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THE ADDAMS FAMILY (Game Boy) Walkthrough
Complete with solutions for every area!
(C) 2001 by Jessie Eubanks

1: Introduction and Notes
2: Controls
3: Items
4: Order of Walkthroughs
 ** Graveyard
 ** Boiler Room
 ** River
 ** Icebox
 ** Toy Box
 ** Attic
 ** Cellar
5: Credits and Copyrights

Hey, welcome to this first Addams Family (Game Boy version) 
walkthrough! Nothing has been posted on this game except for a few Game 
Genie codes, and I'm here to at least add something to the pittance 
that has been posted on this game. I am probably one of four people who 
owns this game to this day, and so here is my walkthrough for it. Yes, 
I saw the movie that it is based on. It was pretty good.

There are, though, some things you just gotta know about this 
walkthrough so you don't get thoroughly confused by its layout or its 

** I'm doing the walkthrough in the order that you need to go to have 
the easiest time beating the game. This game also needs to be beaten in 
one sitting because there is no save option, so you're lucky I'm here 
to waste my time and do this walkthrough.

** There is no reason to ever go in the woods or the beehive. There is 
nothing valuable in the woods or the beehive except for a Dracula 
potion that is next to impossible to get. This is why I did not add a 
Woods/Beehive section to the walkthrough.

So, with those two things in mind, read on!

Since I would bet that about 98% of the video game-playing population 
has never even touched/seen/heard of this game, I'm going to explain 
the controls.

Left/right: Move left and right.
A: Jump. Tap A repeatedly as Dracula to fly.
B: Fire your current weapon.
Down: Duck.
Down+B: Look down so you don't have to make any blind falls.
Up: Enter doors, move up in water.
Start: Pause the game.
Select: Switch weapons.

There are several items you get in this game. Some have temporary 
effects, while others stay with you throughout the course of the game. 
The temporary items are listed first, followed by the ones you keep and 
then the minor power-ups.

  | |
  | |
 / F \
Turns you into a Frankenstein monster that can sustain 10 hits without 
damage before turning back to a human.

  | |
  | |
 / S \
Turns you into a sea monster, which in turn allows you to have better 
swimming control in the water. Find the sea monster potion in the 

  | |
  | |
 / W \
Turns you into the wolfman, who moves a whole lot faster than your 
normal character. Be careful that you don't fall into a pit with your 
newfound speed. Find the wolfman potion in the boiler room.

  | |
  | |
 / D \
Turns you into a vampire who can fly if you repeatedly tap the A 
button. I was never able to get it to work. Find it in the beehive, if 
you really feel like going there, which I DO NOT advise. It's hidden in 
a bed of spikes that is next to impossible to fly out of.

The weapon you start the game with. An all-purpose monster-killing 

Acquired from Wednesday once you rescue her from the graveyard. I think 
they can be used to help you gain better control in the water, but I've 
never been able to achieve this effect. If you stomp on an enemy 
though, they can be used to smack him off the screen.

You will receive the ice cubes from Lurch when you rescue him from the 
river boss. Use the ice cubes to float across liquid areas. They 
crumble after a short while.

Gotten in the icebox once you reach the end of it. There is no boss to 
fight in the icebox.

Obtained from Granny once you rescue her from the boiler room. They are 
more powerful than your daggers. Keep this in mind when you are in the 
toy box.

These can be used as a substitute for the ice cubes. Because of their 
more durable structure, they last longer than the ice cubes in water. 
Defeat the toy box boss to get them from Pugsley. You can also use them 
as stepping stones, although they are usually not useful in this 
particular aspect.

Refills half your current weapon's energy.

Refills all of your current weapon's energy.

Refills one energy heart.

Refills two energy hearts.

WALKTHROUGHS FOR EVERY AREA (except the woods and beehive)

I put this area first because this is where are supposed to go first. 
Your daughter Wednesday is being held captive by a monster in the crypt 
at the end of the graveyard. You start outside the front door of your 
mansion. The graveyard is to the left of the mansion.

Kill the ghosts and the bats that you come upon. Don't worry about 
running out of daggers or anything - there is a test tube halfway 
through and a flask when you reach the crypt. The ghosts are shot away 
with one dagger, but the bats die when you throw two daggers at them. 
Jump on anything that's restricted to the ground. Run away from the 
ghosts when they are right above you. They will dip down in an attempt 
to hit you, and they will if you aren't walking away from them. When 
you get to the crypt, press Up to enter.

A Grim Reaper-like boss monster is inside. He floats up and down and 
fires tiny skulls from his mouth. Avoid these at all costs - they kill 
you in one hit. Duck and jump over them as needed and hit the Grim 
Reaper in the face with your daggers. He will blow up when he is dead. 
Wednesday is now free, and she gives you the golf clubs, ending with 
the words "I hope you can swim!" This is sort of a coded message - it's 
supposed to mean that the door leading to the river is now open. Don't 
go to the river just yet. Leave the graveyard and go inside the house.

Now that you have more than one weapon, you can switch between them 
with the Select button.

Boiler Room
The boiler room is located down the first flight of stairs to the right 
of the house's entrance. Go inside the house and go down that first 
flight of stairs to the right.

