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                A C E       C O M B A T       3
                   E L E C T R O S P H E R E
                         Version 4.0
                  Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng


1. Introduction
2. Planes
   A) UPEO Planes
   B) General Resources LTD. Planes
   C) Neucom Planes
   D) Ouroboros Planes
3. Mission Guide
   A) UPEO Missions
   B) Decision Point No.1
   C) General Resources LTD. Missions
   D) Decision Point No.2
   E) Ouroboros Missions
   F) General Resources LTD. Missions II
   G) UPEO Missions II
   H) Decision Point No.3
   I) UPEO Missions III
   J) Decision Point No.4
   K) Neucom Missions
   L) Decision Point No.5
   M) Ouroboros Missions II
   N) Neucom Missions II
   O) UPEO/Neucom Missions
4. Character and Ending Descriptions
5. Secrets/Cheats
6. Acknowledgments

Added in Version 2.0
- Stacks of info from "Video Girl Ai"
- Corrected some of my endings, thanks to 
  "Jeffrey Daniel Wong" 
- Added Game Shark Codes thanks to 

Added in Version 3.0
- "I Am Falling I Am Fading" 
  (how's that for a wild name?) sent me some useful
  tips on a few extra missions I've missed...
- Corrected some errors here and there, including the
  obvious bits in the endings.

Added in Version 4.0
- Finally, all 52 missions are in! 
- Corrected some more stuff here and there...
- Added the little trick on finding out how many 
  missions you've found and how many you're 
  missing (thanks to "Wiseman" ) 
- Added some Game Shark Codes sent by "I Am Falling I Am 
  Fading" - check them out! See stuff Namco doesn't want
  you to see!

- By the way, a special thank you is in order to "I Am 
  Falling I Am Fading" and "Video Girl Ai" - they've 
  contributed so much since my first version that 
  they've almost become co-authors!

1. Introduction

Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere is the latest of the best-selling 
Ace Combat franchise by Namco; but unlike the last two incarnations, 
this game is heavily story-driven. The story itself branches off in 
several different directions, and you can get up to five (maybe more) 
endings, which vary quite drastically.

The story of Ace Combat 3 generally goes like this... There's 
basically a war going on between a number of rival corporation 
units - the UPEO, General Resources LTD., Neucom and Ouroboros.
They are all fighting over control of a particular prototype 
fighter [developed my Ouroboros, I believe] called the Night 
Raven. The Night Raven's pilot is a genetically engineered young 
girl named Rena. All other characters Dision, Keith, Erich, 
Fiona, Cynthia, Simon, Parks, Neu etc... all play some part in 
it. Depending on which branch you go, you will end up becoming 
an "aibo" or "comrade" of Erich, Fiona, Cynthia, Keith (four
endings) or become a lone wolf (one ending).  

Incidentally, there's news that Namco is about to release an
an add-on to Ace Combat 3 called Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere
Direct Audio and AppenDisk (whoa, now that's a long title). 
It will include a soundtrack disk that will feature 28 music 
tracks and other tracks that were excluded from the original 
game, as well as an appendix disc that will contain the 
complete data most of your planes and also allows you select 
and play any of the 52 missions (maybe even more?) as well 
as play any of the movie sequences. Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere 
Direct Audio with AppenDisk is set for an August 26 release in 
Japan for 2800yen (US$24). If there's anything interesting to 
cover, I'll update it on this FAQ/walkthrough!

Anyway, this walkthrough contains all the specifics of each
plane you will get to pilot, some help for all the missions 
and branches you will encounter, and descriptions of the 
various endings (which you can skip if you want). If you 
like to contribute any new findings to me, or correct me, 
feel free to e-mail me at . Finally, newest
versions of this walkthrough can be found at 


Thanks for reading. Let's get on with it!

                             Jerrold Ng 

2. Planes

Through the course of the game you will get to pilot many 
different planes, of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The
planes you get to choose depend on your who your employee
is. Of course, there might be a few secret planes that aren't
listed here.

The planes here are split into three types - heavy, normal
or light planes. Heavy planes can survive some serious damage,
but they have slow acceleration. Normal planes can stand 
moderate damage and have slightly faster acceleration. Light
planes are the speed demons of the pack - they normally have
unbelievable acceleration rates, but just one well-timed 
missiles will bring them down. Well, you get the idea!

Every corporate unit has it's own set of planes, listed below. 
In most missions you get to choose from a few planes, but
later in the game you'll be stuck with one super plane. The
four super planes include the Su-43 Berkut, XFA-36A Game and
R-103 Delphinus #3. In one particular ending stage you'll also 
get to hack into an advanced model of the Night Raven called 
the XR-900 Geopelia! Also, a number of these planes listed 
below can fire 4 missiles at once rather than 2 for the other 

[Info from "Video Girl Ai"] It is a good idea to use as many
planes as possible when clearing missions - when you enter the
Mission Simulator, you'll only get to use planes that you've 
cleared (or messed up) a mission with!

A) UPEO Planes

EF2000E Typhoon II 
Breadth - 10.50 m
Length - 15.75 m
Wingspan - 6.40 m
Weight - 18144 kg
Max Speed - 2856 km/h
- Light Type, with Vulcan Gun and Normal Missiles

MiG-33 Fulcrum SS 
Breadth - 11.36 m
Length - 17.32 m
Wingspan - 4.73 m
Weight - 18000 kg
Max Speed - 2856 km/h
- Normal Type, with Vulcan Gun and Normal Missiles

F/A-18V Hornet ADV
Breadth - 13.62 m
Length - 18.31 m
Wingspan - 4.88 m
Weight - 29937 kg
Max Speed - 2324 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Vulcan or Heavy Machinegun
  and Short Range or Ground Missiles

F-16XFU Gyrfalcon
Breadth - 9.45 m  
Length - 13.08 m 
Wingspan - 5.36 m 
Weight - 11372 kg
Max Speed - 2856 km/h
- Light Type, with Normal Missiles and choice of Vulcan or
  Heavy Machinegun 

R-101V Delphinus #1
Breadth - 12.60 m 
Length - 20.48 m
Wingspan - 4.10 m
Weight - 8898 kg
Max Speed - 2856 km/h
- Light Type, with Heavy Machinegun and Normal Missiles

R-201V Asterozoa
Breadth - 20.60 m
Length - 18.13 m
Wingspan - 2.90 m
Weight - 23013 kg
Max Speed - 1540 km/h
- Heavy Type, with cannon and choice of Short Range, Ground
  or M.I.R.V. Missiles

Su-37 Superflanker
Breadth - 14.70 m
Length - 22.10 m
Wingspan - 6.32 m
Weight - 34420 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with normal missiles and choice of vulcan
  or cannon

Su-43 Berkut
Breadth - 16.70 m
Length - 22.50 m
Wingspan - 6.40 m
Weight - 34900 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Vulcan, Heavy Machinegun or 
  Cannon and Normal or M.I.R.V. Missiles

B) General Resources LTD. Planes

F-16XA Sakerfalcon
Breadth - 10.43 m
Length - 16.51 m
Wingspan - 5.36 m 
Weight - 15772 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Light type, with Ground Missiles and choice of Vulcan or
  Heavy Machinegun

F-15S/MT Eagle+ 
Breadth - 13.05 m
Length - 19.43 m
Wingspan - 5.63 m
Weight - 36740 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Heavy Type, with choice of Vulcan or Cannon and Normal, 
  Short Range or M.I.R.V. Missiles

A/F-117X Nav Hawk
Breadth - 13.20 m
Length - 20.08 m
Wingspan - 3.78 m
Weight - 23814 kg
Max Speed - 2324 km/h
- Normal Type, with Ground Missiles and choice of Vulcan or

