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Table Of Contents:

1. Terran
   A. Unit Weakness And Strength
   B. Tips
2. Zerg
   A. Unit Weakness And Strength
   B. Tips
3. Protoss
   A. Unit Weakness And Strength
   B. Tips
                                 1. Terran
A. Unit Weakness And Strength
Marine- Marines are your first offensive units. They can attack both land and air. 
They dont         cost much and are good in bunkers and in groups of 6. They arnt 
good agenst lurkers,         cannons, or Sunken Colonies. Keep them behind you 
battlecruisers to take out the             ground-to-air defense. You can also 
them with tanks incase zerglings rush up to         kill your tanks.

Firebats- Firebats are good agenst Cannons, Sunken Conlonies, zerglings, zealots, 
ghosts, and           goliths. They cannot attack air and are only good in groups 
atleast 4. They are           usually used with marines. Keep them away from any 
enemy air unit and any unit with           heavy armor. Heavy armored units bring 
down the attack value by 60 percent.

Ghosts- Ghosts are good on offense by themselfs. Cloak em and send them into an 
with no         detectors. When all ready, nuke your enemy where the most units 
and/or defense is.           They arnt good agenst face-to-face combat unless it is 
a mechanical unit. Ghosts             change their ammo for diffrent kinds of 
They are good agenst Hydralisks and           anything mechanical because they can 
lock down. They arnt good agenst tanks, and             watch out for science 
vessels and queens.

Goliath- Goliaths are good agenst ground-to-air combat. They can take out gardiens 
fast and           devour carriers like they are nothing. They arnt good agenst 
wraiths and are easily          killed by zerglings, and ultralisks. I usually keep 
them grouped up with tanks.

Siege Tank- Siege Tanks are the pride of every Terran players army. They are good 
defense             and offense. They can take out any ground unit that crosses its 
path. Keep them              in groups of 5. Put them in dropships and sneak to the 
back of your enemy's base             to take out their mineral reasources and 
anything else you want too. Keep them               away from any air unit though. 
And have marines and goliaths with them. Marines              to take out the 
zerglings and goliaths to take out the air units.

Vulture- I dont use these units much, so i dont kno what they are good for and what 
their             weaknesses are. All I know is if you got em, lay spider mines.

Wraiths- One of my favorite units. The wraith is good agenst gardians, carriers, 
and                  battlecruisers. Given the ability to cloak lets them take out 
bases with no                  detectors around. They arnt good agenst scouts or 
other wraiths. And goliaths can            take them out quick, and hydralisk can 
kill them faster. Keep them in groups of              6 atleast.

Valkyrie Frigate- Valkyries are good agenst anything in the air. They arnt good 
agenst 1                       single air unit and anything that shoots a from the 
ground. I dont use them                   much, except agenst this kid who keeps 
trying to kill me with carriers.

Battlecruiser- Not good agenst units, except for ones that cant attack them. Use 
them to take                out buildings with their long-range yamato cannon.
B. Stradigies
~Get atleast $400 before you start building anything.

~If there is a cut point, block it with Service depots, then put Bunkers behind the 
service depots, then tanks behind the bunkers, then missle turrets behind the 
and you have the ultimate defense. 

~Some people dont do this, but i do. Lift off a barracks. Then, float it over to 
your opponent(going around the defense), bring in in through a flaw and land it 
the minerals. Then start pumping out marines to sucure the area. Then bring a war 
factory in and build the add on. Then start pumping out tanks and you won. If you 
start loosing there though, build one ghost, cloak, then nuke em when you die.

~Use dropships to sneak in the back and drop men.

~Here is another one people dont do. When you are attack their defense, bring an 
to fix all your damaged units. Also, bring a medic to heal your non-mechanical 

~Agenst zerg, use mostly air combat and tanks. Cause think about it, zerg only has 
units that can attack air. Now why didnt you think of that?

~Agenst Protoss, and your opponent like to use carriers, kill the carriers with 
wraiths and valkaries. Then think, your opponent is making nothing but carriers, so 
i should use what to attack? Im sure you can think of an attack.

~I dont kno what to do agenst a Terran player, Im never terran.
                                      2. Zerg
A. Unit Weakness And Strength
Zergling- Fast, quick attack, good agenst most units, what is their weekness. Well 
they arnt           good agenst firebats and zealots. And they cant attack air 
unless they can           surprisingly jump really really high. When upgraded 
use them agensts tanks           and in the front of your offensive.

