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Creator : furdude2
E-Mail  : [email protected]
Type    : Help/Hint File
Game    : Transport Tycoon Delux
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Section 1.--------- Sections
        a.--------- Updates
	b.--------- Disclaimer
Section 2.--------- Game play
        a.--------- Shortcuts
Section 3.--------- Point of the Game
Section 4.--------- The ways to get to The Point of the Game
(Prior Section)
Section 5.--------- Trains!!!!
Section 6.--------- Road Vehicles...(RV's From here on)
Section 7.--------- Planes(Air panes...)
Section 8.--------- Boats(The forgotten Transport System)
Section 9.-------- Subsidies
Section 10.-------- Terrains
Section 11.-------- FAQ's
Section 12.-------- Industry Section 
Section 13.-------- Patch related problems go to this site... 
site below.
Section 14.-------- Suggestions for helpfile/game.
Section 15.--------- Contact Info
Section 16.--------- Credits
Section 17.--------- Copyrights
Version 1.0Apr 25..2005... Started Hint/Help file 
My first one so be nice bout how it looks

Apr 27..same year two days later... o well any who I added 4 more 
sections from FAQ's down and I am a loooooooong way from being close 
to done(makes since its only been two or three days.)and have much to 
put on.							
Oct 11.. Corrected a few things... short cuts for F10 and Shift+F10 
added the "t" shortcut as turns the transparency on an off..

Nov 3..  Added Disclaimers.. added a few extra shortcuts...from below 
the "t" shortcut to the delete button shortcut

June 02 2006.. added a personal best money amount and rating for the 
end game record 1.7 something bil with the perfect rating added to 
section 4 the point of the game section. added mouse wheel zoom
(can't believe I forgot that.)

September 24 06.  Added Contact Info, forgot to do that..:D

September 28 06.  I think I finished most of it, now I need some 
more FAQ's.. :D the suggestion(s) areas need some ;)
This FAQ is meant for PRIVATE USE ONLY This FAQ may not be redistributed 
for profit by anyone!!! This FAQ talks about a Patch which is not 
produced by the developer of the game This patch is a Cheat
(a very nice cheat) and necessary if you wish to play this game on 
any XP Computer!!  It has a switch that makes it XP compatible...

The game play is quite simple really, most of the action is by use 
of mouse.  there are shortcut keys and I will put them here when I 
figure them out.  The LeftMouseButton or lmb is the primary button 
you will use, but the right button has one use it is used to scroll
around the game map with. Also if you have a wheel mouse which most 
people do by now, you can zoom in and out if you have the wheel 
scroll switch with the patch enabled that is.

Most of the easy shortcut keys to remember are the top 12 function 
keys(also known as F1 to F12).  
F1 is pause
F2 is an options menu
F3 is the save/load menu
F4 is the map button
F5 is the town list
F6 is the subsidies list further discussed in section 10
F7 is for your station/loading bay info button
F8 is your financial statements
F9 is for your HQ info button
F10 Doesn’t Have a function
F11 is your companies rating button
F12 is your build new industries button		
shift + F1 brings up your trains list
shift + F2 brings up your rv's list
shift + F3 brings up your boat list
shift + f4 brings up your plane list 
shift + F5 is the zoom In button
shift + F6 is the Zoom Out button
shift + F7 Opens the Train building Menus
shift + F8 Opens the RV's building Menus
shift + F9 Opens the Boat building Menus
shift + F10 Doesn’t Have a function
shift + f11 brings up the plant tree menu
shift + f12 brings up the jutebox

Another shortcut is the "t" button what it does is it turns on and 
off the transparency.  The "z" key zooms in where ever you are.. 
and the "c" button Centers where your mouse cursor is, and possibly 
zooms in im not sure or remembering right now.  The delete button 
closes all windows that are open... Don’t use it much you may close 
a New Vehicle to market window. They come up and they are blue in color
-------------------[3]The Point of The Game------------------------
This game may not be as easy as it seems.  It also seems to not have 
a point but it does.  The point of this game is to of course as the 
title says be a Transport Tycoon... Within the game being a tycoon 
just means this being the best rated company which will be explained 
further on.  The rating scale goes up to 1000 that is tycoon level...

