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                           The Sting!
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                  by Kasey Chang ([email protected])
                   released November 12, 2001

0    Introduction

0.1   A word from the author

A quick browse through the shows that there is no
full FAQ for "The Sting!" yet. So here's my version.

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates.

This USG only covers the North American PC version since that's
the only version that I have.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

0.2   Terms of Distribution

This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2001,
all rights reserved excepted as noted in the disclaimer section.

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the
following conditions:

1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of
this document: "The Sting! Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ" is
copyrighted (c) 2001 by Kasey K.S. Chang, all rights reserved
except as noted in the disclaimer."

2) This document must remain UNMODIFIED in any form or manner
without prior permission of the author with the following
exception: if you wish to convert this document to a different
file format or archive format, with no change to the content,
then no permission is needed.

2a) UNMODIFIED means just that: UNMODIFIED. No banners, no HTML
borders, no cutting up into multiple pages to get you more banner
hits, and esp. no adding your site name to the "avaiable at" site
list. (Someone actually did that to one of my FAQs.)

3) No charge other than "reasonable" compensation should charged
for its distribution. Free is preferred, of course. Sale of this
information is prohibited. If you see any one selling this
FAQ/guide, drop me a line at [email protected]

4) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
else it is plagiarism.

5) The author hereby grants all games-related web sites the right
to archive and link to this document to share among the game
fandom, provided that all above restrictions are followed.

Sidenote: The above conditions are known as a statutory contract.
If you meet them, then you are entitled to the rights I give you
in 5), i.e. archive and display this document on your website. If
you don't follow them, then you did not meet the statutory
contract conditions, and therefore you have no right to display
this document. If you do so, then you are infringing upon my
copyright. This section was added for any websites that don't
seem to understand this.

For the gamers: You are under NO obligation to send me ANY
compensation. This FAQ is dedicated to the victims of the
terrorist attack of the US East Coast on September 11, 2001. If
you find this FAQ helpful, go give blood at your local blood
donation centers or donate to your local Red Cross or equivalent
charity. And may God (whatever his name) bless you.

0.3    Distribution

This USG should be available at, 
THE game FAQ site of the Internet. It should also be available 
at other major PC game websites (such as,, etc.).

To webmasters who wish to archive this FAQ on their website,
please read the terms of distribution in section 0.2. It says
exactly what it says.

0.4    Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After
all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark... If
you find an question about this game that is not covered in the
USG, e-mail it to me at [email protected]  I'll try to answer it and
include it in the next update.

0.5    The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3, Wing
Commander 4, Fade to Black, Spycraft, 688(I) Hunter/Killer.
Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Need for Speed: Porsche
Unleashed, Mechwarrior 4, and a few others.

You can find some of them on my KC Game Nexus website at

If you need to write me, send e-mail to [email protected] Be warned
that if you don't include at least the game title in your message
I would have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

0.6   Disclaimer/ Copyright Information

The Sting! (Der Clou 2) is a trademark of JoWood, created by Neo.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by either JoWood or Neo.

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
through the author's efforts except where as noted. The members of 
the The Sting! BBS/web forum provided some assistance (thanks to 
Martin[neo], Zalon, Madmax, et al.).

You can visit "The Sting!" web forum at

0.7   Spoiler Warning

The USG contains spoilers about all missions in The Sting. Only
get enough help to get past the hump, so you don't spoil the
sense of accomplishment.

To prevent spoiling the fun completely, the complete walkthru was
moved to the end of the document. Each chapter will contain only
hints about specific jobs.

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me The Sting?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: For the North American edition, the version that came on the
CD (V2.0) is the latest. The original European release had
several patches.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: There aren't any. This is a PUZZLE game!

Q: Where do I go initially?
A: Ask Bruno, the big guy down in the courtyard.

Q: How do I recruit more accomplices?
A: Walk around town a bit between jobs. Look in bars and other
places. Other times, just walk around a bit. You never know who
you may run into.

Q: How do I get new tools?
A: Try the tool trader, and there are some free tools scattered
about town. They're well hidden though.

Q: Where else can I get rid of the loot?
A: There are only three "fences" in the city, and you only have
access to the Pawn Shop at the beginning. Look around town a bit.
You may find someone who is NOT the standard citizen.

Q: What car should I use?
A: One that fits your budget as well as able to carry your
accomplices and the loot! By middle of chapter 2 you'll need 2-3
accomplices, and that means a truck. And a BIG one.

Q: How do I get the money from desk/cash register/etc.?
A: View the desk/register to zoom in, then use the money.
Remember to CLOSE it afterwards!

Q: How do I know I've gotten enough loot?
A: That little "money counter" will turn GREEN instead of 
staying RED.

Q: What do I do once I get back to the getaway vehicle?
A: "Use" it to get in! Once everyone has gotten in you can 
end the plan.

Q: How do I get more money?

A: Sell the tools that you don't use (or found for free). Sell
vehicle that you no longer use, and of course, do the jobs and
grab more loot than the minimum required.

Q: I was never seen but the plan failed any way!
A: Pay attention to the fail cause! Read [2.7] for solutions.

Q: I did the job successfully but was arrested any way!
A: Your criminal record was too high. Organize the job and have
the accomplices do the actual movements. You must be a part of
the job, but you don't actually have to do anything personally.
Talking to "The Veteran with no legs" (at Neo Office) may lower
your criminal record, but it'll only work once.

Q: My accomplice went into hiding! How do I get him/her back?
A: You. don't. You use him/her too much and when his/her criminal
record goes over 50% they go into hiding. You should "spread out"
the jobs to make sure you have people available, and reserve the
best guys for the biggest jobs.

Q: Why can't I put any tools on a certain accomplice?
A: If you mean Sinclair or Daisy, they're behind bars at the time.
Another possibility is you're editing an existing plan. You'll need
to start a new plan to switch tools and accomplices. 

Q: Can I go to a specific spot in a Taxi?
A: Nope! You can only go to those landmarks listed.

Q: Can I post your FAQ on my website?
A: You obviously didn't read Section 0.2.

1    Game Information

1.1   What is "The Sting!"

"The Sting!", known as "Der Clou! 2" in Europe, is a essentially 
a burglary simulator. At its heart, it's a time-based puzzle.

You play Matt Tucker, fresh out of jail for burglary. Your mentor
Sinclair was recently arrested for breaking into Ministry of
Light. You are eager to get back into the trade, so you start
small. Get the right tools, hire the right accomplice, use the
right getaway vehicle, and don't get caught!

The game has three modes: city mode, planning mode, and run mode.

City mode gives you the freedom to explore the city.  You can
walk about, or if you have money, flag down a taxi (for $5) and
go anywhere in the city faster. If you meet a unique character,
some of them can be recruited as accomplices (provided you made
the right conversation). Others may provide clues, or buy your
"items". You will also need to get the right tools (of the
trade), like crowbar, axe, lockpick, and more. You will also need
to get a getaway vehicle (though one is provided at start). You
can also scout the potential targets.

Once you have gathered the appropriate tools and accomplices, you
can start your plan by engaging the planning mode. Select you
target, your get away car, and accomplices. Then select among
your available tools (3 to each person, subject to carrying
limit). Keep in mind each person has a carrying limit also, and
some loot (and tools!) can be heavy. Once all has been
configured, you start record your plan, where you plan the move
of every guy, down to each individual step. Click on a spot to
move there. Click on object and you can inspect or use. Click on
the bag to get a tool, then click on object to use tool on
object. The clock will run until the action (or movement) is
completed but it can be interrupted. If you don't like the
movement, hit "back" and record a different one. Switch among
different accomplices as needed. Avoid guard's "view cone", and
don't make too much noise. When you have gotten enough loot to
satisfy the minimum, get back to your getaway vehicle.

In the run mode, you pick one of the plans and "run" it. Now
you'll see how well does your plan work. You have no control over
the action during run mode, but you can simply try again by
editing an exiting plan if the current plan fails.

