  Continue down this path
and don't turn right when there is another path that goes right.  Keep going
straight and open the door that is up here.  You will come to a bathroom but
open the door in the bathroom to reveal a bedroom!  Paris will be waiting in
here.  Finally!  Objective Complete!

Objective: Escape The Hotel

Ok, I'm getting a little lazy now.  And a little tired.  All you need to do
with this objective is make your way back to your BMW.  Not too hard.  There
are a few more guards that respawned, but they aren't much trouble.  Run back
down the stairs to where you fought Kaufman.  If you check all of the doors in
this room, one of the doors leads to a small room with two med kits and a
heavy armor.  So look for it!  It is the door that is closest to the piano.

Now, if you want to leave this room, take the door that is right at the bottom
of the stairs.  You can't miss it!  Now, once you get back to the elevator and
are back on the first floor, the hard part is over.  Just a couple more guards
stand between you and your beautiful BMW and its heated leather seats and cup
holders.  Well, you know where the garage is.  There shouldn't be any more
guards to get in your way.  You don't need my help.  Mission Accomplished!

----- Convoy, Swiss Alps --------------------

Objectives: Rendezvous With Q
            Destroy Terrorist Convoy

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Briefing

Intelligence has found the headquarters of Henry Gupta, the techno-terrorist
now working for Elliot Carver.  It's located in the foothills of the Swiss
Alps.  The convoy of terrorist cars and trucks is heading to his alpine hideout
for an important meeting.  You must destroy this convoy.  Q is waiting with
your transportation just beyond the first barricade.  Try to keep him out of
the crossfire.

Objective: Rendezvous With Q

This mission isn't too hard really.  As long as you take things slow everything
will be fine!  The first thing you should do here is run across the road and
grab the heavy armor.  Now, stay on this side of the road and climb up the hill
so you are on higher ground.  Pull out your Infrared Sniper Rifle and aim in
the direction that the road is going.  You should see a guard standing near
some trees.

The guy will show up red on your infrared scope.  Shoot him!  One shot should
take him out.  Now walk forward in the direction of the guy you just killed
until you come to a tree.  Stop there and take out your Sniper Rifle again.
Aim the rifle across the street this time and after you look around you should
find another guy.  Kill him.  Use Circle while scoping a guy to center on him.

Keep walking forward along the hill.  Keep aiming ahead of you every few steps
because there is a guard up ahead.  If you keep checking for him you should
eventually find him and still be a safe distance away to snipe him.  After
this guy is dead, walk forward a little until you see the bridge up ahead.  Use
your scope and zoom in down at the leg of the bridge.  There should be a guard
there.  Kill him.  There is also a soldier on your side of the road up ahead.
He will probably be hard to see because he is behind some trees.  So you might
just want to walk ahead with your pistol until he starts shooting at you.
Once you've found him, waste him!

If you look ahead, the road is blocked and there is a guard that is pacing in
front of the road block.  He isn't too easy to snipe, but it's worth a try.
If you miss him he will probably come running at you.  Just pull out your
pistol and finish him off.  Now walk past the road block and walk to the right
a little.  You will see a man standing all alone next to a garage.  Don't shoot
him. It's Q!  Walk over to him!  Mission Complete!

Objective: Destroy Terrorist Convoy

Oooh!  New Car with all of the regular features!  Cool!  Walk over and press
Circle to hop in.  Now you have to destroy the terrorist convoy!  Check the
controls section to see how to drive the BMW.  So turn to the right onto the
road and drive through the road block and use the machine gun to take out the
first couple of cars.  Beware of the mines that these guys drop.  There are 8
cars total.  I suggest using your missiles for the last car.  I used about one
missile for each of the SUV's and finishing them off with your machine gun.

Try your best not to stay behind a car for that long because they will drop
mines that you will most likely run into.  This really isn't that tough.
There are plenty of med kits all over the road for you to grab.  The med kits
are usually inside a circle of cones off on the side of the road.  I might try
to write a more detailed walkthrough for this objective.  I don't think it is
too tough but I'll probably come back to it later.

----- Ski Ridge, Hokkaido --------------------

Objectives: Infiltrate Camp On Skis
            Disable Security System
            Obtain Security Pass
            Eliminate Isagura

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Mission Briefing

A three million dollar transaction was made between Carver and chemical expert,
Isagura just two days before a recent nerve gas attack in Yokahama.  We believe
Carver payed Isagura to create this disaster, since tomorrow was yet again,
first to report the story.  Your mission is to eliminate Isagura.
He employs a large entourage of loyal henchmen, so remain stealthy as long as
you can.

