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  ____                                          _                   _ 
 / ___|___  _ __ ___  _ __ ___   __ _ _ __   __| |   __ _ _ __   __| |
| |   / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |  / _` | '_ \ / _` |
| |__| (_) | | | | | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | | (_| | | | | (_| |
 \____\___/|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|
  ____                                    _____         
 / ___|___  _ __   __ _ _   _  ___ _ __  |___ /         
| |   / _ \| '_ \ / _` | | | |/ _ \ '__|   |_ \    
| |__| (_) | | | | (_| | |_| |  __/ |     ___) | 
 \____\___/|_| |_|\__, |\__,_|\___|_|    |____/         
 _  __                _      __        __         _   _     
| |/ /__ _ _ __   ___(  ___  \ \      / / __ __ _| |_| |__  
| ' // _` | '_ \ / _ \// __|  \ \ /\ / / '__/ _` | __| '_ \ 
| . \ (_| | | | |  __/ \__ \   \ V  V /| | | (_| | |_| | | |
|_|\_\__,_|_| |_|\___| |___/    \_/\_/ |_|  \__,_|\__|_| |_|

Game: Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Written By: ATAL
Platform: PC,xbox360
Genre: Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
Version: 1.01
Difficulty: Medium


               *****-----TABLE OF CONTENTS-----*****


1) - INTRODUCTION                                     [C&CKW001]
   1.1) About the Author                              [C&CKW002]
   1.2) Contact Information                           [C&CKW003]
   1.3) Disclaimer                                    [C&CKW004]
   1.4) About the Game                                [C&CKW005]

2) - WALKTHROUGH                                      [C&CKW006]
 Mission 1: Rio Insurrection                          [C&CKW007]
 Mission 2: What is Rightfully Ours                   [C&CKW008]
 Mission 3: Persuade Him...                           [C&CKW009]
 Mission 4: A Grand Gesture...                        [C&CKW010]
 Mission 5: Keys to the Kingdom                       [C&CKW011]
 Mission 6: All that Glitters                         [C&CKW012] 
 Mission 7: The Doctor Vanishes                       [C&CKW013]
 Mission 8: MARV Rising                               [C&CKW014]
 Mission 9: The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar              [C&CKW015]
 Mission 10: Hearts and Minds                         [C&CKW016]
 Mission 11: Tacitus Interruptus                      [C&CKW017]
 Mission 12: Will Made Flesh                          [C&CKW018]
 Mission 13: Tacitus Regained                         [C&CKW019]

3) - CREDITS                                          [C&CKW020]

1) - INTRODUCTION                  [C&CKW001]
Welcome, Everyone, to my first FAQ/Walkthroug.if you have any suggestions,
criticisms, or would like to add to this guide, just use the contact information
below to reach me.

1.1) - About the Author            [C&CKW002]
My name is ATAL, 
and I live in Pakistan I am 15 years old,
and this is my first guide. 
I like RTS games the most. 
I really liked this game and thought I would to write a guide about this game.

1.2) - Contact Information         [C&CKW003]
you can contact me through any of the following:

1) - You can send me a Private Message from my personal profile page on
www.cheathappens.com. Just 
     copy and paste this URL into your address browser:
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2) - You can contact me via e-mail. You can email me your suggestions to:
     [email protected]

1.3) - Disclaimer                  [C&CKW004]
You cannot post this guide on other sites without my permission.
If you post this guide against my permission legal action will be taken against You.
The only site that has my permission to use the guide is 

CheatHappens (www.cheathappens.com)

If you find this guide on any other site, please tell me immediately so I can deal
with it.

1.4) - About the Game              [C&CKW005]
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath is an expansion pack for the 2007 real-time
video game Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

2 - FAQ/Walkthrough               [C&CKW006]

Mission 1 The Rio Insurrection    [C&CKW007]
"The slums of Rio seeth with anger, anger
against................................................Kane's army shall be reborn"


Primary Objectives                                       
1 Destroy GDI Administration Centers.
2 Destroy Splinter Faction Construction Yard.

Bonus Objective
1 Capture GDI radio stations.
2 Use Power Signature Scan.
3 Defend Captured Radio Stations.

