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                          JJJJ  .22222222.
      W  O  N  D  E  R    JJJJ  222" "2222  P  R  O  J  E  C  T
      ----------------    JJJJ   "2  .222"  -------------------
  Wonder  Project  J 2    JJJJ      .222"   Corlo no mori no Josette
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                    JJJ  JJJJJ    2222"
                   JJJJJJJJJJ    222222222
                     "JJJJJ"    2222222222       Walkthrough and FAQ
                                                 (Text only version)  
Version 2.0
By Eve Chauviré ([email protected], formerly [email protected])
May 7th 1999

This is the text only version of an illustrated walkthrough. To see 
it, go to :

         *                                             *
         *   http://www.multimania.com/wonderproject   *
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If this link doesn't work, you can mail me ^_^
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The illustrated version has pictures and lots of things ^_^. 

Looking for the game but don't know where to find it ? mail me, I 
can help you. 

Contents :

- Changes in the versions & Author's note
- About Wonder project J and Pinocchio
- Characters : 	- main characters
                  - other characters
- Map of Blueland
- Item list
- Mini beginners' FAQ
- Walthrough for CHAPTER ONE :
       - Achievements list
       - About Blueland history / Introduction
       - The 25 achievements
       - 100%... So what ?
       - The end of the days of Blueland
- Miscellaneous information
       - Josette's jobs
       - Movies list
       - Game over ?
       - Josette's dresses
       - Josette's questions
       - Favorite quotes
- Staff information
- Wonder project J Links
- Special thanks

Changes in the versions :

Version 2.0 : Added achievements 21 and 23. The FAQ reached 100% !!!! 
   Added 100% information
Version 1.0 (Not available online) : Fixed lots of mistakes, Added 
   achievements 9, 13, 14, 25

Last update on : May 7th 1999

Author's note : 
When I saw so many people liked WPJ2 but couldn't understand it, 
I decided to make this FAQ. It is now complete to 100%.
I also want to tell you readers that I'm french, so some of my ways 
of saying are likely to sound a bit strange, sometimes. This is my 
first FAQ. 
Don't hesitate to e-mail me any (good or bad) comments, 
(especially) corrections, requests, etc, at [email protected]com
If you want to put my walkthrough on your page, at least please let 
me know.
And if you do put it on your page, don't change anything in the text 
please. If something seems wrong to you, please e-mail me.
Feel free to link the page where you found this.

About Wonder Project J and Pinocchio
Wonder project J is an exceptionnal game as it is one of the very 
few RPG inspired by a world masterpiece, Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. 
Moreover, it's made by Enix (Dragon quest).
WPJ is kind of a modernized version of Pinocchio. In Wonder project 
J : Kikai no shounen Pino, Pr Geppetto had made Pino the little 
Gijin (robot), but was abducted before he could give him a decent 
education. Only Tinker the little fairy, an interface robot, was 
remaining to accomplish this task, that's why she summoned someone 
from another world to help Pino on his way. Pino would have been 
able to become a real boy, like in Pinocchio, once he would have 
awakened his 7 hearts (by accomplishing 7 achievements).
Of course, it's not so obvious in WPJ2, because you don't have so 
many names from Pinocchio.

Characters :
Translator notes : I tried to translate the names as well as I 
could. Most of the characters' names sound english or french, so 
I tried to write them that way. For example Josette is a french 
first name which is actually not very common (and a bit ridiculous). 
Oh, maybe that name exists also in other languages... Well... I 
don't know, anyway. Other names are french such as " Elegant ". And 
the name of the chef sounds a lot like the french word " gourmet ", 
so I wrote it " Gourmen ". The family names appear only in the 
ending credits of the game. Of course some names might sound a bit 
strange and fitting too well to the characters, like Gante Worker, 
Geppetto Lamarck, Karen Honest...

Main characters :
Josette : Pr Geppetto's model 5984 android is a young girl. (Pino 
was model 4649). Like Pino, she was given the " J " which could help 
her become humain

Geppetto Lamarck : Geppetto's dream was to build a Gijin who would 
look exactly like a human in every ways. But, he was old, and had 
had trouble with Corlo's former government (in WPJ 1). He had to put 
Josette in a safe place before he died : on Blueland.

Bird : Aka Interface robot model 5980... This robot is the only way 
to communicate with Josette. It's your cursor...

Pino : The hero of Wonder Project J. Although he doesn't appear in 
Wonder Project J 2, he's often mentionned. Also made by Pr Geppetto, 
he sadly died before becoming a human, as we see in the introduction.

Pokko : Doesn't he remind you of someone ? Not only he is queen 
Tiffany's son but he's also the... reincarnation of Pino ! He's the 
spittin' image of Pino, and somehow has the same temper.

Other characters :
Arnold : A popular, handsome young man.

Clara : A nice blind girl.

Doro & Bou : Those two are former thieves from Wonder project J. 
They became honest. Notice that " dorobou " means " thief ".

Fam Wizard : aka Old Fam in WPJ1. He's the last survivor of the
ancient race, the Dinosaur-men.

Fater Harben : Harben's father ('s ghost), who was a martial arts 

Fisher : An experienced fisherman, with a typical fisherman's way of 
talking !

Fraken : Siliconian's mean scientist.

Galon Honest : Karen's husband, who abandoned his family and entered 
the army for some reasons...

Gante Worker : The grumpy boat & plane repairer. He just looks like 
one of Miyazaki's characters.

Gedo : This hooded man is looking for young girls to beat...

Gourmen : the world number 1 chef.

Harben : One of the army's leader. Is he as kind as he seems to be ?

Horus, Rostam, Lidal : Three regular customers of Karen's restaurant. 
We soon learn they belong to the Revolution Army.

Jichael : A trendy dancer that appears in the movie " sound of dance ".

Karen Honest : Formerly the leader of the Yamaneko thief band in 
Wonder Project J, she now runs a restaurant on the Megafloat Noah. 

Katze the cat : Karen's friend ; it's a actually a she.

Kurohige ("black beard") : The doctor who will try to cure Clara.

Movie director Lumiere & Alan : A movie maker and his assistant. They 
will be expelled from Blueland because their movies do not praise 
the Siliconian army...

"Medusa" Siliconian 13th : the mysterious cruel emperor. You only 
get to see his face in the ending...

Messala the 3rd : WPJ1's bad guy, a Gijin just like Josette. In 
WPJ1, he was Corlo's tyrannic leader, and abducted Pr Geppetto 
because he wanted the " J ".

Pearl Elegant : The posh daughter of the mayor. You'd better be her 

Paul : The townhall employee, who soon gets a crush on Josette !

Rosa, Hilda and Sally : Three friends of Pearl's.

Sapphire Honest : Karen's rebellious daughter, who could never 
accept her father's betrayal.

Zampagne : A strong man who breaks chains on the plazza.

