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Episode Two-Lifthransir's Bane

Written by Chaz5000
E-Mail [email protected]

Current Version:Version 0.01-First version of this FAQ.  Contains basic 

Legal Information:
This Walkthrough is to be found only at GameFAQs.com at the moment.It is 
Copyright 2001 Chaz5000.
Castle of the Winds is copyright Epic MegaGames.

SECTION 1:Starting the game
If you already beat Castle 1, then you can start up Castle 2, and load your
save game for a starting point.  Otherwise, you can create a character just
like in the original, except he gets more magic to start out with, and 
starts at a higher level.  Out of the magic you can pick when you start the
game, select:Light, Phase Door, Magic Arrow, Neutralize Poison, Identify, 
Rune of Return, and Lightning Bolt.  These should give you a good range of 
offensive and defensive magic, outside of there being no healing magic, but
you should be able to pick up some at one of the many shops in town.  Now
shop around in town, and if you are reloading an old game from Castle 1,
sell the loot from Hrungnir's Fortress.  If you're hard up for cash, you can
sell the Amulet of Kings; you no longer need it.  Consult the weapon and 
armor list in the help file to assist you in deciding what to buy. 

SECTION 2:A visit to Lifthransir
Head north out of town, and go to the dungeon.  Walk all the way north,
and take a left into the throne room of the shade of the dead king
Lifthransir.  Walk into him twice, then descend the stairs downward.
The levels are random from here on down, but I'll point out any special
things in each of the dungeon levels . 

SECTION 3:Welcome to the Dungeon
Dungeon Level 1:Lots of goodies, but nothing of storyline significance.

Dungeon Level 2:Same as above.             

Dungeon Level 3:Same as above.            

Dungeon Level 4:There is a man about to be sacrificed on this level.  Get to
him promptly, defeat the monsters surrounding him, and he'll tell you more 
about the dungeon.

Dungeon Level 5:Almost to something important.

Dungeon Level 6:A group of killer Wolfmen live down here.  Use a "Scroll of
Map Level" if you have one, otherwise search the level until you find them.
Defeat them, and continue on your way.

Dungeon Level 7:Nothing here but loot.

Dungeon Level 8:Still nothing here but loot.

Dungeon Level 9:Just another loot-filled level.

Dungeon Level 10:Almost to something important.

Dungeon Level 11:On this level is your first encounter with a wizard. Defeat
him and his minions, and collect the treasure they leave behind.  When you 
return to town, go to the castle and you'll be given a set of "Enchanted 
Gauntlets of Slaying".

Dungeon Level 12:Nothing here but loot.

Dungeon Level 13:Same as above.

Dungeon Level 14:Beware of the Crypt.  Same as most other levels, but has a 
crypt located in it.  This means Castle Wight city.  Be sure to remember 
that Castle Wights are the ones that can kill you by draining your 
intelligence.  Oh, yeah, they can drain it in under four turns.  Using 
"Phase Door" is highly reccomended.

Dungeon Level 15:A rather unremarkable level.  Lots of dangerous critters 
live down here.  After you beat this level, return to town.  Enter the 
castle and you'll be given a "Meteoric Steel Helmet."  You're also warned
about "The Giant Kings' Throne Rooms," rooms filled with giants!

Dungeon Level 16:The first throne room of a Giant King is on this level.  
The Hill Giant King, Utgardhalok, is the boss of this level.  Beat him and
his flunkies, and descend to level 17.

Dungeon Level 17:Only one thing to be wary of in this level-A room full of 
inanimate statues with a glyph in the center becomes a roomful of ANIMATED 
statues when you step on the glyph.  Fighting statues is stupid(They'll 
probably lick you in under three turns), so stay away from this room!

Dungeon Level 18:Another Giant King to tackle, this time it's Rugnir, The 
Stone Giant King.  Beat him and get on with the dungeon.

Dungeon Level 19:Elemental City.  Find the first stairway down and descend. 

Dungeon Level 20:Yet another Giant King to tackle.  Now it's Thyrm, the Frost
Giant King.  Beat him and descend to level 21.

Dungeon Level 21:Just another tough level.  Beat the enemies, descend to 
level 22.

Dungeon Level 22:It's finally the last of the Giant Kings.  Thiassa, The 
Fire Giant King, will try to beat you; beat him first and either descend 
to level 23, or return to town for some Pep-talk from The Jarl.

Dungeon Level 23:Not much special here-descend to level 24.

Dungeon Level 24:Just another tough level.  Enjoy this level-Surtur is on 
level 25!

Dungeon Level 25:Not much here, just Surtur, the hardest enemy in either 
Castle 1 and Castle 2.  Keep your eye on him, he can teleport when the going
gets rough for him, and leave you to fight all of his minions.  He has the 
most powerful magic in the game, and can summon monsters to fight with him, 
even after you destroyed his minions.  After you defeat Surtur, you win!  
No wait, you get the Helmet of Storms.  Now all you have to do is cast 
"Rune of Return" and give the helmet to King Lifthranthsir, right.  WRONG!  
You have to trek up ALL 25 LEVELS of the dungeon, because "The Helmet of 
Storms absorbs the Aura Energy."  Good luck on your way back up.  After you 
make it back up, THEN you win the game.  Congratulations!
-----------------------END OF WALKTHROUGH FOR CASTLE 2------------------

To GameFAQs, for hosting this walkthrough.                             
To Cactus Jack and Fritter, my cats, for mercifully leaving me alone while
I typed this FAQ.
To Sega, for Sonic R, which I played heavily between writing walkthroughs.

This walkthrough is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.

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