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Faq Version: Full Walkthrough
Batman Vengeance
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A Girl to die for

When you first start out you watch a cut scene and when that cut scene is over 
choose your brightness settings. Then you start. Go down the ramp and go left once 
you are down the ramp. Glide left down to where there are boxes and jump over all of 
the boxes (watch out for the steam). Glide onto the buildings and if you fall down 
just go to the ladder. Go across the buildings and you will find the tied up girl. 
FMV with tied up girl. After the FMV you can use as much as time as you want. Jump 
over the bombs and down. Go left then right then down the ramp. FMV with escaping. 
Once the FMV is over pick up the note that fell out of the girl’s pocket. Press Y to 
pick it up.

Bat cave

FMV with Batgirl. Once the FMV is over go to where the bat mobile is but before you 
get real close to it jump off and go in the door by pressing Y. Here just follow 
Alfred’s training session and it shouldn't be that hard. FMV with Batgirl.


Glide over to the next building. Go left and if you can try to sneak behind the thug 
and handcuff him with Y. If you cant that’s ok you can just beat him up then cuff 
him. Then go up the ladder and get bat cuffs. Grapple to the next building and throw 
a batarang at the next thug to knock down his gun then beat him up and cuff him. 
Drop below the pipes if you need health. Then go up the ladder if you got the health 
and glide across the pipes. Go straight a little. FMV with thugs taking Mary. 
Grapple and beat up the thug then cuff him. Grapple to the next building. Go right 
and jump to make it to the next one. Enter the door with Y. you should then see the 
thug with Mary running through the room. Go forward then exit through the only 
unlocked door. Forget grappling right now. Glide off the platform. Fall off the 
ledge and go right. Grapple. Then enter the door and grab the secret cheat envelope 
A with Y. This envelope gives you unlimited ammo when you beat the game. Go left 
twice then you will be back where you were so grapple and beat the thug and cuff 
him. Go left and grapple. Go right first. Beat up that thug and get all of the 
stuff. Don’t forget to cuff him so he won’t bother you.  Then go back and glide to 
the left and press L trigger so the camera will be behind you. Glide over to the 
next wooden board then to the next ledge. Then glide across to the building. Face 
left and grapple. Glide down to the thug beat him up and cuff him. Go up the ladder. 
Walk to the bird statue and use that as a runway. Run and glide over to the next 
building. Go right and then down the slope and jump and glide at the end or you will 
fall. FMV with the thug that has Mary. First before you touch him go to the right 
and there are some bat cuffs. Then beat him up (he is really easy) then cuff him . 
FMV with Batman giving Bat Locator to Mary.


Start the level out by getting the smoke bombs and then knock out and cuff the 
thug.  Then climb up the ladder and face the place that you walked in at the start 
of the level. This is really hard but if you try about 10 - 15 times you can get it. 
Jump and glide around and onto the box. Then jump across and pick up cheat envelope 
B. Then go up the ladder and jump down. Knock out and cuff the two thugs. Run 
straight and you should see a box of batarangs blocked off. Jump across and press up 
against the wall with Y. Go to the right and there is an FMV with Joker on a 
wrecking ball with Toby. Knock out the thug and cuff him. There are some more bat 
cuffs behind one of the boxes. Then grapple up to the bridge. Go up the ladder and 
beat up and cuff that thug. then keep on going and up the next ladder and then up 
another one and beat up another thug and cuff him. Keep on going and go through an 
opening. FMV. Grapple up.  Then take out your batarangs. Stay behind one of the 
pillars and then when joker runs into them jump out and toss batarangs at him. Keep 
on doing that until he is dead.  Then FMV of Joker dropping Toby. You have to 
freefall and you did this in your training so it isn’t hard. Just press Y to speed 
up and catch Toby.  Then Batman bat grapples to safety. FMV of Toby exploding and 
Mary reveals herself as Harley Quinn. Then you have to fight the Joker hand to hand. 
Just use your hammer move (Left Trigger and X in case you forgot) and just beat him 
up. FMV. Now you have to free fall to save Harley. Catch her and then Batman 
Grapples to safety. FMV

