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                                                                 Version 0.50

                      Created By: xXIsaIsaXx (Isadora Valentine)

                       Note: FAQ/Walkthrough will contain spoilers
                                 Started: 5-14-09

Hello all and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough of Volition's Saints Row 2. I've 
written this FAQ in hopes to help people, much like I do on my Youtube videos 
of video games. My name is Isadora, which is where I also got my online alias. 
This is my first FAQ, so, I hope it is helpful to you all. 

If you need to contact me to correct a spelling mistake or to ask a question, 
please send an E-mail to [email protected] Please be sure to title 
your E-mail as "Saints Row 2" or something similar, or I may delete it without 
realizing, as I don't usually open E-mails from sources I do not recognize. 
You can also send me a Personal Message on Youtube if you have an account, my 
username on there is xXIsaIsaXx and I will most likely respond to that quicker
than I would an e-mail. 

I've added codes to each section for easy access to that particular section,
instead of you having to scroll down constantly. Just copy the code beside it
in the table of contents and press CTRL+F and paste it into the box and
search, it should take you straight to that section.
 II.                          LEGALITY (LGLTY)
This document is intended for private home use ONLY, and may not be reproduced
through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
author (Isadora Valentine). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for 
profit, and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All 
rights are reserved to respective parties, even those not explicitly stated
herein. Those who find this document on sites not listed below should e-mail 
the author (me). Thanks for reading this.

Sites Allowed:
III.                           TABLE OF CONTENTS (TOC)
I.) Introduction & Contacting Me (INTRDC)
II.) Legality (LGLTY)
III.) Table of Contents (TOC)
IV.) Controls (CNTRL)
V.) Tips & Game Basics (TPSGMBSC)
VI.) Walkthrough (WLKTRH)
     a. Third Street Saints (SNTS)
       1. Jailbreak (JLBRK)
       2. Appointed Defender (APNTDFND)
       3. Down Payment (DWNPYMNT)
       4. Three Kings (3KNGS)
       5. Stilwater Caverns (STLCVRN)
     b. The Brotherhood (BRTHRHD)
       1. First Impressions (1STIMPRSNS)
       2. Reunion Tour (RNTOR)
       3. Waste Not Want Not (WSTNT)
       4. Red Asphalt (RDASPHLT)
       5. Bank Error In Your Favor (BNKER)
       6. Thank You And Goodnight! (THNKUNGHT)
       7. Retribution (RTRBTN)
       8. Jail Bait (JLBT)
       9. The Enemy Of My Enemy (ENMYOFENMY)
      10. The Siege (THSGE)
      11. Showdown (SHWDWN)
      12. Sommerset Apartments (SMRSTAPRT)
      13. Imperial Square Pagodas (IMPRLSQRPGD)
      14. Poseidon Alley Docks (PSDNALYDCK)
      15. Wardill Airport Hangars (WRDLARHNG)
     c. The Ronin (RNIN)
       1. Saint's Seven (SNTSVN)
       2. Laundry Day (LNDRYDY)
       3. Road Rage (RDRGE)
       4. Bleeding Out (BLDNGOT)
       5. Orange Threat Level (ORNGTHRTLVL)
       6. Kanto Connection (KNTOCON)
       7. Visiting Hours (VSTNGHRS)
       8. Room Service (RMSRVC)
       9. Rest In Peace (RIP)
      10. Good D (GDDEF)
      11. One Man's Junk... (1MANJNK)
      12. Suburbs Strip Club (SBRBSTRPCLB)
      13. Humbolt Park Science Museum (HMBLTPRKSCNC)
      14. Amberbrook Museum Pier (AMBRBRKPIER)
      15. New Hennequet Rec Center (NWHENRECCNTR)
     d. Sons of Samedi (SNSMDI)
       1. Got Dust Will Travel (GTDST)
       2. File In The Cake (FLINCKE)
       3. Airborne Assault (ARBRNASLT)
       4. Veteran Child (VETCHLD)
       5. Burning Down The House (BRNGDWN)
       6. Bad Trip (BDTRP)
       7. Bonding Experience (BNDNGEXP)
       8. Riot Control (RITCNTRL)
       9. Eternal Sunshine (ETRNLSUN)
      10. Assault On Precinct 13 (ASLTPRNCT13)
      11. The Shopping Maul (SHPNGMAL)
      12. Elysian Fields Trailer Park (ELYSNFLDSTRLRPRK)
VII.) Activities (ACTVTS)
       a. Chop Shop (CHPSHP)
       b. Crowd Control (CRWDCNTRL)
       c. Demolition Derby (DMODRBY)
       d. Drug Trafficking (DRGTRFK)
       e. Escort (ESCRT)
       f. Fight Club (FGHTCLB)
       g. Fuzz (FZZ)
       h. Heli Assault (HLIASLT)
       i. Hitman (HTMN)
       j. Insurance Fraud (INSFRD)
       k. Mayhem (MYHM)
       l. Septic Avenger (SPTCAVNGR)
       m. Snatch (SNTCH)
       n. Trail Blazing (TRLBLZNG)
VIII.) Weapons (WPNS)
IX.) Updates (UPDTS)
X.) Special Thanks (SPCLTHNKS)

IV.                           CONTROLS (CNTRL)
On Foot

Left Stick/L3             | Move/Select Weapon/Crouch(click)
Right Stick/R3            | Adjust Camera/Fine Aim(click)
Up On D-Pad               | Recruit Follower/Dismiss Follower(hold)
Down On D-Pad             | Quit Current Mission/Activity 
Left On D-Pad             | Taunt
Right On D-Pad            | Compliment
X                         | Reload/Pick Up Object(hold)/Exchange Weapon(hold)
O                         | Inventory(hold)
Square                    | Jump
Triangle                  | Action/Enter Vehicle 
L1                        | Human Shield (hold)/Throw Human Shield(tap)
R1                        | Sprint
L2                        | Secondary Attack/Kill Human Shield
R2                        | Primary Attack
Start                     | Pause
Select                    | Bring Up Map


Left Stick/L3             | Steer/Select Weapon/Nitrous(click)/Hydraulics
Right Stick/R3            | Adjust Camera/Horn(click)
Up On D-Pad               | Recruit Follower/Dismiss Follower(hold)
Down On D-Pad             | Quit Current Mission/Activity
Left On D-Pad             | Change Radio
Right On D-Pad            | Change Radio
X                         | Accelerate/Ascend(Helicopter)
O                         | Inventory(hold)
Square                    | Brake/Reverse/Descend(Helicopter)
Triangle                  | Action/Exit Vehicle
L1                        | Cruise Control/Rudder Left(Aircraft)
R1                        | Look Behind/Reset Camera/Rudder Right(Aircraft)
L2                        | Handbrake/Alternative Attack(Helicopter)
R2                        | Primary Attack
Start                     | Pause
Select                    | Bring up map

V.                       TIPS & GAME BASICS (TPSGMBSC)
Here are some tips you will need to know to play the game effectively, or at 
least what I find to be helpful to myself. These are basics I tend to follow,
so my opinion may differ from yours.

1.) Respect - This is something you will need to progress the game. One level
of respect means you can play one Mission or Stronghold. You can gain respect
in a variety of ways. Combat Tricks and Driving Stunts are one way. Diversions
and Activities are another. You can also partake in races to gain respect,
which are scattered throughout Stilwater, marked on the map with a flag icon.
Activities give out the most Respect in my opinion and you can max out your 
Respect Meter after the second storyline mission so you won't have to worry 
with it anymore. Whether you do that or not is your choice.

2.) Food - You can buy food from several different fast food restaurants,
which are essential to survival in some missions. It doesn't cost much, and
the most expensive food item can restore health by 75%, so, it would be a good
idea to keep four 75% healing items on you at all times. 

3.) Forgive And Forget - Try to memorize where some of these are, as they can
be essential to losing the cops and gangs. They remove all notoriety for a 
small price. I believe the maximum is $500. Certain missions however, will
gradually refill the meter anyway, but knocking it down to zero for a short
time can still be handy.

4.) Style Rank - This isn't very important, but having a decent style rank can
be essential in earning respect quicker. Depending on your style level, you
will gain a certain percentage increase to the already gained respect from an
activity. You can increase style rank by upgrading cribs, buying new clothes
and jewelry, buying cars, bikes, or watercraft, upgrading cars and buying 
tattoos for your character. Please keep in mind that you  don't have to wear
the clothing to increase the rank, simply owning it does so.

5.) Ammo - A basic rule in any game of this type, but always make sure you
have a decent amount of ammo before going into a mission or activity. Some
activities and even missions will give you an unlimited supply for a certain 
weapon for that particular activity or mission, but regardless, its always 
good to have a decent supply. Note that by doing certain activities you can 
obtain unlimited ammo for certain weapons, which will be permanent.

6.) Cash - While cash is somewhat easy to come by in this game, it can just
as easily go away. Well, early on at least. After missions and strongholds,
you will notice that you gain a neighborhood. This neighborhood will pay 
you a certain amount of money per day, and you can also purchase the stores,
if any, in that neighborhood for additional money per day. Simply go to any
of your owned cribs and to the cash icon and press triangle to withdraw the
money added to it.

7.) Strongholds - To access the final mission of the Gang Storylines, you will
need to complete all four of their strongholds beforehand, or the final 
mission marker will not appear. Please keep this in mind if a mission marker 
is not appearing on your map.
VI.                           WALKTHROUGH (WLKTRH)
Please keep in mind that the enemies that appear in my walkthrough appear as
I play through the game, that does not mean they will be in that same spot
or even if they will have those same weapons. As I have played all three gangs
at the start, they don't have the weapons they would in a later part of the
game unless it is scripted for them to have said weapon. So, please keep this
in mind if you are reading help on the Ronin and have not done any other gangs
up to that point.

The beginning of the game opens with a couple of prison security guards
talking about things that happened from the first Saints Row. Eventually
they arrive at the infirmary where you are laying on a bed. Apparently, you
survived the explosion while on the yacht, but have been in a coma for the
past five years. Quite a lot has changed in that time, as you are able to
recreate your character. Make him/her the same as you did on Saints Row or 
make a completely new character! Its all up to you. I myself created a female,
and as such, will refer to the character as a she in this walkthrough. Once
you have completed your character, a young man will introduce himself and
offer to help her break out of jail. While cautious at first, she accepts
his offer.
VIa1. Mission: Jailbreak (JLBRK)
Once you have control of your character, your first objective appears and
that is to kill the doctor in the room. Do so by punching him or by hitting
him with objects that can be picked up. Land three consecutive hits and you
will execute a special move. After the doctor is dead, you have two options,
to play the tutorial or to charge out the front. I will cover the tutorial.

Once you have chosen to play the tutorial, head to the door with the light
blue marker in front of it and press triangle to kick it open and continue
through the next door. A couple of security guards will be here, equipped
with Nightsticks. Nothing to worry about, you can land enough hits to put
them on the ground before they can use them. Once one drops their nightstick
you'll be able to pick it up and equip it. Hold O and select with left analog
stick. After killing them, proceed to follow Carlos.

You'll have to climb your way up pipes, while making small talk with Carlos. 
To climb, simply approach them and hit square and you will climb up it. 
Continue on until you have to crouch, click L3 to crouch and walk under the 
vent shaft and then click L3 to stand up once on the other side. Once you
hop up on the last platform, you'll be informed to kill the guard and take 
his or her gun. Since the guard is facing away, this would be a perfect 
chance to do a human shield and instant kill him/her. However, all attempts
I've done on this guard have resulted in being pushed away, so, kill normally.

After the guard is dead and you have a gun in your possession, you can equip
it. This isn't necessary though, so, I would advise against it so you can 
collect ammo for it as you kill more guards. You have to make your way across 
the roof now to the marker indicated on your GPS. A message will pop up 
saying to avoid the search lights, however, this will not effect the outcome 
of the mission in anyway, so, sneak or charge right to it, its your call.

Once you pass the marker another one will appear not far from the last one.
So, head to that one next, while killing any guards that may appear, if you
have avoided the search lights thus far, only one or two should be in this
area, so, continue on to the next marker and another appears so head to it.

Now you will receive a Star, which indicates your Cop Notoriety, as they
found a body. Before this, you'll be told how to enter fine aim (Press R3),
so, if you feel like it, test this on the guards in the helicopter. The game
suggests you do so anyway, but its really your call. The helicopter can't
withstand too many shots. I believe it'll go down in about nine, but don't
quote me on that. Once you're done, head down the stairs to the ground and
hijack a police car by pressing triangle near it. There should be one near
the area you drop down from. Feel free to explore the prison island and kill 
any spawning cops to collect ammo for the pistol and shotgun, which you 
should have picked up not long after arriving on the ground.

If you don't do that and get right in the Five-O, just drive towards the
blue marker, and if you're feeling evil, run over every cop on the way. You
will need to break through two road blocks, but they are severely easy to
bypass. Once you arrive at the marker you will reach a check point. These
are very nice and will allow you to continue from that spot if you die or
fail the mission in anyway.

This part of the mission is quite easy. You must defend the boat while
Carlos drives it to the main land. You'll have helicopters and Police Boats
coming at you, but you are equipped with an AR200 SAW, which has 100 rounds
of ammo per clip, and it comes with unlimited ammo for this part. Just aim
and shoot down each enemy vehicle. There are three helicopters and five
prison boats in all. Once all are eliminated, just sit back until Carlos
arrives at the main land. He'll tell you a little bit about what's happened
and then advise you to get a drink and soak up as much information as

Reward(s): $500

Newspaper: Coma Victim Wakes Up, Kills Way To Freedom
A former member of the famed Third Street Saints awoke from a coma today,
orchestrating a symphony of destruction that engulfed the entire island
penitentiary. The inmate had been taken to the prison infirmary after
awakening, and from there overpowered a prison doctor before making their
way outside. After an intense gunfight, the fugitive presumably made their
way to the prison's dock and escaped pursuit by boat. Details are sketchy,
but it is presumed this dangerous individual was aided by another inmate.

Optional: I would suggest that while you are on the docks to mug people for 
some money. I usually mug for up to $3,000, that way I have some nice 
starting money. To mug people simply enter Fine Aim (press R3) and point your 
reticle/crosshairs at them for about five seconds, this should get them to 
either raise their hands or cower. If they raise their hands, keep your 
reticle on them until they drop some money, then simply exit fine aim and 
collect the money. Run around the docks and do this as much as you want. 
Just don't do it near a cop or at a pimp, as this will cause both to attack.
VIa2. Mission: Appointed Defender (APNTDFND)
After arriving on the main land, you'll be on the docks. The mission marker 
is not far from your location, its on the way to the road. Once you start 
the mission, hijack a car and then head to the destination, which is 
"Sloppy Seconds" a clothing store which has some pretty cheap clothes, 
perfect for you as you just recently acquired $500 from the last mission 
and possibly more by mugging people. Simply follow the GPS to the location 
and enter the store once you arrive. Walk into the shopping cart marker and 
press triangle to begin buying clothes for your character.

Once you have outfitted your character how you want her to look, head out of
the store and get back in your car. Now you need to head to Teenay, again
follow the GPS to the location. Once you pass into the marker, another one
will appear right in front of the door to the place, so, get out of your car
and head into that marker, where a cutscene will play. She will see a TV
broadcast about Johnny Gat's trial, which will definitely send him to death
row. She will decide to help her old friend out, but before that, will have
to take care of two Brotherhood members.

Fight them normally, by using your fists or picking up one of the many bar
stools nearby, or pull out your pistol or shotgun and blast them. I would
suggest just using fists and objects, so you can conserve ammo. During the
fight against these two, a notice will pop up informing you of Cop and Gang
Notoriety. Right now, you have one wolf head, which indicates Brotherhood
Notoriety. Once you kill these two, begin to leave the club and two more
Brotherhood members will run in, one with a baseball bat and one with a 

Equip your nightstick that you received from the first mission and proceed 
to beat them with it until they are dead. Alternatively, you can just beat 
them with your fists. Trade the nightstick for either weapon. I would suggest 
taking the crowbar, but that's my own personal opinion. Whenever you trade a 
weapon with another, the previous weapon will still be available for you to 
get at anytime from any of your owned cribs, in the weapon stash, which is 
indicated by a gun icon, so, you don't have to worry about losing a weapon.

Once you step out of the club, you will be on a timer of four minutes. Don't
worry, this is more than enough time to reach the courthouse. Sprint to a car
in the parking lot of Teenay to help cut down time and enter the vehicle now
simply follow the GPS to the location. Note that if you killed all four
Brotherhood members with a gun, that you will most likely have two wolf heads
now, which will mean they will give chase to you, only one vehicle at a time
and they will come in very slow bursts, so, you don't need to worry about
being swamped by them on the way to the courthouse.

As you pull into the courthouse, you will be informed of GPS Shortcuts, which
are handy to have, as it basically opens up quicker ways to get to one place
to another. You will discover a lot of these by just free roaming. Once you
arrive, get out of the car and proceed up the steps and into the courthouse.
The timer you were previously on will now disappear. 

Now you need to find the court room where Gat is. Once in, take a left and 
climb up the stairs and follow the path around to the marker where a cutscene 
will play with her rescuing Gat from his trial. Once the cutscene ends, you 
will get two Stars. Equip either the pistol or the shotgun now and take out 
the guards that come into the room. One should have a shotgun, but instead 
of collecting the ammo for yourself, allow Gat to pick it up so he has 
something better than the NR4 he starts out with.

Once the guards are dead, head out the door they came in through and kill the
next guard you will come to face around the corner, once he/she is dead, turn
the camera so you can see down the walk way and take out any of the guards on
it before continuing on. Some guards will run behind the wall at the other end
if they take damage. As you walk across the walk way, make sure to take out
the guards on the other walk ways before continuing on, and the guards on the
ground floor. Simply crouch and enter fine aim, shoot away the glass and take
shots at the ones on the ground floor. Try for head shots if you can, to keep
damage to yourself at minimum. 

Once done on the walk way, continue down the path into the room and take out
the guards in here, as well as the judge, who has a Tombstone. From each of
my plays of this game, the judge will not charge you until you get closer to
her, so, take her out with an aimed headshot and move on. Now you will be on 
the walk way opposite of the one you were on before and if you took out the
guards from the other side, there should be only one or two across the way.

Once you take him/her out, head down the stairs and take out the guards at
the bottom and head into the cafeteria, taking out the guards in there as
well. Once you begin to leave the cafeteria area, you will be faced with
several SWAT members, who take a little longer to kill than a regular cop,
even with a well placed headshot, they may not drop, but they aren't too
difficult to deal with.

Once you take care of the SWAT members, head for the marker in front of the
door and make your way outside. Several vehicles to choose from, but I would
suggest taking the Peacekeeper, which is the SWAT Van, mainly because once
you are able to do Chop Shop lists, this is a wanted vehicle on one of them.
So, after the mission you can take it and stash it in your garage until you
need to hand it over to the Chop Shop. I also suggest this vehicle, because
while it is not particularly fast, its sturdy and wont really be knocked
around easily by your pursuers. 

Once Johnny is in whatever vehicle you choose, leave the court house and
follow the GPS path to the Forgive and Forget. Along the way, Gat will fill
you in on what all has been happening since your absence. Drive through the
Forgive and Forget and your Cop Notoriety will be removed. Usually it costs
but for the mission its free.

Now a new, easy, objective will appear, drive Gat to Aisha's house. Simply
follow the GPS to her house and take any shortcuts along the way to get them
registered on your GPS. Cut across parking lots, through yards, etc, etc.
Once you arrive in the marker, the mission will come to an end.

Reward(s): $500, Red Light Apartment Crib

Newspaper: Gat Found Guilty, Still Goes Free
In a stunning turn of events, Johnny Gat has escaped custody moments after 
being convicted of multiple counts of first degree murder. After the guilty 
verdict was read; an armed assailant, who is presumed to have recently escaped 
prison, burst into the courtroom and freed Gat. The pair then managed to fight 
their way out of the courthouse and lost their police pursuit somewhere 
Downtown. The attack has left numerous dead, including one judge.

Optional: Now you're going to need to gain respect to play the next mission.
You can do this however you see fit, however, I would suggest doing the
following two activities. Fuzz, in the Suburbs Expansion District, all levels,
so you can have Cop Notoriety drop at a fast rate and Septic Avenger in the 
Suburbs Expansion District, all levels, so you wont have any weapon shaking 
when in Fine Aim. The level six reward says that it increases accuracy by 15%
but it really makes it to where your weapon is steady in Fine Aim. How you
gain your respect is up to you, these are just my suggestions. I personally
do all available activities before continuing on. I'll cover activities in
more detail in the "Activities" section. Chop Shops and Hitman lists are now
available to you as well. Chop Shops are indicated by two wrenches crossed in
an X formation, or at least, I think they are wrenches and Hitman is indicated
by a target icon.
VIa3. Mission: Down Payment (DWNPYMNT)
Once you have acquired the respect you need, head to the mission marker on
your map and initiate the mission. A cutscene will play with Gat inviting her
into the house and offering her a beer, which she will happily accept. Aisha
will come downstairs and ask the same question Johnny did when she rescued
him. The two will talk about reminding people just who they are and getting
the Saints back together, the only problem is, they don't have a hideout and
Aisha refuses to let them use her house as the base of operations.

Once the cutscene is over, head to the car parked in the drive way, which
should be a Zomkah, a pretty rare car to come by and sadly, you don't get to
keep it after this mission. Well, I've never been able to. Once in, follow
the GPS to the location, taking any shortcuts you've unlocked or any you 
think might be a shortcut to unlock. Along the way, she will ask Johnny why
don't they just set up at the old Church and he will tell her that Ultor has
renovated it and turned it into a tourist trap.

Once you arrive at the destination get out of the car and head inside the
abandoned church and then make your way underground by following the blue
markers on your GPS. When you walk into the last marker, you'll be informed
to kill the Samedi in the area, so, equip whatever gun you would like to and
head down the stairs to pick off the first few and then head outside to where
more are waiting, some on the ground level and some above you. One of the
Samedi above has a stash of Molotov Cocktails, so, watch out for that one. I
would suggest trading out the NR4 for the Vice 9 also. The Samedi in this area
carry Vice 9's. Just so you can have it in your weapon stash for when you 
trade again. I'm somewhat of a weapon collector, which is why I suggest this.

Once you kill all of the Samedi in that area, a new objective will appear and
that is to destroy the shanties on the other side, so, head back through the
doorway you used to enter the area with the Samedi and go to the right out
the other door. To destroy the shanties, simply grab one of the bums as a 
human shield by holding L1, then position them so they face a shanty, then
hit L1 again and you will throw them into it. Note that you can sprint while
holding someone hostage.

When all the shanties are destroyed, you have to kill the remaining bums,
which is a very easy task as they have melee weapons and you should have
quite the supply of ammo. Once all of the bums have been killed, a cutscene
will play and the two agree on the place needing a stripper pole to spruce
up the place.

Reward(s): $1,000, Old Stilwater, Saints Hideout

Newspaper: Homeless Bums, Now More Homeless

The streets of Stilwater are beginning to overcrowd. A recent surge in the 
homeless population has been attributed to an attack on an underground shanty
town. It is unclear as to what precisely occurred; as attempts to interview 
the displaced have thus far lead only to repeated stabbings and wallet theft. 
We will keep you updated as these attacks directed toward the homeless 
continue to spike.

Optional: Now that you have a hideout for your gang and a income of $500 per
day, perhaps let the game set for a little while as you do stuff around the
house or go out with friends? When you come back, you could have a decent
amount of money waiting in your safe. You may also change the look, taunt,
and tag sign of your gang, as well as customize the cars they drive. To do so
simply go down to Old Stilwater and look for the icon on the ground floor that
has a head for the icon, step into it and hit triangle. What your gang can be
right now is limited to a few choices, but you'll unlock a few more choices as
you progress the game, the same applies to the vehicles they can drive. Also,
if you feel like it, you can do some more activities to gain respect or
continue on with the game if you've gotten enough respect already.
VIa4. Mission: Three Kings (3KNGS)
Well, you have a hideout and a few members walking around the hideout, but
that's not enough. Johnny decides he's tired of mopping up blood and says
they can't run a gang, if they don't have a gang, so, its decided that the 
two will hit up some people. She decides on Carlos and Johnny says he will
make a few calls. Once the cutscene ends, head outside and use one of the 
vehicles in the parking lot to get to where you need to go, which is in the
Suburbs District. As usual, follow the GPS layout to the area. Once you 
arrive in the area, three green markers will appear on your GPS, these are 
the people you are going to recruit. I will go over each one, starting with 
the closest to my location upon entering the area.

Pierce - Pierce will be easily satisfied and impressed enough with you by
taking out three sets of Ronin, which appear on your GPS as red markers. 
Drive to the closest one to you, use select to check your map, and take them
out in anyway you see fit, I simply run over them if I'm in a car, or do a
standard drive-by. 

The ones closest to you should be directly North from Pierce's location. 
Take them out and then head east down the road to the next set, which for 
some reason is hanging out around a kid's jungle gym play set. Whatever. 
Waste them however you see fit. Once you do, you will most likely have two
dragon heads on your Gang Notoriety bar now, which isn't a problem really.

The next set is below your current location as the marker is an upside down
triangle, head up the road and take a left, followed by another to cut across
the small parking lot, now take another left and follow the wall to your left
down until it stops, turn in and take the dirt path down to where the final
set of Ronin are and kill them, Pierce will be satisfied and she will tell him
to meet at the hideout. Checkpoint reached.

Carlos - Check your map and set a way point if you'd like to the wrench icon,
which indicates a mechanic shop, this one being Rim Jobs and where Carlos is
located, then simply follow the way point you set to the location. Once you 
arrive, get out of your car or off your bike and approach Carlos. To please
him enough to join, you will need to tow his friend's car. This would be
my most hated bit of the mission as I suck at driving the tow truck with a
car attached to it. Anyway, hop in the tow truck once you are filled in
and drive to the location indicated on the GPS. 

When you arrive, back the tow truck up to either the front or back of the car
and come a complete stop, then hold L1+R1 to hitch it, do not drive off until
it is fully hitched or it may unhitch and you'll have to attempt to hitch it
again. Once its hitched, Carlos will call his friend to inform him of it and
you will also receive a Star. 

Follow the GPS back to the location you picked Carlos up from to complete 
this portion, just drive slowly and ease into corners, that way the hearse 
doesn't whip around and send you off course. Once you arrive back, Carlos 
will be part of the Saints and that leaves one more to go. Checkpoint reached.

Shaundi - Hijack a vehicle or run to Shaundi's location on the GPS. I would
suggest taking a vehicle to her location as she's a good ways from both Carlos
and Pierce's locations. Once you arrive, hop out of your car and approach her.
She wants you to do some stunt jumps, so, enter either one of the vehicles in
the drive way she is standing in and head to the first one. Shaundi is the 
easiest to impress, because all you have to do is pass through the checkpoint
to complete the jump.

The first jump is south from Shaundi's location in the Trailer Park District.
Well, all three are in that district. Anyway, you have to make a turn to be
able to access the jump, so, when you do, I would suggest backing up to the 
destroyed building across from the location, that way you can hit a decent
speed to be able to jump the distance. If you undershoot and the car winds up
in the water, don't worry, just steal someone's car from on the road, you 
don't have to use the Hammerhead for this. 

When you clear it, head to the next one, which is located on top of a dirt
mound. If you're entering the area the way I did, there should be a large
pipe or tunnel of some sort to the left of the mound, drive around it and
then through it to gain enough speed to hit the jump and pass this one with

The final one is directly across from the second one, you should see the 
checkpoint before the car even lands. You can nail this one as soon as you
land from the last one, should your car land perfectly on the ground that is.
If it didn't, just back up to the dirt mound and then accelerate towards the
broken off road and hit the jump and through the checkpoint, you should land
on the highway, if not, don't worry, as all you need to do is pass through
the checkpoint. Once you pass through this one, that ends the mission and
you and Shaundi ride off to meet the rest of the gang, where a speech is

Reward(s): $1,000, One Follower

Newspaper: Saints Resurrected
Apparently, it has all been leading up to this. It began with a presumably 
benign prison break, but has ended with the resurrection of the Third Street 
Saints. Residents have reported multiple sightings of the purple clad crew 
roaming the area, doing anything and everything to impress possible 
recruits -- from gang related killings to dangerous joyriding. The gang has 
kept relatively quiet, but we at the Stilwater Gazette can only assume this 
is indeed just the calm before the storm.

Optional: Two new activities become available now. Before continuing I would 
suggest take the time out to do four activities if you haven't completed them 
all already. Insurance Fraud in the Factories District so you can sprint 
forever. Its not a must have, but definitely comes in handy. Escort in the
Red Light District for FREE vehicle delivery at any time. Snatch in the 
Chinatown District for Health Regeneration 3X, which is handy to have in
case you run out of food items, as your health will recover at three times
the normal rate, just find cover behind something until it does. Finally,
Heli Assault in the Barrio District for 15% less damage taken from bullets.
Again, this is all completely optional, but just something to keep in mind.
VIa5. Stronghold: Stilwater Caverns (STLCVRN)
This is the only stronghold for the Saints missions and can be found in
Spelunkers, which is a gift store on the east side of the lower part of the
map, found in Black Bottom of the Factories district. In Samedi territory. 
Once you initiate to start the stronghold, Johnny will inform you that the
bums you kicked out of Old Stilwater have set up shop there and have begun
mugging people for money, so they can have enough money to buy weapons and
such to come at you guys, so, scare them a little more to make them change
their minds.

