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Crash Tag Team Racing
Developer-Radical Entertainment 
Using Weapons for Crash Tag Team Racing

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Firing in a one man car/ firing as driver of two man car
-Run into glowing items around the race track
-An icon will appear in the middle of your health bar
-When you want to, press circle to use the item

Firing as the gunman in a two man car
-Press X to fire your turret
-Aim the aiming crosshair using the left analog stick
-Push the right analog stick up or down quickly to switch aim from front to back or vice versa 
-The ammo counter is in the top right hand corner of the screen
-After clashing you have two weapons, yours and the person you clashed with. Use square to change the two 
-If your driver runs into a glowing item, press circle to aim, then fire

Chicken: Homes in on carts
Monkey: Latches onto cars and explodes
Fire dude: Homes in on person in first
Swarming Missile: Hurts everyone besides you
Missile, Robot Dog: Homes in on selected car.
Piano, Sub, Cow: Use the ground based aiming to throw these one hit KO items

Advanced/Hints and Tips:
-If you are in first place by just a little bit with a cow, a sub or a piano, throw it as close to your car as 
-If you have a monkey on your car, bump into another car to get rid of it
-If you are a driver, use the left analog stick to decide whether to throw it to the front or in the back (monkeys 
and chickens only)
-In the park, after you unlock everyone's cars, you can upgrade their weapons

Characters and their guns

Crash-Wumpa Gun
This is an in between weapon. It has good power and good rate of fire.
Cortex- Chargeable Energy Ball
This has ground based aiming. It is moderately powerful without charging it, but is very powerful when 
NOTE: Charging the ball cost two ammo.
Coco-Sticky lightning gun
Not exactly the best gun. Use multiple ammo on a car, which will stick, then blow up a short while later.
NOTE: Ammo may fall off.
Pasadena- Spinning Tornado Lightning
This gun is not very powerful, but has other perks. If your ammo doesn't reach its intended target, it can 
travel short distances.
Crunch-Hot Rivet Gun
Once again, not too powerful. But this time, it has an excellent rate of fire, and has the most ammo.
Nina-Energy Shot Gun
This releases energy, which will spread in all directions. It is more powerful closer to your target.
N-Gin- Rocket Launcher
Two things. Best power, worst rate of fire.
Von Clutch- Radioactive Bomblets
This is another gun with ground-based ammo. It launches bombs that explode when people run into them. If 
they don't hit anyone at first, they will bounce around and home in on nearest target. 

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