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V-Akuma Starter FAQ v0.02
maintained and written by Greg Dawson

   This file is public domain.  You can use this file any way you like just as long as 
   you follow these 2 rules:  


 1. Introduction
 2. Basics
 3. Variable Combo 
 4. Basic VC Strategy
 5. End

I'm sure if you've played SFA3 for any length of time you've heard about the might of V-Akuma.
The purpose of this file is to help people learn the basics as well as a VC with V-Akuma 
(AKA the Cable of A3).  I not trying to make the end-all-be-all V-Akuma FAQ, just something to
help get people started.  If you don't know the terms, game engine, etc. go read James Chen's
SFA3 Systems Guide.  You can grab it a www.gamfaqs.com or www.shoryuken.com 

I expect you to already know how to DP a jump-in, d.forward into FB, etc. etc..   For this part
I will just write about usefull basic attacks.
jabs/shorts  	These moves are great in A3.  They have tons of priority, can be repeated, and
                chained together and then ended with a special.  If you're close let the 
                jab/shorts fly..  If they connect cancel into FB to knock down or hurricane
                kick to set up more juggle opportunities (if they're standing). 

		For example: cross-up Forward (blocked), ducking Jab, ducking Short x2, FB
		will usually leave you safe (except against characters like Balrog, etc who
		can hit you during the delay). 

		The jabs can also act as anti-air..  a well placed (ducking)jab will stuff 
		things that it well... shouldn't stuff.  Like a Gief splash, most jump-ins, 
		etc.  Even against certain cross-ups (ducking Jab after you turn around).  This
		trades most often, but the trade is usually worth it.. they either get 
		juggled, or land next to you so you can apply some meaty pressure games
		(VC).  If you get hit cleanly though you are in a VERY deep cross-up and are 
		going to eat a fat combo.  So experiment to find which attacks and from what 
		angles it works best from.  (try to connect with his elbow.. don't ask)  
		Don't soley rely on them.. I mean, you've got a DP and the almighty VC.  
		But they are an option.

		I find that s.Jab works best when they're right on top of you.	

		They can also act as a buffer kinda when trying to anti-air..  Let's say you 
		pop your opponent up into the air near the corner.  as they fall, you can try 
		jab->DP.   If they flip before the jab, you can still DP them deep if you're 
		quick.  Even if they try to VC drop-through, you can cancel your jab into DP to 
		try and stuff the VC.  This is risky though so you could always just block..
		They might try to nuetral flip through the jab then block/VC.  

		And the jabs also have the usuall stuff like being able to stop Blanka ball,
		Rog's rush punches, etc.

ducking strong 	In A3, the strong button has great priority with practically every character.
		A d.strong will stuff A LOT of pokes.  Think of it as a "heavier" jab.  When
		challenging other d.strongs with your own, I find that it usually depends
		on range, and also when the button is pressed.  But a lot of times, if you're
		at the right range and you let a d.strong go, you're opponent can't do shit. 
		('cept DP or something of course).  It'll even stop Fei low fierce.. heh.  
		I find that one of the best ways to poke with the d.strong is as a whiff poke.
		What I mean is to stick it out in so that your fist is in the area where their
		poke might be.  
		Anyhow, this can also be used for anti-air (these types of anti-air are known
		as "ironic counters" around here) Good ol' A3..  it's weird how you can anti-air 
		with the back of your neck.  Anyhow, one thing you can try is d.strong anti-air
		then cancel into fierce demon flip, then grab them with towards+punch.  This 
		sets up a juggle opportunity, especially if you land near the corner 
		(which is GREAT for a V-ism character)  This can also be started with a jab btw.

		Anyhow, jab/strongs seem to be the main anti-air normals for V-Akuma.  Either
		that or d.fierce (although I haven't had NEARLY as much success with it).  
		You've always got your DP/VC to back you up so you shouldn't worry too much 

ducking forward Do I need to explain this one?  Long kick, quick, can be cancelled, yada yada.
axe kick	back + roundhouse results in the axe kick.  This move is great.  It hits a LOT
		of stuff, and does good GC damage.  has decent range too, and is fast.  
		if you're close, try a few d.shorts, then the axe kick for GC.  
		If they try to hit it with a normal they'll prolly get stuffed. 
		stuff like that.

sweep		Sweep is good because it hits a lot of moves, it's quick, and knocks down even 
		if it trades.  Personally though, I rarely use the sweep unless I pretty much 
		know it's gonna	connect.  If I don't know if it's going to connect and it's 
		blocked that sucks (you can't cancel it into anything and some characters can 
		nail you during the recoil), and if it whiffs (which is exactly what good 
		players are looking for and trying to bait you into doing) you usually get hit. 
		As a counter tool though, it's great..  if your opponent whiffs something when
		you're playing footsie, sweep his ass.   Then you could VC and lay down some
		meaty FBs, jump-in, throw, tick, fake tick, whatever.  Try baiting your opponent 
		into whiffing THEIR sweep, then sweep them back.  You can even sweep whiff 
		d.forwards/etc if you're fast enough. 
hopkick		towards+forward results in the hopkick.  Hopkick is great..  It travels forward
		and will go over most low kicks/attacks.  You recover nicely as well.  It's 
		good for a little suprise when you're squared off, and it can make you're 
		blocked strings longer, etc..  My favorite part is that the recovery is good
		enough so you can almost always block your opponent's attack afterward, but
		not good enough to combo after it.  Your opponent can fit something in after
		the hopkick, and if you can anticipate and control the situation you can 
		really cause some havoc.

