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Air Force Delta Storm

Version 1.0
Walkthrough by Mc Jigge aka [email protected] 

Version History
Version 1.0-----11/24/01------ 
First version, has missions 1-4


1. Copyrights
2. Introduction
3. Mission Guide
4. Plane Guide
    1. A-7 Corsair II
     5. F-4E Phantom II
     7. F-SE Tiger II
     8. F-14D Tomcat
    10. F-15C Eagle
    29. Mig - 21bis Fishbed
    49. Tornado F3
    54. Mirage F1
    64. FC-1 Fighter China 
    69. KFX - 2
5.  Credits
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STORY: At the end of the 20th century, the analysis of the human gnome 
was completed, leading to great advances for humankind, including the 
ability to cure even the most severe diseases, life spans lengthened, 
and for a brief time the Earth was like the Garden of Eden.

However, the exploding population soon depicted the world resources, 
and serious food shortages began appearing. In one country where 
shortages of food and fuel caused mass starvation, and a coup d'etat 
occurs. The new revolutionary government declares the birth of the 
"United Front", an organization dedicated to equal division of all the 
earth's resources.  Countries that lacked resources supported the 
ideology of sharing all humankind's resources.

The United Front gathered an army that came to be known as the "United 
Forces". They soon made great advances, but soon countries with 
abundant resources wanting protection for themselves formed an Alliance 
called the Allied Forces.

The year is 20X1, on the Alexxy Peninsula, the two sides struggle for 
power as the war has taken new turn.

COMMENTS: As you guessed it you will be fighting this war in airplanes. 
The twist here is that you're the Allied Forces, through this game you 
will be defending and attacking different positions and much, much, 

Mission Guide

The mission guide I made is divided into to campaigns as in each air 
base you reach in the game you get a new set of missions as the 
missions you beat are cleared off the mission list. The Guide will tell 
you how to beat the missions, what plane to use and what's the 

---------Agakles Air Base (Campaign 01)--------

Mission 01- Defending the Perimeter

Plane to Use: A-7 Corsair II, Why? because it's the only one you can 

Briefing; United Forces are converging on the Lodey Coast and are about 
to attempt a landing. You must destroy the landing party that is about 
to reach the coast.

     This is the first mission of the game, you are thrown right into 
the action soon as you hit new game on the start up menu. What the 
stunning pre mission clip and get ready for the battle. First turn on 
your map so you can track your enemies and find where is the coast. 
About 15 seconds after you get on track you will find 3 enemy fighter 
jets, leave them alone for now the main target is landing party about 
to land. When you get near the coast a message will come up telling you 
to attack the landing party. Do what it says and attack the small hover 
craft on the beachhead, you can use your machine guns on tse guys you 
just have to get in real close and pump them full of lead, just don't 
crash into the ground. 

        After you done this destroy a couple of ships, this guys go 
down easily with a few rounds of your machine guns, just watch out for 
their anti-air craft guns they can slowly chip your HP away. Soon after 
destroying some ships go back the beach head because you will get 
another message telling you to destroy another wave of hover craft. 
Guns them down like the last time and then take care of the fighters. 
Now you completed the first mission. Pat your self on the back.

Mission 02- The Battle of the Castalia Sea

Plane to Use: A-7 Corsair II, Why? Because you get it for free.

Briefing; There is an unidentified force tought to be a United Forces 
fleet converging on the Castalia Sea. Your mission is to hook up with 
the friendly fleet and destroy the enemy fleet.
    This missions is quite easy once you start it. First you should 
turn on your map and follow the path to the fleet. You will run into a 
cluster of enemy jet fighters. These guys are easy to take out an just 
a bit harder then the ones on the last mission. All you need to do is 
fly up above the clouds so the jets can't hit you with its missiles and 
then take out the fighters one by one. I suggest using missiles only 
when you need them and when time is running low, in close range machine 
guns work great. About 3 minutes into the mission you should of 
destroyed all of them. Once your done drop down from the clouds and 
take out the many ships on the water. Be careful they will be hurl 
missiles at you the whole mission, the best way to take them out is to 
use your missiles you have left on them then dive in and take out 
what's left with your machine guns.