Get the small heart to the right of the staircase and go to the left. 
Press Up at the big metal door to enter the boiler room.

Stay on the uppermost path at all times. If you remain on this path, 
you will eventually run into the wolfman potion. The wolfman potion 
allows you to move a lot faster than you normally would. You have to be 
careful with this power though. If you're moving fast and not caring 
where you're going, you'll fall in the pit at the bottom. Jump on any 
rats you see. Don't waste your daggers. If you have to get rid of the 
rats, pounce on them and then use your golf clubs to smack them away. 
When you reach the door in the upper right corner, press Up and you'll 
face the next boss.

Seeing as how it is very hot in a boiler room, it makes sense that the 
boss is a devilish-looking creature. Don't whip out the daggers quite 
yet. He is invulnerable to them when his pointy tail isn't sticking 
out. See, there are times when it is short and when it is long. You can 
hit him when it is long. Jump up to the top level and wait for him to 
come up there. Leap to the ledge across from you when he ascends to 
attack you. Then, when he is on your level, keep jumping back and forth 
between platforms and attack him with daggers when his tail is long. He 
will soon be done away with, and you will receive the hot coals from 
Granny. Don't use these except in cases where daggers are too weak to 
kill your opponent.

Keep going upstairs in the mansion until you reach the floor where the 
ghost zooms above your head. Follow him to the left. The door to the 
river is open. Kill the bats and go all the way to the left. When you 
touch the sea monster potion, your head will change shape. This form 
allows you to spend more time in the water. Go in the crude door to the 
upper left to enter the river.

You'll have to watch your oxygen level in the river. It steadily 
decreases as you spend time in the water. There are some odd controls 
for navigating your body in the water, but they do work quite well if 
you have a good grasp of them. To gain altitude in the water, hold Up. 
Your oxygen will be replenished when you rise out of the water onto a 

Be extremely conservative with your daggers. Do not kill anything that 
you can go around. There is a test tube a little more than halfway 
through the level, so it is okay to use a few, but don't kill every 
fish in the river. Remove only that which gets in your way.

To move safely through the areas with spikes on top and bottom, tap Up 
when you start to move down. Move in a zigzag pattern so you can stay 
in about the middle of the water. This is harder to do if there are 
fish in your path.

When you reach the end, you will face a squid in the water. His only 
defense is to stretch his tentacles in your direction. The squid's weak 
spot is his pointy head. After he stretches out either of his 
tentacles, plunge into the water and fire daggers as fast as you can at 
close range. If you do this quickly enough, you will only have to go in 
the water twice. Lurch will give you some ice cubes when you beat the 
squid. These can be used to float across water for a short period.

Go to the first floor of the mansion and walk all the way to the right. 
There should be a staircase that you can walk up. Make your way up it 
and you will be in the kitchen. Several knives and sharp objects fly at 
you in here. Go all the way to the left and get the Frankenstein potion 
to give yourself some extra hits. When you have it, go inside the 

The only enemies in this area are some small birds that jump forward 
over and over, but even they can be a nuisance with all the ice around. 
Kill them as much as you can, and try not to backtrack. They reappear 
even after the slightest movement back into their territory. Go as far 
to the right as you can (marked by the test tube), and then start going 

Use the ice cubes to float across the freezing water. You will turn 
into a human ice cube if you fall in, and you don't want that.

You can move very fast down the hill up ahead. In fact this is the only 
area in the game where you can do any actual running. Get momentum by 
walking down the slope, then hold the direction that moves you forward 
(i.e. either left or right). Make sure and jump over the two beds of 
spikes or you'll die.

Move up and get the large heart if at all possible, then go to the 
right. You get to do more running here, except this time you will have 
to use your running ability to clear spike beds that are longer than 
your normal jumping range. Luckily, they are located just in front of 
some ramps. Get a running start on the slope, then when you come to the 
edge of the ramp, press A and you will make an astounding jump over the 
spikes. When you clear the last one, get the icicles before leaving. 
The icicles are best used as a backup for your daggers - that is, if 
you run out of daggers, switch to icicles. They are both basically 
almost the same weapon.

Toy Box
Go to the highest floor in the house and all the way to the right. 
Although one would imagine that you would press Down to enter the toy 
box, once again you must press Up. When you fall into the toy box, take 
note of the brick column to the left. It leads to a secret bonus level. 
Without it, you have to go through three levels of the toy box, but by 
taking this secret area, you only have to play the third. Jump into the 
brick column and press Up to enter a bonus game where you can grab 
coins and moneybags for loads of points. To end the bonus game, either 
fall in the pit or wait out the song. The game ends when the song ends.

Jump on the triangle object on the third level, but don't run into the 
spikes. He will launch you to the right the first time you jump on him 
and to the left the second time. Kill everyone else in your way up 
ahead with daggers, but don't jump or you'll eat spikes.

Most of the blocks with faces are located above spikes. The ones with 
tight, frowning faces stay where they are, but the smiling ones with 
the evil eyes disappear when you stand on them. To avoid plummeting to 
your death, get off of them as soon as you get on. This is easier said 
than done in some areas. When you get to the big door, go in.