Map of Blueland
These numbers are referring to the map of the Blueland in the booklet 
(p12-13). This is translation of the booklet.

Artificial Island Megafloat Noah
1. Megafloat Noah dock #1
2. Megafloat Noah dock #2
3. Karen's pub (which is a restaurant, actually)
4. Artificial island's park
5. Succalla Movie theater
6. Pipe way (to Blueland)
7. Garbage dump
8. Gante's boat repairing shop
9. Suspicious street
10. Goddess Sedona Blue entrance
11. Artificial island's plaza
12. Artificial island's hospital
13. To Home island Blueland

Home island Blueland :
14.  Plaza in front of the public office
15.  Blueland's public office and business registration office
16.  Siliconian movie studio 
17.  Proton mine
18.  Siliconian Airforce training district
19.  Siliconian Airforce fighting place (execution site ??)
20.  Blueland forest
21.  To Megafloat Noah

Item list
They're in the same order as in the booklet.
This is both comments of my own and translations of the booklet.

- Language Book : You need to read this before reading any other book.
- Encyclopedia : You can learn about everything in this book.
- Book of planes : A book about planes, and especially the Seaba plane.
- Book of ships : You'll want to know more about the Dolphin...
- Mechanic manual : Josette should read this if she wants to work in 
a garage.
- Medical book : all the secrets of the human body.
- Cook Book : I think it's clear enough !
- Bad book : A forbidden book (?) - actually a roleplaying 
- Legend of Magiteka : About the legend of Magiteka.
- Legend of Corlo : About the legend of Corlo
- Red dress : An offensive-looking red dress.
- Green dress : A sporty-looking green dress.
- Blue dress : A smart-looking blue dress.
- Health oil : have Josette eat this and she'll recover HP
- Mental oil : have Josette eat this and she'll recover MP
- Stuffed cat : A cute stuffed cat with which you can play and enjoy 
- Pickaxe : Used in mines
- Tray : Used in waitressing
- Dumbbell : It'll strengthen her up
- Groom : Use this to clean up
- Wrench : use this to learn mechanical
- Treasure box : With a little training with this, Josette'll be 
able to open any chest.
- Seasoning : This really have taste.
- Fry pan : used to learn to cook
- Bouquet of flowers : It smells good, doesn't it ?
- Crystal ball : Used to tell the fortune
- Fake cockroach : It looks like a real one
- Flan : Gijins' favorite food.
- Music box : doesn't it make you feel like dancing ?
- Treasure map (how come they sell this in a shop ?) : Map of the 
treasures of Magiteka.
- Proton stone : A stone like the one found in the mine.
- Corlo nut : This reminds Josette of Corlo... 

Mini FAQ
- What is a Gijin ?
Gijin is the word used to call robots in the game. Most Gijins come 
from Corlo island. The gijins respect Asimov's Robots' Three 
essential rules, which means they must not hurt humans.

- How do I teach Josette something ??
With the bird, you point at the object. She'll react in a certain 
way, and then you have to praise her or to scold her.
When she has understood, she should say " Wakatta wa ! " (I got it !)

- Josette is very angry/very sad, and won't do anything. What should 
I do ?
Give her a flan, it should cheer her up.

- Josette refuses to read a book. What should I do ?
She probably doesn't have enough MP anymore. Have her rest or drink 

- Oh my ! I don't have any more Oil, and the shop won't sell me any. 
Why ?
It's because you're carrying too many bottles. Sell the empty bottles 

- How do you open the door under water ?
You need to enter a secret code that you can guess when you have the 
fisher's license (there's a clue on it). It's B, B, B, A.

- Oh no ! Josette's eaten an object... Is it bad ? 
No. Don't worry. She should only eat objects that you can buy from 
the shop, and it's not bad for her health.

- How do I pilot the Dolphin ?
Go faster with A, slow down/stop with B.
Go up with Down, go down with Up.
To give up piloting and go back, push R then A.
To catch fish and treasures, use Z.

*                *
*  Walkthrough   *
*                *

Let's get started. First, I have to tell that Wonder project J 2 is
NOT linear. There are 25 " achievements " (or " goals ") you must 
accomplish, but you are not obliged to do them in one particular order. 
Of course, some must be done before others. Each of them give you 4%.
To check which ones you've got, go with the bird on the toolbar and 
press A over the bird's head. You'll access to the Achievements Memo, 
where all of those you have are listed. I listed here the achievements 
as they are in the memo :

The 25 achievements :

1. Learned how to greet people
2. Learned how to cook
3. Learned how to clean
4. Learned how to wash oneself
5. Mastered the piloting of the Dolphin
6. Mastered the piloting of the Seaba
7. Learned how to get fishermen's qualification
8. Received initiation (about fighting)
9. Got the title of "fisher king"
10. Was recognized as an accomplished barehand fighter
11. Got Miss Goddess Contest Second Prize
12. Became an actress 
13. Got the title of "plane shooter king"
14. Won the submarine race
15. Learned how to sing well
16. Learned how to dance well
17. Made up a story
18. Learned how to tell the fortune
19. Had a "dream"
20. Found the "past"
21. Found the "future"
22. Understood Life and Death
23. Understood "happiness"
24. Understood Love
25. Found a treasure in the mine

...And this is the order I did them in : 1, 15, 2, 5, 20, 16, 22, 
3 & 4, 11, 24, 12, 8, 6, 10, 7, 19, 18, 17, ...
Of course doing them in the " right " order can surely do no bad... 
I tried to, once, but I didn't manage to get achievement 4 after 
achievement 3, neither to get 8 right after 7... Nevermind.

Some events can only occurr after others did.  If you get stuck 
because something "won't happen", go everywhere (several times) 
and some encounters may trigger new things. I did my best to 
try to know which things went before which ones, but it's hard 
to tell.

*                                    *
*  Chapter 1 : The days of Blueland  *
*                                    *

About Blueland history :

Juste like Corlo, Blueland used to be a peaceful island until the 
Siliconian Empire, led by Siliconian the 13th invaded it to use 
its important mineral resource, the mines of Proton, and chased 
its inhabitants to an artificial steel island, the Megafloat Noah. 
This is where our story begins.
All the characters met by Josette are former inhabitants of 
Blueland that were forced to leave the island, now mainly occupied 
by Siliconian soldiers, who... aren't kidding...


Wonder Project J 2 is one of those rare sequels that take place 
exactly after the first episode. Or should I say, exactly 15 years 
after the first game. This means you'll meet quite a lot of 
characters from Wonder project J. In the introduction of the game, 
you'll see a short summary of what happened at the end of Wonder 
Project J (although I'm not 100% sure about that, since I haven't 
finished WPJ ^_^ ;). After Pino died fighting Messala the 3rd, the 
tyrannic king of Corlo, Pr Geppetto decided to build another Gijin 
like Pino. But this time, it's a girl whose name is Josette, 
accompanied by a new interface robot : Bird. After living peacefully 
and happily, Pr Geppetto finally dies.
Meanwhile, queen Tiffany, 5 years after Pino's death, gave birth to 
a boy looking exactly like Pino... But a flesh boy this time...