1.2   Game Requirements

From the official website:
  *    100% Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows ME
       DirectX 8 compatible computer.
  *    Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows 2000 operating
  *    Graphic card with at least 16MB RAM which supports 
       Direct 3D.
  *    Pentium II 300 or higher.
  *    64 MB RAM (memory) or more.
  *    4x CD-ROM drive or faster.
  *    100% DirectX 8 compatible soundcard.
  *    100% Windows 95/98/ME or Windows 2000 compatible mouse and

1.3   Good things about the game

Innovative gameplay, nothing else quite like it

Great "be evil" theme, very rare on the market

Nice and detailed city complete with pedestrians and traffic

Infinite retries (i.e. no limit on how many times you can 
try a job)

1.4   Bad things about the game

Graphics have bad clipping problems. Objects stick through walls
and such (move Tucker close to wall and see his foot or chin
stick out through the wall onto the other side)

Multiple objects can occupy the same space (try sending Tucker
and someone else into the same corner)

Not enough information given, no hint on where to find recruits
and such, or what tools are good for what. and so on

Extremely cartoony characters, doesn't quite fit the "serious"
theme of being "bad guy"

1.5   Related Games

"The Sting!" is unique in its genre as it is really a time-based
puzzle. The closest thing I can remember is the "planning" mode
in Rainbow Six, but that's a completely different genre

1.6   The Name's Origin

"The Sting!" was named because the 1973 movie "The Sting" has the
European title "Der Clou". So when the game was called "Der Clou",
the English translation became "The Sting". 

A better translation would probably be "The Big Job".

1.7   US Version Specific Information

US Version is the "patched" 2.0 version that was released in
Europe. All references to kilogram (kg) have been doubled and
changed to pounds (lb). For example, if the chart here says 35
kg, for the US version it would be 70 lbs.

2    How to get the job done

There are five steps to planning a successful job.
  *    Reconnaisance
  *    Choose Objectives
  *    Choose Approach
  *    Choose Accomplices
  *    Choose Tools

2.1   Reconnaissance

To do the job, you have to know the enemy.

2.1.1     Use planning mode to figure out where the loot are

First task is to look for loot in all the different places. Note
all the protection around it (laser tripwire, locked doors,
alarms, etc.) but ignore them for now. You need to know if you
can find enough loot to satisfy the minimum, and how much other
loot you can get.

If there are safes, open them (ignore the guards and alarms and
so on for now) and see if there's any loot inside. If not, you 
know which one NOT to waste time on (and wear out the tools). 

You can tell by the amount of protection on where the primary
loot may be.

2.1.2      Use the planning mode to observe patrol patterns

All the owners/guards follow a very specific pattern and NEVER
varies. Use the planning mode to follow them around, time them as
they make their moves so you know how much time you have to do
your thing. Make notes on how long do they take on their routes
and so on.

2.1.3      Watch for things the patrols inspect

Some patrols just walk around, while others pause to inspect
windows or doors. Make sure you don't leave any open doors or
damaged locks and such for those patrols to find. If they try a
door, you know you have very limited time to unlock it and escape
before he comes back.

On the other hand, sometimes they just inspect the door for
damage, and don't really try to check if the door's unlocked or
not. You will just have to try it.

2.2   Selecting Objectives

Once you have identified all the loot, patrols, and defenses, you
should identify your objectives, and from there, you should
figure how to approach each one.

In most jobs, there is one primary objective you need to get,
where most expensive loot can be found. Other items will provide
additional loot.

2.3   Selecting Route

In most plans, you find the objective, then you plan backwards
from there. In TS it's no different.

Once you've ID'ed the objective, you look at what defends the
objective, look for ways to defeat it, what defends those
defenses, how to defeat those, and so on. Create a plan now.

For example, let's say your objective is the safe in the bank.
The bank safe is in the vault, covered by two steel doors. The
two doors can only be opened via the two switches. So what
protects those two switches? There is an alarm on the INSIDE. As
you can't disable the alarm from outside, you must find a switch
that will disable it. And you keep going backwards from there.

2.4   Selecting Accomplices

As you now have a general plan of what is in your way, you can
allocate your resources appropriately on how to defeat each

The skill rating of the accomplice, combined with the tool's
rating for the purpose, yields a "work factor". This work factor
is then compared with the "protection factor" of the device
you're trying to defeat, and that yields the time taken to defeat
the device.

Basically, the higher your skill, and the better tools you use,
the faster the action will go. Figure that when you double the
skill, the action will take half the time.

You generally have the following roles for accomplices:
  *    Runner --- move fast, flip a switch. You need speed of at
       least 110%, 120% is preferred.
  *    Mule --- carry a lot of loot. Minimum of 70 pounds would be
       good, depending on loot you plan to take.
  *    Lockpicker --- defeat door locks in a hurry, figure at least
       50% lockpicking skill
  *    Safecracker --- bust safes in a hurry. Depending on how hard
       the safe is, you may need someone with 60 or even 80% skills.
       Depending on how much time you have and your carrying capacity,
       you have to decide on the tool to bring.
  *    Alarm Specialist --- defeat alarms in a hurry. 40% skill is
       actually pretty good, only takes like 5 seconds to kill an 
       alarm. Faster the better, of course.

There's nothing limiting you to perform only one role at a time.
Everybody can perform multiple roles. 

If time is not critical, you can have one person perform multiple 
roles. Otherwise, you will need to bring more accomplices so they can
perform their role simultaneously. 

2.5   Selecting Tools

Once you have chosen the accomplices, it's time to give them the
tools. The person opening the window can use a crowbar. Alarm
specialist needs a soldering iron. Give the mule/runner the
minimum amount of tools possible, maybe a lockpick.

The hardest to choose is the safecracker, and that depends on the
safe. The "cabinet" type safes can be handled by core drill (hand
drill). Bigger safes will need power drill, cutting torch, or
even ground auger (tripod drill). 

Some tools cause damage, some don't. The ones that do cause
damage usually work a little faster, but if the guards do
inspections, then damages would not be good. Some tools are also
faster than others. Make sure you get the right thing.

2.6   Getting through to the loot

Here is some advice on how to get through the various things in
your way.

2.6.1     Windows

Windows must either be broken (with pickaxe, axe, sledgehammer,
etc.) or opened with a crowbar. Crowbar is preferred since 
it's quieter overall, though axe is much lighter (thus allow 
more loot).

Beware that guards can look through windows. Don't be near one
when they look!

2.6.2     Doors

There are three types of doors.

The regular door can be locked or unlocked. If it is locked, use
a lockpick or other tools.

The "safe door" requires a safecracker with the right tools.

There's also the "alarm door". Fortunately you don't see this
until the final job. When you do, use the soldering iron on it.

2.6.3     Locks

If the lock won't be inspected, use crowbar. Otherwise, it's best
to use lockpick as it's quiet and doesn't damage the lock.

Beware that some guards check if window or door is unlocked or
not. Observe patrol pattern and see what they check.

2.6.4     Desks/ Cabinets / Nightstands / Lockers

Use a crowbar on them since they usually don't get inspected.
Close them afterwards!

2.6.5     Safes

Safes need special tools and high safecracking skills. Simple
safes like the "cabinet type" can be handled by hand drill or
electric drill (cordless drill). The hefty types need electric
drill (cordless drill), cutting torch (blow torch), or the core
drill (ground auger).

Watch out for the noise, if you perform this near guards.

You will need to defeat other protection around the safe to reach

Some doors must be cracked like safes.

2.6.6     Alarm

Look at the alarm first. Make sure you know what it covers. It
could be a door, a laser tripwire, other alarms, and so on.

Hold the cursor over the alarm to show what the alarm is
connected to.

Frequently, the alarms are "cross-wired". A pair of alarms is
connected to the objective and each other. You can't defeat one
of them at a time. Look for a way to turn the objective (usually
a laser tripwire) off.

Most alarms are connected to switches. Find the switch, and you
can disable the alarm.

Most single alarms can be defeated directly with a "soldering

Beware that there are some alarms that CANNOT be disabled with
soldering iron. Look for a way around it.

Some doors must be disabled with soldering iron like alarms.

2.6.7     Laser tripwire

This is that green laser bar blocking a corridor. Usually there's
a way to shut it off, like a switch.

If not, disable the alarm(s) connected to it is another option,
unless the alarms are cross-wired, then there's another way to
shut them off.

In the final job, you see the "multi-stage" laser tripwire. Each
switch disables one or more of the stages. You need to disable
all stages to completely turn off the beam. Fun, huh?

2.6.8     Camera

There's usually a way to turn the camera off, or another way to
get to where you need to go.

2.6.9     Switch

Switch is not really a protection device, but rather usually used
to turn one OFF. If you find a switch, you can see what it turns
off. Then plan your route to go through there instead.

There are THREE TYPES of switches.

Type one: stays off once you flipped it. It cannot be turned back
on. This one looks like one of those old circuit breakers. It
opens at the "bottom".

Type two: toggle switch, can be turned on or off as you wish.
Turns in the middle, and the handle goes either top or bottom.

Type three: self-reset switch, resets itself after a few seconds
(like a circuit breaker), usually 10 seconds.  This one looks
like a toggle switch with a red "lever" with a long "spring" at
the bottom.

