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Atlantis 3 for PC complete walkthrough
Introduction: The story line goes: Peru year 2018. Watch the video clip.

Hogar, two years later.
The heroin has an accident and she finds herself in the desert next to a
In the inventory (right button) you have a small stick and a disk.
Use the escape button to cut off dialogs but be aware that you may miss
important info if you do this.

Chapter 1
>From where you stand go straight then left until she says: “It must be here”
Go to the guard, but don’t talk to him. (He will not say much except that you
must leave)
Turn around. There will be three roads. One left, one middle (through which you
came), and one right.
Through the right road you can reach a cliff (dead end) from which you can
observe the well and some constructions.
Instead take the left road.
You reach another crossroad: Back (from where you came), left (you have the
right of a nice video clip), and right (another road). Go on the right road and
you get to another crossroad.
Take the right road to reach some iron tent. Then go back and take the left one
to get to the cave entrance.
Inside the cave you will find lots of machinery.
Look to your feet.
On the ground you see some bizarre drawings.
Use the disk from your inventory with the ground.
Use the little stick with the disk and you will get a top.
One the ground you see a circle with 5 diagrams: a left hand, a head, a right
hand, a foot turned towards the right, and a foot turned towards the left.
You have to turn the top successively on the right foot, left hand, right hand,
left hand, and head.
A system will be activated and a temporal door will open.
Go through it and you will get to the ancient Egypt (the sarcophagus room).
Go to the right wall and you will see two characters turned towards some
Egyptian signs.
On the upper part there is a small black star symbol and under these several
arrows. Note the direction of the arrows.
Go back to the sarcophagus in the middle of the room, and then go to the left
wall with a big blue and red star.
Turn the star by clicking on it as the diagram under the black star showed:
left, right, right, left, right.
Watch the video clip.
Talk with the psycopomp (kind of mommy)-where one cannot say that ancient
Egyptians had no sense of humour…
Anyway, the guy gives you a scarab in a box. Fight your disgust and talk with
him. All topics.
You may eventually find him “likable” (?)
Go back to the area where you first appeared, and facing the wall direct your
cursor at the right lower corner of the left pillar. An action button will
appear and clicking the left mouse button you get a wooden bird.
You need to be patient because the action button may not appear immediately.
Go back to the psycopomp and talk about the bird.
Go to the open passage and use the wooden bird with the light.
Watch the video clip.
Go and speak to the handsome psycopomp (all topics).
Get into the boat.
Watch the video clip.

Chapter 2
Enter the temple.
Go straight and speak with the grand priest.
He will not say much (rather shy this guy).
Get to the boat.
On the map, several areas can be lightened by moving the cursor on them.
Click on the Isis temple (most upper left construction).
Not much of a flight this time.
Enter the temple and speak with Isis (if you like to call this a dialog…).
On the wall at Isis’ right there is an enigma.
You need to re-order not only the plates with drawings but also the “text”
under them. (To do this without a walkthrough requires some extensive knowledge
of ancient Egyptian history).
This is how you need to do this:
>From top left to right:
1.	Sitting woman and man standing and holding a papyrus.
2.	Guy with a black dog head holding a knife and standing in front of some
3.	Same guy in front of a sarcophagus.
4.	The pharaoh in the sarcophagus.
5.	Two guys throwing the sarcophagus in the water.
6.	The same sarcophagus in front of a sort of palm tree.
7.	The guy with the black dog head holding an ox above his head.
8.	Red profile at left, a forest, and body parts.
9.	Woman in red skirt and body parts.
10.	Same woman with the sarcophagus and the pharaohs’ white silhouette 
11.	Guy standing with a falcon in his hand.
12.	The guy with a falcon and the pharaoh.

Underneath these plates you got others with text that you need to order under
the respective drawings:
1.	Osiris, son of Earth and sky, is pharaoh and Isis is his wife.
2.	Seth, his twin brother, is envious and decides to kill him.
3.	To a banquet, Seth wants to offer a sarcophagus to the one who will fit
4.	All tried but only Osiris fitted.
5.	Before he could get out the sarcophagus is thrown in the water.
6.	The sarcophagus is found by Isis, caught in some branches.
7.	Seth decides to get rid of his brother once and for all.
8.	He cuts the body in 13 pieces.
9.	Isis wants to save the body and retrieves all the parts.
10.	She puts all the parts together and uses Saint oils on the reformed body.
11.	Then she lays on the body and conceives their son, Horus.
12.	Horus avenges his father by killing Seth.