When you are given control of your character, equip your current pistol and
head up the path to the marker. Two bums should be here, one with a Vice 9 
and one with a crowbar, take the one with the firearm out first and then
continue on to the next marker where two more bums are. One of, or both, of
these bums has a GDHC .50, which is a very good pistol in my opinion that
can't be bought from Friendly Fire yet, so, exchange your current pistol for
it if you want a good pistol that can take most enemies out in two shots. If
it falls in the water, I'm not sure if you'll be able to get it.

Once you are done there, head across the makeshift bridge and continue down
the path to the next marker, killing two bums along the way. When you arrive
at the next bridge, your objective appears, destroy the shanties. This can
be done differently than the one in "Down Payment" you can shoot them to
destroy them, toss bums into them, or if you look carefully around the area,
there are explosive barrels. Take the shanties out how you see fit, while 
dealing with any hostile bums and that will bring an end to the stronghold.

Reward(s): $500, Stilwater Caverns

Newspaper: Civic-minded Saints Clean Caverns
Tourists to Stilwater's underground caverns received a shock today as dozens 
of homeless flooded into the tourist areas and past confused citizens. Caverns
authorities believe the homeless had been living somewhere deeper within the 
facility when people, most likely teenagers, attacked the make-shift shanty 
town and forced its residents to find safety.
Leader: Maero
Second In Command: Jessica
Lieutenant: Matt
Mechanic: Donnie

A Stilwater native long victimized by gang warfare and police corruption, 
Maero formed the Brotherhood from the cast-outs and dredges of Stilwater 
society. Ostracized for their status and their tattoos, he united them as a 
solid force of strength and intimidation intent on avenging itself upon the 
police and city. Because the nuances of money laundering and blackmail are 
beyond them, they simply drive up to a store in a large truck, charge in and 
take what they want. If anyone gets in their way, they kill them. Their 
definition of subtle warfare is excessively violent extortion. The Brotherhood 
are somewhat better armed than other gangs, as they have a shipment of 
weapons which came from an unknown location.
VIb1. Mission: First Impressions (1STIMPRSNS)
In this game, you are able to choose which gang to go after first, or even
go after all of them at once, just alternate between them. However, I do not
do that and instead take them out one at a time. After her speech to the
newly resurrected Saints, she will receive a phone call from Carlos, who was
put in charge of finding out the working of The Brotherhood. He will say that
Maero, the leader, has requested to sit down and have a talk with her, before
things get too out of hand between the two, so, naturally, the game tells you
that the Brotherhood should be done first by that phone call. The mission
marker is in Black Bottom, in the Factories district, which belongs to the

Once you initiate the mission, a cutscene will play out with her and Carlos
approaching a large man, who happens to be Maero. He is alone and she asks
him where his gang is, he states he doesn't need one. As Maero begins to
explain to her, that they should divide Stilwater between the Saints and The
Brotherhood, several police officers show up to crash the party. You will
be thrust into the middle of it, surrounded on both sides usually and with a
two Star notoriety level, however, you have two partners with you, so, its
not totally bad. Keep in mind that the police you face here at the start have
Pepper Spray and Stun Guns, both of which can prevent you from doing anything
for a few seconds.

Take the police out in anyway you see fit and follow the GPS to the marker
indicated. Once you arrive, there will be a couple of police officers to the
back of you, take them out or sprint on ahead. It doesn't really matter, but
I usually take them out before moving to the next marker. The next marker
isn't far from the last and the one after isn't far either. There will be
several cops here, on the bridge and to the left to try and stop you and
your partners. 

Once you take them out, follow the left path that some of the cops were on to 
the next marker and across the bridge to the next, killing any cops that get 
in your way. Along the way, at the end of the bridge, there will be two cops 
on the rocks to the right, so, make sure to take them out. Remember to check
your GPS at anytime for enemies, which will be indicated by red dots.

Once they are dead, follow the curve around to a slight wall with stairs to
the left of it and an open area to the right. There will be some cops in the
area to the right and some up the stairs, take all of them out and continue
on to the next marker, taking out any cops that appear.

Now you'll be in a hallway, at the very end is a turn to the right, where a
cop will be waiting in an attempt to ambush you, which of course fails. Take
him out and move on and up the stairs. If the civilians are blocking your 
path or making it to where you are proceeding slowly, feel free to mow them
down. Once you reach the top of the second stairs, you will reach a check

Carlos will mention that you can go one of two ways, up to the street or down
some stairs to the docks. I personally take the docks, so, this will cover
that route. As Carlos is talking, two or three cops will run into your
immediate area, simply take them down and head straight ahead to the stairs
that lead down and follow the narrow pathway to a set of stairs leading up
and down, take the ones going up and then go up another set of stairs and 
you will reach the docks, head to the blue marker to enter the Miami. 

Now your objective is to take Maero back to his hideout. I would suggest not
following the line that the GPS provides, as it tends to constantly update
in boats and any form of water craft, however, following it to a small degree
can still lead you in the right direction. Follow it out of the area, around 
the docked freighter and then simply go your own way to the hideout, which 
is indicated by a large blue square on the GPS. You will be chased by Police
Boats and Helicopters on the way, but ignore them and let your partners deal
with them. Once you arrive at the dock, press triangle to be warped from the
boat and onto the docks then head to the marker to end the mission. 

A cutscene will play with Maero stating that The Brotherhood is about
to come upon something big and he thinks the Saints would like a piece of the
action. She asks what the offer is and Maero replies by saying Saints get 20
and his crew get 80. Obviously, she turns down the offer as its a bad offer
to begin with. During this cutscene, and before the offer, she notices
someone working on Maero's truck, this guy is Donnie, a former member of the 
Rollerz from the first Saints Row.

Reward(s): $1,000, Southern Cross

Newspaper: Cops Botch Gang Take-down
Stilwater's finest did nothing to silence their critics during a recent 
shootout in the Caverns. The police raided the caverns after receiving a tip 
that the leader of the Saints would be meeting with Maero, the patriarch of
 the Brotherhood. The ensuing battle left numerous police and tourists dead, 
as both leaders eluded capture and escaped to the Brotherhood's stronghold.
VIb2. Mission: Reunion Tour (RNTOR)
Well, The Saints have their first enemy in the Brotherhood. Maero tried to
prevent a conflict with an offer, he just sucks at making offers. If anything
he should have offered at least 40, then it might have went through. Anyway,
once you arrive at the next mission marker and begin the mission a 
cutscene will play with Donnie throwing a wreath into the river and stating
that he misses Lin. When he turns around, he comes face to face with the
woman who recently awoke from a coma, stating she was supposed to be dead. She
will force him to walk to his car and then throw him in it and tell him that
he's going to rig up some of his boys trucks to explode. 

Once you are given control begin driving to the first location, following
the GPS layout on the map. When you arrive, pull in next to the truck and
park the car. Donnie will get out and run to the truck, complaining as he 
begins to work. Feel free to step out of the Voxel and stand next to him
while he works or remain in the car. In a short time, you will gain some
Brotherhood Notoriety up to two and the Brotherhood members in the area will
zone in on your location. Take them out how you see fit. Keep in mind that
since you have two wolf heads, Brotherhood members will drive to your
location to fight with you. Once Donnie has planted the bomb, get back in
the car with him and get out of the blast radius, which is indicated by a red
circle, once out, position yourself so you can see the explosion and press
R2 to set off the explosion.

After the pretty fireworks, drive Donnie to the next location, where there
are two trucks waiting to be rigged with explosives. You will be in this
area longer than the last as he has to set explosives on both trucks. Take
out the Brotherhood in the immediate area and then take out any that drive up
to try and start a fight with you and Donnie. Once he rigs both, get back in
the car and back out of the area until you are at a safe distance and can see
the explosion. When ready, press R2 for some more fireworks.

Now drive Donnie to the last truck in the mission, take out any Brotherhood
in the immediate area and then just protect Donnie as usual as he works on
the big truck. Once Donnie finishes, return to the car and... Wow, that's a
big blast radius. Get out of the area and Donnie will comment that the
detonator is malfunctioning. What makes it better is someone in the
Brotherhood has climbed in that truck and is giving chase to you. You have
to avoid it for 30 seconds. Make sure you are out of the blast radius when
the timer reaches zero or you'll have to start the mission over again. There
are no check points in this mission. When you out last the timer, the
mission will be complete. She will drop Donnie off at the Brotherhood
hideout and then take off in his car. Donnie will explain to Maero what
happened and Maero comes close to killing him for it.

Reward(s): $1,500, Cecil Park, Special Variant Voxel (Donnie's Car)

Newspaper: Local Mechanic Sabotages Clients
Witnesses say a recent string of car explosions may be due to tampering by a 
local mechanic. Shortly before a string of incidents left members of the 
Brotherhood dead, an eyewitness was quoted as seeing a mechanic, known only 
as "Donnie" tampering with the vehicles while being overseen by someone 
fitting the description of the Third Street Saints leader. Phone calls to 
Donnie's Garage were not immediately returned.
VIb3. Mission: Waste Not Want Not (WSTNT)
You will meet Carlos on the el and he will reply he wanted to get out of the
sewers and he states he is worried she is being followed. She'll ask him if
he has anything new on the Brotherhood and he will tell her no, because after
the stunt she pulled with Donnie, the Brotherhood are keeping things tight.
He will mention that he heard one guy mention a shipment, but doesn't have any
info beyond that. She will then see the Nuclear Plant in the distance and get
an idea of splattering paint all over Maero's remaining canvas. She'll leave
Carlos on the el with the departing words of making a banger out of him even
if it kills her in the process.

You have until 6AM game time to complete the mission, which is 15 minutes.
Which honestly and in my opinion is more than enough to do so. Once you
are able to move run down the stairs, or jump down and take a bit of damage
from the fall and enter the nearest vehicle. Your first stop is Friendly Fire
so follow the GPS to it. Make sure not to enter stores with a weapon drawn or
else the store owner will trip an alarm and get you 3 Stars. 

Your purpose of coming here is to buy a Geiger Counter. Why a gun store would
sell this, I do not know, but approach the counter and press triangle to 
receive it and then return to your vehicle and head to your next destination,
a boat. Follow the GPS to it. Cut across any GPS short cuts you've unlocked 
or any short cuts you can visibly see. Once you arrive, get in the Python and
make your way towards the Nuclear Plant. She will phone Carlos and tell him
to be ready to pick her up when she makes the call. Check point reached as you
near the plant and you also receive 1 Star. Dock the boat and get off and head
up the stairs.

All my past games, the toxic waste you are supposed to require is randomized
in its location. I know of three locations off the top of my head. At the
south end of the island near the waste dump. Near the cooling towers in the
center area of the island and near the docks at the north end of the island.
There may be more than these locations, so, if you come across more, please
inform me so I can update this section. Its up to you to find the waste, I'm
sorry I can't be more help here. 

Once you obtain the toxic waste, check point will be reached and she will 
call Carlos and tell him she has Maero's present and he will state he is on 
the way, now you need to get to the helipad on one of the roofs, simply 
follow the GPS to the location and clear out all ten of the guards before they
arrive. If they arrive before you do, they will simply fly off and come back
around soon, you just have to protect the helipad until then. So, you have to
defend the helipad for a minute and thirty seconds. Not a hard task at all.
When the helicopter arrives, run to it to get in it. Check point reached.

Now you will have to defend the helicopter on its flight back to the
main land. This is much like the second part of the first mission of the game.
You are given an AR200 SAW with unlimited ammo to work with. After you destroy
the last helicopter and are right near the main land, the helicopter you are
in will start smoking and beeping and begin a fast descent down. Note that you
will take no damage from being flung out of the helicopter, or if any, it will
be very minor. 

After surviving that, jack the nearest vehicle you can, it doesn't matter what 
it is, as you should still have plenty of time to get to the tattoo parlor in
Stoughton. Simply follow your GPS to the location and pull into the marker
to end the mission. You should arrive with 7 minutes to spare if everything
went well.

A scene will follow with Maero getting a tattoo from Matt, while Jessica
complains about nothing being done about the Saints. Once Matt finishes the
tattoo, something seems to be wrong as the side of Maero's face that the
tattoo was just applied to begins to burn and he screams out in agonizing

Reward(s): $2,000

Newspaper: Terrorists Raid Nuclear Power Plant
Security at the Stilwater nuclear power plant is expected to triple after an 
unknown assailant assaulted the island early this morning. The assailant 
purportedly assaulted members of the plant's security forces before escaping 
by helicopter. Earlier reports that the assailant had managed to obtain a 
small amount of radioactive waste have yet to be confirmed by plant officials.
VIb4. Mission: Red Asphalt (RDASPHLT)
The mission opens with a cut scene of her standing on a street corner looking
at her phone, where she is then flashed by a passerby in a trench coat. Not
long after her phone will ring and she'll answer it, demanding to know where
Carlos is. Instead of it being him, its Jessica, Maero's girlfriend informing
her that they have Carlos and from the sounds of it, they aren't being too
kind to him. 

Run to your vehicle and climb in or if you didn't take one to the marker
there will be a spawned Saints car for you nearby so, either way, you have
transportation. Run to it and get in and follow the GPS to Donnie's garage.
There will be Brotherhood members hanging around the garage, protecting him
so take them out and then head in to confront Donnie. Do not shoot him, as
it will kill him and you will fail the mission. Instead, beat him around
some with the objects in the room or with your fists until he tells you where
Carlos is. Checkpoint will be reached.

As you are leaving Donnie's garage, instead of returning to your car, get in
the Camo Bulldog inside his garage. It has a mounted gun on its roof and will
make the next part much easier. You will need to rescue Carlos before his
health bar in the top left corner is empty, so, don't waste time with any
of the Brotherhood on the ground, just gun for the Bulldog, get in, and 
ride out of the garage. To fire the gun mounted on the Bulldog simply press
or hold R2.

Follow the GPS to the enemy icon on the map, or take short cuts that you
know of to rescue Carlos as quick as possible. Note that you will have a 
level two notoriety with the Brotherhood at this point. If you pas by the
Forgiven and Forgive in the Docks & Warehouse District, feel free to swing
through and reduce your Notoriety to zero. It'll slowly climb back up to
two, but having none for a short time will help out. As a side note, if you
did take the Bulldog, be mindful not to handbrake on turns with it,
especially not in the area where you have to go, the Bulldog doesn't have
great grip and can wind up turning on its side if it takes a sharp turn on
an uneven surface and the area you are going to be in is very uneven with
hills and the like. So, instead of turning like that, slow down and ease
into the turn.

When you finally are within range, you will notice Carlos is chained to the
back of a Brotherhood truck. Its your job to stop that truck. Shoot it with
the mounted gun on the Bulldog, or if you didn't take it, with your Pistol
or SMG from inside your vehicle. Just damage it enough to where it will stop. 
Don't destroy it completely. Be mindful not to drive to close, as you may 
hit Carlos and damage him and make sure to always shoot towards the cab of 
the truck instead of near the tail gate, you don't need a stray bullet 
hitting Carlos either. Once you bring the Compensator to a halt, get out of
your vehicle and approach Carlos to end the mission.

Despite all her best efforts to save him, he turned out to be too badly
damaged from the Brotherhood's antics and she has no choice but to put him
out of his misery. Taking his hand, she delivers a bullet to his head.

Reward(s): $2,500, Charlestown

Newspaper: Prominent Gang Member Found Dead
A member of the Third Street Saints was found dead today, the victim of a
grisly gangland assassination. In a bloody recreation of the fate of Hector,
Carlos Mendoza's body was dragged face down across Stilwater, until mercifully
being shot in the head. While no arrests have been made in the killing, the
police suspect the Brotherhood as the ones responsible for the vicious attack.

Optional: If you haven't been checking the weapon stores, you might want to
do so, I'm not 100% sure when, but I'm pretty sure they have new weapons for
purchase by now. If so, buy what you would like, but I would suggest investing
in one of the Rifles if they have any in stock, if you do, that plus the
unlimited ammo you get for completing all 5 Hitman lists will make you quite
the killing machine. Also, you are able to recruit Carlos as a homie now. 
How? He's dead, right? Well, access your phone and call Eye for an Eye at
555-5966 and an eerie voice will groan out the word "Brains", now check your
phone and go to "Homies" and he should be there as "Zombie Carlos". You can
only do this after he has died.
VIb5. Mission: Bank Error In Your Favor (BNKER)
The mission opens up with Shaundi playing hackey-sack with a couple of guys
in front of the bank. When one of the guys kicks it too hard and Shaundi goes
to retrieve it, Jessica will pull up in her car and almost hit Shaundi. She
will then start talking to Maero on the phone as she heads into the bank with
a briefcase, in which Shaundi calls her boss and informs her of it. She will
state that she will be right over. Since Jessica was the one who orchestrated
the plan on what happened to Carlos, this is a perfect chance for revenge.

Once you are given control of your character, head over to your vehicle or
the nearest one to you and hop in. Pull out of the parking lot onto the street
and then follow the GPS on your radar to the location. You are not on a timer
so you don't have to drive fast and recklessly, but if you're anything like
me, you probably do so anyway. The bank isn't too far of a drive from the
Saint's Hideout. Once you arrive, park your car and walk into the bank. Check
point reached.

You will see Jessica standing in there, she should be right across from where
you enter. A funny thing to note is that despite knowing who you are, if you
compliment her by pressing right on the D-pad, she will compliment back as if
nothing is going on between the Saints and The Brotherhood. The game will tell
you to take Jessica hostage. My advice is to get behind her and then press and
hold L1 to take her hostage. The reason I say get behind her is because there
are security guards in the bank and they will shoot at you if part of your
body is exposed to them. They have a habit of being bad aims and can sometimes
hit Jessica, which you don't need happening. To prevent this, face Jessica in
their direction and they will not fire, as they see Jessica as an innocent.

Once you take her hostage, kill the security in the immediate area. An alarm
will be going off by now and the bank will be on lock down to prevent you from
going anywhere. Take Jessica to the blue marker, killing anymore security that
comes your way, it should only be one or two more and make her shut off the 
alarm by pressing triangle once in the marker. When she has turned it off
retake her as a hostage and begin to head for the exit.

Instead of heading to the door, stand next to the counter directly across from
the door and wait with your rifle equipped and pointed in the doorway. A team
of SWAT will rush the door and into the bank and try and surround you to take
you out. However, you can mow them all down as they are entering the door with
the above method. Some of them might slip in as you are reloading, but if you
have killed the majority of them, they will be easy to pick off.

Once SWAT has been taken care of, resume your objective of taking Jessica to
her car. Sprint to it to cut down on time and to avoid any cops outside trying
to take pot shots at you. You may be hit once or twice but that's fine. Take
the hits, better you than Jessica cause she can't survive many and if she dies
you fail the mission. Run her to the back end of her car and press triangle to
toss her into the trunk of it.

Now that she is in the trunk, your character will automatically get in the car
and its time for a chase. Your objective is to get to the University Arena. 
Which is a good drive from your current location with the cops following you.
There is a Forgive And Forget on the way, so if you are having trouble, swing
through it to lose the heat. The meter will slowly rise back up over time
but being so close to the Arena, you should make it there with it only filling
back up to 1 Star, maybe even none.

Follow your GPS to the Arena. You can damage the car to an extent, but if it 
gets too damaged or destroyed, you will fail the mission, so, try and drive 
as good as possible. I know that can be annoying to do with the cops on you, 
but its possible. Jessica's car has pretty good grip so turning sharp corners
can be quite easily done.

Since you will have 3 Stars, that means SWAT is still involved. They will not 
give chase, but they will set up road blocks with their vans. You can see 
these in the distant if you are driving towards one. SWAT will be on the 
ground, firing in your direction. You can easily avoid the blocks by swerving 
around them or taking another path. I would not advise trying to plow through
them as Jessica's car does not have the pushing power to do this and maintain
a decent speed. Be mindful to watch traffic, both oncoming and in your lane
as when a cop car with their siren on nears, they will pull over and sometimes
that means they will pull over right in your direction and if you are right
behind one, it can make avoiding them somewhat difficult. When you arrive
at the location, pull into the blue marker to end the mission.

A cutscene will now play of Maero and another person in a Monster Truck
competition, that he mentioned back in "First Impressions" to Donnie. Unknown
to Maero, Jessica's car, with her in the trunk, was added to the end of the
cars to be crushed and Maero lands directly on the car, crushing it and his
own girlfriend inside the trunk. The woman responsible for this will approach
Maero, clapping in approval, Maero will threaten to kill her, in which she
will respond that he wont and then toss him to keys to Jessica's car and tells
him to check the trunk. As he does so, she disappears from the Arena.

Reward(s): $3,000, Ezpata

Newspaper: Kidnapping Turns Gruesome
A monster truck rally turned into a nightmare for spectators as the Ultor Dome
as a woman was found crushed to death in the trunk of a car used in the show.
The woman found dead matches the description of a woman kidnapped from the
Barrio earlier in the day. The kidnapper was allowed to escape with the woman
by holding her as a human shield, but officials are adamant there was no way
they could have known what was going to happen. Reports that the woman was the
girlfriend of Brotherhood gang leader Maero have yet to be confirmed.
VIb6. Mission: Thank You And Goodnight! (THNKUNGHT)
The mission opens up with Pierce, Shaundi, and The Boss siting at a table. The
boss looks like something is troubling her and Shaundi will comment on this by
saying she is being too hard on herself and Pierce will follow up by trying
to cheer her up. Turns out she wasn't able to ask about the shipment because
she was so focused on revenge. Its suggested that Donnie might know, but being
man handled twice already, they would have cut him out of anything going on.
Pierce will suggest their tattoo artist, but Shaundi cuts him off as he gets
"tat" out and says what he was going to say. Its decided to go after Matt and
The Boss and Pierce head off together.

Depending on the voice you've chosen for the character, the next part can make
sense or not. Male Voice 1 will indicate that the fireworks truck you are
going to get is Matt's, which would be supplying the concert with their flashy
pyrotechnics. Other voices if I remember correctly just state that they are
going to steal a truck. Anyway, get in the nearest vehicle and head towards
the spot following the GPS layout. Note that your Brotherhood Notoriety is
filling up, it will reach a maximum of 2 and stay there. The place where the 
truck is, is not far from the Saint's Hideout. In fact, its closer than the 
bank in "Bank Error In Your Favor". 

When you arrive at the location, you will have to take out 12 Brotherhood
members who are guarding the fireworks truck. Do so by speeding around the
area and running them over or by getting out and gunning them down, either
method works, but in my opinion, running them down is quicker as they are
spread out in the area. Some might hide between crates, so, if they do, gun
them down via drive-by or by getting out and shooting them. Be cautious as
one of the Brotherhood members has a stash of Pipe Bombs which may be able
to destroy your vehicle in one go if it lands directly on it and explodes.
Once all of the Brotherhood are dead, head over to the fireworks truck.

Now its time to defend the truck. It has a health bar and its your job to
make sure it doesn't fully deplete. You will be riding in the back of the
truck and your only choice of weapon is the fireworks on board. You can 
throw them two distances, short by tapping L2 or far by taping R2. The
Brotherhood Notoriety gauge has now increased to three. Throw fireworks at
them or on the road for them to drive over and explode. The fireworks have
about a 3 second delay before exploding, unless they make direct contact with
another vehicle. Also note that your Police Notoriety will also increase.

If a Brotherhood vehicle or a Five-O is right on your tail, don't be afraid
to chuck a firework right on them as your truck will seemingly take no or
very little damage from the explosion. Pierce will also put on the most
fitting music for destruction. He will switch the station to 102.4 Klassic FM.
Your character will question Pierce and his musical tastes. Note that even
though you are not able to reach the radio dial, for some reason, you can
still change the radio station to something more your style. In my case its
The Krunch 106.66.

The destination is in the Arena District so its quite the drive from the
starting position of the truck. At one point three Brotherhood members will
give chase on motorcycles. I believe this is the only time you will actually
see them use a motorcycle, which is cool, as they do look like they could
be a biker gang also. Keep an eye on your GPS for any red dots that suddenly
appear and be ready to act accordingly. Most of the time you will see them
coming before they appear on the GPS though. 

If they are coming from far away and you can see them, time it and hit R2 so
it'll explode as they are passing by the explosive or right as they roll over 
it. If they are coming from the side, which will be indicated by the red dots 
on the GPS, wait for them to come into view and tap L2 to toss it at them. You 
are more than likely to receive a flat tire by the time you reach the concert 
but don't worry about it too much as Pierce is quite the good driver, as are
most of the NPCs in the game. Pierce and your character will make small talk
here and there along the drive as well.

When Pierce pulls into the area, he will tell you to get in there as the
concert has started and the mission will end. Whether its at the end of the
show or during it, she will rush the stage and attack Matt, his band will try
and help him, but she will pull a gun on them and clear the area by firing
into the air. After beating Matt around some, he will finally say that he
knows the shipment will be coming in by boat, but that's all he knows. She
will then place his hand over a hole on the stage and hold it there by 
pressing her foot down on his wrist, she then triggers the fireworks, which
burst down a line eventually to where his hand is, severely burning it and
ending his music career.

Reward(s): $3,500, Copperton, Brotherhood Fighting Style

Newspaper: Feed Dogs Concert Hailed "Best Ever"
Doctors are not optimistic that the lead guitarist for the Feed Dogs will ever
play again after a misused pyrotechnic seared his hand earlier today. After
leading Brotherhood members on a wild chase through the city, witnesses say
members of the Third Street Saints stormed the stage and assaulted the band
before the leader scared everyone out of the area.
VIb7. Mission: Retribution (RTRBTN)
The mission begins with her in a strip club, trying to relax and just enjoy
the time to herself for once. Of course, it doesn't last long as Pierce
arrives to inform her that The Brotherhood are running rampant in their
territory. Pierce also tells her that the cops have showed up due to the sheer
amount of chaos the Brotherhood are causing.

Once you have control of your character, head to the nearest car and get in
it. There are four red targets on the map. Two in Copperton, one in Encanto
and the final one in Charlestown. Since the two in Copperton are closest, we
will go there first. Open up your map with the select button and set a GPS
way point for the target in Copperton at the Brown Baggers liquor store. Once
you have it set, follow the GPS to the it. Once you arrive, you will see a
Compensator parked near the store, pull up in the parking lot, get out, and
head into the store.

Your objective here is to kill the Brotherhood members inside, but also
protect the store owner and stop the Brotherhood from doing $1,000 worth of
damage to the store. so, rush in and kill the Lieutenant with one of your
weapons. I would suggest not using a shotgun or a thrown weapon as you may
end up hitting the shopkeeper by mistake. Once you have taken care of the
Lieutenant, feel free to leave the store, even if other Brotherhood members
are in it, as your objective here has been reached. Of course, you could
always kill them all if you feel like it. Checkpoint reached.

Open your map and set a GPS way point to the next target in Copperton, which
is right down the road from your current location. You will most likely have 
a Notoriety level of 2 with the Brotherhood now, so, now and then, they will 
ride up in their trucks to try to stop you. Outside the liquor store, get 
into your vehicle of choice and head to the location. Once you arrive, you
will notice the police have the Lieutenant and several other members up
against the wall. Instead of getting out of your vehicle, simply park on the
street, aim for the Brotherhood member with a flashing red arrow over his head
and take him out. Most likely, this will shoot your Brotherhood Notoriety up
to 3 and also give a Cop Notoriety of 1. Checkpoint reached.

The Encanto target is closest, but I usually save that one for last, so, open
your map and set a way point for Charlestown. Don't set it directly where the
red target is, as this one is a moving target. When you arrive in the area
you will be informed to stop the Brotherhood from torching the docks. They are
in a truck, riding around the Docks & Warehouse District throwing Molotov
Cocktails out periodically, so, don't drive directly behind them. Instead of
giving a direct chase to them, drive around and try to cut them off at a pass
if you can, if not, chase them directly and fire at them with your equipped
SMG. Between the Molotov Cocktails and the Brotherhood chasing and shooting
at you, you may have to switch vehicles. Continue to pelt the truck full of
bullets until it explodes or you can always try your best to headshot the 
Lieutenant in the truck. Once he is dead another checkpoint wlll be reached.

If you need to switch vehicles, wait for a Brotherhood group to roll up and
steal their Legion and head for the next location. You can set a way point if
you wish, or you can just simply follow the red target, as it will be on the
map regardless if you are near it or not. If you drive by the spot of the 
second Lieutenant, where the police line up was, you will regain a 1 Star
rating with the police.

The Lieutenant you need to kill here is on top of a large building that acts
as a parking garage, so, enter it and drive up and around until you are at the
roof of the building. The Lieutenant will try to drive off, but if you're
good enough or lucky enough, you can head shot him through his windshield
before he hits the jump, if he does, simply follow him and you'll register a
Stunt Jump and chase him, shooting at his vehicle until it blows. Once you
have killed him, the mission will be complete.

A cutscene will play with Dane Vogel, an employee at Ultor, at his desk and
his secretary will buzz in, saying a "Mister Maero" is here to see him. Maero
eventually charges into the room, breaking down two large double doors and
tells Vogel he is going to get his boys out of jail, he does so, by holding
him outside his window, threatening to drop him. Vogel agrees and phones
the Stilwater Police Department and by threatening to blackmail him, convinces
Troy to let the Brotherhood in prison free, much to the anger of Troy.

Reward(s): $5,000, Encanto

Newspaper: City Descends Into CHAOS!
Stilwater is trying to piece itself back together as the conflict between the
Third Street Saints and the Brotherhood spilled into the streets. Witnesses
reported multiple incidents of Brotherhood members assaulting Saints property
throughout the Barrio. Numerous shops were destroyed in the resulting chaos,
and even the police were unable to prevent the fighting from escalating before
the Saints apparently gained the upper hand and forced the Brotherhood members
from the area.
VIb8. Mission: Jail Bait (JLBT)
Well, it looks like Maero got his way. As she is walking by a store, she will
notice a news report on the TV in the store window playing about the members
of the Brotherhood being allowed to be free. Jane will interview Troy about
it and he seems very angry in his response for her to go ask Ultor the deal.
Dane will simply pass it off as a simple act of pointing fingers at the big
corporations, due to Ultor having a lot of money and being responsible for
the restoration of Saints Row as well as funding the police force. 