On Corlo island... Josette and her creator, Pr Geppetto, live 
peacefully with other gijins. But once, Geppetto announces to 
Josette that she must leave for Blueland island... and he passes 
out !
He manages to tell Josette she will now be looked after by a 
reliable person from another world... You. Then geppetto dies...
Thus Josette leaves for Blueland, a place where she knows 
nobody, without having really understood what happened to Geppetto...

[Translation of the letter from Josette to the Professor, from 
game introduction]

"Dear Pr. Geppetto...

The island you told me about, Blueland, is a floating steel island. 
There are so many people I don't know around here, and my home, now, 
is that old ship...

I don't know this "Player" person yet, either. But, even if I'm 
anxious and lonely, I still believe in what you told me, professor, 
and from tomorrow on, I'll keep in mind to do all my possible to 
hang in there.

                                 Your daughter, Josette."

Achievement 1 : Learning how to greet people
Items required : Language book, Encyclopedia.

When Josette first comes on the island, she wonders where she 
should go first, and asks you to take her to the #1 dock of 
the Megafloat (her ship is in the #2 dock). Do so. You'll meet 
a guy there called Fisher who is... yeah, a fisher. He'll greet 
Josette but she won't answer from not knowing how to greet people. 
Back home, she'll ask you what is greeting, and will try to greet. 
Approve her every time. Now, you can go back to Fisher and 
Josette'll greet him the way he did (in a very familiar way - 
fisher's language !). Now you've got your first 4% and your first 
achievement acquired on the Memo : " Learned how to great people ".

Now, you may explore the city as you wish. If you return to dock #1, 
you'll meet Pokko the naughty boy. Also go to Karen's restaurant 
(place number 3). You'll rush into Sapphire, and then Karen won't 
let you in because Josette forgot to greet her. But Karen, who used 
to know Pr Geppetto, recognized Josette and knows she's a Gijin.
When you go back to Karen's, she'll be friendly this time, and will 
teach Josette a more regular way to greet. When you go home, have 
Josette read the Language book, and the Encyclopedia. Make sure she 
inputs them (see mini beginner's FAQ). Approve everything she asks 
you and make her rest between the 2 books.

More greeting learning : Even if it's not worth %, you should also 
teach Josette a nice way of greeting. When you make her sleep, when 
she wakes up, she greets you. The first time, she'll say " Ussu " 
(Hey there !). Disapprove. The 2nd time, she'll say " Akemashite 
omedetou gozaimasu " (Happy new year). Press B. She may also say 
" Komban wa " (Good evening)... Approve her only when she says 
" Ohayou " (Good morning) and, later in the game, " Gokigen'you " 
(Good morning in a very polite way) and makes a reverence. She says 
it loud so you can get it even if you don't know Japanese. I don't 
know if this does something to the rest of the game, but, it can't 
be bad.  ^_^

Achievement 2 : Learning how to cook
Items required : Tray, Fry pan, Cook book, several Seasonings

Now go to Karen's again. She'll tell you that if you want to work 
for her, you have to go the Business registration office. Do so. 
You'll meet Pearl there. Once back, approve Josette when she says 
" Pearl is beautiful ! ".
Go again. Now, you can registrate Josette for 6 jobs (From left to 
right : Waitress, Customer caller, Flyers ditributer, Fisher, 
Proton miner, Repairing / mending factory employee)
You'll have to suscribe to many of them, but for now, waitress 
will be fine (cost 300 c). Going back to Karen's, she'll give 
you work. Josette may not know how to be a waitress. If not, go to 
the ship, buy a tray and teach her.

Now you can work at Karen's and earn 500 corlo each time. Don't 
forget to make Josette rest when she's tired. Work there as much 
as you want, then do the next step (but you won't be able to work 
as a waitress anymore after you get achievement 2 !).

If you work there often you'll notice that Karen always asks 
Josette if she'd like to try to cook, to which Josette answers 
" Eh ?? ".
It's now time to teach her how to cook. Buy tons of seasonings, 
the cook book, and the fry pan.
First, try to make Josette read the book and input it. She may not 
have enough MP, so have her rest before imputing the book. Then 
have her eat the seasoning. She'll describe the taste she has in 
mouth. Say yes. And read the book, and eat seasoning, again and 
again... until she asks you if " taste " is linked to " the 
different sensations you have in the mouth ", and stuff like that. 
Just keep answering yes.
Now, time to practice. Take Josette to the basement of the ship. 
Try to make her cook. She'll ask "Is taste important in cooking ?". 
Yes, of course. Just have her try to cook at the kitchen, read the 
book, eat seasoning several times. After some time, go to Karen's. 
She'll love Josette's cooking. (If she doesn't... then you haven't 
practiced enough !).
Go back again and again to Karen's. You'll meet Gourmen, the n°1 
Chef, who'll accept to taste your cooking !! He'll find it good, 
although " something's missing... ". Now, take Josette back to the 
Dolphin's kitchen, and make her cook. After several attempts, 
she'll wonder what's missing, and ask you if, maybe, she should 
put all heart into her cooking (that's what's missing). Answer 
yes ! And go back to Karen's. Now Gourmen will really like it, 
saying "that dish tastes like it hasn't been cooked by a human" !!
Gourmen will even ask Josette if she wants to go with him and 
become the best cook of the world ! But she will refuse, saying 
she has somewhere she must go back to, before...
Back to Karen's, the 3 customers and Karen will thank Josette for 
being nice and cheering them up... And also give her 10 000 corlo !

Achievements 3 & 4 : Learning how to clean & to wash oneself
Items required : Mop

Go to the studio twice. Go see a lot of movies (about 5 or 6). Go 
to the Studio again. Josette will fail her audition from not knowing 
what cleaning is. Teach Josette how use a mop. Show her the sink. 
Answer Yes. Have her use the mop. Now she has understood Cleaning. 
(Achievement 3).

Now show her the shower. She'll try to take a shower but won't like
it : it's cold. Try to have her take a shower but she won't. Have 
her look at the washing machine. Have her look at the shower. Have 
her look at the washing machine again. She'll start twirling and ask : 
" Say, if I twirl will I look clean ? ". Answer no. Then she should ask 
you if water is the thing that makes things clean : say yes. Show her 
the sink : she'll clean her face. Answer yes. Have her take a shower, 
answer yes. She's understood " washing oneself ".

Achievement 5 : Learning mechanical & Piloting the Dolphin
Items required : Mecha manual, ships book (and maybe wrench...?)

