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So, looking at my tops secret profile, ehh? Well, you should make the best of it
before my boss comes in or I'm in deep trouble. Okay, you're tired of waiting, so
here's where I spill the secret.

Ruby/Sapphire - The Regindaries

So you've captured Groudon or Kyogre, grabbed onto Latias or Latios, and even
obtained Rayquaza. What now? You think you're done with all the legendaries. Sure,
there's Jirachi and Deoxys, but you can't get them now. Tell you what: you still have
three more legendaries to catch. They are the Regi!

There are three Regi Pokemon: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. They are weird looking
legendaries which take a lot of effort to catch. To try to catch them, you must first
get two Pokemon by the names of Relicanth and Wailord. Relicanth can be found by
diving near Sootopolis City. You can either fish for a Wailord on Route 129 (very
rare) or you can evolve it from a Wailmer, which can be found on Route 122 by fishing.

Surf west from Pacifidlog Town, in the Ocean Currents. Before you do, make sure one
of your Pokemon knows Dig. Find a spot to dive into the depths, and dive your way to
some inscription on Braille. Emerge back, and you'll find yourself in a cave filled
with Braille. Go to the middle slate of the Braille and use Dig, which should open
it. Go into the next room, and put Relicanth as your first Pokemon, and Wailord as
your last. Press "A" against the slate, and there'll be an earthquake. A message will
appear saying that a door opened somewhere. The three Regi has been released. Now
you're all set to catch them!


Fly to Fallarbor Town, and go east into the desert where you found the fossils. You
should find a large rock with an entrance. Go in there and go to the middle of the
Braille slate. Move it to the right twice, and then down twice. A door will appear.
Go inside to get to Regirock.


For Regice, go to Petalburg City, and surf west. Keep on surfing until you reach a
small island. Go west and keep surfing up. You'll then find yourself on an island
with a small mountain. Go inside, stand in the middle of the Braille wall, and press
"A". Wait for a while (about one minute), and a door will appear that leads to Regice.


Registeel is the most powerful of the three. Before trying to catch it, make sure
that you have a Mach Bike and a Pokemon with Fly. Go west of the Safari Zone until
you reach a mound of earth. Using the Mach Bike, go up, and it will start to rain.
You'll find a cave. Go in and Press "A" against the Braille slate. Go back to the
middle of the cave, and use Fly. You will then be taken to the cave with Registeel.

So that's just what one internet sight said, but if you are having trouble, maybe
this will help!

Please excuse the online grammar mistakes

So you need two pokemon, Wailord and Relicanth. Wailord evolves from Wailmer, and
Relicanth is found in the bottom of the ocean by Sootopolis city. Capture them and
then do this. Start at Pacific Logtown where you will need a pokemon that knows surf
and dive and one that knows dig. Here is the worst and most difficult step to
understand, but I'll try to make it clear as ice water-

Start right by the current by a square rock (by the top)

Now surf 13 steps (a step is when you move once. when you are on ground tap your
control stick. As far as you moved is one step) down. You should be by a small indent
     in the current. Surf left into the small indent. You should end up on a piece of
land with a man who wears a white headband and has Red hair. Go on this land as far
down and left as you can. You'll be facing down at water with a rock to your right.
Use surf. You will end up on land (just very shallow water) that is shaped as a
square doughnut. Once again go to the very bottom (as far down the screen you can).
It doesn't matter if you're left or right, just be at the very bottom. Surf. If you
did this correctly, you should be on open water with two girl trainers. Once again,
go as far down as you can, but make sure you don't go where you came from. You'll end
up on a huge piece of land- it has shallow water, an island, and everything! But this
isn't your place even though it looks so good! Head down as far as you can and surf
(when I say surf, make sure you're on a current!). So, are you on a piece of shallow
water? If you start at the top, go 5 steps down. Surf to your left from there. And
Hahahahahah! The hard step is over! You're at dark water where you dive!!!!!!!!! So,
are you going to dive? If so, please read on!

If you dive here, you will be in an underwater room. Exit through the door and surf
down. When you meet a large rock, there will be script on it. In front of it you must
use dive, and you will be in an underwater cavern. The alphabet is on a whole bunch
of rocks in there, but who cares? I'll just translate what the rocks say. Go to the
script in front of the room. The script there doesn't matter yet. Just put your
Relicanth as your first Pokemon and Wailord your last. Read the script. So now all
you have to do is get outta there and, let's start!

Regice is hard to open the door to, but you just gotta use your head! Start at
Petelburg city and go left. When you're on the beach, just head down and left. You
soon will see land with trees. Go on the first on and go left. When you're at the
water, surf and go up. You'll see a cave, go inside. Read the script and wait there
(no movements, running or anything special is needed). There will be a whole in the
wall soon. Go inside and find Regice waiting to freeze you with anticipation.

Regirock- Okay, you know where the desert ruins are, right? If not, they're up the
route from Mauville city. If you head down in these ruins, you will find a cave. Go
inside the cave and the script says "right twice down twice," so move right 2 steps
and down 2 steps. A door will open. Go inside to meet an ancient figure made of rocks.


You will need a Pokemon that knows fly for this! Start at the Safari Zone and go
left. Keep going until you find some stairs (There will be berries at the bottom). If
you go up the stairs, keep going up (even through the tall grass) and you will find a
cave. Enter. Read the script, and then go to the center of the room and use fly. A
door will open. Go inside. Meet Registeel.

Blast it! I gotta go! The boss is half way through the door! Ahhhhhh! Take this my
friend- use it well-

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