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Final Fantasy Dimensions - v0.10
Written by Elaine V! - [email protected]
Work begun August 31, 2012
Copyright 2012 by C. Elaine Van Epps (nee)

Initial Release: 09/11/2012
Previous Update: N/A
Most Recent Update: see above

So What's New?

- 0.10 -- 09/11/12
    - Initial release of the guide, taking you all the way through the 
      Prologue.  Youfre welcome.  I made one hour of your life stunningly 

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This FAQ is for personal use only, and is not to be sold or reintegrated 
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You may ask for permission to post this guide via the e-mail address at the 
top of this guide, but the odds are against me granting such permission 
unless I'm previously familiar with you and/or your site.  Permission will 
DEFINITELY NOT be granted until this FAQ/Walkthrough reaches version 1.00, 
mainly because I don't like having to update incomplete guides in more than 
one location, and I prefer to minimize misinformation out of the great wide 
world of the Internet if at all possible.  

If permission is granted, the only conditions this guide can be posted 
under are if I get full credit for my work and this FAQ is posted in its 
entirety with this disclaimer.  Permission to host this particular guide 
does NOT constitute permission to host any other guides that I write, am 
writing, or have written.  This FAQ/Walkthrough is owned and copyrighted by 
me, C. E. Van Epps, 2012.  The game Final Fantasy Dimensions is copyrighted 
by Square-Enix.  All other copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and 
respected that are not specifically mentioned herein. 

***************************End LEGAL NOTICE*********************************

 /   \                                                            ffd_toc \
|     |                     Table of Contents                              |

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-1) Legal Notice/E-mail --------------------------- (above - just scroll up)

1) Author Notes -------------------------------------------------- ffd_anote
2) Walkthrough --------------------------------------------------- ffd_walk
   A) Prologue --------------------------------------------------- ffd_prol
   B) Chapter 1 - in progress
   C) Chapter 2 - in progress
   D) Chapter 3 - uh, you should get the idea.
3) Characters ---------------------------------------------------- ffd_char
4) XP Requirements for Leveling ---------------------------------- ffd_xptnl
5) Items --------------------------------------------------------- ffd_stuff
   A) Regular Items ---------------------------------------------- ffd_items
   B) Weapons ---------------------------------------------------- ffd_weap
   C) Armor ------------------------------------------------------ ffd_armor
6) Monster List -------------------------------------------------- ffd_beast
7) Jobs ---------------------------------------------------------- ffd_jobs
8) Magic and Abilities ------------------------------------------- ffd_skill
9) Shop Listing -------------------------------------------------- ffd_shops
10) Version Notes ------------------------------------------------ ffd_vnote
11) Credits ------------------------------------------------------ ffd_cred

Coming in later editions: Item listings with applicable stats, jobs, 
walkthroughs for the later chapters.  Yes, you will beat me to the end of 
the game, person who blazed through.  Good for you.  I bet that you donft 
have two children under two.

 /   \                                                          ffd_anote \
|     |                        1. Author Notes                             |

Welcome to Final Fantasy Dimensions, Square-Enixfs latest successful 
attempt to separate me from my money.  This guide is based on the iOS 
version of the game.  Presumably the Android version is identical, but Ifm 
not going to purchase another tablet to find out.

Please do not e-mail any questions after the parts of the walkthrough that 
are complete.  I do not know the answers, and I will probably end up 
pissed at you when you spoil ME by accident.

For long time Final Fantasy fans who adored FFIV, FFV, and FFVI, your 
prayers for a cute, sprite-based RPG have been answered.  Get an iPad or 
some Android tablet and buy this.  You will not be disappointed.

In this guide, I try very hard to avoid story-based spoilers whenever 
possible.  In future versions of this guide, I will do my best to let you 
know if youfre about to hit a point of no return (such that you might 
permanently be unable to answer certain treasure chests).  I will mention 
freely when characters leave your party for more than about 10 minutes of 

I use all default names by SE.  I respect their ability to continue to 
name their main character after something seen in the sky.