When you have control of your character, head to your vehicle and get in and
quickly head to the buses location. They will be traveling together in a line
so you can easily pick each one off. If you take too long, they will begin to
part ways and go down different paths, which is bad as you have to destroy
each bus before they reach a certain destination. You're going to want a good
SMG for this. I would suggest the GAL 43 if you have it and if not the SKR-9
Threat. Cruise control can be helpful here to those that use it, however, I
myself don't use it that much and rely on my own driving and such.

Notice where the three red targets are and gun for them, using any short cuts
you can to reach them all the quicker. I would suggest starting from the bus
at the very back and work your way up from there. Once a bus catches fire
don't bother with shooting it anymore and move onto the next one, as the one
on fire will blow soon enough. Once all three are blown, you will get a rating
of two on both Brotherhood and Cop Notoriety. Checkpoint reached.

Pierce will call her and inform her that they are moving more members of the
Brotherhood by boat. You have two options here. Head to the airport and get
an aircraft to take them out or on the way to the airport, there will be a
boat at the nearby docks. I've never gotten the aircraft, so, I will cover 
the boat path. Most likely your GPS will lead you to the boat anyway, so, 
follow it to it and just ignore the cops and Brotherhood chasing you.

Once you arrive, get out and sprint to the boat and get in it. Once you are
in it, the objective to destroy the prison boats pops up. You have four boats
to take care of. From your current location head in the direction the boat is
facing and out under the bridge. Keep your camera positioned so you can see
to your right and just ride the boat straight while curving to the right now
and then. Alternatively, you can just drive straight towards the Nuclear
Plant. Once you are able to see the first two boats, let go of the X button
and let your boat come to a stop and begin shooting at either one, once you
see it has caught fire, begin targeting the next one. 

You are in a position to where all four boats are coming in your general 
direction, so you should not have to give chase. Your Brotherhood Notoriety 
will shoot up to 4, but there is nothing to worry about as they will not come 
at you out on the water. Once you destroy the third boat, a cop on a jet ski
may pull up behind you, simply target him/her and take a shot or two at their
head to get rid of them, then focus on the incoming fourth boat. Once it blows
you will have passed the mission.

Maero will once again charge into Dane's office and begin his threats once
again. Dane will respond to this quite calmly and basically shrug off Maero's
threats. Maero states that he needs some fresh air to remind him that his
problems are Dane's problems, in which case Dane responds by saying Maero's
problems is that he has a security team with assault rifles pointed at his
back. As Maero is leaving, Dane will say that the Brotherhood shipment coming
in has been secured by Ultor as compensation for getting his boys out of jail.

Reward(s): $7,500, Huntersfield

Newspaper: Freed Inmates Wish They'd Stay In Jail
Former members of the Brotherhood have learned the hard way that freedom isn't
free. Shortly after receiving a full pardon from the city, Brotherhood members
being escorted from the prison island to the mainland were assaulted by
members of the Third Street Saints. It's unclear why the Saints assaulted the
Brotherhood, but it is assumed to be in retaliation for recent attacks by the
Brotherhood on Saints controlled property. No survivors have been reported.

Optional: If you haven't done so already, I would really suggest doing all 5
of the Hitman lists so you can have unlimited rifle ammo, which will be a 
great asset in the upcoming mission. As well as getting the perk of Health
Regeneration 3X. If not, make sure you have your 4 food slots full with 75%
healing items and make sure you buy as much ammo as you can for all your guns.
VIb9. Mission: The Enemy Of My Enemy (ENMYOFENMY)
Before going to the mission marker to accept this mission I really suggest
recruiting as many homies as you possibly can at this point. You should be
able to have 2 with you currently. Whether its by phone or just generic Saints
off the streets, it doesn't matter, just as long as you have some extra fire
power and if you have done Mayhem on the Nuclear Plant to level 6 and have
the Annihilator RPG, bring it along. Also, note that the mission marker wont 
appear until Shaundi calls her and tells her to meet at Adam's Arcade.

Shaundi invited her there so they could play skee-ball, as Shaundi states that
all the gang work has the boss stressed out. She will ask Shaundi about the
shipment while the two play the game and Shaundi will inform her that some big
guy with tattoos was asking about a shipment coming in. Confused as to why he
would ask about his own shipment, she questions this and Shaundi says that it
possibly got delayed.

Pierce will call her after the cutscene and say he has some more dirt on the
shipment, she'll tell him to hold for a moment as she has another call coming
in. It turns out to be Shaundi and she will tell her what Pierce was going to
tell her, in which case Pierce will scream into the phone about he was the one
who told Shaundi about it and she will just pass it off as him trying to make
himself look good. After the phone calls, head for one of the three blue
targets on the map. Follow your GPS to them. I'm not sure if it matters or not
but one of them is on the roof of a hotel that you purchase a crib from, so,
I'm not 100% sure if you need the crib before you can access it, but I always
have the crib bought before this mission anyway, so, its the one I always

Once you have gotten an aircraft, a new destination will appear. Simply follow
your GPS straight to it. Its a freighter out in the middle of the ocean. As
you get closer to the marker, you will notice a lot of red blips showing up on
the radar. They are with Ultor. Be careful with your landing, as one or two of 
the  Ultor guys has a RPG, so, be quick with your landing or if you're 
cautious about that, jump out near the freighter so you land in the ocean and 
can just swim to one of the stairways on the side of the boat and go up that 
way. Once you are on the boat, you will have to take out all of the Ultor 
members on the boat. A total of 18. 

Once you have eliminated a total of 13 on the deck of the freighter, you will
have to head down into the hull, which is indicated by a blue marker. Head
down into the hull and take out the first one who should have his back turned
to you and be completely unaware of your presence, then charge into the room
across from him and take out the remaining four. Once  all are down, a 
cutscene plays with her opening up a crate and seeing a ton of guns. Shaundi 
will call and ask if she is okay and then inform her a lot of Brotherhood are 
on their way, the boat will be rocked by an explosion shortly after and a 
crate with a stash of rocket launchers will fall down and she will state she 
is no longer worried about the incoming Brotherhood. Checkpoint reached.

If you don't have unlimited rifle ammo, you will for this mission. There are
two markers in the hull, one with an unlimited stash of rifle ammo and one
with an unlimited stash of rockets, which helps out in this mission from this
point on. A group of Brotherhood will arrive at the boat, a few will actually
appear inside the room with the ammo stashes, so, wait for them and take them
out. Once they are taken care of, head up top, taking out any Brotherhood
members that have come through the door to charge you. Once you are outside
be careful, as there are explosive barrels all around and a lot of Brotherhood
members firing at you. A stray bullet from them may hit a barrel near you and
send you flying from the explosion. Of course, you can also use these barrels
to your advantage as well.

If your partners wind up dying revive them. You don't have to revive them
immediately as they will be on a timer, so, take care of yourself and when the
general area near you is cleared, then focus on reviving them. If they are
hit by an explosion and thrown from the boat into the water, dive in after
them and revive them. They aren't needed but they will pull some Brotherhood
off you and force them to fire at them as well as being able to take out
enemies for you. So, all in all, they are nice to have along on this mission.

Don't worry about the helicopters flying around the boat, they do nothing
towards you except drop off a group of Brotherhood members when they first
arrive at the boat. Other than that, they do not fire at you or anything, so
completely ignore them until all the Brotherhood on the boat are down. Once
they are down, concentrate on shooting the helicopters out of the sky. This
is where the Annihilator RPG would come in handy, as with a regular RPG you
would have a hard time hitting them as they are flying about, however, they
do make small stops during their flight. If you do not have the Annihilator
and are bad with the RPG, feel free to take out your rifle or SMG and unload
on it until it catches fire and goes down. Note that sometimes the Brotherhood
member flying the helicopter will survive the crash and be swimming around.
If so, head down the stair way and pick him off.

Once all the enemies have been taken care of and if you don't have unlimited
rifle ammo, feel free to run back down to the stash and collect some more as
well as some more rockets. If you feel confident in your current ammo count
then just wait around on the deck as another, larger, wave of Brotherhood are
incoming. If you can, try and take out any of the incoming boats. Its hard to
do with a rocket launcher, but if you've got the Annihilator, it'll be cake.
Of course, if you don't have the Annihilator, as said, simply use whatever
rifle you have. You should be able to take out at least one boat before they
reach the cargo ship. Once they arrive, stay at your current position and just
take them down as they come to you, once they are down, concentrate on the 
helicopters and then wait once more as another wave is incoming.

Return to the ammo stash if needed and then make your way back up to the deck
of the cargo ship. If you didn't go down to the deck, feel free to try and
take out another incoming boat or eve an incoming helicopter. This wave of
Brotherhood is much larger than the previous two. However, my same strategy
from above applies. Stay in your position and let them come to you. Once they
are taken care of take out all the helicopters and then pick off any that
survived the crash. Once you survive the third and final wave, she will call
Shaundi and tell her to get the Saints over there, as they need to move the

Also note that several Brotherhood customized vehicles are around the area 
after the mission is over. You have jet skis, boats, and even a helicopter 
that they were using has spawned on the deck of the ship. If you'd like to add 
any to your collection, take it and stash it in the appropriate garage. I 
personally take the Brotherhood's helicopter.

Reward(s): $12,500, Fox Drive

Newspaper: Weapons Shipment Hijacked
A cargo ship carrying heavy weapons for Ultor's security forces was hijacked
earlier by the Third Street Saints, and officials aren't releasing any details
as to how exactly it happened. The Saints commandeered the vessel shortly
before it was scheduled to arrive in port, forcing a massive contingency of
Ultor forces to attempt to retake it. Unfortunately for Ultor, the armaments
on board the ship proved more than capable of holding off an assault, and the
Saints escaped with the weapons in tow. Ultor's Dane Vogel declined to comment
for this story.
VIb10. Mission: The Siege (THSGE)
The mission begins with the Saints checking out their new hardware and she
will say she is glad they like the "present" from the Brotherhood and then
she gives a small speech about its time to take Maero out. You will be given
two homies for this mission automatically. Get in the nearest car and then
follow the GPS to the location as the Brotherhood Notoriety meter rises at
a steady pace. It will most likely reach 3 as you are nearing the marker.
Once you arrive at the marker, don't get out of your car just yet. Take note
that you wont be alone with just you and the two homies, as more and more
Saints will ride into the area to join in on the fight. Its an all out war.
Checkpoint reached as you drive into the blue marker.

Still in your car, drive to where all the red targets are and then hop off and
proceed on foot as a few members of the Brotherhood in this area have RPGs and
that is never good when it comes to a vehicle. There are 10 Brotherhood 
members to take out and they are spread out. Take out the first one you come 
across which should be one with an RPG, he will be on the roof of a building. 
Take him out and then head down the stairs that leads to that building and to 
the right where another Brotherhood member is on a walk way near the water. 
Take him out and proceed left from his location and follow the broken concrete
to the next Brotherhood member, who will be in front of a set of stairs. 3 
down and 7 to go.

Be careful while on foot also as you will most likely have a Notoriety rating
of 4 by now, in which case, the Brotherhood will try to run you over before
getting out of their trucks to shoot at you. There is plenty of stuff to hide
behind or even climb on top of to avoid getting rammed. Head up the stairs
and the next one will be right across from you, behind a set of crates, so run
around them and fill him with holes. After the fourth one is down, head south
from his location to another set of them, one on the left near the wall of a
building, take him out once you can. The nearest one from the last one is on
a roof directly across from his location, this one has a RPG so take him out
and take cover behind something if you need to. Four more to go.

The closest one from the one with the RPG is directly south from him on a
stack of crates, which leaves him an open target. He most likely will have
a shotgun in his possession which begs the question as to why he would be
on a stack of crates, as shotguns are close range firearms. So, take him out
from afar to prevent any damage being done to yourself. Continue your way
south and take out the next Brotherhood member who should be next to a stack
of crates, you can most likely take him out before he is aware of you. That
leaves 2 left. Simply follow the building with numbers on it to the next
two targets. They should be together so take them out in one go. Checkpoint

Now its time to enter the warehouse. The last two Brotherhood members you
kill are on the ground floor of said warehouse, so, go through the nearest
door and then head for the door marked "1" it will have some stairs, so,
ascend them. Ignore Door 2 as your destination is still above. Pass through
the doorway that has the marker on it, some Saints will already be here in
a gunfight with Brotherhood members. Feel free to help your gang out. Once
the gunfight is over, proceed across the wooden plank to the other side and
proceed through the building, making your way to the next marker that is
in front of Door 3. Head up the stairs and through Door 4.

Another gunfight is happening here so join in on the action and help your
gang out as you make your way to the next marker that is located down the
hall. As you turn the corner around the crates, even more fighting is going
on. Take them out and head into the room with the plants, taking out any
Brotherhood members in here. At the back of the room is a door way with
a set of stairs through it, head up them and join in on another gun fight.

Follow the path around, taking out any Brotherhood members that charge your
way and eventually make your way to Door 5. Kick it open and head up some
more stairs and then through Door 6 into an empty room with another door
marked as 6 on the other side. Approach the marker in front of it and you
will head up to the roof where Maero is waiting with a Mini-Gun. Note that
your homies will be removed from your party at this point. Checkpoint reached.

Things to take note of for this fight. The Mini-Gun Maero has is extremely
powerful and can dwindle your health to zero in little to no time, so, take
note of your surroundings, you can hide behind the metal things on the roof
until he has to reload, then pop out and shoot him and then hide until he
has to reload again. The metal things can be destroyed by Maero's Mini-Gun
though so keep that in mind. Another thing to note is an explosion will
stun Maero momentarily, allowing you to take shots. In front of where you
start the fight at is a stash of hand grenades available for you if you don't
already have some form of explosive. The final thing to note is that Maero
will, like any other person in the game, take extra damage if you manage to
hit him in the head.

With the above notes, you should be able to take Maero down with relative
ease. Only fire at him when he is not firing his Mini-Gun as to shoot at him
you need to be in the open, in which case he can fill you full of lead before
you even get his health bar down halfway. One final thing to note is that
Brotherhood Members will sometimes charge up on the roof you are on to try
and take you down. This has happened to me a few times, but not all the time.

Once Maero's life bar has been depleted that ends the mission. As she nears
Maero to finish him off, he will throw his Mini-Gun at her and then rush her
as she takes the time out to dodge the large gun. Maero will beat her pretty
badly and then both will fall off the roof to the ground floor where Matt and
Donnie were. Donnie will run away and the fight continues to ensue with her 
eventually gaining the upper hand until Matt interferes, allowing Maero to 
escape at the cost of his own life as she kills him by smashing his skull in 
with a brick.

Reward(s): $25,000, Stoughton, Mini-Gun

Newspaper: Saints Cripple Brotherhood
Another tragic twist has unfolded in the saga of the Feed Dogs, as their
former lead guitarist--and renowned Brotherhood tattoo artist--Matt was
killed today. The Third Street Saints assaulted the headquarters of the
Brotherhood in what was the bloodiest battle yet between the rival gangs. 
The body count continues to skyrocket and officials are left scratching their
heads as to when the violence will end.
VIb11. Mission: Showdown (SHWDWN)
Please note that you will not be able to do this mission if you have not yet
done the Brotherhood strongholds. Once you finish all four of the strongholds
then the mission will become available. Maero will phone your number and tell
you to get to the Ultor Dome, the same place he took part in the Monster Truck
competition, as its time to end it. The cutscene plays as she enters the arena
and once she is in, the door behind her closes and Maero will say he didn't
think she would show in which she will respond she's surprised he came alone.
He will retort that he never said he'd be alone and head lights will fill the
arena as she is surrounded on all sides by big trucks. She will turn around to
come face to face with Maero in his monster truck.

When you have control of your character, you will be behind a stone structure.
This can prevent you from being ran over by enemy trucks. Maero is your target
and is the only one on the GPS that has an icon. You will need a lot of ammo
to take him out or several rockets. His truck is built sturdy and can take a
pounding. Take note of the ground you start on. There are rocket launchers
scattered across, but that means you need to leave the safety of your wall to
go out and retrieve them. I would suggest equipping your current Shotgun as
it can take out a vehicle in just a few shots and take out any of the vehicles
near your current location so you can sprint out and collect the rockets and
then return to your location or go down into the trench where Maero is driving

Take aim and fire a rocket or two, from wherever you are. His truck is big
so you should hit it most of the time. If you decided to go down in the trench
with him, make sure to fire the rockets and then sprint to either side to
avoid being run over by Maero. Maero will sometimes drive up to your location
and try and run you over from there, however, his Monster Truck is too large
to actually fit around the stone structure and hit you, so, he will just drive
off and back down into the trench and start circling the arena once again.
Continue to take shots at Maero with rockets while taking care of any other
trucks that try and stop you. Conserve rockets for Maero's truck and take out
others with the shotgun. 

A funny thing to note is that sometimes when Maero drives up to the stone
wall thing, when he is going off the cliff, you can jump in the back of his
Monster Truck, on the bed, and crouch down and watch him drive like a mad man
to try and throw you from it. He will mainly do so by driving in reverse and
in a circular motion while in reverse, in which case, you can fire at him from
the bed of his truck.

Once you destroy Maero's truck a cutscene will play with him crawling out of 
the destroyed vehicle, however, unlike last time, he doesn't seem able to
muster up the strength to fight back and is at the mercy of her. His parting
words to her are "Go to Hell" before she fires a bullet into his head and
then leaves the arena, bringing an end to the Brotherhood.

Reward(s): $50,000, Little Shanghai, Maero's Atlasbreaker, Brotherhood 
Vehicles (Swindle, Alaskan, Legion, Compensator), Brotherhood Personality
(Taunts & Compliments), Pierce

Newspaper: Ultor Arena Holds Bloodbath
The gang known as the Brotherhood of Stilwater came to a bloody end today, as
its leader Maero was found dead in the Ultor Arena. No eye-witnesses were left
alive, but reports from around the neighborhood suggest a person matching the
description of the leader of the Saints was seen entering the Arena shortly
before the presumed time of Maero's death. Calls to the Phillips Building
regarding what occurred in their facility were not immediately returned.
VIb12. Stronghold: Sommerset Apartments (SMRSTAPRT)
You will be briefed on this Stronghold by Shaundi. She will inform you that
the reason the Sons of Samedi don't have full control of the university, its
because the Brotherhood have control of the southern housing. They supply
drugs, prostitution, anything the college kids may want. When she is finished
briefing you, she will inform you to take out the Brotherhood so the Saints
can have that territory for themselves. You will begin this stronghold with
a rating of 2 on Brotherhood Notoriety.

When you have control of your character. Get back into your car and head to
the location the GPS is pointing to. Or, you can run the distance as it is a
very short distance. When arrive, a red target appears, pointing up. Now, it
can be easy to get confused on which apartment to run up as they are so close
together, but, the best thing to do is see if a Brotherhood member is on the
ground next to the stairs. It doesn't always mean that's the one you are going
for, as on one of the later target areas, one of the Brotherhood members is
standing at the stairs on the opposite building. 

Anyway, when you find the right building take out the first Brotherhood member
on the ground and then head up the stairs to the top floor, while taking out
any Brotherhood members that are on the ground or stairways. A funny thing to
note is at this location, sometimes you may be helped out by a cop. If you
happen to hear one, and don't have a Star, cease firing and allow the cop to
get in on the action until he/she is dead or leaves the area. Its a nice way
to conserve ammo if you don't have unlimited ammo. 

When you get to the top floor be careful as there is a Brotherhood member on 
your right with a RPG and that can spell death for you if he nails you with it
and happens to send you over the railing, that is a long fall, especially 
after being hit with a rocket and set on fire, only to fall 3 stories down.
This is of course if you don't have the perk of taking no damage from falls.
Take him out and proceed to the left where there is an accessible door. But
you can also see through the window, so, take the Brotherhood in the room out 
through the window as you can shoot it away. One batch of Brotherhood down,
two more to go.

Head back down to the ground and take out any Brotherhood members that have
gathered there due to the two wolf heads and feel free to take one of their
trucks if you decided to run to this location, however, as the next location
isn't very far, you could just run to it as well. Follow the GPS to it. Once
you arrive, kill the Brotherhood on the ground and head up stairs to the
second floor and proceed to take the ones out in the room the same as the
last one. You may have to go and open the door to get one, as sometimes the
ones here like to stand next to it.

Once you clear this one out, return to the ground and this time get a vehicle
as the next location on the GPS is up the road and it can be slow getting
there on foot with the Brotherhood chasing you. When you arrive, and if you
plowed through the fencing to get there, the apartment building you are going
for is on the right side. Kill the Brotherhood on the ground and any that have
followed you there and head up to the second floor and once again, take them
out via the window. Checkpoint reached.

Your next objective appears on screen and that is to destroy the Brotherhood's
mobile drug lab. Its indicated on the map as a red target and a GPS lay out
will also lead you to it. When you have the Buffalo in your sights, pelt it
full of bullets from your pistol or SMG or toss a grenade at it in hopes to
taking it out that way. However you choose to do it, blow it up. Even if you
kill the Brotherhood members in it, you will still have to blow it up, so,
just aim for the Buffalo itself. Hope it was off the endangered list or we
may be in serious trouble. When it blows, you will have completed this

Reward(s): $1,000, Sommerset

Newspaper: Violence In Sommerset Rises
Students living in Sommerset hoping to get away from the commotion of campus
life were in for a rude awakening as the Third Street Saints and Brotherhood
engaged in a brutal gun fight that raged on between multiple apartment
VIb13. Stronghold: Imperial Square Pagodas (IMPRLSQRPGD)
The briefing for this Stronghold comes from Pierce. He states the Brotherhood
aren't exactly tacticians but they know getting paid without doing anything is
a great thing. Pierce will state that the Saints should get some of that too
and suggest taking Chinatown over. You will start this Stronghold with a 
rating of 2 on Brotherhood Notoriety. Your objective in this stronghold is
to wreck items in a specified area to lure the shopkeeper out and then scare
them by beating them around a little so they pay you for protection. Along
the way, Brotherhood will try and stop you from doing so.

When you have control of your character, get in your vehicle of choice and
head to the first location. Instead of getting out of your vehicle and taking
shots at the items in the area, just ram your car into everything to make it
go faster. Take out any Brotherhood in area while doing so and any that happen
to ride up. When the meter in the top left corner is full, get out of your 
vehicle and wait for the shopkeeper to appear, switch to your fists and beat 
him/her until they surrender. It should only take one combo and a stomp to 
make them give in.

Now return to your vehicle and head to the next location as laid out by your
GPS. Take out the Brotherhood in the shops area and then proceed to wreck the
place with your vehicle or if you want, with your guns. It doesn't really
matter, but I myself wreck them with vehicles. Once you have done the required
amount of damage, head over to the red target icon and scare this shop owner
as well and then return to your vehicle.

Now head for the next destination on the GPS which should be directly across
the street from the last location, just located around a building. Proceed to
kill the Brotherhood in the area and then go about causing mayhem in the
radius of the store. This area seems to fill up faster than the previous two. 
Note that this shop owner may possibly have a knife, but that's nothing you 
can't handle. You've survived worse after all. Once he/she has been scared, 
return to your vehicle and set out for the next destination.

Simply follow your GPS like always. You may want to get out of your vehicle
at this location and destroy stuff via guns as there are a couple of fireworks
crates in the area and if you hit them with your car, they will blow up and
do damage to it or possibly blow it up with you inside it. Take out the
Brotherhood in the area and then do what you have been doing, causing mayhem
in the radius of the store. When the meter has been filled, head to the store
owner that has appeared and issue a beat down. Checkpoint reached.

Shaundi will call and inform you that the guy in charge of the protection
racket for the Brotherhood owns the Pagoda Hotels, so, scare him and everyone
will fold and pay protection money to the Saints instead. Get in your vehicle
and head to the location following your GPS layout. Now is where those two
wolf heads come into play. Well, three now, as its gone up by one. Up until 
now, no Brotherhood have come at you in trucks, well, they will now.

When you arrive, there will be a lot of red blips around the building. I
wouldn't focus on taking all of them out, just the ones guarding the front
doors, as you need to go inside the building anyway. So, once you take them
out and are inside, take out the Brotherhood members in the building and then
go for the shop owner. The shop owner will have a gun, but the same method
applies as before, do not kill him. Beat him with your fists until he submits.
When his life bar falls a little under the halfway mark is when he will. Once
he gives in, you will have completed this Stronghold.

Reward(s): $2,000, Imperial Square

Newspaper: Shop Owners Caught In Crossfire
The victims of the latest struggle between the Brotherhood and the Saints were
the shop owners of Chinatown. Not satisfied with killing each other, the two
gangs took to the street, muscling business owners who can barely afford rent,
let alone protection money.
VIb14. Stronghold: Poseidon Alley Docks (PSDNALYDCK)
Your informant for this stronghold will be Pierce. He will state he had one
of his boys watch Donnie's garage after you shook him down for information and
will say that Maero went to check on him but then went to the docks to set
up some kind of business and a bunch of Brotherhood are going to be going to
the meeting place. Your objective will to be to infiltrate and find out the
location by hijacking a nearby Compensator and then following another to the

So, when you have control of your character, head across the street to where
the Compensator is located, kill the Brotherhood around it and for once, this
will not increase the Notoriety at all. Once you have taken care of the 
Brotherhood around the truck, climb in the big boy and head down to the street
and wait for the other truck to come by, once they have done so, pull out and
follow them. They will be driving as fast and as recklessly as possible, so,
drive as fast you can to keep up with them. If you fall behind some, you will
have a short amount of time to get back within the radius indicated on the GPS
or you will have lost them, even if you can still see them directly on your
screen. Despite these trucks being huge, they sure can move fast. 

By the time you arrive to the location, the truck you were following will be
pretty banged up as far as looks go. Was he drunk? Did he decide not to wear
his glasses today while driving? Maybe he just didn't care? It doesn't matter
really, as him plowing through traffic instead of swerving around it benefits
you in not having to avoid the traffic.

Once you arrive, a new objective appears and that is to kill the Brotherhood
members at the meeting place. As the four in the truck are running into the 
building, notice an explosive barrel they will pass. Shoot it and take all
four out in one go. One might survive, but instead of running into the
building, he/she will turn to try and take you out, so, pick them off and then
head up the wooden ramp into the building.

This area is full of large metal crates that Brotherhood can hide behind and
even in between, which they will do. However, there are also lots of explosive
barrels in the area as well to give you an advantage. Of course, you could
always rely on your GPS to pinpoint enemy locations. All the targets you are
after are on the top floor of the building, so, find the stairs, which should
be somewhere near the center of the building.

Once you are on the top floor. Head to either side of the building and take
out the group on that side and then head to the next side and send that group
to meet death. Or, alternatively, you can stand at the top of the stairs and
shoot all visible explosive barrels to take out some, then destroy any wooden
crates they are hiding behind by shooting them. This only applies to the group
on the North end of the building, as the ones on the south end have stacks of
wood that can't be destroyed by gun fire. When all 12 Brotherhood Members are
dead, that completes this stronghold.

Reward(s): $5,000, Poseidon Alley

Newspaper: Poseidon Alley A Haven For Drug Smugglers!
A clandestine drug deal between the Brotherhood and an unknown third party was
broken up as the Third Street Saints waged open war against their rivals.
VIb15. Stronghold: Wardill Airport Hangars (WRDLARHNG)
The briefing for this stronghold will come from Shaundi. She will say that
she found out Richie, who she used to date, was holding, so, she stopped by
to enjoy the drugs. He overheard Maero talking with some out of town people
to make some kind of deal. Your first objective for this mission is to wire
the money they are making so you and your gang can profit from it.

Once you have control of your character, head to your right towards the blue
marker in front of the door. Once you get there, kick it open and head into
the hangar. You will receive a level 2 Notoriety with the Brotherhood at this
point. Head to the next door and kick it open and be prepared to open fire
as there will be a member of the Brotherhood coming directly your way once
the second door opens. Once he has bit the dust head in and look for a ramp
that will take you up to the second level of the hangar, which is where the 
computer is located.

As you are going along, you will come across more and more Brotherhood members
so take them out as per the usual. Once you are on the catwalk, follow it
around to the wall and follow the wall around to an open door and head in.
Take out the Brotherhood in here, but be careful with your shots, as you don't
want to destroy the computer. Once the ones in the room have been taken out
approach the computer and begin to transfer the money.

Now you need to defend the computer for one minute. Head to the nearest window
and enter fine aim as Brotherhood are going to storm the area now. From this
location you can take out the ones that are going to be coming from the ground
floor, just target your cursor to the nose of the airplane and readjust your
aim on them when they enter. Others will come in from your right, up the ramp.
Be careful of these as their bullets might fly past you and hit the computer.
Be especially careful of the ones with RPGs, take them out first if you can
see them before they get a shot off. You cannot leave the room, as you have
to be within a certain radius of the computer. Once the minute is up and the
money is transferred, a checkpoint will be reached.

Now Shaundi also said if you are still feeling psychotic enough, you can take
out any remaining Brotherhood and the people they are dealing with. Well, I
guess she still is feeling psychotic, as the next objective is to do just 
that. Head out of the hangar from either door and make your way to the 
location indicted on the GPS. If you happened to pick up a RPG from one of the
ones that had it, or had one yourself, it'll make the next part easier.

