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Ubisoft is making sure that the Wii U launches with a blood bath in the form of
the M-rated ZombiU.

Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
A. Safehouse Beginnings
B. Supermarket
C. Royal Bunker
D. Buckingham Palace
E. Brick Lane Flats
F. Tower of London
G. Spitalfields Green
H. The Nursery
I. St. George's Church
J. Letters of Dee
K. Panacea
L. Escape
3. King of Zombies
4. Bonus
5. Survival Tips
6. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It's the zombie apocalypse, and you're stuck in merry old London, England. As 
a survivor of the apocalypse, your job is to explore the city and uncover the 
hidden truths about the zombie outbreak.

-GamePad Controls-
Left stick - Move
Left stick (press) - Run
Right Stick - Look
D-pad - N/A
L (hold) - Use the scanner
ZL - Aim
R - Quick turn (180)
ZR - Push Back/Execute Infected/Use Virucide
ZL + ZR - Shoot/Hit/Throw
X - Primary Interaction
Y - Reload
A - Seoncary Interaction/Validate
B - Write Message/Back
Minus - Display objectives
+ - Pause
Home - Open Home Menu

There are three different difficulty levels available in ZombiU.

Chicken - Easy mode
Standard - Normal mode
Survival - Hard mode, one death means starting the entire game back at the 

When scanning the environment in ZombiU, color-coded arrows will pop up on your
HUD. These are what the arrows mean:

Red - Enemy
Orange - Door
Green - Fast-travel
Teal - Item
White - Message

For Survival Tips, please refer to the section at the end of the guide.

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2. Walkthrough
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At the start of the game, sprint down the stairs and just follow the path 
straight. You'll find a ladder. Press X to climb the ladder. Press it again to 
crouch. Move through the ventilation shaft. After you land, exit the room. 
Tap the flashlight icon on the touchscreen to turn it on.

Going through the halls, you'll attract the attention of zombies because of the
flashlight. You can turn it off and sneak past them, or you can leave it on and
just sprint by them, quickly opening the door at the end of the hall, where 
you will be greeted by the ZombiU logo.

This next room is the safehouse. It is the main hub of the game. Grab the 
Prepper Pad off the desk and then look at the GamePad screen. This is your map.
If you tap the icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will use
your radar, which shows the locations of enemies in the vicinity.

Go turn on the power, first. The generator is located in the nearby bathrooms. 
Press X to crank the generator to life and then go watch the monitor display 
on the desk at the far wall of the room. This will be your first mission brief.

Your goal is to collect the bag that the previous survivor had. Exit the 
safehouse through the nearby door, and the only door that is unlocked here. 
Work your way into the large radius indicated on the GamePad map. Use your 
radar to locate the survivor and make your way to that room.

He will be stuck in the shutter of a window. Pick up the cricket bat next to 
him and then smash his brains in with a couple of swings. After that, press X 
to loot his body and get the bag. Look at the GamePad screen and drag the "bag"
menu down. Drag the gun to your inventory on the upper right.

Return to the safehouse. You will be told about saving, which you do by 
sleeping on the cot there. I recommend doing that now and after every other 
mission, too. Save at the cot and then go to the computer monitor screens to 
receive your next mission brief.

First, you need a keycard to get out of this area and reach the Supermarket 
area. Exit through the same door that you did before, and make your way to the 
designated door. The door will be locked and needs a keycard to enter. The game
now teaches you about scanning. Hold L and then move the GamePad around you to 
scan the area. To scan, tap the icon on the screen when it appears and hold it 
there until scanning is complete. This will tell if you dead bodies have any 
loot on them, and it also tells you if anything else has any loot either.

There will be handgun ammo on the body of at least one of the dead bodies in 
the area. Grab that and then loot the suitcase on the ground to find more 
ammo. Go into the next hallway. Climb through the window in the room with the 
zombie. Beat him to death and then loot his body for an energy drink. Go into 
the next room and loot the filing cabinet for the keycard.

With the keycard in hand, return to the door. Open it and turn your flashlight 
on because it's pretty dark. Go through the darkness and up the stairs. Look 
down to find a ladder and climb it to the bottom. Go through the next door 
marked "EXIT" to complete the level.


Outside, there should be a single zombie to worry about. Bludgeon him to death 
and then use your map to find the first junction box. Scan the box and then 
hack it by holding the stylus on the icon that appears on the screen. When it 
is hacked, you'll have a full map. Go to the next objective marker.

Go to the manhole cover on the ground. Press X to interact with it, and then 
tap on the seal repeatedly when it appears on the touch screen. This will open 
the manhole cover. You can use this to fast travel to the safehouse or to 
fast travel from the safehouse back to the manhole cover.

Leave it for now and head out into the alleyway. Climb the ladder and grab the 
flares at the top, then climb back down the ladder. Slide under the barricade 
and ignore the zombies here and go over to the downed fence. Climb over it and 
go to the supermarket door.

When you try to open it, an alarm will sound, alerting the undead to your 
location. A zombie will break through the door. Push him away by just pulling 
ZR instead of ZL+ZR as you normally would to attack, then quickly go through 
the next door to enter the supermarket.

Move through the freezer. There will be a crawler on the ground, plus a zombie 
struggling with a noose near the door. Kill the crawler first and then loot it.
Then knock down the zombie on the noose and loot it as well. Go into the next 

The next door will be barricaded shut. Search the trashcan to find the hammer 
and drag it to your bag. Approach the door and press A to use the hammer. Then 
tap on the board that appears on the touchscreen to remove it, so you can 
enter the larger supermarket area.

Make your way to the left and around the shelves. You'll see plastic flaps. 
Go through them. There will be a zombie on the other side, and the noise he 
makes will attract a second zombie. Push him away and open the door. Run to the
end of the room and grab the planks off the ground. Barricade the door quickly 
if you don't want to fight them. Loot the room and then move into the dark 
room, with your flashlight turned on.

Go downstairs and then work your way through the tunnel area to find the next 
junction box. Scan and hack it as well. With that done, it's time to return to 
the safehouse. Make a break for it and sprint by the two zombies left in the 
supermarket to the barricaded door. Rip the barricade off and then exit to be 
outside again.

You'll then meet a new type of zombie that spews electricity and attracts the 
attention of a lot of zombies. Sprint by him and then slide under the 
barricade. Knock down the zombie by the door and then go through to reach the 
manhole cover. Use it to reach the safehouse.

In some instances, trying to open that door results in a loading time, which 
means you have to wait for the loading to finish before the door will even 
open. This is frustrating as hell, but if it happens, quickly equip your pistol
and get your back to the wall. Pick off the zombies from afar until the door 
comes open. It may be a waste of ammunition, but it's a necessary waste if you 
want to survive.

Back at the safehouse, you'll encounter an unfortunate discovery. Zombies are 
moving in on your position! The best strategy here is to just sit tight and let
them funnel through the door. Keep your gated door open and then just smash 
their heads as they come in through the door. When they're all dead, save at 
your bed.


First item on the agenda is finding the proper badge needed to get on the path 
to the bunker to begin with. Luckily, it is nearby. Use your map to help you 
find the room it is in, which also contains a bed to sleep on and save if you'd
like to do that, plus other supplies, such as planks and ammunition. Loot the 
room then make your way to the door and use the keycard.

You will have to move through a series of destroyed walls and the like. Just 
crouch when you have to and go through the holes in the wall. You'll find 
yourself in a building. Go all the way downstairs to find a manhole cover. Rip 
it off and then work your way upstairs and open the door.

