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BLAIR WITCH Volume 3: Elly Kedward Tale

Jonathan Prye begins the game by reading aloud a letter he writes to Baltimore,
Maryland. He must rediscover his own faith before returning to Maryland. He will
be traveling to Blair Township to investigate what has been going on.
Walk forward towards the town. Hear a warning from a woman who is leaving the
town in a hurry. Check out the General Store, the Tavern, etc. Everything seems
to be locked up. Enter the building on the right while facing the Church. Turn
right inside the building and enter the room. Speak with Jonah, the Magistrate.
He tells you he has 2 suspects in custody and is awaiting soldiers to take them
for trial. He also tells you of an old woman, named Elly Kedward, who was
believed to be practicing witchcraft. He informs you that he has two suspects in
jail: A drunk, and Elizabeth Styler, a practicing witch. Jonah suggest you visit
Coffin Rock, if you believe in witchcraft. He also suggests you speak with
Priest Hale Goodfellow before venturing out in the Woods. Pick up the jail key
before leaving the Magistrate. Also take the Missing Person's Poster off the
wall in his office room.
Visit the Church. Enter the door, go forward all the way to the end and open the
white door. Speak with Father Hale Goodfellow about Elly Kedward.
Exit the Church through the rear door and go all the way around it. Go down the
steps by the hanged woman. Use the jail key to open the door. Go down the steps
and speak to the drunk, Hirrum Heathtow. He tells you he left his whiskey jug in
the old barn and before he'll tell you what he knows, he wants you to get the
whiskey for him. No reason at this time to speak with the woman in the jail cell
next to Heathrow. She's sleeping and you won't disturb her. Exit the jail, move
back around so you're facing the Church doors. The barn is on the right, next to
the Magistrate's building. Enter the barn. Get the Whiskey jug in the 2nd stahl
after killing a ravaged dog. Also take the Missing Persons Poster from one of
the other stahls. Exit the barn and take the Missing Persons Poster from the
tree between the Church and the Magistrates office. Go back down to the
Hirrum Heathrow tells you about Elly Keyward and the fact that she has knowledge
to take them all to hell. Elizabeth Styler speaks from her cell and she explains
away anything but insanity from having been in Elly Keywards house. Notice the
letters encircled around the floor circle in her cell. Exit the jail.

Follow the main path around and past all the dead bodies laying on the road.
Turn left at the big tree and head forward across the bridge. Move forward some
more, and turn right at the big tree in the pathway. Cross the old wooden bridge
and turn right at the intersection. Follow the path straight up to Coffin Rock.
Shoot all the evil spirits/zombies and the scene ends as you automatically walk
up and rescue the little girl who is tied up on the rocks. You might have to
attempt to leave Coffin Rock before you can see and kill the rest of the
Find yourself back at the Church with Father Goodfellow and Jonah discussing the
small girl who had been missing. The magistrate gives you his rifle. The Priest
tells you about a priest buried in the Cemetary with a cross with tremendous
power. Goodfellow gives you the scroll and tells you to hold it up at the gates
to the Cemetary and read it aloud.

Shoot the demons and the Priest Demon. Pick up the Cross Relic and return to the
Church, and Priest Hale. Return the Sacred Relic to the Priest and he teaches
you how to use it.
Go visit Styler in the jailhouse. She needs you to get inside her house and
recover her Spellbook which contains a map to Elly Kedwards home. She gives you
the key to her house. Leave the Jailhouse and head around the front of the
Church and over towards the Cemetary. Her house is the old, dark grey shack.
Enter and use your Lantern to see better.Get the book in the corner of the room
by a circle of candles and a skull. Shoot the beast quickly and grab the test
tube for health, if you need it. Return to the Jailhouse and give Styler her
Spellbook. She gives you the spellbox to use against any trouble you might
encounter in the Woods. Exit the Jail. Head for the Woods again.