Mission 03- Through the Valley of Death

Plane to Use: F-4E Phantom II, Why? Because you will need to speed is 

Briefing; Allied Forces have discovered an enemy fortress on a bridge 
in the upstream portion of the Cayenne River, near the foothills of Mt. 
Megalith. Your mission is to cut off the United Forces supply routes on 
the Cayenne River. Attack and destroy the fortress and seal off their 
transport routes on the river.

   This mission can be easy if you do it right. This mission you move 
straight foreward right into you reach the giant fortress. Soon as you 
start the mission turn right an their will be a couple of ships and 
some land around them, pass over them and keep going, don't try to hit 
them, they will just hold you up. Watch out for their missiles they 
will, send a volley of them at you.

    After you got pass the first fleet of ships, you will see some more 
ships and a bridge-type object with anti-aircraft guns on it. Pass 
right over the ships and go straight for the middle of the bridge, it 
will be targeted in orange, when you get it locked on blast it and 
watch as the bridge goes down. Repeat this a couple times as the same 
thing comes up a few more times through the canyon.

   Now you have reached the hardest part of the mission, when you done 
with the above you will see this giant fortress. It may look big, but 
its very easy, just hit the turrets that target in orange color and 
then destroy the two bridge-like objects on each side and your done. If 
you want to get some extra money then you can destroy the whole base 
before destroying the last target, just don't get cocky.

--------- Bellona Air Base (Campaign 02) --------

Mission 01- Defending the Zayno

Plane to use: F-4E Phantom II, Why? Because you should save your money.

Briefing; A large United Forces transport carrier has been confirmed 
near the mouth of the Cayenne River. It is suspected that they are 
deploying in preparation for a parachute attack on our base in the 
vicinity. You must destroy the transport carrier. Prevent the 
paratroopers from occupying the base.

  This mission is extremely easily if you conserve your missiles from 
the locations before you get to the base. Soon as you get into the 
mission turn on your map and look for the red targets. The trick is 
only destroy the objects you need to. You don't have to destroy any 
fighters in this mission, so just leave them alone. First go straight 
forward until you get to the base, you will know it when you see it. 
Then locate the tanks moving around the base and destroy them with your 
missiles. Be careful not to run into a building or the ground because 
there is one hiding in between a couple of building. Once you make sure 
they all destroyed. Go around the map and destroy the other tanks. The 
will probably be in clusters and groups because a plane just drop them 
off. To make it easier, on your route to the base part of the 
battlefield you can intercept a carrier plane and take out a few tanks 
before they drop off. One thing, remember you don't have to engage the 
fighter since you don't have to destroy them to complete the mission.

Mission 02-

Plane to Use- F-14D Tomcat, Why? Because it rocks.

Briefing; Olmeno City is currently being reconnoitered by United 
Forces' spy planes. They are using the city buildings as a shield so we 
can't use our anti-aircraft artillery against them. You are dispatched 
to Olemeno City to intercept and destroy the spy planes.

This mission will make you use your time wisely. You need all the time 
you get for this one. In this mission, the whole level is a huge city. 
There are 3 parts of the city that you have to fight in. The first part 
of the city there is a couple of anti-aircraft guns on the ground, 
destroy them with your missiles and don't run into the building. 
Remember only hit the targets with orange targets only, they are the 
only ones you need to destroy.  Back on topic, while destroying the AA 
guns in the first part of the city, you might be engaged by some spy 
planes, remember spy planes have orange when targeted, not green. 
Destroy them if you can, most of the spy planes are slow moving, but 1 
or 2 are super-sonic. After this is done, go north and repeat the steps 
above twice. Then look for the rest of the spy fighters if there is any 
left. There you have it.

Plane Guide

---- A-7 Corsair II ----

History: In order to reduce development costs, the design for this 
carrier based attack craft was based on the supersonic F-8 Crusader. 
The all- around nature of the aircraft's design makes it a basic 
reference point for other fighter models.

