Walkthrough ( Chapter 2 ) - Guide for Max Payne

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Chapter 2

       You will start out in an empty ticket station place. Head up and then left. 
Stop at the corner and turn your VIEW to look down the next corridor. You will see 2 
guys ( One might be whistling ). Dive to your left while your VIEW is looking down 
the corridor. Do this right when they get close. Your best chance is to use the 
SHOTGUN. One has a shotgun so if you dont have any bullets left, use DUAL BERETTAS.
Once you kill them, head to the end of the corridor and make a right to the door. 
Get ready though, because there will be a guy right when you open it. Once this guy 
is killed, keep going down until you see another guy. Kill him and jump in the 
sewer. Continue to your right until you hear people talking. Wait a second and his 
cell phone will ring ( Sounds like the Nokia Tune! ). Then while hes on his cell 
phone run up and dive with your DUAL BERETTAS. After the two are dead, jump up and 
get behind a box. There are two more guys, one with a SHOTGUN, so pull out YOUR 
SHOTGUN and dive forward into him and fire. Do the same and kill the other guy. Go 
up the steps and Max will say, " What the hell?! ". There will be a little tremor 
and rocks will fall. Dont worry, these dont affect you. Continue STRAIGHT up to the 
boxes in front of you. There are two guys ahead of you, but they cant see you. They 
will argue for a minute and then the guy will pull out a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN and shoot 
the other guy. DONT MOVE. The guy who shot the other guy will head your direction. 
When he gets close, and make sure your SHOTGUN is out, dive to your right and kill 
him. Now you have the SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN. The SHOTGUN and SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN share 
bullets, so be conservative. Go up and then right down the steps. Right when you get 
to the NEAR BOTTOM, dive forward and look to your right. Use your new SAWED-OFF 
SHOTGUN and kill them. Go through the cave that the lights are facing. STOP right 
before you get to the blown-open part of the cage. Get any of your pistols out, 
preferably the DESERT EAGLE, and run out. Run towards the guys until they notice 
you. Then gunfight the thugs until you kill them all. Go in the open vault looking 
door and go left. There will be buttons with a GREEN light above them. Get either 
one of your SHOTGUNS and press the buttons. Immediately dive to your left. Shoot 
this guy and kill the others in the place. Go to the middle section and look up. 
Take your BERETTA out and shoot the alarm. Max will say, " Thank you ". On the BIG 
computer in the middle, press it twice and go to your left. Go in the open vault and 
get the DETONATORS on the table. Go back to the big computer and press it once. Go 
back to the part where you first got the SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN and a bench will be 
pushed into view. Three guys will come. Kill them with your SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN. Go to 
the door ahead and press X. Itll blow up and cut to a scene of Max talking to Alex. 
After the video shoot the thugs up the stairs and continue up the stairs. If you 
need PAINKILLERS, go into the little office right after you kill the thugs. Go all 
the way up the stairs and youre finished with CHAPTER 2.

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