They look different physically, so you know which kind you have
just by looking.

On complicated levels, switches are usually present in layers.
Find one switch that disables other devices, which allow access
to more switches that disable yet more devices.

You need to keep a guy near the self-resetting switches as you
may need to flip it several times.

2.7   Fixing Your plan

Your plan failed, but you can always learn from the failure. Why
did it fail?

2.7.1     [someone] raised the alarm

You did something too loud. Use a quieter tool, or wait until the
patrol moves further away. Usually this happens when the patrol
reaches the same floor, or moved directly over/under your noisy
operation. Stop the action before then. Resume after the patrol
moves away.

2.7.2     [someone] triggered the alarm

Watch where you're going! What did you pass through that
triggered the alarm? If you are SURE you've disabled the alarm,
then perhaps you ran into one of those "tamper-proof" alarms.
There must be another way to get around it.

2.7.3     [someone] found door lock damaged

Use a non-damaging tool on the lock, or try a different door (if

2.7.4     [someone] noticed missing item

You need to move faster. Once the item's taken, you have to get
everybody back to the getaway vehicle before the patrol makes it
back to the item. Consider leaving this item for last. Get
everybody ELSE out before then. Keep the fastest guy around for
this final run, and grab it right after the patrol leaves the

2.7.5     [someone] noticed door/window unlocked

See if there's another window/door that can be unlocked that the
patrol does NOT check. Usually you have several to choose from.

If there isn't, then you need to get back out before the time is

2.7.6     [someone] was seen by [someone]

You either didn't hide properly or you weren't away far enough.
Move back or further into the corner! Putting an object between
you and the patrol is usually NOT enough. Another potential
problem is the staircase. You have to make sure you can't be

If you were "hurrying across", perhaps you should consider hiding

2.7.7     The person didn't move where I want him/her to!

Usually this happens if you move the person in tight places, like
around certain objects, or fit multiple people through the same
narrow window. Give them more space (walking further around the
items, give more breathing room before door/window moves, etc.).
One way to make sure is wait until the window closes itself
before you send in the next person.

It is, however, possible to send multiple people through the same
door at the same time.

2.8   General Tactics

Some tips in general to help you along.

2.8.1     Look for rooms or corners to hide temporarily

Every target has multiple rooms or corners where the guards do
not look, and you can hide there until the guards pass. You can
sometimes be right next to the guard. They never look beside

2.8.2      Don't do everything yourself

Watch your criminal record. When it's high enough (say, 40%) send
accomplices to do the dirty deeds. You'll have to split the loot,
but it's better than being picked up for suspicion of burglary.

2.8.3      Interrupt your job so you can resume later

You don't have to finish any break-in job in one sitting. You can
interrupt a lockpick or crowbar operation at any time, hide, then
resume when the guard moves away.

2.8.4      Better be safe than sorry

Don't perform noisy operations (crowbar, lockpick, etc.) with
patrols nearby. While this is obvious, you also need to remember
some operations take a while and patrols may get close enough
during that time. Remember to interrupt! (see above)

2.8.5      Make multiple passes to synchronize actions

You can get multiple people moving simultaneously by moving one
guy, then back up the action, switch to other person, and start
moving that person.

2.8.6      Follow the guard

You'll want to stay behind the guard as much as possible. It's
possible to move directly behind him and not be heard or seen,
unless he does a 180 degree turn, of course.

2.8.7      Run the plan again before starting it

Sometimes, the recorded plan doesn't work quite right, usually
due to two or three people trying to fit through the same door or
window, and got stuck or got turned around, even if you recorded
it correctly. When you save the plan, edit it again, then forward
it all the way to the end. If everybody is at the getaway vehicle
(i.e. no one visible), then your plan works (so far). If you
still have people out there, something's wrong with the plan, and
you need to fix it.

3    Chapter 1 : Getting Started

The intro movie should have explained quite well why you're here.

You don't need any accomplices for the initial jobs.

3.1   Available Tools
  *    Axe
  *    Pickaxe
  *    Crowbar
  *    Lockpick
  *    Hand drill (core drill)

You should only need the crowbar, or occasionally, the lockpick.

3.2   Job Hints

3.2.1     Gas Station

This mission is covered by the tutorial, so you really shouldn't
have trouble with this one. But just in case.

You should only need a crowbar on this one.

Work on the window and the cash register when the cop is not
nearby or you risk making enough noise to attract his attention.

To get maximum loot, you should grab the fire extinguisher next
to the gas pumps, as well as the roll of toilet paper from the
bathroom upstairs, in addition to the money in the cash register

3.2.2      Grocery Store

Observe grandma's patrol pattern. Pick a place to stay away from 

You should only need a crowbar on this one.

To get maximum loot, you need to take all the bags of flour and
stuff, which is simply too much trouble. Be satisfied with the
obvious items.

4    Chapter 2 : Back in Business

Now that you've gotten a few jobs under your belt and your
confidence back, it's time to tackle a few bigger jobs with 
some accomplices. 

4.1   New Tools

No New Tools.

You'll need to buy some new lockpicks as replacements, though. 
At only 10 uses they can get used up quickly.

4.2   Job Hints

4.2.1      Cinema

You should have better luck with the other door.

Don't use the crowbar on the projection room.

To get maximum loot, you need to grab the film, the cash from the
office, AND the cash from the cash register.

4.2.2      Hotel

You will need an accomplice on this one, one that knows safe

There isn't much upstairs except paintings and such. If you feel
like it, search each and every room, but you'll likely wear out
any lockpicks or crowbars doing so.

4.2.3      Greenhouse / Arboretum

Bring an accomplice on this one, as you aren't really fast enough

Front door is NOT the right place to go in.

Move FAST.

There are only two items to take in this job.

4.2.4      Boxing Club

Bring an accomplice who can handle alarm systems (>10%), but also
move fast. Don't forget the soldering iron!

The glass case needs a crowbar. Choose the right angle.

Maximum loot requires getting into the locker room AND going

5    Chapter 3 : The Errand

So Daisy want you to do a job for her. Get this "Check Card" from
the Villa... Sounds easy, right?

5.1   New Tools
  *    Electric Drill (Cordless Drill)

5.2   Job Hints

5.2.1     Printing Office

Make sure you can carry TWO objects of 35 kg EACH.

The upstairs patrol doesn't check if the doors are locked,
despite his actions. He just check for damaged locks.

This one takes quite a bit of patience, even with the best tools
and accomplices.

5.2.2      Undertaker (Funeral Home)

Speed doesn't matter on this one, but you will need a decent 

The obvious entrance is not the best one.

For max loot, come back down to second floor.

5.2.3      Mausoleum

Speed is VERY important, and you'll need one accomplice.

Do NOT touch the cross-wired alarm system! 

Some guards only appear AFTER you take the item. 

The obvious route of escape is NOT the right one, at least

5.2.4     Spam Factory

A switch can disable one of the alarms. You'll need to find it.

The only items worth getting are in the safe.

5.2.5     The Villa

Both inside and outside patrol move CLOCKWISE.

The item you're looking for is NOT in a safe.

You don't need to disable the cameras.

There are a lot of loot around, but you'll need to bring
accomplices and use a lot of coordination and noise
considerations. Think about it. 

6    Chapter 4 : Too Late

Well, you are late for the date and was rudely reminded that
nothing is quite what it seems. So you need to do a few jobs,
then check out the barracks (military base) and figure out 
what's going on.

6.1   New Tools

Cutting torch (i.e. blow torch)

Ground Auger (i.e. Tripod Drill, Power Drill)

6.2   Job Hints

6.2.1     Neo Office

The front door is NOT the right place to get in.

Study the "cause and effect" on the alarms very carefully before
making your move.

There are THREE primary loot items.

The patrol doesn't do much. As long as you figured out the alarms
you're fine.

6.2.2     Museum

You will need multiple people to do this job. While it looks as
if you can use one guy, you don't have time to grab enough loot.

You will need to disable one alarm, so bring someone with alarm

Grab extra paintings to reach the minimum. Look for high-value
paintings that doesn't weight too much.

Start with the top floor and work downward.

6.2.3     Bank

Go in one way, go out the other.

Look carefully at the item being covered by the alarm. It may not
be the obvious item.

There are TWO ways to disable the laser tripwire.

One of the trips may seem like a one way trip, but it's not.

Your primary objective is the vault. Obviously.

6.2.4     Barracks

There is no loot in this job. It's just to rescue Daisy. Daisy
takes up one of your accomplice slots. She's behind bars so she 
gets no tools.

Bring VERY fast people with decent lockpicking skills. You need
those who move at 120% speed. You'll need two more to do it.