Objective: Infiltrate Camp On Skis

Alright, if you aren't too great with the skis, this first objective may be
tough for you, but I'll try to help you the best I can!  Try to use the same
strategy that you used in the first mission.  These two skiing objectives are
very different from each other though.  This one is on a mountain and you can
fall off of it resulting in an instant death!  At the very start of the
mission, there is a hill that you can go down very fast without having many
trees to worry about.

Watch for these; every time you find an area where there aren't many trees,
press forward on the d-pad to speed up and hopefully lose some of the guys that
are following you.  Once you are back into an area with trees I suggest slowing
down greatly.  It isn't too easy to maneuver through the trees.  In the first
level, I advised you not to worry about your enemy skiers, but in this level
the enemy is much more skilled and can be very annoying at times.  If you find
one at your side for a long time and keeps hitting you just give him a good
whack with your pole.  The skiing section of this isn't too long.  Objective

Objective: Disable Security System

Once you arrive at the terrorist camp, bond will hope off of his skis and you
will now have to find out how to disable the security system!  About the time
you regain control of James Bond, a guard will probably be shooting at you.
Jump behind one of the rocks here to make sure that none of his bullets hit
you.  I suggest you rip out your infrared sniper rifle and start picking off
guys one by one.  You probably want to take out the guy that was shooting at
you earlier first.  He is next to the cabin up ahead.

If you walk forward a little bit a helicopter will fly by and land in the
distance next to two soldiers.  The guards will probably walk over to the
helicopter and stand there.  This is your chance to get a clean shot at them.
Pull out your Sniper Rifle and try taking them both out.  If you only get one
of them, or maybe neither one of them, it's alright.  They will come running at
you, but you should get behind a rock or tree or something and take them out
with your assault rifle or pistol.

Now, if you haven't noticed already, there is a guy in the cabin in front of
you.  I noticed him because he was trying to shoot at you through the cabin
wall.  What's up with that?  Walk up to the cabin door and press Circle to
kick in the door.  Waste the guard in here, and grab some of the goods.  There
is some light armor, some ammo and a med kit I believe.  While taking what you
need, some guards will walk up to the cabin and start shooting if they noticed
you earlier.  First, try shooting them through the windows and after just take
the side door and step outside.  Kill them!

Now that you are outside and you have been shooting everything, the whole camp
pretty much knows that your here.  Guards will come out of no where just to
greet you with their assault rifles.  Just show them yours and you should be
fine.  Walk over to the other cabin you see and step inside.  There is one
guard in here.  Kill him look around for a med kit or two in here.  See the
big weird looking computer in here?  Walk over to it and press Circle.
Objective Complete!

Objective: Obtain Security Pass

Walk outside again and make your way to the steel gates.  Press Circle to open
the gate and get ready to dodge some bullets.  Nah, there are only a couple
guards that will shoot at you.  Directly in front of you is a guard that is
standing next to three or four barrels.  Shoot the guy or the barrels.  Either
way, he's dead.  Now, you want into the building to the right next to the
flaming barrel, but you need a security pass or something.  Your lucky I know
where this pass is!  Ok, see the big tower?  Well, climb up the steps and at
the top you'll find your access card and one huge box of ammunition.  Objective

Objective: Eliminate Isagura

Well, here is another boss for you to school!  Well, this guy is pretty hard
so I don't know if you'll be schooling him or not.  Walk over to the building
you saw earlier that needed the access card and walk in!  Shoot the guy in
here.  Good Job!  You killed Isagura!  Hehe, nah... that wasn't Isagura.  Walk
down the long path and grab the med kits in the hallway.  The pressure is on!
Turn to the left and use your fingerprint scanner on the door.


BOSS - Isagura
Difficulty - Hard

Isagura also has 100 hit points.  I suggest using your Auto 9MM for this boss,
and try to focus most of your shots on Isagura's head!  This will deal a lot
of damage.  This is pretty tough though due to him moving around too much.

