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Episode One-A Question of Vengeance

Written by Chaz5000
E-Mail Address [email protected]

Current Version:Version 0.01-First version of this FAQ.  Contains basic

Legal Information:
This Walkthrough is to be found only at GameFAQs.com at the moment.It is
Copyright 2001 Chaz5000.
Castle of the Winds is copyright Epic MegaGames.

SECTION 1:Getting Started
At the start of Castle of the Winds, you get to create a character.  Select
your gender and type your name. For the character customization, you'll want
to leave dexterity and constitution at default levels. Increase your
intelligence to the maximum, and put the rest of your points into strength.
When asked what your first magic should be, select "Magic Arrow".  Once
inside the first town, see what the shops have.  You'll NEED a better weapon
if you hope to survive. Don't buy any armor, there's a set of it inside the
first level of the first dungeon.  If you see any magic books inside the
other shop, buy them.  "Phase Door" is highly recommended, even more highly
than "Heal Minor Wounds".  Now it's time to set out on your first trip into
the dungeon!

SECTION 2:The First Dungeon
Now that you're equipped, head north into the old mine.  From there head
north-west at the first intersection. Defeat the lone Kobald, and get the
armor next to him.  Now head back to that first intersection and go north.
Ignore the path to the east, it only contains a couple of Giant Rats.
Defeat the goblin guarding the stairway down, and save.  Now descend to the
second level of this dungeon.  From here on down in this dungeon, each of the
levels is random(It looks different if you save, descend to the next level,
reload, and descend again).  The only advice I can give you is to save
frequently and to save often.  I'll leave it up to you to select what magic
you want as you level up.(Check out the help file for information on
choosing)  Once you get down to level four, look for a group of four Kobalds
hanging around some straw ticks.  Once you defeat them, get the scrap of
parchment that is on the floor.  Read it, and leave the dungeon.  Once you
revisit your town, you find that it has been burned to the ground.  After
this sad event, leave town and follow the road westward until you reach the
next town.

SECTION 3:Welcome to the next village
Now that you've made it to the next village, sell stuff like rings and wands
that you couldn't sell at the first village.  Now buy some enchanted bracers
and gauntlets.(If the guy has them and you've got the cash)  Now buy any
other magic they might have at the new stores here.  Make sure you get a
large chest to hold all the loot you're going to get in this next dungeon!
Ignore the "Enchanted Amulets of somthing-or-other" unless you've got a LOT
of cash.  Now it's time to tackle the major challenge of Hrungnir's Fortress.

SECTION 4:The first real challenge
On the mountain path to the fortress, there are two traps in the middle of
the two short  straightaways. Disarm them, and enter the fortress.  Once
inside, head straight north and search.  Go through the secret door, and
descend the stairs.  Once again, the levels are random, so you'll have to
rely on your own clever wit and your...uh...cleverness to get through this
dungeon.  Make frequent trips back to town to sell of the loot you find in
the dungeon.  Once you get "Rune of Return" this task will become much
easier!  Once you reach level 11 of the dungeon, beware, because you get to
face Hrungnir, the Hill Giant Lord!  Blast him and his Ogre flunkies several
times with the strongest attack you have, "Cold Ball" or "Fire Ball" being
recommended.  Once you defeat Hrungnir, you'll recieve the "Enchanted Amulet
of Kings".  Use it twice, save your game at the screen that pops up, and
move on to Castle of the Winds 2.
--------------END OF WALKTHROUGH FOR CASTLE 1-----------------------

If you registered Castle of the Winds, be sure to read the walkthrough by
the same author for Castle of the Winds 2.

To GameFAQs, for hosting this walkthrough.
To Cactus Jack and Fritter, my cats, for mercifully leaving me alone while I
typed this FAQ.
To Sega, for Sonic R, which I played heavily between writing walkthroughs.

This walkthrough is copyright 2001 Chaz5000.

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