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     888888888 888888888 8      88 8     8 888888888 888888
     8/     \8 8/     \8 88     \8 8    8  8/     \8 8/   \8
     8         8       8 8 8     8 8   8   8         8     \8
     8         8       8 8  8    8 8  8    8         8     /8 
     8         8       8 8   8   8 8 8     8\    /8  8\   /8
     8         8       8 8    8  8 88      88888888  888888
     8         8       8 8     8 8 88      8/    \8  8 8
     8         8       8 8      88 8 8     8         8  8
     8         8       8 8       8 8  8    8         8   8
     8\     /8 8\     /8 8\      8 8   8   8\     /8 8\   8
     888888888 888888888 88      8 8    8  888888888 88    88
     ###   ### ### ### #####        ####  #### #    #### #### ###  #### ###
     ###   ### ### ### ##           #   # #    #    #  # #  # #  # #    #  #
     ###   ###  ## ##  #####   &    ####  #### #    #  # #### #  # #### #  #
     ##### ###   ###   ##           #  #  #    #    #  # #  # #  # #    #  #
     ##### ###    #    #####        #   # #### #### #### #  # ###  #### ###

      |                         WALKTHROUGH                         |

               Faq : .2006 (c).              By: FultonCameltoe 
                                 Version 1.4

   READ ME : 
                This walkthrough was entirely created by Jason Malone.
   If I see this with someone else's Name on it or If this Walkthrough is 
   on another website I will have them remove it!This walkthrough was 
   created for CHEATCODES.COM only.If you really want it so badly then
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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: INDEX ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

   SEC> 1 : About the game.
           A. What I thought of the game.
           B. Details.

   SEC> 2 : Story Mode.(the walkthrough).

           A. Hungover.

              a. Scaredy Birdy.

              b. Pan Handled.

              c. Gargoyle.

           B. Windy.

              a. Mrs Bee.

              b. Poo Cabin.

              c. Pruned.
              d. Yeehah.

              e. Sewage Sucks.

              f. Great Balls of Poo.

              g. Wasps' Revenge.

              h. Mr Barrel.

           C. Bats Tower.

              a. Mrs Catfish.

              b. Barry's Mate.

              c. Cogs' Revenge.

              d. The Combination.
              e. Blast Doors.

              f. Clang's Lair.

              g. Pisstastic.

              h. Brass Monkeys.
              i. Bullfish's Revenge.

           D. Barn Boys.

              a. Marvin.

              b. Mad Pitchfork.

              c. Sunny Days.

              d. Barry + Co.

              e. BUFF YOU.

              f. Haybot Wars.

              g. Frying Tonight.

              h. Slam Dunk.

           E. Sloprano.

              a. Corn Off The Cob.

              b. Sweet Melody.

              c. U-Bend Blues.

              d. The Bluff.

           F. Uga Buga.

              a. Drunken Gits.

              b. Sacrifice.

              c. Phlegm.

              d. Worship.

              e. Rock Solid.

              f. Bomb Run.

              g. Mugged.

              h. Raptor Food.

              i. Buga The Knut.

           G. Spooky.

              a. Mr Death.

              b. CountBatula.

              c. Zombies.

              D. Mr Barrel.

           H. It's WAR.

              a. Its War.

              b. Power's Off.

              c. TNT.

              d. The Assault.

              e. Sole Survivor.

              f. Casualty Dept.

              g. Saving Private Rodent.

              h. Chemical Warfare.

              i. The Tower.
              j. Little Girl.

              k. The Experiment.

              l. Countdown.

              m. Peace at Last!.

           I. Heist.

              a. The Windmill's Dead.

              b. Enter the Vertex.

              c. The Vault.

   SEC> 3 : Meet the Characters.

   SEC> 4 : Multiplayer & X-Box Live.

           A. Multiplayer.

              a. Characters.

              b. Weapons.

              c. Vehicles.

           B. X-Box Live.

              a. Community.

              b. Upgrades & Unlockables info.              

   SEC> 5 : Cash Locations.

   SEC> 6 : Walkthrough Credits and Misc.


   SEC> 1 : About the game.