When you run out of 9MM bullets use your assault rifle and pick up the boxes of
ammo in the middle of the room when they appear.  Use the R2 and L2 buttons a
lot to dodge Isaguras bullets.  Isagura also uses gas bombs!  These deal a ton
of damage to bond.  If you have 2 or three lives you shouldn't have much
trouble.  When Isagura falls, exit through the new opening.  Mission Complete!

----- CMGN Tower, Saigon --------------------

Objectives: Activate Roof Elevator
            Go Down Two Floors
            Destroy Weapon Crates
            Retrieve Data Disk
            Escape From Building

Difficulty: Hard

Mission Briefing

Intelligence photos prove that a nuclear warhead has indeed gone missing from
the Devenger; Probably into the hands of Carver.  Our investigation of the
wreckage also revealed that another vessel was involved.  A vessel that was
invisible to our radar.  Your job is to find evidence of this "stealth boat" so
we can uncover its location.  A helicopter will drop you on the roof of the
Carver Media tower in Saigon.  Look for a data storage room on one of the top

Objective: Activate Roof Elevator

Ok, so your dropped on the roof of the CMGN Tower.  First, you need to turn
around.  You should see two guards just standing there and they are turned the
other way.  Sneak up behind them and use your pistol to clear them out.  You
should be able to kill them without a single bullet hitting you.  Now, walk
over to where they were standing and take the med kits and ammunition.  There
is also a guy that is above you.  He will shoot at you when he gets an eye on
you.  So, use your pistol and take him out from here.

Walk up the upward path and there will be one guard at the end.  Kill him and
turn to the left.  There are three guards here!  This is a pretty tough
situation and you will probably lose quite a bit of health.  I suggest taking
one out at a time.  Get in a position so that you are blocked from two of the
guards by the corner of the wall, but you can see one of the guards.  Shoot one
of them and repeat the process for the other two.  There is also a light armor
sitting on the ledge over here.  That may come in handy.

Now, continue up the path!  Up here there is a heavy armor and a big case of
ammo.  Don't forget to grab these.  Keep walking down the path and make a
right up here.  There is a guard on this path so get ready to unleash your
pistol on him.  If you keep going down this path you will eventually come to
another group of guards.  If you were quiet walking over to them, they
shouldn't notice you until you start shooting.  I suggest that you use your
assault rifle and zoom in on them.  Start firing.  They shouldn't be too much
of a problem.

Once they are dead, walk over to where they were standing.  You should find a
key and a large med kit.  Grab them both and head back the way you came.  Walk
along the path and turn to the left with the path, but when you get to a split
in the path, just continue going straight.  Don't turn left again.  At the end
of the path there is the elevator panel.  Use the key to open the panel and
Bond will activate the roof elevator.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Go Down Two Floors

Head back to where you started, at the elevator.  Hop into the elevator and
press the button inside.  When the elevator stops and bond gets off you should
see a guard directly in front of you.  If you don't see him he will probably
turn the corner in a minute and you will see him.  You could go for a head
shot to conserve bullets or you could fill him with lead.  Your pick.  Now,
continue going straight and turn right on the first right.

There are two guards here.  Kill them both and one of them should drop a med
kit.  Pick up whatever they dropped and go through the door that they were
standing in front of.  In this room there is a _lot_ of ammunition.  Pick it
all up until you can't take any more and leave this room.  Make a right now and
after you follow this hallway for a little bit, you will see a guard. Kill him
and move forward a little more.  There is one more guy in this room.  Once he's
dead you can help your self to more med kits and ammo.

Make your way down the hallway until you come to another room with an extra
life.  Of course!  Pick up the extra life.  After this room there is just one
more stretch!  Continue down the hallway and make a left at the double glass
doors.  There are two guards in here.  They probably won't notice you until
you shoot so you can try for a head shot easily.

Once you have taken over the room, a few more guards will come in to say hello.
Make sure they don't get chance to shoot. Blast em before they turn the corner!
In this room there is a secret panel.  Do you see the speaker on the left wall?
Walk up to it and press Circle.  It will slide in providing an entrance to a
secret room!  Kill the guy in this small room and he will drop an elevator key!
Finally!  Head back to the elevator.  The elevator will take you down two
floors.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Destroy Weapon Crates

When you get off the elevator there will be two guards directly in front of
you.  Shoot them before they can turn around.  Now, make a left up here and
walk up to the doors.  Bond will try to open them but they are locked.  A man
will then come up behind Bond and knock him out.  When you wake up you are in
another room with Carver, Wai Lin and a couple of guards.  Carver does some
talking, but Lin will kick the guard next to her, and James will pick up the
pistol on the table and take care of two other guards.

