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              _                           _
           _==/          i     i          \==_
         /  /            |\___/|            \  \
       /    \            |     |            /    \
      /      \__       __       __       __/      \
     /          -------           -------          \
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
    |                                               |
     \     /^^^^"\                     /^^^^^\     /
      \_  |       \   /^^\     /^^\   /       |  _/
        \__\       \ /    \   /    \ /       /__/
           "\       "      \ /      "       /"
         ___         _______
        |   \    /\     |    |\   /|   /\   |   |
        |___/   /  \    |    | \ / |  /  \  |\  |  o
        |   \  |____|   |    |  |  | |____| | \ |
        |    | |    |   |    |     | |    | |  \|  o
        |___/  |    |   |    |     | |    | |   |

             __        _     __             _   ___
       |  | |   |  |  / \   |    /\  |  |  / \ |
       |  | |__ |\ | |  ___ |__ |__| |\ | |    |__
       |  | |   | \| |   |  |   |  | | \| |    |
        \/  |__ |  |  \_/|  |__ |  | |  |  \_/ |___

Table of Contents

1. Basic Gameplay / Controls
2. Enemies
3. Walkthrough
4. Points
5. Revision History
6. Credits
7. Contact Info / Legal Junk


1.0   Basic Gameplay / Controls

The majority of the game takes place in third person.  This is when Batman is 
running around and doing whatever Batman does.  During fights, the controls 
change slightly, but it is still in third person.  Occasionally you will duck 
into first person.  This is usually to use a gadget.  The only other form of 
motion you have control over is free fall.  Occasionally Batman will dive and you 
have to control him to get him to catch something.  There is also one scene each 
with the Batmobile and Batplane and the each have their controls.

1.1   Controlling Batman

1.1.0 Third Person

Third person controls are similar to most games.  The control stick moves you 
around.  Batman is oriented appropriately.  Thus, to turn around, you don't need 
to make a half circle.  just point the opposite direction and Batman turns around.

The A button is used to jump or glide.  You glide by pressing the A button while 
in the air.  You can change directions while you glide but after about 7 seconds, 
you start to free-fall again, and must re-press the button to glide again.

The B button causes Batman to punch.  Punching a foe is how Batman 
usually "initiates" combat.  Until you punch a guy, you remain in third person 

The X button makes Batman block or duck (or both).  This is a good thing to do 
when a foe is rushing you.

The Y button makes Batman either use an object (like a switch or a door) or makes 
Batman hug the wall directly in front of him.  Wall hugging is very useful in 
certain situations.  You still move right and left then use the Y button to break 
back into normal motion.  The Y button is further used to cuff thugs (provided 
you have Batcuffs).  Not cuffing thugs allows them to get up after a minute or so.

The Z button (button on right shoulder) causes Batman to throw a flash bomb.  
This stuns the enemy temporarily.  To be honest, the only time I used this was 

The L button (left shoulder) is used to contact Batgirl.  She can usually be 
counted on for an obvious hint, like "You need to shut the pipes off now, Batman"

The R button (right shoulder) is used to select gadget and then enter first 
person.  Holding it down pauses the game while you select your toy, then 
releasing it puts you in First Person mode.

Start goes to the game menu

The D pad does nothing

The C stick reorients the camera behind Batman (when he's not moving) regardless 
of what direction you push it.

1.1.1 Fighting

Fighting is very similar to third person.  The difference is that left and right 
cause you to strafe around your opponent, the A button now becomes a kick button 
instead of jump, the L button is used to do a Power Move, and the Y button breaks 

There are a number of combos you can do.  They all stem off of kicks and punches 
and directions.  Personally, my favorite is to punch until Batman uppercuts, then 
kick.  It causes a 1-2-3-Uppercut-Kick-Kick that, if successful, knocks the 
opponent to the ground.  While he gets up, you can get behind him.

Power Moves are earned by getting points.  When the yellow meter under Batman's 
health is full, hold the L button and press the appropriate button and Batman 
will do a Power Move.  For convenience, the moves are listed in the menu.  Every 
single one leaves the opponent on the ground and can not be blocked, so use them 
when you can.

1.1.2 First Person

First person controls take a little getting used to.  The control stick moves 
Batman, but he never changes direction.  To do that, the C stick needs to be 
used.  It's hard to get used to, but once acclimated, you can definitely use this 
to your advantage.  For instance, I have trouble aiming.  So what I do is get it 
close then walk around until I'm aimed perfectly.

To use whatever gadget you're holding press the A button.  The R button lets you 
select gadgets, X makes you duck, and the Y button breaks back into third person 

1.1.3 Free Fall

This is by far the easiest control mechanism.  Use the control stick to point 
Batman in the appropriate direction.  The B button slows you down, and the Y 
button speeds you up.  You really don't ever need to slow down though.

1.2   Bat Vehicles

1.2.0 Batplane

The batwing isn't too hard.  It's disappointing there was only one scene it was 
used in.  The direction stick moves you around the screen.  The A button fires 
your thrusters.  The B Button fires the guns and the Y button fires missiles.  In 
general, I fired missiles whenever possible as you only have three, they only 
fire when something is under the target, and they recharge.  Pressing a shoulder 
button once causes you to turn sideways and a double tap causes a spin.  There's 
one place you have to turn on your side, but I never spun.

1.2.1 Batmobile

The Batmobile is similar to the Batplane, without the missiles.  B button still 
fires guns, A button still boosts, and the control stick still moves you around.  
You have to avoid cars on the road.  Also, to take a sharp corner, you need to 
use the appropriate shoulder button.  Green arrows appear on the side of the 
screen to tell you when to hit it.

1.3   The Menu

The menu can be a little tricky the first time.  Press start in-game to get to 
it.  Here there are five options.

The first shows you your items.  There are a total of 4 non-disposable items and 
7 diposable ones.  Anything you can have is listed and anything you're not 
allowed to use is greyed out.

The second option shows the items you've found in game.  There are 16.  These are 
usually keys, cheat envelopes and the occaisonal item.  They are gotten in order, 
so if you have any gaps, odds are you missed a cheat.

Next is a list of power moves and the interface to enable or disable cheats.

Fourth is the list of points you've gotten so far.  It shows you the current 
level but you can cycle back to any level you've completed to see your score.

Finally are the in-game options.  Sound, controls, rumble, that sort of thing.  
Also this allows you to quit from the game.

Quitting can be important.  Any time you want to save your game, you must quit to 
the main game window.  From here, select the Save Game option.  Otherwise your 
progress will not be saved and you'll find it tedious to watch the cutscenes over 
and over again.


2.0   Enemies

There are four types of enemies in Batman:Vengeance:

- Thugs (these are the peons of the game)
- Mini-Bosses (slightly harder than thugs)
- Bosses (usually pretty easy)
- Criminal Masterminds (occaisonally these double as bosses)

2.1   Thugs

2.1.0 Joker's Thugs

Joker's thugs can be found throughout most of the game.  They have white faces 
and basically look like muscle-bound jerks.  They wear either black or white and 
can carry a pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun, or flamethrower.  It's usually good 
to disarm them first with a batarang.  Then let them rush you and, once finished 
blocking their combo, pull a counter-move.  Eventually they develop the ability 
to grab out.