As you enter the Forest for the 2nd time, you will notice a White Wolf. Follow
the Wolf around the paths and you'll find yourself in front of an old shed.
Could this be Asgaya's hut from Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr? Enter the hut
and meet Asgaya. He will explain the Hecaitomix and the belief of his people.
The Dark Spirit took non-believers as sacrifieces. He tells you that you must
visit 3 Worlds and bring them together and that you must save the remaining
children. Prye doesn't believe Asgaya nor the Dark Spirit tales and tells Asgaya
so. You will follow your instincts. Asgaya informs Prye that he will be
powerless until he overcomes his fears.
Leave Asgaya's hut and follow the path. Turn left at the first intersection.
Left again at the next intersection, killing zombies, recovering health tubes
and bullets are you along the way. Turn left at the big tree, and left at the
smaller tree stump. Follow the path using the TAB key to bring up the map, and
head for Elly Kedwards house. Follow the trail North of Coffin Rock, then NWest,
West and South across the wooden bridge and up North again to Kedwards house.
Enter the house and attempt to open the basement door. The Kedward Demon speaks
to you. He throws you out of the house because you are not a believer and are
filled with fear. He tells you to return only when you are ready.
Leave Elly Kedwards home and make your way BACK to Asgayas. Using the TAB key to
bring up the map you can tell the directions you must take at the major
intersections of the paths in order to take the shortest route to Asgayas.
Return to Asgaya and he will give you a voodoo doll which will detect the
presence of evil. He also gives Prye something which will help to see within
himself. Return to the Kedward house (save Kedward house 2ndtime). Kill the
Demon, then go into the house and down into the cellar. Save the Indian Boy's
life. He will give you an Eagle Talisman which enables the wearer to travel
great distances. When you leave Asgaya will arrive to talk with you. He tell you
about the Spirit plane and the Demon plane. Asgaya will give you a twana to
enter the Spirit plane and a restorative spell.Follow map to spirit gate. Use
twana on spirit gate rock and lightening bolts will strike all around you.
In the spirit world Asgaya will meet you and tells you to be careful
transversing this world. If you die here you also die in the real world. Cross
over each bridge killing zombies along the way and picking up more health, mana,
and ammo. Continue down through the huge rib skeleton and across another bridge
to enter a cave. You will save another Indian child and get another Talisman.
Continue going forward through the cave and when you come out the other end you
will kill a few more zombies and find a broken bridge.Use the Eagle Twana to fly
across. Kill the big flying monster and release Hino. He gives you a shaft that
will deliver lightening bolts. He will transport you and the girl back to the
mortal plane.

You end up back at the church and talk with the priest and Jonah. He tells you
that Elizabeth wants to talk with you. Talk with Elizabeth Styler and ask her
how to find the Demon Gate. She will ask you to examine the Great Tree first and
then she will tell you how to get to the Demon Gate. Enter the forest again and
follow your map to the Great Tree. Pick up the bag of disease from the tree and
return to Elizabeth Styler. Shoot the zombies and pick up tons of ammo. When you
give the bag of disease to Styler she gives you protection for the Demon Plane
and tells you how to enter the Demon Gate. Hirrum tells you where to get the
Follow your map to the Indian Burial Ground. Go up to the gates and use the Bear
Talisman. Kill the zombies and the two stick monsters. I killed the stick
monsters with the melee weapon and then quickly put the weapon away and touched
their blue glowing hearts so they wouldn't return. Once the stick monsters are
gone the fire will go out and the path will be open.
Continue on the path. Matt-ann-tote will appear and try to kill you. Kill this
monster and get the Indian bones. Be prepared to kill more zombies!
Return to town, but on your way stop by to talk with Asgaya. He will give you a
spell The Rain Vial which will make thunderstorms. As you enter town the priest
and mayor will meet you. Jonah will tell you that Styler wants to talk with you.
Father Goodfellow will give you a Bible for the exorcism spell. Go to the jail
and give the bones to Styler. She makes a twana for you that will enable you to
enter the Demon Plane. She also gives you a charm to summon the Dark Wolf.
Talk to Hirrum before you leave the jail and town. Follow the dark wolf to the
entrance of Demon Gate. The wolf changes into Tawiscara who will try to kill
you. Kill the monster then walk up the mound of rocks and use your Demon twana
to enter the plane. Blood starts to splatter down and then you will be
transported to the Demon Plane.
Kill skeletons as you go over the bridge and then some wild dogs. Pick up the
Golden Skull. Continue on the path. Kill the zombie priest and all the skeletons
and zombies. Save the child and he will give you a Gumoyodah Talisman which will
enhance the users strength. Pick up another Golden Skull.Continue on picking up
Golden Skulls and killing all the zombies and other monsters that get in your
way. You should have a total of 5 Golden Skulls and then you will find a place
to put them. Put each on a pedestal and a section of bridge will come up from
the water below.Carefully cross the bridge and enter Demon Gate. Use your
strength twana to open the door of skulls.
Be prepared for more shooting! After you kill Baal, Hecaitomix appears and
attacks Prye. Asgaya sacrifices his life to save Prye. Now you must quickly
leave before the gate to Demon Plane is sealed. You have 300 seconds, so you
will have time to carefully cross the narrow bridges.
When you get out you will see Styler but she has been taken over by Heciotomix.
Use the Exorcism Bible to kill Heciotomix/Styler combo. Now Elizabeth will be
free of Heciotomix's power. She wants Prye to stay, but he says that he must
return to his church because his faith has been renewed. Perhaps their paths
will cross again.

If you Kill the Elizabeth Skyler Demon instead of exorsizing her, the end cut
scene shows the Magistrate, Priest and Prye talking in the graveyard as
Elizabeth's body is burning. The Magistrate will ask Prye to stay and be the
constable, but Prye will still decline.


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