This is the rating system(the OFFICIAL rating 
system that the game uses).  Written by Josef Drexler

Performance - this is how your company has performed since it was 
                    started, you want as few drops as possible, a high rating
                    will lead to better attitude from Local Authorities and 
                    higher passenger numbers. You can add the following 
                    amounts by completing these objectives:
      ________ ______________________________________________________________
     | Points | Objectives                                                   |
     | 400    | 40,000 units of cargo delivered during the last four         |
     |        | quarters. This objective is worth 40% of your total rating,  |
     |        | so it's important to meet this one if you want a high score. |
     |        | To increase your delivered cargo, you'll need more services, |
     |        | faster vehicles, and more efficient layouts.                 |
     | 100    | 120 vehicles in operation. Since TTD will only let you build |
     |        | a maximum number of trains, vehicles, planes and ships this  |
     |        | objective requires you to diversify the methods of transport |
     |        | you use. Remember that the game counts a bus to the same     |
     |        | degree as a Yate plane, so road vehicles will make your      |
     |        | target easier.                                               |
     | 100    | 80 station part. A part means bus stops, airports, platforms,|
     |        | etc., even if several are combined into one station.         |
     | 100    | £10,000 minimum profit for all vehicles more than 2 years    |
     |        | old. This objective is somewhat flawed, because: If you don't|
     |        | have any vehicles older than 2 years old, then you get the   |
     |        | 100 points by default. It doesn't take inflation into        |
     |        | consideration. Early in the game, it might be difficult for  |
     |        | all of your vehicles to earn £10,000 per year. But as time   |
     |        | goes on, £10,000 is worth much easier to make because it     |
     |        | isn't worth as much. You probably don't want all of your     |
     |        | vehicles to earn a profit. You might intend some services to |
     |        | be intermediate "piglet" lines that supply cargo to other    |
     |        | vehicles which then take them to their final destination.    |
     |        | Road vehicles often don't turn a very big profit, at least   |
     |        | not early in the game.                                       |
     | 100    | £100,000 minimum operating profit for at least one quarter   |
     |        | out of the last 12                                           |
     | 50     | £50,000 minimum operating profit for all of the last 12      |
     |        | quarters                                                     |
     | 50     | 8 different types of cargo delivered during the last quarter.| 
     |        | This is trickier to achieve than you might think. You have   |
     |        | to transport - and successfully deliver - eight different    |
     |        | cargo types during the past quarter.                         |
     | 50     | £10 million cash on hand                                     |
     | 50     | £250,000 maximum loan. So, if you are borrowing £250,000 or  |
     |        | more, you won't get any points for this. Otherwise, if you   |
     |        | have a smaller loan, or don't have any debt, then you get    |
     |        | all 50 points.                                               |
Written by Josef Drexler!! Allowed by him to be posted!! :) (Thanks Joesf)

(Side note June 02 06 made a personal victory... had well over a 
billion more like 1bil 7 or 8 hundred mil.. and the 1000 at the 2050 
year for the first time ever!! usually I'd have one or the other.)      
--------------[4]The ways to The Point of the Game-----------------
 Quite a bit to this section, just giving u some warning. The way to 
the top is a lonely and daunting task.  The way I get over this is 
just shut out everything else in the game and in the real world.  
For example if you concentrate on the competitors(which they are 
extremely stupid anyway) you'll find yourself not doing to well 
yourself.  My advise here would be just don’t pay them no mind til 
they either go bankrupt or you are steady enough to buy them out.  
Advise on how to start, what I do is find either a coal/iron/or wood 
producer and then of course the recipient of that resource that is at 
a good distance from the resource.  That way even in the hard settings 
you will get a nice profit(in the hard setting it might be a little 
pressing to do this but if you don’t go to far you should make it.)  
The reason for these three to start is because they are the highest 
payers and they produce material quickly...Highest payer means that 
the longer the load goes you will still actually make money off it.  
If you've played Railroad Tycoon(any of them) it’s the same way... 
Get the goods to destination ASAP. The faster the more you make...
except its counted in squares and days not just days.  
Its not hard to imagine why I put this section first.  For those who 
haven’t played long or haven’t played in a long time.  Trains are The 
Transport System in this game even though there are three other systems 
this game is just bout like Railroad Tycoon except it has other things 
besides trains.

Trains are very, very important, and to understand them will make the 
game a whole lot easier.  For example most of the time in the beginning
you will get four or five subsides right in a row, naturally they are 
going to be industry ones.  If you set towns to be few, then rely on
industry, it's better this way anyways.  Passengers are ok, and are
useful if you want to get the town to expand or need the town to have
a high rating of you.  But in the beginning worry about Industries and 
work on simple track layout design, that will show how to eventually 
and gradually turn into a massive pile of track(literally).  

Generally in the beginning with trains you have limited funds so that
means limited build length of track, so what you need to do is build a
simple line of this.  Coal is a good place to start, try to find a very
high producing one(click on the industry to find out) and look for a 
Power plant near by, or fairly close by at least.  Then build a two station
wide by 3 tile long station...

