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Naruto clash of ninja 2
When you battle with rock lee, you may think there are only 2 special attacks. I
figured out that it has changed. Select rock lee as your player and if you just
want to go for it, set your opponent on hard. That opponent has to be Gaara if
you want this trick to work.

It doesn’t matter what battle scene you choose(just choose one for the heck of
it). Anyway, when you’re at the battle scene, and you have enough chacra(not
health, the yellow meter…), which is when that yellow meter is full, DON’T press
DOWN+X, just X on Gaara. Once done, instead of rock lee just wrapping the
opponent in bandages, he kicks Gaaara a few times and THEN does the primary
lotus signature move. That concludes my faq for 2day!!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!!

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