Have Josette read/Input the mecha manual and read/Input Ships book, 
entirely (it may take several times). That's all... Now you can pilot 
the Dolphin : Just check the engine panel then sit in the cockpit.

Achievement 6 : Piloting the Seaba
Items required : Mecha manual, Planes book

In order to learn how to pilot the seaba (the plane), have Josette 
read and input the Mecha manual if it's not already done. Go see Fisher. 
He'll say " So, you like mechanic ? Then why don't you go see Gante the 
machanician ? ". Go register for the last job on the list (Factory 
Employee), and go see Gante (place #8). Also, have Josette read/input 
the Planes book entirely.

Go see Gante. Gante is quite grumpy. But go see him several times.
Answer yes to Josette's questions. Go again to Gante's. You'll now 
have to work for him several times. " You're not bad for a girl... "
Eventually, you'll get a 5000 c pay.
Back again to Gante's, while working, Josette will plug in the wrong 
She faints, and Gante rushes to help her.
While unconscious, she sees Pr Geppetto.
" Is this you, Pr ? Why are you here ? "
" You must go back Josette... And trust Gante ! "
After that, Gante has found out about Josette being a Gijin. This was 
supposed to be a secret, Pr Geppetto had told Josette never to tell 
anyone that she was a Gijin, so Josette is annoyed about that. But 
Gante says it won't change anything.

Going to Gante's later, Josette will see he's in trouble with the 
soldiers. "I'm just a repairer ! I know nothing about the Seaba !", 
he says.

Have her read/Input Planes book, if it's not already done. Now Gante 
will show you his secret : the Seaba plane, that you can pilot in a 
3D sequence !!
The plane will be used for achievement #13

Achievement 7 : Learned how to get fishermen's qualification
Items required : None

Go see Fisher. He'll ask you, maybe, if you feel like becoming a 
fisher too. 
For this to go on, you'll need achievement #5.
Go registrate for the job " fisher " (4th one). Go see fisher 
again. He'll tell you about the fishermen needing to find " a proof " 
of their abilities, in order to get accepted by the other fishermen... 
The " proof " is a tiny shell hidden under the sea. To find it, go 
straight from the beginning and go into the hole you'll encounter. 
The yellow shell can then be caught with Z-button.

Go see fisher again. He'll give you the Fisher's licence. Looking at 
it, you'll see a clue for the secret code. It's : " Wrong ! Nope ! 
bad ! Yup ! " in fisherman's language. This means : B, B, B, A. That's 
the code letting you access the Fisherman's Submarine Race (see #14).
From now on, you can go to the sea and catch some fish to gain money.

Achievement 8 : Getting "initiation"
Items required : Stuffed cat

This one's pretty long, because you have to get friends with Sapphire 

You'll need to get Achievement 6 to get this one.

Go to the garbage dump. You'll meet Katze the cat. Go see the Goddess'
statue... Go to the plazza (#11) twice.
You'll meet Sapphire. Go to to the garbage dump again. Then go see 
Fisher. He'll tell you about that cat stealing his fish. Go back to 
the garbage dump

Now, go to the dolphin and buy the stuffed cat. Teach Josette to kick 
the cat (!), then go back to the garbage dump twice. Now, Josette 
will shout at the cat. Go see Fisher : he'll give you money to thank 
you. But going to see sapphire again, she'll scold you, saying she 
hates " people who harm the weaker ".

Josette will then ask you if she has done something wrong : answer 
yes... Now teach Josette to hug the stuffed cat, and go see Katze 
again. You'll discover why it's been stealing fish. Go back to 
Sapphire, who'll be your friend now on. 
See Katze again to see a funny scene !

Next time you see Sapphire she'll say she wants to have a bird's 
wings, to fly/be free, like the birds, because she has never left 
Blueland since she was born...
Josette'll tell you : " Sapphire wants to have a bird's wings... 
Do you think I should give her Bird's wings ? Oh ! He's listening !
 ...Bird ? No, it's nothing... "

If you don't have achievement #6, go get it.

Going to see Sapphire again, Josette will take her to the Seaba 
and let her fulfill her dream, flying...

Later on, go several times to the spooky street. Josette will find 
a man lying on the ground and will come to his rescue.
Another time, Josette will get attacked by spooky men, but Sapphire 
will come to her rescue. Going back again there, she will this time 
manage to defend herself.
Later, she'll get the Initiation (an object) from Fater Harben - the 
man that was lying...

Achievement 9 : Got the title of "fisher king"
To get this one, just go underwater with the Seaba and catch about
30 fishes. When you've got enough, you'll hear a sound hinting you 
that you got the achievement. That's all !
I recommend you do this one while looking for the Magiteka treasures 
(19 and all). Also, note that each caught fish will give you 1000 
corlo !
A few more things about fish :
There are two types of fish : grey ones ("dolphins") and yellow/grey 
ones ("sharks"). They give you the same money. However, while grey 
ones will ignore you, sharks will run after you and hit your ship. 
After a few hits, your alarm light will flash meaning you should go 
back really fast (R button) ! So be carefull about sharks - they 
often attack you in your back !

Achievement 10 : Getting recognized as an accomplished barehand fighter
Items required : Dumbbells

I think you have to have #8 for this one.
I'm not quite sure about how to get this one. If I remember well, 
you have to go to the army's fighting place (#18) several times and 
to the Artmy's districts. At one point, Josette will challenge Battler 
(a soldier). To beat him, you got to train Josette a lot with the 
dumbbells, and by seeing the movie Battle of Siliconian.
Eventually, after you beat Battler you'll run into Harben and later on,
have to fight him too.
Next time you go see him, you'll fight. If Josette has trained enough, 
she'll win - but it takes quite some time to train her. I guess this 
is there you get achievement #10.

Achievement 11 : Getting Miss Goddess Contest Second Prize
Achievement 24 : Understanding Love
Items required : none

Those are accomplished one after another, or so I think. 
Going to the park and other places (including the statue of the Goddess) 
several times, you'll meet Arnold, a young handsome man, about who all 
the girls of Blueland are crazy. Josette will get friends with him.
At a point you'll be told about a beauty contest, the Miss Goddess 
contest. Josette will participate in the contest thanks to Arnold's 
encouragements, and win the 2nd place, after Pearl.
After that Josette will start asking questions about her feelings 
for Arnold. Approve her. At one point she'll understand that this 
is love, but I can't remember exactly how. I'll complete this later.

Achievement  12 : Becoming an actress
Items required : None

You need achievement 2 to get this one. Go back to the Studio, and 
you'll get to participate in the audition again.
Josette'll have to sweep. Then she has to play a love scene. If she 
can't do it, take her see " Meoro & Lijuet " at the movies several 
times. Then, she should be able to play it, but the Director still 
feels something's wrong. He guesses that Josette has never felt love 
You'll only be able to get that achievement after you get achievement 
Then Josette will play it correctly, and she'll get the role. The 
movie will be done, but the movie director and Alan will sadly be 
expelled from Blueland by the soldiers... Too bad.

