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This FAQ is Copyright Professor Elm 2006.
Part 1.1: Training Mudkip 
I am going to take you through the whole game as I go through it, pointing out 
the important and non important things of the game. I will be updating this FAQ 

The Beggining
When you turn on the game, there will be a menu in front of you. Select New 
Game. When you do this, a man named Professor Birch will fade in front of 
you. He will explain to you what the world of pokemon is and what a pokemon 
is. Then he will ask who you are. You will then pick gender. I suggest that 
you pick the same gender as you really are. You will then be ask for a name. 
You can choose a name given, or you can put in your own name. After this you 
will be in a truck. when the truck stops, get out where the arrow is. You will 
be in your new hometown of Littleroot. Your mother will then come out of the 
house in front of you. She will then take you inside. She will tell you to go 
upstairs into your room and set the clock on the wall. To do this, go up the 
stairs and on the wall where the clock is, press the A button. You may then 
set the clock to the time you want. After you do this, your Mom will come up 
the stairs and tell you to make sure everything on your desk. Go to the desk 
on the left and press the A button on the PC. It will have a menu that says 
will be another menu. Choose WITHDRAW ITEM. Take the potion out of the PC. 
Then press the B button a couple of times. Then go down the stairs. You Mom 
will yell for you to go to the TV. She will say that you missed your Dad on 
the TV. She will then tell you to go next door and introduce yourself. When 
you go next door, a woman will ask you who you are, when you tell her, she 
says that their duaghter is upstairs. Then go up the stairs. Go to the 
pokeball in the middle of the room and press the A button. when you do this a 
girl will go up the stairs and walk up to you. She will ask you who you are. 
Then she will tell you her name.(it will be a boy if your chosen gender is 
girl)She will tell you about her. Then she will say that she has to help her 
Dad catch wild pokemon. After this, go down the stairs, out the door, and to 
the north. You will see a little girl. She will say that there is a man being 
chased by a wild pokemon.     

Your First Battle and Your Starter

Now is when your game gets interesting!! You will see a man running around 
with a pokemon behind him. He will tell you to get a pokeball out of his bag 
which is on the ground beside you. Go to the bag and press the A button. There 
will be three pokemon. This faq is to help you beat the game with Mudkip. So, 
if you want to train Torchic ar Treeko, wait for my other two parts to be 
written. Anyway, after you choose mudkip, the first battle will start. You 
will be battling a Zigzagoon. In order to battle, you will have to first 
choose the attack option. Then choose an attack for mudkip to use. His attacks 
right now are tackle and growl. Choose tackle. After this your mudkip will 
attack the opponent taking away some HP, or Hit Points. This will keep going 
on back and forth untill the opponents pokemon or your pokemon faint. Win the 
battle. When you do, you will have to go back to Littleroot. When you get back 
to Littleroot, go into the big building under your house. When you get into 
the lab, birch will give you a pokedex, so you can record the pokemon youve 
seen or caught. After this May/Brandon will give you five pokeballs. These are 
for capturing wild pokemon. This is the beggining of your journey.

Last updated: December 30, 2006

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