As the game itself has a very thorough Help section on its main page, 
and a fairly thorough in-game tutorial for using controls, I will not 
duplicate it here.  Even though it has some interesting translation 
foibles, itfs still readable.  If you have EVER played one of the first
nine FF games, and in particular FFV, you can dive headfirst into this 
game without reading the Help section.  The game in the Prologue will 
give you direction on any control adjustments you need for a touch screen.

 /   \                                                          ffd_prol  \
|     |                   2A. Walkthrough - Prologue                       |

So, welcome to FFD.  You have so far invested no dollars in this game!  
Square-Enix, in return, gives you slightly more content than that nothing, 
but only slightly!  The prologue should take you no more than an hour, and 
at most two hours if youfre exceptionally anal about documenting everything 
as you play along.  However, Ifve already spared you that, so you can have 
fun running around like a loon leveling up instead for Chapter 1 or 

Prologue Walkthrough:

  I: Journey to the Checkpoint -------------------------------- ffd_pro1
 II: Exploring Lux -------------------------------------------- ffd_pro2
III: Storming the Castle -------------------------------------- ffd_pro3
 IV: The Northern Cave ---------------------------------------- ffd_pro4
  V: The Temple ----------------------------------------------- ffd_pro5

I: Journey to the Checkpoint -------------------------------------- ffd_pro1

Tap your screen through the first few cutscenes (CSfs) (it does not 
auto-advance), admire the castle, then watch your screen shake from the 
airship!  The first character will show up on your screen with a short 
introduction.  Name him.

A strong, hot-headed youth 
from the small kingdom of Lux.  
Dreams of riding an airship.  
- Sol

Wait a few moments, and then youfll find yourself in a fight with some 
mysterious character.  Tap the gAttackh command on the right side of your 
screen, then tap the g???h to attack this unknown assailant!  You could also 
tap on the enemy twice. Doing this two or three times will end the fight and 
send you into a cut scene, where you will be introduced to and name two more 

A kind-hearted young lad.  
Childhood pal of Sol, 
the two have a friendly rivalry. 
- Glaive

A cheerful young woman.  
Has a loving older brother.  
Treats Sol like a kid. 
- Diana

More CSfs.  You will then get basic directions on how to move your character 
and how to talk to NPCs (non-playable characters), those fun folks that move 
around town.  After you close this screen, youfll be on the overworld map 
with your three characters.  The Menu button will be in the upper right hand 
corner of your screen.  Tap it, then when in the menu, tap the gsaveh option 
(lower right) and save your game.

You could head north to town and whatnot, but for now, letfs head south and 
around.  In the upper right corner of your screen beneath the Menu button, 
youfll see a minimap.  Head to the southern yellow dot around the mountains 
(the northern yellow dot is the kingdom of Lux).  Head north and youfll 
enter a CS to talk with a guard.  A young gentleman will appear - Dianafs 
older brother.  Name him.

A swordsman and Solfs teacher.  
Lost his parents at a young age.  
Brother of Diana.
- Aigis.

Watch the rest of the CS, then head back north to Lux.

II: Exploring Lux ------------------------------------------------- ffd_pro2
Inn - 10 gil

Aigis will leave your party shortly after you enter Lux.  Go into the 
southeasternmost house, which Diana ran inside of in anger.  Talk to her, 
then head outside and talk to Glaive.  Head outside of town and north to 
the castle.  

The treasures you can find in Lux are as follows:

Phoenix Down - bookshelf in Solfs house (NWernmost house)
Leather Hat - barrel in Solfs house
Tent - bottom bookshelf in Glaivefs house (right half)
100 gil - middle house (pot)
Eye Drops - barrel by pond
Potion - barrel in SE corner of town
Silk Robe - SE house (Dianafs), on shelf, right half
Maidenfs Kiss - pot in Dianafs house.