Work your way through the streets and go through the next door as prompted. You
will be outside in an area filled with shipping containers. There are a lot of 
zombies here as well, with one standing right in front of the next door. Knock 
him down and go through the door. Quickly turn around and barricade the door. 
Grab the rifle from the table as well as the ammo. Loot the room, hack the 
junction box on the wall, and then exit the room before the zombies have a 
chance to break the door down.

This next street is marked with flaming vehicles, ambulances, and metal 
containers that contain plenty of helpful loot. There is also a surplus of 
zombies here. You'll get your first taste of the armored enemies, which are 
police in riot gear that were turned into zombies.

Be sure to only take on one zombie at a time. The armored zombie has to have 
his helmet knocked off his head first. Accomplish this using the cricket bat. 
When his helmet is knocked off his head, simply beat him to death with the 
cricket bat. If there are other zombies around, it may be a good idea to flee 
and then pick them off one by one with the rifle or the pistol.

When the coast is clear, explore the area and loot everything. Be wary of the 
containers, as they often contain zombies as well as goodies. You'll be able 
to find a firepower upgrade for the pistol in one of the crates, and be sure to
loot all the dead bodies and whatever else you find. This place is absolutely 
stacked with supplies.

There will be a dumpster to loot, too, but I recommend leaving the rats inside 
alone. If you are low on health, you can eat rats to replenish your health, 
sure, but they also run the risk of turning you into a zombie. Find the door 
that is your next objective and try to open it, but you'll find that you need a

Now make your way to your new objective. You'll walk by a turret gun. Grab the 
ammo for it off the sandbags and then go through the next shipping crate. An 
armored zombie will fall off the top, so quickly dispose of him. Loot the 
metal container to find grenades, turret ammo, and more. Then go through the 
door with the Ravens of Dee symbol on it.

The lockpick you need is in here. Grab it. Grab the other supplies as well, and
then sleep to save. Back outside, there are waves of zombies coming after you, 
so QUICKLY get behind the turret. You have to literally move the GamePad to aim
the turret. Mow down the zombies as they come. Even if it seems they're all 
gone, I would stay at the turret a little longer just to be on the safe side.

Armored zombies will also try to attack while you're at the turret, and they 
can be very difficult to kill with the actual turret. There will be two of them
total, though, so that's not a big deal. Just get rid of all the regular 
zombies with the turret then kill the armored zombies with melee attacks.

When the coast is clear, go to the door and complete the lockpicking mini-game.
This mini-game requires you to drag the lockpick across the curved line at the 
bottom of the touchscreen. Once the meter starts to fill up, hold the stylus 
there until the meter is full, and then the door will unlock. Go to the open 
manhole and go down.

Turn your flashlight on. This sewer area is dark and you won't have radio help 
for a while. At the bottom of the ladder, tap your scanner to find a zombie 
hiding in the alcove behind you. Go kill him and then work through the hall. 
Your scanner will alert you to another zombie hiding in the left side of the 
hall in an alcove. Kill him. Loot the dead bodies and continue through the 

Wait for the zombie in the water to come out and then kill him. Go in the water
and quickly make your way to the segmented piece of catwalk that is floating 
in the water. Being in water leaves you extremely vulnerable. Climb up the 
piece of catwalk and press X to climb back onto the more solid ground.

Keep following the sewer and you'll find yourself in the bunker. Use the 
catwalks to reach the next door. Go through and you'll be one step closer to 
reaching Buckingham Palace, with radio help restored as well, if only 


Approach the next door. It is electronically locked. Scan it and it will be 
hacked for you. You'll then be able to reach the palace proper, and radio 
help will once again be robbed from you. There are no undead in the immediate 
vicinity, so now let's get a hold of your surroundings.

This first room with the staircase has a bunch of locked doors. If you go 
straight ahead down the hall across from the staircase, you can find another 
set of stairs and Ravens painted on the wall. Follow the Ravens to another 
save room.

When ready, go back to the lobby area you started in. There is one door here 
that can be picked. Its lock is a triple-level lock. After picking the lock, 
sit tight in the next room. Listen to the doctor as he introduces himself, then
go through the door when it opens.

Follow the objective marker through the lab area and over the catwalks to reach
the doctor's lab. There will be zombies in cages, but don't be alarmed, as they
cannot harm you. Speak with the doctor, then explore the room behind the next 
door he opens up. You'll find a book in here, so grab it. You're going to be 
doing research for the doctor.

Return to the main lobby area. A new door will be opened up. Go through the 
door and then you will find an elevator. Open the elevator, step inside, and 
then press the button on the wall to ride it to the top. At the top, kill the 
zombies in the first hall and then step out into the red lobby area.

This is where you will be introduced to a new type of zombie called the 
Spitter. Dressed in white, these zombies, predictably, spit! To keep this from 
happening, quickly shoot them from afar, or sprint up to them and start bashing
away before they even have a chance to spit.

At any rate, this room is filled with the undead, and not just Spitters. Go up 
the stairs and lure them up them. Kill all the zombies in this room since you 
will be moving through it a lot. After they're all dead, on the top floor, 
walk around to the opposite side and go through the door.

This hall is a bit easier. Kill the initial zombies, and then the rest will 
have to climb over the barricade. When they do this, bash them quickly and then
they will fall on the ground. If you're fast enough, you can smash their brains
in with an execution strike. Funnel the zombies down the hall in this manner as
you move to the darker room, and keep doing it until they're all gone. Armored 
zombies will be there as well, so remember that.

Move to the room with the fire. Kill any zombies in here. If you want to find a
suitcase to loot, there is a secret door in the hall connecting the dark room 
and the fire room. The keypad combination was 4234 in my save, but it may be 
something different for you. The first three digits of the code are painted in 
blood on the wall next to it, but you have to guess the fourth digit. There's 
really nothing special in there, and it will spawn zombies, so I recommend 
ignoring the keypad.

In the fire room, check the scaffolding for a ladder. Climb it to the top. Go 
right, then take two lefts. Follow the scaffolding and you'll find some cake as
well as crossbow bolts. Grab that ammo and then drop from one level of 
scaffolding to the next until you reach the floor. Climb back up the ladder and
this time move toward the fire way. The scaffolding will collapse a bit, 
allowing you to move to the floor without taking falling damage.

There will be an armored zombie and a regular zombie in the first room. Trick 
them up the stairs and kill them as they come. Then loot the big box at the 
top of the stairs. Go downstairs and be ready for a LOT of zombies. Use your 
guns for this section. There will be multiple zombies down the next hall and 
they can overwhelm you easy if you stick to the cricket bat.

When they're dead, loot their bodies and go down the hall yourself. You'll next
find yourself in the study that you needed to be in. Loot the place and check 
the book on the alcove in the wall. That's the book that the Doctor wanted to 
help him with his research on the undead. A secret panel opens up as well, so 
crouch down and go inside.

Inside the walls, you can go left and get out, or you can go right. Go right. 
There are no zombies, but if you keep following this path, you'll find a note 
on the ground as well as the Hunting Crossbow that you need to use with your 
crossbow bolts! The Hunting Crossbow is invaluable because it is as effective 
as a gun but makes no noise.

When you have the crossbow, backtrack to the left way this time. There will be 
an XL backpack in the corner. Grab it. It will increase your inventory slots 
by two. Then press the big red button on the wall. This will open up the gate. 
Crouch and move through, and you'll be back in the dark room right before the 
fire room.