F-22C Raptor II
Breadth - 13.56 m
Length - 18.92 m
Wingspan - 5.03 m
Weight - 27200 kg
Max Speed - 2856 km/h
- Normal Type, with Normal Missiles and choice of Vulcan or 
  Heavy Machinegun

F/A-32C Erne
Breath - 10.97 m 
Length - 13.72 m
Wingspan - 3.51 m
Weight - 22600 kg
Max Speed - 2324 km/h
- Light Type, with choice of Vulcan or Cannon and Short
  Range or Ground Missiles

RF-12A2 Blackbird
Breadth - 16.94 m 
Length - 31.65 m
Wingspan - 5.64 m
Weight - 78020 kg
Max Speed - 5068 km/h
- Heavy Type, with choice of Vulcan or Heavy Machinegun 
  and Normal, Short Range or M.I.R.V. Missiles

XFA-36A Game [Also belongs in Ouroboros]
Breadth - 13.20 m 
Length - 19.31 m
Wingspan - 2.80 m
Weight - 32116 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Vulcan, Heavy Machinegun or Cannon 
  and Normal, Short Range or M.I.R.V. Missiles.

C) Neucom Planes

R-311 Remora
Breadth - 5.82 m
Length - 14.88 m
Wingspan - 1.80 m
Weight - 5105 kg
Max Speed - 5068 km/h
- Light Type, with choice of Heavy Machinegun or Pulse Laser 
  and Short Range, Ground or M.I.R.V. Missiles

R-352 Sepia
Breadth - 10.74 m 
Length - 13.15 m 
Wingspan - 4.90 m
Weight - 60200 kg
Max Speed - 3054 km/h
- Heavy Type, with Neutron Beam and Plasma Beam

R-211 Orcinus
Breadth - 8.20 m 
Length - 22.56 m
Wingspan - 2.21 m
Weight - 12822 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Cannon or Pulse Laser and 
  short range missiles, ground missiles or spread bombs

R-102 Delphinus #2
Breadth - 13.80 m 
Length - 20.52 m 
Wingspan - 4.50 m
Weight - 9057 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with Normal Missiles and choice of Heavy 
  Machinegun and Pulse Laser

R-103 Delphinus #3
Breadth - 13.80 m 
Length - 20.66 m 
Wingspan - 4.90 m
Weight - 10040 kg
Max Speed - 3940 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Heavy Machinegun, Cannon or 
  Pulse Laser and Normal, M.I.R.V. or Spread Missiles

D) Ouroboros Planes

XFA-36A Game [Also belongs in General Resources LTD.]
Breadth - 13.20 m 
Length - 19.31 m
Wingspan - 2.80 m
Weight - 32116 kg
Max Speed - 3304 km/h
- Normal Type, with choice of Vulcan, Heavy Machinegun or Cannon 
  and Normal, Short Range or M.I.R.V. Missiles.

3. Mission Guide

The story of this game branches in several directions based
on "Decision Points" located after every few stages. Depending
on what decisions you choose, you will alternate between a 
few corporation units. You begin the game in a unit UPEO. 
Here is the branching system that occurs...

                         UPEO Missions               
                      Decision Point No.1
       Join Dision             |           Join Others
                |                             |
                |                             |
    General Resources LTD Missions      UPEO Missions II
                |                             |
       Decision Point No.2            Decision Point No.3
                |                             |
  Join Dision   |     Join Keith   Join Rena  |   Return to Base
        -------------------              -----------------
        |                 |              |               |
     Ouroboros      General Resources    |         Extra Stage 
     Missions       LTD. Missions 2      |       (Fragile Cargo)
    [Ending A]        [Ending B]         |               |
                                       Decision Point No.4
                     Join Fiona               |     Join Others
                          |                               |
                    Neucom Missions                 UPEO/Neucom
                          |                           Missions
                          |                          [Ending E]
                  Decision Point No.5                            
          Join Cynthia    |      Join Fiona
              |                        |
           Ouroboros                Neucom 
          Missions II            Missions II
          [Ending C]              [Ending D]

Missions order in this walkthrough
A) UPEO Missions
B) Decision Point No.1
C) General Resources LTD. Missions
D) Decision Point No.2
E) Ouroboros Missions
F) General Resources LTD. Missions II
G) UPEO Missions II
H) Decision Point No.3
I) UPEO Missions III
J) Decision Point No.4
K) Neucom Missions
L) Decision Point No.5
M) Ouroboros Missions II
N) Neucom Missions II
O) UPEO/Neucom Missions

Some useful general info about accomplishing a mission (thanks
to "Video Girl Ai") :

Different between Mission Accomplished and Mission Over
You're probably aware of the different effects between Mission 
Accomplished and Mission Over. Both these statuses will end the 
mission, Mission Over signifying a D grade or lower meaning
you failed to accomplish all mission objectives. It also means 
different messages received during or just after debriefing 
from your copilots. These messages get saved inside your 
archive so I can't help but wonder if getting all these 
messages might be the key to activating certain cheats like 
unlocking the Night Raven.
Radar blip colors
Red = primary target 
- absolutely must be destroyed to end the mission

White = secondary target 
- not necessary to be destroyed to end mission but their 
  destruction improves your grade 

Yellow = neutral target 
- destroying these targets may lower your grade 

Blue = friendly targets 
- cannot be targeted by weapons

tiny white = missile
- dodge!! 
Secondary Weapons: Missiles Vs Bombs & Rate of Fire
The type of secondary weapon (circle button) you use 
on a target depends on the type of target you're 
A ground target automatically toggles the bomb 
receptacle IF your plane is armed with bombs. If you 
switch to an air target, air to air missiles are used 
instead. If your plane is not armed with bombs, 
standard tracking missiles are used instead. 
Rate of Fire: 
Surface Bombs are fired one or sometimes two at a 
time and take awhile to reload (changes according 
to difficulty level?) Air-to-air missiles are fired 
two at a time for earlier fighters and four at a time 
for the more advanced fighters...


A) UPEO Missions

1) Awakening
Mission - Shoot down four planes (marked red on the radar) within 
          2:59 mins, then one more that appears.
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS
- Your first job. Tense? Here, you'll get to meet your other crewmates
  Erich, Rena and Fiona. This one is easy - the bad guys barely even 
  notice you're there! Check your radar (press the Square Button) and 
  locate the four red dots and take them down. If this is not done 
  within 3 minutes or so the mission will be over after you take down
  the last red dot. If you do manage to take them down within the time
  limit your commander will update you with a new target. Just head
  over to the new red dot (ignore the white dots if you want) that 
  appears and blow it up and you're done. By the way, the more extra 
  targets (the planes that appear as white targets) you take down, 
  the higher your rank will be.

2) Bravado
Mission - Blow up 8 ground radar sites within 3:59 mins, then 
          then a blow up few more ground structures after that. 
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS
- You need to be fast in this one. Ignore the white planes, and go
  straight for the radar sites. If done within the time limit, your
  commander will update you with about 4 more ground targets. They
  include a two large buildings carefully tucked into the mountain 
  side and the bridge that connects them. Be careful not to slam 
  your plane into the side of the mountain!

