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WWF: Wrestlemania X8

Title-WWF: Wrestlemania X8
Platform- Nintendo Gamecube
Rated T for Teen

Table Of Contents:
1. Overview
2. Introduction
3. Contact Information
4. Review
5. WWF or WWE
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Controls
8. Path Of A Champion
9. Battle Of The Belts
10. Wrestlers
11. Hints + Secrets
12. Create-A-Superstar

1. Overview

This FAQ will show you everything you need to know to MASTER 
WWF: Wrestlemania X8. The secret characters, special tactics and some other good 

2. Introduction

WWF: Wrestlemania X8 for the Nintendo Gamecube is great! It has a lot of great 
potential to be one of the top wrestling game out! Read on to find out how to play.

3. Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please e-mail me at [email protected] 
Please, only send questions that have not already been answered in this FAQ, if you 
do e-mail me a question already answered I will only tell you to re-read the FAQ.

4. Review

WWF: Wrestlemania X8 for the Nintendo Gamecube is the first game to include WWF and 
ex-WCW wrestlers! This game had been compared to both wrestling game styles WWF: 
Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF: No Mercy for Nintendo 64, and 
WWF: Smackdown for Playstation, WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role for Playstation, 
WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It for the Playstation 2, and the style of WWF: 
Wrestlemania X8 in my opinion is more like the Smackdown series rather than No 
and Wrestlemania 2000. This game is a must have for any wrestling fan of either WWE 
or WCW.

5. WWF or WWE

There has been a lot of conversation about what the wrestling industry’s name is. 
Just let me set it straight, The World Wildlife Funds sewed the World Wrestling 
Federation. Therefore making The World Wrestling Federation change their name since 
both organizations had the same initials, and were called by them. Since the World 
Wildlife Funds was founded earlier than the World Wrestling Federation, the World 
Wildlife funds kept their name and the World Wrestling Federation was forced to 
change theirs, they changed their initials to the WWE making it stand for World 
Wrestling Entertainment. So, theirs NOOOOOOOOOO such thing, as the World Wrestling 

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any blood in the game
A: No

Q: My friend told me that there isn’t a story mode, is this true?
A: Don’t listen to your friends there is a story mode, it is called Path Of A 
Champion, and you pick a belt to go for.

Q: How do you climb out of the cage?
A: To climb out of the cage you must repeatedly tap A and up on the analog stick.

Q: How do I pick up weapons?
A: You pick-up weapons by pushing A and X and the direction of where the weapon is.

Q: How do I pin someone?
A: You pin someone by pressing Z when they are lying down

Q: Why can I only pin an opponent when I am in the ring?
A: It is a rule of the match.

Q: Which Wrestling game is the best? WWF: Wrestlemania X8, WWF: Smackdown: Just 
Bring It, or WWF: Raw Is War?
A: That is a tough one to answer, since I haven’t played Raw Is War. But Smackdown: 
Just Bring it and Wrestlemania X8 are tied I think.

7. Controls

Analog Stick- Moves player 
D-pad- Taunt
C Analog Stick- Changes focus on opponent
Start- pauses the game
L button- Reverses Grappling moves
R button- Reverses Striking moves
Z button- Pin opponent
Y button- Run
X button- leave ring, cage, climb ladder + grab belt, position ladder, drop weapon
A button- grapples
B button- striking moves
A+B buttons- Special move (when a special slot is full)
A+X buttons- Pick-up a weapon

Spirit Meter- 		Red- High
			Green- Normal
			Blue- Danger

8. Path Of A Champion

The path of a champion part of the game is the equivalent to story or season mode. 
You choose a belt to challenge for, and you need to work your way to the top my 
defeating other superstars, if you succeed, then you will be awarded a title shot 
the title you have chosen.

9. Battle For The Belts
 In this mode you try to win all 51 belts. The difficulty on which you are playing 
will determine what titles can be challenged for. To change the difficulty that you 
are on go to the options menu and highlight game settings, then move the analog 
stick left or right and a different difficulty will come up. To win a belt you must 
win 5 consecutive matches, if you succeed you will be awarded the belt. If you fail 
you must start over at the first person again.

10. Wrestlers

The following is a list of the playable wrestlers. Altogether there are 36 regular 
characters, and 6 hidden characters.

 The Rock
 Steve Austin
 Undertaker
 Triple H
 Kurt Angle
 Chris Jericho
 Kane
 Rikishi
 Kevin Nash
 Scott Hall
 Hollywood Hogan
 Rob Van Dam
 Booker T
 Edge
 Christian
 Jeff Hardy
 Matt Hardy
 Lita
 Bubba Ray Dudley
 D-Von Dudley
 Test
 William Regal
 Lance Storm
 Tazz
 Albert
 Scotty 2 Hotty
 Mighty Molly
 The Hurricane
 Jacqueline
 Farooq
 Bradshaw
 Tajiri
 Big Show
 Trish Stratus
 Shane McMahon
 Stephanie McMahon
 Raven (Secret Character)
 Chris Bemoit  (Secret Character)
 Vince McMahon (Secret Character)
 Ric Flair (Secret Character)
 Stacey Keibler (Secret Character)
 Rhyno (Secret Character)

11. Hints+Secrets

Stacey Keibler- Win the tag team titles
Chris Benoit- Win the WWF Heavyweight title
Ric Flair- Win the European title
Vince McMahon- Win the Intercontinental title
Raven- Win the Light Heavyweight title
Rhyno- Win the Hardcore title

12. Create-A-Superstar
The following is the coordinates of how to create superstars from WWE on TV that 
aren’t in the game. 

-How to create Billy

Body type #3
-Modify Figure
All –25
Face #2
Hair #3 Color: Blonde
Lower Body #5 Color: Red, Logo #1
Knee #15 Color: Red
Foot- Color: Red

Special #1 Fame-Ass-Er 

Entrance 1-William Regal
Entrance 2- Kevin Nash
Entrance 3-William Regal

Name: Billy 
Don’t write anything for Alias
Music: Stacey Keibler   (if you don’t have Stacey Keibler use Trish’s music)
Titantron- Lance Storm

-How to create Chuck

Body type #1
Modify Figure- All -25
Face #1
Hair #6 Color: Dark Brown
Lower Body #0 Color: Red, Logo #1
Knee #15 Color: Red
Foot #2 Color: Red

Special #1- Fame-Ass-Er

Entrance 1- William Regal
Entrance 2- Kevin Nash
Entrance 3- William Regal

Name: Chuck
Don’t write anything for Alias
Music: Stacey Keibler   (if you don’t have Stacey Keibler use Trish’s music)
Titantron- Lance Storm

-How to create Billy Kidman (courtesy of mikey1)
Modify Figure: Shoulder: -15,-15,-15,-15
All: -20
Face: 07
Hair: 08, Color: Black
Upper Body: 03, Color: Black
Elbow: 03, Color: Black
Wrist: 01, Color: Black
Lower Body: 05, Color: Black
Knee: 03, Color: Black
Foot: 00

Special 1- Shooting-Star Splash
Special 2- Unprettier

Entrance 1- Test
Entrance 2- Test
Entrance 3- Edge

NOTE: These creations of the TV characters are not perfect (if you can make a 
better one please e-mail it to me at [email protected] so I can see for 
myself, or if you want to show me a new wrestler.


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