Once the story is re-arranged, Isis gives you a talisman.
Go back to your psycopomp and on the boat.
On the map, click on the area immediately at the right and down from the main
temple (on the “Stomach” of the sphinx).
Here you find a small crate on the top of a sort of sarcophagus, and in the
crate you find Ankh’s cross.
Pick it up; go back to the boat, and on the map click on the beach with palm
trees (right from the sphinx).
Go and speak with the little fisherman.
Use the talisman on the boy.
You get a scale and a stone icon.
Go back to the boat and click on the small island at the bottom of the map
(most south island).
Go straight up the stairs to the big stone crate.
Use the stone icon on the crate to open it.
Pick up all the coloured feathers.
Go to the left of the crate and use the scale on the stone hook (upper part of
the left pillar).
Compare the weight of all the feathers and choose the heaviest one. You need to
put two feathers on the scale, keep the heaviest one, and replace the lightest
one with another feather and so on (The colour of the heaviest feather varies
in each game, so you really need to do this by yourself).
Go back to the crate and replace all other feathers back inside the crate. Keep
only the heaviest one. If you don’t do so, the psycopomp will tell you that the
boat cannot carry you.
Go back to the main temple. Go inside the temple and place the feather on the
left small pillar and the Ankh’s cross on the right small pillar (anyway, you
can see the corresponding relief on top of each pillar. And if you can’t… buy
some spectacles!)
Watch the video clip.
Go back to the psycopomp and go with him.
Have a look at the scarab in your inventory. It’s turned into gold!
Go to the small island where you found the cross, go to the small crate and
open the box containing the scarab. You are transported to an empty room.
Pass the temporal gate and you are again in the cave in the beginning of the

Chapter 3
Exit the cave. Talk with the guy outside and watch the video clip.
Talk with the evil officer (all topics).
Pick the crystal skull and you will find yourself in a sort of bizarre maze.
>From the starting point, you will have to wander through this maze which is
not so complicated but confusing enough for no one to successfully give you
some directions.
Anyway, after walking up and down for a while, you will find a crystal dolphin.
Talk with it and it will tell you to search in the maze (first door left and
third door right).
Go and walk some more in the maze and you will find some bubbles representing
kind of corridors.
Enter one of these bubbles, but this time you will not be able to find your way
out of the maze, so go back on your steps by exiting the door BEHIND you.
You are again in the bubble maze and you need to find the dolphin once again
(bloomin’ beast).
Believe me I tried several times to note down directions but it’s quite an
impossible task, but this transparent creature shouldn’t be too difficult to
As you are facing the dolphin, turn around and just in front of it there is a
bubble, kind of upwards from its nose, on which your cursor becomes an ACTION
button (NOT directional, but as if you can use the object).
Click on it, and you will go back to the evil officer.
Watch video clip.
When left alone, click on the painting on the right pillar representing an
Watch the video clip.
Go back and the click TWICE on the wind chimes (you cannot go and click
directly to it).
You get a crystal like item called “remote controller”, at the three corners of
it you have:
-up, left: non functional, it breaks.
-up right: Access to the Paleolithic era.
-down: Access to Baghdad.
Click on the Paleolithic button. You will not see anything special, but the
beep tells you that it worked.
When you exit the remote controller you will see an opening in front of you. Go

