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Ultimate Weapon Faq Ver 1.00

I.  Introduction
II.  Totems For Each Charater
III.  Locations To Find Totems
IV.  Locations Of Shines For Each Totem
V.  Other Information

I.  Introduction

Each charater has an ultimate weapon this faq tell how to get them. The Totems
that you collect through out the game are the key to getting the weapons.

II.  Totems For Each Charater


Ailish = Eagle
Tal = Wolf
Buki = Cat
Elco = Dragon

III.  Location To Find Totems

There are 4 Totems for each Character.set up like this.

Area to find the totem

Location or Event to get the totems

Requirement or how to get the totem


Eagle Totem #1

Brightwater Beach

Smuggler's Shack Secret

Enter the shack next to Brightwater Beach and use Ailish's dispel ability to 
remove the wall in the back. The Chest behind the wall contains an 
Eagle Totem

Eagle Totem #2

Parham County

Wishing Well Secret

Use Ailish's dispel ability to remove the side of the well in Parham County
near the Box puzzle. The chest at the bottem of the well contains an 
Eagle Totem.

Eagle Totem #3

Temple Mo

Treasure Room

Unlock the green gate when solving the incense puzzle in the Eagle Chamber. 
The chest inside the Treasure Room contains and Eagle Totem.

Eagle Totem #4


Omnium Collector Quest

Bring Miss Lupa, the woman in the Observatory, 21 chunks of Omnium from
the Transentine Reasearch Center to earn the Power-Plant Key. Climb the
wall outside of the Observatory with Buki and enter the Elevator Power Plant 
to find a chest containing an Eagle Totem.


Wolf Totem #1

South Courtyard

Portcullis Puzzle

Press the switch on the balcony between the two gates to open the door 
below. The chest behind the door contains a Wolf Totem.

Wolf Totem #2

New Brightwater

Valuable Cargo Quest

Recover at least five of the lost items for the citizens of New Brightwater
from Brightwater Beach to receive a Wolf Totem as a reward.

Wolf Totem #3


Airship Dock Puzzle

Move the crates near the Transentia airship dock to find a chest containing a
Wolf Totem.

Wolf Totem #4


Robot Testing Challenge 

Climb the ladder on City Level 3 and speak with the robot at the top.
Accept the challenge and climb the second ladder to face the Hunter-Killer.
Defeat the robot to Earn a Wolf Totem. Use Tal, he is very tough 
15000 HP he also uses strong attacks espically the magic wave he uses,
he is also unaffected by stats changes. Make sure you have Iron Warrior
and lots of HP+SP Restorers ready and an enchanted weapon
that adds hp and sp to you.


Cat Totem #1

New Brightwater

Kirklin's Tent

Complete the Brightwater Peral Collector quest to earn Kirklin-Ray's Key. 
Enter his tent in the Shadani Encampment and climb the short wall with Buki to 
find a chest containing the Cat Totem.

Cat Totem #2

Illumina Countryside

Spirit Canyon Secret

Look for a waterfall in Spirit Canyon near the rock bridge. 
Climb the wall next to the bridge to find a path behind the 
waterfall and a chest containing a Cat Totem.

Cat Totem #3


Trials of Mo

Return to Shadani-Mo after defeating Queen Gharaand speak to Malik to gain 
access to the Trials of Mo. Leave the village and go left to find a wall that 
Ailish can dispel. Buki must enter alone. Defeat all five trials to earn 
a Cat Totem. As with the Hunter-Killer Robot stock up on 
HP+SP Restorers and try to have Asilas the Wolf skill strike so that 
you are not alone in this fight. Also save the Spirit Strikes for the last 
battle of the 5.

Cat Totem #4

Illumina Countryside

Rivet Point Stair Puzzle

Buki must climb down a wall to the right of the stairs connecting Rivet Point
and Copper Field to find the switch that extends a portion of the staircase. 
Explore the end of the balcony where the switch is located to find
a second wall that she can climb. The chest containing the 
Cat Totem is in the room below.


Dragon Totem #1

Temple Mo

Fountain Room Secret

Have Ailish dispel the wall to the left of the entrance. Fly across the pit
using Elco's rocket to reach a chest containing a Dragon Totem.

Dragon Totem #2

Illumina Countryside

Copper Field Flying Puzzle

Look for a ladder on the left side of the road, before the stairs to Rivet 
Point. Use the gold crystal on the platform below the trial to power Elco's 
rocket. Fly across the canyon and hit the green switch, then fly through the 
barricades near the ladder and though the door at the end to find a chest 
containing a Dragon Totem.

Dragon Totem #3


Cogwheel Puzzle

Fly west from the top of the second ladder while fixing the elevator near the 
airship dock in Transentia. The chest containing the Dragon Totem sits 
on a small ledge to the side.

Dragon Totem #4


Heart's Heart Quest

Speak to the Heart outside of the Rusty Cog Tavern to learn about her missing 
Heart Circuit. Beat Krenn and then IMMEDIATELY defeat the robots 
at the base of the mine within the Transentine Reasearch Center to find 
the lost circuit. Return it to earn a Dragon Totem.

IV.  Locations Of Shrines For Each Totem

There are two shrines for each character one in each world. This Section 
is set up like this.

World that the shrine is in

Location in that world.

Eagle Shrines


After Brightwater Beach but before the field where you fought the 
Ogre and Tetsu give Tal his first Spirit Strike.


This shrine is in the Fire Pits near Eagle Rock.

Wolf Shrines


After Nolan's Farm but before the large crates that blocked the path 
going toward Parham County


The path through Devil's Belch Canyon opens to a fork take the left 

Cat Shrines


This shrine is on the way to Shadani-Mo after a save point before 
Woluf Valley where you recived Ailish first spirit strike.


The path into Devil's Belch Canyon near Crystal Reef on a side path 
up a wall.

Dragon Shrines


After the Rivet Point on the way to Transentia.


Shortly after the Wolf Shrine of Akloria there will be a ladder
going down then another ladder to the shrine.

V.  Other Information
This Faq is only to be on these websites.
If found anywhere else report it to me ASAP.

It is possible to get the ultimate weapons about half way through the game,
after the Transentia Research Center but before entering the portal to Akloria.
It does take lots of work and time but the rewards are great.

If there and any questions or comments on how to make this guide better e-mail
me at.
[email protected] but a few rules.
No Spam
Only Questions about the game or comments about the guide.

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