Found in areas:
   3.0.4 - 3.0.6
   3.3.0 - 3.4.0

2.1.1 Freeze's Snow Babes

Freeze employs snow babes, wearing trendy little coats.  Fortunately, taking 
these chicks down is easy.  Usually you can sneak up on them and cuff them from 
behind.  When that fails, a single hit will disarm them.  After that, their 
attacks are pretty easy to block and don't hurt much if you forget.

Found in areas:
   3.1.0 - 3.1.1

2.1.2 Poison Ivy's Plants

These guys can be the hardest guys in the game.  They go down instantly if you 
have electric batarangs on you, but otherwise can be a challenge.  If you're at a 
distance, they spit acid at you.  It's easier to avoid than gunfire, but still 
annoying.  Once you get close (but are still out of combat range) they whip you 
with their arms.  This knocks you down.  If you have to engage in hand-to-hand 
combat with them, get close enough for them to whip you, block it then dart in 
for the attack.  Unfortunately, they're pretty lethal at close range too.  Kicks 
work better than punches for some reason.

Found in areas:
   3.2.3 - 3.2.4

2.1.3 The Fuzz

At one point, you've been framed and Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) is on 
your trail.  These guys carry stun rifles.  The fire about the same rate as 
shotguns, but carry a much stronger kick,  Fortunately a single punch takes them 

Found in areas:

2.2   Mini-bosses

2.2.1 Mary's kidnapper

The goon from Joker who kidnaps Mary can be considered the first mini-boss.  He's 
a little bit harder than the guys so far, but that is just because he blocks more 
often.  Just use normal tactics on him until he goes down.

Area: 3.0.4

2.2.2 Poison Ivy's Plant Henchman

This is just a bigger plant guy.  He has no ranged attack.  Instead he rushes you 
a lot.  Also, he can't be beaten with simple punches and kicks.  Instead you have 
to knock him into a vat of sludge.  Kicks work well because they tend to knock 
him back more often.  In fact it's possible to beat him by running up and 
executing three or so well timed kicks.

Area: 3.2.5

2.3   Bosses

2.3.1 Joker

The first time you fight Joker, he's on a wrecking ball.  To knock him down, hit 
him with a dozen or so batarangs.  This is easiest when he's standing still.  The 
only time that happens is when he hits one of the towers.  You can hide behind it 
and lure him into hitting it.  Each time you damage him though, he destroys part 
of the bridge itself.  If you fall into a broken area, you lose.

Once knocked off his ball, you have to fight Joker one on one.  He's fairly easy, 
but he has a couple devastating attacks.  The first annoying attack is to spray 
you with acid from his flower.  It's really easy to dodge, but painful.  The 
second is a pin move.  He jumps on you and beats you.  The only way to get out is 
to wiggle the control stick back and forth.  He usually takes a large chunk of 
your life this way, but he on;y does it when your back is turned.  The rest of 
the time he kicks and punches.

Area: 3.0.6

2.3.2 Dr. Freeze

You'd think Dr. Freeze would at least pose a challenge.  Unfortunately not.  He's 
slow and predictable.  His three attacks are an ice pistol, similar to the one 
used by snow babes, a freeze beam he uses to freeze you, or that same freeze beam 
used to drop canisters from above on you.  All are simple to avoid if you stay 
out of his line of sight.  To beat him, use remote charges on the canisters above 
and detonate them to drop them on him.  Five or so takes him out.

Area: 3.1.4

2.3.3 Poison Ivy's Favorite Pet

This guy is the absolute easiest.  He spits acid at you for you to avoid, but 
that's it.  Run around to grab the batarangs.  Throw two or three at his arm to 
let him go.  Once he does, hit the valves where his arms are holding on.  The 
break and he can't hold there any more.  Once his two forearms are done, knock 
the last one off and it falls.  Quickly grapple across and hit the switch and 
he's toast.

Area: 3.2.5

2.3.4 Police Chopper

The police chopper isn't that hard provided you're used to first person mode.  
You need to fire remote charges and detonate them on the five lights the chopper 
has.  Meanwhile the chopper fires stun charges and, once you've destroyed the 
first three lights, seeking missiles.  All are easy to dodge.

Area: 3.3.2

2.3.5 Fatty

This fat clown has four attacks.  The primary one is missiles.  These go straight 
and are easy to avoid.  The can also be detonated with batarangs.  The second 
fire is a large bomb he lobs at you.  It's pretty accurate, but only at the 
moment he fires it, so if you hear a whistling, run.  Each time you've hurt him, 
and continuously after you've destroyed his first four launchers, he launches a 
pair of heat seeking missiles.  These are hard to avoid as they have a tight 
turning radius.  Try standing behind pillars or using batarangs again.  Finally 
if you get too close, he uses a flame thrower.  To beat him, simply destroy a 
rocket in each tube, four standard, and the two seeking.

Area: 3.4.0

2.3.6 Joker (Again)

Joker starts off this time with a sub-machine gun.  Two or three batarangs disarm 
him long enough to dart in and start using your fists.  He's only really learned 
two new tricks, sneaking around you.  If your combos take too long, he'll get 
behind you and, given enough time, hit you from behind.  The other trick is 
throwing playing cards at you, but he only does this if you're at a distance.  
Otherwise it's a standard fist-fight.

Joker's trying to commit suicide again (uh huh, sure he is) and you have to catch 
him.  The only thing that makes this hard is that he's fighting back.  If you're 
far from him, he uses exploding balloons, nearer he uses bombs and up close he 
uses the sub-machine gun again.  Each time you get hit, he gets a little further 
from you.  Fall faster than he does as much as you can.  Try using circles around 
the screen to avoid his fire.  Whenever his gun jams is a good time to dart in.  
Catch up to him four times and that's it.

Area: 3.4.1 - 3.4.2

2.4    Criminal Masterminds

You usually don't get to fight these people, but they're behind everything in the 

   The Joker
   Harley Quinn
   Dr. Freeze
   Poison Ivy
   Dr. Isaac Evers


3.0    A Girl to Die For


Watch the pretty cutscene showing the intro to the story.

Once you get control of Batman, run directly ahead to go down the ramp.  Veer 
left and run down a second ramp.  Run towards the ledge ahead and to the left.  
As soon as you get close to the ramp a little screen pops up explaining how to 
jump.  Take a running jump and glide down and land on the boxes.  Jump along 
these avoiding the jets.  Once you reach the next ledge you'll want to glide down 
to one of the rooftops.  Jump across the gaps and make your way to the far left 
where there's a break in the chain link fence.  Drop down and open the door.