Backtrack to the Doctor's lab. Speak with him and then go to the bin. Press X 
to open it and place the book inside so that the doctor can get his book. Once 
that has been accomplished, the doctor will give you a syringe as well as an 
upgrade to your radar. Pick them both up. The radar upgrade will constantly 
make your radar ping so that you always know when zombies are around without 
having to look down and tap the icon on the touchscreen. You may have to turn 
the volume down, but it is a very helpful tool.

Scan the zombie through the window that is the "patient". When the scanning is 
done, the door will open. Kill him and then press A to get a syringe full of 
his blood. What this does is basically saves you from infection. When a zombie 
is on top of you and bites, it's usually game over, but this syringe will give 
you a second chance. You can refill it using zombie dead bodies throughout the 
course of the game.

Talk to the doctor again and he'll give you another mission, which is yet 
another book to recover. It's time to go back to the Supermarket area. First, 
however, I recommend stopping by the safehouse to organize your inventory. 
Dump your extras in the big blue box in your safehouse for the next survivors 
that may come (i.e. in case you die so you don't have to start with almost 
nothing) and then save the game.


Use the sewer to fast travel to the Brick Lane Markets area. Out on the street,
take a quick left and run to the caged door to avoid confrontation with any of 
the undead. Go down the ladder and then continue through the next few areas. 
You'll see a dead body slumped up against the wall, so loot him for ammunition 
and continue until you reach an exit door.

Press X to go through here and reach the Brick Lane Flats. Climb up the 
scaffolding. Climb over the broken wall and drop down. Move into the warehouses
and then immediately move for the stairs. A single zombie will drop down. You 
can opt to beat her to death with your cricket bat or shoot the red barrel she 
walks by to blow her up. Before going through the door, check the scaffolding 
behind the boxes to find a large med pack.

Through the door, there will be a shelf, stairs, and another door. Your 
objective is through the door, but go up the stairs first. You'll find a zombie
up here. Kill her so that she won't attack you from behind later.

Move into the next warehouse by going through the door. In here will be many 
more zombies. You can funnel them in through the door and beat them to death 
one by one, or if you have flares and a Molotov or grenade, this can be much 
easier. Walk down the stairs and toss a flare in the light. All the zombies, 
including an armored one, will run over to it. Then toss your Molotov or 
grenade to blow them up/light them on fire. The grenade will kill everything, 
but the Molotov will leave the armored zombie alive.

Loot their bodies and then use the scaffolding to reach the top. Climb over 
the brick wall and then climb down the ladder. Kill the armored zombie and then
use the scaffolding again to climb up to a catwalk. There will be an armored 
zombie here as well. Kill it and then drop from the catwalk onto the boxes 
below. Walk along the boxes and reach the building. Drop through the hole.

There is a shotgun in here as well as shotgun ammo. Gather the supplies and 
then go through the next door. There will be a flight of stairs going down as 
well as a door marked with a safehouse icon. Go through that door and go down 
all of the stairs. Open the manhole at the bottom and return to the safehouse 
if you need to quit. Otherwise, continue toward the objective marker.

This will lead you into a basement area. Kill the few zombies that are here 
initially and then loot the place. You'll find a pair of elevators. Click the 
button on one of them and then quickly get inside. Equip a firearm of some 
sort. A zombie will likely jam the doors, so blast them away. Then reload and 
aim upward. There will be a couple of zombies on the roof of the elevator as it
is going up. If they get close to the hole, shoot them away. When you reach 
your floor, you shouldn't have to worry about them.

Two zombies will be in this hall. One will be climbing over the barricade of 
suitcases and such, and the other will be right in your face. Kill the first 
one as quickly as possible and then take out the second one.

From here, ignore the room with all the music coming out of it to your left. It
is barricaded from the other side anyway. Instead, go through the door on your 
right, which is a different apartment. Make sure your flashlight has a lot of 
charge as it is very dark in here. There will be one initial zombie walking 
around. Killing him will stir another zombie awake, so kill that one, and then 
another zombie will wake up as well, so bash its brains in, too. Then exit this
room through the ventilation shaft.

The vent will lead you on the other side of a big rubble barricade in the 
middle of the hall. Go through the door to access the party room. This room is 
actually simple because all the zombies are too distracted by the pretty 
lights and loud music. Bash the brains in of the zombie closest to you, then 
equip a grenade. Toss it at the feet of the six or seven zombies. Loot their 
bodies and then go through the next ventilation shaft. You'll hear a zombie 
clambering after you, but don't worry about it. Just keep moving until you 
come out in the necessary room.

The Ravens of Dee will broadcast a message here. Destroy the brains of all the 
zombies in here and loot them. Loot the desk. Turn on the lamp on the desk and 
it will reveal numbers on the desk. 1527. Input that code on the wallsafe 
against the far wall. Start to loot it and then zombies will start piling in 
the room.

A zombie will crawl out of the ventilation duct and another zombie will break 
through the door. Kill them both and then loot the wallsafe. It will contain 
the book you need for the doctor as well as many other valuable supplies. I 
recommend leaving the animal meat as it will probably just damage you, however.

Follow the objective marker to the next area. You will be lead to a place 
filled with containers. There are a couple of zombies here, so kill them. Scan 
the fusebox on the wall to get a map of the area, and then keep going until you
reach a kitchen area. Go through the laundry chute and you will land hard in a 
room filled with zombies.

As soon as you regain your composure, sprint through door. Keep going until 
you reach the next door that leads into an underground area of Buckingham 
Palace. Follow the path upstairs to find a door barricaded from behind. Tap the
barricad until it is removed. I recommend stopping at the safehouse here to 
upgrade your weapons and save.

Then return to the doctor. Give him the book and listen to him. Your new goal 
is to find the Letters of Dee. The doctor will place the letter found in the 
book in the box, so grab it. Then return to the manhole and fast-travel to the 


Collecting the Letters of Dee for the Doc is optional for now. You can find 
the locations of the zombies that are carrying a letter using the monitors at 
the safehouse. Watch the TV screens, but then the Prepper will give you a new 
task anyway.

Follow the objective marker to Victoria Memorial Park, or "Green Park". Move 
through the sewage waste, but don't worry, there are no immediate threats. 
Outside, of course, there are about five zombies. Rush to the tent and kill 
the zombies in here first. Hold your position and take out the other zombies 
as they come. Loot the place, especially sure to loot the required zombie that 
has the keycard.

If you start to get overwhelmed, there is a small gutter you can crouch into 
nearby. Crawl to the end of the gutter and just kill the zombies as they try to
crawl through. When the coast is clear, go to the door that is electronically 
locked. Use the keycard to get inside.

Loot the place. There is a lot of ammunition to be had, plus C4. Grab as much 
as you can carry. Loot the dead body leaning against the wall for one of the 
Letters of Dee. Now exit. Start moving to the water, and then a couple of 
explosions will likely scare the hell out of you. A short cut-scene will play 
showing you Sandra of the Ravens of Dee calling you to the Tower of London for 

The water is filled with zombies, and when the water gets too deep, you are 
unable to defend yourself. Pick them off from your current location with any 
crossbow bolts or other ammunition you have. If you are out of ammo, bait them 
close and then beat them to death with the cricket bat.

