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For Starters, this is only a frequnetly asked questions page. Do not expect a 
walkthrough. Also, these questions and answers also connect with the Xbox 360 
version aswell.

Q-What are the new infected for L4D2 and what do they do?
A-Charger: They will run at a survivor, grab them, and pummel them into the 
Jockey: They will pounce on a survivor and lead them anywhere it wants while 
clawing at the survivor's head.
Spitter: A Spitter will spit an acid at the survivors to seperate them. They 
only appear where the survivors are most likely to clump up or start camping 
(standing in one place). To avoid them, keep moving while staying alive. Then 
go in for the kill.

Q-What are the total HP's of the Special Infected in L4D2?
Q-What is the easiest way to startle a Witch?
A-Well, there are a lot of ways to startle a Witch and they are:
-To shine a flashlight on them too long
-To stare at them
-To melee them
-Shooting them
But, from experience, I find the easiest way to startle them is to stare at 

Q-What is the most annoying Special Infected in Single Player and What is the 
most popular in Multiplayer (while on Infected team)
A-The most annoying would be the Jockey and the most popular in Multiplayer 
would also be the Jockey.
This was a question I asked myself but immediatly came up with an answer.

Q-As the Infected team in multiplayer, what is the best combination to take 
down a survivor in the shortest amount of time?
A-To use a Jockey and pounce on a survivor. Then, lead them into a Boomer, 
which wil vomit on them, thus attracting a horde of zombies to finish the 
survior off.


Some of this info is common and may be found on other sites. Other info was 
found by using Googl such as the HP of each Infected and the most annoying and 
most popular Infected.

More Questions:

If you have anymore questions about this game, contact me at 
[email protected] and I will try my best to answer the questions you 

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