Side note - one of the NPCs will mention a Chocobo Forest north of town.  
You can go there later to find both yellow and white chocobos.  Talking to 
a white Chocobo will restore your magic points to full, and talking to a 
yellow chocobo will allow you to ride around on the world map without fear 
of engaging a monster, and faster to boot!

III: Storming the Castle ------------------------------------------ ffd_pro3

Castle Lux

Try to get through the gates (the NPCs, familiarly named, will block you), 
then head south as if youfre going back outside for a short CS.  Glaive will 
take you to a secret hidden passage behind a statue.  Go down the stairs.  
The aforementioned guard NPCs will remain BLISSFULLY oblivious that you got 
around them.

Below Castle Lux

B1F (A)
- Leather Shield

1 floor below - basic maze.  Take the right passage to find a Leather Shield.

- Tent, Broadsword, Potion

Follow the path (either route after the first split) to a Tent.  Continue 
heading north, then before jogging up the stairs, head left to find two chests 
containing a Broadsword and a Potion.

B1F (B)
- Leather Helm, 100 gil, Potion 

To your right are three chests behind a locked door.  Anyone want to lay bets 
that youfll have to do something for the king before you get to see whatfs 
inside?  Yeah, thatfs my bet one hour into this mess.  Head left and go 
upstairs...wait, no!  Go left, pull the chain by facing it and tapping the 
screen, then head back to the gate, and then go upstairs into Castle Lux.

Castle Lux
Treasure: Antidote, Phoenix Down, Eye Drops, 200 gil, Potion, Leather Shoes.

Walk between the barrels to find a hidden passage.  Weave your way south 
into the main entry.  If you try to leave, Glaive will stop you prematurely.  
Go upstairs for a CS.  Aigis will rejoin your party.  Your task now is to 
head north to the creatively named Northern Cave.  Youfre also now free to 
raid the castle of any treasure it possesses.  Oh, and talk to NPCs. 

Head downstairs twice from the throne room and youfll see routes to the 
rest of the area.  Go northwest through a door to find a group of mages.  
The Jar in this room has an Antidote.  The northeast room from here leads 
you to the Oracles room, but there was no treasure in there that I could 
find.  The towers also have treasure, as listed below:

Mages study room (NW room) -  first jar has an Antidote
2nd story of east tower - jar has a Phoenix Down.
2nd story of west tower - two chests, Eye Drops and 200 gil
1st story of west tower - Potion in SE jars, Leather Shoes in SW Jars 
                         (interiormost - go around the leftmost jar 
                          and south to get to it)

IV: The Northern Cave --------------------------------------------- ffd_pro4

Northern Cave
1F(a) - Sacred Candle, Cotton Cap, Maidenfs Kiss
2F - Dagger, Leather Shoes, Leather Armor
1F(c) - Tent, Phoenix Down

1F(a) -
From the entrance, head right to find a Cotton Cap.  Turn around and head 
north to a chest that contains a Sacred Candle, then go  Go down the stairs, 
head east to find a Maidenfs Kiss.  Go northeast to the stairs.

2F - 
Again, a split path at the entry.  Head west and north first to get to a 
dead end Treasure Chest with a Dagger inside.   Heading east from the 
entry, go down a stairwell and east to find a pair of Leather Shoes.  Go 
up the stairs immediately due west, and continue up the path nw to find 
Leather Armor.  Turn back around, go up the stairwell, head northeast, and 
double back down.

1F(b) - 
Save point!

1F(c) - Tent

Upon exiting here youfll see a man in a hat that is suspiciously pimp and 
strangely not red.  Approach him, and engage in a fight versus a Manatoise.  
Oh, oh, are we going to learn about the virtues of holding back your attacks 
like almost every other first boss in Final Fantasy game series history?!