Hydralisk- Hydralisks have these long blades for hands, but they spit acid. If 
anyone knows            if they can use these blades please tell me. Anyway, they 
arnt good agenst Tanks            and Reavers. It is also a waste of time to attack 
buildings with them. Use            zerglings to take out buildings. The only way 
they are good agenst buildings is if            it evolves to a.....

Lurker- Can only attack if it is burrowed, which makes it hard for your opponent to 
attack         it. Cant attack air but does atleast 20 damage. VERY VERY GOOD IN 
GROUPS. If they         have detectors its best to surface and retreat.

Ultralisk- These scary things can only attack ground. They arnt good agenst 
goliaths, and            goliaths are good agenst them(wierd isnt it). They can 
easily take out tanks and            buildings.

Infested Terran- They are suicide bombers. They dont have a weakness or resistance. 
They just                  run and blow up. To get them you have to infest a 

Mutalisk- I never use these things, so i dont know what they are good for. Whenever 
I get           them i quickly evolve them in to a......

Devourer- Air-to-air only. Their acid spores do devestating damage. They arnt good 
agenst           wraiths. Mutalisk dont always have to morph into these, they can 
also become           a.......

Gardien- These basiclly take out everything on the ground. They have very long 
and do          lots of damage. But they need to be protected by Devourers or they 
will get eaten          alive by air units.

Scorge- All they do is crash into air units and blow up.
B. Tips
~Since zerg's buildings are less money, all you need is 300 before you start 
building. The first building you should get is a spawning pool, not a gas mining 
station thing.

~Ambush by burrowing

~Giving the ability to make units fast, overflow your enemy with zerglings, 
ultralisks, hydralisks, and gardiens.

~If you have another base, connect them with a nydus canal

~If your opponent is zerg, make a nydus canal by their miners, then send people 
                                   3. Protoss
A. Unit Weakness And Strength
Zealot- Strong, brave, and fight for honor, thats what a zealot does. 1 zealot can 
take out 4         zerglings. 1 zealot can take out 2 hydralisks. But 15 zealots 
cant take out an         ultralisk. Keep them grouped with dragoons so you have 
ground to ground and         ground to air. For terran, keep them away from 

Dragoon- I dont use this unit a lot. But it is good agenst mostly anything. All I 
know is          they suck agenst zerglings.

Reaver- They are easily killed by anything. They are only good at firing a scrab 
into groups         of enemies or taking out missile turrets, bunkers, photon 
cannons, and sunken         colonies.

High Templar- Normally I wouldnt put a unit with no attack on my guide, but this 
is an               exception. The high templar can confuse your enemy by using 
hallucination. It               is also good when enemies are grouped up and you 
em with a couple of                     psionic storms. They are also good because 
they can morph into an..........

Archon- Dont use these much, do I dont know there weakness. But im sure if enough 
zerglings         or marines attack it will overpower one. I only use them to take 
out buildings, which         they do fast.
Dark Templar- There weakness is everything, if they are spotted. Given the ability 
to cloak               is valuable. They can kill almost anything if its a 1 on 1. 
They can morph into               a dark templar which can mind control and melee 

Scout- Good at taking out battlecruisers, valkaries, carriers, arbiters, and 
gardiens. So        altogether this is a good unit. However, it doesnt fire fast 
when attacking the        ground, so keep it away from ground units.

Corsair- Dont use much, but ive seen people team them up with carriers. I only use 
em to use          their web to shut down anti air weapons.

Carrier- Another one of my favorites(and probably yours too). THey are strong 
mostly          anything on the ground and air. Except for the few amout of units 
named scouts,          valkaries, wraiths. If had no trouble with the zerg's air 
units when im attacking          with carriers.

Arbiter- It has the ability to cloak other units, which helps it out a lot because 
it doesnt          do a lot of damage and it fires slow. It has the ability to 
recall a unit. It can          also freeze opponents in its tracks. If you dont 
what recall is, it teleports          units.

B. Tips
~Start building when you get $500 dollors(pylons dont count).

~Take an arbiter and fly it to the back of an enemies base and recall about 5 
archons, that should ruin your opponents resources.

~Overrun with carriers, thats what i do when im bored.

~If its a hard match, get 20 of every unit and attack. Trust me it works like a 

~Surround your base with photon cannons.

~Mind control is one of your best friends.

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