I'll try and make one here  _ \ / is one section of track 
                             is a cross track section
                            <> is going to be a two way signal
                            = is one station tile..
                             C   is the depot\

		________<>= = =         
                   C_/\_<>= = =
so basically you want one track is the incomeing track below its the 
top one of course, and two and actually three trains can service a station
like this, two would be loading and a third would either be at a siding(another
important thing in this game) or in the depot.  make the track connect to another
station that looks like this one by the other industry.  Also if there
is a good deal of track between them you will have to put sidings in,
basically a siding is a branch of track that follows the line and is right
next to the main line, make sure that the siding is long enough to fit
your longest train, that means when you start building if the trains are
an engine and 5 cars that means that its three tiles long, so that means
that you need 3 tiles for the train.  That means from where it branches you
will need to got 5 tiles, three for the train and one on either side of the 
train for signals.  like this the "< and >" are one way signals, making 
sure that the trains will pass each other and keep the track running smoothly:
       main line             \                     / 
       second                 \<____________________<>= = =_>____>____
                      \__<>= = =_>___/    

Usually the key with this style station is having the next station
(or a way point) be past the station, other wise it will try and go
back through(most of mine try to but thats because I don't use this
station much) The trick with the signal. is that even though everything
is going one way(in this case to the right) the second signal has to be
a two way(if a train is coming it won't go through to the platform with the
other train, but it also won't go to the free one.  The signal must be 2 way
to let the trains know if one or the other is blocked!  

Once you have more then three or so, thats when you need to double the track.
A real simple production, if it's a single line with a few sidings, just go
from there, use the existing track and follow a similiar path that is 
right next to or close to the existing track.  Then whatever the first track 
goes at the siding make that the way that whole side goes, and do the
same for the other side, whatever the siding direction is make that side
go that direction.  Now the trains are going to go even smoother.  Most
of the time I end up using the first basic setup for this and move the 
depot to the bottom or the top of where all the tracks meet.  and then
attach the incoming and out going tracks.  Most of the time there aren't 
many bottlenecks either.  Unless I don't have enough station platforms 
or they all decide to go to the depot at the same time.  
---------------[6]RoadVehicles(RV's for short)---------------------
With a patched version which is needed when playing on any OS that 
is new.  These hard working vehicles have come a long way, especially 
if you download(and check for viruses) the new grf files of player 
made vehicles they're very nice I don’t even use the original in 
game vehicles anymore the player made ones are faster/bigger and 
there are only a few cuz they made them like Locomotion RV's where 
you can refit them to whatever you need.
Usually the second highest paid vehicles unless you got like max boats 
or something(which is a lot).  Info I read somewhere don’t remember 
right now said the best thing to do with Planes is to find four big 
cities and, this is the dumb part, bulldoze the middle and put a big 
airport there.  If you can bulldoze that much may God help your city 
sentiment rating.  It would crash faster than a fast jet at a little 
----------------------[8]Boats(The forgotten Transports)-----------
Boats, though slow are a very good system, when they breakdown(if 
you have breakdowns on) they don't block others.  They can also only
be screwed around with by putting up land around them or the docks(
at least one of the docks they go to), and the depot. But since the
AI never use them you don't have to..:D  But seriously boats are a
very good system.  Before the patch allowed for humongus trains boats
carried the most cargo of any system, even when the trains could carry
more when the monorail and maglevs come out.  
A brief definition of a subsidy is... A service offered by a(city or 
industry owned by a city in this game) If you were to get the subsidy 
offered the city would grant you the subsidy and between double to 
three times as much payment than normal runs.(An evil thing I do is 
buy out competitors doing those runs, if I can afford to, right 
before or right after they get it so I get the money/subsidy with 
little effort.

Subsidies The backbone to this service providing game.  As previously 
stated in section 5 wood/coal/Iron are the best subsides to go for, 
even better then that is going for non subsidised of these industries 
that are across the map.  This = Money, money and more money.
The Terrains are quite nice, and very different from the Original 
which don’t get me wrong it was good for 1995 or whenever it came out 
but only two "terrains"  isn’t enough.

Terrain One:
The one we all know and love is of course "Temperate"

Terrain Two:
This one is "Arctic" kinda interesting with the snow an all

Terrain Three:
"Tropical".. Don’t play it much have maybe two save games...

Terrain Four:
"Toy Land"... Possibly the weirdest terrain ever and with new patches 
might disappear as well(thank God, Too bright of a background and it 
made my teeth hurt...)
Q:  Which type of Vehicle service should I use?
A:  Depends upon the situation.  If the two points are within 
probably I'd say 10 to 20 squares I'd use RV's, and at least probably 
3 to 5 of them.  If its between 30 to 50 squares and its an industry, 
definitely go with trains, If it’s the same distance but with towns I 
would go with trains or Planes depending on the size of the town.  
If the route has a lot of water I'd go with what’s that yes I use 
boats a lot more cuz there friggin Huge they're the slowest but they 
usually pick up more than a entire train can in one trip an make a 
lot more money than a train would.

