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BY: Tyler Shelley                                        ***
COPYRIGHT: 2006 may, 10, 2006                            ***
V.you got pwend                     ****      ****       ***         
1. Leagal                           *****    *****       ***        
2. Contant me and requirements      **************       ***                    
3. Me and Wow                       **************       ***           
4. Some Wow stuff                   **************       ***       
5. Waling caverns                   **************       ***             
6. How to make your party love you   ************        ***               
7. The final reward                  ************        ***    
8. Monsters                             ******         *******
9. Gear                                   **          *********  
10. Class jobs                                            **
11. What the form looks like                              **
12. Final sayings                                         **
Option A                                                 ****
Honestly I don't care if you use this                     ** 
Somewhere else 
But just ask me first ok. 
Also you can use this guide to help
 Your friends out in a tight spot then go 
Ahead but seriously
Don’t sell it or you will be infringing 
My copyright and I don’t want to go through
Legal stuff and I might spell some 
Words wrong and feel free to correct me. Also 
If you give this to another site email and make sure 
If I care or not.

Option B
Now that were done with the legal things lets get 
Down to contacting
I and requirements and you will be given thanks for 
Helping me if you do. 
You can e-mail me at [email protected] or you can just 
Jump on Wow and 
Go to Aegwynn server and look up Blasmus and I normally play as 
Him so you really 
Shouldn’t have any trouble finding me and ill tell you the 
rest of my 
Chars and servers 
In a later update. Now the requirements are no ALL IN CAPS THINGS 
And also you can have questions
And also try and contribute to the guide if you don’t mind.

Option C
Now as you now I play a mage and has above lv 22  
Fri-sun. I only play every other week so you’re going to have to 
Guess when im on.sry about that but got school and a job.

Option D
Now that I have wasted enough time lets hear some wow stuff 
You can play as 
Horde (ROCK) and alliance suck :( and 
That’s all I have to say that you most likely haven’t seen on other 
Guides and now were done

Option E
Now that we can get through all the other stuff lets get 
Down to what we all want to read the guide. Now if you are 
Higher than 15-21 then this guide could just be reading
Material but what ever if you are in getting ready.
Then let’s do this you might want to empty your bags because 
You get a lot of items in here; yeah normally I make about 2
Gold each runs though ok it’s located at waling caverns in near 
Cross roads in the barrens but you need to have a party if your 
Not above lets say 30 or you will not be able to go into the 
Instance at all. Also make sure you got some time on your hands
This intense can get you lost so this is why I have included a 
Map (I would but it seems you can’t add pictures to this if 
Some one knows how please tell me how). 
Just to let you guys know I got this and other info off
Worldofwar.net yeah but only likes three words and the rest 
is mine.

Option F
Now this is a small section of things to do so you don’t tick off 
Your party members. Trust me on this one I have ran through it 
To know how to tick off my team members and it not 
good to but funny.
Ok now that’s out of my system lets get to business ok one is 
Not to agro a whole bunch of baddies while your team is resting
If you’re a long range fighter (mages you know I’m talking to you)
Stay as far away as possible but still able to do damage and also
Tanks don’t be the first ones to die and blame other people and 
The mighty healers don’t try and be heroes just heal and when people 
Die run away and when the baddies clear go rez 
people well that covers
Class roles. Now other ways are quitting half 
way through or if your 
Looking for more people to join your group don’t leave and 
Try to make your own group because that means your back at 
Square one. Also leaving the group in the dugeon that just 
Makes every ones job harder and don’t go calling your teammates
Noobs because with out them you would be screwed yeah and you
Now it’s yeah almost for got don’t be a ninja and click need for
Everything. And that’s it on this section.

Option G
This is your final reward for beating WC is dream walker
The blue shield yeah blue it’s pretty rare 
And you can also get fire belcher witch is a blue wand witch I 
Still use but I’ve only got it once so you’re lucky if it pops up
And that’s it on this section.

Option H
In this section i’m talking about the monsters ok you fight raptors
That jump and hit with there feet and blobs that hit and can multiple
Then you have flying serpents that spit lighting or poison at you
And final you have druid of the fang annoying night elf’s that 
Shoot lighting, heal, and change into giant serpents god I hate them
The levels are 16 elite -20 elite an there is a turtle that bites and
Alligator that are lv 17 not elite so there pretty easy they bite 
Also. That’s it on this one. (Sry if i’m being a little repetitive)

Option I
Well as every one knows you want the best gear for this job I don’t 
Know any of the gear names but it might help to have lighting 
Resistance and high armor value and also keep having buffs on your
Team and mages dampen magic wouldn’t be a bad idea to have or 
Priest power word: fortified and also in this intense you get the
Fang series which is leather so sry mages and others you cant have
But it does sell for a lot (yey money). That’s all folks on this 

Option J 
Well I might have gone over this in an earlier section but 
Here it goes tanks warriors druids stay at the front of the
Group and take all the agro. Next dps people which warlocks
You want to pay action here you can use a summon to help 
You but also you need to max out the cures on the monster
And use your summon to attack 2 down 2 more to go. Now its
Time for the healers shamies, priest, and if you want druids
Now you guys are near the middle but still in range to heal
Everyone so like I said before don’t be a hero just heal and
Kind of attack but don’t run out of manna now the last one.
Mages I know I should make you guys sound the best witch 
You are because your distance fighters and when people 
Start dying you can run or blink away but don’t stay 
So far back you can’t do any damage to an enemy and 
Finally were done with that one.

Option k

Yeah this is the best I really can show you with notepad+
Yeah sry guys I fell bad we have to end our time together 
but I must be
No don’t cry I’m making more guides just need more info 
so Email me with 
Sugestions and other things and get recognized in this 
Guide and special thanks to me and wow and worldofwar.net there you go
Here are your options wait for my Shadow Fang Keep or have 
me expand on this one
But don’t cry for me just cry for your self because you can’t read any
More but get in questions and info for things and I 
just might make a new one Or add to my other ones so C YA GUYS!!

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