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How to Beat Kurt Zisa

The Key Word here is patience. 
First of all, you will need the following abilities: Dodge Roll, Raganork, Arc 
anum, sonic blade,-(anyone of them is fine), cure, jack pot, and treasure magnet. 
		Some items you should have are elixirs, potions, or ethers. A very 
important summon is Tinker Bell. She keeps healing you every 5 seconds, and when 
you die she revives you and leaves. I beat him with the ultimate weapon, but you 
don’t really need it. Have at least 4 or 5 mp, and be at least level 65 and up.

Main attacks:
(Sorry if I skip a bar or two, with the ultimate weapon I took out 2 bars at a time 
when he was knocked out) 
 His first attack consists of him just walking around with two energy balls in his 
hand. At this point you will be disabled of your magic powers, so if you don’t want 
to waste your items don’t get hit or use tinker bell. Target one of the balls, and 
whack away. You should have time to land 2 good attacks on one ball, it is hard 
though because he is constantly moving. After that, get as far back as possible and 
dodge roll or just hide from his spinning sword attack. Keep doing this until both 
balls are destroyed. After this, he should be paralyzed for a time. If you are 
strong and have a good weapon you should be able to take out a bar. A special 
attack would be nice if you have enough mp. When he revives, there is this big 
shield that forms around it. Every once-in-a-while he summons this tornado, just 
dodge roll out of it before it closes in. He also uses fire balls. Try to move so 
he follows you and run into his own fire balls. If this is too hard don’t worry, 
just smack his sissy shield until little mp bubbles drop out, get them, and use 
thunder. Although this is only close range, it is twice as powerful as fire, and 
lands multiple blows. After you break his shield, he collapses and gets knocked out 
again. Use a combo or just keep hitting x, he swings his tail once in a while but 
if you have tinker bell you don’t have to stop and cure. I took out about 2 and a 
half bars here, so I don’t really know what happens right after this. But a while 
after that, he will keep spinning around every 2 seconds with the same 2 energy 
balls, except this time his spinning attacks are more deadly and long. If you have 
tinker bell, you should be just fine. Yes, your magic is depleted here too. Hope 
you have an elixir. Keep dodge rolling away from his attacks. If you stay close to 
him, you might get hit at with his arms, but he won’t use that spinning combo. When 
he gets knocked out now, you should be able to finish him depending on your 
strength. If not, he will basically do the same thing. 

Please send me an email if you have any questions or if I did something wrong. 
[email protected]
Thank you if you read all this it is really long but it is helpful!
If there Is anything else about this game you want to know just email me.

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