Once again we're treated to a short cutscene.  When you get control again, don't 
worry about hurrying, you can take all the time in the world.  Jump behind the 
bomb and drop to the alleyway.  Follow this around a couple corners.  Eventually 
a cutscene will start showing Batman and the woman narrowly escaping from the 


There's another short cutscene where Batman sets the woman down and a letter 
falls out.  When the cutscene ends, pick up the letter flashing on the ground.  
Another cutscene begins identifying the woman as Mary.


Another short cutscene starts where Batman tells Batgirl to research Mary.  When 
the scene ends run down the short ramp and stay along the right to go down a 
second ramp.  You'll come to a door.

Once inside Alfred talks to you.  Grapple up to the ledge with the bat icon.  
There you'll find batcuffs.  Now jump on the computer near the door.  There 
you'll find batarangs.  Now jump down to the floor.  A post will pop up.  Use 
your batarangs to hit the target on either side of the post.  That post will be 
replaced by one you have to hit.  Beat the stuffing out of it and it will go 
away.  Now go through the second door into the next room.

In here is a doorway (Alfred claims it's a laser) spinning.  To get by it, you 
need to press against the wall and walk all the way around it.  Once you're all 
the way around, press the small red button to turn it off.  Now go back into the 
first room and head towards the gate that opened

Batman will automatically jump off the cliff.  You need to make him fall faster 
to catch up to the yellow dummy.  Once you catch it, you'll be treated to a 
couple more cutscenes.

3.0.4  Scene: Rooftop Battle

You'll end up on a rooftop.  Jump down to the next roof.  Run around to the right 
and you'll see a henchman.  Cuff him for your first point.  Climb the ladder on 
the wall to your left and you'll find a box of batcuffs.  Go back down and 
grapple to the next roof.

Here is a thug with a gun.  Cuff him for your second point.  Ahead are a series 
of gratings.  Underneath is a box of health, but if you drop down you'll need to 
climb back up and start over.  Once across and up the small ramp, there's a 
cutscene of Mary being kidnapped.

Grapple across to the next roof and cuff the thug for a third point.  Behind the 
roof access door hut thing is another box of health.  Grapple up to the next 
railing.  Jump off this railing on to the roof.  Follow the roof to the right.  
You'll pass under another ledge then along a garden.  Finally, at the end of the 
roof, carefully drop off the edge.  You should land on a small ledge.  Follow it 
to the left.  At the corner of the building you are allowed to grapple to another 
small ledge.  Do so and enter that door for the first cheat Envelope, envelope 
A.  Go through the next door, then the door directly across from you.

There's another cutscene of the guy running.  Next grapple to the next point and 
cuff the thug for the fourth point.  Grapple once again, and again you see the 
thug running.

Jump across the gap towards the two boards lying together.  Go through the small 
gap in the wall and cuff the thug there (fifth point). Go back to where you 
grappled in.  Here you'll want to jump through the other opening and glide around 
the corner to the right.  Hug the wall along the ledge.  You'll see a cutscene of 
the thug running yet again.  Jump and glide down to that roof.  Grapple up to the 
next building.

Jump down and cuff the thug if you missed a point.  Climb to the top of the 
ladder and run along that path.  Once you reach the first head protruding from 
the building, run along it and jump and glide to the next roof.  Run to the right 
and slide down the slope you come to.  Jump before you fall and glide to the 

There's a quick cutscene and then block.  Otherwise the guy will bludgeon you.  
Beat him up and grab the cuffs on the ground and cuff him for two more points.

Now there's a short cutscene where you talk to Mary.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


There's just a cutscene to see here


Grab the flashbombs and cuff the thug in front of you for a point.  Now look at 
the boxes near where you start.  On top of one is something glowing.  To get it, 
climb the ladder.  Walk forwards a bit, turn around and reorient the camera so 
it's behind you.  You need to jump off the boxes and veer to the right so that 
you glide around the box next to you, and still land on the boxes.  It may take a 
couple tries.  Once you make that jump, there's a simple jump across.  Pick up 
cheat envelope B and three points.  Go back and climb the ladder on the boxes 
again and jump down on the other side.  Cuff the two thugs for a point each.  Run 
around the truck with it's headlights on.  You'll see a box of batarangs behind a 
construction barricade.  Jump over the barricade and press against the wall to 
slip through.

There will be a short cutscene where you see Joker on a wrecking ball with Mary's 
son.  Once you get control again, beat the henchman and cuff him for your fourth 
point.  If you need extra cuffs, they're behind a box near the grapple point.  
Grapple up to the scaffolding.  Climb a ladder and cuff the thug there for a 
point.  Climb another ladder and nab the box of health.  Climb another ladder and 
beat up the thug (once again, cuff him if you need the point).  Climb two more 
ladders and enter the doorway

There's a cutscene of Batman going up an elevator.  Grapple up to the ledge and 
start fighting Joker.  There are infinite amounts of health and batarangs here, 
but if you take too long, Joker will destroy too much of the bridge and you won't 
have enough room to move.  The best strategy is to hide behind one of the tall 
pillars.  When Joker runs into it, he'll get stuck.  Jump out and hit him with as 
many batarangs as you can.  You can actually beat him in just one pause.  Just be 
careful not to fall or you'll have to start over.

Once you've knocked him around enough he'll drop Toby and you have to dive to 
save him.  Watch out for the bridge and eventually you'll catch him.  
Unfortunately, the whole thing was a setup.  MAry is Harley Quinn, Toby is a bomb 
and a cutscene shows him blowing up in your face.

After the cutscene you have to fight Joker in one on one combat.  Most 
importantly, do not turn your back on him.  If you do, he'll pin you to the 
ground and do a lot of damage before you can escape.  Just keep hitting him and 
after two cutscenes, he'll go down.

Next there's a couple cutscenes showing you finally beating Joker.


Harley dives to her death and you've got to save her.  Fall fast and avoid the 
five beams to catch her.  Once you do, you get 2 points, and it shows a cutscene 
of her leaving.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Just a cutscene of Dr. Freeze to watch here.

3.1    In Cold Blood


You're now on the roof of Gotham Industrial.  Thaw the guard on the roof by 
hitting him three times.  Grab the cuffs to the right of the frozen doorway 
(behind the ice pillar).  Then break the ice on the doorway by hitting it three 
times and jump down.

Cuff the snow babe for the first point.  Thaw the guard and go through the 
doorway.  Up the first flight of steps is a box of batarangs.  Go up two more 
flights and you'll enter a reception room.  Go towards the door near the desk and 
another cutscene of Dr. Freeze will start.

Continue through the door and cuff the babe there for a point and thaw the 
guard.  Also, don't forget the cuffs near one of the computer terminals.  Go 
through the next two doors and you'll enter a large room with four pillars.  Cuff 
the babe right near you for a point.  Grapple up to the grapple point.  Jump to 
the next tower clockwise.  Walk across the path to the next tower clockwise.  
Beat up that babe and climb the ladder.  Jump across to the next tower clockwise 
and climb the ladder.  Walk to the tower counter clockwise.  Cuff the babe for 
the fifth point.  Climb the ladder and grab the health.  Walk to the next tower 
counter clockwise and thaw the guard.  Pick up the key he drops.  Jump and glide 
down to the opening and go through the doorway.