Once you are outside, take out the Brotherhood and the guys they are dealing
with first before concentrating on the targets, which are the Brotherhood
trucks. Destroy them with an explosive or shoot them until they explode. Save
your rockets for the part that follows, unless you have a full amount on you,
then feel free. Once the trucks are destroyed, now its time to take out the
airplanes. A rocket will cause it to catch fire, so, one rocket per airplane
and you're good. Take out the first two near you, then run down the runway to
get a good shot at the one trying to take off. Destroy it before it is able to
then target the one near the hangar. Once they are all destroyed, the final
stronghold for the Brotherhood is complete and you will be able to access the
final mission for them.

Reward(s): $10,000, Wardill Airport

Newspaper: Terror On Runways!
Wardill airport was the latest battleground in the struggle between the
Brotherhood and the Saints. Travelers cowered in terror as multiple airplanes
were destroyed on the tarmac...no word has come from Wardill on if the flights
were filled with passengers or not.
Leader: Kazuo Akuji
Second In Command: Shogo Akuji
Lieutenant: Jyunichi

The Ronin is a Japanese-styled gang. Their crimes involve peddling vice 
through gambling, prostitution, street-racing, and protection rackets, 
and their power has reached even into the boardroom of corporations like 
Ultor. The Ronin are like a biker version of the Yakuza, with deeply held 
traditions and honor above all  else. It would seem that possession of a 
katana is appointed after membership, as every member carries one on the 
back of their yellow or black jackets. They are, however, still extremely 
skilled with firearms. The Ronin are also said to be the most powerful Yakuza
in the world.
VIc1. Mission: Saint's Seven (SNTSVN)
Pierce was put in charge of the Ronin's activities and as such, you will be
seeing him quite a bit. The mission starts off with him explaining how the
Saints can take a good sum of money and basically show the Ronin that the
Saints aren't playing around. He made a really elaborate miniature version of
the casino they pull a lot of money from and a really great plan, setting 
it in stone that Pierce is most likely the Saints strategist, despite his 
plans usually being stolen or over ruled as too boring. As he is explaining 
the plan, Johnny asks him why don't they charge in and take everyone out and
take the money that way. Pierce will respond by saying they could and Gat and
her will agree on that being more fun than being sneaky and decide to do it
that way. You are given a dragon head on the Notoriety gauge at the start of
the mission.

When you have control of your character, head to your vehicle of choice and
wait for Gat to get in and then head to the casino following the GPS layout
on the map. Take any short cuts you know of or can see to make the drive
shorter as its quite the distance from the Saint's Hideout. On the way, the
two will talk and she will ask Gat if he knows who is running the Ronin. He
will state its a kid named Shogo Akuji and apparently he spends more time on
his hair than on his bike, but doesn't change the fact that he is ruthless.

When you arrive, the first thing on your GPS you will most likely notice is a
lot of red blips inside the casino. When you walk into the marker in front of
the door, a check point will be reached and your new objective will appear.
That is to take out the 15 Ronin inside the casino. Enter the casino and take
out the first two. They are right near the entrance on the other side of the
wall that you see when you first enter. Now head into the area where all the
game machines are and do what you do best. Be careful not to get caught in
the middle of two or more Ronin as all that gunfire can dwindle your health
pretty fast. Use the columns in the casino to your advantage if you are low
on health.

Once all 15 of the Ronin have been eliminated, its your job to guard Gat while
he plants explosives on the doors. Do so by standing in front of him or by
just running around and gunning each Ronin that appears down. You have to
guard him until the bar in the top left corner is full, as that is how far
along he is. Once he has set the bombs, head to the doors you entered the
casino from to get out of the blast of the bombs. Checkpoint will be reached.

A Mule will arrive and its time to get the money back home. No, not the
hideout. To Aisha's home. So, begin to follow the GPS layout on the map and
as you are leaving the Casino, you will gain 2 Stars and Gat will comment that
its a "big surprise" that the cops were called. Cops coming at you from in
front will swerve into your path to try and make you stop. So, lets see here..
A cop cruiser is going to try and make a large truck made for delivering stuff
stop by swerving in front of it? Ram it out of the way. Anyway, head to the
marked location and pull into the marker to complete the mission.

A cut scene will play with Jyunichi explaining to Shogo about the casino and
Shogo will tell him to relax and that his father will not find out about the
money. He will also tell Jyunichi to speak English as they are in America.
Shogo doesn't seem to be too bothered by the money being stolen either and
he tells Jyunichi to worry about what he tells him to deal with. Jyunichi
being loyal, complies.

Reward(s): $1,000, Centennial Beach

Newspaper: Poseidon's Palace Robbed, Shrimp Night Canceled
Poseidon's Palace was the scene of a deadly robbery today as Johnny Gat and
the leader of the Third Street Saints stormed the casino. The pair apparently
blasted their way to the back of the casino, and then set explosives to crack
the casino safes. The Saints then escaped the casino under a hail of gunfire
before somehow eluding the police.
VIc2. Mission: Laundry Day (LNDRYDY)
The cutscene opens with the three sitting around a table looking at the cash
and Aisha will come in and ask where it came from. Johnny will explain and
Aisha will get upset about it. A news broadcast will begin to play and Jane
will interview Troy about the Third Street Saints involvement, he will say
he doesn't know what he is talking about, despite most likely knowing. After
the news broadcast, it is time to clean the money.

When you have control of your character, Pierce will call and ask her if she
even knows how to launder money. Depending on your voice, there will be more
than one way the conversation goes. With the female voice I'm using she will
reply with a very vague answer and Pierce depressingly says that its not going
to work. Once the conversation is over, get in your vehicle of choice and head
for the used car salesman. Follow the GPS to the location. When you arrive hop
out of your vehicle and approach the man with the blue arrow over his head and
buy the car he is standing next to. Get in it after you do so. New target
appears. Head to the arms dealer by following the GPS. Checkpoint reached.

As you are leaving the Trailer Park, Pierce will call and warn that Ronin are
heading her way. She doesn't seem too worried in her response and the call
ends. A little bit after the phone call ends. You will receive 2 dragon heads.
When you arrive at the arms dealer, get out of the car and approach him to buy
a gun. You will receive an AR-50 W/ Grenade Launcher. In essence, its the
standard AR-50, just with an under sling for firing whatever explosive you
have equipped. Use L2 to fire the explosives. 

Now return to the car and get in and head to the next location. Follow the
GPS layout to the fence. When you arrive, hop out of the car, take out any
Ronin that chased you here or that decides to pull up as you arrive and then
approach the woman. She will say she could use the stuff, but you need to get
to her stash first. Note that she will not buy the car if its been damaged too
badly. There is a mechanic close to her location if you need to use it. So, 
either way, you're good. Checkpoint reached.

You will be riding shotgun as the woman drives the car. Its your job to guard
her on the way to her stash. Do so by using the AR-50 W/ Grenade Launcher you
were given. It comes with unlimited ammo and unlimited explosives for this
part of the mission after all. Most of the Ronin that appear are on their
motorcycles, so, easy targets. However, there is a road block set up by them
using their cars, so, watch out for that. When you see a group of red blips
on the GPS in front of you, fire a grenade at it. When you arrive at the
location, the mission will be complete. The AR-50 W/ Grenade Launcher and the
car will be removed from your possession.

A cutscene plays with Shogo explaining to his father what was going on and
Jyunichi will inform this to one of the Ronin who asks. Its also said that
Kazuo will be coming to Stilwater. Once Shogo is finished talking to his
father, he will order Jyunichi to take care of the Saints before his father

Reward(s): $1,500, Nob Hill

Newspaper: Money Laundering Scheme Uncovered
The Third Street Saints and the Ronin cut out a swath of destruction downtown
today. Preliminary investigations suggest that the Ronin caught the Saints in
the midst of trying to launder money recently stolen from Poseidon's Palace.
Chief Troy Bradshaw had no comment on the situation brewing between the Ronin
and the Saints.
VIc3. Mission: Road Rage (RDRGE)
The cutscene begins with Johnny bringing in a Ronin member. He was riding
around the Saints turf. She wlll question him and he will spit in her face. 
Johnny will question him and all he will say that Kazuo Akuji is coming to
Stilwater. Aisha will force Johnny to stay behind to clean up the mess he
made while she takes care of the Ronin.

You will be put on a Kenshin for this mission and given a T3K Urban SMG with 
unlimited ammo. Its your job to stop the Ronin before they reach the Saints
hideout. So, begin to make your way to the red targets, following the GPS lay
out. Initially there will be four Ronin you have to take out. The cruise
control feature in Saints Row 2 may come in hand here, but as I stated in
one of the Brotherhood, I prefer to rely on my own driving. If you are fast
enough you can intercept the four as at an intersection on the road and take
all four out there before they even Leave the Suburbs Expansion District.

At this point you will be given a level 2 Ronin Notoriety and will be chased
by them while you are working on the objectives for the mission. I would say
ignore them as they are on motorcycles like you and they wont really try and
ram you. But if you are taking too much damage, aim behind and take them out.

Once you have taken out the first four, you will need to get to the Downtown
District so follow the lay out on the GPS. As you enter the area 3 more Ronin
will appear on the GPS as your targets. If you followed the GPS layout, they
will be up the road from you so head to them and take them out one by one
by riding behind each one and holding down on the R2 button once you have a
good lock on them. Just be careful of traffic as when shots are fired, some
drivers will begin to drive frantically to get away and may wind up plowing
into you and knocking you off your bike. When the 3 are dead, mission will be

A cutscene plays with Shogo in Dane's office, discussing business with him. He
will tell Dane that he will get the money back, but Dane isn't worried about
that as it was insured. Dane will say that when he pays for protection he
expects protection and state the Saints are concern. Shogo will state that
they wont be for long as he has his best man working on it. Shogo will call
Jyunichi, who is staking out Aisha's house. Jyunichi will assure Shogo he 
will take care of it as Dane needs assurance they aren't going to be a 

Reward(s): $2,000, Tidal Spring
Newspaper: Ronin Terrorize City In Search Of Saints
A fight between the Ronin and the Saints has left a trail of bodies and
officials are still combing through the wreckage for clues. Sections of the
Stilwater freeway are currently shutdown while investigators continue to piece
together what exactly happened, but officials say they expect the highway to
return to full capacity soon.
VIc4. Mission: Bleeding Out (BLDNGOT)
When you start this mission a cutscene plays with Aisha tied to a chair and
Jyunichi questioning her. He will say that if she helps them and tells him
what he needs to know, he will let her get out of it alive. As Johnny and the
Boss are heading into the house, Johnny notices the door ajar and motions
to her to be on guard, as they come in and Johnny calls out for Aisha, she
will yell out that its a trap and Jyunichi will turn and slit her throat
or decapitate her, as its not really shown, for doing so. A large fight breaks
out with Gat and Jyunichi having a sword fight as she takes care of the others
in a gun fight. One Ronin will actually turn his gun to shoot Gat, but Jyunichi
throws one of his swords at him and yells in Japanese at him, which I can only
assume is telling him to stay out of it, showing how deep Jyunichi's honor
goes. Ultimately Gat is wounded by Jyunichi. I honestly do believe he would 
have let Aisha go if she would have cooperated with him, as he seems to be a 
man of his word. The mission will start with you having a level 2 Notoriety
with the Ronin.

When you have control of your character, you will be on a 45 second timer. It
is your job to protect Gat from the Ronin in the area while you wait for an
ambulance to arrive. Most likely before you can actually move your character
you will receive a few shots from the Ronin as they are able to fire as soon
as the screen begins to fade in, while you have to wait until its fully in. I
would suggest using whatever rifle you have equipped as a few shots from it
can take down one of the Ronin with ease. If you wish to increase your aim
and accuracy, crouch down and enter fine aim, though it is not completely
necessary to do this. Also, since you are in Saints territory, sometimes your
gang might show up and help out. 

When the timer runs out, the ambulance still hasn't come and she will phone 
someone reliable, a Saint. Now you will have to dispatch 3 Ronin Lieutenant
before help arrives. When the Saint pulls up, you will automatically get in
it. Checkpoint reached.

Johnny will be in the back seat, mumbling the entire way to the hospital
about how he is sorry and you will be riding shotgun and the game is nice 
enough to give you a RPG with unlimited rockets for this part. So, equip it 
and start taking out any chasing Ronin. Don't be afraid to fire a rocket at
someone riding on your tail as the car will take visible damage from it, but
it doesn't seem to actually do a lot of damage, of course, I may be wrong. 

The car you are riding in does however seem to be a lot more sturdy than 
normal cars. When using the RPG I would suggest firing at the ground of an 
oncoming vehicle instead of directly at the vehicle itself, as it seems a 
direct aim will sometimes send the rocket flying past it. Also, aiming can
be difficult sometimes when the Saint driving decides to swerve around like
a mad man. The Saint driving will also hit a Stunt Jump (the roof) but I
do not believe it registers as you are not the one driving, so, if you are
going for Stunt Jumps, remember that location. If you need to, pull up your
map at that spot and set a book mark by pressing square. 

As you destroy more and more Ronin vehicles chasing you, your Notoriety will
increase at a fast pace and you may wind up having a max Notoriety with them
by the time you reach the hospital, which means, lots of Ronin coming at you
and giving you very little chance for a breather of any sort. Though most of
the cars coming at you seem scripted in their appearance. Also, this is a very
easy mission to get 3 Gold Stars in Gang Kill so if you were looking to unlock 
the "Avenger Jacket" which can be bought anyway at "Nobody Loves Me" this is 
the mission to do so. When the Saint pulls into the parking lot of the
hospital, the mission will be complete.

She will run into the hospital with Johnny and then phone Pierce to tell him
to find when Kazuo Akuji will be coming in and tell him not to mess it up as
she is not in a good mood.

Reward(s): $2,500, Filmore

Newspaper: Aisha Rumored To Be Dead... Again!
In a stunning turn of events, legendary pop singer Aisha was found murdered in
a suburban home years after being officially declared dead. When asked, Chief
Troy Bradshaw declined to answer if he knew that (until recently) Aisha was
still alive.
VIc5. Mission: Orange Threat Level (ORNGTHRTLVL)
The mission begins with Pierce handing the passenger manifest to her and
explains that Kazuo bought every first class seat on the plane and that he
will be arriving shortly, so, they need to get to the airport and fast. 
Pierce will be coming with you on this mission. You have two minutes to get 
to the airport, which seems like its a short time but really its more than 
enough to get there.

When you have control of your character, head to the nearest vehicle, whether
it is yours or one of your gang cars and get in and wait for Pierce to get
in the passenger side. He will most likely change the radio station to 95.4
KRhyme FM and then a small conversation will follow. Feel free to change the
radio station if Hip Hop/Rap isn't your style, which it isn't for me and he
will question what they are listening to and change it to another station of
his liking. Feel free to change the station again. When Pierce does change
the station, she will scold him for it and he will reply with "Why you gotta
be like that?" 

When you pass through the marker, the timer will disappear and you will be
told to use the back entrance to bypass the security, so, head for that
location and pass through each marker that comes up until you reach your
destination. Checkpoint reached.

Pierce will tell you that Kazuo will have a lot of security with him so be
ready. Take out whatever gun you want to use for the upcoming part, I usually
use the rifle. Anyway, head for the marker located on the GPS. You have to
kill 4 Ronin Lieutenants. Be careful of one of the Ronin in this area as he
is packing a RPG and that plus all the gunfire you will most likely be taken
can be enough to kill you. The Ronin here will take hostages any chance they
get, but, just shoot through the hostage to get to them or if you want to be
the nice guy/girl, try and aim for the Ronin's head to save the hostage. Once
all four Ronin have been dealt with, Pierce will comment that someone must 
have tipped Kazuo off as he wasn't with the group that was getting off the
plane.  So, next objective, head to the second gate. Just follow your GPS
to the marker. Checkpoint reached.

A small cutscene will play with two Ronin getting in a golf cart. Her and
Pierce will get in another conveniently placed Knoxville and give chase. Its
your job to kill them. Whether you kill them in the airport or as they are 
trying to get away in a vehicle on the street, if they made it that far, it
doesn't really matter. Pierce will also remark while the gunfight is going on
that the Saints need a Knoxville for the hideout. When you kill the two in
the Knoxville, the mission will come to a close with her wondering why Kazuo
Akuji wasn't getting off the plane.

A cutscene will play with Jyunichi in a vehicle and a phone will ring. Kazuo
is in the back seat, Jyunichi will answer the phone and tell Shogo he left
his father to die. Jyunichi went to the airport to safe guard Kazuo's arrival.
Shogo will demand to speak to his father and Jyunichi will tell him Kazuo does
not wish to speak to him and that anything that needs to be said will be
relayed by him. Shogo will attempt to say something and Jyunichi will simply
tell him "Sayonara" and hang up.

Reward(s): $3,000, Quinbecca

Newspaper: Canceled Flight Leads To Gang Land Violence
Tempers flared yet again between the Ronin and the Saints today, this time at
the Wardill Airport. Authorities say increased security will be the norm for
the foreseeable future at all terminals, and reminds travelers to always carry
a sidearm.
VIc6. Mission: Kanto Connection (KNTOCON)
The cutscene plays with her and Pierce sitting at a bar, discussing what has
happened with Gat and how with him out someone needs to take his place, or
at least Pierce says so, stating he wants second in command. Her phone will
ring and a "mystery" person with a familiar voice will tell her where Jyunichi
can be found. Pierce will ask her where she is going all of a sudden and she
will simply reply with she's going to take out the person who killed Aisha.

When you have control of your character head to your vehicle or the bike the
game provides you and proceed to follow the GPS lay out to Kanto. When you
pull into the marker, feel free to get out of it and proceed to the building
that way or just drive to the building. I myself get out and walk the distance
but its up to you. Despite being on a mission against them, the Ronin in the
area will not attack you. Head into the building and Jyunichi will be there
and he will bow to you before the fight begins. Checkpoint reached.

You are given a katana for this fight and can use it and only it. Its your
task to drain Jyunichi's life bar to zero, while fighting off other Ronin
members in the place. The Ronin members will charge you one at a time and
try to take a swing at you, press L2 or R2 as their sword is coming down to
counter them. Alternatively, you can just slice and dice the lesser. When
it comes to Jyunichi, his attacks are different than the lesser ones, as he
wields two katanas, so, your timing has to be a bit different for him. If you
press too soon, he will counter you, and if you press too late, his attack
will connect. Also, you cannot slice and dice Jyunichi as he will counter. 

As for Jyunichi's attacks. He has a simple move where he spins around and
swings one of his swords at you, this one is easily countered as the opening
for the counter is quite large. The other one however is a little more tricky
and can take a few tries to get down on the counter. He will walk towards you
slowly, spinning both his swords around and then will slice both of them out
and away from each other. The best thing I can say is when he takes the final
step forward, which should be easy to spot, to hit one of the counter buttons.

You must defeat Jyunichi using only counters. Another thing to note is that
if you get too close to Jyunichi, he will toss you over his shoulder which
can be bad if you get stuck near something and don't go the distance from
the throw that you should, as you can get caught in an endless loop of
shoulder tossing until you are dead. Jyunichi doesn't seem to attack until
the lesser Ronin are taking care of. He will simply circle the area, which
I'm guessing is his way of observing your fighting as far as his character
goes. Periodically, more Ronin will join the fight. As a small side note, I 
love the music that plays during this entire fight. Note that you cannot run
or sprint during this, you can only slowly walk and I do mean slowly.

Jyunichi is the only character in the game that can dual wield katanas. You
can as well, but it involves cheating and I have not yet tested it to see if
it works or not. However, I will add the details below in the "Weapons"

When you defeat Jyunichi, the mission ends. She will leave the bar with all
the bodies she left behind and will casually take a piece of sushi as if
nothing happened. Kazuo will explain to Shogo that Jyunichi is dead and Shogo
will vow to make his father proud by finishing what Jyunichi started. Kazuo
will simply tell him to do whatever he wants, just to do it away from.

Reward(s): $3,500, Rebadeaux, Ronin Fighting Style

Newspaper: Kanto Closed For Remodeling
Bodies litter the popular dining spot, Kanto, after a birthday party was 
interrupted by members of the Third Street Saints. Kanto representatives are
confident the restaurant will reopen for business within the week.
VIc7. Mission: Visiting Hours (VSTNGHRS)
The mission begins with her visiting Gat in the hospital, telling him she got
the guy for him. It will then cut to several Ronin entering the hospital. They
completely ignore the receptionist and she ultimately calls for security as
they enter an area they aren't supposed to. A security guard will approach
them, informing them they need to return to the waiting room and will get shot
by one of the Ronin. They cut the power to the place moments later and her and
Gat decide its time to get him out of there.

Johnny's health is constantly falling in this mission and its your job to get
him out of there alive. Throughout the mission you will find medicine to
restore Johnny's health. When you have control of your character, walk to the
head of the gurney and press triangle to grab it. Pull out your gun of choice
but for this mission I would suggest either the rifle or the shotgun. Note
that you can sprint while pushing the gurney. Along the way, the two will
have small bursts of conversation. Note that the gurney does not turn very
well so you may have to readjust it after coming around a corner.

Leave the hospital room and take a left and then a right around a corner where
several Ronin are located down the hall, use whatever gun you want to take
them out, but keep in mind a shotgun blast spreads and most likely will miss
them, so, rifle or SMG will work fine here. Once they are dead, head to where
they were and past them and follow the hallway around to a set of double doors
that have a marker between them. Head through and take out any Ronin in the
room. If you need to, let go of Gat's gurney by pressing triangle and leave
him behind as you take out the enemies, that way you can prevent him from
being hit by bullets that are intended for you.

Once you have taken them out, maneuver your way through the room and take out
the Ronin in the hallway and adjacent rooms and then pass through the marker
at the elevator. You will find medicine for Gat here which will restore his
health. Once out of the elevator, proceed to head down the hall but be very
careful as one of the Ronin in the room off to the right has a Molotov
Cocktail which can be bad news for Gat as his health is already dropping
without aid from bullets, he doesn't need to be set on fire in the process. I
would highly suggest leaving Gat near the elevator a you head off and take out
all the Ronin between it and the front door, which isn't far at all. When you
have, return to Gat and take him to the front door, but don't go all the way
outside, as the ambulance will explode and you will have to return inside
the building anyway. Checkpoint reached.

Now return to the elevator from before. When you arrive and are sent to the
next area, there will be a group of Ronin directly ahead, so, take them out
quickly to minimize damage to Gat and then follow the hallway and outside
through the double doors to the blue marker. You will find medicine for Gat
once again and be placed inside a Horizon. Refer to the "Controls" section
on how to fly the helicopter. Now its time to get to the Saints hideout. The
Horizon isn't the best helicopter, as its slow and can turn awkwardly or at
least, in my opinion it turns awkwardly, but you should have little to no
trouble getting to the hideout. 

Note that you will be chased by an attack chopper, but they will only fire
the mini-gun at you, I've never seen an instance where they fire a homing
missile. When you hear the whir of the gun start up, ascend or descend, or
just swerve the helicopter a little to try and dodge the bullets. This is what
has worked for me anyway. Keep an eye on the ground below you so you can tell
where the hideout is as you should know the landscape surrounding your hideout
by now. When you are nearing it slowly decrease your speed and begin your
descent to the ground. Don't worry about trying to land in the marker as just
landing in the general area is enough. When you do, mission accomplished.

A cutscene plays with Dane Vogel meeting with Kazuo Akuji to discuss business
and touch base as Kazuo has come in. Vogel will tell Kazuo that he needs to
keep his men under control after their recent stunt at the hospital. Kazuo
will be insulted by this and tell him he is not 20 something that is impressed
with a tie. Ultimately, it ends in Ultor and the Ronin parting ways.

Reward(s): $5,000, Union Square, Medical Helicopter

Newspaper: Hospital Under Siege
Stilwater Memorial is a disaster scene today and patients are being 
transported to nearby facilities. Witnesses describe mass pandemonium as Ronin
gang members stormed the hospital in search of a patient, presumed to be 
Johnny Gat of the Third Street Saints. Hospital officials are optimistic that
power will be restored and patients can begin returning shortly.
VIc8. Mission: Room Service (RMSRVC)
The cutscene opens with Dane Vogel entering the Saints hideout. She will stand
up quickly at the bottom of the stairs, questioning him. Johnny will quickly
answer her that he is Dane Vogel and he works for Ultor and was the person who
offered Dex, a former Saint, a job at Ultor. Pierce will ask who Dex is and
Vogel will begin to speak. He will offer the Saints help in which all three
reply at the same time. Gat says no, Pierce says yes, she will say maybe. Dane
will tell them that they have recently severed ties with the Ronin and know
where they lay their heads. He offers to stay behind so a Saint can kill him
if he has given false information and her and Gat will head off.

When you have control, get in your vehicle and follow the GPS lay out to the
hotel that the Ronin stay at. Its not a long drive at all, just across the
bridge and surprisingly, in Saint's territory. However, it is also extremely
close to Ronin territory. When you arrive, hop out of your vehicle and head
to the marker in front of the double doors and head inside. Take out the five
Ronin on the ground floor as instructed. Once they are all down, Gat will stay
behind to take care of the ground floor and its your job to head up and plant
explosives. Seven to be exact. Head to the elevator and take it up. Checkpoint

When you arrive, head out of the small hallway and take out the first set of
Ronin which should be directly around the corner from the elevator. Take note
that you will fail the mission if you leave the top floors. Once they are down
head to the right to the first marker, killing any Ronin in that immediate
area around the marker and then set a bomb. Now you are on a timer of 3:50 so
quickly head to the next marker on this floor and then head to the stairs
marked on the GPS and head up them to the next floor.

Kill the first Ronin who should be directly on the other side of the door
depending on which staircase you took up. If you took the one closest to the
last marker on the previous floor, it'll be the same one as this guide. You
will also be directly at another bomb placement so walk into the marker and
set the bomb and then head to the next one killing any Ronin in your way. Once
it is planted, take out the rest of the Ronin on your way to the stairs.

Take them up to the next floor and kick open the door. Most likely, there will
be two Ronin on the other side, so, be ready to open fire. Once they are dead
head out onto the circular hall and take out the first Ronin on the other side
by fine aim and head shot, then take out the other which should be to the
right of your location. Now, plant the bomb behind the overturned table and
then sprint to the next marker to plant the other. Now its time to plant the
last bomb so head to the marker located on the map. Several Ronin will come
running out of the hall as you near the marker so be prepared for that ambush.

Be very careful on this floor as one of the Ronin up here has a RPG and that
can force you to leave the top floors if the explosion knocks you over the
banister, so, proceed carefully and keep your eyes peeled for that Ronin. Once
he is dead, clear out the floor and then plant the bomb. Also, pick up the
RPG as it comes in handy and cuts down on time for the next part. As an
alternative method, you can use the Annihilator RPG if you have it with you.

You need to kill 6 more Ronin before the bombs explode, so, head to the double
doors that have the red targets behind them, open them, then open the next set
and fire a rocket into the room and do the same for the next room. If you run
out of rockets or do not want to do it this way, simply use whatever gun you
like. After they are all dead, you should have enough time to spare, get to
the blue marker and hop over as the explosions begin. As you are falling press
triangle when it prompts to open up your parachute and enjoy the fireworks on
your way down. When you land at the bottom, you will have completed the

A cutscene plays with Kazuo and Shogo staring at the destruction. Shogo will
say he will fix it and make things right in which Kazuo will reply that he
will not do such a thing. That he will always disappoint him.

Reward(s): $7,500, Brighton

Newspaper: Explosions Rock Downtown
Citizens were shocked as a downtown hotel was rocked by explosions earlier
today. Witnesses report seeing Ronin and Saints fighting inside the hotel
before the explosions began. Claims of an individual base jumping from the top
floor of the hotel into the atrium have yet to be confirmed.
VIc9. Mission: Rest In Peace (RIP)
The cutscene plays with flowers scattered across the top of a casket and then
a bouquet of them being tossed on top of it. The Saints are attending Aisha's
funeral. However, Shogo rides up on his bike and begins to angrily yell at
them, saying her and Gat have humiliated his family for the last time. Gat
will tell him to leave, to come back any other day and he will gladly kill him
but not at Aisha's funeral. Shogo will remark rudely to this and pull out an
SMG as more Ronin are shown in the back, arming themselves as well. Feel free
to wear a suit or dress to the funeral as well, so it seems more fitting.

Once you have control of your character, you will be in the middle of a gun
fight and Gat will be with you. Your target is Shogo, so, aim directly for
him to dwindle his health down. However, if the Ronin in the area are proving
to be a nuisance, feel free to target them as well. As a small note, since you
begin this mission with 3 Dragon heads, Ronin cars that appear will try and
run you over before getting out to start shooting at you. If Johnny loses all
of his health, sprint over to him using the GPS to see where he is, and revive

Once you have dropped Shogo's health to a certain amount, a small cutscene
will play with him running away as Gat and her give chase, only to be cut off
by several Ronin members. Now you have to kill a total of 17 Ronin. Do so in
any way you see fit and be sure to take cover behind stuff so you can recover
health or eat one of your food items that you may have equipped. The best way
I have discovered to do this section is to constantly move around as you shoot
Ronin down. The more you move, the less likely a Ronin will hit you. Once you
have taken out all 17 targets, head towards the house that Shogo ran into as
marked by your GPS. When you arrive a small cutscene will play with Shogo on
his bike, riding out of the garage. Checkpoint reached.

You will be placed on a Kenshin and must give chase to him. Since you still
have a level 3 of Notoriety with the Ronin, they will try and ram you to knock
you off the bike. This part of the mission is exactly like "Road Rage" except
Shogo is on a faster bike than the Ronin in that mission were and you have
the Ronin trying to ram you off the bike. Chase behind him and once you have
a good lock on him, hold down on the R2 button to fire at him with your
equipped SMG. Shogo will not have recovered any health during his retreat into
the house, so, whatever health you dropped him to before he retreated will
be his health for the chase, which makes it a bit easier. Shogo seems to have
a tendency to get stuck on objects sometimes, which can further aid you.
Once you have drained his health completely the mission will be complete.