Achievement 13 : Got the title of "plane shooter king"
In order to get this one, you have to go with the Seaba (see 6) and
shoot down about 40 planes (you'll have to go there several times).

Achievement 14 : Won the submarine race
For this achievement, you'll need achievement #6. Get the Fisher's 
license and look at the clue on it. It's : " Wrong ! Nope ! 
bad ! Yup ! " in fisherman's language. This means : B, B, B, A. That's 
the code letting you access the Fisherman's Submarine Race.
To enter the race, go underwater and just go straight from where you 
start, until you see a grey door on your left. Approach it and type 
the code when you're asked. Then you will enter the race.
To win the race, you'll simply have to train Josette to pilot the Seaba. 
I suggest you first go get achivements 9, 19, 20, 21, 23 and then try 
the race : at that point, you should win easily the race.

Achievement 15 : Learning how to sing well
Items required : None

Pretty easy one. Just go to the forest a lot of times.
Josette likes this forest because it reminds her of Corlo. When she 
goes there, she feels like singing, and does so. Once, after singing, 
she'll hear a strange voice calling for help. Scared, she'll run away.
Later, she'll meet Clara, a nice little girl, who is soon revealed to
be blind. She loves Josette's songs, and tells her about the forest's
voice - the voice Josette once heard.
After this, you have achievement 15.
As Clara asked you to, you should go see her at the hospital.

Achievement 16 : Learning how to dance well
Items required : Dumbbells, music box

Remember the guy on the plazza in Blueland, breaking his chains ? 
Josette wanted to be as strong as him...After you do the Flyers' 
distribution job (see Josette's jobs section), buy her the dumbbells 
and teach her how to use it, if not already done. 
Have her train with it a few times, then go to the plazza. You'll see 
a funny scene where Josette will be challenging the man, breaking 
her chains ! But the people around will think there was a trick in 
the show, and Josette will have ruined Zampagne's show. He will 
then go on a depression and will be replaced by Jichael.
Now take Josette to the movies and have her see " Sound of dance " 
(starring Jichael). Take her back to the ship and buy her a music box 
(aka orgel). Teach her how to use it : she'll ask you if the music 
from the box can let her dance like in the movie. Answer yes. She'll 
start dancing ! Now, go back see the dancer on the plaza several 
times. Eventually, he and the chain-breaker man will thank Josette 
for helping them... And Jichael will even ask Josette if she wants 
to go and make a duo with him ! She'll refuse, because she has many 
things to do in Blueland...

Achievement 17 : A role-playing adventure
Item required : Bad book

That's a game in the game... Have Josette read the book (it's a 
role-playing book). She'll start miming the story. You'll have to 
tell her what to do.
Okay ! I listed here what you have to do to win. If you don't do 
it like that, you'll probably be " game over " (virtually... Not 
really !) and will have to do it all over again... But this can 
be a way to make easy money, too.
Here's what Josette says :

" Player-san is in a deep forest, walking... He follows a spooky 
path. In front of him there's a huge house. Enter the house ? NO
Player-san goes around the house.... Behind the house there's a 
small doghouse. Look into it ? YES
There's a key ! Take it ? YES
Open the door with the key ? YES
It works ! The inside of the house is spooky...
Go on ? NO
Player-san goes back. There's a strange old man outside. He says : 
" Feel... Feel it ! It's up to you to feel you're a hero ! You can 
beat the " last boss " this way ! I'll tell you how to become strong. 
You have to use Oyakusoku's sword (the promised sword) ! "
Go on ? YES
Inside the house there's a cage. Inside the cage there's a beautiful 
woman. She talks to Player. " You, please... I am princess Orange 
from Iimon (good ones) kingdom. As you can see, I was captured by 
the " last boss " of Warumon (bad ones) kingdom. Please save me ! "
- No way !! (says Josette)... would be a stupid thing to say cause 
the story wouldn't go further then.
- All right !
Player goes in search of the last boss. In front of him there are 
two doors.
Take the left door ? NO
Take the right door ? YES
Really ? YES
Really really ? YES
I had told you so ! THERE'S A MONSTER ! It's Oyakusoku !!
Fight it ? YES
Player killed the monster !
Found 1000 corlo ! (NB : You ACTUALLY get this money !!)
Found Oyakusoku's sword
Player runs away... Oh !
There's a middle-boss !!! How come there's a middle boss here all of a 
sudden ?
Fight it ? YES
Player killed the middle boss !
Found 3000 corlo !
Player runs away... oh ! It's huge ! WEEEEEEEN, SOB, SOB... No ! It's 
not time to cry !
" Who are you ?? Do you want to beat the last boss, too ? "
Fight it ? YES
Player killed the last boss. Thus, the inhabitants of the country lived 
happily ever after... But how come the forest became all of sudden a 
country ? "

That's all ! Now you've got 4% and achievement 17 !
I think this is funny (especially when Josette mimes the monsters...)

Achievement  18 : Learning how to tell the fortune.
Items required : Crystal Ball

This one's pretty easy. Just earn enough money to buy the 
crystal Ball. Then teach Josette how to use it and to tell fortune. 
That's it ! You got 4 more %.

Achievement 19 : Had a "dream"
Achievement 20 : Found the "past"
Achievement 21 : Found the "future"
Achievement 23 : Understood "Happiness"

Items required : Magiteka legend, Magiteka map (?)

Those four are actually the fact of finding the four Magiteka 
treasures :

If you buy the treasure map from the computer shop and have 
Josette read it, you'll hear about the four Magiteka treasures. 
The 4 treasures are buried into the sea. They're known as "the 
heart of dreaming", "the heart of the past", "the heart of 
the future", and "the heart of happiness". The four of them 
form the "treasure of the heart". If you want to know more 
about that, you should buy and read the book of the Magiteka 
legend : it explains that the " treasure of the heart " enabled 
the robots from Magiteka to be better than humans.
Anyway, the map gives you four clues to find the treasures :

"The dream is... at the north of the 10-signs mark..."
"The past is... beyond the red pillar"
"Happiness is... at the middle of the four signs..."
"The future seems to be... in the direction of the four fallen 

The treasures are in the sea. Go find them with the Dolphin. 
When you find one, you can catch it with the Z trigger.

- To find the Dream, go backwards from where you start and as 
deep as you can. Eventually you'll find it in a hole.
- The Past is tricky, it's hidden in a small cave inside a hole 
you find going straight from where you start. In the cave is a red 
pillar, the treasure is behind it.
- Here's how to find Happiness : go straight from the start. In a 
place quite far, you'll find a valley, go deep inside it (still 
going straight). At one point, you won't be able to go further 
because of a rock wall : at this point, turn right. You'll see 
a yellow pillar and soon, the "4 marks" (same marks a when you 
found the Dream treasure). In the hole there is the Happiness 
- Go further in the same direction, you'll find the Future 

There's actually a fifth treasure : the Money treasure ! I don't 
remember exactly where it is, but it just gives you 5000 corlo and 
no %....