3) Enter Dision 
Mission - Follow Dision, then shoot down 3 fighters with your
          gun, then destroy three ground targets
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon
- Here you meet ace pilot and all-round shifty character Dision.
  One of this mission's objectives is to tail him as long as
  possible (it's hard, yes). Try to keep him inside your HUD
  view as long as possible (info from "Video Girl Ai").
  Eventually you'll encounter three planes - be careful, you 
  can't lock your missiles on them! Stick with your guns. After 
  the three have been destroyed, three ground targets appear; 
  these can be locked on, so blow them away with your missiles. 
  There might be a time limit to all these, but destroy these 
  six targets and you'll get a new mission; the commander will 
  inform you that a large supply ship is dropping 5 cargo boxes; 
  shoot those down (you can't lock on to them either). These 
  boxes will be zealously  guarded by a number of fighters, so 
  let Dision and Keith handle them, and you focus on blowing up 
  those crates before they hit the ground. Extra Info from "I
  Am Falling I Am Fading" - I notice that on the right side of 
  the screen there is a point display in the first part of the 
  mission that shows how well you follow Dision and how many 
  targets you destroy.... Basically the way it works is that in 
  the first part of the mission, the score goes up faster the 
  closer you are to Dision, as you move farther away it slows, 
  until Dision is a kilometer away at which point it stops 
  altogether... So naturally of course you want to follow Dision 
  as close as possible. Afterwards when you blow up the decoy 
  drones and the tower targets, you get some more points that 
  doesn't seem to vary. So far the best I've gotten is 5120 
  points... I wonder if something special happens if you get a 
  higher value? 

4) Paper Tiger
Mission - Sink a warship, convoy, and carrier within 2:59 mins,
          then shoot down 4 planes that appear after that. You 
          must not enter the island city or you will be shot at 
          by missiles! 
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon     
- As always, if you fail to sink all three ships within the time
  limit, they will reach the harbor and the mission will end 
  prematurely. To speed things up, look carefully at each ship - 
  they have three targets on them, two guns and the ship itself
  (that target will be named warship, convoy and carrier 
  respectively). Shoot that target to sink the ship immediately.
  Also, stay out of the island unless you want a rear full of 


B) Decision Point No.1
- Here you will get the option of keeping with your friends at
  the UPEO or deserting with Dision.
-> To follow Dision, Just keep his plane in your view for a 
   short while and you will land on an air strip. Try to land  
   by yourself; if you mess it up, press START to switch on 
   autopilot and your plane will land by itself. You will now 
   leave your current organization UPEO and join General 
   Resources LTD. Proceed to General Resources LTD. section C 
-> To follow the  others, just fly away in a different 
   direction to Dision. Head on over to the section G, UPEO 
   Missions II

C) General Resources LTD. Missions

5) Soldier of Fortune
Mission - Shoot down eight R-201's before they take off from the
          airfield within 2:59 mins.
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+
- Since you will be doing no actual air combat, use the 
  Sakerfalcon's ground missiles to finish the job. It shouldn't
  be too hard. Just be careful of the occasional missile that 
  is launched from the airfield itself.

6) Megafloat
Mission - 2 R-201's, 4 Guns and 1 Tower needs to be demolished 
          within 3:29 minutes
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+
- This mission is similar to the previous one. The island 
  fortress is much more well guarded however; you'll need to be 
  really good at dodging missiles, or just plain suicidal, to 
  be flying right into the thick of it. Too bad with the given 
  time limit, you don't have much choice! By the way, if you 
  miss the time limit, a hydrofoil will be launched, and you'll
  have to take it out - too bad that even if you take it out,
  you'll get a "Mission Over" in that case (thanks to "Video
  Girl Ai"). Either way, you'll end up taking the mission
  "Partners" after this. Also, here's a little well-hidden 
  bonus - thanks to "Wiseman" ! To 
  get a hidden mission "Target Acquisition", shoot all the 
  targets except one R-201 and let it escape (pass the time 
  limit). After this, when the lone Hydrofoil leaves the harbor 
  - shoot it to pieces and the extra mission is yours!

7) Target Acquisition [Alternate mission]
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - A/F-117 Nav Hawk
- Hey, isn't that a stealth fighter you're flying? Anyway, the 
  aim of this stage is pretty simple - you'll just have to take
  snapshots of four points around the city so that a laser 
  satellite will be able to target it. You'll see Rena and 
  Dision having a short chat, then, once you've taken the four
  snapshots, a new target appears - now you'll have to down 
  six planes (R-201U x3, MiG-33 x3). Take your time here - 
  there's no hurry. After this stage, you'll skip the next 
  mission, "Partners", and go straight to "Tainted Peace".

7) Partners
Mission - You have to destroy 4 power plants that encircle the 
          base within 4:59 minutes. Then, destroy the core that
          appears after that.
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+
- Other that the fact that each of the four power plants cannot 
  be targeted by your missiles, the mission is a breeze. Just
  fire away your cannon when you approach one, it's so big it's 
  next to impossible to miss! Just be careful not to bump into
  the pillars on either side of it. Once Keith tells you to take
  down the core, just fly at it and launch some missiles.

8) Tainted Peace
Mission - Down a large boss plane, the R-505U
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+, 
               F-22C Raptor II, F/A-32C Erne
- It's a less-than-friendly reunion with your old crewmates Erich,
  Rena and Fiona. Your target here is Fiona's plane, but feel free 
  to shoot down the others if you're just plain mean. Once you're
  done, you'll need to go for a mid-air refuel. Try it out; if you
  mess up, press START to let the game do it for you.

9) Stratosphere
Mission - Take down six R-531's in 4:59 mins
Plane Choice - RF-12A2 Blackbird
- Keith's in trouble. Few seconds into the mission, he will request
  for your assistance in shaking off a pesky remora. Not a problem, 
  really. He'll survive for awhile. Just keep your eye on the R-531's 
  nearest to you and you should have no problems. If you DO go and 
  rescue him, that is, shoot down his attacker, the R-531's will 
  escape, and you'll get a Mission Over... However, after this, 
  you'll get two extra missions below! If you ignore him and finish
  the mission, you'll jump to the mission, "Technology Transfer". 
  After the mission, you get to try and land your plane again. Hit 
  START if you think you're not up to it.

10a) Welcoming Committee [Alternate Mission]
Mission - Shoot down four planes (R-211 x3, R-808 x1); you have to 
          destroy the R-808 in 1:29 mins
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+, 
               F-22C Raptor II, F/A-32C Erne
- This special stage appears after you've proven yourself as Keith's
  "aibo" or comrade in the previous stage. This one is easy - go 
  straight for the R-808 first and destroy it within one and a half
  minutes, then take you time with the others. If you mess up, you'll
  have to destroy a few ground targets (and net a "Mission Over" to
  boot) so be quick about it! There's another extra stage after this,

10b) Claustrophobia [Alternate Mission]
Mission - Destroy 8 bases and 2 underground bases in 5:59 mins 
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+, 
               F-22C Raptor II, F/A-32C Erne
- Another "aibo" stage with Keith. This one is relatively easy. 
  You'll get to learn how to use spread bombs. No problem - Just 
  line up the small diamond and cross symbol at the lower part of 
  your HUD (it only appears when you've locked on to a ground 
  target, by the way) to the target and let 'er rip! The 8 bases 
  are easy to bomb, but the two underground bases require some 
  more skill. Since they are tucked deep in the canyon floor, 
  they require some deft piloting to avoid a painful collision 
  with the canyon walls (why do you think this stage is called 
  "Claustrophobia?"). But they aren't too difficult either; you 
  should have plenty of time left when the mission is over. If 
  you do mess up, a cruise missile (erroneously called an IRBM
  in the game) will fire, and you have to destroy it - but 
  you'll still get a "Mission Over" in this case. After this 
  stage, you'll skip straight to mission 11, Dilemma, below.

(By the way, don't thank me, thank "I Am Falling I Am Fading" and 
"Video Girl Ai" for the discovery of these hidden missions!)