		For example: Let's say I do cross-up forward (blocked), d.short, d.strong, 
		then hopkick..  My opponent didn't want to risk sticking anything out, so 
		he blocks it all.  Now lets say after the hopkick he keeps blocking for fear
		of VC..  Now I can do an axe kick for GC, or d.short/strong (hesitate) then axe 
		kick/VC, or do a blocked pushout into FB, etc.  Or even just block myself for 
		fear of HIS VC..  Anyhow, let's say I do a d.strong, then ANOTHER hopkick which 
		he blocks.  Now, after he blocks the 2nd hopkick he could be thinking 
		"damn, that's a fair bit of guard crush damage I've taken, and he's prolly 
		gonna try a poke/axe kick after this to bust my meter".  If I can read him 
		correctly I could just DP after	the hopkick to snuff his poke.  Or I could 
		just block when he tries to VC and then counter VC/DP.   If you can read 
		your opponent well, the hopkick is great (we'll it's great anyhow)

Jump attacks..  j.forward is your cross-up, dive kick is GREAT, j.fierce can stuff a lot of 
		stuff, short/jab have priority and can be good after flipping, roundhouse 
		is.. well, rh.  etc.

You can also try using his other moves like back+foward and back+strong.  They seem to work
pretty well against certain attacks, but overall nothing AMAZING. 
fireball	Good ol' FB.  Hrm. How should I say to use this move?  Don't toss them all
		day.  FBs are pretty much an annoyance move.  To pin down your opponent, and
		to control their movement.  Don't actually try to do damage with them, you'd
		have to connect with like 50 to do any real damage.  

		You use them in blocked combos to push the opponent away (if you want to).
		Or when a full screen just for annoyance.. :)

		I find the best way is to use them as pokes.  in-yer-face FBs are great, 
		especially for annoyance.  Stay at about sweep range and poke with your
		Fbs.  DON'T get predictable.  if you do, you deserve to die.  Anyhow, if you
		see them whiff a normal quickly toss out a FB.  At the right range they can
		be hard to get around.  If you can get them pissed, you can get them jumpy.
		If they're jumpy they're dead meat so that's great.  ^_^ (if they're not V
		that is)  Then they're scared of jumping.. so you can annoy them with FBs,

		watch out though, as some characters were built to get around FBs (as well as
		many V-characters).

hurricane       Air hurricane is good because it hits a lot, and changes your normal jump
		arc which can screw people for a sec and/or get around certain anti-airs/escape. 
		Don't overuse it though.  You can get hit upon landing from certain ranges.

		ground hurricane?  Only in combos really.  you're begging to be VCed if you 
		just HK towards the oponnent.   The short one is ok because it does have lots
		of priority and sometimes people won't react fast enough to hit you if they
		block it or you switch sides on them.  In combos though it's great because 
		it sets up a juggle opportunity which every V-ism character loves.  You can
		use it to go over certain projectiles.

Red FB		basically useless unless they're down and you need that extra pixel or so
		of block damage.

roll		jab roll can be ok -sometimes- but really it's nothing special.  If you want to
		look fancy you can try covering ground with it/ect.  If you can catch them 
		sleeping/defensive you could try a jab roll that ends a bit in front of them,
		then stuff their counter with VC or poke/etc.  I think it was just put 
		in so you can fuck up your VCs personally.. ^_^

demon flip	Sometimes good from a distance sparingly..   and in combos.  Sometimes against
		certain characters you can do this in a blocked combo..  people sometimes 
		freeze up if they don't know their character well enough and get grabbed trying
		to block.	   

air FB		This can be good, especially against certain characters.  One of the best ways
		is to jump straight up a little outisde their range and toss one out (usually
		a jab FB).  then add pressure when you land..  You can also toss them out while 
		jumping away.  When jumping towards from a little bit out it can be ok too.. 
		Especially if you know they're gonna try a normal anti-air.  Watch out tho 
		if they	have a move to zip through the FB (VC for example).