Hop in the water and swim straight ahead, then take a right onto the first 
dry land after the island in the middle. If you go to the left, you'll find a 
camera box to hack, but there will also be two more zombies there for your 

On the right, there an exploding zombie will be crawling out of the gutter. 
Quickly place C4 and then get the hell out of the air. The C4 should destroy 
the zombie and leave a path open through a sewer tunnel. Go through this 
tunnel and then through the short sewer system section. You'll come out at a 

Two zombies will be here to jump you. Kill them first before doing anything 
else. When they're dead, grab the sniper rifle from the dock. Use it to take 
out all the zombies in the nearby area. Take the ladder down to the sand, then 
kill the zombies across the way. Climb up the next ladder and smash the radio 
jammer here.

Climb down the ladder again. Make your way through the water and to the next 
sewer system. Walk through this system. You'll come out to a gate that has a 
pile in front of it. Kill the lone zombie here and then place the C4. Get out 
of range of the explosion.

After the explosion, the gate will be open enough to allow you access. 
Unfortunately, there is a Spitter zombie on the other side. Take him out as 
fast as possible, and then take note of the opening on the left. There is a 
zombie leaning next to it, so kill him. He may not be moving just now, but he 
will be soon. There is a safehouse to the right that contains a manhole cover 
that I suggest you open.

When the zombie is dead, drop through the opening and you'll find the secret 
passage. Hold up your GamePad and then scan the strange writing on the wall 
and the secret passage will open. This next section is very difficult, so be 
ready. You have to move through a very dark, watery passage that has exploding 
zombies and other zombies all over. It's a genuinely hellish maze if I've ever 
seen one.

However, the tight confines of these catacombs can actually play to your 
advantage. Lead the zombies on by one through the area and then kill them as 
they come. Don't take on more than one at a time, and be sure NOT to shoot the 
zombie with the tank on his back. When the place has been cleared of zombies, 
look for an indention in the wall. It will be close to where your objective 
marker is pointing. Scan that piece of wall and it will move, revealing 
another secret passage.

Move through the passage. You'll come up to a door, but it is barricaded from 
the other side. Go over to the ventilation shaft on the ground. Press X to 
"duck in", but then a zombie will start crawling into view. Quickly back out 
and wait for it to crawl out of the vent. Smash its brains in and then go 
through the vent to reach a secret room in the Tower of London used by the 
Ravens of Dee.

A weapon upgrade is in the fist of a knight in the upper left-hand corner of 
the room, so grab it. Look to the trophy case on the far wall and scan it. You 
can now decipher the "angel language" that Dee used back in his day. Push the 
dresser near the locked door and then scan that piece of wall to find the 
numbers needed to unlock the door.

Grab the AK-47 off the ground and unlock the door. This will lead into the 
streets. Sandra will shoot a tank, causing one of the zombies to catch on 
fire, and she'll take care of a couple of other ones for you. Finish off the 
flaming zombie and then kill the Spitter here. Go to the next door that is your

You now have to book it through the tower. There are a lot of zombies. I 
recommend taking it as slow as possible. There is an exploding zombie in this 
building, after all, and you don't want to get blown up. There is ammo lying 
around on the desks and such, so keep an eye out. Keep going until you are lead
up a flight of stairs. From here, drop down to the door and then go through 
that. Keep going until you are on the roof.

Go up the winding staircase to reach the roof proper. Now you have to clear a 
landing zone for the helicopter. Sandra will help fight the enemies. Retreat 
down the stairs and let Sandra take out as much as she can, then finish off 
those that remain.


A door will open up after the cut-scene and a zombie will stumble out. Kill the
zombie. Follow the objective marker to a barricaded door. Rip the barricade 
off, and you will be right back at the manhole from earlier. Use it to 
fast-travel to the safehouse and speak with the Prepper. The power goes out, so
the generator needs some refueling.

Save your game and then fast-travel to the Brick Lane Markets area near your 
objective marker. Ravens will now appear on your radar as red blips. Don't 
waste your ammo and then just watch them fly off. A zombie will show up to the 
left so kill him.

Follow the objective marker. There will be zombies, but there's enough room to 
maneuver around them if you don't want to spend the energy killing them. The 
objective marker will lead you to a door that is electronically locked. If 
you scan the walls, arrows will lead you to a nearby shed. Inside the shed, 
you will find the last two numbers of thhe code to the door if you scan it. 
Then open the door and scan the brick wall on the other side of the shed to 
find the first two numbers of the code. Then input the full code at the door 
and go through. Follow through to the exit door to reach Spitalfields Green.

This area is tricky. In the center is a field in the middle of a square of 
houses. There are multiple zombies in the area, but most of them will be blown 
up by the mines placed in the grassy field in the center. By all means, ignore 
that place for now. If you look at the GamePad, there will be red circles on 
your map, and these indicate the locations of the mines.

Unfortunately, there is a jammer in place that is messing up your map. Go to 
the nearby shed in the yard of the house closest to where you came from. Before
picking the lock, open the door of the house and eliminate the explosive zombie
inside. Then pick the lock of the shed and move through the hole in the wall. 
This will allow you to skip a couple of yards over and get a clear view of the 
jammer. Shoot it to destroy it, and now you will have a clear view of all the 
mines in the grass.

Avoid the large red circles and run by the zombies. Go to the metal gate at 
the end of the yard and open it. Turn around and close the gate behind you. 
Climb up the ladder and then work your way around to the other side. Below 
there will be a regular zombie and an armored zombie. Toss a flare to distract 
them and then blow them up or light them on fire with a Molotov. If you don't 
have any of these available to you, your best bet is to drop down and run, 
funneling them through the alley. Be careful doing this, as there are more 
zombies farther down that alley that can trap you, so don't alert them to your 

When dropping down off the ledge, be sure to land on the dumpster. Otherwise 
you will take fall damage. Move through the alley carefully. A zombie will 
smash through glass and alert the attention of another armored zombie. Retreat 
and then funnel them through the alley and kill them. Then move farther out so 
you have a clear view of the street.

As you can see, there is an ambulance parked in the middle of the street, as 
well as a couple of police squad cars. There are a ton of zombies as well, 
making this part very difficult. The slow method to doing this is to just 
funnel all the zombies through the alley, but that takes time and resources, 
and the Spitter zombie there can make this very difficult.

If you have any crossbow bolts, the easiest way to do this is to silently pick 
off as many enemies as possible with that first. Remember, the Spitters will 
take two bolts to the head to take down. The armored zombie there will have to 
be beaten to death. If you have a flare and a grenade or Molotov, you can 
group them all together by tossing the flare and then blowing them all up or 
otherwise destroying them, of course. You can also lay a mine, get their 
attention, and trick them into walking onto the mine. There are many methods to
thinning out this herd.

Even after the bulk of them have been killed, there will still be a few 
stragglers out and about on the far ends of the street. Take them out one by 
one. They are far enough away that the noise of killing them should not call 
attention to the others.

When the coast is clear, go to the gated door near the Petrol station. Pick the
lock then open the door to the station.


Vikrom, the dude with the fuel needed to power the generator, refuses to help 
you unless you get antibiotics for his sick wife. Exit the petrol station and 
then start heading to the next objective marker. You'll move through a brick 
building, but there are minimal threats. Keep going until you reach the exit 

Outside, you'll have a vast expanse of area to explore, but let's get a hold 
on the layout first. Before dropping off, there is a safehouse door to your 
right and inside of that is a manhole cover that you should take vested 
interest in, so open that sucker up. Back outside, there is a pit in the middle
filled with dirty water. Broken cars lay about, and there is a fence with a 
hole in it if you hug the left side. At the far end is the nursery, which is 
your goal to snag antibiotics.

