Unlock the Secrets - Guide for Super Smash Brothers

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This faq will tell you how to unlock everything in the game.


(If you get a Game Over, don't bother hitting yes to continue, you can't unlock 
anyone if you lose.)

(The Charactor section is organized by level of difficulty)

Beat the game on any difficulty level, with anyone, and after you beat 
Master Hand, you will fight Jiggilypuff. If you beat her, you unlock her in all 
game modes.

Captain Falcon:
Beat the game in less then 25 minutes, after you beat Master Hand, it will say 
either "Speed King" (less than 25 min.), or  
"Speed Deamon" (less than 15 min."). Either way, you will fight Captain Falcan.
If you win, you unlock him in all game modes.

Beat the game on atleast Normal difficulty, with aleast 3 lives.
After you beat Master Hand, you will fight Ness. If you win, you will unlock him 
in all game modes.

Beat "Break The Targets" and "Board The Platforms" with all of the original 
charactors. You will fight Luigi with the last person you beat both practices 


Mushroom Kingdome:
Play 50 games in multi-player. Or beat one-player 50 times.

Beat both Practices with everyone, including the secret charactors.

I hope these faqs help you.
If you need any help with this game, email me at [email protected]

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