Build a shredder turret and laser turret to the 4 entrances to your base. Then
build some units and attack the GDI 
Administration Center. Some of the administration buildings are protected by base
defenses or units garrison inside the 
buildings. To destroy them use rocket soldiers. Each time you attack the GDI
administration buildings, GDI reinforcements 
come. Once you destroy the GDI administration buildings you get some -------
troops. There are also 1 GDI radio station 
and 1 tiberium spike near the GDI administration buildings, Capture them.
After Destroying the GDI administration buildings and capturing the Radio
stations, you can build the scorpion tank
and have a power. Defend the radio stations and us the power signature scan (just
to complete the bonus objectives).
Now you have to destroy the construction yard of your enemy. Destroy the
disruption towers to reveal the enemy base 
and then attack the enemy construction yard and destroy it.
                                                       (Mission Completed)

Mission 2 What is rightfully ours  [C&CKW008]
"Nod is resurgent, but remains weak...................................Reclaim what
is ours"


Primary Objectives
1 Capture covert GDI research laboratory.
2 Hold laboratory until upload completes.

Bonus Objectives
1 GDI research laboratory takes less than 50% damage.

Build some units and base defenses. There are more tiberium to left of your base
and also a tiberium spike to just to 
the right side of your base. The lab is defended by a lot of base defenses. So
build a lot of units and capture the lab.
First destroy all the defenses and units around the lab. Build a new base here.
Just build some base defense and barracks 
and war factory. Then Capture the tiberium spike. Defend the lab for 4 minutes and
make sure it does not take more 
damage than 50%.
                                                   (Mission completed)

Mission 3 Persuade Him                [C&CKW009] 
"The brotherhood continues to grow and ...............................Convince the
good brother otherwise"


Primary Objectives
1 Destroy Marcion's Stronghold.
2 Destroy Marcion's Escort.
3 Escort  Marcion's Transport to Evac Zone.

Bonus Objectives
1 Locate and destroy steel talons pulse scanners.
2 Destroy Marcion's Statue.

There are blue tiberium crystals to left of your base. Send a harvester to collect
tiberium. The enemy will attack your base.
So build some base defenses. There are 4 tiberium spikes to the left corner of the
map. Capture them. Destroy Pulse scanner's
as you find them, Destroy them quickly. There are also some tiberium a little bit
forward to the tiberium spikes. Build a
refinery, Hand of nod, War factory and some base defenses around it. Attack the
enemy base.The base is protected by a lot 
of base defenses but some can attack only ground units and some can attack air
units. So use your units wisely. There 
are three Marcion's statues. Destroy them. After that attack his stronghold and
destroy it.
Marcion will try to run away from the battlefield, So attack the two avatars and
Marcion's escort will be under your 
control. Build some venom units to have a larger view. Escort Marcion's transport
to the Evaczone. Don’t let it be destroyed
or the mission will be failed.
                                                    (Mission completed)

Mission 4 A Grand Gesture         [C&CKW010]
"With Marcion returned to the fold ...................................witness to
Nod’s violent rebirth"


Primary Objectives
1 Destroy GDI liquid tiberium research lab.

Bonus Objectives
1 Knock out research complex power station.
2 Capture purifier Husks.

There is some blue tiberium crystals and 2 tiberium spikes, Capture them, The
enemy will attack you quite often so build a 
lot of base defenses. There are some more tiberium to the right of your base and
some straight to it. Some squad of purifier 
were taken down by the GDI. Capture them with your saboteurs to bolster your
assault force. Take the purifiers back to 
your base and repair them. Then attack the GDI research complex. it is defended by
some base defenses, So attack it with 
a large force. After destroying the research complex the GDI will have no power to
defend the lab. Attack the research lab 
and destroy it. Remember to use your powers.
                                                    (Mission Completed)

Mission 5 Keys to the Kingdom  [C&CKW011]
"While you slumbered, Nod has grown and evolved,
assuming...............................ion cannon network-and the 
means to its undoing"


Primary Objectives
1 Destroy GDI Network Communications Center.
2 Destroy GDI ion Cannon Uplink.
3 Capture the Network Research Centers before the ion Cannon Re-aligns.

Bonus Objectives
1 Capture Network research centers 3 minutes prior to ion cannon re-aligned

You are given 1 commando and 4 shadow team units. The commando is very good
against the units and buildings. Move to the 
right side of your current position. Use the commando to kill all the units and
Destroy the GDI network communication 
center. There is only one way the commando can destroy the ion cannon. That’s the
bridge but there are two watch towers 
which can easily kill the commando and all of your units. There are 2 power plants
near the ion cannon. Destroy them and 
it will cut off the power to the watch towers and the ion cannon. Use shadow team
"Activate Glider" ability to fly over 
the water.Land them behind the power plants. Then use the "Explosive Charge"
ability to destroy the power plants. 
Then move your commando near the ion cannon and destroy it. Kill all the units.
After this you can build your own base and capture the 4 research centers before
the time runs out. Build some saboteurs and
garrison them inside the reckoner. There are some tiberium to the right of your
base. The enemy will attack your base. So 
be sure to build some base defenses. The labs are protected by base defenses and
units. So build a lot of units before you 
go and capture the 4 GDI research labs. Capture the labs while you still have 4 or
5 minutes to complete the bonus objective.
                                                     (Mission Completed)

Mission 6 All that Glitters        [C&CKW012]
"The prophet has the space station Philadelphia-and the
............................Destroy it and force Boyle to 
remain earthbound"


Primary Objectives
1 Tag treasury power plants with shadow beacons.
2 Destroy GDI Network Communications Center.
3 Destroy GDI Treasury.

