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This is now a FAQ to Runescape. I am a lvl 57 with not so good items, but I am 
a good merchant in trading. I have sold many items in the Grand Exchange and 
will share some questions.

Q: Is the Wine of Zamrock really 1-100k?
A: No. This is a common scam that will get noobs to waste money. To tell you 
the truth, I think it has no use.

Q: I am willing to sell 1k lobbies for 160k, but I'm told frequently "Scammer 
noob". What should I sell these for?
A: Lobbies are around 160 gp per. Do the math. 1000 lobbies for 160gp is 
160,000 gp. They don't know what they are talking about. So, if you want, sell 
them at the Grand Exchange for maximum price.

Q: Do I have to give my password for instant 1mil and stuff?
A: Yes, in about 9.99999/10 possible "hacks". GameChat has a good forum in OGN 
(OnlineGames) in Runescape forums. Read it. Type OnlineGames in google and do 
the one with .net.

Q: Rune meds are around 5-15k aren't they?
A: I'd leave it at around 7k.

Q: How much is Adamant Trim?
A: Highest of about 700k! Fletch(if member) or cook lobbies or swordies for 
some insant $$$. Then get trim.

Q: Should I trade in the Wildy?
A: If it still is used, no. If not, then don't do it. There are plenty of 
teamers, mostly the mages pray of def noobs. If you have armor and a mage wants 
to team with you, politely turn down their offer. It's better safe then sorry, 

Q: Should I use the most best armor I can buy?
A: I wouldn't recommend it. If you die with the stuff, you might lose it. Be 

Q: What items are YOU looking for?
A: I'm looking for a Rune Skimmy, Str Pot(3), and Rune Legs.

LAST QUESTION: Should I hack?
LAST ANSWER: Hell no. Hacking is impossible at the least. Only if you are 
advanced and know things extremly perfectly, it still will ban you. So you'll 
be an isntant noob.

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