This is a pretty big room.  First climb the ladder to your left.  Run along and 
jump on one of the moving platforms.  Drop down from it onto the raised area with 
boxes on it.  Grab the two items there and follow it along to the stairs.  At the 
top of the stairs thaw the guard and pick up the key he drops.  Head back towards 
the huge ice pillar you saw when you first entered the room.  Behind one of the 
computer banks near it is a frozen guard.  He's the last one, so thawing him is 
worth three points.  Go back to the door you used to get in.  climb the ladder to 
get up to it and climb that first ladder again.  Get to the other side of the box 
the moving platforms are coming out of by jumping on a platform and immediately 
jumping off again heading towards the wall.  Run along this platform and drop 
down in front if the door.  Go through it.

Here Dr. Freeze is threatening Dr. Evans.  When he sees you he sets three snow 
babes on you.  When you drop down to take them on, grab the cuffs right under the 
ledge.  Then beat each up and cuff them for any points you're missing.  Climb the 
steps to stop Dr. Freeze and you get frozen in place.  Wiggle to get loose for 
two points while Freeze escapes in his chopper.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Now you're chasing the helicopter in the batwing.  Fire missiles and spikes at 
the chopper every chance you get.  Try not to run into anything as you won't get 
full points.  Eventually you wear him down enough and the chopper crashes, but 
not before you catch Evans.  You get 5 points for beating Freeze and 5 more for 
not losing any health.  This was freaking hard for me, so I used the infinite 
life cheat.  It worked well, but remember you have to avoid hitting all the signs 
on the freeway.  It took me about 6 tries to make it.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


All that happens here is a pair of cutscenes about Evans and his funding.


Now you have to assault Gotham Industrial to find out what's going on.  Exit the 
bathroom.  Run down the green hallway and cross through the door.  A short 
cutscene ensues where the doors lock.  You have to solve three puzzles to get 
through.  They're pretty simple.  It's a 3d cube with wires heading to and around 
it.  You need to make a connection from the lit wire to the unlit wire of the 
same color.

The first one is blue.  To solve it, follow the following steps:

  Rotate      Flip
  Right  x2
  Top    x3
  Bottom x1
  Right  x2

I'll use the same notation for the next two.  Second is yellow:

  Rotate      Flip
  Left   x1
  Top    x2
  Bottom x1
  Left   x1
  Top    x1
  Bottom x3
  Left   x2
  Right  x1
  Top    x1

Finally is red:

  Rotate      Flip
  Top    x3
  Bottom x3
  Left   x1
  Left   x1
  Right  x2
  Top    x2
  Bottom x2
  Top    x2

Once each one is done, you cross through a doorway.  Finally you get done.  You 
get two points.  Jump to the walkway and a number of bombs go off causing you to 
fall through a window.  This room has another simple puzzle.  There are two 
switches you need to turn off.  Jump on the frozen coffin things to turn off the 
first switch.  That allows you to step in the water, which you need to turn off 
the second switch, which stops the vents from above.  Go ahead through the two 

Cuff the two babes here for two more points.  Grab the health from the last 
alcove and head into the next room.  Break through the ice and cuff the babe for 
a point.  Look through the ice walls and you'll see a box behind the ice.  Slide 
along the wall and grab that box for some health.  You can break the second ice 
wall and cuff the babe if you like.  Head through the door out of there.

Break the ice and cuff the two babes for two points.  Climb the ladder in the 
corner and run along the catwalk to drop down into the area behind the ice for a 
ton of goodies and a bonus point.  Head back up the ladder, back along the 
catwalk, drop down and go through the next door

Beat up the two snow babes here to get a keycard.  Cuff them if you need points.  
Go through the next door and watch a cutscene before you fight Dr. Freeze.

Dr. Freeze is a pushover.  Run around the long central area to get bat charges.  
Fire these at the tubes hanging from the ceiling.  When Dr. Freeze walks under 
it, set the charge off, dropping the tube near him.  Meanwhile he will be using 
his freeze ray to either drop the tubes on you, freeze you in place, or shoot ice 
bullets at you.  It's all simple to dodge.  After a dozen or so hits, Freeze will 
be beaten and cough up two points.

There's a cool cutscene of Batman freezing Freeze.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


All that happens here is a pair of cutscenes.

3.2    Plant Food

3.2.0  Saving Batgirl

There's a cutscene here of Batgirl getting herself into trouble.  You end up on a 
train needing to rescue her.

This is relatively simple.  All you have to do is find all four locks on the 
train to unlock the door of the engine.  Each lock you disable causes a red light 
to turn green.  To disable a lock, beat all the enemies in the room, then throw a 
single electric batarang at it.  On most cars you either have the option of going 
over or going through the car.  In general, going over is the easiest as there is 
only one enemy.  If you go through, the enemy (or enemies) hide behind chairs.

The first lock is in the second car.  No enemies so go ahead and hit it.  Go over 
or through the next three cars, then enter car number six.  Beat the two guys and 
destroy the lock.  This door is locked though, so go back and over this car.  Go 
past two more cars and in car number nine is the third lock.  Unfortunately the 
near door is locked, so you have to go over the roof, back inside the car and 
deal with the guys inside.  Once you've gotten this one, go all the way forward 
to the engine of the train.  The final lock is next to the board of lights.  
Destroy that lock and enter the train for five points.

There is an alternate way to beat the level that is far easier.  Don't worry 
about getting control boxes.  Get to the front of the train as quickly as you 
can.  I went over the tops of every car I could.  Once you make it to the last 
car, number eleven, go inside.  There are two guys and a switch.  Beat them, then 
flip that switch.  All the locks unlock at once.  Quickly go through the 
following door and then the door of the engine.  This nets you the full ten 

As soon as you go in, you get a cutscene of Batman scaring a mummy looking dude 
away from Batgirl.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Now we get to drive the Batmobile.  You have to chase this guy's car around town 
shooting spikes at it.  Occasionally he takes a corner.  Whenever he does, a 
couple green arrows will point that direction.  Hit that shoulder button to 
follow him.  If you miss, you have to start over.  You also have to keep 
relatively close behind him.  If you hit any other cars on the street, use your 
boosters to catch up.  Eventually Batman realizes he isn't stopping.  At that 
point you have to "Smoke him out" by shooting a smoke bomb into his car.  It's 
pretty easy, just line up your shot and as his car goes past your target, fire.

If you manage to do all the above without losing any health, then you get 10 
points.  Otherwise you get 5.  The secret is to get the car to the point where 
it's ready to finish (outline in bottom right is black).  Then miss the turn at 
the end of the area with the roof, just before the bent ramp where the scene 
loops over.  You lose, but come back with all your health.  Shoot his car until 
black again.  From now on he won't drop any more things to hurt you.  Just keep 
up, avoid the cars and hit him every now and again and when you finish, you'll 
get all 10 points.

