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Table Of Contents
1.On The Train
2.Welcome to Town
3.Hi Everybody
4.Working For Nook
5.Expanding Your House
6.The Surprise
7.After All That Hard Work
1.On The Train

When you start the game a cat named Rover will walk up to you and ask what time it 
is, it is your choice what to pick, then he will ak you if he can sit down by you 
and no matter what you pick he will sit down but have a differant responce, after 
that it will be the same but in between he will call his friend Tom Nook, then he 
will come back and say that they are pulling in to whatever town you named it and 
will say goodbye.
2.Welcome To Town

After you get off the train go down the stairs and a voice will say if you are 
whatever name you picked for yourself and a racoon will come up and tell you he is 
Tom Nook, you will follow him into town and tell you to pick a house, after you 
look around in one he will say if you like it and if you do he will give you a 
quick rundown of your house, after he is done you have to pay for it but you don't 
have enough so you work for him and he will say you have to come by later and walk 
3.Hi Everybody

Now you have to meet everybody in town, it might get on your nerves looking around 
for the people because you don't have a map, and be sure to meet the Mayor to, he 
should be around the wishing well, after you meet everybody you need to go back to 
Tom Nooks shop.
4.Working For Nook

When you go into Nooks shop you have to put the uniform he gives you on, then you 
have to Plant trees and flowers, deliver furniture, then he will give you a map, 
then you have to send a letter to the post office, deliver a carpet and a axe, then 
finally you have to write a message on the board in front of your house and tada, 
your done.
5.Expanding Your House

After you get done with your job you have to pay of your house bills, they are:

17,400 Bells-Expand#1
48,000 Bells-Basement
148,000 Bells-Expand#2
398,000 Bells-2 Floor/Attic
798,000-Last pay or should I say surprise.

Your house will no matter what, be the next day, don't worry, you don't have to 
wait that long, just reset the game after you save and quit.
6.The Surprise

After you pay off your last debt to Tom Nook, he will decide to build you a statue 
because you can't make your house any bigger, change it to the next day and there 
will be a gold statue outside the train station, it is very cool to look at.
7.After All That Hard Work

When you are done with paying off our house, don't feel so free yet, there is still 
much more ahead even if you on't think so, but that doesn't mean you can have more 
fun, you can still have your Birthday and the New Year Celebration too, and I mean 
in the game.

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Well, I hope my FAQ helps you out with the game and there is only one more thing to 
say, good luck!

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