Plane Number: 1

Attack- 2
Defense- 3
Speed- 2.5
Power- 3
Mobility- 2.5
HP- 2500c
Missile Number- 35
Flying Range- 1
Cost- 138,000c


This is the basic fighter of the game, it's the run of the mill jet. 
This is also the first fighter you get and the only plane you don't 
have to buy for yourself. So if all your planes get destroyed you can 
still use this one. Later on you will probably drop this for the more 
powerful fighters, but it does the job.

---- F-4E Phantom II----

History: None Listed

Plane Number: 5

Attack- 2
Defense- 3
Speed- 4.5
Power- 4
Mobility- 3.5
HP- 2600
Missile Number- 47
Flying Range- 1

Comments: This is one fast plane, 800+ mph. This is great because it 
has a payload of missiles and the speed to beat, it will cost you a 
pretty penny but not as much as the others.

---- F-SE Tiger II----

History: No Info

Plane Number: 7

Attack- 2
Defense- 2.3
Speed- 3.5
Power- 2.5
Mobility- 2.8
Missile Number- 35
HP- 1750
Flying Range- 1
Cost- ?

Comments: This is a very, VERY, tiny fighter. Its sub-standard after 
getting 3 or 4 missions into the game. Only buy this fighter to 
complete your collection.


---- F-140 Tomcat ----


Plane Number: 8

Attack- 2.5
Defense- 3.5
Speed- 4.5
Power- 4.9
Mobility- 3.5
Missile Nubmer- 49
HP- 3650
Flying Range- 2
Cost: 230,000

---- F-15C Eagle ----

History: No Info

Plane Number: 10

Attack- 2.9
Defense- 3.8
Speed- 4.9
Power- 4.5
Mobility- 4.5
Missile Number- 55
HP- 3750
Flying Range- 1
Cost- 250, 000

Comments: This is a wonderful fighter. You should buy this fighter soon 
as it comes on the shop. Its big, its fast, and its powerful, just like 
the Eagle (pun intended).

---- Mig - 21bis Fishbed ----

History: No Info

Plane Number: 29

Attack- 1.5
Defense- 2
Speed- 4
Power- 3
Mobility- 3.5
Missile Number- 28
HP- 1550
Cost- 65,000

Comments: This is one of the worst jets in the whole game. Its even 
below the one you get at the start. Low Attack, Defense, Mission 
Number, and HP. Like the Tiger II only get it to complete your 

---- Tornado F3 ----

History: No info

Plane Number: 49

Attack- 2
Defense- 3
Speed- 4.3
Power- 3.5
Mobility- 3
Missile Number- 42
HP- 3100
Flying Range- 1
Cost- 190,000

Comments: This is a quality fighter and for a good price. When you have 
some extra credits to spare, pick this bad boy up.

---- Mirage F1 ----

Plane Number: 54

Attack- 2
Defense- 3
Speed- 4.3
Power- 3.5
Mobility- 3
Missile Number- 42
HP- 3100
Flying Range- 1
Cost- 190,000

Comments: No comments as of yet

---- FC-1 Fighter China ----

History: No Info

Plane Number: 64

Attack0 2
Defense- 3
Speed- 3.5
Power- 3
Mobility- 3.5
Missile Number- 42
HP- 2700
Flying Range- 2
Cost- 250, 000

Comments: First I have to say this one has a cool name, second I have 
to say this one costs too much for its stats. It appears in the shop 
about the same time as the Eagle and is a little weaker then the Eagle. 
So buy this after you buy the Eagle and have extra cash. I think I said 
Eagle to much.......

---- KFX - 2 ----

Attack- 2
Defense- 2.5
Speed- 4
Power- 3.5
Mobility- 4.5
Missile Number- 33
HP- 2000
Flying Range- 3
Cost- Free?

Comments: Hate the name, love the plane. Its kinda the weak among the 
high class fighters. But you get it for free (for beating the Pursuit 
Across the Sky mission). I only use it because you can fly past 3 
locations, which is always good.


I like to thank Konami for making this game and I give them credit for 
the history data on the airplanes and the mission objectives from the 

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