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                       (c) 2002 GrAwL [7th-Helix]
                             P R E S E N T S
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Game:        Command & Conquer: Renegade
Type:        Ultimate Guide
System:      PC
Developer:   Westwood
Publisher:   EA Games
Genre:       RTS/FPS
Looks like:  Red Faction, Halo
Discs:       2
Version:     1.3 English
Author:      GrAwL (Arjen Voogt)
E-mail:      [email protected]
Site:        http://www.ultimateguides.cjb.net
Game-site:   http://westwood.ea.com/games/ccuniverse/renegade
Last update: 03/06/02

Table of Contents

You'll find symbols next to some paragraphs and chapters in this TOC. The
symbols mean the following:

* = New
+ = Updated
X = Ne(X)t version(s)
o = (O)nly this version(s)

 [1]  Introduction & Stuff 
  [1.1]   Introduction 
 +[1.2]   About 
  [1.3]   Copyright
 +[1.4]   System Requirements
 +[1.5]   History
 +[1.6]   Next version
  [1.7]   Credits
 +[1.8]   Sources
 +[1.9]   How to contact me
  [1.10]  Other guides (FAQ's) from me
  [1.11]  Other games you'll like if you like this game
  [1.12]  Where to find this guide
  [1.13]  Ratings
  [1.14]  About me

+[2]  Reviews
 +[2.1]   Review by me
 *[2.2]   Professional Reviews

 [3]  Single Player
  [3.1]   Mission 1 - The Scorpion Hunters
  [3.2]   Mission 2 - Rescue and Retribution
 *[3.3]   Mission 3 - Armored Assault
 *[3.4]   Mission 4 - The Plot Erupts
 *[3.5]   Mission 5 - Stowaway
 X[3.6]   Note

*[4]  Tools and stuff
 *[4.1]   Renegade Mix File Unpacker

*[5]  Mods
 *[5.1]   First Mod Ever! (Camera Mod)

*[6]  Cheats
 *[6.1]   Skirmish Cheat
 X[6.2]   Console Cheats

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\ ^ ^ / 
[1] Introduction & Stuff

[1.1] Introduction

Well... Another guide by GrAwL... This time for a quite popular and famous
series: Command & Conquer.
Thnx to the GrimeReaper for the game :D

Anyway, don't have much to say, so... Just read the guide and enjoy it!

Please mail me and tell what you think of this guide... do you miss 
something? Did I add way too much? Just tell me! I want your opinion about
it. As for as this moment you're reading this, people liked my guide (or 
"love it"), but maybe you think something like "Wo! This guide is even 
worse than the back of my ass!"... let me know (Although I like it more to
read mail from people who like/love my guide)! I love to receive mail 
about my guide and I'll answer it the same day!

[1.2] About 

Command & Conquer: Renegade is not quite the same game as we use to know
of the Command & Conquer series. No RTS anymore... It's a FPS! 
Explore the Command & Conquer world in 100% 3D! Enter every building,
let them explode, drive in huge tanks etc.

You are unleashed as an elite GDI commando, an action hero who battles 
and explores from a gripping over-the-shoulder viewpoint. You must use 
both sharp wits and lethal weaponry to achieve mission objectives by any 
means necessary and to punish the enemy.

It can't really be compared to other games. Just try it out and love it!

[1.3] Copyright

Copyright (c) 2002 by GrAwL. 

This is a private work in progress not endorsed by Westwood or its parent
company, and in no way should it be inferred that this FAQ/Walkthrough is
officially sanctioned by Westwood in any way. Westwood is the sole 
owner of C&C: Renegade, and possesses all rights and privileges of 

GrAwL, being the sole owner of this FAQ/Walkthrough is not
affiliated to Westwood and should not be inferred as such. As sole owner
of this FAQ/Walkthrough, GrAwL reserves the right to change,
amend or otherwise revoke the content of this document without prior 

