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WWE: Wrestlemania X8 Create-A-Wrestler Guide

Game Title: WWE Wrestlemania X8
Platform: Gamecube
Rated T for Teen

1. Introduction
2. Contact Information
3. How to create wrestlers
    a. How to create Brock Lesnar
    b. How to create Billy
    c. How to create Chuck
    d. How to create Torrie Wilson
4. How to create fake wrestlers
    a. How to create Ryan Moore
    b. How to create Stevie Ray 
5. Credits/Special Thanks

1. Introduction

I cannot stress this enough, this guide for WWE: Wrestlemania X8 focuses only on the 
create-a-wrestler section of the game. If you are looking for other information 
about the game you may want to check out my other guide titled “Ultimate Guide to 
Wrestlemania X8.” 

2. Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason I have moved to a new e-mail address. 
Please e-mail your questions/concerns to [email protected] If you would like to 
see all of the strategy guides that I have written you may want to go to my website 
at www.geocities.com/codeworld1, while you are there don’t forget to vote!!

3. How to create wrestlers

To create wrestlers go into the Create a wrestler menu, the way the wrestler looks 
is determined by a bunch of numbers.

	3a. How to create Brock Lesnar	(thank you Almighty_Benny)

Body type: 3 (default skin color)
Modify Figure:
	Upper Arms +20
	All +40
Face type:02
Hair type: 13 (color 3 blonde)
Upper Body: Tattoo Type 2
Wrist type: 2 (Color Black)
Lower Body: Type 00, color black, logo #1
Knee Type: 09 (color black)
Foot Type: 02 (color black)

Music: n W o
Titantron: Tazz
Special: Nothing looks like the real F5, but the following look pretty closeL
		Dominator, Jack Hammer, Sideswipe Powerbomb

Taunt 1: Come On 1
Taunt 2: Im ready
Taunt 3: AHHHHHH!
Taunt 4: Raven Taunt
Celebration: Taker Celebration

Entrance 1: Kane
Entrance 2 Test
Entrance 3: Farooq

3b. How to create Billy  	(thank you Djcoolboy6721059)

Body Type #3

-Modify Figure
	All  -25

Face #10
Hair #7 Color: Blonde

	3c. How to create Chuck	(thank you Djcoolboy6721059)
Body Type #3

-Modify Figure
	All- +25

Face #13
Hair #10 Color Blonde
Lower Body #5 Color Red logo #1
Foot #00 Color red

	3d. How to create Torrie Wilson	(thank you Sk8boarder252)

	Modify Figure
		Chest- +14
	Face Type #3
	Hair Type #4 color (1 color right from white)
	Upper Body #8 color light pink
	Lower Body #12 color light pink
	Foot Type #9

4. How to create fake wrestlers

NOTE: The wrestlers in this section are not real wrestlers that you would see on TV 
some may have the same names but they aren’t ones on TV, they are just cool and I 
know they are worth putting in here.

	4a. How to create Ryan Moore	(thank you BadAsKane)

Appearance: Male 

Body Type: Type 04
		Skin color:3

Modify figure:
		Neck 50/50/50
		Shoulder 31/31/31
		Upper Arm 25/25/25
		Forearm 10/10/10
		ALL 50

Face: type 01
Eye color black

Hair: type 08
Hair color: black

Facial Hair: Type 04
Facial hair color: 3

Upperbody: Type 04
Logo: 03 (press the R button)
Tattoo: 03
Color: go to top green (press y button) : 127, 074, 018

Hand: type 04
Color: go to top blue (press y button) 237, 073, 038

Lower Body: type 11
Logo: 00 (press R button)
Color: go to bottom blue (press Y button) 203, 064, 037

Foot: type 01
Logo: 00 (press the R button)
Color: black


Weak 1- jab 01
Weak 2- karate strike-L
Combination(2nd):karate strike-R
Combination(3rd):cacadian punch

Grapple (F):
Front1: powerbomb pin
Front 2: chokeslam
Front 3: double arm backbreaker
Front 4: hammer throw clothesline
Front 5: alleyoop
Rope down grapple: pull and drop

Grapple (B)
Back 1: Face Crusher
Back 2: Pendulum backbreaker
Back 3: German Suplex Pin
Back 4: Sideslam
Back 5: German Suplex

1: Guillotine leg drop
2: Spiral Guillotine leg drop
run 1: rolling thunder
run 2: guillotine leg drop

Submission (U):
Face up: hip drop
Face Down: recliner

Submission (S):
Face up: atomic leg drop
Face down: crippler crossface

Submission (L):
Face up: Figure 4 leg lock
Face down: Ankle Lock

1: peoples clothesline
2: bicycle kick

Grapple (F):
Front 1: spinning DDT

Grapple (B):
Back 1: bulldog

Ouside 1: flip attack
Outside 2 flip attack

Irish Whip:
1:crescent heel kick
2: hip block

1: Back Toss
2: Spine Buster 3

Striking: full swing punch
Lower striking: dropkick

Upper: poetry in motion
Lower: Gun packet

1: Bulldog
2: Hurricanrana
lower: mudhole stomping
reverse Front: Super Hurricanrana
1: super back drop 2
2: Tarantula
reverse back: drop to outside

To outside: double axe hammer

To apromL throw to inside
From apron: suplex

Cut:stomp 1
Running: Rolling Thunder

Double Team:
Front: double flap jack
Back: back drop
Sandwich: high angle neckbreaker

Counter: Dudley Death drop

FrontL Jackknife powerbomb
Back: unprettier
Running: running big boot
IrishWhip: chokeslam

1:tightening glove
2: here comes n W o
3: wolfpack
4: RVD fighting stance
apron: clapping hands
celebration: steveweiser

1: Chris Jericho
2: Tajiri
3: Chris Jericho

Name: Moore
Alias: Ryan
Music: Undertaker
Titantron: Edge

Logic: standard

4b. How to create Stevie Ray	(Thank you BadAsKane)


-Body Type:
	Type: #3
	Color: 4th Shade of light

Modify Figure-
	Neck: 50/50/50
	Shoulders: 10/10/10
	Upper Arms: 30/30/30
	Forearms: 17/17/17
	Hands: 10/10/10
	Chest: 13/13/13
	Waist: 3/3/3
	Abdomen: 5/5/5
	Thighs: 4/4/4
	Calf: 10/10/10
	Feet: 6/6/6	
		All: 50

		Eye color: Black
		Type: 5
		Color: Black

	Facial Hair:
		Type: 7
		Color: Black

	Upper Body:
		Logo:17 (L Button)
		Color: Completely Black (use Y button)

		Color: same as Upper Body Color
		Right and left elbows

		Color: Same as elbow pad color

		Same coloe as wrists

	Lower Body:
		Logo:14 (L Button)
		Color is same as hands

		Logo:02 (R Button)
		Color L+R: same as pants

		Logo:00 (R Button)

	-Make the moves whatever you want
	-Fill up his ability by getting the Tag Team Title and defending it 21 times


	NAME: Ray
	ALIAS: Stevie
	MUSIC: Triple H

	5. Credits/Special Thanks

I would like to thank all of the people that created wrestlers, and if anyone has 
any wrestlers that they created send them to [email protected]

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