Using a ranged weapon such as the crossbow, pick off as many enemies as you 
can from your current position. Use the crossbow for as long as possible so 
that you don't attract attention. You should be able to kill all the zombies 
with ranged weaponry except for the armored zombie. Leave him be and run over 
to the nursery and go inside.

This place is very, very creepy. Move over the children's toys and then walk 
into the bathroom area and go through the vent. On the other side, a zombie 
will pop out of the cabinet and attack. Kill her quickly, then loot the dead 
bodies and continue through.

There aren't many zombies here, but keep an eye out for any helpful supplies 
that are laying about. You'll have to go down a flight of stairs, and at the 
bottom, you'll be in what appears to be a cafeteria-like area. In the room on 
the left as you come in, there will be a cabinet that has a keycard you need, 
so grab it.

Go back into the cafeteria and go to the door at the far end. A strange 
electrical figure will move through the room and distort your prepper pad for a
moment. Go to the far door and use the keycard. Move across the dilapidated 
boards to the red container attached to the wall. Loot it for the medicine. As 
you move back across the floor, it gives way and you fall into the basement 

Regain your composure, then get your back to a corner, cricket bat at the 
ready. This is a boss fight coming up. The electrical figure from earlier will 
appear, disappear, and reappear as a woman zombie. It will charge you viciously
and swing its arms rapidly and wildly. Trying to shoot it is a lost cause, so 
instead have your cricket bat out at all times.

Swat the zombie away with hard strikes. If she starts to hit you, mash the 
cricket bat like crazy to get her off. After about three hits, she will 
disappear and then you have to wait for her to show up again. Keep wailing on 
her as she appears to keep her disappearing, and remember to keep your back 
firmly against a corner.

Eventually, she will become more aggressive, and you'll need to hit her about 
five times to put her down for good. When she's down, scan her body with the 
GamePad. Then take note of the electronically locked door. Scan all over the 
room to find the first three digits. After that it's just a matter of inputting
different final digits until you get it correctly. Inside is a UMP machinegun,
which is incredibly helpful. I'm not entirely sure what it's doing in a 
nursery, but maybe child care is tougher than I think.

At any rate, snag it and then go through the door. This leads to a laundry 
room with a few supplies. Loot it and then go up the stairs and you'll be in a 
kitchen. Wait for the exploding zombie to rise and then shoot him from far 
away to be done with him. Loot the kitchen as well, as there are supplies here,
too, including a medium medical pack. After the boss fight, you will probably 
be in need of healing anyway.

A hoard of zombies will start breaking down the door in the next room. Retreat 
to the laundry room and funnel them down the stairs. When they're dead, you 
aren't out of the woods yet. Sprint up to the very top of the stairs and then 
go through the door. In this next room, there will be a single zombie that has 
to rise to get you, so you can kill it or leave it there. The exit door is in 
this room, so quickly use it.

Back outside, there shouldn't be any new zombies here. Yet. Run back across 
the field to the way you came. Of course, the stairs are out, so you can't 
backtrack as easily. There is a camera box on the building to the right, so 
scan it to gain access to the cameras. Then scan the nearby lock on the door 
and the Prepper will start hacking.

Unfortunately, a metric boat load of zombies will start pouring into the area. 
If you have flares, use those generously. Toss one, wait for them to get near 
it, then out as many possible. Always try to toss the flares as far away as 
you can. There will be a Spitter joining them as well, which makes matters 
even worse.

Unlike many games, the Prepper won't magically have the door hacked based on 
how many enemies you put down. It's just time based, so if you have to flee, 
then do so. Wait to start sprinting when you hear the Spitter about ready to 
attack so you can dodge his projectile. When the Prepper has the door open, 
sprint to it and close it behind you. I don't recommend trying to fight all 
the zombies, and it's much better to retreat.

Work your way back to the Petrol Station. When you near it, a girl will radio 
in with a distress call, saying that she and two others are holed up in St. 
George's Church with guns and other supplies, asking for help. The Prepper 
advises against it, but you just know that you'll be going there sooner or 

In the meantime, the task at hand is still getting that generator up and 
running, so hop to it. Equip a gun and go inside the Petrol Station. Vikrom 
will be chowing down on his own son. Disturbing. Blow his brains out and then 
loot him for a juice to replenish any lost health. Check the desk for an 
upgrade to your scanner that will allow you to hack through doors with keypad 
locks manually.

Exit the station. Around the back of the station is a door with an electronic 
keypad lock. Use the scanner's hacking function to hack the door and then go 
through. You'll find a couple of useful items out here. For one, you will find 
the gas can with fuel needed to restore power to the generator. And you'll also
find a pump-action shotgun. Grab them both.

Go through the door with the safehouse symbol written next to the door. Go down
the stairs. Open the manhole cover and then fast-travel to the safehouse. Go 
to the generator and then interact with it to fill it back up. Save. Now it's 
time to go to church.


Follow the objective marker to the terminal area with the turret gun. There 
will be a couple of zombies below, and since you need to hack a door, it would 
be wise to take them out. When they're dead, go to the door with the electronic
keypad lock. Hack it.

Keep following the objective marker to the church catacombs, and be very 
careful in here. There are a lot of zombies, as well as a couple of mines. You 
can look down at the mines and press X to pick them up. There is one near the 
catwalk bridge and one in the water. Take out the zombies that are here, and 
then a couple of more will crawl out of the ventilation shaft that is close by.
Kill them, too.

Keep following the catacombs until you reach what appears to be the basement of
the church. There will be a stack of barrels behind some bars, with a red 
barrel at the bottom. There are a lot of zombies in the next hall. Get their 
attention and then when they are nearing the barrels, shoot the red barrel to 
blow a good portion of them up, then take out the rest.

Before continuing down that hall, check the door on the left. Destroy the heads
of the zombies in the chairs and loot the room. There is a lot of healing items
in this room. Then loot the dead bodies of all the zombies in the hall. There 
are a lot of supplies to be had at this point, including a medical pack on the 

There are a lot of zombies in the area still, but they should be far enough 
away for you to lockpick the door. Kill the zombies in the room and loot it. 
Tons of supplies are here as well. Then move back out into the hall and move 
down to the pile of rubble with a place to set C4. Don't set the C4 yet. 
Instead go through the door on the right. Kill the exploding zombie in here and
then loot the place for more supplies. Then go place the C4 and run away. Let 
it explode.

In this area there is a bathroom you can access with a couple of zombies, but 
if you go to the end of the bathroom, you will find a weapon upgrade. Return to
the room before the bathroom to find a ventilation shaft slightly obscured by 
barrels. Crouch and go through the vent. As you move through the vent you will 
start moving downward, and then you will come out in another set of horrifying 

It may be tempting to kill the zombies here, but it's better to just ignore all
of them. There will be zombies that come from above, but they will tend to just
fall off the edges and into the water anyway. If you come face to face with a 
zombie, simply push them off the ledge and they will fall to their doom.

Carefully work your way across these ruins. Push your way to the far end of the
room, being very careful not to fall off. Falling off will cause falling damage
that will probably be enough to kill you, plus there are a ton of zombies 
below, remember? Crouch to move through the area at the far end. Move to the 
end of that, ignoring the skinny board to the left for now, and then loot the 
chest and zombie. Then move back to the board.