Note that after you found the treasures, Josette will say new 
sentences. If you found the dream, after you make her sleep, 
she'll say she had a dream, etc.

Achievement 22 : Understanding life and death 
Items required : Medical book

From the very beginning of the game, Josette has been asking 
you : " Shinutte... Nani ? " (Dying... What is it ?), starting 
with the death of Pr Geppetto that she couldn't understand...
Now, the time has come for you to teach her what is death.
Buy the Medical book. Have Josette read it. She may refuse ; if 
so, have her read the encyclopedia. She should accept to read 
it. Once she has finished, she should cry a lot. Try to console 
her with flan.

Achievement 23 : Found the magiteka treasure "Happiness"
See Achievement 19.

Achievement 24 : Understanding Love
See 11.

Achievement 25 : Found a treasure in the mine
Strangely enough, this goal really doesn't have much to do with 
all the very serious other last ones. For this, you have to go 
work at the mine. I remind you that you first have to register 
for this job and learn how to use a (pioche). Then teach her 
how to open the chest you can buy from the Computer shop. It's 
coded in basis 2, so Josette will ask you if using this code, 
1 + 1 = 10. You actually HAVE to answer yes, since this is 
basis 2 code. After this, she should be able to open the chest 
Once this is done, head to the mine. Take the elevator to 
basement 3. Go straight until you can't anymore, then go right. 
Same, then right again. Go straight again and when you can't 
anymore, turn left. You will find a new lift.
Enter it and go to basement 4. Go straight once more, then turn 
right and then left. You'll have a big hole to jump, then you'll 
see three monsters. Bring the pickaxe to Josette (with R button) 
and hit the monsters with it. You have to kill all 3. 
In the next screen, you'll have to have Josette walk on a 
wooden trunk : don't worry, she shouldn't fall. Go straight 
after and then right : you'll find another yet two bat-monsters 
you'll have to kill with the pickaxe. In the next 
screen, there's another HUGE monster. You have to run under him 
this time : to make Josette run, click on the exit -- that is, 
where bird says "to next room". If you do so with the right timing
(when the monster is going up), you'll dodge him and escape. Whew.
In the newt screen, there's a treasure box : just open it, and 
there you get 5000 corlo and achievement 25. Go back to the lift 
and select 1F, you'll get out directly.

Note : I was told that you can get rid of the big monster by 
hitting him twice with the pickaxe. However I never managed 
myself to do so - I always get killed. I think it's much easier 
to just avoid him, but, if you wanna feel trying...

Thanks to CHIN  who helped me finding this 

100% !!!!!
Okay ! You've reached 100%... So what ?
Well, when you have the hard-to-get 100%, you'll see Josette getting 
a present from Geppetto : a new dress. I don't understand what the 
name of the dress means, sorry ^^;
It's the pink dress Josette is wearing on the game cover (wow, this 
cover REALLY is spoilful !). Josette will thank you for raising her 
so well and kiss you ^_^. When she will be wearing the new dress, 
she'll be much more joyful ^_^
Now, the real question : do you get anything more in the ending if 
you got 100% ?
....NO. Sorry. But, hey, it's still nice to have 100%, right ?

*                                                 *
*   The End of the Days of Blueland -             *
*   Curing little Clara and what follows...       *
*                                                 *

Items required : Medical book, Proton stone, Encyclopedia.

When you've come to a certain part of the game, if you go see 
Clara at the hospital, you'll learn that she's caught an 
unknown illness. A pure japanese-XIXth century style-dressed 
guy will show up. It's Kurohige (Blackbeard) the doctor... 
But he won't be able to cure Clara from not knowing the 
source of her illness, a stimulation due to something... but 
what ?
Have Josette read the Medical book, then eat the proton stone... 
She'll say that it's a stimulation, but a strange one. Now have 
her read the Encyclopedia about Proton. She'll ask you :
" Clara went to play to the forest, right ? And beyond it 
there's a proton power plant... " YES
"I think Clara's illness has something to do with the Proton ?" 
" I got it ! So the source of her illness is the Proton ! Then 
the forest was calling for help, too ! So maybe Clara will be... 
Thank you ! Player-san ! " (she kisses you).
Now you go back to the hospital and watch. Kurohige will take 
Clara to his country to cure her. When she is cured she'll come 
back. If you go to the forest now, you'll see Clara in the sky...

Back to the ship, you'll meet Pokko.
Josette will ask : " Say, how do you know about Pr ? "
Pokko will say he can't tell her. Then Josette will show him the
inside of the ship. Pokko will ask her if she would join with him 
the revolution group. If so, she'd have to go to the entrance of 
the pipeway...

OKAY ! Now careful ! If you go on, you're going to trigger the 
events that will close Chapter 1. So don't go unless you're really 
sure you want to put an end to chapter 1.


Don't read this unless you have reached this part of the game or 
I'll kill you !!

Go to the pipeway. See Pokko. Now go to the Goddess Sedona Blue 
entrance... There'll be no soldier, you can come in. The inside 
is a maze with ladders and stairs. I suggest you try to go always 
up, or right. You may encounter monsters : kill them with the 
pickaxe. Eventually, when you can't go any upper, go to the left 
and find a big door with bats in front of it. Kill them and go.
You've reached the Revolution group's headquarters. (familiar 
faces there...)
You'll meet their chief : Galon. But he won't let Josette join, 
saying this isn't a game...
Now go to the dock where you used to see Sapphire. Josette will 
tell her she met her dad. But Sapphire will still end up saying: 
" I'm not her daughter anymore. I hate him. "
Go back to your ship. Pokko and Karen will be there waiting for 
you. They'll tell Josette they know she's a gijin, but that's 
OK with them. Also, Pokko has a secret to tell you : his real 
name is Pino Corlo, prince of Corlo... Remember Queen Tiffany, 
from WPJ1 ? That's her mom (though the booklet had spoilt that 
part...). Now, I can't remember exactly, but I think  Pokko 
then explains his parents are dead. And he knew he would have 
to meet, someday, a Gijin girl with a blue Ocarina. Karen ends 
the conversation saying that this must stay between the 3 of 

And yet it won't !!!
Pearl was listening to them. Remember, she's been mad at Josette 
ever since she got the part in the movie AND got Arnold who Pearl 
had a crush on.
Go to the park and you'll find Pearl telling her comrades about 
Josette being a Gijin (" Look at that GIJIN !! She even has fake 
tears ! How strange ! "). Actually she told it to the whole 
island ! From now on, Josette will be chased from everywhere. 
If you go see your friends (Fisher, the doctor, Karen...) they'll 
all tell you that the army's looking for you and that you must 
RUN AWAY ! Quickly !
If you go back to the park, Pearl will say, laughing : " Soldiers ! 
The gijin is here ! "
If you go see Paul, you'll see him getting shot not denouncing you, 
and screaming " Josette, I loved you ! ".
If you go anywhere else, you'll see tons of soldiers running after 

Peaceful days are over now.

