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 w      w w     w  e          l       c        o        o m  m m  m  e
  w    w   w   w   eeeeeee    l       c        o        o m   m   m  eeeeee
   w  w     w w    e          l       c        o        o m       m  e        
    ww       w     eeeeeee    lllll    ccccccc  oooooooo  m       m  eeeeee

to my first chao FAQ.
1.different chao types
2.Chao gardens
3.chao kindergarten
4.chao race

1.CHAO TYPES:As you all know, there are 5 different chao 
types.Run,Fly,Power,stamina, and swimming. Now if your chao is a newborn,you 
can use chaos drives to level up it's swim, run, power, and fly attributes. To 
level up it's stamina. There is even a fruit that levels up every attribute.If 
you use one certain attribute for your chao, it will become an adult chao of 
that type.there are special abilities. If you level up its swim enough, instead 
of freaking out, it will swim(duh!),if you level up it's run enough,instead of  
crawling, it'll start walking,and maybe even running!If you level up its flight 
enough, when it jumps of a ledge it might fly!

2.CHAO GARDENS: you start off with one chao garden, the normal garden.But, if 
you raise a hero or dark chao, stairs will appear in the lobby leading to a 
hero or dark garden depending on what type of chao you raised.

3.ChAO KINDERGARTEN:in chao kindergarten,  there are 4 important rooms there 
(minus the principal's office, which is pointless if you know what chaos are). 
there is the black market, where you can buy fruits,eggs,hat, and special items,
the classroom, where you can leave your chao for it to learn stuff,like 
painting,the docttor's office,where you can see if your chao is sick,find out 
your chao's favorite fruit, and find out it's personality.There's also a 
fortune teller that gives your chao a name, but if press no when she gives your 
chao a name, press no again, and you will have a chance to name your chao 

4.CHAO RACE:in the chao garden,there is an entranc under the waterfall.if you 
go in, you have the option to do a chao race, or chao karate. if you select 
chao race, you're character will appear walking up to the chao entrance an 
option menu will  appear on the screen you are prompted with beginner race and 
multiplayer race(you will need more than 1 chao and more than 1 controller to 
play multplayer)if you beat all 3 levels of 1 track, you will unlock a toy for 
your chao.if you beat all 3 levels of every track,you will now be able to do 
Jewel race,were there are tougher chao and tracks, and instead of 3 levels on a 
track,there are 5, and challenge race, wre there are multiple races, and if 
youcomplete a row of tracks(meaning 4 races), you will unlock a toy which is 
able in the garden,like a ball you can throw to your chao.the races are 
different, because instead of racing against normal chao, you will race against 
special chao, and in two races, you will face animals, and omochao.there are 
two other types of races,dark race, and hero race, were you will race hero and 
dark chao.NOTE:dark chaos are not allowed to race in dark race,and hero chao 
are not allowed to race in hero race.

That was my FAQ on various chao stuff. see you soon!;)

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