   A. What I thought of the game.

   I myself thought the game was very good,way better than the original.
   I think it deserves a rating of about 9 of 10 stars, hell I'll give it
   10 out of 10.Really folks what got me on this game was its multiplayer
   gameplay.I mean seriously it's very addicting!But it should have stuff
   like the original did, like cheat codes , be any character from story
   mode.The great mini games.I miss that about the old one!But anyway 
   this game made up for it because of its online gameplay.Well thats all
   I really have to say about this game.


   B. Details.

   The details aren't much different from what I thought of this game.But
   you should read this paragraph anyway!
                                           details ;;;
   This games graphics are so much better than the original thats 
   for sure.The sound was edited so it would sound newer and some of the 
   story line was changed as well!Thats pretty much all the detail i got 
   to share with you so take care now!


   SEC> 2 : Story Mode.(the walkthrough).


   A. Hungover.
   Well you are now in what seems like a never ending,annoying,nightmare.
   And all Conker wants to do is go home.But that is about to change!

   When Conker wakes up with one of the most horrible hangovers the
   Adventure of a thousand stories begins.

   Now when you gain control of dizzy Conker head over to the scarecrow.
   after you do what he says, buttons in all head over to the waterfall.
   Hop across to the pathway across the giant gap by jumping and 
   hovering over to the other side.Now follow that path all the way up to 
   a giant gargoyle.Talk to him if you want to but after doing so there 
   is a big switch on the wall,go and activate it.When you have activated
   it a door will open half way down the path,go inside.When you are in 
   chase a small key around until its time to fight so bad guys.Kill 
   them and carry the key to the door.Now head back up to the giant 
   Gargoyle and hit him with the frying pan.Once he is removed from the 
   picture jump on top of the giant boulder up to the plunger and press 
   it,now head out the cave door.


   B. Windy.

   Now head up the path on the left until you reach a big bee hive.Grab
   it and quickley run down the path you just walked up and go right to
   the queen bee.She will give you 10 dollars.Head over across from the 
   queen bee until you reach a B pad (B pads are used through out game)
   Activate it and shoot the dung beatles.Once all of them are gone a 
   door at the top of that hill will open up go through that door.


   D. Barn Boys.

   Ok now once you are through that door head over across the water until
   you see a retarded looking rat.Go over to where he is and talk to jack
   the giant block(the giant blocks with eyes).He will tell you to go and
   see burt.So run over to where there is a giant hopping crate and 
   across in the distance you will see a mountain of swiss cheese.Go over
   to the mountain of cheese and talk to the giant block with eyes 
   sitting next to a wooden gate.Once you do that he will open the gate 
   up for you allowin you to do the other block dude a major favor!So 
   now hit one of the living cheese critters with your bat.When it is 
   laying on the ground pick it up and carry it all the way back to the
   rat(easiest path to take is the path to the right when you come out of
   the gate,stay close to the wall so the stomping block heads dont 
   crush you!).Now feed that rat two more things of cheese.When you are 
   done with that climb on top of the block people and get on the roof 
   and hit a switch.After you do so the barn door will open, go inside.
   Now there are hay monsters (very harmless) so ignore them for now and
   head over to the pitch fork on the other side of the room and talk to
   him.Now he is after you run near the hay monsters and make him destroy
   the hay monsters by waiting next to a hay monster and jumping right 
   before he strikes.Now once you have done that go and pull the switch 
   on the wall and head out the door.Now go and talk to the bee king.
   He wants you to round up 5 groups of bees, and bring them to the big
   breasted sunflower.After doing that jump on her tits and get your cash
   .Now go to where that giant hopping crate is and jump on him and then
   jump into the side of the barn,that is when he comes to a halt.Now 
   make your way across the rafters and cut down the rope that holds up 
   the pitchfork.Once you do that go down to him and talk to him.Now get
   on him and attack the giant hay beast 3 times.What you do now after
   falling through the floor is hide behind a giant pipe until the robot
   launches a missile ( susie 9mm) at it causing it to leak.Now wait in 
   the water until the robot comes over and stuns himself.He will hop 
   back two steps and start to spin when he is doing that jump up and 
   hit the red button on his back by pressing the B button on the ting 
   noise so says scarecrow birdy.Repeat that 2 more times but you have 
   to find a new pipe to hide behind.Now when you beat the robot boss go
   and find the giant exit arrows,there should be a ladder in between 
   them , climb the ladder.When you are at the top of the ladder step on
   the B pad and cut down all the loose wires (double check).Now jump in
   the water and swim across to the other B pad and then finish cutting
   down the rest of the loose wires.Now swim to the door across the water
   and go in and collect your cahe after jumping on the old guy's stone.
   Now head outside and climb to the top of the giant tower of ladders.
   Once at the top jump of the board and press B on command!Go to the 
   opened gate at the bottom and collect more cash.Now leave out the
   main entrance!