Q:  What’s with the beeping noises?
A:  That is the message system.  If you have all messages turned 
off(which technically You can't) That’s the beeping... Its to let u 
know something happenin' and sometimes u should probably look, most 
disasters I think actually do go to full screen so you can see what 
happened but most of the Company and economic Info is beeped.

Q:  Are the Trains as good as You say they are??
A:  Uh Yea... If your in the lets say 2020ish year I think you have 
MagLev's then, Hmm, A coal or possibly Iron Load bout 12 cars worth 
from one End to the other of the map... Should get I think I had 
received 650'000 possibly more in one run, but I didn’t only have 1 
I had 4 making that much so Hmm lets see That’s how much....
O yea +/-1'300'000    dollars in one round trip.
Since it probably takes a month both ways you'd make bout 12'800'000 
a year from four trains plus all the others you probably have.  
That's 3'200'000 Per year for A train.

Q:  Why are my vehicles constantly breaking down?
A:  Unlike TTO TTDX has a mean thing that most new players don't know 
about, In TTO the Service Interval was changeable and usually set at 
150 days, about five months, In unpatched TTD(AFAIK) that button is
on the screen but unavailable!!, D'oh.  Also it is set to 16'000 months!
which is 43 years or so!!.  If you are coming straight from TTO to TTD
you will have to patch it, and check for a switch that has to do with this.
also to make it XP compatible, if you have it... most should or probably
do have XP by now.  TTO FYI that I've seen is not playable, DOS is not the same
animal as it was with 95.. if you try to run TTO, it will run for about
two seconds then terminate. I tried 20+ times I could get into a random
game but thats bout it.  Then it would crash... The only way I play it
now is by DOSbox, I think I have the Address I will add it in the credits
area later.  I think I may be able to help in that area as well I can 
get TTO and at least one other to run(the other being Theme Park!! yes
I have Theme Park...)Oops way off question..:D But really... before asking
at tt-forums about how to change this and get a flame post or somebody
telling you to read the manual, that comes in every patch download file
read it before asking, and if you need to find out where a switch is, 
in the .cfg file that it comes as(it says config, you change it with 
what this is typed in which is notepad!.)it's in alphabetical order so 
it isn't that hard to find.  If you find the Configurator download site
which most new people use to ease the tension of trying to use a notepad
config file... it is in the vehicles tab... it will have a underline in the
switch. for showing how many days you set it for.
--------------------[12] Industry section--------------------------
The Most Important area.  You cannot survive on cities and subsidies 
alone.  You have to AND I MEAN HAVE TO supply industries with correct 
supplies, and ship the consequential products they produce to the next 
industry in line.  By now you should know the big three Coal/Iron/Wood, 
and yes in that order coal is the highest paying, its starts out high 
and ends up high.  The graph in game proves this because coal is like 
second or third from the top in payment and it is the one that drops 
the least.
-------------[13]You got patch problems, say em here---------------
Tell them to the good people at this  please
read the stickies in the problem board before posting!! Somebody 
will get you if you don't(and it's not me!!)and as with any forum,
don't double post, they get rather upset at this particular forum, 
if you don't get an answer right away.  Wait an hour or so, somebody
will get to you..:D  Or if your not a regular internet user send me 
a line at one of my emails(or my forum as a guest I have a board 
specially for them) and I will ask it at the forums for you!  I may 
actually have the answer too you never know..:D
------------[14]Suggestions for this document/and game-------------
---------------------[15}Contact Info------------------------------
Rules about contact:
NO SPAM!!!! Getting tired of having it sent to me already
I may have some FAQ's that Ive thought of already but if you have 
one send it to one of the following, I'll probably answer it..

Allowed on:

[email protected] 
[email protected](hardly check so use the first one)
[email protected](Same as above)

furdude2 on it all the time you should be able to see me..;)
[email protected]
[email protected](may be don't use it that much though)
ICQ number 328036880

Admin of Forum for All Occasions
Member of sunflowers board member ID 2004 nick furdude6
Member of TTD forums nick furdude6
Patchman for making the Patch ;) for making the game sooo much better
also to George for making them awesome awesome vehicles.  Chris 
Sawyer of course for making the awesome game(s) TTO and TTD...
GameFAQ's as well for hosting all those FAQ's(including this one).  
Supercheats, Cheatcodes, and Neoseekers as well...I'm not sure if I 
will make any more... I also have a very no where near finished Pokemon
G/S/C one but since they have a half dozen or more of them for each 
They probably won't except any more..:( 

Josef Drexler for the use of his performance rating points!
For those trying to get TTO to run...
DOSBox's website is this.
Chris Sawyer, Microprose, Infogrames, Atari(Grr) Chris better win
DOSBox copyright of The DOSBox team...
Chris(me) Copyright furdude2 2006
Copyright TransportTycoon Walkthrough/Guide	

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