This FAQ/Walkthrough may only be posted at Cheat Code Central at 
www.cheatcc.com, GameFAQs at www.gamefaqs.com, NeoSeeker at 
www.neoseeker.com and the Ultimate Guide-site unless parties obtain 
express written permission from GrAwL. See paragraph [1.13] for more 
In the event of unauthorised dissemination and/or distribution of this
document for personal gain or profit, GrAwL reserves the rights of sole 
ownership to sue for plagiarism and intellectual theft under international 
copyright laws. Non-compliance may result in civil litigation and court 

Should a third party not endorsed or recognised by GrAwL alter, edit or 
otherwise amend the content of this document, or in the event of a direct 
violation of copyright laws, GrAwL reserves the right to sue for compound 
damages resulting from third party action, including, but not limited to 
copyright violation.

Comments, suggestions, proposed amendments and information should be
directed to GrAwL at [email protected] Please include your
name and an active e-mail address in the correspondence, with "C&C: RG
Ultimate Guide" in the subject line.

If you would like to request permission to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on
your website, please send in a formal request to [email protected]
Include the URL of your website, your name and contact information in your
request. We will process your request and reply as soon as possible.

[1.4] System Requirements


· PII 450
· Windows 9x/2K
· 64MB RAM
· 0,9 GB available hard disc space

My system:

· AMD XP 1700+ Mhz
· Microsoft Windows Me
· 256 MB RAM
· 8,5 GB available hard disc space
· 800 MB available hard disc space for a cache file
· 16x DVD drive
· GeForce 2 MX 200 with 32 MB of VRAM

Comment: On my system, it works smooth... sometimes a little framedrop,
 but not much.

[1.5] History

| Version | Date     | Size (KB) | Updated           | Added             |
| 1.0     | 02/26/02 | 9,8       | None              | All ;)            |
| 1.1     | 02/27/02 | 16,9      | 1.1, 1.2, 1.3     | 1.4, 1.14, 2.1    |
|         |          |           | 1.5               | 3.1, 3.2          |
| 1.2     | 03/04/02 | 21,7      | 1.5, 1.12, 1.7    | EOF-quote, 3.3    |
|         |          |           | 3.2, 3.4          |                   |
| 1.3     | 03/06/02 | 39,9      | 1.5, 1.2, 1.4, 2  | 2.1, 4, 4.1, 5    |
|         |          |           | 2.1, 1.8, 1.6     | 5.1, 3.3, 3.4     |
|         |          |           | 1.9               | 3.5, 6, 6.1       |

[1.6] Next Version

The higher the point, the higher the priority...

* Walktrough (Single Player) finished
* Multiplayer chapter
* Hex-codes
* Bugs and glitches
* Units/Buildings encyclopaedia (also going to be an in-depth guide)
* FAQ (you'll have to ask questions)
* Anything you want, just e-mail me

[1.7] Credits

GrimeReaper, the - The game :D

Neoseeker.com - Placing the guide on neoseeker.com

GameFaqs.com - Placing the guide on gamefaqs.com

Dex - Placing the guide on actiontrip.com

Chris - Placing the guide on cheathappens.com

GameGuru - Placing the guide on gameguru.box.dk

Henk - Placing the guide on members.brabant.chello.nl/~h.vangompel/

JPM - Placing the guide on trainerscity.com

Dave A. - Placing the guide on cheatcc.com

[1.8] Sources

Power Unlimited - Review

NeoSeeker.com - About, system requirements, reviews

CnCRenegade.info - Music, tools, mods, some information

GameFaqs.com - Skirmish Cheat

[1.9] How to contact me

Before you are mailing me: Don't ask anything about serial numbers, 
cracks, trainers etc. Also don't ask me anything that you can find in the
guide or you'll find in the guide in later versions. Also download the
latest version to be sure your question isn't covered.

Ofcourse, you can send me an e-mail. My address is [email protected] 
I have MSN Messenger, so you can also add me to your list if you want.