Coordinate the switches to get through the door.

Move behind the guard as he stares off into space. Then use the 
corner to hide to work on the door to Daisy.

6.2.5     Harbor

You need one accomplice who is good with alarms. Bring soldering
iron (of course). You'll also need a VERY good safe cracker, and
the fastest safe buster: "ground auger" (tripod drill).

There is no way you can unlock the door to the "Admiral's" office
without trigger the alarm... unless you find the key.

Note: opening the door with the key is INSTANTANEOUS, unlike
lockpicking and such. You will NOT get a "bink" acknowledgement
sound. You may have to try the key more than once, try opening
the door each time.

7    Chapter 5 : Light and Darkness

Now that you know what's going on. It's time to send the darkness

7.1   New Tools


7.2   Job Hints

7.2.1     Power Plant

Speed, all speed. Bring 120% speed people, all of them. Same guy
should carry both prisms.

Front door is NOT the right way. 

You do NOT have to pass those cameras inside. 

Drop the two prisms on the two white machines on the first floor
of the powerplant, on the far end. When you seen the plant stop, 
get out of there. 

7.2.2     Ministry of Light

Daisy and Sinclair are selected automatically. Sinclair is behind 
bars so he can't get any tools.

Bring soldering iron. You'll need it to get through some doors at

Getting Tucker through the first two guards is going to require 
some guard-following and corner-hiding.

You'll need to free Sinclair to help you release the final set of
laser tripwires.

8    Reference Information

8.1   List of tools

Core Drill (Hand Drill)
Electric Drill (Cordless Drill)
Soldering Iron
Cutting torch (Blow Torch)
Ground Auger (Tripod Drill)

8.2   Other Misc. Items

Gold Key (Harbor), used in Harbor
Check Card (Villa), no use (really)
Power Prisms (Harbor), use in Power Plant

8.3   Free tools
Axe            in your hotel room, first floor at the table
Crowbar        in your hotel room, second floor at the table
Core drill     across from Sammy's Pub, inside the door
Pickaxe        behind Bully's pub
Cutting torch  at the zepplin dock, third dock
Sledgehammer   in the slums, in front of Barrel Bearer's dustpins
Lockpick       left from the container station in front of the
               locked door
Drill          at the bench next to the printing office
Electric drill at the roof of the right skyscraper opposite the
Soldering iron in the unlocked building bottom right opposite to
               the park in the middle of the map

8.4   The Vehicles

There isn't really a reason to list the vehicles since you should
be able to afford the best (the tanker truck) by the middle of 
chapter 3.

8.5   The Fences (where to get rid of your loot)

There are only three "fences" in Fortune Hills.

1) Pawn Shop, see map. Pays 90% of value. Available at start.

2) Squeakvoice, in the two-story room right next to your hotel
room. Pays 75% (80%?) of value. Available at chapter 2

3) Bob Boredom, in the little park near the Neo Office, pays 100%
of value. Available at chapter 3.

8.6   All Accomplices

Capacity = Carrying capacity, amount of loot the accomplice can
carry. It's kg in European versions, but pounds in US version (2
lbs = 1 kg in this game).

Lock / Safe / Alarm = skill in defeating the device, with the
right tools

Speed = movement speed relative to Tucker

Can be found at = where you're likely to locate this person. 
SE/NE/etc. are map directions. 

Please note that most of the accomplices can be found at most
times. The Chapter number is roughly when you can expect to find
this person
Name          Capacity Lock Safe Alarm  Speed Can be found at
Chapter 1                                     
Bino          25 kg    12%    0%    5%   110% Behind cinema
Elvira Bun    20 kg     3%   13%    0%   105% Harbor pub
Bruno         20 kg     0%    4%   14%    60% Hotel Courtyard
Chapter 2                                     
Zack          15 kg    21%   23%   20%   120% Container depot
Bloodhound                                    (SE)
Santa Claws   40 kg    30%    0%    0%    90% Plaza near Neo
Nick Dogface  35 kg    13%   20%   21%   100% Docks (NE)
Phil Lake     35 kg     5%   35%    2%    95% Sammy's Pub
Matt Magoo    45 kg    29%    3%    9%   120% Old Brazil Bar
Sister Nancy  20 kg    19%   21%   23%    80% Below gas station
Suzi Napkins  48 kg     5%   38%    5%   100% Villa
Simon Trench  40 kg     0%    8%   38%    70% Sammy's pub
Chapter 3                                     
Bobby Beaver  25 kg    15%   68%   26%    80% Brazil Bar
Eric Boredom  35 kg    64%   23%   12%   100% Brazil Bar
Dan Dumbhole  20 kg    35%   50%   33%    60% Brazil Bar
John Freitag  30 kg    92%   29%   45%   105% Pavilion N. Villa
John Goth     45 kg    26%   32%   71%   120% Bully's Pub
Harry         30 kg    15%   15%   13%    95% Sammy's Pub
Carmen        15 kg    27%   25%   63%   120% Sammy's Pub
David Shaggy  30 kg    15%   14%   18%   110% Old Brazil Bar
Frank Stein   85 kg    75%    3%    2%    40% Behind greenhouse
Winnie Wim    25 kg    25%   20%   45%   115% South of Villa,
                                              beyond walkway
Chapter 4                                     
Martin        40 kg    25%   28%   43%    90% Sammy's Pub
Luigi         30 kg    65%   71%   20%   105% Sammy's Pub
Hob Fatface   40 kg    63%   96%   20%    95% Sammy's Pub
Greg Penhead  35 kg    25%   85%   20%   110% Sammy's Pub
Gerald Piper  35 kg    25%   45%   63%    90% Zepplin (map corner)
Paul          40 kg    30%   38%   89%    85% Brazil Bar
Chapter 5                                     
Uncle Ray     30 kg    95%   93%   99%   115% Harbor Pub
Daisy         20 kg    63%   20%   20%   115% N/A
Sinclair      45 kg   100%  100%  100%   110% N/A

Daisy will appear in army base and Ministry of Light jobs. 
Sinclair will appear in Ministry of Light job. You don't need 
to recruit them. They will be added to your list of chosen
accomplices automatically.

9    Full Walkthru on Each and Every Job

These are the plans that have worked for me, and I don't see any
reason why they won't work for you too. 

They are probably NOT the fastest plans, since a lot depends on 
the accomplices you pick. Both movement speed and skill have 
tremendous effect on how long the job takes. 

Do NOT read this section unless you're COMPLETELY stuck, and even
those job HINTS I gave you above doesn't work for you.

9.1   Gas Station

Take a crowbar on this one.

Move to top of the stairs, then wait at the corner until the cop
inspects the door, then turns away.

Move in behind him and take the fire extinguisher.

Move upstairs, open the restroom, and take the toiler paper.

Come back downstairs and work on the right-side window with the
crowbar. Once done, move inside, move to the cash register, but
do NOT attempt to open it yet. Engage active waiting and wait
until the cop came back and moved on.

Once the cop moved on, use crowbar on cash register, use cash
register (to open), inspect cash register, use cash (to take),
use cash register (to close). Move to door, make sure cop is not

Move to window, use window (to open), move to staircase, move to
car, use car (to get in).

Alternate approach: you may do this faster if you go after the
cash register first, get out, THEN go after the toilet paper,
leaving fire extinguisher last.

9.2   Grocery Store

Take a crowbar on this one.

Move to left window, use crowbar on window, use window. You
should now be inside.

The cash register is to your right-front. Go there. See the
little storage room just beyond it, get inside and close the
door. Wait until grandma comes downstairs, looks around, and goes
back up again. Follow her up. Once she enters the room, go
further up the stairs, and wait around the corner until she comes
back out and go downstairs again.

Enter her room, and go straight to the left locker, crowbar it
open, take the sock full of money, take the radio, and get back
out to the staircase hiding place again. (There's nothing in the
right locker and the desk)

Once grandma enters the room, head down to the cash register.
Crowbar it. Hide in the storage room if grandma comes back down.

Wait until she goes back upstairs before taking the money.

Then just head on back out the window before she comes back down.
You may be able to take a sack or two of flour if you brought
only very light stuff.

9.3   Cinema

You will need a lockpick, though you can also bring a crowbar

Move downhill and you'll see the other entrance to the cinema
around the corner. Use lockpick on the door. Wait a few seconds
as the cop inside should be just making his rounds on the other
side. After he turns away, open the door and move up the aisle
and wait next to the door.