A cutscene plays with her dragging Shogo back to the graveyard where Gat is
waiting. She will push him towards Gat who will level him with a punch but
orders him to get up. He does so and tries to kick Gat, who catches it, and
then slams his elbow down into his leg, breaking it at the knee, and then
head butts him and tells him to get up once more, only to knock him down 
again. Shogo will beg him to stop and screams out that he didn't kill her.
Gat will reply that he ordered it and then punch his head through one of
the tombstones. Ultimately he puts Shogo in Aisha's coffin and Gat and her
proceed to pack dirt on it as Shogo is screaming for mercy the entire time.

Reward(s): $12,500, Mourning Woods Cemetery

Newspaper: Texas Funeral Here In Stilwater
The son of Kazuo Akuji is missing and presumed dead after yet another fight
broke out between members of the Third Street Saints and the Ronin. Witnesses
say the younger Akuji had expressed interest in assaulting the Saints leaders
while they were attending a funeral, but the Stilwater Gazette has yet to
confirm this.
VIc10. Mission: Good D (GDDEF)
The mission begins with a cutscene of her and Gat at a shooting range they set
up themselves in the Saint's hideout. Pierce will approach them and say that
an old friend was looking for her and he will say that he's here. She will
respond quickly about the guy might be trying to kill her and in comes someone
familiar to players of the first game, Mr. Wong and his crippled translator
who he actually crippled himself. He will state that he would never kill his
favorite assassin. The faint sound of a bike will be heard and a Saint will
run in to try and warn her, but she already knows what is coming and moments
later a Ronin on a bike comes busting in, knocking a Saint over the banister
at the top of the stairs as the Saint's, Mr. Wong, and his translator prepare
for the coming battle. 

On a small note, I believe along with the translator looking like Liu Kang
from Mortal Kombat, in my opinion, that this scene, or at least the very end
of the scene  is referencing the first Mortal Kombat film as all the Saints
get their weapons out and in a slight ready pose as the Ronin on the bike is
in the air high above them, much like the emperor was looming over the heroes
in the film. I don't know, maybe I'm looking too much into it.

Anyway, when you have control of your character its your first objective to
find out what the Ronin are doing underground. Some Ronin will be in your
immediate area, so, gun them down or let the Saints take care of them. In any
case, you need to make your way out into the streets of Old Stilwater, the
exact same place where you destroyed the Shanties in "Down Payment" so head
out the door directly across from the stairs on the ground floor of the 
Saint's hideout.

As you approach the entrance or doors, depending on how far along in the game
you are, a life bar will appear in the top left corner. The Ronin are trying
to bring the pillars down so the ground and buildings will collapse, which
will destroy the Saint's hideout and of course the Saints with it. There will
be several Ronin here and more to appear, with rocket launchers firing at the
pillars to drain its health. Take out any RPG wielding Ronin ASAP and be very
carefully for yourself, as direct RPG hits can take off a good amount of your
health. You will be on a timer of 1:10, which may seem like it will be an easy
defense, but really, with too many rockets firing at once, the pillar's health
can drop fast.

If your clip runs out, don't be afraid to charge a Ronin and hit L2 to pistol
whip them or smack them with the butt of your gun, at times, this can be an
instant kill depending on how they land I believe. That or its just plain
random. This can save the pillar from taking a rocket at times instead of
waiting for your character to reload. Once you have defended these sets of
pillars, a checkpoint will be reached.

Some people as I've read seem to have trouble finding the next set so I will
do my best to give instructions. Head back to the Saint's hideout, but don't
go in. From the doors, head to the tag location on the wall and follow this
wall all the way around to the left of it. Keep moving and following the wall
around the destroyed building until you come across a small gap between the
buildings, which I can only assume is supposed to be a small walk way. Turn
into it and follow it down. Once you follow it through, head into the
destroyed building directly across from it and through the destroyed wall and
then head left down the stairs and the markers will appear.

The same applies as before, you must defend the pillars in a given time frame.
This defend section is a little more hard as you are give ten extra seconds
to the clock to defend and also the amount of people with rockets that appear.
As of this FAQ, I had five different RPG Ronin at once and they were spread
out in the area, as such, the pillar took a lot of damage within a short
amount of time. When you defend the pillars once again, another checkpoint
will be reached.

Now its time for the easiest part of this entire mission. Defeat Kazuo. Look
to the target area. There are three bikes, in close proximity to one another.
If you have a RPG take it out and fire at the bikes, which will cause a large
explosion of course and most likely completely drain Kazuo of all his energy
before the fight can even begin. If you do not have an RPG of any kind, just
proceed to head into this as your standard gun fight and dwindle Kazuo's life
away until he falls.

A cutscene will play with Kazuo watching on as his warriors are being gunned
down. A Ronin will ride up on a bike, offering Kazuo escape and he will turn
and shout in Japanese at them. Mr. Wong will explain that Kazuo will not stop
with just that attack in which case the leader of the Saints responds that
she knows and the next time they come, they want to be more prepared.

Reward(s): $25,000, Adept Way

Newspaper: Ronin Becoming Desperate
After being taken to task time and time again, it seems the Ronin are finally
striking back. Yesterday, the Ronin stormed what is believed to be the hideout
of the Third Street Saints. However, with emergency teams too frightened to go
near the area, the body count is hard to estimate.
VIc11. Mission: One Man's Junk... (1MANJNK)
A cutscene plays out with fireworks lighting the sky and then cuts to Gat
walking with Mr. Wong and his translator. Mr. Wong, through his translator,
will say that he doesn't need to be babysat and Gat will simply reply with
he was on orders from the boss so he was just doing as instructed. Moments
later Ronin will peel down the street towards them, Gat orders Wong to get
out of there and will open fire on the car, killing the people inside and
then another comes down the street. Gat will fight this one off as well and
more Ronin are shown coming as Gat simply cracks his neck and waits. The boss
will get a phone call from Liu Kang, telling her that the Ronin are attacking
the heritage festival and Mr. Wong needs her help as Kazuo is there. She
says she will be on her way. Please note that you will not be able to play
this mission until you have completed all four of the Ronin strongholds.

When you have control of your character, head to your vehicle of choice or
take the Saint's Vehicle they give you at mission start and drive to your
destination following the GPS layout. Take any short cuts you can to the dock
as you are on a timer of 4 minutes. Its enough time to get to the festival
but you do have a Notoriety level of 4 with the Ronin at this point, so taking
short cuts to cut down on time is a wonderful thing to do. When you arrive at
the dock, get on the Shark provided for you and begin to head to the heritage
festival following the general lay out of the GPS.

Of course, its not going to be that easy, besides the timer still counting
down, you have a helicopter to worry about. Its dropping explosive barrels
down to try and kill you, but also stall you. Whoever is throwing the barrels
must have the greatest aim in the world as, the helicopter is moving, you're
moving on the jet ski, and the barrels still land in your general area about
90% of the time. Keep an eye on the barrels and swerve to the left or right
accordingly, depending on the angle of their drop. I would not suggest trying
to shoot the helicopter out of the sky while on the jet ski as the target
cursor is jumpy during this bit and you will most likely not hit the chopper
much at all. When you arrive at the marker at the dock, dismount your jet ski.
Checkpoint reached.

Equip whatever gun you feel like, I personally go with the assault rifle. Now
you need to kill 20 Ronin. You are no longer on a time limit so feel free to
go about this part at your own leisure. There are two Ronin up on the walk way
across from the docks, instead of running up and around through all the other
Ronin to just get them, enter fine aim and take them out with well placed
headshots. If you have the sniper rifle with you, this should be an easy task.
If you don't feel free to use a rocket, just aim at the spot in between them
for an easy and quick kill of these two. Now proceed down the dock towards
the street level and take out the 3 Ronin you will come across just up the
stairs from the dock. Keep in mind of your Notoriety level as approaching
Ronin in vehicles will try to run you over first before getting out to shoot.

When those three are dead, up the stairs to the right and take out the ones
up here which should give you 10 kills in all. Continue heading right towards
"Charred Hard Burgers" to take out three more. Once they are dead, turn around
and head the other way towards "Branded". Gun down the Ronin on the way and
also any that drive up to join in on the fight. One of the Ronin near Branded
has a RPG so watch out for that. Head down the stairs and take out the last
of the Ronin. A small cutscene plays with her chasing after Kazuo who has
retreated into some boats. Checkpoint reached.

This part of the mission can be somewhat annoying as you have to reach the
marker before Wong's health is depleted. You must navigate your way through
the boats while taking care of the Ronin. Head into the first boat and turn
left, take out the Ronin that should be near the doorway. Head through that
doorway and up the stairs and into the room once more, and ignore the stairs
in here. Continue through to the other side, where another doorway is, just
be careful of the fire, and cross the wooden plank to the other boat and kill
the Ronin members. From here, head into the room and across to the other side
and down the stairs. Head around the fire and once you pass the last one, turn
and proceed to the visible doorway on the left side of the boat. Head across
the wooden plank and into the next boat, taking an immediate left, killing
any Ronin here and then out the door, up the stairs, and to the blue marker.
Checkpoint reached.

A small cutscene plays of Kazuo defeating, but not killing, Mr. Wong in a
sword fight. Now its time to fight Kazuo Akuji in the same fashion that you
faced Jyunichi in "Kanto Connection" the only difference is that no Ronin
join the fray and Kazuo's attacks are easier to read as he is wielding only
one sword.

You must defeat Kazuo using only counters. Another thing to note is that
if you get too close to Kazuo, he will toss you over his shoulder which
can be bad if you get stuck near something and don't go the distance from
the throw that you should, as you can get caught in an endless loop of
shoulder tossing until you are dead. As stated, Kazuo is much easier to read
than Jyunichi in terms of attacks, in fact, his attacks are the same as the
Ronin in the fight with Jyunichi. If you press too soon for the counter, he 
will counter you, and if you press too late, his attack will connect. Keep in
mind that you cannot slice and dice Kazuo.

Something fun to note that my cousin pointed out to me and showed me, is you
can lure Kazuo downstairs to where a batch of fire is and with the right
placement and timing, you can shoulder toss or kick him into the fire to drain
his health quickly. Take note though that there may actually be a Ronin down
there with a gun, if so, take her out and then try and throw Kazuo into the
fire. Its not necessary to do this at all, but its still fun to see. Once you
have defeated Kazuo in the sword fight the mission will be complete. 

A cutscene plays with him getting the upper hand, and question if she thought
she could match his skill in which case she will say no, pull out a gun, and
shoot him in the right side of his chest. He will demand she finish it, she
will then kick him to the floor and stab him through the back and call Wong, 
forcing Kazuo to scream into the phone by twisting the sword around in his
back. She will jump off the ship as it begins falling apart and the top floor
that she and Kazuo were on will explode as she does so, bringing an end to the

Reward(s): $50,000, Stilwater Boardwalk, Shogo's Kaneda, Ronin Vehicles
(Kenshin, Tetsuo, Hayate Z70, Wakazashi), Ronin Personality (Compliments &
Taunts), Johnny Gat

Newspaper: Heritage Festival Lacks Festivity
A Chinese heritage festival turned into a massacre as members of a street gang
known as the Ronin laid siege to the unsuspecting festival goers. While it 
appeared that no one would be able to stop the wanton violence, salvation to
the people of Stilwater was brought in the unlikely form of the Third Street
Saints. As fire from burning kiosks and junks lit the sky, the Ronin were
forced back as the leader of the Saints drove off the murderous Ronin.
VIc12. Stronghold: Suburbs Strip Club (SBRBSTRPCLB)
Pierce will give you the information for this stronghold. One of his girls, a
friend I'm guessing, who works at Technically Legal tells him that a 
Ronin bachelor party is getting a little too touchy feely and that the club's
bouncers have been paid not to do anything about, he then states that its
your job to get in there and take care of it.

When you have control of your character, equip the gun of your choosing, my
case it is and possibly always will be the assault rifle and then head into
the strip club. When you step into the marker in front of the door, several
red target symbols will appear and its your job to take them out. There are
10 of them in all. Head around the hall to the next set of doors and open them
up and head on in. The first two Ronin should be on your left as you enter the
club, so, take them out. Note that there are a lot of civilians in this area
so the Ronin most likely will take a hostage, and don't forget you can do the
same, in case you are running low on health. Shoot through their hostage or be
the good guy/girl and try and shoot them and save the hostage.

Anyway, after killing the first two, turn around and head the other way to
another set of Ronin, take them out, while watching your health. Even if you
are playing on the "Casual" difficulty setting, the 5 Ronin over there can
drain your health fast if you don't take care of them quickly enough. Once
they have fallen head to where they where and up onto the stage where the
pole is and head through the doors behind it.

A Ronin will be here and most of the time she, the Ronin has been a she on all
my plays, will have a stun gun as opposed to an actual gun. This only serves
as a slight annoyance as it does minor damage and you have to wait for your
character to recover from the voltage running through her body. Sometimes this
only takes a short time, other times it can take a while. Anyway, when you
have recovered, take her out, she poses no real threat as she doesn't seem to
have a weapon besides the stun gun. There will be another Ronin in this hall
with a gun, so after you've dealt with her, quickly take the other one out
and proceed down the hall. At the very end, another Ronin should be there
unless they have decided to charge towards your direction, in any case, take
them out. That's all 10.

Now you need to kill 4 more Ronin who are located upstairs, so, head to the
door way at the end of the hall you are in and kick it open and then into
the blue marker at the bottom of the stairs. Take these stairs up to the
next floor. All your targets are in rooms and can't gang up on you as for some
reason once you kill the first, the others wont run out of their rooms. I'm
not sure if NPCs can open doors or not, but that just seems a little odd. 

Anyway, head towards the doors and take the second one on your left and take
the Ronin in the room out. Now proceed to the next room and do the same, the
room is straight ahead from the last room. Well, both are. Take the right
or the left one, whichever you choose first and then do the other one. Now
head through the door marked "VIP" next to these two rooms and turn right and
shoot the Ronin up here down. Once he/she is dead a small scene plays with
Ronin arriving in vehicles.

If the sniper rifle is your choice of weapon for the "Special" weapons slot
then this next part will be easy, if not, don't worry, its still easy. Head
up to the roof of the strip club. Head back towards the stairs you took to
get on this floor, but take a right and go up those stairs, to access the roof
of the club. There are 13 Ronin on the ground and one or two has a RPG. Walk
to the ledge straight ahead from you and enter fine aim with the sniper rifle
or with whatever gun you want to and proceed to pick the Ronin on the ground
off. Note that some of them may be hiding in the trees and bushes around the
strip club, so, if you can't visibly see them, but see you are facing a target
on the GPS, slowly move your cursor across the trees and bushes and if it
turns red, there's your target. 

With the ones on that side taken care of. Head to the left side of the roof
and proceed to take the Ronin on the ground down from here. Keep in mind that
sometimes and it seems to be very rare in  occurrence, that a Ronin or two 
will make their way up to the roof. A small thing to note is that if you are
having trouble hitting a Ronin on the ground because you do not have the
sniper rifle, feel free to shoot their cars until they blow up, most of the
time the Ronin are in enough range for the explosion to kill them or set
them on fire and the fire kills them. Once you kill all 13 Ronin, the
Stronghold comes to a close.

Reward(s): $1,000, Misty Lane

Newspaper: No Touching Rule Violated
A bachelor party took a violent turn as the Third Street Saints laid siege to
a local strip club. Blood and pasties flew through the air, as gun fire tore
through stripper and Ronin alike.
VIc13. Stronghold: Humbolt Park Science Museum (HMBLTPRKSCNC)
Pierce will inform you that the place you are looking at is a science museum
but its not all as it seems, as the Ronin have set up a web porno operation
from the place. Pierce will state that the Ronin makes a lot of money off of
those sites and if she can destroy their servers the Ronin are going to be
out a substantial sum of money. Note that once your objective pops up you will
receive 3 Dragon Heads.

When you have control of your character, equip your weapon of choice and head
into the museum. There are plenty of Ronin in this place and with the level 3
Notoriety, they will begin attacking immediately. Use the pillars on the
ground floor to your advantage to minimize damage. Once you have cleared the
ground floor, begin to make your way upstairs. Please note, that a Ronin may
have a RPG in this stronghold. I believe it is random if they do or not as I
have encountered a Ronin with a RPG and then other times without.

Once you reach where "Charred Hard Burgers" are located, head into the shop
and take either staircase up, but not before taking out the Ronin within the
place. You most likely will encounter one Ronin while proceeding up the
stairs, if so, take him/her out and then head up. There are a few Ronin up
here, so, take them out before proceeding through either door. I personally
take the door near the sun, not the one near the UFOs. Head through either
door and take out the Ronin on the walk way and then through the door at
the other end.

Finally your targets appear, but there are Ronin in this immediate area and
plenty of stuff for them to hide behind. Take them out as you see fit, but
its not necessary to run around this entire large room and take every single
one of them out, as once you get near the servers, they most likely will come
to you. For an easier time on taking the Ronin out in this room. There are
plenty of gas tanks around and most of the time they will stand near one. I
think you know what to do. Anyway, once you have taken care of them head to
the door in the center of the room, kick it open, and kill the Ronin inside.

The servers are in the adjacent room and there are quite a few Ronin in there
as well. Sadly, the glass is bullet proof so you can't blast through it and
take them all out. So, head to the door, kick it open and I would strongly
advise tossing an explosive in, backing out, and after the explosion, head
in. The explosion probably wont kill all the Ronin but if you're lucky it
will take quite a few out. Once you are in the room, take out the remaining
Ronin protecting the servers and then destroy the servers. Once that is done
its time to leave. So, head for the doors you entered the large room from.
Checkpoint reached when you do.

Now its time to take out the Ronin reinforcements. I used to run all the way
down to the ground and take them out that way, which made it harder on myself
but thanks to me cousin showing me an easier way, I will detail it here in the
FAQ. Your target will appear above you, indicating it is a helicopter. The
helicopter will fly down until it is even with the walk way you are on, or
almost even. The walk way has a glass roof and siding, shoot it out, take out
your RPG and blast the helicopter or if you don't have the RPG on you, the
sniper rifle and zoom in on the pilot and take a shot. If you don't have that
open fire with  whatever gun you want to, in my opinion, the assault rifle is
best suited for this. Once the helicopter is destroyed, Stronghold complete.

Reward(s): $2,000, Humbolt Park

Newspaper: Museum Massacre
A children's museum was revealed to be the epicenter of a web porn ring. This
sordid business came to light as the Third Street Saints shot their way
through the Ultor funded museum. Dane Vogel was unavailable to comment.
VIc14. Stronghold: Amberbrook Museum Pier (AMBRBRKPIER)
I suggest bringing the sniper rifle with you on this Stronghold as it makes
it a bit easier, and Pierce even suggests using one. Pierce will inform you
that the Ronin are setting up shop for some kind of deal but he doesn't know
who they are dealing with or what they are moving, but their security is tight
as she will have to make it through two sets of guards to get to them. He will
suggest using a sniper rifle to drop them from as far away as possible.

When you have control of your character, switch to your fists and head
through the store to the other side, once you are back outside, equip your
weapon once again, in my case, I'm using the sniper rifle as suggested. Crouch
down on the steps of the shop and enter fine aim, R1 zooms in, L1 zooms out.
It doesn't seem to matter where you land the shot, as the sniper rifle seems
to be a one shot gun. Just scan the area carefully, taking out any Ronin
that comes in your sights. Sometimes they may be hiding behind something, but
if their leg or arm is sticking out in the open and the cross hairs turns red
take the shot. There 9 Ronin in all you have to kill across from the shop, or
at least, 9 target Ronin and keep in mind of the 2 Dragon Heads and take out
bike riding Ronin when they show up in your area.

You will most likely have to move towards the targets after you take out
the majority of them as some are down the stairs and two of them with RPGs
are up no a ledge with a wall protecting them from shots from your current
location. Once you have taken out all 9, however you see fit, head to the next
group which are on top of a large rocky like area with ruin atop it. Once you
have found the walk way, head up. There are 10 targets in all and I do not
use the sniper rifle for this little section, I switch to my assault rifle.
Just run and gun and take cover behind any of the rocks in the area when you
need to. There is plenty of stuff to take cover behind so this area should
be easy. This is also where the "Parthenon Ruins" are, which is a Secret Area
on the game. Once all 10 are dead, its time for the next part of the

Now your next objective is to destroy the boats. Equip the Sniper Rifle once
again and approach one of the ledges that overlook the water. Be careful, as
there are a couple Ronin on the ground with RPGs and if you don't have the
perk of no damage from falls and the rocket sends you flying off the cliff
face? Dead. So, take cover behind the broken wall when you need to. Also, one
of the Ronin below has a sniper rifle themselves. It doesn't one shot you, but
it can do a good bit of damage. If you are having trouble spotting the Ronin
on the ground, due to the weather or it being night time as both play a part
in visibility, feel free to exit the sniper mode and take cover and look to see
where bullets are flying from. 

Once you have eliminated most of the ground forces, or even all of them, head
to the southwest area of the ruins and find the stairs on that side and take
them down to the ground. Once on the ground proceed towards the targets. As
you approach, more red dots will appear, these will be the Ronin you didn't
kill from the ledge, as not all of them were able to be targeted due to where
they were when you were sniping. In any case, head down to the docks and
destroy the first set of boats. Note that a sniper rifle shot should destroy
one the boats in one shot, and the explosion should take out one of the other
ones, if you are at the group of three boats. Once the first set are destroyed
head to the next, destroy them, and complete the Stronghold will be complete.

Reward(s): $5,000, Amberbrook

Newspaper: This Is Madness!
The Thalia Amphitheater, known for Shakespearean productions of dubious
quality, started the run of a new show last night: murder. The bodies of
several Ronin were found littering the stage as well as the docks below. While
at first citizens thought this was some new form of performance art, police
later confirmed that they were indeed, corpses.
VIc15. Stronghold: New Hennequet Rec Center (NWHENRECCNTR)
Pierce will inform you that once Kazuo touched down state side, he decided
to reopen the Ronin's gambling operation, but that they don't have to worry
about the cops showing up as this time its underground. He will tell her to
meet with one of his boys inside the Rec Center and he will tell her where the
underground casino is.

Once you have control of your character, head inside and meet with the Saint
who will tell you where the casino is and join you as a follower. Head to the
marked door and go through it and then through the door directly across from
it. You will be in a sauna room, from here, take the only other door in the
room. There will be two Ronin here stationed outside a door. They wont attack
but they will hurl insults your way. However, when they see your follower then
they will begin to attack, so, get the upper hand on them and attack first and
then head through the door and down the stairs to the first casino room.

Your task is to do $100,000 worth of damage. Kill any Ronin in the area while
doing so. To cause damage simply shoot the casino machines scattered through
the room. Feel free to take up the money that falls out of them as well. Once
you have done the required amount of damage, begin to head to the next room.
It isn't indicated on your GPS but it should be easy to find. However, instead
of going through the double doors, head into the room to the right first.

Kill the Ronin in this room and then approach the monitors across from the
door, a prompt to press triangle to open a cell comes up. Press it to obtain
another follower for this stronghold. Once you are ready, kick open the double
doors and lay waste to Ronin and casino machine alike. You have to cause the
same amount of damage as last time. Once completed, head to the marker that
appears in the room.

Now its time to destroy the cash boxes. Each room holds a few and there are
12 in all. The glass windows can be destroyed so if you wish to shoot it out
and chuck an explosive in or something feel free. Note that you can collect
cash from the cash boxes after destroying them, so, if you want some extra
money, pick it up. If not, just stand in the hallway and target each one and
destroy them by shooting them. You will have to go into one room to destroy
two cash boxes as they are located in a safe. Once you have destroyed all 12
a checkpoint will be reached and you need to get to the elevator, just outside
the last room.

Now its time to kill the Ronin reinforcements that have arrived. 12 in all so
it shouldn't be too bad for you. Just keep in mind that most of the Ronin here
are packing AR200 SAW's, which are a fairly powerful assault rifle and is
usually the one you are given with unlimited ammo in defend missions such
as in the first mission of the game and in "Waste Not Want Not" of the
Brotherhood story during the helicopter bit. I believe the gun has 100 bullets
per clip, so, be cautious of that. The first area you come to should be a
basketball court, which provides you with decent cover. Take cover when you
need to and just take out the Ronin normally. There are 6 in this area. 4 on
the ground floor with you and two above you. Once you have taken them out
proceed to the lobby of the Rec Center where the remaining 6 are waiting.
There isn't as much cover in this room, but enough to provide you some aid
if you need it. Once you have killed all 6 in this area, the Stronghold will
come to a close and now you are able to access the final Ronin mission.

Reward(s): $10,000, New Hennequet

Newspaper: Rec Center Hides Den Of Debauchery
The legacy of Marshall Winslow has been sullied as an underground casino has
been found underneath a rec center baring the former mayor's name. Police are
reporting that the Ronin have been operating a gambling ring out of the rec
center ever since the siege at Poseidon's Palace.
Leader: The General
Second In Command: Mr. Sunshine
Lieutenant/Dealer: Veteran Child
Dealer: Mark Gabby

A Haitian gang that already cornered the Caribbean drug underworld, the Sons
of Samedi branched out to Stilwater after the fall of Los Carnales drug rule.
Influenced by Voodoo and a history of military corruption in Haiti, the gang
has developed a potent combination of spiritualism and fearlessness. Gang
members were attracted to the gang out of respect for their methods, a desire
for easy income from their drug trade, or through coercion. Their primary
source of income is a designer drug called "Loa Dust", which has all but
replaced ecstasy as the drug of choice for many college students. They are
named after the Baron Samedi: the Leader of the Ghede, the Loa Vodou of the
death and the fertility. They are very ruthless and violent, using mutilation
and murder as a punishment for failure and betrayal. Their gang color is
VId1. Mission: Got Dust Will Travel (GTDST)
The cutscene for this mission opens with her sitting on the steps below the
angel statue and Shaundi will approach her, saying she has a present for her.
After a quick exchange of dialogue, Shaundi will break a light bulb on the
banister and light something inside it and tell her boss to smoke it. Its
apparently called Loa Dust and is the Samedi's number one product. Her plan
is to steal some, learn how to make it, sell it at a cheaper price to steal
their business. Sounds simple enough, no?

When you have control of your character, get a vehicle nearby and begin to
follow your GPS to the location, which is the University. Along the way you
will receive a phone call from Shaundi asking you to be careful as the Samedi
are named after the Vodoun lord of the dead and it worries her. Depending on
your voice, there will be different responses to it. When you arrive in the
area and go through the marker, your next objective appears to kill the
dealers located on the campus. While you are not on a timer, do so in a quick
manner as the dealers will disappear after a while which will cause a fail
of the mission.

So, follow the GPS to the first set of dealers. There are four or five in all
and you have to kill them to make them drop the Loa Dust you are after. No
specific one is carrying the dust, it always seems to be the last one killed
that drops it. That's one package of Loa Dust out of two. Now, get back to
your vehicle and head to the parking lot following your GPS layout on the
mini-map. When you arrive, you will have to kill four more Samedi members for
them to drop their Loa Dust. When you pick up the second package of Loa Dust
a check point will be reached.

She will now call Shaundi and she will inform you that Mark Gabby is dealing
nearby and that he brings in a lot of cash for the Samedi. Its your job to
kill one of their best dealers. After the phone call is over, a target will
appear on your map, just follow your GPS layout to it and proceed to take Mr.
Gabby out in any way that you see fit, whether its blowing his car up with him
in it, doing him in with a head shot through the windshield, or forcing him to
get out of his car by doing enough damage to it and gunning him down or
running him over it doesn't matter how, but take him out.

Once Mr. Gabby has bit the dust, no pun intended, get out of your vehicle and
approach him and pick up the Loa Dust near his body. If you set his car on
fire, but didn't blow it up, chances are he got out to run away, but was set
ablaze himself and died, on fire, in most cases the Loa Dust is under his body
or right near it, so, wait until the fire is out before grabbing it, not 
unless you mind taking some damage from the fire yourself. Once you got the
Loa Dust and she will tell you to get the stuff to her so she can start on the
science experiment as she puts it. You will most likely have a Notoriety of 2
with the Samedi but just ignore any that come your way and head straight to
your marked location to end the mission.

A cutscene will play with the leader of the Samedi, The General, asking one
of his dealers why the money is so low, as there are many 1's where 50's
should be. Veteran Child, his dealer, will say he couldn't get in touch with
some of his boys and The General will question if they steal from it. Mr.
Sunshine will tell Veteran Child that when he is in the car with The General
he best remember his place. The General will tell Veteran Child to find his 
dealers and if they are alive, to take their hand, as they need to learn not
to steal from him but if he is not alive, then there is a bigger problem.

Reward(s): $1,000, Frat Row

Newspaper: University Drug Deal Goes Bad
Campus officials are still trying to sort out exactly what took place today
after a deadly shootout near the student union. It is presumed that members
of the Sons of Samedi were on campus pushing their designer drug "Loa Dust"
before being assaulted by the Third Street Saints. However, officials say no
Loa Dust has been found, leading many to believe the Saints procured it for
themselves before vanishing.
VId2. Mission: File In The Cake (FLINCKE)
Cutscene plays with her meeting Shaundi somewhere overlooking the water to
discuss things. Shaundi will tell her she can't figure out what's in the stuff
but she knows someone who can, but there is a problem, that being the woman
who can is still in prison, the same one you escaped from. Shaundi will then
call her friend Samson over, as he has a timed bomb that can take out the
prison's power, which would cause chaos as the inmates would be allowed free
and which would give her time to sneak through the ruckus and get the woman
Samson however, seems to be clumsy and trips, dropping the bomb and setting
it way ahead of time.