I don't accept spam, hate-mail etc. If you send me this kind of shit, I'll
add you to the black-list, which means I won't receive anything from you
ever again. So be nice, and I'll be nice ;)

When you want to add me to your MSN contact list, please tell me you got
my mail address from one of my guides. 

You can sometimes find me on IRC. Connect to the server 
irc.shadowworld.net and send a message to GrAwL. You can find me in 

[1.10] Other guides (FAQ's) from me

Other guides from me can be found on www.ultimateguides.cjb.net! Go check
it out...

[1.11] Other game you'll like if you like this game

If you like C&C: RG, you'll also enjoy the following games:

* Red Faction
* Half-Life
* Halo (XBox)

[1.12] Where to find this guide

This guide can be found on:

If you encounter the guide anywhere else, please mail me, so I can put
an end to that! This guide is has copyright y'know ;) See paragraph [1.3]
for more information about this guide.

[1.13] Ratings

In this section, you'll find ratings of different people, sites and 

Power Unlimited (Mar02, #3) - Renegade is a fast shooter with lotse funny
 moments, but for the C&C fans, the game also misses lotsa things. The
 C&C mode makes you forget this problem fast (82%).

[1.14] About me

Maybe you don't care about me... maybe you do. At least I think it was
funny to write this paragraph, so people who read this guide will also
know me a little bit.

So... I'm GrAwL. Ofcourse, that's not my real name. My real name is Arjen
Voogt. I'm 15 years old and live in the Netherlands. To give an answer to
the question that's in your head right now: "No! I don't have drugs!" :p
I know people think that the Netherlands is the land of the drugs, but...
well... it isn't. It's true you can get drugs real easily. Just go to a
coffee shop and ask for it. We have lots of those shops. But... I don't
think you really care, so you? ;)

When I'm writing this guide, I often listen to MP3-files. I like all kinds
of music (Red Hot Chili Peppers, P.O.D, Linkin Park, Gemini Projekt etc.),
so my collection is about 8 GB :D I'm sure I didn't hear every song
placed in this collection ^_^

I'm most of the time on-line. On MSN and IRC (see paragraph [1.9] for more
information)... So drop by and have a little chat with me ;)

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[2] Reviews

[2.1] Review by me

Just take a look at some screenshots... When I did: The first think that
popped up in my mind was "got to have this game!". So when the next Power
Unlimited (Dutch gamezmag) dropped in the mailbox, I grabbed it turned
open page #44... I went on-line and tried to get the game... GrimeReaper
gave me 2 pubs, and after 3 hours of hammering, I got in. After leeching
the game (3 hours), I installed and played it... So what do I think of
this game?

Graphics - 90%
The environment looks pretty good! Big mountains, snow, vehicles, lasers
etc. They're all around! But the only thing I don't like are the 
characters... It looks likt they're made of cubes!

Music - 95%
What do I have to tell you about it? Nice mixes from rock/trance... 
Everyone likes them! The sounds are also good. The voices are just

Gameplay - 70%
The game crashed two times when I did nothing! I was just playing and
suddenly the famous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) popped up. Error in Vxd
blablabla... Like I care about the strange Windows problems of Bill 
Running looks more like jogging if you ask me! It doesn't really look 
like you're running...

Controls - 90%
Ever played Half-Life? Same controls... one word: gr8!

Story - 90%
Another save-the-world-story, but what the heck? It's a good story, so
do you care? The stories are always cool in C&C, so this story also

Replay - 85%
So you finished the single player game? Try it on a harder difficulty...
and what about the multiplayer mode? It r0x0r!

Overall - 87%
The new C&C rulez! It's true! Playing C&C 3d kicks some serious ass! Don't
you have the game yet? Go find it now n00b :p

[2.1] Professional Reviews

| Website              | Score   | Publish date |
| Adrenaline Vault     | 3/5     | Feb 25 '02   |  
| GamesDomain          | 4/5     | Feb 26 '02   |
| Gamespot             | 7.8/10  | Feb 26 '02   |
| Gamespy              | 68/100  | Feb 27 '02   |
| Icrontic             | 78%     | Feb 25 '02   |
| Media & Games Online | 9/10    | Feb 14 '02   |

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[3] Single Player

I'll not tell you the location of each unit, unless it's needed.

