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-Why this game is cool
-The Mansion

-Why this game is cool-

IF YOU LIKE games published by NINTENDO, you came to the right WALKTHROUGH!  
Because, this walkthrough is cool because the game is LUIGI'S MANSION!  ALL OF 
the graphics are cooler than the PS2!  IF YOU ARE stuck on Area 4, you came to 
the right place.  ENJOY!



*Direction stick
Moves Luigi.  If you have started so in the option screen, {OR PAUSE SCREEN} 
it also moves the torch and vacuum in the same direction Luigi Walks.
Start Button: Pause the game.
C- stick: Move vacuum up and down.
B button: Switches Torch on and off.
A button: YOU KNOW!
Y button: Map screen.
X button: Scanner.
R button: Makes the vacuum suck.
L button: Elements spirtes only!
Z button: Status screen.

-The Mansion-

THE MANSION is filled with many goodies and ghouls, so just a reminder:WATCH 

-The Walkthrough-


Go to the door at the very left of the balcony, the power went go out!  Enter 
the door and go to the Telephone Room and talk to toad on the phone, He will 
say something about a switch in the Breaker room.  Now another phone will ring 
it will be E.Gadd telling you about UNCLE GRIMMLY!  He hides in the Wardrobe 
Room.  Then ghosts appear. Catch them all and make you way to the Wardrobe 
room defeat Uncle Grimmly by Turning around then his heart will be exposed and 
suck him up!  Get the key to the BREAKER ROOM!  Go inside and turn the switch 
on and get the key and go to the cellar.  Shake the barrels and get the 
ghosts.  Get the key and go to the 3F.  Go to the Area 4 door nd go to the 
Phone room again.  Get the ghost in the chests and go to the Toy Room.  NOW 
HERES A CHALLENGE!  Go to the clocks and turn them on.  Vacuum their keys and 
suck them up!  A door will open and go inside.  It will lead you to the roof.  
Defeat all the baddies and get the key to the Armory.  Go to the Armory and 
get all the ghosties and get the key!  Go to the room North.  You will find 
lots of jars toggle one of them.  A red guy will come off and he'll do a duel 
with ya.  Frezze him 7 times and suck him up!  Go to the Pipe Room downstairs 
and get all the ghouls and go to the next door, the COLD STORAGE!  Fire the 2 
fires and get the baddie!  Now, get the key, and go to the Artist's Studio!  
Enter the room and get all the ghosts and him!  Go to the Altar (WITH MORE 
THAN 40 BOOS!) and you will go to an Arena!  

-King Boo-

to defeat him, get a spike ball and aim it at Bowser's head.  And get King 


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