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TWISTED METAL 2. Weapon descriptions, strategies that I use in game, and some 
cheats that I use. Version 1.1  last edited 6/16/2007

By Kendall Sorenson.

1. Preface.
2. The Weapon pickups.
3. Advanced Attacks.
4  Weapon/Advanced Attack Strategies.
5. Game Glitches
6. Funny and/or pain in the butt facts.
7. Cheats.
8. Version History.

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1. Preface.
	Thank you for viewing my guide. I will allow this guide on any cheat site, so
feel free to post it on a cheat site as long as it is not changed in any way,
shape, or form. If you need help with anything, like help on playing the game,
help on the weapons, or strategies, contact me via my email address above. If
you happen to find any mistakes or errors in this guide, please tell me by using
the email address above. I do copyright my work, and you must ask for permission
to use any part of my work in your guide/faq. You may ask by contacting me via
the email above. If I find anything that I think is mine in someone else's work,
I will give you a warning to take it out of that work before I take more drastic
measures. Any copyright infraction on my part most likely accidental, and if you
do happen to find something from your guide that is in mine then please contact
me by email, and I will take some measure to change it or at least give you
credit. Thank you, and enjoy my Faq.

2. The Weapon Pickups

Fire missile: This missile has limited homing capability and has low power. This 
weapon is useful for slow cars like Mr. Slam, Warthog, or Sweet Tooth. This 
weapon should not be used against fast vehicles like Twister, Spectre, 
Grasshopper, etc.

Homing Missile: This missile can home in fairly good on any enemy as long as 
they don't made any super sharp turns. This missile has moderate power and is a 
great weapon for fast cars like twister.

Power Missile: This missile has heavy power, and only two or three are needed 
to take out weak opponents like twister or Mr. Grim. This missile does not home 
in on enemies, so you either have to have really good timing or you can hit 
them while they are frozen. This weapon can also knock back an opponent a few 

Napalm: This weapon, when fired, shoots out a ball of fire that can cause 
moderate damage to an opponent and catch them on fire. This weapon does not 
home in on an enemy. Be careful not to touch an enemy when he is on fire, 
because then you will catch fire as well.

Lightning: This weapon is only available in 3 levels: Los Angeles, Moscow, and 
Hong Kong. This weapon, when fired, electrocutes your enemies in a certain 
radius from the generator. If you happen to be within that radius, you'll get 
shocked too. This weapon causes light damage, and is relatively useless.

Ricochet bomb: This weapon, when fired, travels around the level, slowly 
gaining strength until it hits an enemy(or you) or detonates itself. This 
weapon causes low damage and knocks back the opponent a considerable distance.

Health: This regenerates your health. There are two kinds, one that partially, 
and one that fully regenerates your health.

Turbo: This gives you turbo, which is used by pressing the triangle button in 
the default button configuration. This makes you accelerate faster and reach
your top speed in only 2-3 seconds.

Remote bomb: Deadliest of all weapons, this sets a bomb when you press 
the fire button, and then when you press the fire button again, it detonates. 
it will also detonate when you or your opponent drive over it. If an opponent is 
runs over the weapon, he will also be shot into the air. 2 or 3 of these can
easily kill a weak opponent like twister or Mr. Grimm

3. Advanced Attacks

These attacks are special attacks that are used by button combos. These use the 
advanced attack energy bar.

Freeze: Left, Right, Up. This freezes your opponent for about 3 seconds. This 
attack causes low damage.

Napalm: Right, Left, Up. This shoots napalm. this is the same as a weapon 
pickup. It's basically free napalm at the expense of some of your advanced 
attack bar.

Rear attack: Left, Right, Down. This shoots the weapon thats selected rearward. 
Great for bombarding opponents that are chasing you. I don't suggest using non 
homing items.

Rear freeze: Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up. This fires a rear freeze 
attack backwards. This can only be used when you have no weapons in your weapon 

Minion special: Hold down machine gun button, and press up, down, up, up. This 
fires minions special attack, at the cost of all your advanced attack bar.

Mine: Right, left, down. drops a mine below your car. Great for cars that are 
chasing you.