No, you arenft.  But you shouldnft feel bad for thinking so.  The trick to 
this first fight is to pelt the Manatoise with blizzard spells from Aigis 
and the mysterious Red Mage whose garb looks tan instead of red.  Do NOT 
attack it.  If Sol counters its physical attacks, youfre okay, but if you 
directly attack the Manatoise, itfll whallop you back for a ton of damage.  
Have Glaive and Sol defend - Diana should cast cure spells as necessary.  It 
should only take 3 bursts of blizzard from Aigis and 3 casts of Blizzaga 
from the mystery mage to end this.

No gil, 180 xp for a party of five.  Elgo will join you after the fight, 
officially.  You donft get to name him.  Go back and save/heal up using 
your tent, and then advance.  The first chest you see on the path is a Tent.  
Go straight ahead to find a Phoenix down from there at the fork in the road, 
and then due east is a moogle selling various items.  The items for sale are 
exactly the same as those for sale back in Lux.

Upon exiting the cave, head east and loop north towards the Temple.

V: The Temple ----------------------------------------------------- ffd_pro5

Enter the temple and head straight ahead through the first room.  In the 
second room, youfll see two doors to your left (well, one door and a passage 
south), two to your right (see previous), and a staircase leading upwards.  
Each of the rooms contains one treasure chest, as follows:

1Fb - NW chest - Antidote
1Fb - SW chest - Phoenix Down
1Fb - NE chest - Bronze Hauberk
1Fb - SE chest - Feathered Cap

Go upstairs to the second floor.  There are four offshoot rooms here - one 
directly south of the stairwell.  You can go either left or right to reach 
here from the staircase as your heart moves you.  One room lies left, and 
one right, and one south of the central room.

2F - Central Room - Bronze Armor
2F - West Room - NO CHEST
2F - East Room - Bronze Helm
2F - South Room - 600 gil

Go south from the south room to reach the stairwell to the third floor.  
On the third floor, you will have two offshoot rooms, one immediately 
north of the stairwell, and one up the northwest corridor preceded by a 
chest.  The northeast corridor leads to the fourth floor.

3F - Central Room - Potion
3F - NW Room - Tent
3F - Main, chest in NW area - Pointy Hat

Fourth floor - you start at the SE side of the floor, with three passages 
due north of you.  The central passage leads to the fifth floor, with the 
offshoots as usual bearing chests of fun loot.

4F - West Room - Metal Claw
4F - East Room - Rod

As you get to the fifth floor, you find a save spot!  Use that tent, 
because by now your characters should be close to being out of MP.  Youfll 
also get a prompt that this is the last save point of the prologue, and a 
hearty recommendation to SAVE YOUR GAME.  So save it.  You must purchase 
Chapter 1 to continue playing after the prologue.
Go north through the door to the Crystal Chamber, where your ears will be 
assaulted with the Final Fantasy Prelude.  Walk north and touch it, then 
wait through a CS to see the last Prologue boss, the Watchbeast.  Sadly, 
this is a story battle.  You can cast Libra on it to see that itfs weak to 
fire, but itfll eventually do some weird Soul Despair stupid move to get 
you down to single digit HP to gdefeath your party.

Cutscenes will ensue.  Enjoy.


 /   \                                                           ffd_char \
|     |                         3. Characters                              |

Starting Classes
Sol - Jobless
Glaive - Jobless
Diana - Jobless
Aigis - Jobless
Elgo - Red Mage

Starting Abilities
Sol - Counter
Glaive - Focus
Diana - White Magic (LV1)
Aigis - Cover, Red Magic (LV1)
Elgo - Red Magic (LV3)

Starting Equipment

Sol - Short Sword, Leather Shirt
Glaive - Short Sword, Leather Shirt
Diana - Staff, Cotton Robe
Aigis - Iron Sword, Bronze Shield, Bronze Helm, Bronze Armor
Elgo - Oak Staff, Leather Shield, Feathered Cap, Cotton Robe

 /   \                                                          ffd_xptnl \
|     |           4. Experience Requirements for Leveling Up               |

This chart lists the TOTAL experience points that your character needs to 
have to reach that particular level.  For example, to reach level 6, you 
need to have gained a total of 389 experience points (xp) on that 

Experience is divided evenly amongst your active living party members 
after winning a battle. (at least - Ifve not had greater than five in the 
Prologue)  If a given enemy has 800 xp and you have four active, living 
party members, each member will get 200 xp at the end of the fight.