Cautiously walk across the board and DON'T fall off. Follow these boards into 
a brighter room with a couple of Spitters. Move so that the first Spitter can't
see you, and then take out the Spitter higher up by shooting it. Ignore the 
handgun ammo on the ledge, and then kill the other Spitter. Work your way to 
where that Spitter came from and climb through the hole in the wall. Rip the 
barricade off the nearby door, and you can go through there to be back in the 
hallway from earlier that had all the zombies and supplies. Otherwise, go to 
the ladder and climb up.

The Prepper was right. It's a trap! You'll wake up in a cage with nothing at 
all to defend yourself. As soon as the cage raises, rush to the bird bath at 
the steps of the church and grab the pistol and the handgun ammo. The zombies 
will be armored zombies. Remember, you can shoot their helmets off, but this is
a waste of ammo usually. During this part, it is definitely NOT a waste of 
ammo as it is the only way you can survive.

Kill one and leave the other alive. Now run around the area and gather the 
ammo. There is a box of handgun rounds in the back of the truck. Inside the 
church, there is a medipack as well as more handgun rounds in the fridge with 
the broken door. Check the dumpster outside for more handgun rounds. Then kill 
the remaining zombie and get ready.

Now there will be two more armored zombies as well as an exploding zombie. Use 
the exploding zombie to blow up the other two zombies and if one remains, just 
keep shooting it until it dies. Try to leave the explosive red tanks on the 
ground for the next couple waves of zombies. Trick them into walking by it and 
then fire to blow up most if not all of them.

Your captors will then raise a gate, which leads to a flare and a mine. There 
will be more zombies in the next area, but there is also handgun rounds on the 
ground. Make a break for the handgun rounds and then place the mine and make 
them walk over it. Climb the ladder to the top of the bus and grab the mines 
here, too.

Wait for the huge group of zombies to be dropped into the area. Backtrack a bit
and place one mine. Then use the other mine or shoot whatever is left. After 
that, you will be prompted to hit the "fun" button. Go press the button and the
gate will raise, revealing an entire swarm of the undead.

Quickly toss the flare away from you so they all chase after it. Move to 
where they were released and press the button to lower the gate. Grab the bag 
off the box, but be careful not to push the button again. Lockpick the door and
step inside. All of your stuff will be in here as well as a new assault rifle 
hanging on the wall. Collect everything. The bag you picked up is an even 
bigger bag than the one you had before, so you should have no problem carrying 
everything right now.

Back outside, there should be a nice amount of zombies clawing at the red gate.
There should be a gap just wide enough so that you can see through. Thin them 
out with as much ammo as you can spare with this method, and then open the 
gate. You can also open the gate and then quickly toss a flare somewhere else 
if you have any flares left.

When the coast is clear, make a run for the ladder from whence you came. It is 
behind a gate near the church. Climb down the ladder and then go through the 
door to be back in the basement area. Go into the room that had all the 
supplies from earlier and use your scanner on the wall to find arrows pointing 
to a cabinet that can be pushed. Push the cabinet out of the way and go through
the ventilation shaft.

Crawl around inside the vent until you see the safehouse symbol written on the 
wall. Follow the symbols to find another sewer manhole. Tap the manhole on the 
touchscreen to remove it and then fast-travel to the safe-house. Organize your 
inventory. Leave your extra assault rifle in the item box as well as the extra 
shotgun. Grab the mines and spray paint that constantly spawn in the closet 
near the manhole and stash them in the item box as well. Then save your game.


What was once a side mission is now a main quest. I've already detailed 
earlier how to find the letter of Dee in Victoria's Memorial, but here's a 
recap incase you missed it. The room where you get the C4, there is a dead 
body slumped against the wall. That dead body has the letter of Dee.

In the Brick Lane Markets area, go to the area that is opposite of the 
Supermarket, that actually leads to the Petrol Station eventually. There is a 
set of stairs that you can go up that are attached to an apartment building. 
Beneath these stairs is a pile of rubble blocking a cracked wall. Place C4 and 
then wait for it to explode. You'll find a dead body slumped on the ground on 
the other side that has other goodies as well as the Letter of Dee.

Now for the Letter of Dee at Brick Lane Flats. Fast-travel there, and then go 
to the warehouse area. Exit this initial room. You can place C4 against the 
pile of rubbish on the wall if you want to kill a zombie on the other side 
sitting on the toilet and get other goodies as well. Find the ladder and climb 
up the scaffolding. Drop down near the hole in the wall and then press X to 
climb over. Distract the zombies with a flare or knock them off, then climb 
through the window up here.

In this room, you will see a Raven of Dee symbol that is partially written on 
the wall. There is a pane of glass on a window that separates the two rooms 
with the rest of the symbol. You have to line them up so that it makes a 
complete symbol if you look through the window. Once this is done, pull out 
your scanner and scan to get the code to the keypad in the next room. Input the
code to find and loot the dead body, being sure to grab the Letter of Dee off 
the wall.

Now let's tackle Spitalfields Green. Fast-travel there and then sprint to the 
area with the mines in the center. You're going to want to kill all the zombies
here because you have to hack the keypad door that is locked in the area. Kill 
the zombies, then hack the keypad. A CCTV camera box will be on the side of the
building, so scan it. Then go through the hole in the wall to find a zombie 
that has the Letter of Dee on him. If you look closely at the ground in the 
corner, you'll find an upgrade for your weapons.

Up next is Baconfields. When you exit the fast-travel area, use your sniper or 
crossbow to pick off enemies if there happens to be a lot. Definitely kill any 
Spitters if there are some left over from your last visit. Then make your way 
to the shed at the far end of the field, just outside the Nursery. Use the 
scanner on the keypad and you'll find the Letter of Dee inside on a corpse. 
There is also a Magnum Pistol on the ground to pick up.

The final Letter of Dee is at the Tower of London area. Fast-travel there, then
backtrack to the pier. Kill the zombies in the area from a distance, then go 
to the ramp leading down to the boat. Hack the lock and then go down there 
yourself. A super zombie will be down here, so kill him and loot him. Grab 
the M4 Tactical Shotgun off the dumpster and then loot the dead body here for 
the final letter. Return to the safehouse to dump off your old shotguns in the 
item box and save your game.

When ready, return to Buckingham Palace. Go to the doctor and place the Letters
of Dee in the item box. When the doctor is finished talking, fast-travel back 
to the safehouse and listen to the doctor, and then listen to the Prepper.


You're almost to the point of no return. Grab everything out of the item box 
in the safehouse that you can carry. Take all your healing items and all the 
weapons that you can if they have ammo in them, regardless of if they are 
repeats or not.

You can't fast-travel to Buckingham Palace. You have to get there the way that 
you did originally, which is a lot of backtracking and walking. Try to run by 
any zombies that you can on the way back there to conserve ammunition and 
healing items.

From there, follow the objective marker to a door with a retinal scanner. This 
is the door the doc said he got clearance for. Try to use it, but you'll need 
the doc. Approach the elevator doors, and this is where the game warns you 
that this is the point of no return.

When you're ready, take the elevator up, and get ready for a mad dash of hell. 
Sprint by all the enemies you see and make a run for it to the objective 
marker. You'll have to move through the palace like you did during your first 
visit, but there's a lot more opposition than ever before.