10) Technology Transfer
Mission - Save the Antlions!
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+, 
               F-22C Raptor II, F/A-32C Erne
- An distress signal sends you off to safe a group of allies called
  the "Antlion" - here just take down as many tanks on the ground
  and fighters in the air (marked in red) as possible. It's pretty 
  tough to actually save them all. After you've destroyed the enemy, 
  or Antlion bites the dust, a rocket will launch. Get to it and 
  shoot it down.

11) Dilemma
Mission - In 8:59 mins you have to sink 3 submarines and 3 convoys
Plane Choice - F-16XA Sakerfalcon, F-15S/MT Eagle+, 
               F-22C Raptor II, F/A-32C Erne
- Here all you planes get the option of Spread bomb as their missiles;
  it's a good idea to use them, as they are ideal for taking out the
  ships and subs. If you've taken the stage Claustrophobia you should 
  have already some practice using them. If not, refer to that mission
  to learn how to use them.


D) Decision Point No.2

- Dision just never makes up his mind, does he? Here you get to
  choose to follow Keith back to General Resources LTD. or desert
  with Dision to Ouroboros.
-> Don't move for a while and you'll automatically follow Dision.
   After a brief chat, you'll dock on the Sphyrna, the HQ of 
   Ouroboros. You'll also find out that Rena has deserted UPEO
   and joined up with you in Ouroboros! Proceed to Ouroboros
   Missions at section E below.
-> To follow Keith, just fly off the path and you'll join up 
   with him. You'll remain in General Resources LTD. Proceed to 
   General Resources LTD Missions II at section F below.


E) Ouroboros Missions

12a) The Orientation 
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Time to test out your new, ridiculously powerful fighter! 
  Cause massive havoc in town by blowing up all the major 
  freeways and buildings, and when the choppers (V-228s) 
  carrying Neucom leaders try to escape, blow them up too! 
  It's fun being evil, isn't it? However, don't be too hasty. 
  If you let at least one of the V-228s escape, you'll get a 
  "Mission Over" and then an extra mission will be unveiled! 
  (thanks to "I Am Falling I Am Fading" for the little tip)

12b) Liquidation [Extra Mission]
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Welcome back to Megafloat! First, destroy each of the six 
  submarines that encircle the area. Then, a large SAM will 
  be launched and heading towards Sphyrna - destroy it (you'll
  have to use your guns here) before it hits Sphyrna or you'll
  get a "Mission Failed".

13) Archnemesis
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Time to raid your old UPEO HQ. Destroy all the red ground targets,
  then go for the high speed fighters that hover about you. After
  they are taken down, there will be a short cut scene. Here, dive
  into the inner section of the HQ and fire at the single target,
  Parks, there.

14) Memory Error
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- One crazy stage! First, you will encounter Rena with her awesome
  prototype fighter, the Night Raven. She zooms by at impossible 
  speeds, and she can usually outrun your missiles and zoom by you 
  at ease. But keep on her tail, throwing all the missiles and gun 
  fire you have at her and she'll eventually slip up and get hit. 
  After a few blows, she'll go nuts. Next your old team mate Keith 
  will sacrifice himself by attaching onto the Night Raven, slowing 
  it down and making it an easy target - one lock on missile will 
  end its misery. The next battle isn't as easy however. The giant 
  blimp Sphyrna, the HQ of Ouroboros, is surrounded by waves and 
  waves of fighters, and it also contains some serious firepower. 
  You'll need to lock on it's tail; to do that, get VERY near (not 
  too near or you'll crash right into it!) then launch your 
  missiles. Then get the hell out of its barrage of missiles! 
  It'll take awhile, but it'll go down.

15) Electrosphere
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- The final battle. First, you have to take on your former mentor
  in the skies. He goes pretty fast (not quite as fast as Rena)
  and locks onto to you fairly easily. This is not an easy battle.
  Once you've injured him with missiles a few times, Dision will
  continue the dogfight in the Electrosphere itself. Be prepared
  to get a little disorientated at first. Then, return to battle!
  Since Dision will be faster than you, slow down when he's 
  nearby and he'll zoom right past you - unload the whole arsenal
  on him, then speed away quick as he'll come at you with a 
  missile. Dodge it and resume, and he'll be down in no time. 
  Congratulations! You've won Ace Combat 3! [Ending A]


F) General Resources LTD. Missions II

12) Betrayal 
Mission - Shoot down a whole fleet of 26 fighters
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Probably the longest mission ever. At least there's no time 
  limit here. Also, Keith will be racking up planes himself,
  so you don't have to worry too much. After all 26 planes 
  are downed, a new target appears - a massive fleet of ships.
  Avoid entering the nearby island at all costs (the mission
  will fail if you enter), then sink them one by one.

13) Heart of the Serpent
Mission - Shoot down a very well-guarded blimp UI-4053
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Look at Ouroboros Mission 14 for strategies against the
  Ouroboros HQ. This stage is very similar to that mission,
  except you take on the blimp first. After it goes down,
  then you get an updated target, which is Rena in her 
  fearsome prototype fighter. Strategy for tackling her is
  in Ouroboros Mission 14 too.

14) Geofront Attack
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- This battle occurs deep in and underground city. Be careful
  not to slam your plane into the ceiling! Here your mission
  is to destroy ten support pillars - you can't lock on to 
  them with your missiles; stick to your gun - you'll also 
  need to be pretty close to be able to shoot them.

15) Casualties of War
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- After a bout with Rena again, you'll have to face Dision.
  He's better at avoiding missiles, but he's still a 
  pushover; you shouldn't be too worried. After just about
  everyone bites the dust, you have to option to land the 
  plane yourself or let the automatic pilot do it for you.

16) Geopelia
Mission - Shoot down 8 XR-900's
Plane Choice - XFA-36A Game
- Very cool final stage. After you shoot down one of the
  XR-900s, you hack into it and become it's pilot! Of course, 
  now you have to fight 7 other XR-900, which is a nightmare 
  itself. Remember that It can always outrun one missile, but 
  not two or more. Once you lock on, fire as many missiles as 
  possible; one of them is bound to hit. Don't worry, you have 
  plenty of missiles. Once you're done, sit back and enjoy - 
  you've finished Ace Combat 3! [Ending B]


G) UPEO Missions II

5) Broken Truce
Mission - Shoot down four F-159/MT's in 2:59 mins
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon   
- Easy stage. Try to spot and shoot down Keith for
  the fun of it! After you've defeated the four fighters
  the commander will give you a new target; two more 
  fighters. Shoot them down and you're done.

6) Ghosts of the Past
Mission - Protect a Stealth Bomber
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa   
- The protecting bit is easy enough. Just follow the bomber's
  back (don't try to memorize the route; it goes randomly) 
  and shoot any targets that come close. After following it 
  for awhile (and listening to Rena talk to herself), the 
  commander will clear you to attack the enemy base. Just 
  head there and shoot the target labeled "Base". You 
  shouldn't need to fly by it more than once. By the way, 
  if you shoot the bomber down, you'll jump straight to the 
  extra mission "Fragile Cargo" in section I. [Plot help
  thanks to "Video Girl Ai"]

7a) No Clearance
Mission - ???  
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa
- This entire mission is a decision point! See Below. Here, 
  you get to break from UPEO and join Rena on her personal 
  quest or return to UPEO HQ. Assuming to decide to join Rena, 
  you'll have to take down about eight fighters. Do that, and 
  Dision will rejoin you. However, if you leave Rena, the 
  mission will end straight away.