When you have control of your character, you will be on a timer of 3:50 so
hurry to the boat in front of you and proceed to the prison island, following
the GPS layout if you wish. When you get closer to the island, she will call
Shaundi and ask her how she is going to get to the generator and Shaundi will
tell her that there is a tunnel at the back of the island that goes straight
to the generator. You will have to kill one guard on the way up to the place
but one guard should be no problem for you. When you get to the generator,
plant the bomb. Now you have 10 seconds to get out of the blast radius, do
so by heading through the closed door on your left and up the stairs.

You will now receive two stars and your next objective to get inside the
prison, do so by following the GPS layout, whether on foot or in a Five-O, it
doesn't matter. When you get inside the general area, make your way past the
cops inside and then into the building itself. Take out the cop here and go
through the door and then the next taking out the next few cops in your way.
Now kick open the double doors and head in. Chaos erupted quickly. Don't
bother fighting, just make your way around and just take out any cop that is
shooting directly at you, leave the others to the inmates. Just follow the
path to each marker, taking out any cops that decide to get in your way.

When you approach Laura, she will join you as a follower, she will not fight
and she runs rather slowly, so, don't sprint too much or you may wind up
leaving her behind, which defeats the purpose of coming here. So, run without
sprinting and head back down the stairs that you just came up to get to her.
You will have new sets of guards to take out, but they pose no real threat
to you. Head down the stairs and then down the next set directly near them.
Once you are out of the building, head down and back onto the street level
and now its your job to get Laura back to the city. Once you are outside the
walls of the prison, head to the right to the helipad where a helicopter is
placed for you to make your escape. Get in and wait for Laura to do the same
and then ascend into the air and simply fly towards the city, once you are
in a certain distance of the city, mission will be complete.

A cutscene plays with her taking Laura home to her husband, who happens to
be Tobias, both of them being from the first game. Tobias will thank her for
bringing his "pumpkin muffin" back home and says if she ever needs anything
to let him know.

Reward(s): $1,500, Pilsen

Newspaper: Drug Dealing Mom Escapes Prison, Leaves Nice Note
A convicted drug felon is back on the streets after escaping prison. An
unknown assailant was seen docking at the prison island shortly before an
explosion near the prison's generator cut all power to the holding cells. The
assailant then made their way to the holding cells, where they met up with the
drug felon, before being airlifted from the island. Despite the recent rash of
break outs, authorities insist nothing is wrong with the prison facility, and
remind those seeking employment to please drop off a resume at the downtown
police station.
VId3. Mission: Airborne Assault (ARBRNASLT)
Cutscene plays with Laura coming to the Saint's hideout to explain what is in
the Loa Dust, however, she says she wont get down into the major details and
just gives a basic explanation, one being that there is some very good pot
in the mix. The boss will state it could have embalming fluid in it and she
wouldn't care, as long as they can make it. She will then say that all they
need to do is stop the Samedi from making anymore and Shaundi will remark how
much of an idiot she is as she forgot about the Samedi having a drug farm just
outside of campus. The boss will go to leave, to take it out, but Shaundi will
say she can't just charge in there, Laura will remark that there is no need to
do that anyway, because Tobias has a pilot's license. 

When you have control of your character, you will be sitting on the side of
the helicopter that Tobias is flying. You will be equipped with an AR200 SAW
and given unlimited ammo for it for this mission. On the flight to the farm
Tobias and her will make small talk and he even asks what he should do for
his and Laura's anniversary coming up, depending on the voice you have chosen
there will be different suggestions.

Once you arrive at the farm, you will be given the objective of destroying the
farm equipment. Tobias will constantly fly around the farm, making periodic
stops so you can aim better, so, just shoot at all the targets as he flies
around and if you don't get one on the first go round, don't worry as he will
circle the farm. The first target you should be able to destroy is the 
Chemical Storage Tank. Be cautious of some of the Samedi on the ground as they
will have RPG launchers, but there are explosive barrels scattered about and
Samedi are usually near them, so, just shoot them to take out the Samedi with
ease. A small note is that you have to love Tobias and his commentary during
this entire thing, especially when he begins laughing.

The more stuff you destroy, the more your vision will be blurred, due to the
fire, smoke, and drug in the air. You will be affected by the burning drugs.
Once you have destroyed all 6 of the equipment, some of the Samedi will be
trying to make a run for it, but Tobias and her aren't going to settle for
that as Tobias will fly the helicopter in close so she has a good shot at
the Samedi in their cars. Checkpoint reached as well.

You will need to kill the Samedi lieutenants before they get away. I'm not
sure how much time you have to do so, as they've never gotten too far with
me, but its best advised not to play around too much and just take them out
ASAP. Get rid of the first 2 cars and then another pair will appear and give
them the same treatment as the last two by unloading the AR200 SAW into their
cars. Mission complete when the fourth is destroyed.

The General and Mr. Sunshine will walk into a music store where Veteran Child
is and Mr. Sunshine will clear the place out by killing one of the customers.
The General will explain to Veteran Child that the Saint's razed his drug farm
and wants to know how it happened. Veteran Child at first wont know but then
he will come to the realization that he used to date Shaundi, who now is with
the Saints and there is a chance, a small chance, that he might have told her
about the farm when they were high one day. The General will tell him to get
rid of Shaundi and if he fails to do so, Mr. Sunshine will burn him alive.

Reward(s): $2,000, Pleasant View, Oppressor Helicopter, Tobias

Newspaper: Hippies Mourn Loss Of Drug Farm
An aerial assault has left a farm near the University in flames, and numerous
Sons of Samedi dead. The Saints assaulted a presumed drug manufacturing
facility today, destroying various pieces of equipment, and in the process
crippling the Samedi's Loa Dust production. Not satisfied, the Saints then
proceeded to wreak havoc down the streets of Stilwater, assaulting the fleeing
Samedi vehicles and leaving untold casualties.
VId4. Mission: Veteran Child (VETCHLD)
The mission opens with a cutscene of Veteran Child entering the Saint's base
of operations and remarking what a nice place it is to Shaundi. She will ask
him what he is doing there and that he needs to get out of there. He will pull
a gun on her and actually subdue her as she tries to escape, however, the boss
enters the hideout, only for Veteran Child to fire at her and after a brief
exchange of dialogue between the two about if Veteran Child is getting out of
there or not, he will shoot something hanging from the ceiling that will fall
towards her, subduing her long enough for him to make an escape.

When you have control of your character, the phone will ring, so answer it and
Veteran Child will be on the line, I'm going to guess he's using Shaundi's
cell phone to call, otherwise, I'd like to know how rival gang members have
her number. Anyway, he will tell you to go to Cocks. So, get your vehicle of
choice and begin to follow the GPS layout to the desired location. On the way
she will call Pierce and inform him of the situation. Both of them believe it
to be a trap and Pierce will be given the task of finding out where else he
might have taken Shaundi. As you get further along, she will call Veteran
Child and threaten him, in which case he retorts she can't talk to the triple
platinum Veteran Child like that. 

When you arrive at Cocks, and if you have already done the Ronin, then the
location is under your control and more than likely, a Saint or two will be
outside the club, feel free to recruit them for some extra fire power inside
of Cocks. Anyway, when you arrive, head in through the marked door and kill
the Samedi protecting Veteran Child. You will be given one Skull upon sight
and more will be added as you kill Samedi members inside. The place is small
enough to where I don't need to describe the location of each one, so, just
run around and gun anyone with a red arrow over their head. Once the last one
has been killed, she will call Pierce up and inform him it was a trap and ask
him if he has acquired any information on his whereabouts. Pierce will say he
has, that Veteran Child is scheduled to DJ at "On Track" and then ask if she
would like him to get a crew up and go take him out, she will reply by saying
no, that she wants to do this herself.

Chances are, you will have 3 skulls at this point, so, if you drove a bike
here, I would suggest trading it out for a Samedi vehicle that pulls up to
Cocks as you exit it. Once you are in a vehicle, follow the GPS layout to
the next location. On the way, she will phone Veteran Child and his reaction
is nothing short of despair that she is still alive. You will be chased by
Samedi the entire way to "On Track" so long as your Skull remains at a 2 or 3.
I would suggest ignoring them until you arrive at the place, that way you can
easily take them out instead of trying to kill the driver, as its a small
target when driving. When you arrive at "On Track" a checkpoint will be

Head into the club and your next objective appears. Kill Veteran Child. Take
out the first three Samedi as you enter the bar area of the club, its a small
area, so all three should be visible to you upon entering the place. Once
those three are dead, head over to the marked door and be ready to open fire
at a downward angle, as the door opens to some steps and chances are, a group
of Samedi have gathered at the door or at the base of the stairs. When the
group at the stairs has been taken care of, head down and around to the next
set of stairs, taking out the Samedi as you go. When you reach the bottom of
the club, a small cutscene will play with Veteran Child holding Shaundi as a
human shield.

For this boss fight, you must kill Veteran Child before Shaundi's health bar
reaches zero. Her health doesn't go down, but she does take an occasional
stray bullet when Samedi enter the fray and sometimes Veteran Child will push
her away from him and begin to unload his SMG clip into her. Since Veteran
Child has Shaundi as a human shield, hitting him will be rather difficult so
you need to separate the two somehow. Lucky for you, there are Flashbang
grenades scattered around the bottom floor of the club. Exchange whatever
your current explosive is for them and equip them. Note that there is plenty
of stuff to take cover behind if you run low on health.

Once you are ready, press L2 or R2 to toss a grenade towards Veteran Child
and then retreat behind something or get of the range of the blast as the
flashbang doesn't any visible damage, however, it does stun for a short
period of time. So, while Veteran Child and Shaundi are stumbling around and
holding their hand over their eyes, pop out from behind your hiding spot and
unload into Veteran Child. Remember, like anyone in the game, Veteran Child
will take extra damage if struck in the head. For a quick and easy kill on
Veteran Child, use a shotgun as they seem to drain his health very, very
quickly. Repeat the process as stated above until Veteran Child's life bar
has reached zero. Be mindful to take care of any Samedi members that join
the fray as they can be troublesome at times.

A cutscene follows with her helping Shaundi up and Shaundi replying her ex
is quite the jerk, in which case she agrees. It shows the two stepping over
Veteran Child's body and leaving the club. Outside she tells Shaundi she
should go home and rest. It also shows The General's limo pull up in the
background and then drive off.

A special note of this mission is after it, Gen X, the radio station will
be changed to Ultor FM, following the death of Gen X's DJ, Veteran Child.
All the same songs will play, but the commercials that play on the station
are more Ultor related.

Reward(s): $2,500

Newspaper: Gen X DJ Found Murdered
A local DJ is dead after a shootout at the On Track nightclub involving the
Saints and Sons of Samedi. Witnesses describe the scenes of terror as the
Saints leader burst into the nightclub firing at everything and everyone. It's
unclear whether Veteran Child's death was a case of being in the wrong place
at the wrong time, or if he was in fact connected to the Sons of Samedi in
some way. Officials have not yet determined if an earlier shooting at Cocks
Nightclub is somehow related.
VId5. Mission: Burning Down The House (BRNGDWN)
The cutscene opens with her entering a frat party as the people are shouting
Shaundi's name. It cuts to show Shaundi partaking in a party event involving
alcohol. She will ask Shaundi why they are at a frat party and Shaundi will
reply with her ex called and got some dirt for them. Didn't she kill her ex?
No, its another ex. They will go downstairs and meet Blake, who will explain
he saw Samedi members taking a bunch of chemicals into a warehouse and goes
on to say he knows a drug lab when he sees one. Well, Shaundi will decide to
stay and indulge in the drug and alcohol of the place while she takes off to
go take care of the Samedi.

There are a total of four drug labs you must destroy. So, when you are given
control of your character, get in your vehicle of choice and follow the GPS
layout to the first location. Feel free to call some Saints over to go with
you on this, as extra firepower is always nice to have. When you arrive there
should be 3 Samedi members outside of the warehouse, acting as guards, however
they must be high on their own stuff as they don't shoot at you when they see
you, that or they just figure if they don't react, you'll go away. 

Take the three outside the warehouse out and then move inside. There should be
around five Samedi inside the compound so take them out and then destroy the
labs by shooting the chemical tanks with the red arrow above them, this is
also a way to take the Samedi out if they are near them, as the explosion is
quite large. There are two labs in this compound to destroy, once you have
done so return to your vehicle and head to the second location following your
GPS layout on the radar.

When you arrive, approach the doors and kick one open and head inside. There
is only one lab in this building, but it is quite larger than the last place
and has more Samedi guarding it. Chances are when you first kick open the door
a Samedi member will be there waiting to begin unloading into you. Once that
one is dead, proceed to clear out the ground floor and if you have brought
along some partners, you wont have to worry about your back as much. Once the
ground floor has been cleared, find the stairs and head up them. There will be
a good amount of Samedi members on the second floor as well, but they fall
just as easily as the ones on the ground floor. Once you have taken them out
or if you have a clear shot at the lab, destroy it and then head back outside
to your vehicle.

Most likely you will have 3 Skulls by now on your Samedi Notoriety, so, take
any out that drive up to greet you as you exit the building. Once you have
done so get in your vehicle and proceed to follow the GPS layout on the radar
to the next location. Its not far at all from the second one. When you arrive
at the marker, instead of getting out, proceed to drive in, as there is a
winding path that leads underground. When you get about halfway through the
tunnel, a checkpoint will be reached.

When you arrive inside the actual compound, after driving into the last blue
marker and then get out of your vehicle. There are two drug labs to be taken
care of at this location. The first on the ground floor to the right of the
entrance, so, run to it and take it out and then proceed back towards the
entrance and go up the stairs that should be visible to you, just be sure
to take care of any Samedi on the ground floor before doing so. Approach
the door that the drug lab is located in and you will find it to be locked
and the glass is bullet proof too, so, how do you draw them out? Well, after
confirming that the door is locked, a marker appears next to the window. Head
over to it and activate it by pressing triangle, which will turn off the
ventilation in the room, effectively smoking them out like you do a hornet's
nest. When they run out, shoot them down and then take out the second drug
lab of the location, now head back down to your vehicle and take out Samedi
that have gathered down here in vehicles.

Get in your vehicle once you have taken them out and follow the tunnel out of
the underground area and follow your GPS to the final location. When you near
the location, a checkpoint will be reached. When you arrive drive into the
marker and then pull up to the stairs where the next marker is, hop out and
run up them and then head to the next marker, simply look at your GPS to find
where it is. Your objective at this point is to kill three lab technicians the
people who make the drug for the Samedi, so, do so. Take out the Samedi on the
way and then kill each technician, they wont fight back.

When you kill the third technician, he/she will drop a key, so, pick it up and
head to the marked door near his location indicated on the GPS, use the key
to open the door and head inside to where the drug lab is. Most likely as you
are running to the area, a Samedi will open fire to try and kill you and wind
up destroying the dust lab themselves, as well as taking out a majority of the
Samedi in the room. Nice job there buddy. Once the lab has been destroyed a
new objective appears and that is to kill the fourth lab technician so, follow
the GPS layout to door that has a foot symbol on it and kick it open for a
small cutscene to play with the technician running to his car as fire and
smoke fill the air. When you have control of your character quickly target the
car and the technician and unload your gun into both, before he even gets down
the street, he should be dead, eliminating the need for chase. This brings an
end to the mission.

A cutscene will play with The General and Mr. Sunshine overlooking the chaos
developing in the city, smoke and fire rising high into the sky. The General
will ask Mr. Sunshine what he is thinking and he will reply by saying it is
beautiful in which case The General will reply that it is also expensive. Mr.
Sunshine will confidently reply that more money will arrive as he continues
to stare at the chaos as The General states the Saints are proving to be more
than just a nuisance, in which case Mr. Sunshine says maybe its time to speak
with their leader.

An interesting note that following this mission, is that Shivington will be on
fire and covered in smoke for quite some time and firemen will be in the area
until it is over. 

Reward(s): $3,000, Shivington

Newspaper: Shivington In Flames!
What began as innocuous raid on drug labs run by the Sons of Samedi has ended
in unimaginable tragedy. In their continued quest for dominance, the Third
Street Saints descended onto the Samedi territory intent on destroying the
Samedi Loa Dust labs in the projects of Shivington. In the resulting chaos, it
is assumed that the fire from one of the labs continued to spread until the
entire neighborhood was engulfed in flames. Witnesses say they have never seen
anything like it, and many are suspicious about the city's claims that nothing
could have been done to prevent it.
VId6. Mission: Bad Trip (BDTRP)
Staying true to Mr. Sunshine's suggestion The General's limo pulls up near her
as she is walking alone and a Samedi rushes out from the limo to subdue her
only to fall, however, another Samedi appears and is able to stop her by
hitting her in the face with a baseball bat. When she comes to, she is sitting
in the limo, directly across from The General and has been intoxicated with
some type of drug, which seems to alter the reality around her to a degree as
she sees Sunshine in a very Picasso painting type of way. Ultimately, The
General orders her to be killed but somehow, she is able to fight off her
would be killers and escape from the limo by diving out and using the body
of one of the Samedi as a type of surf board to prevent damage to herself.
This also causes a pile up on the road.

When you have control of your character, take one of the vehicles nearby that
was apart of the pile up. I would suggest the green Hayate Z70. Before you
get in, you will get a phone call so answer it. It will be Shaundi, screaming
about the Samedi being all over your hideout and depending on your voice there
will be different responses. Shaundi figures out that you are high and will
state that she's going to die. 

Your objective doesn't pop up until after the phone call has ended, but that's
what this walkthrough is for, if you have been reading up until now. You have
to get back to the hideout before Shaundi's health reaches zero. Before the
phone call starts or even gets to the point where Shaundi mentions the hideout
is being assaulted, head towards the Saint's hideout. Keep in mind that her
perception has been severely altered by the drugs the Samedi used to
intoxicate her with and as such, your driving skills, no matter how good they
may be, will be altered due to the screen moving constantly. Keep note of the
3 Samedi Skulls on your Notoriety bar, as you will be chased to your hideout
by at least one, so, when you arrive, take them out. Also note that your aim
will be slightly off due to the drugs as well.

When you arrive, take out the Samedi that pull up with you and then proceed
to head into the church. There will be at least three Samedi here, so, take
them out as quickly as possible. I would say try to get a headshot, but with
the drugs affecting your aiming, I'd suggest just aiming for the bigger target
which is their body. Once all three are dead, begin to head down the stairs to
Old Stilwater, taking out Samedi as they appear. Once you arrive at Shaundi's
location, kill the Samedi that has her pinned down to reach a checkpoint.

Shaundi will inform you that Pierce called and that he needs a hand as Samedi
are chasing him and he's coming back to the hideout. Also note that Shaundi
will mention that you've sobered up some. So, with that, head back up the
stairs and take out the Samedi that have gathered in the church again. Should
be four of them. Then head out into the parking lot of your hideout. The goal
of this part is survival. Kill the first batch of Samedi that are outside in
the parking lot and then wait for Pierce. Both Shaundi and Pierce will be a
follower, so, if they die, its not instant fail as you can revive them.

Survival is the name of the game as stated above. Samedi will keep coming and
its your job to outlast them. That's this part of the mission in a nutshell. A
total of 60-70 Samedi is your goal to outlast and as much as I would love to
help, I can't. They come, you shoot, more come, you shoot... Lather, rinse,
repeat. The only advice I can give is take cover behind cars and the stone
things in the parking lot to regenerate health if you don't have food items
or would rather save the food items. Also note that occasionally Samedi will
appear on the map, but they wont charge towards the hideout. I'm not sure why
but I believe it is nothing more than a simple glitch, so, run to them and
take them out and then get back to the hideout, as when you leave the radius
of the hideout, you are on a 30 second timer to return to it. When you outlast
them, the mission will come to an end.

A cutscene plays with her stumbling around and then ultimately falling over
and Shaundi will ask her how she is feeling. She will tell her comfortable and
very hunry. Shaundi will mention their may be more people looking for her and
she will tell Shaundi that she could take care of them. Shaundi will
leave her laying on the floor and walk off, remarking about how she is a

Reward(s: $3,500, Ultor Dome, Samedi Fighting Style

Newspaper: Saints Leader In Drug Fueled Orgy Of Violence
A reported meeting between gang leaders has ended in violence as the feud
between the Third Street Saints and the Sons of Samedi continues to escalate.
Witnesses report seeing the Saints leader exit a Samedi vehicle in a hail of
bullets before stumbling across town to the nightclub Purgatory. What followed
was chaos of the highest magnitude as Saints and Samedi traded gunfire leaving
numerous dead at the scene.
VId7. Mission: Bonding Experience (BNDNGEXP)
A cutscene plays with her, Pierce, Shaundi and a couple of the Saints hanging
around the hideout, Shaundi is playing hackey-sack with the Saints and Pierce
will ask the boss when will she let him come out and get in the action with
her. She will just explain she is used to doing things by herself and its not
meant to be an insult. Shaundi will kick the hackey-sack to Pierce and he will
catch it saying no self respecting brother plays that. He will then ask the
boss why she has Shaundi calling the shots and not him and she will ask him
if he knows how the Samedi are still moving product despite torching their
farms and destroying their labs. He will say no and Shaundi will interrupt the
two by saying that Samedi helicopters are dropping cargo off over the city.
She will let Pierce tag along on this mission and he acts as the driver.

You will be in the backseat of a Mag truck parked next to a tree and Pierce
will start off the mission by saying its about time she took him along on a
mission and say that he's always on time, that he always listens, and that
he always pays attention. The entire time a helicopter is nearing and he
doesn't seem to notice it, despite her telling him that its coming.

Its your task to take down every helicopter before they reach their drop off
point. The drop off point is not indicated on the map or by a timer or even
by a bar, which can make the mission a little more hectic than it should. When
the first helicopter arrives and Pierce starts following it, you will have a
clear line of fire at it, despite it being near the train tracks. Take your
shots. I suggest using the assault rifle and if the Samedi are the last gang
you are doing, then the AR-50 XMAC should be yours if you've been checking
"Friendly Fire" every so often. Even if its not, you may possibly have the
AR-50 w/ Grenade Launcher, by completing all combat tricks.

Either way, an assault rifle is best suited for this mission in my opinion
so use it if you wish. The first helicopter should go down quite fast as you
will have a clear line of fire at it from under the tracks. Now sit back and
enjoy the radio until the next helicopter appears on the map which shouldn't
be long after Pierce hits a jump. This one can be a little more tricky as
buildings will constantly be in the way giving you only short firing rounds
before it disappears behind another. However, once you pass under the tracks
it should be much easier as it will eventually fly directly over your truck
out in the open, so, fill its belly full of bullets as it does so and it
should go down. Also be sure to take out any Samedi tailing you in cars but
only when a helicopter isn't on the map as a target. Once that helicopter is
down, enjoy the ride and the radio as you wait for the next.

After a while of driving, Pierce will say they are flying over the water and
she will comment that they need a boat. Luckily for them, they are right near
a dock with a boat as Pierce notices the helicopter. Once Pierce is out of the
truck, you can do the same. So, get out and head to the dock and get into the
boat. Pierce will be your driver still. Once you get in the boat, a checkpoint
will be reached.

Depending on the weather, this can be a tricky part or an easy part. If it is
storming and at night, it can be very tricky due to the rain tampering with
your visibility as well as the swells of the water affecting your aim. However
if it is at night or day and nothing but clear skies, this section will be
very easy. Once you get in the boat, it wont be long before the helicopter
appears so swing your aim around to it and begin to unload your clip into it.
It may take more than one clip to take it down due to the distance from the
boat and the helicopter, but its better take it down ASAP as the drop off
zones aren't indicated as stated before. This leaves you with 3 more to take

Enjoy the drive on the water until the next chopper appears. It will fly
directly over your boat, giving you a perfect chance to fill its belly full
of lead as it does so. This helicopter is a very easy target to take down and
you shouldn't have any difficulty with this one. It most likely wont go down
from the shots to the belly and fly just out of your aiming cursor, however
it will fly back into target range just a few moments later so once it does
unload in it once again until it blows. Not long after its down, she will say
that is it for those choppers and its time to get back on land and finish
off the remaining ones. Once Pierce docks and gets off, you do the same and
just follow him until he hijacks a vehicle, which always seems to be an
Alaskan. Once he gets in, a checkpoint will be reached.

He will say that what he just did was a textbook hijack and that its time for
some drive-by music. He will put the station on KRhyme 95.4 FM and you can not
change the station at this point as he sings along to the music. A helicopter
will fly by your current location so aim for it and begin to unload into it
before it can make it towards the Downtown District where buildings are.

That leaves one more to go. Once it appears on the map, it will fly around
a rather large building, giving you some time to fill it full of lead before
it before the large buildings in the area become an obstacle, so, as soon as
you can, start firing into it and with a little luck and skill, it will fall
within seconds of its arrival. Once it is destroyed, mission complete.

A cutscene plays with The General's limo pulling up to Mr. Sunshine. He will
open the door for him and The General will step out, saying that Mr. Sunshine
knows why is there and he will proceed to cut one of Mr. Sunshine's ears off
with a machete, saying that a price needed to be paid for the failure and that
he took no pleasure in doing what he did. Mr. Sunshine will tell him not to
worry as he only needs one ear to hear the whispers of the Loa. The General
will leave him by saying he knows he will fix it.

Reward(s): $5,000, Sunsinger

Newspaper: Stilwater Institutes Temporary No-Fly Zone
In a scene reminiscent of something found in "Bangers on Fire", the Third
Street Saints rained hellfire on Stilwater today. It's still unclear as to why
the Saints assaulted several helicopters that were in the area, but it can
only be presumed that they were somehow linked to the Sons of Samedi. Multiple
aircraft were brought down, many in crowded streets, by gunfire from a car
known to be owned by a prominent member of the Saints. Aircraft in the area
has been temporarily grounded by Chief Troy Bradshaw.
VId8. Mission: Riot Control (RITCNTRL)
A cutscene plays with Mr. Sunshine being approached by a group of homeless
people, who seem to be drug addicts. One of them will ask him where the drugs
are. Mr. Sunshine will tell them that there is no drugs and one of them will
reply back that he said there was a shipment coming in. Mr. Sunshine will say
that was correct, but the Saints stole it. One of the bums rudely tells him
that they will just buy from the Saints then, in which case Mr. Sunshine turns
around and shoots him in the head and tells the rest of them they will not but
will make an offer, if they are able to steal the drugs they will be rewarded
with the drugs they stole, for free.

When you have control of your character, Pierce, Shaundi, and her will be
standing inside of a warehouse and Pierce will remark that he is tired of all
the standing around and wishes something exciting will happen. Moments later
a couple of drug addicted bums rushes into the warehouse and begins to open
fire at the three. Exciting enough for you Pierce? Kill the bums that appear
and then its time to defend the warehouse. She will tell Pierce to go get a
truck and leave the warehouse to her and Shaundi.

Feel free to step outside of the warehouse every now and then to kill the red
dots that appear on the outside, but get back inside the warehouse before too
long as you are on a timer when you leave the warehouse, so, the best bet is
to just stay inside the warehouse and let the bums come to you. Keep in mind
that sometimes one of the bums will have a molotov cocktail and will throw
it at you. If you see a trail of fire flying through the air, try and get out
of the way, as it can be annoying, set on fire and then taking bullet shots
while you are waiting for the fire to go away.

You must defend the warehouse until Pierce returns with the truck. There is no
timer on this, but it is timed when he appears as before he comes back with
the truck a countdown noise will begin to play much like it does when a timer
is in the final seconds. I'm not sure how long it takes Pierce exactly but I
will make a guess of at least two minutes. When the time is up, a small
cutscene of Pierce pulling up to the warehouse in a Mule will play.

Pierce will remark that he is surprised the two lasted that long without him
and she will tell Shaundi to give Pierce a hand with loading up the Mule with
the drugs and that she will take care of the rest of the bums. There are 12
boxes full of drugs that Shaundi and Pierce will have to load into the truck
and it doesn't take them too long to do so, so, this part isn't exceptionally
long, just defend them and the warehouse as you have been doing up until this
point. Once the truck is completely loaded a small scene of Pierce and Shaundi
getting into it plays and a checkpoint is reached.

Now its your job to escort the truck back to the Saint's hideout. So, head out
of the warehouse and get into the nearest car and let Pierce drive ahead of
you and you tailgate him. Cruise control might be helpful here to you, but
I never use it as I've stated a few times already. Occasionally on the drive
to the hideout, bums will appear in cars and try and shoot the truck to take
its health bar down to zero to make it stop so they can get the drugs inside.
So, take out the bums that do appear and the best way to do so is via head
shot through the windshield if you can get it. If you fall too far behind the
truck, Pierce will come to a stop and wait for you to get back within the
radius before he continues on his way. Also note that on the way that while
the bums do appear in cars, that there will be some standing on the side of
the street waiting for the truck to come by so they can pelt it with bullets.
If you see a group of red dots on the map ahead of you, its most likely that
so, pull arund the truck and take them out, then wait for Pierce to pass
by and continue to tailgate as per usual. Once Pierce pulls into the marker
at the Saint's hideout, the mission will be complete.

A cutscene plays with her and Shaundi hanging around outside with the boxes
and two bums will sneak up and steal two of them and take off. She wil give
chase to them and one will be run over by an oncoming car and she will shoot
the other in the leg to subdue him. She will pick up the box and he will
shout he needs the drugs. She will ask him where Mr. Sunshine is and at first
he wont tell her, until she begins to torture him by constantly hitting the
bullet wound. After a bit of that, he will tell her that he hangs out at an
old meat processing plant. She will ask him if that was so hard to tell and
then drop the box of drugs for him to keep.

