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                                 Madden NFL 12
                          Ultimate Team Collection Guide
                           Written and edited weekly by
                                    TJ Leach
                              Original Start Date
                               September 14th, 2011
                               Current Version V1.00

Hello, My name is TJ Leach(AKA teachsmay26 on XBL and PSN). I have been an avid
NFL and Cleveland Browns fan for life, and it sure helps that I'm from 
Canton, OH.I have been hooked on Madden since Marshall Faulk graced the cover
of Madden NFL 2003, with the addition of Madden Ultimate Team mode(referred to
as MUT throughout this guide where necessary) I have found love again due to
my intrest in football cards. I have noticed however friends of mine discarding
cards that I knew belonged in a collection for which they hadn't collected the
card, along with players in other team's jerseys with another team's logos on
the card. Thus starts my journey to bring you a quick reference to all players
included in collections and to which they belong. I will update this guide
every time there is a MUT collection update. Enjoy.

Navigation Tips
Remember, for ease of use you can use ctrl+F to search for positions or player

Players will be listed in ABC order as Last, First [Team] (collections)

Search quickly for QB,HB,WR,LG,ROLB etc....

Bradford, Sam [Rams] (2010 Off Rookies)
Brady, Tom [Patriots] (99ers, Michigan)
Brees, Drew [Saints] (Saints Core)
Clausen, Jimmy [Panthers] (Notre Dame)
Cutler, Jay [Bears] (Bears Core)
Flynn, Matt [Packers] (Packers Core)
Freeman, Josh [BUccaneers Core)
McNabb, Donovan [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Rodgers, Aaron [Packers] (Packers Core)
Ryan, Matt [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Stafford, Matthew [Lions] (Lions Core)

Addai, Joseph [Colts] (LSU)
Benson, Cedric [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Best, Jahvid [Lions] (Lions Core, 2010 Off Rookies)
Blount, LeGarrette [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core, Oregon)
Forte, Matt [Bears] (Bears Core
Grant, Ryan [Packers] (Packers Core, Notre Dame)
Mathews, Ryan [Chargers] (2010 Off Rookies)
Peterson, Adrian [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Spiller, C.J. [Bills] (2010 Off Rookies)
Sproles, Darren [Saints, wears Chargers jersey] (Saints Core)
Stewart, Jonathan [Panthers] (Panthers Core, Oregon)
Thomas, Pierre [Saints] (Saints Core)
Turner, Michael [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Williams, DeAngelo [Panthers] (Panthers Core)

Graham, Earnest [Buccaneers Core)
Mughelli, Ovie [Falcons] (Falcons Core)

Wide Recievers-WR
Bowe, Dwayne [Cheifs] (LSU)
Burleson, Nate [Lions] (Lions Core)
Camarillo, Greg [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Colston, Marques [Saints] (Saints Core)
Driver, Donald [Packers] (Packers Core)
Edwards, Braylon [Jets] (Michigan)
Harvin, Percy [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Henderson, Devery [Saints] (Saints Core)
Hester, Devin [Bears] (Bears Core)
Johnson Jr., Calvin [Lions] (Lions Core)
Knox, Johnny [Bears] (Bears Core)
Jennings, Greg [Packers] (Packers Core)
Manningham, Mario [Giants] (Michigan)
Meachem, Robert [Saints] (Saints Core)
Nelson, Jordy [Packers] (Packers Core)
Smith, Steve [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
White, Roddy [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Williams, Mike [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)

Tight Ends-TE
Carlson, John [Seahawks] (Notre Dame)
Gonzalez, Tony [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Gresham, Jermaine [Bengals] (Bengals Core) (2010 Off Rookies)
Finley, Jermichael [Packers] (Packers Core)
Olsen, Greg [Panthers, Shown as Bears] (Panthers Core)
Pettigrew, Brandon [Lions] (Lions Core)
Shiancoe, Visanthe [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Shockey, Jeremy [Panthers, Shown as Saints] (Panthers Core)
Winslow, Kellen [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)

Left Tackles-LT
Backus, Jeff [Lions] (Lions Core)
Baker, Sam [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Gross, Jordan [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
Johnson, Charlie [Vikings, wears Colts jersey] (Vikings Core)
Long, Jake [Dolphins] (Michigan)
Penn, Donald [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Whitworth, Andrew [Bengals] (Bengals Core)

Left Guards-LG
Hutchinson, Steve [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Nicks, Carl [Saints] (Saints Core)
Sims, Rob [Lions] (lions Core)
Williams, Chris [Bears] (Bears Core)

Faine, Jeff [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core, Notre Dame)
Kalil, Ryan [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
Kreutz, Olin [Saints, Wears Bears jersey] (Saints Core)
McClure, Todd [Falcons] (Falcons Core,LSU)

Right Guards-RG
Cook, Kyle [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Evans, Jahri [Saints] (Saints Core)'
Joseph, Davin [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Sitton, Josh [Packers] (Packers Core)
Williams, Bobbie [Bengals] (Bengals Core)