The view switches to a cutscene of the car crashing.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Once you have control again, glide down off the cliff and pick up the flashing 
thing next to the flaming car.

Now we get treated to a cutscene discussing the apple you just picked up.


I know, I skipped back.  So did the game.  All that happens here is a cutscene 
about Harley.


Now we get to infiltrate Gotham Industrial looking for Poison Ivy.  The guys in 
here are pretty ugly.  They're green and have really long arms they can beat you 
with.  In general I would knock them down using a power move whenever I could 
then break combat and run.  I didn't get many points that way, but I lived.

Anyway, run around the first corner and you'll find two of them.  Once you get 
past them run through the doorway and turn right.  Up the short ramp and around 
the corner to the right is another guy.  Once past him, grapple across to the far 
side of the room.  Go around the first corner then carefully look around the 

You may actually recognize this scene, it's the first picture on the back of the 
game case (at least, it's on my game case).  To get by the vines is simple.  Just 
press your self to the opposite wall and slide by.  You may want to "trigger" the 
small pod at the beginning into releasing it's gas, and wait for it to subside 
before you actually try.  Go around the corner and there's another set of plants 
exactly the same as the last.  Get past them and run down the ramp into the next 

First of all don't step on the orange junk on the floor; it hurts.  Second, watch 
out for the little pods on the ground; they hurt too.  Getting through the room 
isn't complex, but can be frustrating.  You need to grapple onto the first and 
tallest mushroom.  As soon as you get on it though, it begins to tilt, and it's 
pretty slippery to boot.  From there you need to jump and glide to the left to 
land on the next mushroom.  Then jump from that mushroom to the next, then onto 
the small ledge where a box of health is waiting.  The trick to this is standing 
on one side of the mushroom for a second, then running to the high edge and 
jumping off that.  It gives you a little more altitude and makes your landings a 
bit easier.  Finally grapple onto the last mushroom and jump to the shelf nearby 
for batarangs.  Then grapple to the stairs.  Run up the small staircase into the 
room and through the door.

There's a small cutscene of the mummy dude walking past a window, then you've got 
control again.

The easiest way through this room is to hit the plant tendril waving in the air 
with a batarang, then run by it and up the ladder.  If you're out of batarangs, 
you can make it by just running, but you have to make sure you keep moving, 
otherwise it'll smack you for a fair amount of damage.  Also remember that you 
have to climb the ladder on the far side.  Once up on the ledge, go through the 
door near you.

Run to Batman's right (past the dripping pipe) and around the corner.  You'll 
slide down a slope and come to a gate.  Open it.


This is kind of a pain.  You're sliding down a slope and there's a gaping hole in 
the middle of it.  You need to jump that hole, but fall into the second one.  
Walk over to the red corner of this area and you'll drop into a red lit room.  
Here is "Secret Key 1"  Pick it up and grapple back up the pipe you fell through.

Jump back up onto the slippery slope and continue sliding.  Be very careful when 
you get near the bottom that you don't fall into the next hole.  For me, this was 
the hardest part of the game... until I realized the right hand side isn't 
slippery ;-).  Once you're firm footed, skirt the hole on the left side by 
pressing against the wall.

Go through the first doorway on that wall and incapacitate the guy in here.  On 
the floor is the third cheat envelope, worth five points.  Go back out the door.

Run by the open area of the room and go through the broken part of the far wall.  
Run through the pipe and end up in a small hallway.  Run up a couple ramps and 
through a doorway into a large room.

First, drop down to the floor.  In the middle of the room is a health box.  You 
will need it for this part.  Second is a box of batarangs under the platform you 
started on.  They come in handy, but aren't as crucial.  Once done, climb back up 
the ladder near where you came in.  Run along the side of the room jumping from 
platform to platform.  Once to the far side, climb the ladder.

There's a guy here you either need to beat or run by.  Once past him, jump over 
the vats and grab onto the next platform.  In general you don't need to worry 
about the plants in the vats.  Once again, another guy.  Once again, get by him 
and make it to the next platform.  There's yet another guy here.  make it by him 
and jump over the vats and you're rewarded with a large box of health.  Jump down 
from here and land on the catwalk (or jump back across the vats and use the 
ladder).  Head through the door

There's a short cutscene of a distant figure pacing, then control is returned.

This room is similar.  Jump along the broken catwalk, beat the guy then jump the 
vats.  There's a box of health just before you get to the vats that should be 
welcomed, but I always take this much health all at once as a bad sign.  Sure 
enough it is.  Run towards the man you saw pacing.


You've finally caught up to Mayor Hill who tells you about the worms in a 

Suddenly you're attacked by the mummy looking dude who turns out to be an ugly 
looking green guy.  This fight is a little tricky.  The guy isn't hard to knock 
down, but he keeps getting back up.  The trick is to knock him off the ledge into 
the vat below.  You can pretty much do it by kicking him a bunch.  Also, there's 
a box of flashbombs across the gap.  Once that's done, he drops the key to the 
sub-basement.  Pick it up.  You've earned two more points.

There's a quick explanation by Batgirl that the plants are vulnerable to 
electricity and the main breaker is in the sub-basement (surprise surprise).  If 
you need health, go down the ladder on this level and follow the path.  Behind 
some plants is a large box of health.  Go through the door you passed on your way 
to Mayor Hill and enter it.  Go down the flights of stairs until you get to a 
door and go inside.

The cutscene here shows Mayor Hill unsuccessfully trying to buy his freedom.  Ivy 
sets her pet on you.

This boss isn't very hard at all.  On your small ledge are two boxes of 
batarangs.  Use them to hit the creatures arms to either side.  Once he lets go 
in pain, shoot the valves on the pipes where his hands where holding on.  Steam 
will come out hurting the monster and he won't grab that point any more.  Once he 
can't grab onto either side, hit his final arm to drop him in the sludge.  
Quickly, before he recovers grapple across to the other side of the room and flip 
the switch there.  Three points.

The battle is over.  There's a cutscene of all the plants dying

[10 of 10 points found in this section]

3.3    Fool's Grave


After a cutscene, you're searching for the Joker once again.  He's probably not 
dead, these guys never are.  Our first goal is to turn off the three big pipes of 
industrial waste.  To get to the first one, follow the path around a couple 
corners until you see a ladder.  At the top are two thugs worth a point each, a 
box of batcuffs, and a wheel connected to a pipe.  Turn that wheel and the first 
pipe gets blocked.

Go through the door up here and follow the path down.  Run along these catwalks 
(avoiding the falling piece).  You may want to disarm the thug up here with a 
batarang before you get to him.  Once you're past him, there's another wheel to 
turn behind some boxes, blocking the middle pipe.

Look around at the lower floor from up here and you'll see three doors, two on 
one side, one on the other.  The two doors lead back to the two catwalks in the 
first room (where you went up the ladder).  Instead, you want to go through the 
single door opposite them.  Run through the doorway, down the short ramp and 
through the door.