This chart will be expanded for later versions of this guide.

Level  XP
 1 -    0
 2 -   45
 3 -   97
 4 -  173
 5 -  261
 6 -  389
 7 -  587
 8 -  821
 9 - 1113
10 - 1555
11 - 2087
12 - 2730

 /   \                                                          ffd_items \
|     |                            5. Items                                |

To be added at a later date.
 /   \                                                          ffd_beast \
|     |                         6. Monster List                            |

Lux Region

      Goblin: 21 HP,  3 gil,  10 XP, no weaknesses
      Hornet: 20 HP,  2 gil,   9 XP, no weaknesses (drops Potions)
  Leaf Bunny: 29 HP,  4 gil,  ~8 XP, no weakenesses
      Nutkin: 25 HP,  8 gil, ~12 XP, no weaknesses

Upper Lux Region

Death Flower: 75 HP, ?? gil,  ?? XP, weak to Fire
      Hornet: 20 HP,  2 gil,   9 XP, no weaknesses (drops Potions)
  Killer Bee: 55 HP, 13 gil, ~22 XP, weak to Wind
      Nutkin: 25 HP,  8 gil, ~12 XP, no weaknesses
   Wood Eyes: 70 HP, 15 gil, ~25 XP, weak to Fire 

Below Castle Lux

  Alacran: 40 HP,  7 gil, 16 XP, no weaknesses
   Ankheg: 85 HP, 11 gil, ~29 XP, weak to ice
Steel Bat: 38 HP, ?? gil, 15 XP, weak to fire
Tarantula: 40 HP,  6 gil, 13 XP, no weaknesses - Antidote drop possible
  Wererat: 35 HP,  6 gil, 12 XP,  no special weakness

Northern Cave

   Ankheg: 85 HP, 11 gil, ~29 XP, weak to ice
Carbuncle: 38 HP, 13 gil, ~27 XP, no weaknesses
Gigantoad: 65 HP, 14 gil, ~27 XP, weak to ice (Maidenfs Kiss drop possible)
   Goblin: 21 HP,  3 gil, 10 XP, -
   Python: 67 HP, 12 gil, ~26 XP, weak to ice
Tarantula: 40 HP,  6 gil, 13 XP, no weaknesses - Antidote drop possible

Temple Region

Death Flower: 75 HP, ?? gil,  ?? XP, weak to Fire
      Goblin: 21 HP,  3 gil,  10 XP, no weaknesses
      Hornet: 20 HP,  2 gil,   9 XP, no weaknesses (drops Potions)
   Wood Eyes: 70 HP, 15 gil, ~25 XP, weak to Fire

Crystal Temple - South Approach

    Blood Bat -  70 HP,  x gil,   x xp, weak to fire
Cursed Bronze -  75 HP,  x gil,   x xp, weak to lightning
          Imp -  85 HP, 17 gil, ~35 xp, no weaknesses
       Lizard -  80 HP, 14 gil, ~30 xp, weak to ice
   Red Mousse -  32 HP, 21 gil, ~40 xp, weak to fire, strong vs. physical
      Stunner -  78 HP,  x gil,   x xp, no weaknesses
      Vassago - 110 HP,  x gil,   x xp, no weaknesses
 /   \                                                          ffd_jobs  \
|     |                            7. Jobs                                |

Jobs are introduced early in chapter 1, and are similar in structure to 
the Job system in Final Fantasy V.  As this guide only goes through the
Prologue currently, I list no information about them in this update.  
There are only two possible classes during the Prologue - gJoblessh, which 
is every character except for Elgo, and gRed Mageh - Elgo.