Finally, you gain control of Bond again. Now, you need to head forward, the way
Carver left.  In this hallway there are three guards.  At the end of the
hallway there are some double doors that lead to a new room with a couple
weapon crates and a lot of large med kits.  Take the med kits and use your
pistol to blow up the weapon crates.  It will take quite a few bullets to blow
up the crates.  But once they are destroyed head on down the hallway.

Objective: Retrieve Data Disk

At the end of the hallway there is a door.  Take the door to another room with
a big computer in the middle and two guards.  Shoot the computer or the
guards.  If you shoot the computer and it explodes, it will take out both
guards!  Now, move to the back corner of the room.  Go through this door and
grab the Data Disk inside!

Objective: Escape From the Building

Exit the room with the data disk and run over near by to a room with wallpaper
and carpet and a sofa and two guards.  Kill the two guards.  Now, how are you
gonna get out of this place?!  Well, do you see that window thingy?  Put a few
bullets through it to reveal your exit!  Objective Complete!

----- Market District, Saigon --------------------

Objectives: Acquire RL 66
            Destroy Barricades
            Defeat Helicopter
            Decode Data Disc
            Minimize Civilian Casualties

Difficulty: Hard

Mission Briefing

Wai Lin, we need your help.  Carver bribed the Saigon military police. Their
orders are to kill Bond on sight, so we've had to pull him out.  We understand
you have a copy of the data disks that 007 found in Carver's tower.  Take the
disks to your branch headquarters and decode them to find the position of
Carver's stealth boat.  The military has set up road blocks with armored 20mm
chain-guns.  They may be looking for you as well.  Proceed with caution, until
you can acquire heavier weapons.

Objective: Acquire RL 66

In this mission, you will play as Wai Lin.  There are civilians in this
level.  Do not kill any.  If you kill enough, it will result in mission
failure.  The civilians have grey/white shirts and blue shorts on.  Some have
white shirts and purple skirts.  So, what is the RL 66 exactly?  Well, it is a
rocket launcher.  You need the rocket launcher so you can destroy the
barricades.  Alright, on to the game.

From your starting position, walk forward a little bit, down this path you are
on.  If you walk down this path very slow, you will notice a guard just up
ahead at the corner.  From here you can take a head shot.  Now, to your left,
you should see a small crack that you can fit through.  Walk through here and
you should meet up with another guard.  Kill him.  Now, head back to the path
you started on.  Remember the first guy you killed?  There were some metal
double doors near him.  Go through these doors.

When you walk in, a guard will probably start shooting at you.  He will be
further back in the room.  Kill him, but stay where you are.  Now, from here,
do you see the wood crates that are nearest you.  Shoot the crates and they
will explode, killing the guy that was hiding behind them.  This room should
be clear now.  Walk to the back of the room and you will see a door.  Exit
through this door.  Turn to your left immediately.  There is a guard that you
need to kill.

Once he's dead, go back to the right.  As you make your way down the path you
will see stairs to your right.  Go up these stairs.  At the top of the stairs
standing next to a door, is a guard.  Uhh, yea... Kill him.  Walk over to where
he was standing and grab the light armor.  Keep walking and when you get to the
next doorway, you will find another light armor next to the door.  Lucky you!
Continue down the path, and at the next door, there will be a guard, and
another light armor!  Woo!  By now, your armor will most likely be full, so
you'll have to save this light armor for later.

Continue down this path, until you come to one last guard.  Kill him and make
your way down the narrow sloped hallway ahead.  At the end of this passageway,
there is a door.  Take the door to another room with two or three guards in
it.  Clear out the guards and search around behind the counter for a large med
kit.  If your armor is low now, you can always go back for more armor.  Exit
this room through the door that is next to the counter and you'll find yourself
back onto the streets.  Turn to the right up here and kill the guard.  Up ahead
is another *gasp* ...boss!


BOSS - "unknown"
Difficulty - Medium-Hard

Ok, if you haven't noticed already, all of the bosses have 100 hit points.
This guy has a rocket launcher.  The rockets do a _LOT_ of damage.  That makes
him pretty hard.  His hit points do deplete a lot faster than the other bosses
you have faced so far though.  Your first priority is to dodge his rockets.
Second, you need to make sure there isn't another guy shooting at you.
Sometimes guards come in to reinforce the boss.