Wait until the inside cop goes upstairs. As soon as he does, go
to the restroom, move inside, and close the door! Wait until the
inside cop move into the theater. Exit bathroom and move

Once upstairs, start lockpick the projection room lock, keep an
eye on the cop making patrol downstairs. You can't use crowbar
since this cop checks the door and will notice any signs of
tampering. As soon as he closes the theater door, move right and
forward so you can stand in the corner, invisible from the cop as
he inspects the projection room. Wait until he goes back
downstairs, then resume lockpick. Once you got it open, take the
film, close door, and wait to make sure the patrol came back up
and went back down. Follow him down, and hide in the bathroom

Look for the outside cop. By this time he may be making his
rounds as he looks inside the windows, and if you move toward the
office while he's looking in, you're toast. So sit in the
restroom until the outside cop is past and the inside cop opened
the door to the theater. Move to the office door and lockpick it
open, move inside, and close door.

Lockpick open the room to the inner office with desk and chairs.
Lockpick open the desk and take the money. Move back out, then
lockpick the other door if the cop isn't nearby, otherwise wait
until he goes away. When the cop goes away (and the outside cop
isn't here yet), open door and lockpick the cash register, then
take the money, and close the cash register. Go back through and
hide behind the main office door, make sure to CLOSE the side

Wait until the inside patrol comes back and moves away. As soon
as he starts heading upstairs, and you're SURE the outside is
clear, move to the corner right next to the window and the
staircase. Wait until he comes back down and moves into theater.
Move and hide in the restroom.

Wait until he starts heading upstairs again, and the cop outside
is not coming around (so he'll be at the lower level door when
you get there). Exit the restroom and get into the theater, and
head for the lower entrance/exit. Exit theater (the outside cop
should still be on the other side of the cinema), head to the
getaway car.

9.4   Hotel

Bring Phil Lake on this one, as you'll need to do some safe
cracking. Don't forget the drill! You can still use the small car
for now.

You'll get in via the kitchen. Unlock the doors and wait. The
guard patrols both upstairs and downstairs. Wait until he goes
upstairs before moving across to the office and picking the safe.
Remember to stop when he patrols around since the noise you make
is loud enough to hear if he's right outside.

Once you got the safe, you can pretty much send Lake back to the
car. You're pretty much done. There's a purse on level 2, some
radios on level 5 and a painting, and some drawers have loose
change. However, why risk discovery?

9.5   Greenhouse / Arboretum

This one requires good coordination and fast movement. Bring Matt
Magoo along as you'll need his speed. Give him a lockpick or two.
Give Tucker a crowbar and 2 lockpicks. You'll also need a bigger
car on this one. Go to the car dealer and see what they got.

Move to that little entrance to the grass on your right as you
face the front door. Then head for the side of the house, and
you'll see windows. Crack window open and get in. Then open the
door to your right, and you see another corridor. Send Magoo down
to end of corridor and open that door. Open one of the offices,
and send Tucker to hide inside. You can send Tucker back to the
car now, as you don't need him any more.

Send Magoo out that corridor into the greenhouse, and you'll see
that stair reaching up. Take him up, all the way up, and you'll
see the restroom. Unlock the door, and you'll see the Technician
inspecting the plant or inside the office. Wait until the tech
moves into the office. Unlock the door to the plant, but do NOT
take the plant yet. Move to the door heading into the office.
Wait until the tech comes out the other door. Unlock the door,
head inside, unlock the desk, take the moneybox. Unlock the door
the tech went out of, unlock the next door, and you should be
back into the corridor, and the tech should be back at the plant.
Wait at the door into the plant room. As soon as the tech open
the door to office, head in, grab the plant, and head down the
stairs as fast as you can.

Once at the bottom of the stairs, head for the door you came in,
and get out the way you come in. The front door guard should not
see you at all. Head straight outside, and straight to the car.
You have to get into the car and end the plan before the tech 
makes his way back to the plant room (and saw no plant!)

9.6   Boxing Club

Boxing Club is a little tougher as it features the first alarm
you need to hit. That means you MUST get a soldering iron. And
since Tucker have virtually no alarm skills, and Bruno is just
too slow, your best choice here is Magoo, who has some alarm
system skills. 

You have to decide if you want to be safe or be quick. If you
want the safe route, go in, disable alarm. You may have to wait
for the boxer to move out as he may start patrolling. After he's
away safe, crowbar the showcase, grab the gloves and paintings in
the room, and run for it. Remember, the gloves weight 60 lbs, so
Tucker can't carry it if he's carrying crowbar. Give a crowbar
and soldering iron to Magoo and let him go after the glove and
maybe one of the paintings. Tucker will grab the rest of the

If you are greedy, you can go after the stuff in the locker room
AS WELL as the cashbox upstairs, but you'll need at least two
accomplices. You can hide in the shower room as you break into the
locker room. There are two items in locker room: a painting on
the wall, and a $30 watch in the middle locker next to the
painting. The other guy should simultaneously go upstairs, break
into the room, grab the cashbox, and run. Beware that the boxer
DOES check the door upstairs and if it's unlocked, your job will

You don't need the cashbox to win the mission. The gloves with a
few paintings should cover the minimum easily.

9.7   Printing Office

Make sure you can carry TWO objects of 35 kg EACH. Bring TWO
accomplices with high carrying capacity. Crowbar is too heavy to
let you carry other things. You need two people with decent
(30+%) safe cracking, while you can handle the lockpicking. Bring
soldering iron and some alarm skills if you don't want to run
upstairs to flip the switch. Also bring electric (cordless) drill 
and hand drill (core drill), plus lockpicks.

Getting in is easy. Unlock the rear door (around the corner),
then head to the side windows (to the left of the rear door).
Crowbar one of them.

Move upstairs to second floor, make sure you don't run into the
upstairs patrol, who moves between second and third floor
constantly. Unlock door into office, then unlock bathroom and
hide inside. Bring rest of team in and put them in bathroom also.

When the patrol takes his "break" in the room on third floor, move 
the upstairs safe cracker up to third floor, unlock the "corridor" 
door, move to last office, open the "left" door, and hide inside. 
When the patrol is not nearby, use the hand drill to open the safe, 
and take the printing plate. The office just inside the corridor door
contains a handbag that's additional loot, though the door need to be

In the meanwhile, the second floor guys can disable the alarm
covering the office, unlock the door, and go inside. The only
time you have to do the safe is when the patrol checks those
offices in the corridor on third floor. If you have merely
adequate safe skills (say, 40%), it'll take a LONG time to crack 
the safe on the second floor. You must have patience, or you will 
fail. Wait until the patrol moves up to third floor before starting. 
Stop when he turns the corner.

The idle guy on second floor can crowbar some of the desks. One
of them contains a wallet.

When the patrol takes his break, get the third floor guy out of

Once you got the second floor safe cracked, take the plate, then
close it. Get everybody out as the patrol takes his break. Grab
all the fire extinguishers as you go.

9.8   Undertaker (Funeral Home)

Bring Phil Lake, with electric drill. Give Tucker two lockpicks
and a crowbar. You will need the larger car.

When you start, you're facing the entrance with a few gurneys
outside and a door. Go right, across the street, and you'll see a
staircase going up. Send both guys up, then across the skybridge
to the alternate entrance. Have Tucker unlock it. Both go in and
stand in the middle of the large painting. Have Tucker grab the
big painting now.

Now you need to wait for the patrol to go upstairs and back down.
Once the patrol goes downstairs, go up and unlock the door, and
have Lake open that drawer-type safe with the electric drill.
While that's going on, send Tucker down to the entrance you came
in, but wait there.

When Lake's done, open the drawer and nab the bible (Cremation of
Elvis) inside. Close the drawer, and hide in the corner. You
aren't fast enough to dodge the patrol coming back up, but he
doesn't look closely at the safe. As long as you close it you're
fine. Take the other painting (next to the safe) now. Follow the
patrol downstairs, and go out the way the way you came in, back
to the car!

Now you need to back up and get Tucker out. Backup to where he
waits at the door, wait until he sees the patrol head upstairs
(and Lake is hiding in the corner). As soon as the patrol passes,
he heads downstairs, grab the gold watch from the body in the
casket, head down to first floor, unlock the door on first floor,
out to the car.

9.9   Mausoleum

This one is cute. You'll need someone who is fast, and usually
that's Matt Magoo. You only need lockpicks on this one, and only

When you start, you're facing the entrance. Move both guys behind
the car, and wait until the patrolling soldier turn left. Then
send both guys to the door. Have Tucker unlock the door. Then
both go in and head downstairs.