Run down the pair of short ramps and grapple when you can.  Otherwise a couple 
guys start shooting you.  Beat up the first guy on this upper level.  Then run 
and jump the gap in the catwalks and beat up the second guy.  Here is the final 
wheel to turn off the sewage pipes.  Also, if you need them there's a box of 
batcuffs on the grey box, just to the right of where you came in.  You can get to 
it by jumping down from here.

In this room is cheat envelope D.  However, you should fully expect to die while 
trying to get it, so I advise finishing the section and coming back here.  You 
need to jump into the large sewage pipe with crates floating in it.  You can see 
it from the upper level, but it is far easier to jump into from the lower level.  
You need to jump and land on the first block, then jump to each block to get to 
the envelope at the very end of the tunnel.  I found that it takes a jump 
followed by a short glide to make it.  Also, don't stop too long on each box as 
they crumble and disappear pretty quickly.  Once you get this envelope, you net 
yourself 3 points.  Once done with this, get back to that upper level in the 
previous room.  If you can make it back along the boxes, you can grapple out.

On this same level, back along the catwalk there's a doorway.  Jump across to it 
and enter the room.  Avoid the jack-in-the-box, but grab the batarangs here if 
you need them, and glide down on top of the large pipe.  From there glide to the 
ledges around the room.  Work your way all the way down to the bottom, grab the 
little bit of health and go through the door.  This is where those three pipes 
are.  The room is also crawling with three obnoxiously placed henchmen.

First knock out the little jack in the box with a batarang.  That gives you a 
little space to work.  Next disarm the three guards.  One directly across from 
you, one to the right of him, and one on a platform above the whole room on the 
near wall.  Then go beat that first guard up.  Make sure that second guard hasn't 
found his gun and jump across to his ledge.  If he has found it, he'll shoot at 
you and you'll fall.  Get past him and go through the door

There's two jack in the boxes right here and an armed guard around the corner.  
Get past all of them however you like.  Run up the ramp and through the door.

This is a huge room, but for now run the only direction you can and watch the 

Once you have control again, beat up the goon and flip the switch in that room.  
Go through the opposite door and follow the platform until you can grapple to 
that grapple point.  Grapple up and deal with the guard there.  Go into the small 
room to your right and flip the switch.   Run back along the platform and you 
come to a point where you can see two grapple points.  Grapple to the one above 
you, not across from you.  There should be a jack-in-the-box, a goon and some 
health.  Once these have all been dealt with in whatever fashion, go into the 
room and flip the third switch.

Batgirl reiterates that you need to turn the flywheels to get the water running.  
Exit the room and jump down to the level just below you (I did it by gliding 
across a corner.  You can grapple down from a couple points though).  Now grapple 
up to the point across from you, where I told you not to go last time.  Walk up 
to the wheels and use them.

This is really really simple.  Turn each wheel until green matches green.  Use 
the control stick to move from wheel to wheel and use the Y button to turn it.  
They really could have made this more difficult by making each slowly return to 
it's old position or something, but they didn't and it's easy.

Enough editorial commentary.  There's a short cutscene, then a guy across from 
you kicks a door open.

Disarm him first, then jump across and beat him up.  I used a power move on him 
and ducked inside the room to give me some more room to work.  Once inside, pull 
the lever, the water starts pumping and everything stops shaking.  Then walk up 
to the heap on the floor for the last 2 points.

There's a cutscene.  We find out that Isaac Evers was behind everything..... OR 

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


This is an interesting cutscene.  Batman turns Evers in.  However, someone hits 
Commissioner Gordon with a Batarang, framing Batman.  You grapple to safety, but 
have to run from the law.


Batman tells Batgirl to bring the Batmobile.  However, you have to meet her.  
This whole section is pretty fast paced.  You need to run and jump across a lot 
of rooftops to get where you're going.  In general try not to hit the cops.  If 
you make it all the way through without knocking a single cop down, you get three 

Run around the small building you're on and jump up to the next roof.  Run around 
to the left from there and grapple to the next roof.  Up here is a cop with a 
stun gun.  There's a second guard on this rooftop, then you'll find a grapple 
point.  Grapple from there into the next building.

In here there is one guy on the floor and one at the top of a ladder on the far 
side.  Get past both and go through the door at the top of the ladder.  Run along 
this corridor until you go through a chain link fence and are standing on a 
helicopter pad.  Grapple from here to the next rooftop.

There are two guards up here.  Get past both and follow the edge of the roof 
until you find a grapple point.  Grapple up the next building.  Run towards the 
billboard and you'll see four windows underneath it.  Jump on top of the first 
one and make your way up each one until you can climb on top of the building.  Up 
here is a small box of health.  Slide down the slope on the far side and jump 
across to the next building.

Climb the pair of ladders to get onto the roof.  Up here are electric batarangs 
and stun charges.  Jump down onto the next building.  There are two guards here 
and a locked door (red light above it).  Hit the box next to it with one of those 
electric batarangs and it will unlock.  Incidentally, if you are out of electric 
batarangs, I think a punch will unlock these as well, but only if you are out.  
Grab the batarangs in here and head through the next door.

Run through this hallway.  The helicopter will start strafing you.  Fortunately 
the pilot is an idiot and doesn't know how to lead a target.  Once to the far end 
head through the door.  From now on the chopper will occasionally strafe you.  
Head to the far side of the roof and grapple up.

This isn't a fun part.  Avoid the steam jets as best you can, but keep moving.  
Go straight until you reach the far ledge.  Then run along it to the right, 
behind the boxes.  This avoids most of the jets.  Jump up on the big box in your 
path and from there jump onto the corner of the next building.  Creep along the 
ledge to the left until you fall off into the garden below.  From here, run and 
jump through the gap in the fence and land on the small ledge.

Enter and you're in an elevator shaft.  Stand on top of the elevator all the way 
down and get off.  Grab the elevator shaft key and the batarangs, then jump down 
into the shaft beneath the elevator.  Hit the control box with a batarang in 
first person mode (trust me it's there).  Now get out of the area beneath the 
elevator by climbing the ladders.  That box opened the door across from you.  
Once the elevator is out of the way again, jump across to it.  On a table is 
Secret Key 2.  Leave this room the way you came, then get back on top of the 
elevator.  Now ride it all the way up.  You want to get off on the ledge just 
above the one you came in on.  However, if you stay on the elevator too long, you 
die.  Enter the doorway (not the tunnel) to find the final cheat envelope, E for 
two points.  Exit the door then go through the tunnel leading off from here and 
up the ladder.

Exit this room be either one of the doors.  Run counter-clockwise around this 
room until you see the ladder (it's hard to see if you run the other way).  Climb 
it then turn right.  Run all the way around the roof until you find a grapple 
point (a little ways further is a box of health).  Grapple up to the next roof.

Run across this roof dealing with the cop and jump down to the next one.  Go 
across this roof and jump up to the next one.  Then across this roof and across 
to the next one.  Run to the right and jump across to the building with the 
ladder on it.  You have five long ladders to climb here.  Try to get the chopper 
to fire at you before you climb each one so it doesn't knock you off.  Finally at 
the top, climb the short ladder then enter the locked door by breaking the lock.