Your last priority is shooting the boss.  Just think, if you do a lot more
damage to him when you just shoot him.  Think how much more damage you will do
when you make a head shot!  This boss stops to reload every so often and
doesn't move around as your previous bosses.  I suggest shooting him in the
head as much as possible to end the battle a lot quicker.  Once he is dead,
pick up his RL 66.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Destroy Barricades

Now, there are two exits to this room.  Exit through the one that you did you
come in through.  Well, your on the streets again.  Around the corner there is
a guard that you need to kill.  Now, pull out your rocket launcher.  There is
a barricade up ahead.  Walk forward a little and when you see the barricade.
Fire about three or more rockets into it. Well, that's the end of this
objective.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Defeat Helicopter

Make your way past the remains of the barricade and turn to the left.  There
is another barricade that you need to take care of.  Stay far back so that the
gun cannot hit you, but you can hit it.  Now, over here there is a barricade,
but it is not facing you!  So the gun thing can't shoot you.  Take it out from
behind with your rocket launcher.  Now, continue down this path.  Ahh, know
where we are?  We're at the stairs that we saw earlier in the game.

Walk up these stairs and grab any light armors that you didn't pick up before
then come back down.  Continue down the path.  At the end of the path there are
two barricades.  Take them both out like the others and keep on down this path.
Eventually, you will get to an area with two or three men that are behind rock
bunkers.  Keep your distance and use your assault rifle to zoom in on them.
When they pop their head above the rocks, fire away.  Once they are dead,
continue on to the last stretch!  Beyond this door is another *gasp* ...boss!


BOSS - Helicopter
Difficulty - Easy-Medium

This boss is very easy in my opinion.  When you walk through the big double
doors, the helicopter will fly in.  Pull out your rocket launcher and let
loose every rocket you have!  Keep pressing X and follow the helicopter around
with your crosshairs.  If you do run out of rockets, no worries!  There are
plenty of rockets scattered throughout the area.  If your health does get low,
you can get behind the truck, or the stacked up wood.  I'm sure you will do
just fine on this boss.

Objective: Decode Data Disk

There is only one door that will open so you can get out of here.  It is in
the very back.  Open the door and walk down this path here.  There are two
guards here that are waiting for you.  Kill them and follow the path.  Wai Lin
will take over from here and she will walk into her lab.

She'll get onto her computer and you have to put in a code.  You can type in
any code using Triangle, Square, Circle, and X.  You get as many tries as you
want.  Every time you get a button right, it will flash on the screen.  This is
pretty lame.  If you are lazy, the code is X Triangle Circle Square I think.
If that's not it, it is not too hard to do it on your own.  Mission Complete!

----- Stealth Boat, Ha Long Bay --------------------

Objectives: Contact M Via Comm Link
            Rescue Wai Lin (After you contact M)
            Find Missile Panel
            Stop Missile Launch
            Defeat Carver

Difficulty: Hard

Mission Briefing

Since Wai Lin helped us learn the approximate location of the stealth boat, MI6
and the Chinese Secret Police have agreed to join forces.  You and Wai lin will
approach the stealth boat by raft.  You'll then board the boat and communicate
its exact position to me, while Wai Lin creates a diversion.  Stay alert for
further instructions.  Carver may be armed with the missing nuclear warhead, so
proceed with caution.

Objective: Contact M Via Comm Link

Alright, do you see the barrel that is to the left of you?  Shoot it and
collect the med kit that was hidden under it.  Well, the door with the yellow
lights above it is locked, so you'll have to take the door with blue lights.
On the other side of the door there is a guard.  He won't notice you though,
so go for a head shot.  Continue down this path and turn to the left.  Up here
there is a door to the left and has a sign that says, "4-A".  This door is
locked so you'll have to continue down the path.  As you are walking down this
corridor you'll run into a guard.  Shoot the guard and pick up his ammunition.

If you turn right up here, you'll notice a few boxes at the other end of the
hallway...  Well, there isn't anything behind these boxes, so walk down the
path and make another right.  Over here there are some more boxes in the
corner.  There is a guard behind these though.  Sneak around the corner and
fill one of the boxes with bullets until it explodes.  This will kill the guard
behind them.