[3.1] Mission 1 - The Scorpion Hunters


Intel is reporting evidence of an uncharted Nod installation. Storms and
 rough terain are interfering with our satellite scans, so Eagle Base has
 dispatched a recon team to investigate. Your sqaud will lead the 
 extraction effort once Recone One has confirmed the base coordinates.

Intro: A small team fo the GDI is walking in the dessert. They are 
 searching for a hidding Nod base. Suddenly, they're attacked by the Nod.
 You arive by helicopter to save the GDI team.

How: Grab the ammo behind you and follow the path. Join the GDI team and
 kill every single Nod soldier. When they are all killed, an engineer will
 fix the medium tank.
 Enter the medium tank and wait until the blocked path is openend for you.
 Follow the path again and splat the Nod soldiers. Try to take out the
 helicopter. Destroy the harvester (and other Nod soldiers) and follow the
 path again.
 You've just found the base! Just wait until the other tanks are destroyed
 and attack yourself. First take out tanks, then the SAM sites and last 
 the gun emplacements. Wait until the base is destroyed by the GDI. 

 Congrats! You just won your first (easy) mission.

[3.2] Mission 2 - Rescue and Retribution


 Satellite imagery indicates the Nod Detention Center is adjacent to the
 Nod Communications Center. Locate the Nod Detention Center.

Hint: Complete your secondary mission objectives.

How: Grab the weapon in front of you and keep walking straight ahead.
 * Primary: Locate Detention Center - Satellite imagery indicates the Nod 
 Detention Center is adjacent to the Nod Communications Center. Locate 
 the Nod Detention Center. *

 Pick up the data link update and climb up the ladder. 

 * Secondary: Rescue Prisoners - Several GDI prisoners of war are being
 rounded up by Nod forces. Eliminate the Nod guards and help the prisoners
 evacuate the area. *

 You don't have to follow the soldier. Take the right path next to the big
 building, pick up the C4 and destroy the truck. Grab the C4 and the gun
 and follow the path.

 * Secondary: Contact GDI Commander - The GDI base commander is carrying a 
 new weapon prototype. We cannot allow it to fall into Nod hands. Locate
 the GDI base commander and contact him for details. *

 Don't follow the path yet. First, destroy the remaining 2 trucks with
 remote C4 and climb the ladder of the left building. Grab the sniper
 riffle here and go back to the path. Now follow it. Let the 2 soldiers
 clear the path for you. Enter the small house to complete this secondary
 objective. You'll get the prototype; A cannon beacon.

 Enter the mine, quickly grab the date link update and return outside.
 Follow the path again.

 * Secondary: Eliminate Nod Officer - Nod Officers often coordinate with
 Command for reinforcements or artillery strikes. Eliminate the Nod
 Officer to prevent additional reinforcements from arriving. *

 Wait until the light tank is with the other tanks and enter the guard
 tower. Climb up the ladder and kill the Nod Officer. 

 Grab the sniper riffle. Exit the tower and kill the reinforcements. 
 Follow the right path.

 * Secondary: Destroy Nod Turrets - Destroying the turrets on the beach
 will help protect the GDI Gunboat, which coordinates with Command for
 additional support. Find these turrets and eliminate them. *

 Take out the soldiers and engineers (there's also one on the left side
 of the beach, so watch out). Place C4 on the turrets and destroy them.

 You'll get a medium tank. Enter it and follow the path. Go to the small
 farm and enter it for some goodies. Also enter the house. A civilian
 will give you some information about a hidden path. He'll be picked up
 by the GDI. Enter the tunnel and take out everything. When you're sure
 no more Nod forces are in that area, exit the tank and cross the bridge.
 You'll also have to grab the keycard. 