Go through a pair of doors and run along a hallway.  Run through another pair of 

There's a quick cutscene where the chopper finally catches up to you.

Now you have to battle the chopper.  It's not that hard.  On the ground are some 
remote charges.  You need to detonate one on each of the lit areas of the 
chopper.  Your targeting reticule will turn red over each one of them.  Once 
you've done the first three, two on the back light up and the chopper starts 
using missiles against you.  Also, be careful not to fall off the edge of the 
roof as there are no ledges to hold you in.  Finally you beat it and it crashes 
in a heap of burning metal.  This nets you five points.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Theres a short cutscene here of Batgirl picking you up.


Batman and Batgirl decide Harley is in on everything and Batman decides to go 
exploring in a disguise.


So now Batman is wearing a really really bad disguise.  There a short scene of 
him entering a chain link door.

Run to your right and follow the fence behind the trucks.  Make sure you don't 
step in any spotlights by staying behind the trucks.  There's a truck in your 
way, so go around that.  Behind the last truck is a clown statue.  He will either 
be holding his eyes, ears, or mouth ("See no evil, hear no evil, speak no 
evil").  It will also have a number on it.  Mine was holding his eyes and had the 
number "1" on it.  (this is worth two points).

Return to the beginning of the level and follow the fence the other way.  When 
you get to the small building enter it via the door facing the spotlight.  Inside 
is another clown worth two more points.  Mine was holding his ears with the 
number "6".

Exit the room then continue around the building until you find some boxes.  Jump 
on the boxes and get on the roof of that house.  Up here are some flash bombs.  
Use your bat scope to look above the light at the final clown for two more 
points.  Mine was holding his mouth with the number "9".

Now go to the edge of the building facing the main warehouse.  Underneath and to 
the left of the spotlight is a small tan and green box.  Take a good look at it 
and memorize the order or eye, ear and mouth.  When you get there, you need to 
put each number in the appropriate slot, but you have to do it before the 
spotlight sees you.  My order was ear, eye, mouth.  Go to the box right after the 
spotlight leaves it and put in the combination using left/right to select the 
wheel and up/down to change it.  Once the combination is right, you get 4 points 
and enter the warehouse.

[10 of 10 points found in this section]

3.3.5  Funnibones

There's a quick cutscene of you entering the building.

Once you have control, head to the right along the wall.  When you get to the 
corner of the building, jump onto the low crate in the wall of crates.  Jump up 
to the crate against the wall, then jump along the wall to the next crate.  Work 
your way up onto the rafter and get the big box of health up there.  You're safe 
and can take a look around.  You need to make your way over to the ladder.  
There's a ton of routes.  I tended to hug the right side up the building.  Just 
remember that you can't climb onto the brighter colored boxes.  There's a wall of 
boxes that goes across the room between you and the ladder.  At the very top 
against the right wall is another box of health.  I actually grabbed it and 
jumped from there onto the catwalk instead of using the ladder.

Drop down from the catwalk and go up the set of stairs.  Two guys pop out who you 
need to incapacitate.  (You may notice that while your fighting one, the other 
will taunt you with things like "bat-coward" even though you're disguised as 
someone else)  On some of the boxes is a set of batcuffs to use on them for your 
first two points.  In the far left corner is a ladder on top of some boxes.  Jump 
on top of them, climb the ladder and go through the door.

In here is a pair of batcuffs, but right around the corner is a thug.  You need 
to cuff him to keep him out of the way and a point.  In here are a number of 
switches and lights.  First pull the switch under the clown portrait.  That opens 
one of the doors.  Inside is a thug.  Cuff him too.  By now you should have four 
points.  Hidden in a corner you'll find some flash bombs and another switch.  
Flip that one and quickly run out of the room, across the hall and into the next 
room.  Yet another thug awaits you.  Follow the train tracks for some health once 
you cuff him and get his point.

Now comes the fast part.  Flip this switch and run out of the room.  Go all the 
way down the hall and hit that switch.  Go back down the hall through the door 
you just came through.  Now dart through here to the other door (just to the left 
of the switch) and go through it.  If you made it fast enough, you'll be in a new 
room (of course, with a thug).  Either beat him and cuff him if you need the 
point, or run past him.  Run past the screens to the wooden cabinet and open it 
for the other 5 points.

Inside the cabinet is Toby's penknife.  Batman picks it up.

Next was one of my favorite cutscenes.  Batman recalls Joker's death and 
remembers the penknife being in the Joker's mouth as he (quote) died (end quote).

[10 of 10 points found in this section]


Batman informs Batgirl that the Joker is still alive


Back at the Batcave, Batgirl informs Batman that the Joker's blimp is over Gotham 

3.4    Infernal Jest


There's a short cutscene of the blimp hanging in the sky, then you get control.

Run along this path and grab the flash bombs, then through the chain link door.  
Don't go near the smoking door yet.  First go pick up the Batcuffs in the far 
corner.  Now go to the smoking door.

Joker blasts through and explains the whole plot (It's so handy when the bad guys 
do that).  He sets two guys on you.  Stay away from them until you get the packs 
of their backs.  Otherwise they blast you with flame which hurts a lot.  Use an 
electric batarang to disarm them, then fight them like normal.  I let them charge 
at me.  They let off two punches and then add an uppercut.  Once all three 
attacks are blocked, I fight back.  Try not to let them double-team you either.  
Cuff both and talk to Batgirl about shutting off the gasworks.

Run through the flaming door.  Just inside is some health.  Grab it and drop to 
the ground below.  Ahead of you are some flaming pipes.  They've got a really 
tricky timing sequence and it's hard to get through unscathed.  Instead, jump 
onto the pipes and creep along them.

In the next room are three guards.  I personally ran by them, but if you're gutsy 
enough to fight, there are some batcuffs in a corner to restrain them with.  
Opposite those are some electric batarangs.  Go through the corner opposite the 
one you came in and run up the ramp, along the path and through the chain link 

There a cutscene here showing your path blocked by "about 500 pounds of clown and 
twice that in explosives."

Once you get control, run directly away from the clown and through the chain link 
door there.  There a shaft through a doorway for you to jump down.  There's a 
single guy in here you can wear down with electric batarangs before you fight.  
Beyond him is a box of health and a door.  Go through and up to a set of wheels 
like at the end of 3.3.0, except now you have to line red up to red (ooh, 
tricky).  Now run through the second door in this room.

Run up the short ramp and climb the ladder where two guards are waiting for you.  
Since one has a flame thrower and the room is small, I just ran past and out the 

Joker is peeved because you ruined his plan.  He sets Harley and "Fatty" on you.

Fatty is the hardest boss in the game, but that's not saying much.  The trick is 
to run around the room collecting batarangs, then use them to hit one of his 
rockets near him (preferably still in the tube).  After each hit, two more 
launchers pop out of his back which launch seeking missiles.  Once the four main 
launchers are gone, those top two stay out.  Destroy those and you're home free.  
The hard part is watching out for the bombs he launches upwards, because those 
can really surprise and damage you.  Also, if you get too close, he uses flame 
throwers on you.