Teleport	Mainly an escape tactic.  Be careful tho, because you can get hit out of the
		startup.  You can try some confusion techniques with it near the corner since
		it ends right away when you reach the corner.  It can be good for escaping
		cross-ups too.  You could also use it in VCs to cover ground if you wanna be
		for example: they're cornered, do a normal into teleport.  When you get behind 
		them activate VC if you think they'll attack, or do a short HK which will still
		switch sides again even if they block, THEN VC, etc.

Ahh.. The meat and potatoes.  The reason why V-Akuma is so good.  Because Akuma's VCs are 
soooo variable, I will try to do this in a "go to #" type of thing..

A Basic VC Tree (AKA Basic Akuma VC Script)
midscreen anti-air/priority go to #1.a
grounded go to #1.b

#1.a 	Activate VC1-> Jab DP -> Fierce FB -> 
	go to #2.a

#1.b	Activate VC1 -> ducking Short/Forward -> Fierce Red FB -> 
     	if it connects go to #2.a 
     	if it is blocked go to #2.b
	If it is blocked in the corner go to 4.a OR 4.b	

#2.a 	Fierce Demon Flip (DF) -> hit sorta deep with punch -> Fierce FB -> go to #2.a ->
     	when you reach the corner with a deep DF punch go to #3.a
	OR #3.b      

#2.b 	Fierce DF -> press Kick (or punch) -> ducking Short/Forward -> Fierce Red FB ->
	If it connects go to #2.a
	If it is blocked got to #2.b
		--If it is blocked until opponent reaches the corner go to #4.a
		  OR 4.b
		--If it is blocked until opponent reaches the corner, THEN connects go to #3.a
		  OR #3.b

#3.a	Whiff FB ->  * Deep Strong DP -> go to * -> 
	when your V-ism Meter runs out during the last DP go to #6.a
#3.b	Whiff FB -> nuetral Standing Fierce/Roundhouse-> go to #3.b
	Let your V-ism meter run out during the last FB go to 6.a
	OR #5.b if you are a little bit out of the corner

#4.a    Fierce Red FB -> go to #4.a
	If guard meter breaks go to #5.a
	If guard meter is JUST about to break go to #5.b (more reliable)

#4.b	Hopkick -> Fierce Red FB -> go to #4.b (more reliable than #4.a)
	If guard meter breaks with a FB go to #5.a
	If guard meter breaks with a hokick go to #5.b
#5.a	Whiff Hopkick -> repeated deep Strong DP -> 
	when your V-ism Meter runs out during the last DP go to #6.a
#5.b	Hopkick (guard meter breaks) -> repeated Strong DP ->
	When your V-ism Meter runs out during the last DP go to #6.a

#6.a 	d.Strong/Fierce into Special
	You can try a Jab DP, then see if the flip afterwards and try for counter.  Just
	try different stuff and see what works best. 

Heh, doesn't look so basic now.  I wonder if you skipped it instead of reading it?  ^_^
If anyone has a problem with though, just let me know and I'll change it.

Anyhow, let's run through it..

The jump at you midscreen.  
#1.a Anti-air VC = You Jab DP, then toss a FB when you land  
	It connects, go to #2.a.  
#2.a Right after you do the FB you fo a Fierce Demon Flip, time your punch so that it connects
     deep, when you land from the Demon Flip (DF) you toss another FB, then another DF, etc.
	You reach corner with a DF Punch go to #3.b
#3.b After you land from the DF you toss a whiff FB (it should go under them).  As they fall
     catch them with a s.Fierce/s.Roundhouse cancelled into whiff FB (it should go under them
     again), s.fierce into whiff FB, s.fierce into whiff FB, etc.  
	You meter runs out when you do a whiff FB go to #6.a
#6.a You cancel your whiff FB as the fall into a d.Strong into Jab DP.  They now half PP Flip
     opportunity, play accordingly.  Or you could cancel into demon flip.

Remember, the key to VCs is CANCELLING.  Always cancel from one attack into the other
during a juggle VC.  This way, it's all one combo.  Remember that Taunt and Hurricane Kick 
always leave a PP Flip opportunity for your opponent because you can't cancel out of them.

Try learning how to "fix" your VC as well.  If it messed up a bit, see if you can change it
and fix it.

This isn't the ONLY VC you can do..  Not by a longshot.  But this is pretty standard and covers
most situations easily.  Try making up your own variations and see what works best!

Think of V-ism as "super-duper mode".  Your character becomes a combo/chip damage machine at
the slam of two buttons.  You are also invincible the moment you activate (more meter = more
invincibility).  You get in, see your opening and then activate "super-duper mode".  If they 
have an attack out, you stuff it and take off big damage.  If they were open you punish and
take off big damage.  If they were blocking you chip and take off big damage.

My MAIN Concern when I play, it to land my VC.  So how do we land the VC?  One way is to
Look for an opening and then activate.  One opening is any situation where the opponent 
can't block.