H) Decision Point No.3

- Here your choice is to go off with Rena or return back to
-> If you return to base, you'll get an extra mission - Fragile
   Cargo. Go to UPEO Missions III section I, and go to the 
   Extra Mission.
-> To join Rena, just stay on her back for a short while. 
   You'll hop straight to the Scylla and Charybdis Mission
   at section I, UPEO Missions III.


I) UPEO Missions III

7b) Fragile Cargo [Extra Mission] 
Mission - Destroy all the chimney stacks that are in the blimp's 
          way, and anything else that tries to down it.
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa
- Here you have to protect a wayward blimp from crashing
  into a chimney stack. After destroying them all, a small
  ship will attack it. Shoot that too and you're done.

8) Scylla And Charybdis
Mission - Follow  and protect Erich
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa
- Simple enough. Just shoot down all the red planes that 
  appear. Wait a minute. Isn't that Keith? Didn't you 
  shoot him down a few missions ago? ANOTHER decision 
  point follows this mission.


J) Decision Point No. 4
- Here, you discover the evil of UPEO. They plan to shoot down
  their own plane piloted by Fiona! Here, you get to either
  protect Fiona or the stay with UPEO.
-> To protect Fiona, shoot down the nearest unmarked plane. 
   You'll be then introduced to Neu and then refuel at his 
   blimp. You've now joined the unit Neucom! Then you'll be 
   introduced to Fiona's older sister who works at Neu, 
   Cynthia. Go to section K, Neucom Missions, just below.
-> To help Rena and Erich, either shoot down Fiona's plane 
   or just don't do anything and Rena will do that for you. 
   From here, go all the way down to UPEO/Neucom Missions at 
   section O.


K) Neucom Missions

9) Power For Life
Mission - Destroy 2 RF-12A2 planes in 3:59 mins then 2 planes
          (XFA-36A x2) and 4 bases
Plane Choice - R-311 Remora
- Remember that the 3:59 min time limit is ONLY for the two
  Blackbirds or RF-12A2s. Concentrate your attacks on them 
  first. Once they are downed, you can take your time with 
  the rest. You now have a choice. If you listen to Cynthia, 
  you'll have to destroy your targets in this order - all the 
  oil tanks, the radar sites, then the bases, then Keith's 
  Wingman, then finally Keith himself. Note that the radar 
  sites and oil tanks are marked as non-essential targets (in
  white). You'll get a "Mission Accomplished" and pick up two 
  extra missions, "Guardian Angel" and "The Prize". If you 
  take out all the red targets without destroying the radar 
  sites and fuel tanks, you'll get a "Mission Over" and go 
  straight to the "Zero Gravity" mission.

10a) Guardian Angel [Alternate Mission]
Mission - Destroy 7 F-22Cs in 3:59 mins. You must also 
          protect the space shuttle R-808.
Plane Choice - R-102 Delphinus#2, R-211 Orcinus
- Basically, this is a direct opposite of the "Welcoming 
  Committee" Mission. The space shuttle will fly by and 
  land in 3:59 mins, so you'll have to destroy all it's 
  attackers by that time. The mission will end when the 
  R-808 is shot down. You'll get "Mission Accomplished"
  if all the 7 planes are shot down before the shuttle
  lands. If the shuttle lands and there are still some 
  of the 7 planes flying, more targets will appear and 
  you'll have to shoot them down to get a "Mission Over"
  instead. Once you're done, you can practice your 
  landing again.
10b) The Prize [Alternate Mission]
Mission - Destroy 4 convoys and a carrier before they 
          reach a downed satellite, you must also 
          protect your own hydrofoils
Plane Choice - R-102 Delphinus#2, R-211 Orcinus
- Hey, apparently someone has just did the "Zero Gravity"
  mission (see below) for you! Your mission here is to 
  pick up one of the crashed satellites. Of course, a 
  General Resources team is after it as well, and it will
  get there first unless you do something about it! They 
  will reach there in approximately 2 mins. And while 
  you're at it, a group of fighters will be trying to 
  destroy your own team's hydrofoils. Adding to that, 
  once you've sunk the convoys, 4 high-speed hydrofoils 
  and 2 carriers will appear and you'll have to sink them 
  too before they reach the satellite. What a mess! If 
  you're playing Easy or Normal, ignore the calls for help 
  from your own hydrofoils and concentrate on attacking 
  the ships. Your hydrofoils should survive on their own. 
  In Hard mode however, your hydrofoils go down VERY 
  quickly, and to save them you'll have to sink a few fast 
  hydrofoils, then fly back and help them, then go back and 
  sink the slower ships. Time will be VERY tight, but it 
  can be done. Also, the game gives you an option to use 
  spread bombs - but missiles are a much better choice. 
  After this mission, you will skip "Zero Gravity" 
  (obviously) and jump to "Utopian Dreams".

[The above two missions were informed to me by "I Am Falling
I Am Fading" and "Video Girl Ai"]

10) Zero Gravity
Mission - Destroy 4 satellites in 2:59 mins
Plane Choice - R-352 Sepia
- Your first (and only) interstellar mission. This one is pretty
  easy - follow the order of satellites to destroy given in the
  briefing and you should do fine. Note that if you take longer 
  than 2:59 mins you will get blown to bits by the satellite, so
  be quick! Afterwards, you'll have to re-enter the atmosphere.
  During the reentry process, notice that there is an arrow 
  pointing upwards and a few short vertical lines on your HUD...
  they represent your reentry angle. To make a Nice Entry, pull 
  your pitch upward until all the vertical lines line up into 
  one and the arrow disappears. Easier than landing on an 
  aircraft carrier! 
  [Help from "Video Girl Ai"] 

11) Utopian Dreams
Mission - Destroy 8 radar sites
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- The initial part is tough, since you cannot fly above 1000 m
  or the radar will spot you and you'll get a straight D for your 
  efforts. To avoid flying precariously up the mountains (and
  risk being detected) fly by the cliffside and flooring all
  the way. You'll be near the encampment in no time. However,
  if you want to risk the straight (and shorter) route, keep to 
  the contour of the ground, and pull down when the computer 
  tells you to. Once you are "Clear to Engage", destroy all the 
  sites (you can do it real quick by flying round and round the 
  circle and firing).


L) Decision Point No.5

- After the Utopian Dreams Mission, Cynthia will break off from
  Neucom and join Ouroboros. It's up to you whether to follow 
  her or stay in Neucom with Fiona.
-> Follow Cynthia - You'll enter the unit Ouroboros; dock at their
   large flying HQ and go to Ouroboros Missions II at section M. 
-> Follow Fiona - You'll stay in Neucom; land on the carrier and
   go to section N, Neucom Missions II.


M)  Ouroboros Missions II

12) Reality Distortion
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- You've got more targets to shoot at here than the last few
  missions combined! First you've got to take on a fleet of
  planes and a mass of tanks all over UPEO HQ, and then, 
  another massive fleet of planes await you. Be careful of 
  getting hit by a stray missile when flying around the city;
  that happens a lot here.

13) Counterrevolution
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- First, you need to sink a few ships. After that, you'll
  witness the prototype fighter in action. Next, is a battle
  with the HQ of Ouroboros. And then Dision is next. 
  Strategies to challenge them are outlined in other 
  sections, look at Ouroboros Mission 14 and 15 in section E.

