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ANGKOR WAT (Training Level - part 1)

Secrets in this Level: 8
Starting Inventory: 3 small medipaks, 1 large medipak

The first golden skull (secret 1 of 70 in the game) is sitting on the ground ahead 
and to the left of the starting position, just beyond where Von Croy is standing 
when he finishes his introduction.

At the foot of the stairs, wait for Von Croy to deactivate the spikes before 
proceeding. At the first gap, where you learn to do a standing jump, drop down into 
the shallow pool to retrieve the second golden skull (2/70) before going on.

At the next turn in the passage, there's a dark area behind a tree. Watch out for 
the wild boar here. Since you have no weapons, you'll need to draw it toward Von 
Croy, and he'll kill it with his machete.

In the room with the fountains, you'll learn the standing jump-grab and running jump-
grab combinations. Before going on into the next area, drop down to the lower level. 
In the southeast corner, under the ledge, you'll find the third golden skull (3/70). 
Climb back out at the northeast corner and repeat the jumps to get back to the far 
corner, where you'll learn to traverse.

Follow Von Croy through the hall and safety drop to the ground in the next room, as 
he demonstrates. The fourth golden skull (4/70) is at the bottom of the pool. 
There's also an underwater opening in the wall to the right of the fountain. Swim in 
and follow the passage to find small and large medipaks on the bottom. You can get 
air in the passageway if necessary, or just swim back out to the pool to surface. 
Climb out of the water on the ledge to the left of the fountain. Pull the lever to 
extend the bridge so Von Croy can cross. Then follow him down the hallway, where 
he'll open the door for Lara.

After climbing the ladder and using another lever to extend a bridge, you'll come to 
the monkey-bar swing. Beyond that is a courtyard with 2 more boars. Again, you'll 
need to let Von Croy do the dirty work. Try to stay out of harm's way. In the next 
open area, in the southwest corner, you can pick up the fifth golden skull (5/70).

Follow Von Croy into the next building, through a small courtyard and into a doorway 
with a gong flanked by two lion statues. Go around the perimeter of this room to 
avoid the spikes. If you go around to the right here, you'll see the sixth golden 
skull (6/70) on the floor.

In the open area with the big, circular door, Von Croy will direct you to crawl 
through the low opening to find a lever. Crawl in, make the first left and follow 
the passage to the seventh golden skull (7/70). Turn around and crawl back out, 
bearing to the left to find the room with the lever. Here you'll also be treated to 
a cut scene, in which Lara discovers a leather backpack, along with its former owner.

When the cut scene ends, pull the lever to open the big door and crawl back out to 
rejoin Von Croy. Follow him down the stairs to a hallway lined with dart traps with 
a descending door at the far end. You can do as the teacher suggests and sprint past 
the darts, ending with a diving roll (press Jump while sprinting) to get under the 
door. You will need to be able to do this later on, but for now you may also choose 
to crawl under the darts and the door and avoid taking any damage.

Climb up the rocks to the next area, where you'll find the eighth golden skull 
(8/70) in the southwest corner on the other side of the low railing. At the top of 
the stairs, the path forks. Von Croy informs you that you've reached the Garden of 
the Five Towers. "To the right," he says, "is the path of the heretical. To the 
left, the route of the virtuous."

If you have found fewer than eight skulls, Lara will say, "You know me, Werner...a 
regular virtuoso." And Von Croy, ever contrary, will lead you down the path to the 

If you have found all eight skulls, Lara will say, "I'm up for a little heresy." Von 
Croy will then lead you down the left path.

Both paths lead first to a room with a circular door and a rope dangling from the 
ceiling. The "virtuous" room also has a pool below the rope, while the "heretical" 
room has no pool to break your fall during rope-swinging practice. In either case, 
climb to the upper level by going through the elevated crawlspace. (This is in the 
southeast corner in the "virtuous" room, the northeast corner in the "heretical" 
room.) Walk out onto the ledge near the rope and Von Croy will explain what to do.

He doesn't give much detail, so I'll offer a few tips here: Take a running jump from 
the ledge and press Action to grab the rope. (NOTE: If you're new to TR, or to the 
concept of setting up running jumps, see the relevant section on my strategy page. 
I'm not kidding. This is important info that will save you hours of wasted game 
time.) Continue to hold Action to hang onto the rope. You'll get the longest arc if 
you climb all the way down before starting to swing. So press Down/Back to shimmy 
down the rope to the bottom. Make sure you're facing the ledge with the lever (use 
Left/Right to adjust your angle if necessary). Then press the Sprint key to start 
swinging. Press Jump at the peak of the arc, and Lara will let go of the rope and 
land on the ledge. (You can just release Action to let go, but pressing Jump adds a 
little extra oomph, which you'll need at times.)

Pull the lever to open the door, then follow the hallway to end the level.

THE RACE FOR THE IRIS (Training Level - part 2)

The length and difficulty of the race course in this level depends on the number of 
golden skulls you found in the previous level. Finding all eight skulls opens up the 
longer, more difficult course.

In either case, you'll probably want to take the course slowly, following Von Croy's 
lead, the first time or two. When you learn the twists and turns, you'll be able to 
go faster. In the easier course, Von Croy stops at the big doors and waits for Lara 
to open them. To do this, step up to the small, rectangular niche on the wall to the 
right of the door and press Action. Lara will reach in and operate a mechanism to 
open the door.

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