Finally, past the room that was on fire, you'll be in a room with even more 
zombies, including three electric ones! Quickly toss a flare and then use any 
grenades or Molotovs to kill them all quickly. If any electric zombies 
survive, kill them with firearms this time as they are much easier to kill 
than the one from the nursery.

When they're dead, or at least when they've stopped pursuing you, go into the 
designated hall. Hack the door and then go through. Climb over the barricade, 
but have a good gun ready. This is the Palace Kitchens, and this is where the 
doctor is...as a zombie. He is a super zombie as well, which only serves to 
complicate matters.

He will be with an armored zombie. Kill them both as quickly as possible. The 
doctor in particular deals a lot of damage. When they're both dead, approach 
the doctor's body. Tap his eyeball repeatedly to rip it out of the socket, 
and now you have to solve a puzzle.

Scan the room with your GamePad. You'll notice writings on the walls and the 
two pillars near the door from whence you came. Go behind these pillars and 
if you aim the GamePad right, numbers will be spelled out. The numbers are 
6407 and they are used to unlock the keypad in this room. Unlock the door and 
then go through.

To your right will be a ventilation shaft and to your left will be a pile of 
rubble to blow up using C4. Place the C4 and then after the explosion go back 
in there for loot. Then go through the ventilation shaft and you will come out 
near the kitchen proper. There is a zombie cook in the kitchen as well as an 
armored zombie, and three crawlers. Bait the cook and armored zombie out of 
the room and then hop over the barricade. Keep them from getting over by 
whacking them with the cricket bat.

When they're both dead, take out the crawlers. Then go down the stairs. You 
will see a safehouse icon. Go through that door and follow the passage to 
reach a manhole. Point of no return? They lied, I tell ya! At any rate, you 
can stop by the safehouse real quick and replenish your health if you want and 
get any supplies. Then start walking all the way back to Buckingham Palace just
as before...

When you finally get back, use the eye on the scanner. This will lead to an 
area that is flooded. Move through the water and avoid all zombies. Keep 
pushing forward and try to avoid fighting as much as possible. Climb on tables 
to avoid being too deep in water and then keep pushing to the vault room. You 
will see an electric zombie on the way, but she'll disappear before you can 
even fight her.

In the vault room, interact with the computer to start the download. Then 
quickly be prepared with a shotgun, preferrably. Multiple enemies will start 
coming into the room, so pick them off as they come through. When they're all 
dead, grab the USB drive from the computer and get the hell out of there!

You have to backtrack all the way to the safehouse this time. Once again, the 
best course of action is to AVOID fighting any zombies. Knock them out of the 
way if they are in your path, but try to AVOID fighting any zombies to the 
best of your ability.

Back at the safehouse, take all the supplies you've left in there if you have 
room to carry them. You can't use the fast-travel sewer. Save your game. The 
Prepper will flip out on you for helping the Ravens of Dee and for helping the 
doctor and demand you leave his safehouse. Oblige him.

You have to move back through the Victoria's Memorial section, of course. You 
will notice in the terminal area that there are a TON of zombies on the floor 
below, which finally makes that turret useful. Kill as many as you can with it,
but then get out of there before any zombies flank you. Rush through the next 
few doors and watch the end credits sequence...


But wait! There's more! After the ending credits, there is actually more game! 
You have to finish your mad dash to the Tower of London. Ignore almost all the 
zombies on the way there, and you'll actually do quite fine. As you move out 
into the pier, be careful as there is an explosive zombie under the dock.

Have your best weapons out that have the most ammo. After that one exploding 
zombie, you should be fine from there. The door that is usually barricaded 
at the top of the steps when you near the tower will be open, so go through 

Multiple electric zombies will be filling the streets. Ignore them and rush to 
the stairs and hurry up. Go through the door and shut it behind you. Board it 
up real quick if you have the planks, and then continue into the next room. 
Quickly shoot your way through the regular zombies so you can get by the 
Spitter, and quickly grab the assault rifle ammo that will be sitting on the 

The door you went through earlier, by dropping through the hole in the floor, 
will be locked. A zombie blocks the path downstairs, so blow its head off. Then
run down the stairs. Wait for a couple of zombies to come down the spiraling 
staircase and then take them out. Run up the stairs yourself and toss a flare 
to distract the zombies. At the top, Sandra will fly by and rescue you!

This is a description of how to get the "A" ending, or the best ending. If you 
want to see the "B" ending, you have to reach the helicopter without the 
Panacea. If you want the "C" ending, die during your attempt to reach the 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. King of Zombies
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The multiplayer mode in ZombiU is called King of Zombies. In this mode, one 
player uses the GamePad to spawn zombies. A second player can use a Wii remote 
and nunchuk or a Wii U Pro Controller to play as a survivor.

The player with the GamePad is known as "King Boris". Players are able to spawn
zombies by tapping their icons on the touchscreen and choose where they spawn. 
Strategic placing of zombies will be necessary to win.

-King Boris Controls-
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Center view on Survivor
A - N/A
B - N/A
+ - Pause

-Survivor Controls (Wii U Pro Controller)
Left Stick - Move
Left Stick (press) - Run
Right Stick - Look
D-pad - Activate Inventory Items
L - N/A
ZL - Aim
R - Quick turn (180)
ZR - Push Back/Execute Infected/Use Virucide
ZL + ZR - Shoot/Hit/Throw
X - Contextual Action
Y - Reload
A - N/A
B - Swap Weapons
Minus - N/A
+ - N/A
Home - Open Home Menu

-Survivor Controls (Wii Remote + Nunchuk)
Analog Stick - Move
D-pad - Activate Inventory Items
C - Run
Z - Aim
B - Push Back/Execute Infected/Use Virucide
Z + B - Shoot/Hit/Throw
A - Contextual Action
1 - Quick turn
2 - N/A
Minus - Reload
+ - Swap weapon
Home - Open Home Menu

There are three different game types to play in King of Zombies and five 
different stages or "arenas" to play the multiplayer mode.


Game #1: Assault
Objective: As the survivor, capture flags by remaining within flag zones and 
keeping the Infected out! As the King of Zombies, capture flags by sending 
Grunt units to attack them! Each flag is worth a point. The first player to 
reach the Score Limit wins!

Game #2: Killing Box
Objective: This is a fast paced, combat-only mode. As the Survivor, kill as 
many Infected as you can before you die! As the King of Zombies, kill the 
Survivor while losing as few Infected units as possible! Switch roles to see 
who makes the most efficient killing machine!

Game #3: Survival
Objective: This mode can only be accessed by earning the "THE LAST OF THEM" 
Uplay reward. As the Survivor, survive for as long as you can! As the King of 
Zombies, kill the survival as quickly as possible! Switch roles to see who 
makes the toughest survivor and the most merciless King of Zombies!

The Arenas are as follows:

1. Rooftops
2. Stadium
3. Metro
4. Bunker
5. Brick Lane

You can also set the difficulty level for the survivor, choosing from Beginner 
or Normal. You can customize the score limit and time limit for the different 
game types as well.