14) Pursuit
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- This one is just a single battle with Rena in the 
  underground city. Watch your head, then battle it 

15) Self Awareness
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- Another battle with Rena? Well actually, try as you may,
  you'll never chase her. Instead, you've got to destroy 
  Aeon Generators that are scattered all over the city
  first. Be careful as Rena herself will be buzzing about
  and will attack if she notices you. By the way, the
  generates are protected by walls on three sides, so it
  will definitely take some time to destroy them all. But
  once that is done, you can wage a final battle with 
  Rena! Take her down as you did in the last mission. 
  Congratulations, you've won Ace Combat 3! [Ending C]


N) Neucom Missions II

12a) Resistance
Mission - Destroy 6 planes and then Sphyrna
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- The good old Ouroboros Blimp Sphyrna. Seems like you'll need to
  destroy it no matter what branch you take... however, this 
  particular battle is different - there is a hidden time limit. 
  If you are able to take down the Sphyrna within 2 minutes or 
  so, you will see it burning up and floating off to the left. 
  After this you will get a passing grade and head to an extra 
  mission, "Radio Silence". However, if you take longer to defeat 
  it, then you will see the Sphyrna escaping to the right, and 
  get a failing grade, then jump straight to "Revenge". By the 
  way, this time limit only starts when the Sphyrna appears, so 
  you can take as long as you want destroying the 6 initial 
  planes. [Thanks to all those people who helped out in this 
  mess of a mission - too many to list!]

12b) Radio Silence
Mission - Finish off the Sphyrna
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- A straight up battle with Sphyrna first - after a while of 
  shooting, it will enter stealth mode - you won't be able to
  target it. Instead, shoot up the fleet of fighters that 
  appear. After they are downed, Cynthia attacks. Since Fiona
  is understandably hesitant to shoot down her own sister, 
  you're on your own - but taking her down shouldn't pose 
  too big a problem to a pro like yourself by now. You'll 
  resume your battle with Sphyrna in the next mission, 

13) Revenge
Mission - Same as above
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- Here we go again. Yep, Sphyrna is STILL flying after all 
  that punishment! As always, stick to the old tactics 
  described in earlier sections. If you have trouble 
  targeting it, destroy those pesky white planes first.

14) Tunnel Vision
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- Quite possibly the most frustrating level of the game, this 
  level will test your flying skills as well as your patience. 
  In the first bit, you need to fly through two doorways. On 
  door will close straight away, and the other will close slowly. 
  Since which door closes slower is random, you'll just have to 
  guess and hope for the best. After that, go right (the left
  tunnel is quite literally a dead end) and you'll be flying 
  through a long, twisted, obstacle-ridden tunnel. Go slow here,
  there's no need to rush this. After this, you'll meet those
  closing doors again, this time with two fast closing doors 
  and one slow door. Again, this is random, so just hope for 
  the best! Finally, enter the green tunnel (either one would
  do) and you'll finally clear this mess of a stage. [More info
  from Video Girl Ai] This zone extends further according to 
  the difficulty level of the game. If you play this mission in 
  Normal difficulty, you'll find that the green tunnel area 
  extends deeper into the tunnel, where you have to dip and 
  curve around massive structures that block your way a la Rebel 
  Assault 2's penetration of the fighter factory. The trick to 
  succeeding this area is to look out for green lighted areas 
  which usually signal another green tunnel to the next area...
  also watch out when flying in the green zone. I notice that I 
  seem to get drawn into the walls while I'm flying in here. Be 
  prepared to do some twisting and pulling to get through this 
  one. maybe the trick to getting through is to make sure your 
  pitch is exactly level, i.e. the long vertical line in your HUD 
  is level with the longest of the smaller parallel lines that 
  indicate your pitch. Good Luck! Haven't tried Tunnel Vision on 
  Hard yet. It might extend even further! I notice on the radar 
  that the tunnel branches left and right. 

15) Sole Survivor
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - R-103 Delphinus #3
- Here you first have to defeat Rena, then Dision. For Rena,
  just wait until Simon hacks into the system (a large red
  word "Hacking" will appear) then launch everything you've 
  got at her - she won't budge! Dision is another matter. Fly 
  towards Fiona so that he'll attack Fiona instead of you,
  then turn and shoot him down. He has a tendency to stay
  right behind you, launching missile after missile, so 
  don't stay near him too much. And, oh, mind your head!
  Once they're both down, you've done it! You've won Ace
  Combat 3! [Ending D]


O) UPEO/Neucom Missions

9) Fates Intertwined
Mission - Take down  4 R-531's.
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa
- Here you have to destroy four stealth planes before they 
  disappear from radar. This mission is particularly tough
  since they fade and reappear from your radar! At the start, 
  they will be too high for you to reach. You'll need your 
  fastest attackers. Fly at them until you're about to stall,
  and you should be able to lock on to them at least once. 
  Remember always to aim for the R-531s and not the R-311s. 
  Those can be taken out later. And also, the mission will 
  end if any one of them disappears from your radar for good.
  By the way, it's easier to play this mission using the rear
  view - press Select.

10) Reaching for Stars
Mission - Destroy 10 General Resources Carrier "Antlions"
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa,
               Su-37 Superflanker
- Note that you'll have to destroy ALL ten Antlions 
  BEFORE THY HIT THE GROUND! Yes I know that's hard, 
  but slowly at them at keep your missiles firing and
  you should be successful. Defeat them all and three
  other planes show up (in red); shoot them down and 
  you're done. Spot Dision?

11) One-way Ticket
Mission - Destroy an A-Train's cargo in 4:59 mins
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa,
               Su-37 Superflanker
- Another tough mission. Here, you have to destroy the
  train's cargo, but not derail the train. Hence, you
  can only shoot at the rear compartments and not the 
  front ones - the targets you must not shoot is the 
  ones marked in yellow. Just try and fly behind the
  train (be careful not to go too low) and shoot the
  rear. You can't lock-on your missiles, so just use
  your gun and hope you don't misfire! Let Erich 
  and Rena handle the irritating fighters above you 
  and you'll do fine.

12) Bug Hunt
Mission - Destroy Nano-bites
Plane Choice - EF2000E Typhoon II, MiG-33 Fulcrum SS, 
               F/A-18V Hornet ADV, F-16XFU Gyrfalcon, 
               R-101V Delphinus #1, R-201V Asterozoa,
               Su-37 Superflanker
- What, now you're hunting viruses? What will they 
  think of next? Here each of your planes will be 
  outfitted with an anti-nanobite bomb. There's no
  real danger in this stage other than an occasional
  virus attack, which does nothing other that blur
  your vision for a while. Take your time and wipe 
  out those viruses (aim that diamond-and-cross at
  one and fire your missiles). After you've taken 
  them all down, Rena gets infected by a virus. To
  save her, get very near to her and shoot a 
  anti-nanobite bomb at her. No problem, right?

13) Pawns in the Game
Mission - Destroy 2 power plants and 7 radar sites.
Plane Choice - R-211 Orcinus
- In this mission, you can only go below 12500 m 
  when the radars are jammed. Dive once you see
  the word "Jamming" appear, then take out as many 
  of the ground targets as possible. When the timer
  goes below 15 s or so, the computer will warn you 
  to pull up. Do so; go above 12500 m and you'll be
  safe. Wait for the word "Jamming" to appear again
  and then repeat.

14) Damage Control
Mission - Destroy 6 fighters
Plane Choice - Su-43 Berkut
- A simple mission. Hold your fire when the 
  computer tells you to, and be careful not to 
  shoot down the yellow planes. No problem, 
  right? After this, you'll see a impressive
  cutscene introducing Rena's prototype fighter,
  the Night Raven.

15) Broken Wings
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - Su-43 Berkut
- Just destroy a massive fleet of 12 fighters 
  with Erich. No problem. After this, you'll 
  witness the destruction of Sphyrna, the flying
  HQ of Ouroboros. At least you don't have to
  destroy it in this ending...

