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                               Twisted Metal
                                Small Brawl!

                               A Twisted Story
Calypso is back and this time twisted metal will never be the smae again,want to 
know why?There kids and this time there not playing any games!o.k so they are 
playing games,but that doesn't mean its not fun!when Calypso the school bully gets 
bored of picking on little kids he creates twisted metal,like a car derby on tv,but 
he has one problem they aren't old enough to drive,so he invites the kids to a 
tournament bring your r/c car and get ready to rumble,the winner gets one wish 
anything they want!anything!

one player mode

tournament:the main part of the game were you compete in different battlegrounds and 
different players for your ultimate wish!

challenge:if you want to practice here is the place pick any place and any enemy!

endurance:this is were you battle to see how long you can survive!

two player mode

head to head:your average one on one combat!

cooperative:want a buddy by your side in the tournament,just don't shoot each ohther!

free for all:I don't play this much,but its your basic every man for themselves!

fire missile:a not so powerful weapon that only shoots the direction you face
homing missile:a missle that seeks your enemy out
power missile:a really powerful missle,but still only shoots the direction you face
roman candle:you know those balls that bounce everywhere,its kind of like that 
except they hurt 
ricochet bomb:a powerful spiral thing that bounces of everything
napalm:a flaming dolls head,heh cool,but be careful they burn(that means you)
remote drop mine:a cherry bomb that you control or just let it burn out notice the 
skull and crossbones they are there for a reason
environment weapon:most battlegrounds have one,you can control something in its 
mystery:a weapon pick up by random
special:every car has its own weapon(it comes back after a few minutes)
machine gun:a back up weapon just in case you run out

                                Battery Attacks
this is were the secret attacks come in,they run on battery energy,but it recharges!

rear fire:left,right,down,l2(fires the weapon backward)
drop mine:right,left,down

playground peril
              you can destroy the jungle gym by shooting a missile at the roof
              you can spin the merry go round in the background
secret:you can unlock axel by shooting the middle swing in the background

carn o maul
              fire at the pink wall next to the spinning thing to go underground
              you can also go underground by following the skeleton
              you can spin on the merry go round thing

easy death oven
              try going next to the can opener
              you can trap your enemy in the microwave
enviroment:ice cubes fly out the ice box 
secret:fire a napalm it the plumers butt and he will blow a hole in the cabinet,go 
inside to get darkside

minigolf mayham
               you can go in the pipe thing to shoot you back in to action
               shoot the spider to get a weapon
enviroment:volcano fire balls fly out the top
trapper:the best way to destroy trapper is to use a power missile,enviromental or 
golf balls

meat your maker
               you can shoot the meat down
enviroment:turning on the meat grinder(be careful you could get killed yourself)

gridiron gore
               blow up the helmets
enviroment:commanding the lawn mower

tree top rumble
               shoot the swich to drop your enemy out the tree house
               turn on the lawn mower
               bunch back in to action by landing on the trampoline
enviroment:blast rockets at the enemys by the bridge

now slaying
               shoot the popcorn machine to destroy the stage by the screen
piecemeal:to destroy piecemeal use any weapon to shoot the back of him to damage him

the next three battlegrounds are unlocked by getting differnt scores in endurance 

shock therapy
               you can blast the brain in the jar to unleash it
enviroment:shock your enemy with the shock machine
to unlock you need a score of 10 on endurance

busters lane
               you can go underground
               you can go down the alley
               use the hidden crane to pick you up and put you in a secret place
to unlock you need a score of 20 on endurance

holiday havoc
               you can go behind the couch
               shoot santa
               blow up the tree
secret:blow up the tree and destroy the stockings to get mime


Sweet Tooth
driver:Sweet Tooth
vehicle:frosty treats ice cream truck
he enters for a little ice cream
ending:Calypso gives him the ice cream,but instead Sweet Tooth hijacks the truck and 
runs over Calypso

Crimson Fury
driver:Agent Stone
vehicle:crimson fury sports car
he enters to stop Calypso and his bullying ways
ending:Calypso is holding a cat and agent stone has a water gun so he shoots the cat 
and he scratches Calypso

Mr Grimm
driver:Mr Grimm
vehicle:grimms stunt motercycle
he wants the portal to halloweenland
ending:Calypso shows him the portal and he goes in,but he can't get out so Calypso 
kicks the box(the portal is in the box)it rolles down the hill

vehicle:shadow hearse
he enters to get his frog back
ending:Calypso says the frog won't let him in,so Mortimer says something about 
radiation and says keep the frog,Calypso looks in the box and the frog is huge and 
he eats Calypso

driver(s):Vinnie and Bruce
vehicle:thumper lowrider
they want the ultimate sound system
ending:(its funny)Calypso shows them there car and they say they don't want no toy 
man yeah we want phat sound so the car turns in to a huge sterio system it goes 
1.2.3.bam they fly 5 miles away and they are def now

driver:Officer Roberts
vehicle:outlaw police car
just like Crimson Fury he wants to stop Calypsos bulling ways
ending:(funny)his car turns in to a rocket and he shoots it at Calypso,but he falls 
backward in to the sewer and the rocket blows up a cop car and he gets arested

vehicle:warthog off road assault vehicle
he wants revenge
ending:he has a card board box tank and shoots at Calypso,but its a card board 
figure behind it is explosives and they blow up Warthog

vehicle:twister race car
wants the ultimate ride
ending:shes siting on a ducky ride and Calypso pulls a switch and a rocket comes out 
the bottom and she flys in to space

vehicle:slam contruction vehicle
wants revenge for Calypso destroying his tree house
ending:Slams car drives up to Calypso and he says what you gunna do with that dirt 
boy Slam says nothing dirt boy and a real contruction vehicle grabs Calypso and 
buries him(not all the way his head is poping out)and a porta potty falls on him

vehicle:spectre sports car
looking for something in a past contest about his dad
ending:(very cool my favorite)Calypso says tough the only thing I could dig up was a 
stupid picture Spectre says dad and he opens it and its a key he jumps up and down 
says the key to spectre(twisted metal 2)a cave opens up and he drives out in his 
dads car

vehicle:hammerhead monster truck
wants to be a rock star
ending:(very stupid)Calpso grants his wish he is dressed like elves and he screams 


driver:Billy Ash




I am not yet sure how to get Piecemeal or Trapper

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