These are the Infected units you can spawn against the survivor:

Grunt - Finds and captures flags. Grunts are indispensible to win, but must be 
protected. COST: 10
Guard - Detects and attacks the Survivor within a limited range. COST: 3
Hunter - Detects Survivor's position throughout the map and gives chase. 
Sprinter - A faster and stronger version of the Hunter. COST: 8
Armored Guard - A very tought Guard, that needs multiple headshots to kill. 
COST: 12
Explosive Hunter - A Hunter that explodes if shot in the body, damaging 
everything around. COST: 7
Spitter - uses a ranged acid attack that impairs vision and damages the human 
and turrets. COST: 10

At the start of each multiplayer match, the survivor gets to choose their 
weapon set. These are the weapons sets available

Magnum Pistol
Double-Barreled Shotgun

Model 870 Shotgun
P226 Pistol

M4 Tactical Shotgun
L9A1 Pistol
Molotov Cocktail

MP5 SD Sub-Machine Gun
Model N04 Mk1 Carbine

UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun
P226 Pistol

AK-47 Assault Rifle
L9A1 Pistol

SA80a2 Assault Rifle
Hunting Crossbow
Molotov Cocktail

While playing the game, King Boris can earn experience points simply by 
spawning enemies and capturing objectives/doing damage to the survivor. By 
leveling up, King Boris can unlock new zombie types to spawn. The survivor can 
fill up a blue meter and unlock prizes that can be turrets to place around the 
map, Virucide, healing items, or whatever.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Bonus
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As of the time of this writing, there is only one "Bonus" feature in ZombiU. 
It is called "Me As A Zombie" and what it does is use the front camera of the 
GamePad. You then need to line up your eyes with the two dots on the screen and
your mouth with the smiley line.

You will then be "Zombified" on both the GamePad screen as well as the 
television screen. There are three different zombie faces you can choose from 
by tapping the icon on the left side of the touchscreen.

You can snap a photo of your zombified self by tapping on the camera icon in 
the upper right hand corner of the touchscreen. There is an icon directly below
that where you can view your album of zombified photos!


Those connected to the Nintendo Network, having registered their Miis with a 
Nintendo Network ID, will also be able to sign up to ubisoft's Uplay account 
optionally. This Uplay account features ZombiU achievements as well as other 
stat tracking that is sent to other Uplay members.


ZombiU features online leaderboards that keep track of various status and 
compare them to those on your friend list.


Miiverse integration is also present in ZombiU, and it is by far one of the 
most unique integrations of Miiverse in any game on the system. When connected 
to Miiverse and playing ZombiU, your dead survivor can actually show up in 
some random person's game!

What this means is that if you die and become a zombie, your zombie can show up
in the game of someone else that is connected to Miiverse. This gives those 
people an opportunity to kill your zombie and loot their dead body for supplies
they may have.

Miiverse integration is also used by spray painting on the walls. You can spray
paint the walls and floors of ZombiU to lead people down hidden paths. You can 
use this feature to lead people to a hidden area with a secret stash of 
supplies, or you can use this feature to trick people into walking right into a

When connected to Miiverse, tap B at any time during gameplay to write a 
message about the game. This message will be sent out to all of your Miiverse 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Survival Tips
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

During my time with ZombiU, I have discovered various survival tips that will 
definitely help you out.

#1 - Never leave ammo or health packs behind!
Ammo and healing items are very few and far between in ZombiU. Even if your 
inventory is full, you should definitely make room for these items. Even a 
single bullet or shell can be life or death in ZombiU. Remember, you can drag 
the ammunition icons to the weapons while looting something to automatically 
add the ammo to the guns. If you need to get rid of something, dump some 
weapons at the item box in the safehouse or get rid of planks, as they are 
rarely useful.

#2 - Sprint!
But do so wisely. When running from zombies, sprint by them. You can't sprint 
at a constant pace, so use it wisely. When being surrounded by zombies, sprint 
by them. Retreating is almost always a wise strategy in ZombiU.

#3 - Be careful of explosions!
Explosions can be the most frustrating way to die in ZombiU. But if you are 
very cautious and pay attention closely, you should be able to avoid going out 
with a "bang!" so to speak. There are exploding zombies that have takens 
on their back, and they have a tendency to pop out at you when you least expect
it. DON'T hit them with the cricket bat and DON'T shoot them up close. Always 
put distance between yourself and those zombies. And remember, you CAN be blown
up by your own mines. If you placed a mine and want to pick it up, look down at
it and press X.

#4 - Flares are your friend!
Flares are the most helpful items in ZombiU. You can toss the flares in any 
direction and the zombies will run over to the flares. This can buy you 
invaluable time to get away from the zombies, or to lay a trap for them so that
you can toss a grenade or Molotov while they are crowding around the falre.

#5 - Pay attention to your radar!
Your radar on the GamePad screen reveals a lot of useful information. It tells 
you when there are zombies and other enemies nearby, indicated by red blips on 
the screen. Later in the game, your radar will also show the location of mines 
embedded in the ground.

#6 - Never lose your stuff!
If you die and become a zombie, you have to go recover your gear. If you die 
again, you lose all of those weapons and items. Make recovering your gear your 
biggest priority. If you do happen to lose all your stuff, your weapons will 
respawn in random places in the game. Use the CCTV cameras at the safehouse to 
find them.

#7 - Hack CCTV camera boxes!
Whenever you see cameras, that means there is a camera box nearby. These look 
like fuseboxes, however, they have a camera icon plastered on the front of 
them. Scan and hack them using the "prepper pad" and then you will have your 
map to look at on the GamePad screen. You can look at these cameras at the CCTV
computers at your safehouse to find items and equipment.

#8 - Save often!
Yes, ZombiU does overwrite your save file every time that you die, but saving 
replenishes your health! If you have a chance, head back to the safehouse to 
heal up, or keep an eye out for Ravens of Dee hidden locations. These places 
tend to have sleeping bags that you can rest on as well as workbenches.

#9 - Use workbenches!
Speaking of workbenches, these are invaluable in the world of ZombiU. You will 
stumble upon plenty of upgrades to your weapons throughout the game. Using 
these workbenches, you can apply these upgrades to your weapons and make 
them much more powerful and efficient.

#10 - Open manholes!
Manholes that lead to the sewer are how you fast-travel in ZombiU. Each area of
the game features a manhole, so search it out and then open it up. They can 
often be found in areas marked with the safehouse symbol, which is a house with
a circle around it, written in black paint. Tap the manhole cover repeatedly to
open it, and then you can use it forever.

#11 - Use the item box!
In the safehouse, there is a big blue container that you can stash items in for
the next survivor to use if you happen to die. Whenever you find an improved 
version of a previous weapon, I recommend you throw the old weapon into the 
item box for safe keeping. The same weapon types all use the same ammo, so it 
is redundant to have, say, two shotguns on you at a time.

#12 - Use your map!
Your map tells you a lot of useful information. For example, it will tell you 
the area where you last died, and it will also show where your next objective 

#13 - Scan all the time!
Scanning in the game can reveal a lot about the area. You can assess how many 
zombies are in a room, and you can find secret items or the location of 

#14 - Keep an eye on your flashlight!
Your flashlight has a charge of 99. That number drops as you leave the light 
on, but it will regenerate all the way once you turn the light off. Before 
entering dark areas, it may be wise to let your flashlight's battery recharge 
all the way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, I hope this guide helped you beat ZombiU! Now if you're ready for a real 
challenge, try going back through the game without dying a single life in 
Survival Mode!

Special thanks to Cheat Masters and everyone at GameFAQs!

Feel free to check out all my content on Cheat Masters as well as GameFAQs!

Questions, comments, concerns? Zombies got you down? Send me an e-mail at:
[email protected] and I will get back to you ASAP! Assuming my brain 
isn't being gnawed on by zombies...

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