Go back to the ship. You'll see Arnold, telling you that he 
doesn't mind Josette being a Gijin, and that he's been looking 
for the " J ".

Go see many people and to the ship again. Pokko's there. He'll 
tell you something terrible's happening : the mine is collapsing. 
But the Siliconians don't want to try to save anyone. When they're 
about to shoot the miners who are rebelling themselves and want to 
go save their comrades, the Revolution group show up with 
Nausicaa-like dressed soldiers. They start fighting the soldiers.
Now it's time for Josette and Pokko to run away. They decide to 
follow the revolution ship, which has gone to fight the Siliconian 
ship with the dolphin...

Chapter 1 : The days of Blueland - End

Note from programmers : We hope you enjoyed playing chapter 1... 
Now it's time for chapter 2.

[At this point you can SAVE your game]

*                                              *
*   Chapter 2 : At the end of the blue stream  *
*         (Aoki nagare no hate ni...)          *
*                                              *

Translator note : The characters' quotes in this section aren't 
always exact because I couldn't pause the game at this part, so 
I just wrote down what I remembered.

Farewell, Blueland...
Pokko & Josette are on the Dolphin. They get rescued by the 
revolution group. But enemy ships attack. The two ships fight, 
and the revolution group come aboard the enemy ship. Galon and 
Messala face each other, and Galon is about to shoot Messala 
when Pokko shows up saying he want to fight too. Messala takes 
advantage of that and shoots Galon. Then Messala says : 
" Heehee, thank you, kid... you've helped me... But... BUT... 
up and kicks Messala. Pokko & Josette run away...
The Siliconian ship explodes. But then a big flying robot shows 
up, with Messala inside it !
Josette : " Who...? I feel... I feel a Corlo gijin's heart ! "
The Gijin is number 46. Yes, the number 46 that used to give Pino 
advice in WPJ1... He gets his memory back slowly, and explains 
that all the Gijins from Corlo have been turned into killing 
machines. Then Messala gives number 46 the order to destroy 
Blueland, which he refuses to do, saying he doesn't want to hurt 
anyone anymore... Josette, knowing what is going to happen, tells 
the inhabitants to get the Megafloat away from Blueland. Gijin 
number 46 then self-destructs and destroys the island.
Josette and Pokko, still on the ship, are blown off the by the 


The lost memories
Pokko and Josette awake on a desert island (looks like Miyazaki's 
Laputa a lot !! ^_^). Josette says : " WHERE IS HERE ? WHY AM I 
HERE ? "
Pokko : " Oh ! You're alive ! I'm so relieved ! "
Pokko : " Oh no ! Josette's become weird ! "
Josette : " SOMEBODY'S CALLING ME... "
Pokko : " Eh ! Where are you going ? "
Josette then enters a wall... 
A strange voice : " Player ! Josette has lost her memories in the 
shock ! Please help her. "
Pokko : " Josette ! Waiiit ! "

Now a you controll a transparent Josette in a 3D maze. The music 
and the place are spooky, and you can hear Josette's laughs from 
time to time.
You must find 20 pieces of Josette's memories by answering 
questions. If you don't answer well, you'll have to do it all 
over again. To find her memories and to get the questions, you 
have to look for Josettes in the maze. Each time you see a Josette 
she'll ask you something.
But the questions aren't easy ! The answer depend on what you have 
done or not (that's where I put a ?) in the game. Be careful ! I 
also put the number (A??) of the achievement it refers to.
If you fail, you'll have to do it all over again...

Here are the 20 questions :

First floor
1. Josette is a girl that doesn't greet...                            NO
2. Josette won the first price at the Miss Goddess contest !          NO
3. Josette knows how to cook !                                        YES
4. Josette likes player-san very much !                               YES
5. Josette got the title of Fisher king ! (A9)                        ?
6. Josette was recognized as a fighter (A8?) and beat Siliconian 
soldiers ! (A10?)  ?
7. Josette participated in the Submarine race ! And she won ! (A14)   ?
8. Josette has finished the role playing adventure (A17) !            ?
9. Josette knows how to tell the fortune (A18) !                      ?
10. Josette found the Magiteka treasure "Dream" (A19) !               ?

Second floor
11.  Josette found the Magiteka treasure "Past" (A20) !               ?
12.  Josette found the Magiteka treasure "Future" ! (A21)             ?
13.  Josette found the Magiteka treasure "Happiness" ! (A23)          ?
14.  Josette found a treasure in the Proton mine ! (A25)              ?
15.  Josette attracted a lot of people to the movies, on her job !    NO
16.  Josette understood love (A24) !                                  YES
17.  Josette knows how to take a shower ! (A4)                        ?
18.  Josette loves Arnold !                                           YES
19.  Josette likes Pokko !                                            YES
20.  Josette's body is a  machine's, but her heart is a human's !     YES

The last question is tricky since you don't know if they mean : 
physically, or morally. But the right answer IS yes.

The power of the J
When you awake, you're in a palace. You meet Old Fam (from WPJ 1) 
who's not only a Magitekan but also the keeper of this island where 
the secrets of Magiteka are kept. 

Then you meet " the eye of the J ", who tells you about the power of 
the J and how it was used by humans. Actually, you get the 
introduction's images explained by Fam. He explains how the Humans 
and the Dragon-men (people with great knowledge and civilization) 
once lived peacefully... But the humans rebelled themselves, and 
started fighting the dragon-men. The remaining few dragon-men had 
to hide the J to prevent the cruel humans to put their hands on it. 
Fam, the last dragon-man, decided to give it to trustable man, Pr 
Geppetto, so that he could use it for the good of humanity.
Thus, Pino was born. But he fell against Messala. Gepetto, wiping 
his tears, decided to make another robot with the " J ".
15 years later, Josette was born...

Josette and Pokko are astonished by what they hear, even though they 
don't really understand everything.

But once outside, Arnold comes to Josette and they get captured by 
the Siliconians. Josette, inside the Siliconian HQ, threatens that 
she will " use the power of the J " if they don't let them free. 
Josette and Arnold start escaping, but soon get chased by soldiers.

Now, it's the beginning of a boring 3D sequence where you have to 
escape the building, being chased by soldiers. You run faster than 
them, but if you get caught, you have to start all over again. There 
are 6 floors, in the last ones you have to trick the soldiers by 
attracting them somewhere. Sometimes soldiers will come from both 
sides, too. Be careful !

On the top of the building, Josette, surrounded by soldiers, finds 
no other solution to escape than to jump off the building.