16) Sphyrna
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - Su-43 Berkut
- Okay, forget what I just said. You'll have a 
  battle with Sphyrna after all! Look back at 
  previous sections for help if needed.

17) A Canopy of Stars
Mission - ???
Plane Choice - Su-43 Berkut
- As the final stage of this ending, you'll have
  to raid the HQ of your old employer, UPEO. 
  Destroy all the fighters and the two ground 
  bases, then dive down and destroy the evil
  Parks in his helicopter. As your reward, 
  you'll get what appears to be the best ending
  (Rena lives). Congratulations, you've won 
  Ace Combat 3! [Ending E]

4. Character and Ending Descriptions
Character info's all by "Video Girl Ai" again! Thanks a bundle!

The Pilots
Rena(UPEO) - later persuaded to join Ouroboros to pilot the Night 
             Raven (was raised as a child to be an enhanced pilot 
             and was trained to pilot the Night Raven)
Fiona(Neucom) - works undercover in UPEO for awhile, Cynthia's 
             younger sister
Cynthia(Neucom) - later persuaded to join Ouroboros to create 
             a new Utopia, Fiona's older sister - may have 
             been persuaded to undergo the Sublimation Project, 
             becoming a virtual character in the electrosphere
Keith(General Resources LTD) - first meets you in a joint training 
             exercise with UPEO. Comrade of Dision; feels betrayed 
             by him when he leaves for Ouroboros. 
Dision(Ouroboros) - works for General Resources for his own purposes
Supporting Cast
Simon(Neucom)- creates the first AI ace pilot for advanced 
               tactical fighters
             - possibly involved in the Sublimation project 
             - possibly involved in the Night Raven project 
               (remember he knew about the Night Raven's 
               dependency on the Aeonosphere in the "Self 
               Awareness" mission with Cynthia?) 
Yoko(Neucom?)- Simon's assistant
             - involved in the Sublimation project
             - Ahem... "involved" with Dision 
             - killed (on Park's orders?) 
(She shows up in a black message screen box during the intro 
sequence. Why? She's supposed to be dead a long time ago!)
Park(UPEO)   - military hardcase and bad guy

Ending A - You zoom out of the electrosphere and fly past a 
           devastated city. Then, a camera zooms in on the 
           large wreckage. One worker approaches and looks
           closely at the wreckage and sees the insignia 
           of Ouroboros on it.
Ending B - You see your plane and the Night Raven flying 
           side-by-side; you then dock into the HQ of General
           Resources LTD., where workers open up the Night
           Raven to see and empty pilot's seat.
Ending C - Cynthia and you flying back to Neucom base, with
           Cynthia wondering whether what she did was right. 
           Then, it cuts to Simon sitting in front of a 
           computer, saying something like "good, good, it is 
           done" and grinning to himself.
Ending D - A news broadcast shows a wreckage of the Night Raven, 
           with Rena lying at the cockpit, seemingly in comatose.
           It is then switched off, and you see that you are in
           Fiona's room. You see Fiona crying. She looks at a
           little hologram picture of her and her (dead) sister 
           Cynthia. Then, a pre-recorded message from Cynthia 
           arrives. In the message Cynthia mentions about the 
           wonders of the Electrosphere (has she become a virtual 
           character now?). After seeing it, she throws her 
           hologram picture to the floor and cries again.
Ending E - Rena gets out from her crashed prototype fighter. 
           Looks like she's contemplating suicide, when both you 
           and Erich zoom by in your planes. She then happily 
           waves at you. 

For those who still don't get the story, here's a massive 
**spoiler** part [thanks to "Video Girl Ai"] - 

One of the key characters of the game, Dision, is actually 
dead. For a long time, as a matter of fact. He died with his
lover Yoko when a bomb planted (by Parks?) detonated in Yoko's 
lab - it's in one of the anime sequences. The plane you thought 
carried Dision on the few missions is actually carrying computer 
data of Dision; an artificial intelligence, so to speak. In the
past, he is the first man to participate in Simon's Sublimation 
Project, where he became a downloaded personality program within 
the electrosphere. The electrosphere is a wholly virtual computer 
environment that spans the globe and is used like the Internet is 
used today only more so. Shades of "Ghost in the Shell"? But the 
bigger spoiler? Your character isn't alive either! You're also a 
computer program, albeitly one created by Simon (if you see the 
Mission Simulator bit you'll understand). That is why you are 
able to "enter" the electrosphere to challenge Dision in ending 
A - you're both computer programs in an internet system!

5. Secrets/Cheats

1) Mission Simulator - 

   To get a special Mission Simulator, you need to use one account
   to get all five endings. To do so, save at each decision point,
   finish the game, return to the last decision point, and get 
   another ending, and so on. Once all 5 endings are achieved, 
   Simon (that shifty-looking character you chat with occasionally)
   will appear and talk to you for a while, and then the new mode 
   will be opened. In this mode, you get to choose and play any of 
   the missions in the game, at any difficulty level, using almost 
   any plane. Nothing special, really. 

2) Basic Game Shark Codes - Thanks to Dave 
   Tons more codes for other games can be found at his site,
   by the way.
a) Infinite Time - 80054336 2400 
b) Infinite Missiles - 800719AA 2400 
c) Infinite HP - 8007249A 2400
                 80072216 2400
                 800723F0 0064 
3) More Game Shark Codes (This time by "I Am Falling I Am Fading").

a) Difficulty Select - 800BF664 000x
   where x - 1 - Easy Mode
             2 - Normal Mode
             3 - Hard Mode
             4 - Very Hard Mode
   [Note : It's possible that the Very Hard Mode was removed 
   from the actual game - most likely this is the only way 
   to play it! Warning - this mode is tough! A single enemy
   missile can do up to 81% damage to a Medium Fighter. It's
   possible that it can kill a Light Fighter in one shot!]

b) MISSION SELECT CODE - 800BF65C - 00xx 
   xx = mission 

   - = normally selectable 
   # = not selectable but sort of playable (Game Show) 
   X = not selectable or playable (loads but crashes) 
   * = playable portion of mission but not directly selectable 
   ? = apparently identical to selectable mission but not 
      referenced in game 

   00 X Mission Code 
   01 - Awakening 
   02 - Bravado 
   03 - Enter Dision 
   04 - Paper Tiger 
   05 - Broken Truce 
   06 - Ghosts of the Past 
   07 - No Clearance 
   08 - Fragile Cargo 
   09 - Scylla and Charybdis 
   0A - Fates Intertwined 
   0B - Reaching for Stars 
   0C - One Way Ticket 
   0D - Bug Hunt 
   0E - Pawns in the Game 
   0F - Damage Control 
   10 - Broken Wings 
   11 - Sphyrna 
   12 - A Canopy of Stars 
   13 # Game Show 
   14 - Soldier of Fortune 
   15 - Megafloat 
   16 - Target Acquisition 
   17 - Partners 
   18 - Tainted Peace 
   19 - Stratosphere 
   1A - Welcoming Committee 
   1B - Technology Transfer 
   1C - Claustrophobia 
   1D - Dilemma 
   1E - Betrayal 
   20 - Heart of the Serpent 
   21 - Casualties of War 
   22 - Geopelia 
   23 - The Orientation 
   24 - Liquidation 
   25 - Archnemesis 
   26 - Memory Error 
   27 - Electrosphere 
   28 - Power for Life 
   29 - Guardian Angel 
   2A - Zero Gravity 
   2B - The Prize 
   2C - Utopian Dreams 
   2D - Reality Distortion 
   2E - Counterrevolution 
   2F - Pursuit 
   30 - Self Awareness 
   31 X No Title 
   32 - Resistance 
   33 - Radio Silence 
   34 - Revenge 
   35 - Sole Survivor 
   36 * Geopelia {second part} 
   37 - Tunnel Vision 
   38 ? Zero Gravity {duplicate?} 
   39 ? Archnemesis {duplicate?} 
   3A * Electrosphere {second part} 
   3B X No Title