Once down to level B1, come around the other end, and you'll see
TWO alarms and a switch. The two alarms are cross-wired, so you
can't defeat both of them, nor would you need to. The only thing
you need to disable was the trip beam (that green-bar thing), and
that's handled via the switch. Leave Tucker at the switch, and
send Magoo down to B2, then around the corner, another corner,
long corridor, then up the stairs, but not all the way, since the
trip beam is there. Put him half way up, and you can see the trip

Have Tucker hit the switch once, and IMMEDIATELY switch to Magoo.
Have Magoo move through the now inactive beam, and you should
face the blue urn. Switch back to Tucker, and have him active-
wait a few moments until the switch pops up again.

Now it gets tricky. Have Magoo grab the urn (this activates the two
zombies). Once he's got it, have Tucker hit the switch again, and
switch IMMEDIATELY to Magoo. Have Magoo run downstairs (pass the
inactive beam again), around TWO corners, and hide in that corner
where a portion of the wall just juts into the corridor. Now you
need to switch to Tucker, and back up to plan his moves. Back up
to right after he threw the switch the second time. After he does
that, have him HEAD DOWNSTAIRS, around the corner, and hide in
the SAME PLACE you send Magoo. Now have BOTH wait there until the
two zombies are past. Once they past, send both upstairs all the
way back to ground floor. You can't go outside yet, since the
soldier is almost back. So move to left or right of the staircase
and a bit back. The zombies will come to the top of staircase,
and you don't want them to see you!

Now just wait until the soldier comes by the check the door, and
a moment later the two zombies come to top of stairs and head
back down. As soon as the last zombie turns and heads back
downstairs, open the door and run for the car to make your

9.10  Spam Factory

You need an accomplice as your safe cracking skills isn't that
good. Phil Lake is a safe bet. Give him electric (cordless) drill
and one lockpick. Give Tucker one lockpick and one crowbar.

Move both guys around the corner, and just WAIT until the guard
moves by. Move Tucker right to the office annex (across from the 
factory). Watch for the old guy move between the factory and 
office. When you get there he should be moving to the factory. 
Use crowbar on the SECOND window of the annex (the first one's 

Once Tucker's in, open that little office to the right and flip
the switch, which disables the alarm on ONE of the doors. Now
it's up to Phil Lake. You can send Tucker out now and back to the
getaway vehicle, or you can have you open up some of the desks to
see if there's any extra loot. Remember to watch out for that old
guy moving back to the office.

Phil Lake should move in as soon as Tucker flips the switch. Use
lockpick on the front door of the factory, then move LEFT,
avoiding both the old guy AND the outside guard. The outside
guard should be making his leisurely round all the way around the
factory, so don't worry too much about him. Watch for the old guy
though, as this guy patrols BOTH buildings. You MAY want to have
Phil Lake wait for the old guy to enter the annex before going
into the factory.

Once you got Lake into the factory, go left and open the door
(not locked). That's staircase that goes up. Ignore it, and open
the door to your left. The door in front of you was the one that
the switch disabled, so use lockpick on that to unlock. In the
corner is the safe. If no one is nearby, you can start the
drilling now.

Once you've gotten the loot (3 certificates of Spam delivery) you
can close the safe and move to the door to wait for the old guy.
As soon as he moves upstairs, exit both doors, but wait just
beyond the second door, since the upstairs room can see the
entire lower floor. As soon as the old guy turns back and start
coming down the stairs, move to the entrance, move out (make sure
the outside guard is not there) and back to the getaway vehicle.

9.11  The Villa

The Villa has over 10000 in loot, and you can make a handy sum if
you're willing to get a couple accomplices. However, as you only
need the check card, it may be better to do this solo. It's up to
you. I did it solo. Give Tucker a crowbar and two lockpicks.

Move into the villa, bending RIGHT at the circle, and move along
the RIGHT side of the house (as you face its front). Go all the
way around the back, ignore the first window and the door. Use
crowbar on the SECOND window. Move in. Take $30 from the desk.

Move to stairs, up two floors to the "green" floor. If you're
fast, the guard should be just heading back into the room, and
out to inspect the balcony. You'll need to move in RIGHT behind
him as he comes BACK from the balcony check. Move to the balcony,
then ACROSS THE ROOF to the other balcony. Go inside (doors are
not locked). Open the desk, and you should see the check card.
Grab it.

How to leave from here is easy. You can grab some of the
paintings on the way, and there's a cabinet on the ground floor
with $600+ jewelry in the "library den". There are also paintings
on second and third floor you can grab, though you'll likely run
out of capacity first. Avoid the outside patrol, and make it back
to your getaway vehicle!

Accomplices: If you want to use accomplices, basically you can
move to the check card room with a safe cracker. That safe is
hard to crack, and the guard is VERY close. This will require the
use of blow torch (which, at 1900, is expensive!) and you may use
it up in just one job. You will also need good carrying capacity
for the guys since the gold bar inside weighs 70 lbs. Cash and
jewels are easy.

You can get to fourth floor by using the rooftop to get to two of
the windows. That will bypass the cameras.

9.12  Neo Office

Take three accomplices, as you'll need that many to handle all
the switches and alarms and such. You'll need a BIG getaway
vehicle. If you're short on money, find some of the more
expensive tools (like cutting torch and ground auger) and sell
them. You will need to crack TWO alarms and two safes, so bring
at least one guy with good safecracking gear (cordless drill is
sufficient) and one alarm specialist (could be the same guy) with
soldering iron, and two "mules" (good carrying capacity), at
least 80 pounds if not higher. One possible team is Magoo
(runner/mule), Goth (alarm/mule), and Beaver (safe).

Defeating the alarm in the front is not necessary. Follow the
building's left side and you'll get to two windows in the back.
Use a crowbar (or axe?) to get in. Avoid the patrol (who mainly
patrols the front and basement but may come up the stairs every
once in a while), and get yourself into the office with no doors
on second floor. Do NOT go to basement yet.

Now things get complicated, so listen carefully. From the
staircase, you can see that one end is blocked by laser
tripwires. Go the other way, see the alarm? Disable it, and move
JUST INSIDE. You see another set of laser tripwires inside, and a
switch next to a safe. Move the safecracker to that room. Move
another guy (probably Tucker) to the other side of stairs. There
is this door with a laser tripwire just inside it. Lockpick the
door, get inside, close door, but do NOT hit the tripwire.

Now have the guy in the first room (with the safe) throw the
"outside" switch. Switch to Tucker. That laser should be off.
Move inside to the switch on the far wall. Throw that switch, and
switch back to safe room 1. Move safe specialist to the safe and
start cracking. Take Neo report.

Now look at the switch next to the safe. It's linked to the laser
tripwire blocking downstairs, but that's only half of them. The
other half is in the room containing the other safe, which is
behind the two laser tripwires on the other side. We'll call that
room safe room 2.

Move a guy to just before the two lasers blocking the corridor.
Throw the "outside" switch in safe room 1, and move to the door
of safe room 2. Lockpick it, and go inside. Disable alarm on the
safe, then crack the safe. Remember to interrupt the job if the
patrol comes up! Once you do that, move the safe cracker to the
back of the room to the other switch. You should now have people
on the switches that control the tripwires downstairs.

Now have the fast guy (Magoo) be ready to run downstairs. When
the guard patrols the basement, move Magoo down behind him and
when he's looking the other way, have both upstairs guys throw
their switch, and move Magoo past the laser barrier. That inside
door is not locked. Just walk in, grab the book on the desk, have
the guys throw the switches again, and come back up (don't be
seen, of course) and hide somewhere (the room you came in the
back is fine).

Now it's time to extract everybody. The guy in the office can
punch the switch, which allows the guy in safe room 1 to retreat
past the barrier. Then he can hit the switch to allow the other
two to escape. When ready, move everyone down to first floor as
the patrol circles the basement.

You can grab the two Neo posters (at 80 lbs / 40 kg each!) now
(Magoo and Lake should have capacity). Send every one out the
window to the getaway vehicle, and you're done!

9.13  Museum

Bring at least two accomplices, faster the better. You will also
need a lot of carrying capacity, and SOME lockpicking skills, and
alarm skills. You will need lockpicks, one crowbar, and one
soldering iron. It can be done with two, but it's much easier
with three accomplices. You should be able to grab $20000 easily.

Getting in is easy: via one of the windows (I just use the left
one). Crowbar is best. Make sure you don't run into the first
floor patrol though. Use the rookie (the guy with the least
criminal record) as much as possible on these simple operations.

Once in, do NOT touch the paintings. The guard checks them.
Unlock the restroom (next to the two rooms with alarms) and hide
there. Get rest of team in and hide except the one going for
Objective One.