She then diverts slowly, to the Megafloat... (how come she floats 
if she's a robot ? ^_^)


Now, prepare for a 45 minute very  moving ending !

Okay ! From now on, I think I'm going to stop telling you about the 
story because I don't want to spoil it too much.
If I ha	ve requests, I may add a special spoiler section with 
translations of the ending. On the one hand, the action isn't hard 
to understand, but on the other hand the very last part of the 
ending is just sooo great that I'd really like to translate it... 
Well, I'll see this later.

Just one thing to let you understand : 
Josette's question to Siliconian the 13th :
" Tell me... Do you really care about peace in the world ? "
Siliconian : " Well... That's a good question... You know humans 
can't get peace by themselves. Even if a lot of them truly want 
peace, they just can't help fighting each others. That is why we 
want to let the peace rule. But it won't come itself, so we have 
to impose it ourselves, by force if needed, using our own rules. "


Miscellaneous Information

Josette's jobs
As you have noticed, there are 6 jobs Josette can do. Here's some 
more explanations about them :
If you want to work, you have to go the Business registration 
office to registrate Josette for 6 jobs. They are, from left to 
right :
- Waitress (registration cost : 300) : this can be only done while 
accomplishing achievement 2. You gain 500c per waitressing.
- Customer caller (registration cost : 0) : Do this job by talking 
to the ticket lady of the movies. You'll get 200c each time.
- Flyers distribution (registration cost : 0) : To do this one, go 
to the plazza and talk to Zampagne. You can only do this before 
achievement #16. You get 200 each time.
- Fisher (registration cost : 500): This can be done after you get 
Achievement 7. The money you earn depends on the number of fish 
you catch.
- Proton miner (registration cost : 300) : To do this one, you must 
teach Josette how to use a pickaxe, then go to the mine. The money 
you earn depends on the number of times you pickaxe (about 
100c/hit). You just have to go into the mine, find a place with a 
pickaxe and hit the stones as many times as you want. The mine is 
a dangerous place, however. There are dragons-bats in it : you can 
kill the small ones with the pickaxe, but the big ones can only be 
overpassed by running under them. Also, beware of the holes. Eating 
proton stones will restore some of Josette's energy.
- Repairing/mending factory employee (registration cost : 300) : This 
the job you do at Gante's while achievement #6. Just like waitressing, 
you can only do this job a few times. You get 500 each time.

Movies list :
- Battle of Siliconian
- Sound of dance
- The 11 commandments
- Meoro and Lijuet (!)
- The determinate worker (this must be a famous movie, too, but I don't 
know which one...)

Game Over ?
You get Game over under one of the following circumstances :

- Josette has no more HP or MP (her gauges turn from blue to yellow, 
then from yellow to red. If the gauge is red, Josette is almost dead ! 
Do something quickly !)
- The Dolphin is hit by too many fish, or crashes.
- The Seaba is shot down or crashes in an explosion.
- Josette falls in a hole in the mine.
- Josette is killed by the dragon-bats in the mine.

Being game over isn't terrible, it'll just cost you 3 days and 3000c. 
Of course, you can reset the game, too.

Josette's dresses
As you have noticed, Josette starts he game with 3 dresses. Check the 
dresses' description in the Item list. You can have her change and make 
comments about the dresses' colors, but I don't think changing her will 
do anything special to the game - it's just for your pleasure.

Josette's questions
From times to times, Josette asks you questions... There's one that I 
particularly enjoy :
" Say, Player, are you clever ? " (YES)
" Really ? "
There Josette starts asking you questions. I listed the questions & 
answers :

" The aproval of the opposite of the opposite of the aproval of the 
opposite of the aproval... Is the  opposite, right ? " YES. " Yeees ! "
" The earth was born 3 500 000 years ago, right ? " NO " You're right ! 
It's 4 600 000 years ago ! "
" 100 kg of steel, 100 kg of feathers... The heavier must be the steel, 
right ? " NO " You're right ! They're the same ! "
" The child of my parents... It can only be me, right ? " NO " You're 
right ! It can be my brother ! "
" ...... Wow.... You're really great, Player-san ! "

This does nothing to the rest of the story, but it's nice to get 
Josette's admiration...

Favorite Quotes
" Those babies... Where d'they come from ? "

(After eating a stuffed cat) " Meeeeeeooooww "

" Player-san, although I don't know your face, I like you ! "

" Player-san is from another world. Why didn't Professor choose 
someone from our world ?... Oops, sorry, Player-san, are you 
angry ? "

(After asking you if you're a girl, if you like sport) " Player-
san is a sportswoman ! "

(After seeing Sound of dance) : ...Hey ! I feel like singing and 
dancing ! Player, are you good at singing and dancing ? [YES] 
Really ? Then, dance and sing for me please ! [She watches you]
... ... I couldn’t hear or see, but it must’ve been amazing !

Wonder project J 2 :

  Sfran's Wonder project J 2 page :
         Very good site with a simple presentation, but with 
         some good  translations for the beginning of the game. 
         Don't miss it !

  NEZHA's Wonder project j 2 Fanatics Homepage :
         A really great site about WPJ2 with game help and goods 
         information ! Unfortunately, it's in Japanese.

  Shoujo Station and Wonder project J 2 project
         A few information and a petition for the US release of WPJ2.

  Enix's Wonder project J 2 page
         Beautiful page made by the editor of the game, Enix. Do I 
         have to say it's in japanese ?

  Bingo's Wonder project J 2 page
         A good page, long to download though. Still under 
         construction when I'm writing this.

  The Wonder project j 2 ring

WPJ 2 Soundtrack & Movie :

         Review of the soundtrack.

         I downloaded the movie from here.
Wonder project J :

         A review page about Wonder project J... Currently down.
         Another review of Wonder project J, in spanish this time.

Wonder project J ROM

         Download the ROM there if you want to enjoy it for 24 hours.

Staff Information :
Produced by : Enix 
Character-designer : Akehiko Yamashita (Giant Robot)
Mecha-design : Keiichi Satou
Josette's voice : Noriko Hidaka (Pino in Wonder prokect J, Akane in 
                  Ranma 1/2, Jean in Nadia, Noriko in Gunbuster... 
                  And Feena in Grandia !)
Fine arts : Jun'ichi Taniguchi
Musics by : Shouichi Mori

***Special thanks***
- Sebastien Ruchet [email protected] for translator help and letting 
  me use his Nintendo 64 (and other stuff, too... ^_^ ;)
- Francis Shawn for game help.
- Chin for game help
- NEZHA-san for a LOT of game help. ^_^ ¤Û¤ó¤È¤¦¤Ë¤¢¤ê¤¬¤È¤¦¡ª¡ª¡ú

              All text of this FAQ is (c) Eve Chauviré. 
               Please do not reproduce without asking.

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