 Take the right path and enter the tunnel. Kill the Visceriods here and 
 follow the tunnel again. You'll get another piece of the map. Go back to
 the bridge now.

 Follow the left path 2 times.

 * Secondary: Rescue Clergy - The local clergy are being held captive 
 inside their own church. Eliminate the Nod forces in the area and escort
 the clergy to the air evacuation point outside. *

 Enter the church and kill all the Nod forces. Follow the stairs and climb
 the ladder. You can find a sniper riffle on the roof. Pick up the 
 supplies that are dropped for you.

 Follow the path behind the church and take the left path. Kill everyone
 here and enter the last guard tower (with the second Nod Officer).

 * Secondary: Disable Hand of Nod - Disabling the Hand of Nod will
 dramatically reduce reinforcements. The building is easier to eliminate
 by destroying the Master Control Terminal inside. *

 Go to the Hand of Nod and destroy the SAM site. Now enter the building.
 Go straight ahead, left, down, straight ahead and left. Destroy the
 control panel to destroy the Hand of Nod. If you want, you can see other
 parts of the building too (Just do it! It looks great!). When you're
 done, exit the building.

 Follow the path again...

 * Primary: Access Communications Mainframe - The Nod Detention Center
 main gate is electronically locked by the Nod Communications Center. Hack
 the mainframe inside the Nod Communications Center to unlock the gate. *

 Enter the building and find the Control Panel. Blow it up.

 * Primary: Open Detention Center - Access the Detention Center gate by
 accessing the nearby control panel. *

 Now exit the building and open the gate...

[3.3] Mission 3 - Amored Assault


 The civilian scientists are most likely being held in the nearby Nod 
 base. Locate the missing scientists.

Hint: Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles...

How: Let's begin the first big mission (takes about 60 minutes)...

 * Primary: Locate Missing Scientists - The civilian scientists are most 
 likely being held in the nearby Nod base. Locate the missing 
 scientists. *

 Grab the 4 weapons and follow the road. Enter the Humm-Vee to get 2 
 secondary missions.

 * Secondary: Disable Helipad - Disable the Nod Helipad to reduce  Apache 
 encounters throughout this area. This will force them to refuel at any 
 location. *

 * Secondary: Secure Guard Tower - This checkpoint is help by the Nod
 Guard Tower on top of the hill. Eliminate all enemy resistance and then
 secure the tower to allow the GDI assualt to progress. *

 Follow the path and kill all enemies here. When you're done, enter the
 tower to complete the missions.

 Enter the Humm-Vee again and follow the path. Go through the tunnel.

 * Secondary: Secure First House - Nod occupies several of the houses in
 this area, and GDI needs to secure them all. Eliminate all enemies in the
 surrounding aread and then enter thee building to secure this 
 objective. *

 * Secondary: Secure Second House - Another house occupied by Nod 
 soldiers, potentially the location of the Nod Officer coordinating with
 Command for reinforcements. Eliminate all enemies in the surrounding area
 and then enter the house to secure this objective. *

 When you're through the tunnel, exit the Humm-Vee and enter the house on
 your left. Grab the goodies and enter the Humm-Vee again. Now kill every
 single Nod unit. When you killed them all, enter both houses.

 When your Humm-Vee is damages/destroyed, you can enter the Nod Buggy and
 drive it. Follow the path again.

 * Secondary: Secure Third House - This house is being used by an officer
 who is coordinating with Command for reinforcements. Eliminate the Nod
 Officer and all nearby reinforcements, then enter the house to secure 
 this objective *

 * Secondary: Acquire Mammoth Tank - GDI has airdropped a Mammoth Tank for
 your use. Acquire the Mammoth Tank and use it to your advantage. *

 Exit the vehicle you're driving and enter the Mammoth Tank.

 Now eliminate all enemies and enter the house.

 Go back to your Humm-Vee/Buggy and follow the path again (if you have
 enough patient, take the Mammoth Tank).

