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Pokemon Leafgreen

2.#5 Battling
3.#4 Day Care
4.#3 Lucky Egg
5.#2 Exp. Share
6.Before #1 came...

1. Intro

Hi, this is SilverSith! For new Pokemon players, (experts, you can skip this 
part,) POkemon is a mini RPG game that allows you to carry cretures with 
amazing abilities, apparrently called Pokemon. There are physical types, tyes 
that mainly rely on attack and defence tecniques. They are called normal, 
fighting, flying, bug, and rock types. There are also non-physical types, types 
that mainly rely on special attack and special defence tecniques. They are 
called fire, water, ice, electric, psychic, dark, steel, grass, ghost, dragon, 
poison, and ground types. With all of these types, comes the strenghts and 
weaknesses. It's like a game of rock-paper-sissors. Fire beats grass, grass 
beats water, water beats fire. The differance is, that it's a HUGE game of rock-
Also there are status affecting tecniques. I'm not going to name them, but here 
are the things that might happen to your Pokemon.

Attraction- Pokemon might not attack the opponet(s) 50% of the time. Cure this 
by either switching out, a red flute, or a mental herb.

Burn- Pokemon loses HP at end of every round. Also reduces attack. Cure this 
with the moves Refresh or Rest, or by using Burn Heal, Full Heal, Lava Cookie, 
Rawst berries, or Lum berries.

Confusion- Pokemon may attack itself without meaning to. Cure this by switching 
out, waiting untill it cures automatically, using a yellow flute, full heal, or 
a Persim berry.

Fainted- Pokemon can't take part in Pokemon battles. Cure this by taking it to 
a Pokemon Center, using revive, max. revive, or a revival herb.

Flinch- Pokemon won't attack for one turn. There's no cure for this.

Frozen- Pokemon can't attack due to frostbite. Cure this with a fire type move, 
waiting, full heal, ice heal, lava cookie, an Aspear berry, and a Lum berry.

Paralysis- A quarter of the time, the pokemon can't attack. Also speed 
decreases. Cure this with a Cheri berry, Lum berry, full heal, Refresh, Rest, 
Parlyz heal, and a lava cookie.

Poison- Pokemon recives damage that may increase every turn. Heal with Rest, 
Refresh, antidote, lava cookie, and a Lum berry.

Sleep- Pokemon is unable to attack for a certain amount of turns. Cure this by 
waiting, awakening, full heal, a lava cookie, a Lum berry, a Chesto berry, or a 
Blue Flute.

Now on to the top 5!
2.#5 Battling

Battling is the fifth easiest way to raise a Pokemon. It's on the slow side, 
but it gets the job done. There are hoards of trainers that want to battle. It 
is hard work but it makes a well balanced team.
3.#4 Day Care

The expensive day care is actually the fourth easiest way to raise a Pokemon. 
It's may be a fast way to raise them, but it's also a fast way to lose money at 
the same time. Watch out, your money could be gone in a snap. It costs 100 Poke 
money to leave them there, and another 100 for every level they gain.
4.#3 Lucky Egg

This is a rare item held by Chansey that increase the experince points your 
Pokemon gain by 1.5. This is the third easiest way to raise Pokemon. This will 
help you in raising a weak Pokemon quickly. Remember, this is only held by 
Chansey, and Chansey only roam in the Safari Zone.
5.#2 Exp. Share

The Exp. Share actually gives the Pokemon holding it the experience gained in 
the battle without having to battle! This is the second easiest way to raise 
Pokemon. It's best to leave it on a Pokemon untill it's a certain level, it 
will give you a well balanced team.
6.Before #1 came...

Before the new #1 came the old #1 way to raise pokemon (preferably in the Red, 
Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.) was the Day Care. Yes the Day Care 
was #1 easiest way to raise Pokemon. There was never any trouble of not having 
money, espicially in the Silver, Gold, and Crystal versions (because you could 
have your Mom hold some money after every battle). In the Ruby and Sapphire 
versions #1 was #1. And for those of you who are asking what happened to the 
Day Care, it became #3. Now on to #1!
7. #1

The easiest way to raise Pokemon is [Drum Roll]... Rare Candy! Yes the second 
most rare item is the easiest way to raise Pokemon! Though there are only about 
four or five, there is only one way to get a truck load. This requires:
1. A beaten game of Pokemon Colosseum.
2. A GBA/Gamecube connection cable
3. An Action Replay
4. The "Have 9999 Rare Candy" code on.
5. A Pokemon Colosseum game
The Game must have been beaten, or the Trade Center will not work. Equip all of 
the Pokemon in your party (in Colosseum) with a Rare Candy, go to the second 
city (the one after the Out Skirt Stand), hit the Pokemon Center, go to the 
bottom floor, talk to the lady, and do all of the tading stuff. (Make sure you 
take the Rare Candy off the Pokemon you recived.)
8. Copyright

This FAQ is only to be posted by unless other websites have my 
If you have any questions, comments, or compaints (I know you'll have some), e-
me at [email protected] 

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