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Dragon Warrior Monsters

1.) Where is the farm?
The farm is located near the king's throne. When he's done talking to you just 
go down and the firs staircase that you see on your right is the farm.

2.) Where are the traveller's gates?
The traveller's gates are right across from the farm. It's the staircase that goes 

3.) How do I save my game?
You can't save your game in the middle of a traveller's gate. Once you get out of 
it press A and then go to journal.

4.) How do I breed my monsters?
To breed your monsters go down to the very bottom of the tree and down the 
staircase. Then go right and then up and talk to the wizard. He can breed and 
hatch new monsters.

5.) How can I tell what my monsters' skills do?
To find out what your monsters' skills are and what they do just press A. Then 
go to skills.

6.) Where is the arena?
The arena is on the second to top level. It's the one with the door with room for 
two people to fit in. Talk to the person right next to it to make sure that it's the 

7.) What if I can't have any more items but I want some more and I don't want to 
delete any of the ones I have?
Go to the 3rd to top level all the way to the right(but not to the bazaar) and go in. 
It's a vault and you can store items there. They're safe in the vault.

8.) Is there a store that I can buy items at?
Yes there is! Go to the bazaar. There's a store there. You can buy and sell 

9.) Where's the bazaar?
The bazzar is on the 3rd to top level. Go all the way to the right and you'll see a 
path that goes off the screen. Go across that path and there's a place there. 
That's the bazaar.

10.) Where's the library?
The library is on the 3rd to top level. All the way to the right is the bazaar. A little 
closer than that is the vault. The other door that's closest to the stairs is the 
library. You can go read up on monsters there. It's very useful.

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