Objective one is the group of two switches on the top floor. Send
one person upstairs, sneak behind the top floor guard, and flip
both switches. The guard wouldn't care. Just stay behind him, and
get back down.  Those two switches disables the cameras guarding
objective two.

Objective two is the camera room. It has two switches that
disable the two alarms that guard the two switches in those two
cubbyholes at the lobby. You can have the person going to the top
floor come back down and handle those two switches as well. That
person should then grab the piggy bank and the most expensive
paintings on that floor in the other wing, then make his/her way
back to the getaway vehicle when the guard is not around. Forget
about those glass showcases on the second floor. They don't
contain anything of value.

For a Halloween surprise. Try opening one of the mummy sarcophagi
on the second floor near the piggy bank.

Back up and record the approach to Objective Three.

Objective three are the two switches in the front lobby
cubbyholes. They disable the tripwires that guard the shrunken
skull off in the wing. Once the alarms have been silenced (see
Objective Two), you can lockpick the doors and hide inside. One
guy can handle both since the switches stay down once flipped,
but it's easier with two guys.

Get the alarm specialist (could be the accomplice doing the
cameras) to the wing containing the skull, dodging the guard. In
the wing, try hide around the corner. There's a $1500 painting at
the end, take it. Unlock all the doors in your way. You will need
two passes. First pass, you have the guys in lobby flip the two
switches, and you run in to disable the alarm, then come back out
and hide, as the switches are flipped back so the guard don't
notice the missing tripwires. Once the guard inspects the skull
and turns back, move up behind him, get in and grab the skull
(flip the switches again, of course), then get out.

Once all the loot is out, get the lobby guys out while grabbing
as many paintings as you can, and you're done.

While the max loot is over 60000, it's impossible to grab more
than 30000 since you don't have the carrying capacity. Remember
to note where the most expensive paintings are in your planning
trips so you can go directly there and grab them without wasting
time. The largest paintings are not necessarily the most

9.14  Bank

You'll need at LEAST two accomplices, probably three, and a good
safe cracking tool (electric [cordless] drill works fine). Bring 
a LOT of carrying capacity, go for AT LEAST 145 pounds AFTER the 
tools. You will need at least TWO alarm specialists (alarm of 40% 
or higher) with soldering irons. Frank Stein may be good as the
"mule" to carry some stuff as you leave, but he'll have to come in
the back door. I'll do the 3 accomplice version. 

The little road you face right at the beginning is the
"backdoor". You want to go in the FRONT door, which means you
need to circle around to the plaza, up the stairs, then you'll
see the bank to your left. You go in via the front door. The
cameras at the front entrances are not active (yet). Get the team
to the front entrance, make sure the guard don't see you, and
then move in. Once you're in, split into three teams.

One team of two (team A) goes left, unlock and through the door
between the two "posts". There's an inactive laser tripwire
there. Ignore the two alarms. They won't get triggered if the
laser is not on. Then move to the top floor, across the walkway,
stop just before the laser tripwire.

One team of one (team B) goes right, deactivate the alarm between
two doors, lockpick one of them, move inside and wait. This one
will wait a lot, so you can use a slow guy here. Or you can even let 
Team C do this when he escapes. 

One team of one (team C) go up, dodges the guard. This guard
makes a U-shaped path on 2nd floor and a circle on first floor.
You need to get to the second floor, and find the switch on the
wall behind you as you come up the stairs. Move to the switch
(one-way switch) and pull it. This action will now block you in
behind the lasers. Record several trips of back and forth as you
dodge the guard as he makes his way up and down the stairs and
his U-shaped path on second floor. You need to move around to
make sure the guard won't see you, though it MAY work if you hide
in the corner.

The switch also turns off the laser in the path of team A. Unlock
the door and move in. Don't bother with the safe: it's empty.
Keep one guy just outside the door to the room with two switches.
Unlock the main door and send the other guy downstairs to level
3. There should be a switch on the wall, with two alarms. Flip
the switch. That blocks the guy in (level 3), but turns off the
alarm to the room upstairs (level 4).

Have the guy on level 4 then unlock the door and flip both one-
way switches. This turns off the lasers on level 3, and
deactivates the alarms to the two rooms on ground floor. However,
it also blocks the way you come in. You need another way out.

You can now move team B into the room with two two-way switches
on level 1 (unlock door first) and flip both switches that opens
the vault doors. The room is to the RIGHT as you come in the front 
door. Then move down into the vault while avoiding the guard. If 
you don't use a Team B, this can wait until Team C escapes. 

Send Team A to level 3. You should see FOUR alarms (two on each
side) on the two staircases. Deactivate ALL FOUR with soldering
iron. That will allow both guys in team A as well as team C to
escape to the vault while avoiding the guard.

Once everybody is in the vault, spread out and do multiple
things. Use safe cracker on the door into the safe deposit box
room. Make sure the guard is not right above you when you drill.
Then again use drill to get into the safe room.

Others can unlock the two doors to the outside. Grab a gold brick
on the way out if you have the capacity, and send them to the
getaway vehicle. You'll need at least two of the gold bricks AND
whatever is in the safe to satisfy the minimum.

Once you get into the safe room, deactivate both alarms with
soldering iron, then crack the safe with the drill, take the loot
(emerald). Then just walk out the vault door to your getaway

If you brought Frank Stein, you can take two more bricks with
you with his huge carrying capacity.

9.15  Barracks

As Daisy is "preset", and gets no equipment, you need to get
someone to her to unlock her door. Then you can get her out. By
moving her around. 

Speed is VERY important, as you need to move VERY fast. Bring two
guys that move at 120% speed. You MAY get by with 110%, but why
take the chance?

You start at the "guardhouse", which controls the alarms to the
prison. The guard circles upstairs and downstairs in a short
pattern, and you need to clear BOTH switches. Get one guy inside
to unlock the door to the room right next to the door. Get one
fast guy and one slow guy into that room and wait. I'll call this
team A.

The third guy (Team B) then head to the prison, by heading down
the road into the barracks area. You get past the checkpoint, the
cannons, and to the left is the main building. The prison is
beyond that on a little L-shaped walkway. You'll see a door with
two alarms. The door is not locked, but the alarms cannot be
deactivated from there. The switches in the guardhouse, however,
will do that. So stop Team B right in front of the door and wait.

Switch back to Team A. Move the slow guy right in front of the
switch. Get the fast guy ready to head out the door. As soon as
the guard turns to open the downstairs room, move the fast guy up
the stairs, and to the switch. Toggle it, IMMEDIATELY switch to
downstairs guy, toggle the other switch (use the time scroller to
make sure the time is exactly right). As soon as the second
switch is down, switch to Team B and move him through the door.
Move back to team A, fast guy, and move him back into hiding in
the downstairs room. If you move fast enough, the guard wouldn't
notice a thing. Move Team B around the corner and up the stairs
to the very top.

Unlock the door on the very top, but wait inside. You have to
wait until the guard comes by. The guard makes a U-shaped trip on
the top, but there's just enough room to get by. As the guard
comes by the door and turns back, move out behind him, but wait
at the corner. He'll turn left to Daisy's door, turn back, then
head for the other corner. After he turned back and turns left
(his right), move out into the corner (see diagram) below:

(use courier font to view, lines should line up. If they don't, use
a font that does)

    0    1    1    2
P2   H2          P1|
----+              |
    |H1            |
    +--------+     |
             |     |
             |     |

The guard will move from P1 to the bridge (B) to Daisy. As soon
as he moves from the bridge to head toward P2, move to H1 right
behind him. As he moves back to B, move to H2 right after he
passes. He'll move to bridge, then move to P1 then around the
corner. You can then unlock the door. Once unlocked, move back
toward the door. The guard should still be starring into space so
you can just move in behind him. Daisy can do the same.

Once you got Team B (now including Daisy) to the bottom of the
stairs and just in front of the door. Now you need to get Team A
to do the SAME maneuver again to get the two out the door. Get
Team B to the getaway vehicle, get Team A out of the room and
into the getaway vehicle, and that's it!

9.16  Harbor

You must grab the power prisms from the harbor warehouse. You
need a safe cracker, an alarm specialist, a fast guy (Zack
Youngblood should be a good choice), and yourself as a mule.
Bring soldering iron and an "earth auger" (tripod drill).

You start on the slope near the Harbor Club. There's a soldier
patrolling the docks. You need to get to the ship, since you need
the key to unlock the admiral's room. Then you can disable the
alarm guarding the warehouse, and from there, the prisms.

Divide the people into two teams. Team A, with the fast guy, will
go for the ship right behind the guard, while the other three,
Team B, will wait at the bottom floor of the Harbor Club waiting
for the chance to move in.