See the path that is next to the boxes.  There are blue lights above the
hallway.  Well, walk through here and make a left at the blue door up here.
The sign above the door says, "COMM 11-B".  Walk through this door to find a
guard and a bunch of computers.  Shoot the guard, but be careful not to hit the
computers.  You need them to communicate with M.  Once the guard has fallen,
walk over the the computer and press Circle.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Rescue Wai Lin

Start to head back to the room with the boxes.  Around the corner to the left
there are two guards waiting for you.  The best thing you can do is get far to
the left of the hallway and ease to the right very slowly.  Eventually you will
be able to only see one of the guards.  Shoot the one guard.  Now it should be
easier to kill the single remaining guard.

After they are dead pick up the office key that one of them dropped.  Continue
around the corner and you'll be back at the door with the sign, "4-A".  The
door will be to the right and has blue lights in front of it.  Use the key you
got from the guard to open the door.

Now your in a plain room with a couple of tables and some chairs.  There
is a corridor in the corner of the room that you can take.  There is a guard
standing in the hallway, but there is a chance he might not notice you.  Try to
catch him when he is turned the other way and peek around the corner and shoot
him.  At the end of the hallway there is a small room with a guard, a light
armor, and a large med kit.

Kill the guard and he will drop a key!  Now pick up all the goodies in this
room and head back out into the plain room with the tables and chairs.  Exit
the plain room and turn to the right immediately to find a guard waiting for
you.  Shoot him up, and head down the hallway.  Up here you have two choices:
left or right?  Well, make another left and go through the door at the end of
the hallway.

Well, you should notice that you are where you started.  See the door in here?
It has yellow lights above it!  This must be what the key is for!  Open this
door and get ready to put a few bullets into the guy on the other side of the
door.  Up in this hallway there is another locked door to your right.  Ugh!
I'm getting tired of locked doors!  You'll have to head straight.  Now, turn
left up here to find a guard waiting for ya.  Give him a few bullets and
continue on.

Up here there is another corner with a guard in it.  Shoot the tank up here to
kill the guard, and you will probably find another guard or two pop around the
corner to see what's going on.  Well, kill them before they have a chance to
shoot and continue around this bend.  Make another left up here and in this
hallway you'll see a barrel against the left wall.  Shoot it a couple of times
to reveal a med kit!  Woo!  Gather your findings and head around the corner.

Up here you will find guards out the wazoo, but they are all hiding behind a
tank.  How stupid!  Give the tank a few shots with your gun and send all of the
nearby guards flying.  Now, you'll have to disregard another locked door up
here, but at the end of the hallway you will finally come to a door that you
can walk through!  The door has a sign above it that says, "CELL 37A-C".  Shoot
the tanks directly in front of the door to find a med kit!

Hmm... you've finally found a safe hallway.  Well, you have two doors in here
but one of them is locked.  So, head through the remaining door and snatch up
all the goodies in here.  There's med kits, ammo, armor... You name it!  Well,
what does it usually mean when there is a single room with a bunch of good
stuff...  Yep, a boss!  Exit this room to find a boss waiting on you!


BOSS - Stamper
Difficulty - Easy-Medium

This guy is pretty easy if you ask me.  Just pull out your SMG 45 and waste
this guy.  I just stepped out from behind the boxes and sat in one spot the
whole time, blasting him.  You should have quite a few med kits, but if you
need an extra, there are four in the middle of the boxes!  I suggest using your
crosshairs to aim for Stamper's head and chest for maximum damage.

The only thing that makes the boss tough is his deadly weapon, the GL 40!  He
doesn't use the grenade launcher for the whole fight, but when he does, make
sure you don't get hit by a grenade!  Despite Stamper's strong weapon, his
health points drop rapidly, making him pretty easy.  Once he dies, pick up his
GL-40 and the Cell Key.

Hmm, what is the cell key for?  Exit this room and you will be in a room with
a cell and Wai Lin is inside.  First, aim over at the tank that is next to Wai
Lin's cell door.  Behind this tank you will find an extra life!  Shoot the
tanks in the corner too, for a med kit, some ammo, and some armor!  When your
ready, walk over to the panel next to the cell and press Circle to release Lin.
Objective Complete!

Objective: Find Missile Panel

Head out the door and into the hallway.  There is a door in front of you but
to the left.  Go through this door now.  Turn to the left and go through the
door that says exit.  Now make a right turn and make your way through this
door.  Well well, your back where you started.  Go through the door on the
right (The one with the blue lights above it) and go straight.  See the door
that says MCON 22-D?  Go through this door.