Chapter 4 (disk 3)
Watch video clip.
Walk towards the back of the cave.
You will fall and die and star playing as your phantom.
Facing your body, go in the right cave.
On the floor you will find some wood. Use the stick in your inventory to light
the fire.
Watch the video clip (you are a ….dog?)
Shadows appear on the cave’s walls.
Facing the exit, you have three shadows on the left and two shadows on the
Left: White wolf, red wolf, and dark wolf (Green?)
Right: Transparent wolf (Grey?), Black wolf.
You need to make them fight so that the white wolf wins.
How you do this: Click on the green and on the black ones. Click on the red
one. Click on the transparent (grey) one. Click on the white one.
Watch the video clip.
Follow the wolf through the cave’s wall (a directional arrow will appear).
Watch the video clip.
Go straight and pick the tree trunk.
Advance some more until you reach a tree at the edge of the water.
Use the tree stump with the ground just in front of the tree.
Click to advance.
Watch video clip.
Pick a small stone from the grass. Go straight and use the stone on the tiger.
Pick the tree branch on the ground at the right of the screen.
Advance some more and use the branch on the big rock.
Some two steps ahead you will see a white wolf on your right and a bear on your
left (d’oh)
Go left and you get to a…no no, not a bear, but a BLACK WOLF (double D’oh).
Go back and take right to lead the black beast to the white wolf. Watch the
fighting (nature can be so cruel sometimes).
Hmmmm, back to the black wolf’s starting point and pick the pole on the ground.
Go towards the bear and us the pole on the ground at your feet to cross. Go
past the bear (he’s too busy anyway), and a few steps further, push the tree
trunk in the water. Cross the river, go up the stone path to the hanging
jellyfish-shaped device. Use the directional arrow to climb in it. (Phew).
Go through the opening and pick the automatic spear-thrower and the crystal
Watch the video clip and go find that flippin’ dolphin again. Talk to it and
mark down the clues it gives you.
Next to the dolphin there is a bubble showing the image of the jellyfish-shaped
thing. Click on it.
Go out (down) from the structure and down the stone road. At some point on the
rocks on your right you will notice the vague picture of the white wolf. Click
on it to go through the wall and you are back in the cave again.
Go to the main room where your dead body lies.
Have a look around and follow the direction of the water (you must have the
water at your feet).
Go straight and you will get to a smaller cave with animals running on the
wall. Pick the spear on the ground and hit the four running animals. For each
successful hit you will get a heart shaped ruby (cheap sort of building your
wealth) (Heart shaped rubies, reminds you of anything?)
Go back to the dead corpse (I wonder if you leave it there a will it will begin
to rot)
Place the four stones around the body, respecting the symbols (which by the way
you can hardly see on the ground): Fire, left leg; Earth, right leg; Air, left
arm; Water, right arm.
You will come back to life.
Go now towards the upper cave (exit at the right of the origin of the waterfall
and grid-like stone pillars.
Watch video clip.
You are back in the room of the remote controller. Pick the remote from your
inventory and click on Baghdad.

Chapter 5
You play as a young thief.
Watch video clip. Click on the lid of the bin, smelling the rotten fish.
Go out of the jar. DO NOT ADVANCE! If you do so, the guard will catch you and
you will have to re-start form the beginning.
Go RIGHT and pick the stones next to the plants on your left. Again you will
have to be very patient to get the action cursor.
Use the rocks with the palm tree in front of the house.
Go QUICKLY on the right and pick the ladder from the opposite wall.
Go back QUICKLY left, and use the ladder with the balcony.
Go up the ladder and watch the video clip.
Enter the pink door ahead. You are now in a beautiful garden.
Go right in the stairs, along the corridor on the left and pick the pole.
Go back and walk to your right. Cross the platform and have a look at the chick
in the tent making signs at you. Just for the fun try and go to her.
Go back and left from your starting point.
Walk along the golden marble path around the pool.
On the left you see a nice banana tree. Use the pole with the Bananas.
Pick the banana from the ground (right, by the pool)
Have a look at the monkey on the other side of the pool and use the banana on
Pick the three colored sticks on the ground.
Go straight, turn left, pass the middle main structure, and go to the little
platform with a pedestal containing a big golden pipe-like device.
Cross the platform, look at the kind of black mailbox and go to the path on the
right and you will get to a yellow griffin (ugly eh?).
It has a cage suspended just above it * Hint hint *
Pick the big pearl on the ground (your left).
Go back to the platform, past the mailbox, and use the pearl on the hole of the
pipe-like device.
Watch video clip.
You have to solve a maze by attracting the unicorn out of the maze. You have to
place the crystals to attract it. The order of the colours is: blue, yellow,
red, and green.
Here I am afraid that you will either have to do it by yourself, either to go
to my web page to see the pictures. I can give you some hints.
Starting from the unicorn, and going up.
Place the blue one at the cross with the third path to your left.
The yellow one slightly left from the second blue pillar going from the left,
at the bottom of the screen. It should be roughly in the middle of the bottom
turning path.
Place the red one in the middle of the path right on the left edge of the
screen, right in front of the crossroad.
Place the green one at the right end of the path coming from the exit of the
maze (little house in the upper-left corner)
Click on the unicorn. It has to escape through the little house at the
upper-left corner.
You are back on the platform, but now you have a unicorn’s horn in your
Go and place this horn in the “mailbox”. The griffin is trapped (down boy).
Click on the red crate in the wall and pick up the three stones.
Go back to the banana tree, go left and left again to the small wall. Climb it
to another platform with the guard and a girl in the tent. Look at the curtain
in the tent. It’s red so use the red stick you got from the monkey on the
guard. If flees. Go in the tent and enjoy the company…
Speak with the girl and give her the ruby. She will give you a key.
Go out and left, past the point where you entered, and continue left. Cross the
platform with the colourful mosaic on the ground. You get to another tent,
which is the green one (though it has blue carpets).
Repeat the same operation for the guard and the blue stone on the girl and you
will get a map. Exit the tent, go back across the platform and to the main
structure, but before reaching it, turn right and cross the small bridge to the
small tent in the middle of the small lake. Repeat the same operation. You will
get another small key.
Go to the main structure and use the first key on the gate in front of the
spiral staircase. Ignore the “thing” that tries to kiss you. You will have to
play a mini game.
In the game with the little monkey and hippos you will decide how many steps
you will take at once. The higher the monkey is in the tree when you hit the
red button, the less spaces you will move. (The ball bounces of the hippo’s
Calculate your hits because you have to get to the top of the building before
the gnome. The lion spaces make you and him move forwards. While the cobra and
him step back. There’s nothing more to this game. Good luck. If you don’t
succeed you have to re-start this silly game.
Once you have succeeded, watch the video clip, enter through the door and go
straight through the snakes. You are now in a new room from which you cannot
exit. Through the window you can see 4 constellations. Another one is on the
tapestry with the snake on the wall behind you. A star diagram lies on the
You must click on the stars on the floor according to the constellations on the
window and the one on the tapestry. Once you find one, it will light up. When
you light up all five, they will blink and switch off, and one single one
remains, that is not part of any constellations.
The snake one (from the tapestry) is up, right, underneath the far right
The constellation from the far left window is immediately left from the snake
The constellation from the second window is on the top of the diagram,
underneath the first and second window from the left.
The third constellation is at the far left side of the diagram. Good luck at
finding it.
The fourth constellation is at the bottom of the diagram, at the southwest of
the snake constellation.
The remaining star will light up. You will next have to find the shortest path
between this star and the one representing the snake’s mouth. (The snake from
the tapestry, so by the snake’s mouth I mean the star that is placed on the
snake’s mouth in the tapestry) Have a look at my pictures if you are completely
You can now exit the room and you are in front of some stairs. Go up and look
at the wardrobe on the right.
Only the wooden squared triangles need to be lifted. The puzzle is in fact
simple. There are four main groups of drawers. The ones with the triangle
corner up, corner down, corner left, and corner right.
The ones that are squared (in wooden boxes) need to be opened, the rest closed.
By clicking on one single type of triangle you activate only the ones of the
SAME TYPE (for example, clicking on a triangle with the angle up will
open/close one some of the drawers with a triangle with the angle up on them).
When you open the drawers with the wooden square around them, the lower row of
drawers will open (you will hear a click).
You retrieve a parchment in the lower row of drawers, the the wardrobe will
spin revealing another set of drawers. (d’oh)
Click as follows:
>From up to down and left to right.
1. Row 4, column 3
2. Row 1, column 3
3. Row 2, column 4
4. Row 1, column 1