Bonus Objectives
1 Steal Gold Bullions.

You have to tag the 4 power plants with beacons. For this you are given 2 squad of
shadow team. Be careful there are some
Hammerhead flying over which can detected sealth units. There are some AA battery
defenses when you see one don't fly over
them return to land. After tagging the 4 power plants with the shadow beacons, you
are given 4 specters and 4 sealth tanks. 
First go and destroy the GDI network communications center. The sealth tank can
attack air units. Use them to destroy the
Hammerhead units if they are flying nearby. They specters are very effective
against ground units and buildings and are long
ranged.Use the shadow team "activate Glider ability" to have a wider view of the
base. Then you have to destroy the GDI 
treasury.It is protected by a lot of units. Use the specter to destroy it from a
long range.

Mission7 The Doctor Vanishes      [C&CKW013]
"Dr.Alphonse Giraud, GDI leading .................................................
to our cause. Do not fail him."


Primary Objectives
1 Capture Giraud's lab.
2 Escort Dr.Giraud's Transport to the EvacZone.

Bonus Objectives
1 Capture the space control Center.

There is some blue tiberium crystals ahead of your base. That’s where GDI base is
located. Before attacking it make sure 
that you build a lot of base defenses because the enemy will attack your base
quite often. Then go attack the GDI base. 
The base extends to the spaceport control center. Destroy all of the enemy
buildings and units or capture them. Then 
capture the GDI spaceport control center.
The lab is protected by GDI units Garrisoned inside the buildings. Use flames
tanks to kill them. There are also some GDI
structures a little ahead of the lab. Destroy them. Then capture the Giraud's lab.
There will be a carryall to transport 
the doctor to the evaczone. The GDI will try to bring it down. Protect  the
carryall by all means, move your units a little
ahead of the carryall. If you see any GDI units destroy them, specially the
slingshot units. If the transport is destroyed
the mission will be failed.
                                               (Mission Completed)

Mission 8 MARV Rising           [C&CKW014]
"Nod central command has received disturbing reports
......................................... only the can we construct an 
appropriate response"


Primary Objectives
1 Capture Reclamator Hub.
2 Destroy MARV.
3 Defend Reclamator Hub until upload completes.
4 Construct Redeemer.
5 Destroy ZOCOM bases.

Bonus Objectives
1 Destroy ZOCOM's reinforcement MARV's.

Build a lot of Fanatics and use them to destroy the MARV which is heading towards
your base. Some of the GDI units have
Garrisoned them inside civilian buildings. Use flame tanks to take care of them.
Then go and attack the GDI base. Do not
capture the reclamator hub at once .First destroy or capture all of the GDI
buildings and units. Then capture the reclamator
hub. You have to defend it for 6 minutes. Also capture the 2 tiberium spikes. The
GDI will send reinforcements. So build a 
small base near it and construct base defenses. There are also some tiberium near
the reclamator hub, build some refinery's
to collect them. After defending the reclamator hub, Construct the redeemer
engineering facility. Then build a redeemer from
the redeemer engineering facility. The GDI have send 2 more MARV's. Destroy them.
Then attack the 2 ZOCOM bases, destroy the 
construction yard of the 2 bases.
                                                    (Mission Completed)

Mission 9 The Betrayal of kilian Qatar         [C&CKW015]
"Kilian Qatar has shown her true colors-the general
....................................... Soon all the world will know.


Primary Objectives
1 Destroy anti Aircraft Batteries.
2 Destroy GDI base.
3 Destroy the Laser Fence Control tower.
4 Infiltrate Ion shield research center.
5 Reach Evac Point.

Bonus Objectives
1 Saboteur reaches Evac point unharmed.