 * Secondary: Disable First SAM Site - Disabling this SAM Site will 
 improve local air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this
 emplacement. *

 * Secondary: Destroy Nod Convoy - The convoy trucks in this area are
 transporting supplies toward the battle front. Eliminate all three supply
 trucks to complete this objective. *

 Exit the Humm-Vee and use the Gun Emplacements to destroy as much as
 possible. Watch out for the Rocket Soldiers on the roof of the 2 Guard
 Towers! Destroy the SAM Site and the Convoy Trucks to finish the 
 secondary missions. 

 When everything is blown away, exit the Gun Emplacements and follow the 
 road again. You can left or right, it doesn't matter (it just decides 
 which mission you'll get first). In this walktrough, I'll follow the 
 left path. Enter the Medium Tank.

 * Secondary: Secure Ski Resort - Nod is using this checkpoint to refuel
 their defensive line. Eliminate all enemy resistance and then secure the
 building front. *

 Again, eliminate every Nod unit. Try to enter the house to complete the
 secondary mission.

 Take the Medium Tank/Nod Light Tank and follow the path again.

 * Secondary: Disable Second SAM Site - Disabling this SAM Site will
 improve local air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this
 emplacement. * 

 Follow the path and destroy the Sam Site with one easy blow ;)

 Follow the path (go left, otherwise you'll end up at the junction) again.
 Cross the bridge to get 2 primary missions.

 * Secondary: Disable Third SAM Site - Disabling this SAM Site will 
 improve air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this
 emplacement. *

 * Secondary: Disable Fourth SAM Site - Disabling this SAM Site will 
 improve air superiority for GDI. Consider using C4 to destroy this
 emplacement. *

 Follow the road and destroy the SAM Site on the left. Cross the bridge
 and also destroy the SAM Site on the left.

 Follow the road again and enter the Medium Tank.

 * Primary: Disable Dam Master Control Terminal - The Master Control
 Terminal inside the dam controls the large bay door on top. Disabling
 this terminal will not only open the door, it will prevent Nod from
 using this dam as a secondary power source. *

 * Secondary: Disable Power Plant - Power Planst provide energy for other
 Nod structures. Disabling this Power Plant will shut down the Obelisk. 
 Assault the building from the interior, as it is being repaired by a Nod
 Engineer. *

 * Secondary: Disable Obelist - The Obelisk is a deadly defense weapon, 
 but it requires power to operate. If you cannot get inside to disable it,
 consider removing the power source. *

 Begin to follow the road. When you see a door on your left, you can go
 inside, but you can also read the next paragraph for some more fun. If
 you don't want to do it, skip it and continue to read.

 Follow the bridge. Ignore the Obelisk and just drive to it. Exit the tank
 ASAP and enter the Obelisk. Now destroy the Obelisk from the inside and
 exit the Obelisk. Enter the tank again and enter the door that you saw in
 the previous paragraph. 

 Take the elivator and go down. Go left twice and enter the door on the
 left. Destroy the Dam Master Control Terminal. Take a look outside, 
 you'll be there within 5 minutes ;)

 Leave the room and follow the tunnel again. Go right and follow the
 tunnel again. After a while, you'll enter the area you sar from the
 Control Room. Kill the enemies and go right. Follow this path, enter the
 elevator amd enter the Power Plant. Search for the Control Terminal and
 destroy it.

 Now go back to the dam and open the big door. Grab the goodies on the
 other side and follow the tunnel. When you have to choice between 
 straight ahead and up, choice up, kill the enemies, grab the goodies,
 return and take the other path. It's easier to kill enemies when you're
 on a platform. Just use your Sniper Riffle. When you arive on a big 
 wooden platform, go left.

 * Secondary: Destroy Tiberium Machine Alpha - Nod has three resarch
 machines located throughout this cavern area. Destroy this machine to
 hamper Nod Tiberium research. *

 * Secondary: Destroy Tiberium Machine Beta - Nod has three resarch
 machines located throughout this cavern area. Destroy this machine to
 hamper Nod Tiberium research. *

 * Secondary: Destroy Tiberium Machine Gamma - Nod has three resarch
 machines located throughout this cavern area. Destroy this machine to
 hamper Nod Tiberium research. *

 Follow the tunnel and just destroy the Tiberium research machines found
 in the big cave. You don't have to use a Rocket Launcher/C4, just use
 the gun you are holding.