The boss, a large teddy bear with a mace, can be easily defeated. Whip 
out your hot coals and bolt to the highest brick. When it is safe, land 
behind him and start rapidly firing hot coals at his butt. It doesn't 
take very long at all to kill him.

Don't fight this boss without the hot coals. You can't beat him with 
just daggers, so if you do end up confronting him without the hot 
coals, I'd at least have the icicles too.

Pugsley will give you his building blocks (which have no practical use 
whatsoever) when you free him from the bondage of his own toy box.

Go directly left from the toy box and you will find an open door. This 
is the door to the attic. You can't enter this door until you rescue 
Wednesday, Granny, Lurch, and Pugsley. The attic is all about going up. 
If you need it, there is a flask to the left that completely refills 
whatever you might be low on.

The bats in here come at you in swarms. It shouldn't be a surprise if 
you run out of daggers, but if you do, switch to icicles. You need to 
save your hot coals for the top of the attic. When you reach the top 
after fending off the multitudinous bats, you'll be on the roof of your 
house, where an incredible lightning storm is happening.

Uncle Fester will trudge slowly onto the screen, and he's got an agenda 
to kill you. He will waddle at snail's pace toward you and blow tiny 
little fireballs that, although small, will kill you instantly. Switch 
to your hot coals and knock him back to the right edge of the screen. 
You need to keep him back so that the lightning will strike him. This 
is the only thing that damages him. Usually two coals at a time will 
bump him back far enough to be hit by the lightning. Five strikes will 
bring him to his senses, and he will tell you that Tully has Morticia 
held captive in the cellar. If you watched the movie, you'll remember 
that Tully was the bad guy trying to steal the Addams' fortune, but 
none of that's important. You need to go to the cellar.

The cellar is down the staircase all the way to the right on the first 
floor, even past the one that leads to the kitchen. Go down it. There 
is a flask to the left if you need it.

Down here you will notice several kegs lined up against the wall. Walk 
to the right and mercilessly destroy those in your path until you see 
an open keg. This leads to Tully's hideout. You will not need to use 
any daggers in here because there are no actual enemies, just moving 

Everything about this area is simple, so I will just offer tips that 
will help you get to the end of the level.

** When a plank with spikes on it falls from the ceiling, either stop 
dead in your tracks or move out of its way if you are under it.

** To get over the pits with three spikes in them the easiest, jump 
from the edge of wherever you are walking.

** Duck under the ball-and-chain traps before continuing.

** Stop in front of the guillotines so the blades don't cut you.

** I shouldn't have to tell you how to evade the saw blades.

Use all of these tips and you can easily reach the final area without 
getting hit. Tully awaits you inside the final chamber. He thinks he is 
a master swordsman, but his pattern is incredibly easy to deduce. He 
will fire one dagger (yes, one) and then either jump or duck. You can 
usually count him to jump. His chances of ducking are about one in 
four, so go ahead and jump with him, tossing daggers all the while. 
You'll know you've defeated him when he falls stiff to the ground and 
appears to be constipated. The screen will fade out and Morticia will 
smother you with praise for saving the family.

Congratulations on beating The Addams Family!

Once you know where you're going and you play it several times, you can 
beat the game easily in about 30 minutes. There isn't much replay value 
at all unless you want to explore the woods and the beehive, and I'm 
not even gonna touch that.

First of all, there are those I have to thank, for it is impossible for 
me to create these walkthroughs on my own.

** My dad who allows me to use his laptop as I please.

** My brother who let me use his batteries since I lost my rechargeable 

** Ocean (now Infogrames, I believe) for making this game.

** Whoever posts this, my seventh walkthrough. So far, the sites that 
have my permission are:


If you are thinking of posting this on your website, you've gotta ask 
me first because I'm the one that wrote it. I will also have to 
carefully examine your request and make sure of a few things, namely 
that you will keep this walkthrough in its pure, original, unmodified 
condition and that you do not sign me up for any stupid prize drawings, 
even though if your site has a member registration thing I may sign up 
for that PROVIDED IT IS FREE. I'm not a rich person, you know.

There are more circumstances that I do not allow my walkthroughs to 
undergo, and they are: putting them on your site without my permission, 
plagiarizing my walkthroughs (that's the biggest sin), distributing 
copies of it for monetary gain, and modifying it in any way, shape, or 
form. You MAY, however, print it out for your own personal use or give 
it to someone who needs it for free. Don't sell it - that's against the 
rules, remember?

This walkthrough (C) July 15, 2001. If you break any of my rules, I 
will confront you with legal action in mind. Nobody wants to have to go 
to court just because of a silly little walkthrough that I wrote, but 
if it comes down to a legal fisticuffs, that's what it comes down to. 
Please don't do anything that I told you not to with this. It's mine, 
and you ought to be smart enough to recognize that.

If you need to contact me at all for any reason, my e-mail address is 
. It will probably change soon, and if I 
decide to change my address, I will update all my walkthroughs and tell 
you about it.

Aside from all that, have a good day, and good luck playing The Addams 

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