He dies, crushing Harley.  Batman grapples to the blimp.


You're in the blimp and there are a number of blue lasers around the room.  They 
hurt, so avoid them.

   /   3   \      U       - Where You Start
  |        U|     O       - Pillar
  |    B    |     I,A,B,C - Lasers
  |    O    |     1,2,3   - Switches
  |1   I X  |     X       - Crate
  |         |     L       - Ladder
  |   IOA   |
  |    X    |
  |2   I    |
  |L  CO    |
  |    I    |

That's roughly the shape of it.  There are some holes in the floor too.  
Basically, use switch 1 to turn off laser A, switch 2 to turn off laser B and 
switch 3 to turn off laser C.  You need all your health, so if you get hurt, 
start over.  Then climb the ladder.

There's a cutscene of Joker claiming that it's too late, then he attacks.

First run out into the room (avoiding the stream of fire from the doorway) and 
grab the box on the left for some electric batarangs.  As Joker shoots, he 
destroys boxes, most of which have jack in the boxes in them.  Destroy those with 
the batarangs (the batarangs reappear).  Once all the jack in the boxes are gone, 
strafe across the doorway using batarangs on Joker until he drop his gun.  
Quickly run in and punch him.  This fight is pretty easy.  Use a power move on 
him and he'll go down in no time.

Once beaten, Joker drops the key to the cockpit.  Grab it and go inside. There's 
a cutscene of the auto pilot engaged.

Go over and try to disengage it and a puzzle pops out.  This one is no harder 
than the others.  You have to mix the gasses so they make his two favorite 
colors.  What are you his two favorite colors you ask?  Look at the piping around 
the puzzle.  It's purple and green.  So add red, then add blue.  Then mix and the 
gas will move to the right.  Now add blue and add yellow.  Ta da.  Green and 
Purple.   Batman turns off the auto-pilot, presumably saving Gotham (yay).


Joker dives off the deck of the blimp trying to commit suicide.  You dive after 

Here you have to fall and catch up to Joker several times.  It's difficult 
because he launches balloons at you when you're far away, bombs at you when your 
closer and the machine gun when closest.  Just keep moving avoiding everything 
and catch up to him four times and you've won.

Batman grapples to safety via his trusty Batplane.  He then proceeds to blow up 
the blimp (which it should be noted is still full of Promethium and Joker Gas) 
over the city.  Presumably Gotham is still safe.  Also, Batman flew through the 
blimp.  Normal pilots would actually avoid the explosion.


This is an interesting cutscene of each person you beat looking peeved.  Finally, 
Joker is portrayed hanging Batman in effigy.  (awww, cute.  I want my own little 
Batman effigy doll)


Just a cutscene about the commissioner forgiving you.

One last cutscene where you have the typical hero pose.

There's a screen to review your points and inform you which cheats you found.

Game credits role and it's over.


4.0   Points

Points serve two purposes.  First, they give you extra Power Moves.  The higher a 
Power Move's required points, the more powerful it is.  They usually get cooler 
too.  Secondly, points give Batman extra life.  If you get to the end of the game 
and you only have 20 points, it's going to be a lot harder than if you have 90 

In general, you get points for 3 reasons:
- Cuffing underlings (usually the first five cough up points)
- Cuffing or beating bosses (usually a few points)
- Doing something specific

That last one is kinda vague, but entering a room or an area, seeing something, 
or doing some specific action (such as thawing all the guards) can net you some 
bonus points.  In general what's easiest for me is to start the level, and cuff 
all the underlings I can find until I'm out of cuffs.  Then I let someone kill me 
and do it again.  Then, I don't worry about cuffing people.  I cuff them if I 
have cuffs, but if I don't, I don't stress.

You shouldn't ever HAVE to do that.  There are at least two boxes of cuffs in 
every level.  I may not have listed them, especially if I didn't find them, but 
they are there.

   Section(s)      Total   Found
   3.0.4           10 / 10 (5) First five guys you cuff (1 each)
                           (2) Mini Boss
                           (3) Cheat Envelope A

   3.0.6 - 3.0.7   10 / 10 (5) First five guys you cuff (1 each)
                           (2) Catching Harley
                           (3) Cheat Envelope B

   3.1.0 - 3.1.1   10 / 10 (5) First five babes you cuff (1 each)
                           (3) Thawing all guards
                           (2) Freeing yourself from ice

   3.1.2           10 / 10 (5) Destroying Freeze's Chopper
                           (5) ???

   3.1.4           10 / 10 (2) Solving Puzzles
                           (5) First five babes you cuff (1 each)
                           (1) Secret area full of items
                           (2) Beating Freeze

   3.2.0           10 / 10 (5) Saving Batgirl
                           (5) Using last switch to do it

   3.2.1           10 / 10 (5) Destroying Stolen Car
                           (5) Not losing any health

   3.2.4 - 3.2.5   10 / 10 (5) Cheat Envelope C
                           (2) Beating Ugly Greenie
                           (3) Turning on the power

   3.3.0           10 / 10 (5) First five thugs you cuff (1 each)
                           (3) Cheat Envelope D
                           (2) Finding Isaac

   3.3.2           10 / 10 (3) Not hitting any cops
                           (2) Cheat Envelope E
                           (5) Beating Police Chopper

   3.3.4           10 / 10 (6) Looking at each clown statue (2 each)
                           (4) Entering combination correctly

   3.3.5           10 / 10 (5) First five thugs you cuff (1 each)
                           (5) Finding Toby's Penknife

   Total          120 / 120

There are also five cheat envelopes in the game.  Most are worth 3 points (the 
third is worth 5 and the last one is only worth 2).  They also give you extra 
goodies, namely:

- Infinite Items
- Infinite Power Move Bar
- Infinite Health
- Double Damage
- Invisibility

You get them in that order, regardless of the order you got the envelopes.  
Unfortunately, you don't get to use any of these until after you've beaten the 
game.  However, they can really help with the more difficult points.


5.0   Revision History

Version 1.2 - January 9th, 2002
              All 120 points found and listed (Thanks to a lot of people)
              Solved cube puzzle

Version 1.1 - December 2nd, 2001
              Added Enemy listing
              60 points found and listed (42 points found, not listed)
              Cheats A, B, D, E found and listed

Version 1.0 - November 28th, 2001
              Wrote majority of walkthrough.
              49 points found and listed (42 points found, not listed)
              Cheat C found and listed

Next Update - As many points as I can find.


6.0   Credits

Thanks to the following people for the following things:

    William Wallace - Cheats A,B
                      Several Points
                      Saving Batgirl trick
                      Lots More
    George Hinckley - Cheat E, 2 points
    Several People  - 5 points (Helicopter Chase)


7.0   Contact Info / Legal Junk

Send comments, suggestions, omissions, retribution to me at

[email protected]

Copyright 2001
Paul Hounshell

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