You are given a commando. Use the commando to kill the units and destroy the AA
batteries. There are two watch towers, be
careful. There is a power plant near the AA batteries. Destroy it, this will cut
off the power to the watch towers. Then
destroy the 3 AA batteries. Build your base and attack the GDI base. Destroy it.
After destroying the GDI base, you are given a commando and a saboteur. Kill the
units and destroy the laser fence control
tower. Kill units using the commando. After destroying the 3rd laser fence, there
are 2 ways to the research lab, defended
by the laser fence. The lab is protected by obelisk of light. Which can easily
kill your commando and saboteur. Wait for 
alexa to destroy the obelisk of light, then go and capture the ion shield research
center. Then move your saboteur
(on the bike) to the evac zone.
                                                  (Mission Completed)

Mission 10 Hearts and Minds   [C&CKW016]
"The cities of the world's yellow zones are
.......................................... and take back our city".


Primary Objectives
1 Destroy traveler-59 Drone Platform.
2 Destroy Traveler-59 Eradicator.

Bonus Objectives
1 Eliminate Cultists to rescue Nod combatants.
2 Construct Redeemer to battle traveler-59 Eradicator.

Destroy the 3 drone ship. They are protected by units and defenses. When you
attack it. It fly's away. So build some sealth
tank to attack it. There are some tiberium to the right of your base build some
refineries near it, Kill the cultists to
free your units. When you are at the main base of the Traveler-59,the Eradicator
shows up. The Eradicator is too powerful
for your normal units. Build a redeemer to battle with it. Also build some Raider
buggy and use it's "EMP Brust" ability 
to temporarily disable the Eradicator. Use the redeemer to kill the Eradicator.
                                                      (Mission completed)

Mission 11 Tacitus interruptus     [C&CKW017]
"Thanks to your unique provenase the tacitus has ........................
Ascension draws near ...."


Primary objectives
1 Damage ZOCOM MCV before it reaches docks.
2 Capture ZOCOM con yard.
3 Escort Zocom MCV to the EVAC Zone.

Bonus Objectives
1 Use tiberium vein detonation to destroy GDI tiberium Fields.

Build some flame tanks and select all of your units and attack the ZOCOM MCV. Just
damage it a little bit, do not destroy it.
After you damage it, it will unpack kill all other ground and air units. Use flame
tanks to kill units which are garrisoned
inside the buildings. Build a saboteur and capture the ZOCOM MCV. Build a lot of
units. Build the tiberium core plant which 
will give you the tiberium vein detonation power, use it on the GDI buildings in
the tiberium fields. After capturing it,
move it to the evac zone. The GDI will try to destroy the MCV, protect it and
escort it to the EVAC ZONE.
                                                      (Mission Completed)

Mission 12 Will Made Flesh    [C&CKW018]
"Nod's generals are dead, their militias defeated. Kane has
............................ Ascension draws near."


Primary Objectives
1 Capture Marked Of Kane Control.
2 Protect Control Nodes until Marked of Kane awaken.

Bonus Objectives
1 Control Nodes take less than 50% damage.

You have to capture the 4 control Nodes. First build up your base. Build a lot of
units. There are tiberium spike to the 
left and right of your base. Capture them. Build an outpost to the left and right
of your base, where the tiberium field is 
located.Use flame tanks to clear the garrisoned buildings. Capture the 4 Control
Nodes. Once you capture a control node, 
leave some units to protect the captured nodes. Defend the control nodes for 3:30
                                                 (Mission Completed)

Mission 13 Tacitus Regained     [C&CKW019]
"The marked of Kane have arisen, and the ....................... Ascension is at


Primary Objectives
1 Capture and hold GDI Communication Centers.
2 Capture Tacitus Containment Structure.

Bonus Objectives
1 Destroy GDI power plants.
2 Destroy GDI Bunker Entrance.

There are 3 tiberium spike to the left of your base. Capture them. Move to the
left corner of the base. Destroy the defenses
and bunkers and capture the GDI communication center. Build a new base here,
Capture the 2 tiberium spike. Destroy the 4 
power plants to cut off the power from the GDI communication center defenses.
Capture all the GDI communication Centers 
and destroy the bunkers. After you capture the communication centers, do not let
it be destroyed. After holding the 
communication center for 6 minutes the defense shield to the GDI base will be
down. Attack the GDI base. Also use your powers
(Nuclear Missile) on the GDI base. To destroy it quickly. When the defense shield
is completely down go and capture the 
Tacitus Containment structure. It is protected by mainly air defenses, so use your
ground units to deal with the defenses.
Then capture the tacitus containment structure.
                                                     (Mission Completed)

3) - CREDITS                          [C&CKW20]
Firstly I would like to thank the Almighty Allah, for creating me.

I would like to thank my Family,for buying me this game and the computer on from
which I composed this FAQ.

Finally, I would like to thank the founders of CheatHappens, Nevermore and
PWizard, for allowing this
FAQ/Walkthrough onto their site.

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