   B. Windy.

   Now when you are out of the level take a sharp right and go into the 
   shed there.Now once inside you will meet a dung beatle.After you are 
   done talking to him head inside the hatch on the floor then follow
   that path until you reach outside.Once outside you will see a Bull
   dont go near him or he will charge you.What you do is fing a cabin
   covered in poo.Climb to the top and activate the spinning disk.Now
   Here is the fun part.Make the bull ram into the target and a cow will
   come out.Now what you do is lead the bull to the big wooden wall and
   stand on top of the wall on the edge.when he rams it jump on his back.
   Now ram into the cow.Wait a bit longer after you do that, when the cow 
   has finished getting a drink she will start shitting.Ram her, after
   another cow will come out repeat the process.Then another cow will come
   out do it again!Now after completeing that jump in the hole and swim
   your way back to the dung beatle (dont forget to get the cash before 
   you leave).Now go outside and roll the ball of poo up the second path
   and the second ball of poo the first path of shitty mountain.Once you
   do that a the blocked off door wont be blocked off anymore,go inside.


   E. Sloprano.

   Ok now once inside there will be sweet corn.Knock it unconcious and 
   throw it in the whirlpool of crap.Repeat that with the other two
   sweet corn.Now once you have finished that the poo monster will arise
   ,defeat him by throwing the toilet paper in his mouth when he sings and 
   avoid his poo balls.Keep doing what I said untill he shatters the glass
   during his solo.Head over to where the glass shattered and pull the 
   plunger.Bye bye mr poo monster.Now head back out the door you came in.


   C. Bats Tower.

   Now grab another poo ball and roll it all the way to where the gulf of
   water is (that is after you have destroyed all the creatures in the way).
   Push it over the edge and jump down and activate the switch.Now swim over
   entrance and go inside.Once inside you will meet a bunch of catfish.After
   talking with them swim down stream and swim down to the bottom where the 
   bull fish is and there should be a entrance into the tower,go in.Once you
   are in go and find the cogs that are on the wall.After talking to one of
   them head up to the top of the tower and pull the lever.Now after doing so
   head back down and you will find one of the missing cogs running about.Hit
   it with your bat and then carry it to the wall and place it there.Now go 
   find the other two.Once you have done that get on the big disk on the floor
   and run the way the arrow is facing.Now that will put the bull dog on a 
   shorter leash.Now go out side and go upstream and find the catfish.Lead
   them to the Vault,and when they open it go inside.Now follow the pattern 
   the arrows in order.The floor will open up go down and swim.[this next part
   is very difficult to explain so just follow your senses!].After swimming
   through the water, head down that hall way to the boiler room.Now you will
   meet two little flamers so to speak.Get wasted by going over to the keg
   and pressing the B button.Now piss on every one you see.Eventually they
   will give up and they will go into a giant boiler.Once he comes alive his
   balls will drop.Head over to a corner of the room and wait on a dump pad.
   When he comes over power jump up and pull the lever down.This will cause
   tons of crap to be dumped on him.When he is stunned go over to him and hit
   his balls by pressing the action command button.Do that 3 more times.
   (you have to you a different dump pad each time you get him covered in poo.
   Now that he is out of the way go and roll his balls / one on the switch and
   the other down the doorway the switch opens up.Once you have done that grab
   the cash and be on your way!Now here is a rather watch out part!To out run 
   the bull fish properly jump to the right of the wall and run on it until 
   you fall.Swim near the fishes so it will stall him from getting to you.
   Once you have out swam him jump on him and get the cash,and leave out the 