   The way the mission select code works... It will work in 
   both the simulator and regular gameplay. If you use it in 
   regular gameplay your choice of aircraft will be limited to 
   that mission's. The mission you have selected will NOT be 
   displayed until you start the mission. Also note that it's 
   possible to play missions on the wrong disc this way... The 
   missions themselves will play fine except any voice samples, 
   cut scenes, and FMV will be missing... If you want it to 
   work properly make sure that you've booted from or have been 
   already been prompted to and inserted the appropriate disc. 
   The mission select code also lets you play other aircrafts 
   in "Zero Gravity" ... They handle surprisingly well actually, 
   although it's real easy to oversteer with a high-performance 
   aircraft...It looks really ridiculous though! 

c) Plane Select - 800BF65E 00xx
   where changing the value of xxxx results in different planes.
   Here you can experiment with all kinds of planes, even those
   not in the game! 
   - = Normally selectable. (after playing a mission with it) 
   # = Not selectable. (must use code) 
   * = Not normally selectable. (secret aircraft) 
   + = Only selectable in "Zero Gravity". 
   @ = Playable in 2nd half of "Geopelia", but not normally 
   00 # Prototype (?) Geopelia [2]  
   01 * F/A-18I Hornet ADV  
   02 * F-16XF Gyrfalcon  
   03 - F-16XA - Sakerfalcon  
   04 - F-15S/MT Eagle Plus  
   05 - A/F-117A Nav Hawk  
   06 - F-22C Raptor II  
   07 - F/A-32C Erne  
   08 - XFA-36A Game  
   09 - RF-12A2 Blackbird  
   0A - EF2000E Typhoon II  
   0B - MiG-33 Fulcrum SS  
   0C - F/A-18U Hornet ADV  
   0D - F-16XFU Gyrfalcon  
   0E - R-101U Delphinus-1  
   0F - R-201U Asterozoa  
   10 - Su-37 Super Flanker  
   11 - Su-43 Berkut  
   12 * R-101 Delphinus-1  
   13 * R-201 Asterozoa  
   14 - R-102 Delphinus-2  
   15 - R-211 Orcinus  
   16 - R-103 Delphinus-3  
   17 - R-311 Remora  
   18 + R-352 Sepia  
   19 @ XR-900 Geopelia  
   1A * X-49 Night Raven  
   1B * UI-4054 Aurora  
   1C - XFA-36A Game  
   1D * Su-43 Berkut  
   1E * R-103 Delphinus-3  
   1F * F-15S/MT Eagle Plus D  {black variant} 
   20 * F-22C RaptorII D  {black variant} 
   21 * Su-37 Super Flanker R  {blue variant} 
   22 * R-102 Delphinus-2 C  {brown variant} 
   23 * R-103 Delphinus-3 C  {brown variant} 
   24 * R-311 Remora C  {brown variant} 

  [1] Sometimes this code makes the O.S.L. and None missiles 
  [2] This appears to be an early model for the Geopelia that 
      wasn't used in the game. It doesn't have a pointer to a 
      selectable weapons list so it gets a garbage list (I can 
      choose between 2 vulcans? huh?). Its four bottom engines 
      are blue rather than red and are spaced further apart. 
      It also makes a more conventional "jet" sound rather 
      than the high pitched whine the normal XR-900 and X-49. 

d) GUN SELECT - 800BF678 xx00 
   xx = gun 
   - = normally selectable 
   # = not selectable 
   + = only selectable on R-352 Sepia 
   @ = only selectable on X-49 Night Raven and XR-900 Geopelia 
   00 # None 
   01 - Vulcan 
   02 - Heavy Machine Gun 
   03 - Cannon 
   04 - Pulse Laser 
   05 @ Laser Cannon 
   06 + Neutron Beam 

e) MISSILE SELECT - 800BF67A xxyy 
   xx = missile used when aimed at ground target 
   yy = missile used when aimed at air target 
   - = normally selectable 
   # = not selectable 
   * = not normally selectable (secret weapon) 
   % = only selectable in "Bug Hunt" 
   + = only selectable on R-352 Sepia 
   00 * (None) {Secret(!?) Appears as a circle and cross} 
   01 - Missile 
   02 - Short Range Missile 
   03 - Ground Missile 
   04 - MIRV 
        {Little known fact: This is a misnomer. MIRV means 
        "Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle"} 
   05 - Spread Bomb 
   06 % Anti-Nanobite Bomb 
   07 * O.S.L. 
        {Orbital Satellite Laser... This KICKS ASS! Aim... 
        then BOOM!} 
   08 # (Rockets) 
        {Unguided rockets} 
   09 # (Bombs) 
        {Unguided bombs, more powerful but less area than 
        spread bomb} 
   0A + Plasma Beam 
   0B # (Instant Death) 
        {Works like the O.S.L. but no pretty fireworks.} 

4) No of Missions found -
   Ace Combat 3 has 52 missions to be found (maybe more?). To check
   the number of missions you have found, load the game (at any 
   point) and then choose to return to the title. You'll see the 
   boxes near the "Press Start Button" become colored - the colored
   boxes represent the missions you've found, and the gray boxes 
   represent the missions you haven't found. 
   [thanks to "Wiseman" ]. 

5) Alternate sides - 
   After beating all 52 missions the game releases the "different 
   side" (F/A-18I Hornet ADV and F-16XF Gyrfalcon with General 
   Resource Markings, The R-101 Delphinus-1 and R-201 Asterozoa 
   with Neucom markings, the Su-43 Berkut and R-103 Delphinus-3 
   with Ouroboros markings) and "different paint job" 
   (F-15S/MT Eagle Plus D, F-22C Raptor II D, Su-37 Super Flanker R, 
   R-102 Delphinus-2 C, R-103 Delphinus-3 C, and R-311 Remora C) 
   secret aircraft. 

6) Here's a little guide for the incomplete mission "Game Show" 
   just for completeness sake! 
   [Thanks to "I Am Falling I Am Fading"]

   ?) Game Show
   Mission - ???
   Plane Choice - Su-43 Berkut
   - This one looks strange. There's one Sakerfalcon as a target, 
     another enemy aircraft near you, and a bizarre line of gun 
     emplacements just sitting in the ocean offshore. Way off to the 
     southeast your allies Rena, Erich and Fiona (Fiona?!? By the 
     time you get the Berkut she should be dead!) are tangling with 
     another fighter. The mission does not appear to be winnable. 
     Shooting down the target does nothing, neither does destroying 
     the two other enemy aircraft and the row of guns... My guess is 
     that they just never finished this mission. 

6. Acknowledgements

- Namco, for converting me from a flight-sim hater to a junkie
- http://www.gamefaqs.com/,http://vgstrategies.about.com/, 
  http://www.xoom.com, for hosting my "works of art" (not!)
- "I Am Falling I Am Fading"  for all
  that stacks of useful stuff. Almost a co-author!
- "Video Girl Ai"  for a massive 
  bucketload of info. Can't thank him/her enough! 
- "Jeffrey Daniel Wong"  for some corrections on
  ending C. Heh, oops.
- "Dave"  for Game Shark Codes and hosting my 
  FAQ at his site, http://www.cheatcc.com/
- "Wiseman"  for the missions trick,
  as well as some miscellaneous info here and there. 
- A few other people who I might have forgotten - sorry, and

Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere is the copyright of Namco 

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