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-Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising-
  Publisher- NIntendo
  Developer-Intelligent Systems

   version 0.1


  3.CO Powers
  7.CO's and how to use them
  9.Final Words
  10.Legal Stuff


---version 0.1 goes up to orange star co's


-This is my first FAQ so it might be crappy srry : ( but i hope u like it.
-this is a great strategic game and the second version is so much better than the first 
-I'm not saying the first one is bad but I didn't buy it cause it looked so cartoony
-My favorite CO is Drake and my favorite unit is the "battleship"

-Rankings are:

S=special ranking can only lose about 5-10 units max and have to complete in a small # 
of days 
# of days
A=great ranking can only lose an above average # of units usually have to complete in 
above average number of 
B=good ranking can only lose an average of units complete average # of days
C=bad ranking lose most of the units them complete in any number of days possible

more to come later
CO and there Powers-

-Orange Star-

 More Powerful- None
 Less Powerful- None
 CO power meter- ******
Power - Takes *** stars 
  Restores 2 HP of damage for Andys units only.
Super Power- Takes ****** stars
  Restores 5 HP of damage for Andys units only
  Fire power increases and alows units to move 1
  space farther.


  More powerful- Direct-firing units are More powerful

  Less powerful- indirect-firing units lose one firing space

  CO power meter- ******

Power- Takes *** stars
  Fire power boost of direct combat units rises slightly and unit movement space 
  by 1.

Super Power- Takes ****** stars
  Direct- Combat units receive great firepower boost and there movement spaces
  increase by 2.  


  More Powerful- INFRANTRY & MECH units

  Less powerful- Direct-firing power units

  CO power meter- ********

Power- Takes *** stars
  Increases her INFRANTRY and MECH units by 1 movement space
Super Power ******** stars
  Increases her INFRANTRY and  MECH units by 2 spaces and they
  can capture Propertys in 1 turn even if there HP is not full

more to come later


Infrantry= 1000g. Move= 3 Cheap but useful can capture and good aganist Infrantry & Mech. Weak 
aganist vehcs. and coptrs.
Mech= 3000g. Move= 2 cheap and very useful anganist other infn. and weak vehc. but not coptrs.
Recon= 4000g. Move= 8 still cheap bad good aganist infrn. and some inderict combat units not aganist 
vech. sometimes not mechs.
APC= 5000g. Move= 6 no weapons but very useful can transport infrn. and mech. pretty weak aganist 
Artillery= 6000g. very effect
Tank= 7000g.
Anti-Air= 800g.
Missiles= 12,000g.
Rockets= 15,000g.
Md. Tank=16,000g.
Neotank= 22,000g.


Lander= 12,000g.
Cruiser= 18,000g.
Sub= 20,000g.
BattleShip= 28,000g.


T-Copter= 5000g.
B-Copter= 9000g
Fighter= 20,000g.
Bomber= 22,000g.


Orange star _/\_
                  \     /

Okay orange star is the easiest campaign ever.


CO= Andy

Enemy CO= Flak

You star off with one APC 




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