 /   \                                                          ffd_skill \
|     |                     8. Magic and Abilities                         |

All abilities and magic skills are character-specific in the prologue.  
Scroll back up to the character list to see what characters can use which 
magic and abilities.

Counter - Sometimes counterattacks when hit by a physical attack.  
(1 slot required)

Cover - Takes damage in place of critically injured allies. 
(1 slot required)

Focus - Stores power to increase strength of next ability.  
Can store 3 times. (1 slot required)

Flee - Flees from battle. (1 slot required).


Red, White, and Black magic all require two slots to equip.

WHM Level 1
Cure    - 4 MP required
Restores HP to a single/all target(s).
Libra   - 1 MP required
Reveals targetfs HP and weaknesses.
Poisona - 3 MP required
Removes Poison and Toxify from a single target.

WHM Level 2
Slow    - 7 MP required
Slows the passing of time for a single target.
Silence - 5 MP required
Inflicts silence on a single target, preventing spell casting.
Mini    - 6 MP required
Makes target small, decreasing physical attack power, or restores state.

WHM Level 3
Cura    - 14 MP required
Restores HP to a single/all target(s).
Protect -  8 MP required
Reduces physical damage received by a single/all target(s).
Raise   - 22 MP required
Revives a single target.

BLM Level 1
Fire     - 5 MP required
Deals fire damage to a single/all target(s).
Blizzard - 5 MP required
Deals ice damage to a single/all target(s).
Thunder  - 5 MP required
Deals ice damage to a single/all target(s).

BLM Level 2
Poison - 2 MP required
Inflicts Poison on a single target, inflicting periodic damage.
Sleep  - 7 MP required
Inflicts Sleep on a single target, preventing action.  
Damage wakens sleeping targets.
Toad   - 8 MP required
Transforms target into a frog, decreasing its ATK and preventing it from 
casting spells other than Toad.

BLM Level 3
Fira     - 10 MP required
Deals fire damage to a single/all target(s).
Blizzara - 10 MP required
Deals ice damage to a single/all target(s).
Thundera - 10 MP required
Deals ice damage to a single/all target(s).

 /   \                                                          ffd_shops \
|     |                         9. Shop Listing                            |

The Moogle at the Northern Cave has identical wares to each of the Luxian 

Items - Lux
       Potion -  30
Maidenfs Kiss -  60
     Antidote -  40
    Eye Drops -  30
 Phoenix Down - 200
         Tent - 200

Armor - Lux
Leather Shield - 100
  Leather Helm -  80
   Leather Hat -  50
    Cotton Cap -  60
 Leather Armor - 120
 Leather Shirt -  80
   Cotton Robe - 100

Weapons - Lux
      Knife -  80
Short Sword - 130
 Broadsword - 250
      Staff - 100
        Rod -  80

 /   \                                                          ffd_vnote \
|     |                         10. Version Notes                          |

- 0.10 -- 09/11/12
    - Initial release of the guide, with a walkthrough taking you all the 
      way through the Prologue.  Youfre welcome.  I made one hour of your 
      life stunningly easy.  I also made delicious low-carb blueberry 
      muffins and a turkey roast for supper while editing my notes for this 
      first version.
 /   \                                                           ffd_cred \
|     |                          11. Credits                               |

A general round of thanks to the following companies, people, and products:

Square Enix - for making this.
 My husband - who so generously sacrificed his iPad for this guide.
     My son - who sacrificed playing Angry Birds for this guide.
My daughter - for sleeping soundly in my lap and on the bed.
    Snapple - made from the Best Stuff on Earth.  My drink of choice writing
              this guide was their Diet Snapple Peach Tea.  Mmmm.

And to the following for damage control:

And to the following for additional information:


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