Team A should make their way to the ship. 

Once at the ship, Team A moves up to main deck, lockpick the
door, and wait until the ship guard moves by. Move in behind him.
Your objective is his room on the second level (go up once
inside). You will probably have to circle around into the bunk
area, through the shower, to get to it. In his desk is the "gold
key". Also grab the painting in his room (worth $9500). Dodge
him, follow the dock guard back to Harbor Club. Make sure the 
admiral can't see you (he should be busy swishing his whiskey), 
and make your way to the admiral's office, wait just outside 

Get Team B to the bottom club double-door facing the warehouse
entrance. When the dock guard is not looking, and the admiral is
on the balcony, the upstairs guy unlocks the office door with
key, flip the switch, and move back out. You may have to do the
do twice (use key on door, use door, use key on door, use door)
to get the door to open properly.

Team B then moves to warehouse, unlocks it, moves inside.  Beware
the time is extremely short, as that switch resets in 10 seconds.
The switch should have turned off the camera AND the two alarms
covering the doors, but then again, you only have 10 seconds.

You can move your guys near the barrels. Have Team A do the
switch again. As soon as the camera is down, send the alarm
specialist in to do the alarms on the barrels. If your alarm guy
is good enough he can do BOTH barrels in one pass.

Then have Team A do the switch again, as you send in the
safecracker (with tripod drill) and the "mule" to crack one
barrel, then grab the prism. Close the barrel up before the
camera comes back on.

Do the switch AGAIN for the other barrel, and you should have
both red and blue prisms. Move Team B to the door you came in.

As the guard moves away, and Team A do the switch, send the three
guys out and back into the bottom door of the Harbor Club. Move
all four guys to the door nearest the getaway vehicle. Then it's
just a matter of coordinating the door and avoiding the patrol as
you get away!

9.17  Power Plant

The objective is to place the two power prisms on the prism
machines, which disables the power plant.

You need speed, speed, and more speed. Lockpicking is needed only
occasionally. Bring only 120% speed folks.

You will face four guards. Guard A (soldier with hat) patrols the
two towers and the courtyard. Guard B patrols the side door,
courtyard, and makes a circle of the inside front. Guard C on the
top floor of the powerplant patrolling the two switches, and
finally, a secretary (guard D) is on the top of the twin towers
with occasional runs to the restroom.

You need three teams. Team A will handle the twin-towers to get
Team B and C into the building. Team B then drops the barrier to
get Team C to the prism. Finally, everyone move out.

Everybody make their way to the "left" tower (as you face the
entrance) and hide in the corner just to the right of the door.
Guard A enters left tower and exits right tower. If you hide in
that corner he won't see you. Wait until Guard A exits the right
tower. As soon as he turn toward the main door, send Team A into
the other tower, go up, unlock the restroom on that level, and
hide inside.

Team B and Team C should wait until Guard A comes back to left
tower and passed. Guard B should have reached the front doors and
entered. Immediately exit and head for the left/lower entrance
(down the staircase), and hold at the door.

When Team B and C are in position (or a little before), Team A
should make his way up (right after Guard A passes), dodge the
secretary (guard D) and flip the switch, then head back to the

As soon as Team A flips the switch, have the best lockpick guy in
Team B or C do the door, but do NOT open the door! Even with 60+%
it'll take you 6+ seconds to get the door unlocked, and that's
not enough to get all three people inside before the switch
resets. Instead, continue to hold there.

Guard A should be ready for another pass. As soon as Guard A
passed, send Team A up again, dodge the secretary (guard D), flip
the switch AGAIN, then hide again in the restroom.

As soon as the switch is flipped a second time, send Team B and C
through. Team C should split off at first floor (the laser
barriers) and hold just before the laser barrier.

Team B will move all the way to the top floor. If you move
carefully the camera on second floor won't see you. If you moved
right, guard C is in the "right" corridor (again, facing the main
door). Move one guy just to the right of THAT door, and send the
other guy into the "left" corridor to the switch. The guard turns
left as soon as he exits, so if you are just right of the door
he won't see you. Get in the door right after he passes, head to
the switch, and flip it, then immediately head back to the
stairwell and head down half a floor. Back up and have the other
guy flip the switch simultaneously, then he head for stairwell
(half down) also.

With both switches thrown the laser barrier should be down for a
few seconds. Move Team C past the barrier and plant the prisms
now, then wait just behind laser barrier again. You should see
those huge "pistons and springs" stop moving.

Team B then will have to wait for guard C to do his pattern
again. He moves in an M-shaped pattern, with pause in the middle
leg. That's when you move in. When guard C goes into the "right"
corridor, move the left guy to the left switch, and repeat the
right side maneuver again (hide just to right of the door and
move in as soon as he turns). Do the double flip, and both guys
hide in the staircase again. Team C can now escape. Move back to
the entrance door and hold. The guy in the "left" stairwell can
also move to the door. The guy in the "right" stairwell will have
to wait until the guard moves into the right corridor before
making his way to the entrance door.

Do NOT attempt to disable the alarm at the entrance door. That
alarm will sound if not disabled by the switch. I tried twice and
I can't disable it.

Team A should still be hiding in the restroom in the "right"
tower. Team B and C should see guard B approaching. Team A dodges
guard A and guard D to flip the switch one MORE time. Team B and
C then follows guard B to the top of the stairs, and hold there.
Guard B will then head into the powerplant via the front door.
Guard A is standing in the courtyard. Wait here.

Guard A should move into the left tower soon. When he does, send
everyone to the getaway vehicle, and you got the job done!

9.18  Ministry of Light

You will need soldering iron for both Tucker and Daisy. Lock
picks are not required. In fact, nothing else is required.

Tucker starts at the front door of MoL. The front cameras and
lasers are off. Move to the door and use soldering iron on it.

In the meanwhile, Daisy is at the backdoor. Move in and stop
before the first set of blue tripwire.

Tucker then watches the inside guard. As soon as the view cone
passes, enter and move behind the guard. The guard makes
clockwise circles in the front room. There's a switch on the
right-hand wall. Pull it, and keep following the guard.

Once the switch is pulled, that disables the blue laser in front
of Daisy. Daisy then follows the walkway to a switch and a door.
Wait at switch.

Back to Tucker. The room leads to a door that leads to left-turn
corridor, and another guard patrol. That guard opens the door to
look, so you'll need to dodge both guards. Once that second guard
moves back, follow him and hide in the RIGHT hand corner of the
door into the corridor. Move ALL THE WAY into the corner. Wait
there until the guard comes back, and turns to the door on his
route. As soon as he passes (and not see you), move into the
corridor, and stop before the blue laser blocking your way.

Have Daisy flip the switch in front of her, which disables the
laser in front of Tucker.

Tucker moves past the laser and up the staircase. First level up,
you'll see a laser blocking a corridor. Move up another level,
and stop there. You'll see a soldier patrolling a VERY short
walkway and a switch.

Daisy then solders the door next to the switch, then move into
the door and keep moving until she comes to blue laser. The
switch in front of Tucker controls that laser.

As soon as the guard comes to the door and turns back, send
Tucker through to flip the switch, move back and close the door.

Daisy then moves into the staircase, and keeps moving until she
runs into a switch.

Tucker then keep moving up the stairs, until he's stopped from
entering a corridor by another set of lasers.

Have Daisy flip the switch, and Tucker will be able to enter the
"machine room", where the machine keeps spitting out some round

Daisy then moves up the stairs and stop before another set of

Tucker should then enter the room, move ALL The way around the
machine. There are two switches on the wall. One opens Sinclair's
cell, the other clears the laser in front of Daisy. Flip both of
them, then move up the "brown" stairs.

Sinclair should move out through the door and move to the switch
on the wall, next to the laser that protects the desk.

Daisy then should reach the "machine room" as well. Move up the
stairs with Tucker to "mezzanine level".

On the "mezzanine level", there's one switch next to a laser,
then there's two switches around the corner. Put Daisy on the two
switches, and be ready to flip the switch that turns off that
laser. Tucker should move to that switch next to the laser. Both
then flip their respective switch, which should disable the laser
next to Tucker. Tucker then moves upstairs, and see Sinclair.
Next to the stairs is another switch.

By now you should see that the lasers next to the desks have
three stages. The lasers are controlled by the other switch next
to Daisy, the switch in front of Tucker, and switch in front of
Sinclair. ALL THREE switches must be thrown simultaneously. That
will disable the lasers protecting the desk.

Move Sinclair in, have Sinclair use the desk. Voila! You can end
the plan right here. And watch the ending.

--------THE END--------

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