Reward(s): $7,500, Black Bottom

Newspaper: Mayor: "Homeless Should Be Euthanized"
A warehouse full of dead bodies has raised plenty of questions and no answers.
Witnesses confess to hearing gunshots coming from inside the building while
purple clad individuals, presumably Third Street Saints, scrambled to fill a
nearby truck with packages while crazed drug addicts assaulted them. One
witness described an individual fitting the description of the Saints leader
ruthlessly gunning down people in cold blood as the truck drove away.
VId9. Mission: Eternal Sunshine (ETRNLSUN)
The cutscene opens with Shaundi following behind her boss saying that she is
going to come along. She will turn around and tell her that she isn't and
Shaundi will want to know why. She will tell her that if a strung out DJ was
almost able to take her out, someone like Sunshine would eat her alive and she
doesn't have time to babysit. Shaundi will say she wont have to babysit her
but she'll cut her off, telling her to stick to tactics, that the conversation
is over and then leave her there.

So, when you have control of your character outside of the hideout, get into
your vehicle of choice, whether yours or a gang vehicle and leave the parking
lot and follow the GPS layout to your destination which is in The Mills. Its
located not far from the Factories District Insurance Fraud activity. When
you arrive in the general area of your destination you will be given 5 Skulls
and also will have reached a checkpoint.

Instead of getting out of your vehicle once you obtain the 5 Skulls, keep
driving to your location and then hop out and open fire at any of the Samedi
near your immediate area to take them out. I wouldn't worry about killing all
of them, just the ones between you and the door you need to head through. Once
you get inside the meat packing plant and step into the blue marker, your
Notoriety with the Samedi may drop to 4. I'm not sure if its always or only
if its because of having the perk of having their Notoriety drop at a faster
rate. Either way, for all intents and purposes of this walk through, it drops.

Which, really doesn't matter as you are inside a building and not on the
highway. Its not like you are going to be chased by car after car. Head on
in through the door way and take out the first couple of Samedi in this room.
There is plenty of stuff to obstruct your view and prevent your bullets from
hitting in this place, so, make sure you have a clear shot at them, that way
you know you are going to drop them. Be sure to watch your back as if you let
any Samedi outside alive, they may actually come inside the building instead
of just standing around like some enemies do. You don't need a pincer attack

Once you have gotten rid of the Samedi in the room and any that may have been
trying to sneak up on you, continue on your way. As you round the corner there
will most likely be a Samedi member here, not unless he joined the fray with
the other two from the sounds of gun fire. Once you drop him, two more will
rush to the area, one on the right side of the large machine and one on the
left side, so, take them out. Take cover behind the metal beam if you have
to, but it shouldn't be necessary. Once they are dead, continue on your way.

As you are nearing the meat storage room, a single Samedi may run at you from
the adjacent hall, so, take him/her out of it does happen and then head into
the storage room. There will be at least two Samedi in here and they can be
hard to spot due to all the frozen meat hanging around, so, if you don't want
to waste time or damage, toss an explosive into the room to draw them out as
enemies usually run if an explosive lands near them. Once they are dead, head
to the hallway to the right of the room and then up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, across from them, is a locker room of sorts and will
most likely have a Samedi patrolling in the room. Take him out whether he
happens to see you or not and then head towards it, but look to your right as
there may be Samedi standing in the hall, once he is dead, head into the
locker room and then into the lounging room next to it where there should be
three Samedi. Keep in mind that one of these Samedi might head into the locker
room to cut you off. Either way, kill all of them and move on.

Directly across from this room is a set of stairs, so, head to them and kill
the Samedi member that comes charging down them. Once you reach the top of the
stairs, take out the two Samedi members up here and then head for the blue
marker. When you walk onto the metal grating, a small cutscene will play with
Mr. Sunshine saying to kneel before the Sons of Samedi and then he will hold
a voodoo doll up, just a few moments afterwards, she will go flying into the
wall. Checkpoint is reached also.

When you have control of your character, she will still be on the floor so she
will be vunerable to gunfire coming in as she is getting up. Nothing you can
do but take the hits at this point. There is a small metal siding on the
guard rail near you so, crouch down and get behind it to cover yourself from
oncoming fire. Your target of course is Mr. Sunshine but you can't do any
damage to him right now, so, take out his little lackeys that are swarming
all over the place. Also keep in mind that you are not able to get over to
where they area, you have to stay on your side.

When Mr. Sunshine says something and begins raising his hands in the air, now
is the chance to attack, but not him. Shoot the Voodoo Doll in his right hand
to knock it from his grasp. Now you can actually do damage to him so begin to
shoot him and keep in mind, he'll take a little extra damage if he is hit in
the head by a bullet, but since he is moving, it may be hard to actually
connect with his head. Either way, he will run down stairs. You can do the
same, as there are some stairs on your side of the battle ground as well.

At this time you can still damage Mr. Sunshine so going down the stairs on
your side may be a smart idea to do as well, however, I myself advise against
this course of action as there will be a ton of Samedi swarming the area and
more keep coming, no matter how many you kill, so, my advice is to stay safe
and sound behind your little metal siding and pop up and take out Samedi now
and then and just wait for Mr. Sunshine to come back up to the top floor for
his Voodoo Doll and then just wait for him to try and use it again and shoot
it out of his hand once again and start unloading in him once more. Lather,
rinse and repeat until he has fallen. Once Mr. Sunshine's health bar has
gone to zero, the mission will be complete.

A cutscene will play out with her shooting Mr. Sunshine twice and him falling
over. However, he will get back up and say that the fight is not over, in
which case she will shoot him a few more times, he will fall and she will go
to leave once again and he will once more arise and say that will not stop him
in which case, gets annoyed, telling him to just die, and unloads her entire
clip into him. As she is leaving, she will pick up a machete and proceed to
chop Mr. Sunshine's head off to make sure he is dead.

Reward(s): $12,500, The Mills

Newspaper: Slaughterhouse Becomes A Slaughterhouse
A meat packing plant in the Factories district is home to a grisly scene.
Countless Sons of Samedi were massacred inside earlier in what is presumed to
be another chapter in the gang's run-ins with the Third Street Saints.
Identified among the dead was an individual known to many as "Mr. Sunshine" a
high ranking Samedi lieutenant thought to be the Sons of Samedi's second in
VId10. Mission: Assault On Precinct 13 (ASLTPRNCT13)
A cutscene plays out with Shaundi running on a treadmill while she watches her
go at it. She will ask her if she's gonna just stand there or work out and she
remarks that she gets enough cardio running from the cops. She'll ask Shaundi
how are they going to locate The General and Shaundi will say the quickest way
would be to hack into the police traffic cameras and say she is coming along.
Her boss will remind her of what she said before and Shaundi will ask if she
is going to be the one to hack into the servers, when she doesn't come up with
an answer, Shaundi will simply say "That's what I thought" and the two will
head off.

When the mission starts you will be on a timer of 3 minutes. Dressed as you
are, you wouldn't make it far into the police station, so, Shaundi suggests
getting some disguises. Your target is a repairmen driving around in a van.
So, when you have control of your character, head over to your vehicle of
choice and get in and head out of the place, following the GPS layout to the
van's location, which is in the Saint's Row District. It seems like a long
distance for that timer, but its not. You'll arrive with plenty of time to

When you arrive within the red circle around the van, the timer will vanish
and be replaced with a damage bar. This bar indicates the Van's health. Now,
you could shoot it until the driver bails out. However, if you want to get
this done quickly, swerve around in front of the van and if haven't done any
damage to it yet, it should come to a stop. When it does, carefully aim and
shoot the driver in the head through the windshield with the pistol or SMG
you have equipped. It might take a couple shots to drop him, but you should
be able to get him before he's able to drive away. Either way you do it, once
the van is able to be taken, get out of your car and get into the van. The
screen will go black and Shaundi and her will change clothes. In the back of
the van I'm guessing, on the street would be kind of awkward.

Once they are finished changing, Shaundi will make a joking compliment towards
her boss about how they look in the jumpsuit and depending on the voice, there
will be a different response. Anyway, your destination now is the police
station which should be just up the road from your current location. So, just
follow the GPS to it and then hop out of the van. Check point is reached once
you drive into the blue marker in the police station's parking lot.

Make sure to unequip any weapon you may have by switching to fists or you will
blow your cover and you don't want that happening. Head into the building and
approach the blue marker at the counter and press triangle to trigger a small
cutscene. Once the scene has finished, head to the room to your left and from
here make your way around to the nearby staircase and head up it to the next
floor. From there, just run up the next set of stairs directly across to go to
the third floor and then make your way to the fourth floor from there. 

Head to the blue marker on your GPS and Shaundi will run into the room and
start hacking into the computers. A few seconds after she begins, an alarm
will sound and you will be given 4 Stars. Its your job to defend the room and
Shaundi while she hacks into the computers so take out the assault rifle and
begin to mow down any police that come your way. I'm not 100% sure how long it
takes Shaundi to hack, as a timer isn't given nor is any kind of counter for
police kills. Periodically Shaundi will say things to inform you of her how
far along she is. When she says "Half way done" the doors leading out to the
helipad will open, where SWAT will be, I would suggest leaving the room
momentarily to take care of the SWAT team on the room, that way you wont have
to deal with them later. Return to the room and defend it until Shaundi is
done doing what she has to.

She will state that there is a helicopter on the roof and that you should
take it back to the hideout. Considering you probably have 5 Stars right now
that doesn't seem like a bad idea and this is also why I stated to take care
of SWAT beforehand. The only bad thing about taking the helicopter is that
there is an attack chopper that gets sent after you and it will fire missiles
at you to try and take you down. To buy yourself a little time, I would say
to destroy the attack chopper before taking off in the one the mission gives
you. You will want to be quick about it though, as they will send another
attack chopper after you.

There's not a lot of tips I can give here, as if you aren't good at flying
a helicopter, this part could be extremely hard. The best I can say is don't
fly in a straight line. While the missiles the attack choppers fire are homing
missiles, if you're zig-zagging around through the air, you might just be able
to dodge an incoming one. Keep an eye out for the tops of buildings and the
ground as you are flying towards the Saint's Hideout, once the area starts
looking familiar, begin to descend as I do advise landing in the zone on the
first try, instead of having to make a turn in the air, as that can lead to
one or two missile hits. Once you land in the marker, the mission will be
completed. Alternatively, if you aren't good at flying a helicopter or are
simply worried about getting frustrated, you can take a vehicle. Though, this
way is harder in my opinion, as the attack choppers will still follow you
and fire missiles at you, but, this way you can also swing through a "Forgive
& Forget" on the way. Ultimately its up to you. I've always gone in the

A cutscene plays with her saying there's a bunch of electronic stuff she does
not know how to use and once that everything is set up, she wants people to
watch the monitors 24/7 and the moment someone spots the limo, she wants to
know about it. She will ask Shaundi if she is sure it is going to work and
Shaundi will simply reply with "Probably" and say that it would be good times.

Reward(s): $25,000

Newspaper: Chief Bradshaw Learns The Meaning Of "Irony"
Members of the Third Street Saints disguised as camera repairmen infiltrated
the police station today, but were chased of the premises before any real
damage was done officials say. The Saints managed to make their way to the
security room before the station was put on full alert. After a brief
firefight, the Saints retreated. Causalities are said to be low. Exactly what
the Saints were interested in has yet to be determined.
VId11. Mission: The Shopping Maul (SHPNGMAL)
A cutscene plays with a Saint watching the monitors, looking quite bored as
he does so. Once the limo comes into view of one of them he stands up and
shouts out that he has found it. She will come running over to look at the
monitors and then call for Shaundi, who will sit up from the couch not far
from her. She will tell her to get up as they need to move out quickly. Please
note that you will not be able to play this mission until you have completed
all four of the Sons of Samedi strongholds.

When the mission starts, you will be on a timer of about 1:50 and your target
spot is quite a distance. This is a timer that you need to be speedy about so
I do suggest getting a fast car so you can get there with time to spare. Once
you are in your vehicle and Shaundi has opened the door to her side, peel out
of the Saint's parking lot and begin to follow the GPS to the target area.
When you get close to crossing the bridge, Shaundi will ask her where are they
going and she will tell her the Mall, as that's where the General's limo was

As of typing this, I used a Wakazashi to get to the mall and upon stepping
into the marker, had 28 seconds remaining on the clock. Before stepping into
the marker, how about taking out your assault rifle or weapon of choice? A
small scene plays out with Shaundi telling her to get ready for the ambush as
the limo is nearing, a bus will come seemingly out of nowhere and slam into
the limo which sends it flying and the fight begins. A check point is reached
after the cutscene ends.

The General will remain in his limo, which is armoured, so, you can't destroy
it. What you must do is take care of his body guards. There are 11 of them in
all and they are spread out in the immediate area. Since you are not alone and
have Shaundi as well as Saints in the area, the fight with The General's
guards shouldn't be too hard. Simply run down the stairs and start gunning
anyone wearing green down. Once all 11 have been taken care of The General
will get out of his limo and book it into the mall by taking the elevator
down into the underground shopping mall. Do NOT follow him right away. Stay
clear of his limo, as once he is out of it and a safe distance away, it will
blow up. You do not need to take that damage. Once it does blow, head to the
blue marker that The General used and you will be taken into the mall.

Now you need to track down The General. You will most likely have 2 or 3
Skulls on your Notoriety bar. Now, usually this means nothing, since you are
inside of a building, but the Mall does have another entrance where cars can
get in from, so, yes, you will be dealing with Samedi in vehicles as well.
They shouldn't be too much trouble, so, just head towards the blue marker
indicated on your GPS while gunning down any Samedi on the way. When you 
arrive in the area, a camoflauge Bulldog will come down from one of the above
floors and land in front of you. Check point is reached after this scene plays

Take note of the machine gun mounted ontop of the Bulldog's roof. The General
is inside this vehicle and its your job to blow it up. At first it'll just sit
there, while shoooting at you. So, do what you need to do to prevent damage
and begin to fire back at the vehicle. It doesn't matter if you hit The
General or not with gunfire as it only effects the Bulldog's health meter so
just unload into the vehicle. After some damage, the vehicle will drive off
and just start driving around the mall. If you watch your GPS, you will notice
a blue square has appeared once the Bulldog has driven off. Shaundi has left
you a Toad to chase the Bulldog down on. So, get on the four-wheeler and give
chase, with your SMG equipped. Watch out for incoming Samedi cars as they
can knock you off of the Toad. However, since your vehicle is smaller, you can
easily avoid incoming cars by swerving past them or through small gaps. You
have an easier time than they do driving in the mall. Once you have the
Bulldog in your sights, begin to unload your SMG into it. Once its health hits
a certain point, which is around the 15% mark I think, it will catch fire and
all you have to do is sit back and watch the explosion.

A cutscene plays with Shaundi and her boss standing over The General's dead
body and Shaundi will ask if its over. She will explain that since they took
their territory, business, and killed their leader, she is sure the Samedi
are pretty much finished. Shaundi will ask how she did and in a way only she
can, she compliments Shaundi, but it comes off more as an insult. With that
done, the two leave The General where is laying and leave the area.

Reward(s): $50,000, Prawn Court, The General's Bulldog, Samedi Vehicles 
(Danville, Churchill, Wellington, Stiletto), Samedi Personality (Taunts &
Compliments), Shaundi

Newspaper: Mall Closed For Renovations
The Rounds Square Shopping Center has been designated a crime scene after a
brutal battle between the Saints and the Sons of Samedi. The fighting started
when a limo carrying the Samedi leader was ambushed outside the shopping
center by the Saints. The Samedi leader, known to many as The General, fled
below ground but was pursued by the Saints leader and eventually killed. 
Officials are tight lipped on the possible repercussions of these events, but
it's safe to assume the Sons of Samedi are effectively finished here in
VId12. Stronghold: Elysian Fields Trailer Park (ELYSNFLDSTRLRPRK)

VII.                         ACTIVITIES (ACTVTS)
Activities are an excellent way to earn money and respect, as well as get
some very nice perks and unlockable weapons for your characters.

VIIa. Chop Shop (CHPSHP)
-Special Variant Mongoose for completing 1 list
-Special Variant Kent for completing 2 lists
-75% Mechanic Discount for completing all 5 lists
Chop Shop, along with Hitman, is one of the more lengthy activities in the
game and while the rewards are nice, they aren't required to have for the
game, unless you just want at least one 100% file. What you must do is help 
five different people acquire cars they want. To get the lists for each car, 
simply walk into the blue marker and hit triangle and you will receive a 
phone call and then a list of the vehicles. Five lists with a total of eight 
vehicles per list. 

To make it a little more difficult, the drivers will act differently than
other drivers on the road. If you barely tap their car, they will speed off
and you will get the same result if you so much as approach their car. To
remedy this, park your car in front of them to try and jack it that way, as
when they attempt to speed off, they will most likely run into your car, which
will give you enough time to yank them out and for you to get in. Or, you can
swerve your vehicle in front, get out, fine aim, and shoot them in the head
through the windshield, either way. 

You will also receive a certain amount of stars depending on where the 
vehicle is on the list. If its the first on the list, you will only receive 
one star, if its the last, you will receive three. Also note that even though
a list says the car is in a certain area, doesn't mean that is the only area
it will be, its just the easiest area to acquire it in. Just make sure to
select that car from the list, so, it will appear on your GPS when you are 
in that area. Well, with that out of the way, here are each of the lists and 
the cars on the lists.
Vehicle: Mockingbird
Location: Suburbs District
Cash: $1,000
Respect: 200

Vehicle: Churchill
Location: Suburbs Expansion District
Cash: $1,250
Respect: 250

Vehicle: Hammerhead
Location: Downtown District
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 300

Vehicle: Compton
Location: Museum District or dial 555-PIMP
Cash: $1,750
Respect: 400

Vehicle: Topher
Location: Hotels & Marina District
Cash: $2,000
Respect: 500

Vehicle: Quota
Location: High End Retail District
Cash: $2,500
Respect: 600

Vehicle: Five-O
Location: Suburbs District
Cash: $3,000
Respect: 700

Vehicle: Ambulance
Location: Suburbs Expansion District or dial 911
Cash: $3,500
Respect: 800
Vehicle: Go!
Location: Trailer Park District
Cash: $1,000
Respect: 200

Vehicle: Taxi
Location: Suburbs Expansion District or dial TNA Taxis at 555-455-8008
Cash: $1,250
Respect: 250

Vehicle: Wellington
Location: Downtown District
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 300

Vehicle: Alaskan
Location: Hotel & Marina District
Cash: $1,750
Respect: 400

Vehicle: Varsity
Location: Downtown District
Cash: $2,000
Respect: 500

Vehicle: Zenith
Location: Hotel & Marina District
Cash: $2,500
Respect: 600

Vehicle: Justice
Location: Suburbs Expansion District
Cash: $3,000
Respect: 700

Vehicle: Titan
Location: Downtown District
Cash: $3,500
Respect: 800
Vehicle: Swindle
Location: University District
Cash: $1,000
Respect: 200

Vehicle: Betsy
Location: Arena District
Cash: $1,250
Respect: 250

Vehicle: NRG V8
Location: Barrio District
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 300

Vehicle: Raycaster
Location: Chinatown District
Cash: $1,750
Respect: 400

Vehicle: Melbourne
Location: Airport District
Cash: $2,000
Respect: 500

Vehicle: Bezier
Location: Apartments District
Cash: $2,500
Respect: 600

Vehicle: Cosmos
Location: Projects District
Cash: $3,000
Respect: 700

Vehicle: Status Quo
Location: Red Light District
Cash: $3,500
Respect: 800
Vehicle: Voxel
Location: Barrio District
Cash: $1,000
Respect: 200

Vehicle: Magma
Location: Projects District
Cash: $1,250
Respect: 250

Vehicle: Attrazione
Location: Red Light District
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 300

Vehicle: Superiore
Location: Airport District
Cash: $1,750
Respect: 400

Vehicle: Venom Classic
Location: Chinatown District
Cash: $2,000
Respect: 500

Vehicle: Eiswolf
Location: Saint’s Row District
Cash: $2,500
Respect: 600

Vehicle: Socialite
Location: Apartments District
Cash: $3,000
Respect: 700

Vehicle: Peacekeeper
Location: Saint’s Row District
Cash: $3,500
Respect: 800
Vehicle: Voyage
Location: Docks & Warehouses District
Cash: $1,000
Respect: 200

Vehicle: Danville
Location: Truck Yard District
Cash: $1,250
Respect: 250

Vehicle: Mag
Location: Projects District
Cash: $1,500
Respect: 300

Vehicle: Bag Boy
Location: Airport District
Cash: $1,750
Respect: 400

Vehicle: Backhoe
Location: Barrio District
Cash: $2,000
Respect: 500

Vehicle: Bulldozer
Location: Factories District
Cash: $2,500
Respect: 600

Vehicle: Delivery Truck
Location: Saint’s Row District
Cash: $3,000
Respect: 700

Vehicle: Longhauler
Location: Red Light District
Cash: $3,500
Respect: 800
VIIb. Crowd Control (CRWDCNTRL)
-Pepper Spray (Level 3, Hotels & Marina)
-Chainsaw (Level 6, Hotels & Marina)
-Clothing Stores 5% Off (Level 3, Suburbs)
-Clothing Stores 15% Off (Level 6, Suburbs)
There are two instances of this activity, one in the Hotels & Marina District
and the other in the Suburbs district. This is also perhaps one of the most
annoying activities in the game. You act as a personal body guard for a
celebrity of some form and must protect them from crazed fans by beating them 
or throwing them into objects. The activity for both areas is the same, just 
the people you guard is different. Suburbs is Movie Stars and Athletes, while
Hotels & Marina is Adult Film Stars. The first three levels of each are quite 
simple and easy, just throw a crazed fan into an object to fill the 
requirement to pass the level. Once level four rolls around, it gets much 

Throwing a fan at/into a marked object nets you $1000. Throwing a fan at an
unmarked object or off of a ledge adds $750, and smacking a crazed fan with 
the baseball bat adds $250. You are not given a bat at the start of each
level, so you will have to pick one up from a downed fan.

There are two main ways to fail this activity, the first being running out of
the time given to procure the right amount of money to pass the level, the
other way is by letting the harassment meter fill all the way up. You are
sent to a location for each level, and you can press down twice to cancel the
activity, effectively failing it, and then simply hit to retry and be put in
a brand new area in case you didn't like the previous.

Aside from them hitting and harassing the celebrity, you can also get hit,
which can be an annoyance as if you are struck with a bat, you will fall to
the ground and it'll take a couple of seconds for you to get back up, which
can be just enough time for the annoyance of the celebrity to rise quickly
on the higher levels. Below I will give general strategy, or what has worked
for me, for each level and the best stage to do high levels on for the 
Suburbs, as I have not yet found a solid location for the Hotels & Marina.

Train Station: This is possibly the best location to do the Suburbs level 6
at. Simply because fans are on both sides of the tracks and a train does come
through periodically, so, sometimes, crazed fans will run down onto the train
tracks as a train is coming and get plowed over, and you will gain money for
each crazed fan hit. 

Level 1 - Grab and throw fans into objects to net the $1,000 which will allow
you to pass level 1 with ease. Crazed fans come one at a time and far enough
apart in time from one another to where you don't need to worry about the
celebrity too much.

Level 2 - Honestly, level 2 is the same as level 1, just with the fans coming
a bit more frequently, so the same strategy applies.

Level 3 - To begin with, use the strategy for the last two levels until there
are too many fans to try and throw into objects, you should have a baseball
bat by now from one of the fans, so take it out and start cracking skulls.
When you are given a breather, grab and toss a fan into a nearby object for
a good sum to pass the level.

Level 4 - Throw the first fan into an object, hopefully this fan had a bat.
If they did, equip it and just stay near the celebrity and swing at any
crazed fan that comes near them. You're only awarded $250 per fan when
striking them with the bat, but it adds up quickly with the rate they come.

Level 5 - Hit the first fan twice to make them go away and pick up their bat
if they had it and stay close to the celebrity and follow the same strategy
provided for level 4, you will have to strike more frequently as fans begin
to rush in packs now.

Level 6 - The hardest level of both, even if the stage you are on is in your
favor. Again, get a bat as soon as possible and begin to swing at anybody 
with a red arrow above their head. You need to procure $25,000 to complete
this one. I'm not sure if its timer based or the amount of money you have
gained but some fans will start shooting at the celebrity with pistols and
on occasion, some of them have an automatic rifle. Take these guys out ASAP
as they can build the annoyance up fast. If you have enough time, swipe up
a pistol and shoot any fan, its quicker than the bat, in my opinion.

Liath sends this in:

First for the levels I would recommend.  For the Marina version of the
activity there is one map where you are outside on a pier that has a
trampoline and some treadmills set up on it.  The reason I recommend this is
the treadmills you don't even have to throw the fans onto them. If you just
grab a fan and run them over the treadmill you get an immediate 1,000 points.
This is helpful since the celebrity tends to stand right next to the treadmill
most of the time so you can easily just grab the civilians, turn around, and
grab a thousand points as easily as swinging your bat.  For the Suburbs
version I found the easiest to be the one that seems to be an airport landing
strip. The reason I favor this is because each end of the strip has a group
of soldiers with guns on it that shoot any fan that you throw remotely close
to them.  This is another one where in most cases it is pretty easy to grab
and toss fans when the celebrity happens to be standing in the far corners.
Ok now for my two small hints for completing these a little easier. The first
hint is pretty simple but one I think a lot of people overlook. If you
complete a mission and go into the next mission without quitting the activity
you keep any items (including the bat) that you picked up in the previous
difficulty. My second hint is actually just a verification for you. I did some 
testing and it does have to do with time when the crowd draws mini guns on
level 6.  The occasional pistol seems to pop up after you gain 20,000 but the
mini guns only appear after you have either 24,000 points (no problem to
finish at this point) but they will spawn en-mass in the last 30 seconds of
the round.
VIIc. Demolition Derby (DMODRBY)
-Mechanic Stores 5% off (Level 3)
-Mechanic Stores 15% off (Level 6)
-Fully Upgraded Derby Cars (Level 6)
There is only one instance of this activity and it can be found in the
Stilwater University District and honestly, its an easy activity. One
of the easiest activities in my opinion, even on level 6. For each level
you will be able to choose a car to take into the demo, and you will be
able to add to its speed, defense, or attack. 1 point for level 1, 3 points
for the level 2 upgrades. In the first level of the activity you can only
assign one point, I would suggest putting it in speed or defense. The speed
boost given plus the nitrous you are able to use during the events for added
damage is very nice and can rack up money quickly.

The goal of this activity is to destroy the opponent cars and rack up the 
required amount of money. It doesn't matter if you destroy all the 
vehicles, if you don't have the required amount of money at the end, you 
will fail. You will also fail if your car is destroyed. At level 6 of the 
activity you need $30,000 to pass and keep in mind that if you are 
responsible for the destruction of the vehicle, you will be awarded $500 
for the explosion. 

As for what car to use, I can't really say, as I always use Rampage from 
the first level to the last. The level 6 reward of this activity plus the 
one you get for all chop shop lists makes upgrading your owned cars very 
cheap, especially when you are able to buy the mechanic store, I believe it 
will be 95% off in all once you are able to buy the store when you own the 
neighborhood its in.

Once you complete all levels and are given all your rewards, you will also
be able to compete in specialized Derby events for money. You will not be
awarded any unlockable, but its still fun to do, especially the one titled
"Jackass" where you do a demo derby in golf carts.
VIId. Drug Trafficking (DRGTRFK)
-Ronin Notoriety Reduced (slightly) (Level 3, Hotels & Marina)
-Ronin Notoriety Reduced (faster) (Level 6, Hotels & Marina)
-XS-2 Ultimax Shotgun (Level 3, Airport)
-Unlimited Shotgun Ammo (Level 6, Airports)
There are two instances of this activity, one at the Airport, where you
help Richie, who is the cousin of Tobias, push drugs while protecting him
from the Brotherhood. The other one is in Hotels & Marina where you help
Luz push drugs while protecting her from the Ronin. Not a hard activity
at all, just can get hectic sometimes. Two ways to fail is if you die or
if one of the buyers dies before the deal is completed. During this activity
you are given unlimited Pistol ammo and a variety of other weapons to use
in the activity. Depending on the level, the type and ammo count changes.
Also, something to keep in mind is the vehicle Luz and Richie drives is
upgraded from the ones seen driving around normally. They can withstand a lot
more punishment than the normal variety, however, should either one begin to
smoke, trade the vehicle out for a nearby one, even take one of the gang
vehicles if they aren't too damaged.

I don't have a lot of advice for this activity as its fairly easy to me and
the only hard thing about it is how hectic it can get if you don't manage to
keep the gangs off of you constantly. However, I will try my best to give
some advice.

At level 1, it's fairly easy, they will come at you one at a time, although
more can join in if you take too long to kill the first. If its the Ronin,
they will come at you on their bikes, which basically means an easy target
as long as Luz isn't swerving around like a mad woman. If its the Brotherhood
they will be driving the Swindles, in which case, just aim and shoot for the
drivers side through the windshield to head shot or kill with repeated shots.
At level 6 the Ronin will come at you very quickly and in quick bursts and
they will also be coming at you in their cars. The Brotherhood will do the
same, except in their largest trucks.

When Luz or Richie arrives at the location, stay in the vehicle and let them
do the deal, killing any gangs or cops that show up. Sometimes the buyers
will take off without paying and you have to kill them. The buyers that do
take off are upgraded versions of your regular civilians as they can take 
one or two head shots from a pistol and still be running, so, just equip 
a rifle if you have it and the spare ammo and unload on their body or head
to take them down quickly. 