If they jump towards, you can activate and then anti-air.
	ex: Ryu jumps at Akuma, activate VC1 deep, deep anti-air jab DP, continue VC.

If they whiff/etc an attack, you can activate and punish during their delay.
	ex: You block a Ryu DP, activate VC1, hit him as he lands, continue VC.

If you hit them and they're still in hitstun when you recover, you can actiavte then attack.
	ex: Akuma jumps Ryu's FB, connects with j.Fierce, activates VC1 when he lands,
	    continues VC.

If you anticipate/react to an attack, you activate VC1 and stuff their attack.
	ex: Ryu does a Hurricane kick, you react and slam out VC1, stuff his attack, 
	    continue VC.
 	ex2: You jump towards Ryu, He does deep anti-air DP/VC, you anticipate and VC1 right
	     before he hits you, the moment you land you stuff him with YOUR DP, continue VC.
	ex3: You block a Ryu d.Forward into FB, Right before the FB touches you, you activate
	     VC, walk through the FB, hit Ryu, continue VC.
	ex4: Ryu does super combo while close to you, you activate VC right after his super
	     flash, stuff his super (or walk through his super FB first), continue VC.
	ex5: V-Ryu activates VC, you counter-VC and stuff his attack, continue VC.
And so on and so-forth..

The cool thing about Akuma is that if you activate and they happen to BLOCK your VC, you can
quickly alter your VC and it becomes a Guard Crush VC.  This will bring them to the corner
(if they manage to block all of it. it's tricky sometimes o_o), where you can cause more 
chip/guard crush damage.  You may even bust their meter completely and cause even more damage.

So if you make them block a few moves and get their guard meter low it's even beter.

So after you connect your VC you get meter pretty quickly (especially if you runaway),
then look for/make another opening for your VC again.  This is the most basic way to play
V-Akuma.  Get in, VC, get meter, get in, VC, get meter, get in, VC, get meter, etc.

Now this sounds good and cheap.  If he isn't blocking he's gonna get comboed, and if he
blocks he's still gonna lose damage.  But then your opponent has to play the V-ism Game
(so should you if your taking on a V-character).  Because VCs are so strong you should
REALLY learn how to stop them, and there are counters to them.  

And there are many ways to counter VC.  

Whats the best to way counter VCs?  V-ism.   If you see a VC activate, countering with your
own VC is easy.  Just slam your buttons.  Turn your super-duper-mode on and use your 
invincibility to stuff -his- VC.   

What if your not V/or have no meter?  Usually a high priority attack will stuff a VC after 
actitivation.  Something with invincibility and that is instant preferrably.  DP is usually 
good enough (strong or fierce usually).  Most other higher priority AAs will do it as well.  
It depends on the situation though and character matchups.  Like, Ryu can bust pretty much
any VC with a strong DP right after activation..  But Blanka ball would only be good against
low kick VCs, until opponent catches on.  This type of counter is for instantly stopping the 
VC and can also be used during Confusion VCs, etc.  Even against drop through attempts.  

I'll say one thing.  This isn't easy to do all the time.  ^_^  It takes some practice and
timing but it's worth trying to learn it IMO.  With some specials it's easier than with 
others.  Charges moves like flash kick are easiest IMO.  But DP moves are usually the best.

Supers can be good too.  If you can squeeze out a High Priority super combo right after he 
activates/during confusion VC/if he's in range/etc it's usual worth it.  One cool thing about 
this is that your opponent's VC shadows DON'T "freeze" during the super flash.  They usually 
run their course and the VC-er is left with idle shadows when your super finally comes out.  
Basically taking the confusion out of any confusion VCs.   Since they can't block during VC
the super is pretty sure bet to connect.  Except for one little thing and pretty much the only 
flaw..  The super flash is also a flag.  The super activation is like how to counter a VC 
activation above.  If they VC-er sees the super flash he can try to bust out HIS high 
priority special after the super flash ends.  During VC you can pretty much cancel at any time
so this is pretty possible.  Now this also isn't that easy.. Also depends on matchups, and 
what attacks you're pitting against each other.  But if you're ryu and during VC you see your
d.short vs super psycho crusher during Bisons super flash, it's worth trying the DP.  Some 
characters can just do moves that will avoid the super just for saftey (teleport, etc).

Another way is to just simply avoid the VC.  A lot of times people will save their meter until
they get the right opening.  If you can avoid those situations ALL the better.
For example: VS V-Ryu, you want to stay out of the corner!  ^_^

WOah.  Too much typing.  ^_^  This is good enough for now.  I will Try to add more sections
in the next Version.  Like a character specific section, VC Variations, a Blocked VC section,
More VC tactics, BAS/OTG VC section, VC counters, etc.

If anyone can't understand that VC script/whatever, tell me and I will change it.  It is a bit
of an eyesore..  heh.

If you have anything to add/correct/etc feel free to email me at [email protected]


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