There are about two guards in this hallway.  Kill them and exit through the
door at the other end of the hall.  Make a left and get down under the missile
on the lower part of the room.  Down here there are a _LOT_ of med kits and the
Missile Panel.  Grab the med kits and look for the Missile Panel.

See the small computer/panel thing that is near the ramp leading up and between
a few boxes.  That is the missile panel!  Walk up to it and press Circle.
Carver will come from behind and show you that he has the card you need to
disarm the missile.  He will then run off like a coward and tell his guards to
kill you.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Defeat Carver

Run up the ramp that is right next to the panel and head up the second ramp.
There is a door that you have to go through.  It will be to your left a little.
The door leads to the front of the ship.  There are a lot of computers and
stuff here.  There is also a guard that you have to kill.  He will drop the
Missile Room Key.

Now, exit this room you are in and turn to the left.  The missile room key
unlocks the door to the left.  Turn right in here and shoot the guards throug
the boxes.  You can also blow up boxes to kill guys.  Shoot the big gas tank to
get past the boxes.  Once you make it to the end of the room, you'll see
Carver.  Well, here goes!


BOSS - Carver
Difficulty - Medium

I don't know why they made this guy the last boss.  They should have made him
much harder.  Hopefully you still have some GL-40 bullets to spare.  The
Grenade Launcher makes this boss so much easier.  You should have about 10 med
kits so that makes it even easier!  I don't know how I can give you a strategy
for him.  He is too easy.

Just use your Grenade Launcher and keep shooting!  Carver will only move to two
different spots.  He'll either be in the room where another control panel is,
or he'll be five feet away near the boxes.  So, he doesn't move too much.  You
really shouldn't have any trouble with him.  Pick up the Missile Panel Key he
drops.  Objective Complete!

Objective: Stop Missile Launch

Just run to the Missile Panel that you were at before.  There are only a couple
of guards near the panel.  Walk over to the panel and press Circle.  The
Missile Launch will stop.  Well, That was a great objective :)  Objective

Objective: Escape In Time

Ahh!  The timer is still running?!?!?!  You have to get out of here before the
ship is destroyed! Run through the door that you came in here through and run
down the hallway.  Be careful, there are a lot of guards around!  They don't
want your getting off of this ship!  Make your way back to where the mission
started and walk to the ladder.  Mission Complete!

Gratz!!  You just beat the game :)  If you haven't been playing on the hardest
setting all this time you should try it out!


                           -= IV. Legal Disclaimer =-


Alright, let's get this dirty business over with... It shouldn't take long.
I wish that people wouldn't plagiarise or steal other people's work in the
first place, but they do.  It may not seem like it(actually it does), but it
does take a lot of work to write these things!  I'm not benefitting any from
writing FAQ's.  I just enjoy writing them and I like to help others with a
game.  Please don't steal work from me or anyone else.

This FAQ was written by me, is owned by me, and you must have permission from
me, Joshua Crook, to do anything with this FAQ other than use it for your own
personal use.  When I say for your own personal use I don't mean on your
website or selling it to your friends :P  This FAQ cannot be changed or
altered in any way.  It has to keep its original form!

If you do want to put this FAQ in your site, just ask!  That's all it takes.
Email me!  And if I do give you permission, do not edit the FAQ in any way!  I
don't care if I spelled something wrong or anything.  Don't change the font...
don't change anything... Thank you!  Contact me at [email protected]


If anyone finds this FAQ on a website other than these three, please let me


                         -= V. Author's Last Words =-


Well, it's been nice!  It's been a lot of fun writing this FAQ.  I will still
update it periodically if I find any mistakes or I feel like making the
walkthrough more throurough.  If you want to email me about anything send it
to [email protected] I'd appreciate it if the subject said something
like, "Regarding Your Tomorrow Never Dies FAQ" so I know not to delete it :)

Please do not e-mail me a question about the game, when the answer is in my
FAQ.  If I see this, I will remember to put you on my "ignore for life" list.
It's time for me to go.  Watch out for any other FAQ's I might write.  I could
always use a nice email if you enjoyed reading my FAQ.  It works as motivation
on the FAQ's that I am working on now :)  Later.

Copyright 2002-2003 Joshua Crook

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