Isaac Evers

Right after you talk to Bat Girl on the Bat Communicator run up to the frozen guard 
and punch him 3 times to break him free. Then go behind the two snow mounds and get 
the bat cuffs. Go to where there is a bunch of ice and punch that big thing 3 times 
and drop down. Try to run up behind the Ice Babe and cuff her. If you cant just beat 
her up and cuff her. Then free the frozen guard and punch the ice barrier 3 times 
and go up and get the remote charges.  Go up the next flight of stairs and punch the 
ice barrier 3 times.  Behind the 5 pillars there is some smoke bombs take those. Now 
go to the door. FMV with MR. Freeze. Go through the door. Beat up the Snow babe and 
cuff her. Get the box of bat cuffs and free the security guard.  Then go through the 
double doors. Beat up the snow babe and grapple to the ice tank on the left. Then 
glide to where there are two ice tanks that connect.  Beat up the snow babe and cuff 
her. Go up the ladder. Then jump and glide to the ice tank in front of the one that 
you are on. Go up the ladder. Cross the bridge that connects the two ice tanks 
together and beat up the snow babe and cuff her. Go up the ladder. Cross the bridge 
that connects the two of the ice tanks together.  Free the frozen security card and 
he drops a key card. Pick it up with Y. Then glide to the opening and go through the 
door. Now go to the left and climb up the ladder. Get on one of the moving platforms 
and stay on it until you see some boxes on each other. Jump off and go straight to 
the Frozen security guard. Free him and grab the key card. Don’t jump off yet. go 
back to where the boxes are and get the nets. There are two snow babes in this room 
so take out your nets and shoot the snow babes with the nets. Then if you need 
batarangs go and get the box where the second snow babe was patrolling . Go to where 
the big computer is and go behind it for the last guard you have to free. Then go 
back and jump up on the right side of the bridge that has ice in the middle of it. 
FMV. Mr. Freeze calls 3 snow babe on you so get out your batarangs and disarm all of 
them. The fight them and cuff them. I think you would need some more bat cuffs right 
now so get the box of bat cuffs  that are nearby. Then run up to the stairs and let 
Mr. Freeze freeze you. Then what you do to get out is wiggle the left thumb stick a 
lot. Now you get to ride in the batplane and chase Mr. Freeze. Nothing really about 
this level you need to know about except for if you beat the level and don’t get 
hurt you get the full 10 points. FMV. You start in the bathroom here so get out of 
the bathroom and go down the hall. Take a right and go through the door. Now you’ve 
got to do a puzzle. First one is blue  Rotate Flip -------------------------- Right 
x2 Top x3 Top Bottom x1 Right x2  Then yellow Rotate Flip -------------------------- 
Left x1 Top x2 Top Bottom x1 Left x1 Top x1 Top Bottom x3 Left x2 Left Right x1 Top 
x1     then  red   Rotate Flip -------------------------- Top x3 Top Bottom x3 Left 
x1 Left Left x1 Left Right x2 Top x2 Top Bottom x2 Top x2. Once you’ve got that done 
go up the stairs . FMV. Now glide to the frozen thing on the right and go straight 
to the last one then go left and pull the switch. Now go pull the other switch you 
saw.  Then go through the door.  Go down and right. There are 2 snow babes in this 
room so knock them out and cuff them. After cuffing them go straight and through the 
door.  Go straight and left through that door. FMV. Then go through the door. Go 
straight and knock down the ice barrier. Knock out the snow babe and cuff her. Go 
back and knock down another ice barrier. Knock out the other snow babe and cuff her. 
If you don’t have any bat cuffs right now for the one snow babe it is ok just go up 
the ladder. Go right and get the batarangs. Go down the ladder and go through the 
door. Break ice barrier. Knock out snow babes and climb the ladder. Go right all the 
way and jump down. Get all the stuff and go back and cuff the two babes.  Jump down 
the elevator shaft.  You’ll get a nice surprise from two snow babes. Knock them out 
and cuff them. Get the box of bat cuffs too. Get the keycard one of the babes 
drops.  Go through the door.  Go down the hallway and through another door. FMV.  
Now there is a boss fight between you and Mr. Freeze. Just run away from him and 
shoot a remote charge at the canisters on the ceiling . Then when he comes by 
detonate the charges and its hurts him. Do it until he dies. (LONG LEVEL isn’t  IT?)

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