Walkthrough ( Chapter 1 ) - Guide for Max Payne

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Chapter 1

      Right when you step off the train, go to the door on your left and in it will 
be a blood stained wall. Go through the next door ahead and it will cut to a video 
showing the dead cop. You now have your LEAD PIPE and your BERETTA. Go back to the 
train part and there will be two guys. Kill them with your BERETTA and take their 
weapons. One or both of them should have a DESERT EAGLE. Go up the stairs and you 
will hear gunshots. Theyll talk for a second and then you should burst in with fire. 
They will stop unsuspected for a moment and thats your best chance. After you kill 
them. Continue on and to your left will be a guy behind a gate. Kill him and it will 
cut to a slow motion movie of him dying. Go to the stairs near you and all the way 
down will be a dead train dont go to it yet. Continue until you get to the guy on 
your left. He has a SHOTGUN so use your DESERT EAGLE if you still have bullets with 
it. Go through the gate and then continue down the stairs. There are 3 guys down 
there so if you have DUAL BERETTAS use those. If not, use the SHOTGUN. Shoot the two 
guys on the right first and quickly dive to your right and shoot the other. Go to 
your left and there will be a corridor and on the left in the middle will be a door. 
Go through it and quickly shoot the guy not looking at you. There will be items 
around here, such as PAINKILLERS and AMMO. Get the guy to follow you all the way 
back up to the steel door at the top of the stairs. He will open it for you and then 
he'll be shot. Press the buttons on the right and go through the door. Continue 
until you get to 4 guys. Kill them all and go to the door on your right. The left 
button you will have to press and youll see white stuff fill up. Go back to the dead 
train and now turn it on. When the video stops, Jump out and kill the guys ahead, 
preferably with a BERETTA or DESERT EAGLE. Continue until you see two little 
hydrogen pumps. Go up and go through the door and youll be at chapter 2. WALKTHROUGH 

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