4. Weapon/Advanced Attack Strategies

In Antarctica, gather as many ricochet bombs and power missiles as you can. 
then teleport to that little island. Most enemies will teleport to that island, 
but some will like to be a pain and just stay on the main island. some that 
stay on the main island will fall off. When an enemy teleports to the island, 
freeze them immediately. Then use your Ricochet bombs and power missiles to knock 
them off the island. You can also use this in New York to blast the enemy off 
the building.

In Hong Kong, go to the piers where all the water is and stuff. drive onto one 
of the dividers and go all the way to the fence that separates the "safe" water 
and the other water. you must be on the top of the concrete for this to work. 
don't try to jump the fence, or you'll die. turn around so that you are facing 
down the road. go forward a few feet and plant a remote bomb. Or if your Axle, 
stay right by the fence, facing down the road. when an enemy comes charging 
down the road and gets to where your bomb is, detonate the bomb while they are 
still charging at you. This will blast them over the fence and into the deadly 
water. With Axle, when your enemy gets close enough, activate your special and 
they will be blasted over the fence.

In Paris, where the Louvre is, teleport up the the upper level of the Louvre and
just sit there. enemies will just keep teleporting and driving off. This can be
used to ambush your enemies. you can also put a remote bomb on the teleport pad.
this can be done on any teleport pad.

5. Game Glitches

There seems to be this lovely magic distance at which weapons won't do any 
damage. This applies also to the lightning.

If you try to use darktooth, you'll probably lock up your playstation. dark 
tooth can only be used with a gameshark.

In Moscow, if your on the ramp that leads towards the top of the lever and fire
a napalm while facing the bottom floor, it will go through the floor.

6. Funny and/or pain in the butt facts.

Mr. Slam, roadkill, Mr. Grim, and Grasshopper all have this obsession with 
freezing you to death.

If you kill 10 pedestrians, you'll gain some life.

The physics in this game is all screwy. Hammerhead, for example, will slide 
more than usually for a car his size, and sometimes in New York and Antarctica, 
will slide right off the ledge. sometimes if you freeze roadkill while he is 
moving, he'll just slide forever.

If you fire napalm at the paintings in the Louvre, they will burn until theres 
nothing left. one painting will leave a cheat(i believe it doesn't work).

In Paris, you can destroy the Eiffel tower with a remote bomb.

In Antarctica, if your right by a chunk if ice thats about to fall, and there's 
a pedestrian on it, if you listen very carefully when the chunk falls, you 
might hear the pedestrian scream.

When you plant a remote bomb, in the manual, it says that there's supposed to 
be a flashing red dot on your radar. If I remember correctly, I've never seen a 
flashing dot.

7. Cheats

Infinite Life: Hold R1 and L1 and quickly press: up, down, left, right, right, 
left, down, up. This will give you eternal life and you can nevre die unless 
you fall off the edge in Antarctica or New York, or jump the fence by the pier 
in Hong Kong.

Infinite Weapons: Hold R2 and L2 and quickly press: up, down, left, right, 
right, left, down, up. This will give infinite amounts of every weapon, 
infinite specials, infinite turbo, and infinite advanced attack energy.

God mode: Hold down R1, R2, L1 and L2 and press up, down, left, right, right, 
left, down, up. this will give infinite live and weapons.

Mega guns: Hold down R2(or whatever button you have for the machine gun button) 
and press up, down, left, right, right, left, down, up. now each machine gum 
bullet will have nearly the power of a fire missile.

Homing Napalm:

Select napalm in your weapons bay(must have at least 3). Fire the napalm and 
keep the fire button held down. quickly press up, down, down, left, left, left, 
right, right. this will give you homing napalm. This also gives 11 more 
napalms. These napalms will be on your opponent like Homer Simpson on beer. 
These are also more powerful than ordinary napalm, with power rivaling a remote 
bomb. every napalm you get from now on will be homing. 

Minion: In the Character Selection screen, press L1, up, down, left. This will 
unlock minion.

8. Version History
1.0: Guide created.
1.1: Preface updated, Numerous spelling errors fixed, some descriptions updated.

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