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Car Town is a Facebook game developed by Cie Games. Start your own car repair shop and make it profitable by 
hiring friends to help maintain customer’s cars and make deliveries.

Quick Start Guide

Customize your garage, race against friends and enter a car show are just a few of the things you can do to get 
started playing Car Town by referring to this quick start guide.
Select your Car
To get started, you need to select a car to add to your collection. There are just a few cars available and they 
might not be your top choice, but it will help you do simple chores to earn some money. Don’t worry too much 
about what you pick since you can eventually sell it at a later time. Pick your preferred color and you’re ready to 

At this point, you can either customize your car or do some deliveries. We recommend that you focus on getting 
some jobs done like delivering pizza to earn some money. Pimping your ride can be done at higher levels and 
when you have enough coins to spend.

Offer Car Services

Another way of adding cash to your vault is to offer car repair and maintenance services at your garage. You 
start off with one service bay which you can use to accept jobs from customers. There are two ways to do this.
You’ll notice cars lining up outside of your garage. These are your potential customers waiting to be serviced. 
Sometimes you’ll see a thought bubble on top of them indicating what job they need you to do. You can also 
hover your mouse over it. Don’t let them wait too long because they will start honking their horns until you 
service them.

Click on a car and a window will appear that will show the job specs such as the time it takes to fulfill the job, how 
many experience points and cash you’ll gain and the cost to accept it. Clicking on start will move the car to an 
empty bay.

If there are no cars available, you can click on an empty bay instead. This will open up a window for you to 
choose what job you’d like to start doing. Not all jobs are available for you to do. As you level up and gain 
experience, these jobs will be unlocked. We wouldn’t want you to start doing a biofuel upgrade without the 
experience right?
Choose from the list and take note the costs involved, the time it takes to finish the job and the coins plus 
experience points you’ll gain. Obviously, without enough coins, you can’t start a job if it needs some investment 
on your side, even if it has been unlocked.

If you plan to be in the game for a long time, choose short jobs to quickly add coins and experience points. 
Customers waiting outside would generally ask for them.
Remember to collect your fees after the job is finished. If you’re late, the customer will leave without paying you.

Hire Employees
As you expand your garage, add more service bays to cope with the demand for your services. But, you know 
you can’t do it alone. Hire some employees to help you while you do other jobs. It also gives you a chance to free 
up some time and go on a road trip or enter a car show.
Each level will open up a slot or two to hire friends. As you progress, you can add more to your workforce. Click 
on the Hire icon and choose who you want to hire.

They’ll now appear in your garage waiting to do a job. You can further customize your employees by clicking on 
their avatar. Choose what they’ll wear when they work for you. It’s nice to see them wear a uniform to make it 
consistent or if there is no dress code at your garage, go wild by choosing different outfits. If a friend is playing 
Car Town, then you choose to leave their default wardrobe.

Pimp your Ride
This is the fun part about having your own car. Customize it until you get your dream car. Start by clicking one of 
your cars and choose “customize”.

You can choose from different options. You can choose more colors, do your own graphics, pick the right style for 
your wheels and rims, change your window tint, car body and suspension and even the lights.
You can also upgrade your car’s performance. From the engine to handling, the car’s weight and aerodynamics, 
upgrading it to its maximum level will be beneficial in car races. You’ll notice your car’s performance points increase 
as you add each upgrade.
Challenge Friends to a Race
You think you’re ready to compete and show off your car’s performance? Then challenge your neighbors to race 
against you.
Click on one of your cars and choose the “race a friend” option. Choose a friend to compete with and prepare to 

Wait! Before you start racing, practice first, especially if this is your first time to do it. There are no limits to 
practicing so keep at it until you’re comfortable.
The goal here is to get the highest score during the race. You have 4 chances to get a perfect score, which is 
dependent on the your car’s class and maximum performance points. It will test your reaction level when you click 
on the ready button once the light goes green and when you shift gears until the race is over.
To win a race, it takes great precision and timing. Avoid clicking on the green button if the lights haven’t turned 
green yet. You’ll be disqualified and won’t earn any points. Shift gears at the exact moment (that fine line 
between the black and green spot) by avoiding the meter reach the red zone. Reaching the red area will deduct 
points to your overall score.

Your race stats will appear and your request will be sent to your friend. To know who wins the race, check your 
challenges icon and scroll through your list and check the results. If your friend hasn’t accepted it yet (or may 
have declined to race), you can remind him by sending a message to his wall.

Here’s a tip: If you receive a challenge from your friends, check their car’s performance first then choose a car 
that has higher performance points. This will give you an edge to beating your opponent.
Customize your Garage
Head on to the shop by clicking on the “edit garage” icon. Choose from different options to make your garage 
Add new bays to service more customers, add functional items like vending machines or video game consoles to 
earn more coins, spruce it up with posters, flooring and add a new coat of paint on your walls. You can purchase 
high tech merchandise such as the captain’s table as well. Expand it as you progress, to have more space for 
more of these items.

Enter a Car Show
Show off your car and earn money while you’re at it. Enter the car show and ask your friends to help you vote 
for your car. It will cost you 100 coins to enter and if you get first place, you earn 2500 coins. Take note that you 
can only enter a show if you have available workers. Check back after 24 hours to see the results.

You can also help other neighbors to win as well. Visit their garage and if you find a car with a star on top of it, 
click it and cast your vote.

Salvage Other Cars
There are times when vehicles are abandoned by their owners in your neighborhood. You’ll notice an exclamation 
point appear in the game’s interface. Click on it and you’ll find either a milk, taco or ice cream truck, which you can 
ask friends to salvage. The notification will be posted on your wall and a friend can opt to claim it.

You can do the same by looking at your friend’s news feed. Salvage a couple of these vehicles and add it to your 
collection. It gives you an extra job option which you can choose to do to earn experience points and coins.

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