 Go right two times. When you end up in a big room, go to the far right
 to get the last secondary objective of this mission.

 * Secondary: Disable Hand of Nod - Disabling the Hand of Nod will
 dramatically hamper reinforcements for this area. Consider using an Ion
 Cannon Beacon if you have one. *

 Follow the tunnel. You'll end up in a Nod Base. Enter the Hand of Nod and
 go to the roof of the building (you should know where it is). You'll get
 the green keycard here and you'll see a funny movie :)

 * Primary: Infiltrate Cargo Plane - Approach the Cargo Plane from the
 rear to pursue the scientists. *

 Go down and try to kill Mendoza. After a while, you'll win. Approach the
 plane from the rear to finish this mission.

[3.4] Mission 4 - The Plot Erupts


 Satellite imagery indicated the Nod Communications Center is located
 centrally on the island. Make your way to the Nod base and acquire
 information about the scientists' whereabouts.

Hint: There is no cure for Tiberium poisoning.

How: You'll begin your mission on the beach.

 * Primary: Locate Communications Center - Satellite imagery indicates the
 Nod Communications Center is located centrally on the island. Make your
 way to the Nod base and acquire information about the scientists'
 whereabouts. *

 * Secondary: Secure Beachhead - GDI forces are landing on the beachhead
 and encountering heavy resistance. Assist their landing operation by
 eliminating all Nod resistance on the beachhead. *

 Do the this paragraph sneaky, y'hear ;) Kill all Nod forces that you can
 kill and walk behind the wall, up the hill. Kill the Nod forces here and
 destroy the big Turret with a C4 explosive.

 The GDI will drop a power-up for you on the beach, so be sure to get it!
 Follow the path again. After a while, you'll end up in a field with
 Tiberium. Move as quick as possible and go to the other side of the
 field. Remember the hint at the beginning of the mission? Go inside the
 plane and grab the datadisc. Follow the path.

 * Secondary: Disable Lower SAM Sites - Nod has SAM Sites located in two
 positions in this destroyed hamlet. Find and disable them to allow for
 additional GDI reinforcements. *

 Just walk around, kill enemies (watch your back) and destroy the SAM
 Sites with C4. 

 When the 2 SAM Sites are destroyed, GDI will drop a power-up for you on 
 the bridge. You can take 2 ways now. The first one is through a Tiberium
 mine. Shoot the wooden planks to get in. The second one is to walk the
 path that's behind the beach. I say you should take the second one,
 since you'll be saver. 

 If you take the first route, move as quick as possible and keep shooting
 and grabbing those armor and medkits.

 If you take the second route, grab your rocketlauncher and shoot the
 Cannon Emplacement before it shoots you :p

 * Seconddary: Disable Upper SAM Sites - Two Nod SAM Sites are protecting
 a heavy Shore Defense Cannon from aerial assault. Disable these two SAM
 Sites to facilitate a GDI airstrike on the Shore Defense Cannon. *

 If you came from the first route, you'll be behind the 2 SAM Sites. If
 you came from the second route, you'll have to take the left path to
 find them. Destroy them...

 Take the left path (you'll also find a power-up) to find a junction.
 Take the right path and you'll find a datadisc at the end of the cave.
 Go back to the junction and take the left path to find a Nod base.

 * Primary: Hack Communications Mainframe - The Nod Communications Center
 Mainframe holds recent flight data for passing Nod aircraft. Approach the
 mainframe and hack it to find the destination of the scientists. *

 You see that building with the satellite on it? Enter it. Now make your
 way to the mainframe (you should know where it is by now). But what? The
 door is locked.