Once they complete all their deals for that level you will have to protect 
them on the way home, at higher levels, I suggest saving the Rocket Launcher 
for the ride home, it makes it much easier, just be sure to aim at the ground 
in front of the oncoming enemy vehicle instead of at the vehicle itself. 
Satchel Charges also work well as you can choose when the explosion will 
happen, though, sometimes its hard to do when the driver is swerving in and 
out of traffic as it screws with your camera. All in all, this is one of the
more fun and easier activities.
VIIe. Escort (ESCRT)
-Vehicle Delivery For $1,000 (Level 3, Red Light)
-Vehicle Delivery For Free (Level 6, Red Light)
-Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced (slightly) (Level 3, University)
-Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced (faster) (Level 6, University)
This activity has two instances, one in the Red Light District and one in
the University District. This is perhaps the most annoying activity next to
Crowd Control. The basic idea of it is you are acting as a driver for an on
the road prostitution service, which, is the best way I can describe it. You
stop and pick up clients and then you drive around and let them have their
fun. At times, the media will show up to take pictures of what's going on.
Your objective is to stay clear of the media and please the client in anyway
besides what the girl is doing, this will come in a variety of ways and I will
explain in just a bit. 

There are three ways I know to fail this activity. The first being the most 
obvious and letting the media get too much footage. The second being the 
destruction of the car you are in and the third being the client dying, which
I have only seen once, when my cousin was playing, and she ran the client 
over by mistake.

Besides the media, you will also have the IRS (they have guns), The wife or
husband of the client, and the Private Investigator to avoid. The first two
are easy, while the Private Investigator is much like the news vans as the
Private Investigator can take pictures, the difference is, the car they are
in is built to keep up with your car, which is bad. You may not fire a weapon
unless the client orders you to kill someone, which will be explained below,
as doing so, will reduce the pleasure bar, so, the only way to deal with the
PI in terms of killing him is if he is coming at you from ahead, simply go
full speed and ram into him head on and he will most likely be shot out of
his car through the windshield, which will kill him. I've done this several 
times myself to get rid of him.

The first four levels are quite easy in my opinion, while the fifth and sixth
are just utter migraines waiting to happen. Besides the news vans appearing
almost instantly, they will come in quite large numbers and more frequently.
They will also set up roadblocks, however, they begin that in level 2. The
best way to avoid the road blocks is to turn and go down another road, swerve
around them if there is enough room or plow through it by ramming your car
at full speed into the front end of one which will knock it out of the way
and allow you to get through while maintaining a decent speed. 

The annoying part of this activity comes from when the client begins to make
requests to help increase his or her pleasure quicker. From the moment he/she
makes the request, the pleasure bar will lock and will not increase until 
the request is fulfilled. Once the request is fulfilled, the pleasure bar
will get a decent boost and will begin to fill up once again. In lower levels
the client will only request one thing, however, in higher levels they will
request several things, which can be annoying depending on which things. Below
is a list of all requests I know. If you know of any others, please feel
free to contact me.

-Kill The Target (Able to use fire arm for this)
-Take Client Somewhere (The more annoying one, you can be in the university
area for example and he will want to go all the way to the Marina)
-Get Two Bronze Stars in Near Miss
-Get Two Bronze Stars in Powersliding
-Drive at 55MPH or higher for four seconds
-Do 1,000 points of damage to other vehicles with yours
VIIf. Fight Club (FGHTCLB)
-Melee Damage Increased 15% (Level 3, Arena)
-Melee Damage Increased 30% (Level 6, Arena)
-Legal Lee as Homie (Level 3, Prison)
-Troy as Homie (Level 6, Prison)
There are two instances to this activity, one in the Arena District and the
other being on the Prison Island that you escaped from at the beginning of
the game. Its inside the prison, where the yard, where the prisoners are
allowed to be outside, just surrounded by giant walls. As I've noticed
around message boards and the like, some people have difficulty in finding
this certain activity so, I will do my best to explain the directions to the
Yard inside the prison. When you enter the prison, the actual building, not
when you arrive on the island go straight ahead and kick open the first door
and proceed to kick open the one right after it and the one directly after it
as well. Now you should see prisoners and a cafeteria like area, kick open
one of the doors leading in and head in. Go to the door inside the cafeteria
marked "Cell Blocks" and kick it open, go through and head up the stairs and
there should be a door with the sign "Yard" over it, kick it open and follow
it out, you're in the yard.

As for the activity itself. Its not too hard. All there is to it is its an
all out brawl between you and other people in an MMA like environment. Except
you're able to use weapons and ultimately kill your opponent by snapping
their neck. Each level is easy in my opinion, just the amount of fighters is
increased over time. At level 1 and 2 its you and two others and at level 6
it is you and 6 others if I remember correctly. All you have to do is beat
an opponent until their health is below the halfway mark and knock them
down, from there, approach them and hit triangle to try to snap their neck.
You will have to press whatever button pops up on the screen over and over
to fill the bar to snap their neck. Sometimes you will have to alternate
between L2 & R2 as well. Pressing an incorrect button will result in losing
some momentum from the bar. The buttons also change over time, more quickly
in the later levels.

Unlike when you are normally playing, during missions and strongholds and
free roaming, your health will not recover over time in this activity.
So, you will need to consume food or drink to stay alive. The crowd will
throw weapons into the arena as well as food for you to pick up and use.
If an opponent has a weapon, it can spell bad news, but simply try to grab
them and they will instantly drop it. They will push you away when you try
to grab them, however, sometimes, you are actually able to throw them. That's
pretty much it for this activity, its a pretty basic one and doesn't really
require any tips or tricks to it.
VIIg. Fuzz (FZZ)
-Police Notoriety Reduced (slightly) (Level 3, Suburbs)
-Police Notoriety Reduced (faster) (Level 6, Suburbs)
-Kobra Pistol (Level 3, Projects)
-Unlimited Pistol Ammo (Level 6, Projects)
This activity has two instances, one in the Suburbs District and the other in
the Projects District. In both you impersonate a member of the law for the TV
Show, FUZZ. Both instances have a different reason but both play out the
same. You will be called on to clean up the streets of Stilwater while a guy
with a camera follows you and captures every moment of it. You have to fill
the footage bar before time runs out to pass the level. You will be called
on to apprehend litter bugs, to stopping pirates fighting ninjas and to
taking down an attack helicopter.

This activity is very easy to do, with some of the objectives being just a
bit on the hard side, but nothing too serious. At times, the camera man will
request you use a certain weapon and give it to you, so you can gain an extra
boost of footage for using that weapon instead of dealing with the situation
normally. He'll request using a baseball bat all the way to using the
Annihilator RPG.
VIIh. Heli Assault (HLIASLT)
-Bullet Damage Reduced 5% (Level 3, Barrio)
-Bullet Damage Reduced 15% (Level 6, Barrio)
-Weapon Stores 5% Off (Level 3, Trailer Park)
-Weapon Stores 15% Off (Level 6, Trailer Park)
There are two instances to this activity and can only be done after the
"Three Kings" mission. The first can be found in the Barrio District and
is the easier of the two in my opinion. The second is in the Trailer Park
district. This activity may be hard for new players as it requires you to
use a helicopter.

The first level of both is pretty much the same, destroy an airplane, provide
air support for your gang that's pinned down and then destroy the target cars.
Nothing too bad, you just have to finish all of that within the time limit
given. After the first level, it becomes a solely "Defend" type activity.
Shaundi or Pierce, depending on which one you are doing, will drive around and
make drug deals in enemy territory and its up to you, to kill any enemy that
tries to stop them via helicopter. The helicopter comes with two weapons,
a mini gun and a lock-on missile. Only resort to the minigun if your 
helicopter has been so badly damaged that the missile launcher no longer 
responds. Lock-on missiles are great to have and are vastly better than the
helicopters mini gun.

Level 2 and 3 are somewhat easy, just follow Pierce/Shaundi along and take 
out any enemies, making sure to take out any enemy helicopters that appear 
to challenge you. In level 2 and 3, the enemy helicopters are nothing more
than an annoyance, at level 4 and up, they are much more dangerous as they
have upgraded to an attack chopper, which has the same weapons you do. 
Thankfully, helicopters only seem to appear while Pierce/Shaundi are stopped
and making their deals. The Barrio, which is the one Pierce is in, is easier
to me because there isn't as many high buildings that can block your view of
your targets. Both are pretty much the same though, just different areas of

At the end of level 3, the van will break down and you will have to pick your 
partners up, however, there is no room in the helicopter, so, what you do is
you lower the helicopter to where its almost on the ground, near your partners
and they will jump up and grab onto the skids of it, once both are on, slowly
ascend into the air and gently fly the helicopter towards the landing zone. If
you fly too fast your partners will lose their grip and fall off. This happens
in both instances of this activity. 

I believe in level 4, aside from the enemy getting attack choppers for 
themselves, the ones chasing your partners will also sometimes have a rocket
launcher, which, most of the time they will fire at you and not the van. I 
believe they will fire at the van if you aren't in their line of fire. Their 
rockets are easily dodged if you can see them coming. In level 6, you can 
sometimes have 2 or 3 vehicles on the ground with rockets firing at you, which 
can end badly if you are dealing with an attack chopper. All in all, you will
most likely have to attempt level 6 a few times before passing, but its not
too infuriating.
VIIi. Hitman (HTMN)
-Hand Grenades (Complete 1 List)
-Satchel Charges (Complete 3 Lists)
-Unlimited Rifle Ammo (Complete All Lists)
Hitman, along with Chop Shop, is one of the more lengthy activities of the
game. Much like chop shop, you are given five lists, only this time, it is
to kill a target, not deliver a car. Each list has six targets on it and 
each one has specific ways to lure each target out for you to be able to
kill them. Unlike regular civilians, all the targets have a great deal of
health and take quite a few shots to be put down, however, they are still
vulnerable to the instant kill via human shield. Below is a list of the
targets. Note that sometimes a rival hitman will be on the job to try and
get the kill before you and that sometimes you will have to kill the target
twice, due to one being an imposter.
Name: Alvan
Location: Pleasant View, Arena District - Drive In
Detail: Go to the abandoned drive-in theatre in the Arena District and drink 
two 40 oz’s, which can be purchased at any liquor store. He should appear on 
the GPS then. On the map, the drive-in is the brown patch below the bend that 
continues south to Frat Row.

Name: Brad
Location: Barrio District
Detail: You have to tag a spot in Barrio to draw Brad out. If you sprayed all 
of the tags in Barrio prior to triggering this activity, Brad should show up 
automatically. For those having trouble finding a tag in Barrio, there is one
on the hospital that you take the Barrio Heli Assault Activity from.

Name: Anoop
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Attain a Police Notoriety level of at least three stars and he 
will appear.

Name: Frank
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Call the cab company at 555-455-8008 using the Dial option on 
your mobile phone and Frank will appear in a cab.
Name: Scott
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Call Freckle Bitch's (555-6328) using the Dial option on 
your mobile phone to have some food delivered and Scott will appear.

Name: James
Location: Misty Lane, Suburbs District - Technically Legal
Detail: Travel to the Technically Legal in the Suburbs District, which 
is just a bit north of the On The Rag clothing store that appears on 
the map. Trigger the Ho-ing mini-game by standing in the blue marker to 
your left when you first enter the club and hit the Triangle button. Run 
through a few levels and James should appear on the GPS afterwards.
Name: Jeremiah
Location: Marina/Museum Districts
Details: Ride a motorcycle around the Marina and Museum districts and he 
should appear.

Name: Nate
Location: Hotels & Marina District - Poseidon Casino
Details: Travel to the Poseidon's Palace casino, which is near the 
shell-shaped structure south of the Branded clothes store icon on 
the map. Play some casino games, then return to the casino and he 
should soon appear.

Name: Brian
Location: Anywhere
Details: Call 911 using the Dial option on your mobile phone to lure the 
target over to you.

Name: Chris
Location: Amberbrook, Museum District - Buy Jove
Details: Travel to the Buy Jove store in Amberbrook, wait around there, and 
the target should soon appear on the GPS.

Name: Randy
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District
Details: Buy a boat or Wavercraft at the Ship IT vehicle dealer just north 
of the Hitman icon on the map and Randy will appear on the GPS.

Name: Nick
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District - Heron Hotel
Details: Travel to the Heron Hotel, which is just up the road from the 
Poseidon's Palace Casino. There are two double-doors on the west and east 
sides of the hotel that can be used to enter. Take the elevator in the lobby 
up to the target’s floor. Kill him and everyone else in the room. If you would
like to get 3 Gold Stars in throwing, grab someone and walk them out onto the
balcony and chuck them off.
Name: Everett
Location: Red Light District
Details: Kill a pimp to trigger the appearance of Everett’s location
on the GPS. They can be easily found in the Red Light District at night
or you can call 555-PIMP on your mobile phone.

Name: Justin
Location: Mourning Woods Cemetery, Suburbs Expansion District.
Details: You can find him at the cemetery between 10PM and 4AM.

Name: Chris
Location: Arena, Projects District
Details: Get a motorcycle and ride it around the Arena District and he will
appear on your GPS.

Name: Tim
Location: Anywhere
Details: Call the Fire Department using the Dial option on your mobile phone 
555-FIRE and kill him when he shows up.

Name: Mitri
Location: Factories District
Details: Drink some beer around the highway exchange in the northeast corner
of the Factories District and he should appear.

Name: Frank
Location: Anywhere
Details: Attain a five-star Police Notoriety level and he will appear in 
an FBI van.
Name: Shannon
Location: Trailer Park District
Details: Start a fight in the Trailer Park District and someone should 
call him over. Note that Shannon doesn't actually come, but he appears
in the laundromat in the Trailer Park District, which should be directly
south from the Heli Assault activity icon.

Name: Jim
Location: Stilwater Nuclear District
Details: Call the hazmat team at 555-OOPS using the Dial option on your mobile
phone while in the Stilwater Nuclear District to lure Jim over.

Name: Roje
Location: Suburbs Expansion District - Music Store
Details: Buy some music tracks at the Scratch That music store in Quinbecca
and he should appear on the GPS. Even if you've already bought all the music
before accepting this, he should appear.

Name: Mike
Location: Downtown District
Details: Drive around the Downtown District until he appears on the GPS. 
You may need to intentionally die in the district before he will appear.

Name: Clint
Location: Stilwater University District
Details: Purchase some 40 oz’s at a liquor store or gas station and down a 
couple outside of the Stadium in Frat Row. The target should then appear.

Name: Greg
Location: Any Freckle Bitch’s
Details: Buy one of every item on the menu at any Freckle Bitch’s and he 
will appear on the GPS.
Name: Apoop
Location: Encanto, Barrio District - On Track
Details: Travel to the On Track night club, indicated by a liquor bottle 
icon on the map in Encanto and wait on the dance floor downstairs. He should
soon appear on the GPS.

Name: Larry
Location: Trailer Park District
Details: You first need to purchase a Men's Tank Top 1 at an On The Rag 
clothes store. Then travel to the Trailer Park District wearing the 
shirt and he should appear on the GPS.

Name:  Seabaugh
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District - Pirate Ship
Details: Travel to the pirate ship restaurant at the Marina and he should
appear on the GPS.

Name: Mr. Flegel
Location: Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District - Rusty’s Needle Tattoo Parlor
Details:  Get a tattoo at the Red Light District tattoo parlor to make
him appear.

Name: Lt. Freeball
Location: Anywhere
Details:  Attain a Police Notoriety level of at least two stars and he 
will appear.

Name: Russell
Location: Underground Caverns
Details: Travel to the Spelunker’s clothes shop in Black Bottom, which is
part of the Factories District. Enter the Underground Caverns from there 
and wait around until he appears on the GPS.
VIIj. Insurance Fraud (INSFRD)
-Sprint for twice as long (Level 3, Factories)
-Infinite Sprint (Level 6, Factories)
-Vehicle Damage Reduced 5% (Level 3, Museum)
-Vehicle Damage Reduced 15% (Level 6, Museum)
There are two instances to this activity. One in the Factories District and
the other in the Museum District. This is a fun and goofy little activity
where you have to feign injuries and rack up points to pass the level. Each
level gets more and more expensive in terms of points to pass, but you are
also giving more time for each time. What you have to do is go to the
specified area the game tells you to and begin to fake injuries by jumping
out in front of oncoming traffic and hitting L2 or R2 to fall into it and
gain points from the hit. The more painful the hit and/or fall, the more
points you will get. Each area has a Bonus area, where you can build your
adrenaline gauge quickly. When your adrenaline gauge is completely full
you will enter Adrenaline Mode, which, whenever you fall into a car it
has the chance to propel you high into the air and you can guide your fall
with the left and right analog sticks so you can attempt to hit another
car on the fall to propel you right back up into the air. This a key way
to gain points quickly. 

In my opinion, the Airport District is the best place for this activity, up
on the circular highway is a bonus area and cars frequent this area. Never
has there been a time on that spot have I had to wait for a car to come by.
A small trick for a quick boost of points is, if the location is not the
Airport District, go there anyway and hijack a helicopter or airplane and fly
it to its highest over the specified District and then bail out. As you take
no health damage from falls, this is a nice trick to get a good boost of
points and adrenaline early on. The fall itself will rack up points and then
the impact on the ground will as well. The highest I've gotten doing this
trick was 60,000 something. Overall, this is a very easy and fun activity
and you should really have no trouble with it, especially if you constantly
cancel/fail the activity until you are told to go to the Airport District.
VIIk. Mayhem (MYHM)
-Crib Customization 5% Off (Level 3, Red Light)
-Crib Customization 15% Off (Level 6, Red Light)
-Flamethrower (Level 3, Nuclear Plant)
-Annihilator RPG (Level 6, Nuclear Plant)
There are two instances to this activity, one in the Red Light District right
near your first crib and the other can be found on the Nuclear Plant. Much
like the Insurance Fraud activity, you have to rack up a certain amount of
points in the specified time, in the specified location. However, this
activity is much harder and much more annoying as you have the police on
your tail after you rack up some points. I don't really have much advice
to give on this activity because I, truthfully, suck at it. I have passed
both of them, all 6 levels, however, that doesn't change the fact I'm
horrible at this activity. 

You are given infinite ammo on all weapons, which is nice. Your goal is
to cause as much property damage as possible. Anything that you can knock
over or destroy while free roaming, whether its fences, mail boxes, light
posts, anything, will give you points. Even people and cars. Sometimes 
you will be awarded a special bonus of $5,000 for destroying certain types
of cars. Level 1 through 3 is quite easy and then it gets harder as around
level 4 the attack choppers come in to stop you and anything that can knock
you down, missiles from the choppers for instance, or being rammed by a
police car can send your combo bar to zero as its constantly falling when
you aren't destroying stuff and it even will fall when you are destroying
stuff, its just hardly noticeable as each time you destroy something, it will
boost it up some.

The higher your combo the more points you will rack up when you destroy
something. After level 3, you are given a Rocket Launcher for the activity,
which makes things easier, but not by much. At level 6 you will need to
acquire a total of $800,000 which can seem like its impossible at first.
Below, I will list the best locations for level 6 on each instance.

Red Light District Instance: The Hotels and Marina District, as well as the
Suburbs Expansion District, are the best locations for this instance due to 
the amount of fencing and railing in the area. Starting on the Hotels and 
Marina District is essentially a guaranteed win, since there is railing all 
along the pier at the north end of the district. You can cause damage worth 
well into the millions here.

Stilwater Nuclear Power Plant Instance: The best location for this instance 
is the Stilwater University District. Target the railing surrounding the 
patches  of grass, trees, and shrubs in the northwest quarter of Frat’s Row 
to achieve a big combo.

Alternatively, if you have acquired a Bear from the cops, this can become much
easier as the thing is built like a tank and can withstand several missile
shots before being destroyed. Also, if you have downloaded the first DLC pack
the EDF Scout that comes with it can be great for the activity as you can fire
a continuous barrage of missiles without pause to rack up high damage, 
however, unlike the Bear, the EDF scout cannot withstand as much damage. Be
careful if you do use the EDF Scout, as the missiles fired from it are homing
missiles that will home in on wherever your cursor is, so, if it is pointed
directly at the ground in front of the Scout, they  will turn and home in on
that spot, hitting your own vehicle.
VIIl. Septic Avenger (SPTCAVNGR)
-Weapon Accuracy Increased 5% (Level 3, Suburbs)
-Weapon Accuracy Increased 15% (Level 6, Suburbs)
-Food/Liquor Stores 5% Off (Level 3, Red Light)
-Food/Liquor Stores 15% Off (Level 6, Red Light)
-Septic Truck (Complete Both)
There are two instances to this activity, one in the Suburbs Expansion
District and the other in the Red Light District. Much like Mayhem and
Insurance Fraud, you are required to obtain a certain amount of points. In
this case, you are riding shotgun in a Septic Truck, spraying the liquid
inside it on key targets. However, spraying it on anything will get you
points, but the key targets will net you big points. Unlike the other two
activities you are not on a timer, but on a route. You need to gather the
required points before the route is finished. However, this is easy, as
sometimes you will complete the level before reaching the 75% mark of the
route. Despite riding shotgun, you can still bring the truck to a stop by
holding down the L2 button, however, that is all you can do in terms of
controlling the truck, besides controlling the nozzle on it to fire the

While you do have an infinite supply of waste in the truck, you cannot spray
it constantly. You will have to let go of the button to let it recharge from
time to time before continuing on. Police officers will give chase to you
during all the levels, simply spray them until you gain money from them and
they will retreat, same goes for the cars they are in. After a while, SWAT
will also join in, but only as road blocks, however, treat them in the same
manner as you do the pursuing police. The septic truck is built tough, but it
is not indestructible so try not to have too many police on you. The worst I
have personally had the Septic Truck take is dented and first level of
smoking. This is a very easy activity to do and you shouldn't have too
much trouble with it.
VIIm. Snatch (SNTCH)
-Health Regeneration 2X (Level 3, Chinatown)
-Health Regeneration 3X (Level 6, Chinatown)
-GAL 43 SMG (Level 3, Downtown)
-Unlimited SMG Ammo (Level 6, Downtown)
There are two instances to this activity, one being in the Chinatown District
and the other being in the Downtown District. This is one of those activities
that starts out easy and then just gets frustrating by the time level 6 rolls
around. What you are assigned to do is steal prostitutes from pimps, so, they
can work for the people you are working for. One being Helmers, who is a 
hillbilly pimp and the other being Madam Wu, who needs workers for her massage
parlor or it'll be out of business.

So, level 1 is pretty easy, you only need a couple of girls, so, only one trip
will get that to you, as the girls are usually in pairs or threes. The catch
to this is, that by doing so, you will anger their pimp and get a notoriety
of whatever gang is backing that pimp. You can choose to kill the pimp and
gang members around the girl or just recruit them by pressing up on the d-pad
and when they get in the car to speed away back to the drop off spot. 

I'm not sure if killing a pimp effects whether this happens or not, but
sometimes after you've dropped off a batch of girls and are on the way to
steal some more, a pimp will show up and take on of the girls you've already
collected, forcing you to kill him and take the girl back to the drop off spot
for a second time.

At level 6, the last girl you go to get will sometimes be put in a limo and
the pimp will drive off. Simply follow and shoot the limo until the pimp
bails out, kill him, and take the girl and then get her back to the drop
off spot before time runs out. You should have enough time as level 6 gives
you 10 minutes to complete the level if I remember correctly. Note that this
activity will be much easier if you've already gotten infinite ammo for some
of the other guns. Also, if your car gets badly damaged, leave it and take
another car, just make sure its a four door car.
VIIn. Trail Blazing (TRLBLZNG)
-Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced (slightly) (Level 3, Apartments)
-Brotherhood Notoriety Reduced (faster) (Level 6, Apartments)
-Explosion Damage Reduced by 5% (Level 3, Downtown)
-Explosion Damage Reduced by 15% (Level 6, Downtown)
-Firefighter Suit (Complete Both)
There are two instances to this activity, one being in the Apartments District
and the other being in the Downtown District. This is a fun little activity
to do, mainly because its so chaotic. Its a racing type activity, where you
have to pass through all of the checkpoints in a short amount of time. You 
are on an ATV, in a suit, and you are set ablaze, and its your job, to stay 
on fire as you pass through all the check points, to do so, simply ram your
four wheeler into on coming cars, they will blow up instantly, run over
people to set them on fire, pass through small fires on the ground to send
out two missiles that home in on exploding barrels to set people in the
immediate area on fire and blow up any vehicles. Vehicles award you one
second and people award two seconds, however, they don't get added to the
clock until you pass through a check point.

There really is no advice to give except take shortcuts when necessary
and take the long way around when you need more time, as the long way will
usually have exploding barrels and the like for you to gain up a good amount
of time for when you pass through a check point. My best bonus time earned
was one minute and twenty-three seconds, and that was taking the long way
around. I believe it was in a level 6. The best thing to do is not trust your
GPS in this activity because if you look to where the check point is and try
to gun straight for it, you might wind up getting stuck due to a wall or
building or something similar.
VIII.                           WEAPONS (WPNS)
Weapons are a staple in any game of this type. You have a wide selection of
weapons to chose from and 7 equip slots. One holds one of each type of weapon
and you can only have equipped one of each type unless you are able to dual
wield, pistols and SMGs for example. Below is a list of all weapons in game
including the ones you can only require via cheats. Also, the environment
is also a weapon. You can pick up street signs, trash cans, fire hydrants,
parking meters, etc, etc. Just walk up to an object to see if it can be
picked up and improvised as a weapon. Melee weapons are bought from "Brass
Knuckles" and all other weapons are bought from "Friendly Fire". Prices
listed below are the prices of the weapons before getting any discounts.
Baseball Bat - $50
Butterfly Knife - $50
Chainsaw - N/A (Crowd Control Level 6, Hotels & Marina)
Crowbar - $20
Dual Samurai Swords - N/A (cheat only, see below how to obtain)
Knife - $50
Machete - $75
Nightstick - $75
Pepper Spray - $???
Pimp Slap - N/A (cheat only)
Samurai Sword - $100
Shock Paddles - N/A (Complete Level 10 of Ambulance Diversion)
Sledgehammer - $125
Stun Gun - $200
.44 Shepherd - $2,000
GDHC .50 - $3,000
Kobra - N/A (Complete FUZZ Level 3, Projects)
NR4 - $250
Vice 9 - $250 
GAL 43
SKR-9 Threat - $2,000
T3K Urban - $1,000
12 Gauge - $1,500
AS14 Hammer - $10,000
Pimp Cane - N/A - (Complete Ultor Mission 2, Pyramid Scheme)
Tombstone - $2,500
XS-2 Ultimax - N/A (Complete Drug Trafficking Level 3, Airport)
AR200 SAW - $10,000
AR-40 Xtnd - $???
AR-50 XMAC - $20,000
AR-50 w/ Grenade Launcher - N/A (All Combat Tricks Complete)
K6 Krukov - $5,000
Annihilator RPG - N/A (Complete Mayhem Level 6, Nuclear Plant)
Flamethrower - N/A (Complete Mayhem Level 3, Nuclear Plant)
McManus 2010 - $???
Mini-Gun - N/A (Complete Brotherhood Mission 10, The Siege)
RPG Launcher $10,000
Flashbang - $250
Hand Grenade - $500
Molotov Cocktail - $100
Pipe Bomb - $250
Satchel Charge - N/A (Complete 3 Hitman Lists)
This little section covers how to obtain the Dual Samurai Swords of Jyunichi.
It requires cheats to do this so, only do this if you want your save file
marked with a star, indicating you have cheats on. This may effect if some
people play with you online or not as some people refuse to play with people
who do use cheats and get a star added to their own file, despite not using
cheats. Of course an easy remedy to that is not to save after you play.

-Begin the Ronin mission: Kanto Connection. It has to be the first time you
play this mission: You can't use Mission Replay unless you're replaying it
with someone who did not finish it online, otherwise you have to start a new
-Get into the sword fight with Jyunichi
-Use the cheat: #969 on your phone to get a Pimp Slap and then activate the
-You'll notice you now have the Pimp Slap instead of the Samurai Sword
-Strike Jyunichi with the weapon
-He will drop his Dual Samurai Swords, but be fast to pick them up as the
screen fades out quickly after his death
-If you notice you're floating when you've got the katanas equipped, replay
the mission, and they'll work perfect
IX.                             UPDATES(UPDTS)
-Version 0.30
 -Started on FAQ (5-14-09)
 -Added Prologue/Third Street Saints Missions & Stronghold
 -Added Activities
 -Added The Brotherhood Missions & Strongholds
-Version 0.50
 -Added The Ronin Missions & Strongholds
 -Added Weapons List & Prices on some weapons
-Version 0.75
 -Added Sons of Samedi Missions & Strongholds
 -Updated Weapons Prices
X.                           SPECIAL THANKS(SPCLTHNKS)
I'd like to give thanks to all who have helped this guide in some way and
give credit to sources of information that I borrowed for this FAQ.

-GameFAQs for hosting it on their site
-Neoseeker for hosting it on their site
-Supercheats for hosting it on their site
-Volition for making a great game
-Laendon for explaining how to get Dual Samurai Swords
-Thomspon for prices on Nightstick, NR4, Stun Gun, T3K Urban and Tombstone
-My cousin Emmie for support and general help
-Liath for his contribution to "Crowd Control"
-My friend Garrett for support
-Michael Monette for his list of Chop Shop and Hitman, which saved me
from typing them. As well as his general tips on activities and best
areas for a couple of the activities.
-You for reading this
                                                         Document © xXIsaIsaXx
                                              Saints Row 2 © respective owners

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