Right tackles-RT
Cherilus, Gosder [Lions] (Lions Core)
Clabo, Tyson [Falcons] (Falcons Core)

Left Ends-LE
Avril, Cliff [Lions] (Lions Core)
Dunlap, Carlos [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Edwards, Ray [Falcons, Vikings jersey] (Falcons Core)
Idonije, Israel [Bears] (Bears Core)
Johnson, Charles [Panthers] (Panthers Core)

Defensive Tackles-DT
Adams, Anthony [Bears] (Bears Core)
Alualu, Tyson [Jaguars] (2010 Def Rookies)
Babineaux, Jonathan [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Ellis, Sedrick [Saints] (Saints Core)
Franklin, Aubrayo [Saints, wears 49ers jersey] (Saints Core)
McCoy, Gerald [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core, 2010 Def Rookies)
Peko, Domata [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Toeaina, Matt [Bears] (Bears Core)
Raji, B.J. [Packers] (Packers Core)
Rogers, Shaun [Saints, wears Browns jersey] (Saints Core)
Suh, Ndamukong [Lions] (Lions Core)
Williams, Corey [Lions] (Lions Core)
Williams, Kevin [Vikings] (Vikings Core)

Right Ends-RE
Abraham, John [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Allen, Jared [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Peppers, Julius [Bears] (Bears Core)

Left Outside Linebackers-LOLB
Black, Quincy [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Durant, Justin [Lions, wears Jaguars jersey] (Lions Core)
Lawson, Manny [Bengals, Shown as 49ers] (Bengals Core)
Matthews, Clay [Packers] (Packers Core)
Woodley, LaMarr [Steelers] (Michigan)

Middle Linebackers-MLB
Beason, Jon [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
Hawk, A.J. [Packers] (Packers Core)
Henderson, E.J. [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Lofton, Curtis [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
McClain, Rolando [Raiders] (2010 Def Rookies)
Tulloch, Stephen [Lions, wears Titans jersey] (Lions COre)
Urlacher, Brian [Bears] (Bears Core)
Vilma, Jonathan [Saints] (Saints Core)

Right Outside Linebackers-ROLB
Anderson, James [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
Briggs, Lance [Bears] (Bears Core)
Greenway, Chad [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Hayes, Geno [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Rivers, Keith [Bengals] (Bengals Core)

Barber, Ronde [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Clements, Nate [Bengals, Shown as 49ers] (Bengals Core)
Gamble, Chris [Panthers] (Panthers Core)
Greer, Jabari [Saints] (Saints Core)
Griffin, Cedric [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Grimes, Brent [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Haden, Joe [Browns] (2010 Def Rookies)
Hall, Leon [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Jennings, Tim [Bears] (Bears Core)
Porter, Tracy [Saints] (Saints Core)
Revis, Darelle [Jets] (99ers)
Robinson, Dunta [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Talib, Aqib [Buccaneers] (Buccaneers Core)
Tillman, Charles [Bears] (Bears Core)
Williams, Tramon [Packers] (Packers Core)
Winfield, Antoine [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Woodson, Charles [Packers] (Packers Core)

Free Safeties-FS
Abdullah [Vikings] (Vikings Core)
Byrd, Jairus [Bills] (Oregon)
Collins, Nick [Packers] (Packers Core)
Crocker, Chris [Bengals] (Bengals Core)
Zbikowski, Tom [Ravens] (Notre Dame)

Strong Safeties-SS
Berry, Eric [Cheifs] (2010 Def Rookies)
Chung, Pat [Patriots] (Oregon)
Coleman, Erik [Lions, wears Falcons jersey] (Lions Core)
Jones, Sean [Buccaneers] (BUccaneers Core)
Harris, Chris [Bears] (Bears Core)
Landry, LaRon [Redskins] (LSU)
Peprah, Charlie [Packers] (Packers Core)
Polamalu, Troy [Steelers] (99ers)
Ward, T.J. [Browns] (Oregon)

Bryant, Matt [Falcons] (Falcons Core)
Gould, Robbie [Bears] (Bears Core)
Hanson, Jason [Lions] (Lions Core)
Longwell, Ryan [Vikings] (Vikings COre)
Mare, Olindo [Panthers, Shown as Seahawks] (Panthers Core)

Jones, Donnie [Rams] (LSU)
Koenen, Michael [Buccaneers Core)

Contacting Me
Contact me personally for all of your MUT needs at [email protected]
or on Xbox Live at Teachsmay26. Please inform me of any errors and if
you contribute enough to my guide I will surely give you credit.

The guide contained herein is intended for the use of all persons 
public and private and is the property of Thomas F Leach JR.
All rights reserved. Any attempt to use this guide in whole or
in part by any persons public or private without the consent of
said author is prohibited.

Copyright 2011 Thomas F Leach JR

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