 * Primary: Acquire Security Card - Access to the Communications Center 
 mainframe is locked behind a secure door. Nod officer usually carry 
 security cards, and you will need one to pass through. *

 I don't know if the officer that has the card is chosen random. I found
 the officer that give me mine card in the refinery. Kill as much Nod
 units as possible. Alse enter the Power Plant and kill as much as 
 possible. It will be easier for you this way later on. Go back to the 
 locked door and enter it.

 Now hack the terminal to complete the primary mission.

 Now for some fun, grab the yellow keycard and enter the yellow door. 
 Destroy the mainframe here.
 * Tertiary: Disable Communications Center - Disabling the Nod
 Communications Center had distrupted Nod communications throughout this
 area. *

 Yes! Your first secret objective completed ;) Good job! :D

 Now go outside and shoot the Comanche Attack Helicopter with your
 Rocket Launcher. Oopz... The island is going to explode :p

 * Primary: Escape via Submarine - Looks like the dock is your only way
 off the island. A small submarine is located nearby. Make your way on
 board to escape the destruction. *

 Now... let's be a nice guy and do some extra work. Enter the Power Plant
 and destroy it.

 * Teriary: Disable Power Plant - Disabling the Nod Power Plant has shut
 down power for the base area, reducing the capabilities of Nod forces
 in this locale. *

 That was fun, wasn't it. More extra work coming up! Do the same for the
 Tiberium Refinery.

 * Teriary: Disable Tiberium Refinery - Disabling the Tiberium Refinery
 has hampered Nod productions in this base facility. *

 Now follow the path and go to the docks to exit this mission.

 [Hidden objective 3 out of 4] -> If you know what the missing objective
 is, mail me. You'll get credits!

[3.5] Mission 5 - Stowaway


 The GDI prisoners are held captive somewhere on the ship, probably on the
 lower decks. Find them and bring them to safety.

Hint: Walk softly and carry a big gun...

How: This is a sneak mission, so be quite this time ;)

 * Primary: Rescue Prisoners - The GDI prisoners are held captive 
 somewhere on the ship, probably on the lower decks. Find them and bring 
 them to safety. *

[3.6] Note

More is coming up...

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[4] Tools and stuff

[4.1] Renegade Mix File Unpacker

Current version:  1.0
Program language: Pascal
Author:           Benjamin Haisch
Description:      (I didn't write it btw ^_^)
 Well, this dumb program will simply unpack all the files from
 the "Mix" archives used by C&C-Renegade. Just give it the name
 of a resource file (in the demo, there are only two of them:
 "always.dat" and "C&C_Under.mix") and optionally the name
 of the destination directory (otherwise a subdirectory called
 like the resouce file without the extension will be created).
Download:         http://gamefileformats.virtualave.net
E-mail:           [email protected]
Filesize:         16.1 Kb

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[5] Mods

[5.1] First Mod Ever! (Camera Mod)

Current version:  1.0
Program language: None
Author:           Seagle
Description:      (I didn't write this one)
 Well, a few weeks ago when the Renegade file extracter was released, I 
 was looking through the files in always.dat and came across 
 "cameras.ini". After tinkering with a few of the settings, I created an 
 "RTS Camera Mode" - a mod that gives you an far-overhead view when 
 driving vehicles, reminiscent of the overhead view in the C&C RTS games. 
 It's an extremely simple mod, but it manages to give a great perspective
 on how huge the environments in Renegade are.
Download:         http://www.havocide.com
E-mail:           N/A
Filesize:         1.64 Kb

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[6] Cheats

[6.1] Skirmish Cheat

Go to the file '\DATA\svrcfg_skirmish.ini' and edit the values here to
change the Skirmish rules.

Source: GameFaqs.com

[6.2] Console Cheats

Just play any FPS... Quake, Half-Life, Unreal etc. They all have a
console-box. You can activate them with the tilde-key (~). C&C:RG also
gots this option, so I think some console cheats will be released soon. 
If you have them, and I don't: mail me. If you don't have them and I also
don't: don't mail me!


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