the door opens and you pick the cloth and use it on the green vase.
Watch the video clip.
Click on the skull.
Go in the maze and search for the dolphin (again that ****** fish!)
Listen to what it says.
Exit through the bubble in front of it and exit the room.
Watch video clip.
Use the skull. Click on it and go search the bubble with the corridors. Enter
the bubble and go through the doors as the dolphin told you: first door left,
third door right, fourth door left, third door left, first door right, sixth
door left.

Chapter 6
You arrive in the Rhea gardens.
You find two old people but whatever you try to do, the old man stops you.
Go ahead towards the old lady and speak with her. Talk with her only about
The old man will call you. Go towards him but do NOT talk. He talks first.
Only after that, talk with him when the dialog box opens; click on the skull,
then on the icon representing yourself, the globe.
Go towards the old lady and talk with her, using first the icon of the earth
with multiple arrows, then the staff.
Turn around, and go towards your first place by the small lake. Click on the
left-ish directional arrow (towards the green and yellow bush)
Click towards the lake. Watch the video clip.
In your inventory, click on the staff. You are back to the dolphin (yay…)
Find the beast again and talk with it. Click on the bubble in front of it that
will transport you outside the cave.
Get the black torch on the left metallic structure.
Use the torch on the distant guard between the two metal structures (don’t get
close to him)
Pick his knife (at his left hand), and the keys from his belt. Pick up also the
keys that are hung from a wooden pillar between the two metal tents. Use the
knife on the Tuarge egg. Use the keys on his and talk with him.
Turn left, and go to the car that is parked closest to you. (if you go to the
other one, another guard will kill you).
Use the keys on the car and watch the oh, how short (happy?) ending.

Credits: Game played by: Myster Mask and Monica.
Walkthrough written by Myster Mask and typed by Monica.
Send any questions by email to: [email protected]
The address of the website where you can find all the pictures of the
walkthrough as well as many others in a nice preview will be posted on this
board in a few day’s time.

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