   E. Sloprano.
   Go back to where you fought the poo monster and jump in the giant hole
   and land on a platform.Go into the door.Alright now this is difficult,
   go and jump in the water and swim past the spinning blades without 
   getting cut in half.Once you have done that head in through the doorway
   and jump on the rope.Climb up the rope and jump on the ladder and climb
   that.Now jump up and head over to the gaurds.Once you have passed them
   depending if you had enough cash head over to the temple like structure.
   Avoid the rex's and go in all of the doors until you reach the top.Once
   you are at the top you will find a giant statue of a caveman.Jump on top
   of it and then jump in the air and press the action command an few times.
   Presto your in!


   F. Uga Buga.
   You are now in the stone age how lucky are you?Well any way what you do
   now is slam on the statue one more time causeing the door underneathe it
   to open.Ok go and look for a rock dude thats all rolled up into a ball.
   Roll him in through that opened door and down that hill.Now once you do 
   that you are now in the sacrifice room or cave.Follow the path to the 
   right of you all the way to a door that will open when you walk close to
   it then go inside.When you are in the other room make your way over to 
   the giant egg.Get on top of it by jumping on the stone that guy is holding.
   Once on top conker will sit on it until it hatches.Congradulations its a 
   boy!!!!Lead him all the way around to the other door and go in.Bring him up
   on the Massive stone platform after lifting it by shooting the up arrow.
   When he is in place shoot the down arrow!Ok now that you've done that the
   giant stone dinosaur will open his mouth and his tongue (covered in slime)
   will roll out followed by anothed guy holding a stone.Jump on his stone
   then launch yourself on the head of the stone dinosaur.Hit the action button
   in both of his nostrils causing him to sneeze off all the slime off his 
   tongue.Now before you jump off look around on his head or neck for cash.
   Now jump off and go in the mouth of the stone dinosaur.Once in follow
   the path all the way to the exit.Ok when you get out of there conker finds 
   a wolf skin hat, once he puts it on go all the way back to where the tip
   of the stone dinosaur's tongue is.Now the cave men see you with it on and
   start believing that you are the new king.Lead them back to where the stone
   people are and they will destroy them.After doing so go and talk to the
   bouncer in front of the club rock solid.He will let you in.Once you are in
   go and find the rock dude behind the bar.Roll him up to the switch in front
   of the exit.Now that you have done that go get wasted and pee the rock dude 
   in front of the opened door into that door.After you do that that rock dude
   will appear up top on the second floor.Go up to him after you get some meds.
   now push him all the way across avoiding the rock she hemiths and place him
   on the switch.Now that opened another door ,go get tanked again and pee the
   rock dude in front of the door you just opened into that door.When you do 
   that he breaks the cage open with berri in it and she is free'd.Now grab the
   cash in the cage and leave out the door.Well after you are brought to the 
   Boss he gives you a little job.Well run that bomb where he tells you to and
   then hop across the rocks in the lava to the opening across.Now here you are
   your own.Beat the guys with your bat while surfing and the jump off the ramp
   into the opened door.Ok now run over to the lone cave man across the arena
   and wait for the raptor to come out or t-rex w/e .Now run over to the B pad 
   and quickley press the action button.Ok now you are riding him,eat all the 
   cave men then the others that come out ect...Now big uga buga time, here is
   how you defeat him.When he is about to swing his club at you press the right
   trigger to head butt his balls.When you do that his ass is exposed,run 
   around behind him and press the action button / biteing a chunk of ass off.
   Do that 2 more times and you have beaten him!Now run over to the throne and
   go in the door.Just grab the cash and be off!


   B. Windy.

   Now go back to where the giant bee's nest is and go inside and defeat all
   the wasps.Now carry the hive all the back to the queen bee again.Then go to
   the top of the hill and ride mr barrel all the way down.The barrel will
   break the entrance to spooky go inside it.


   G. Spooky.

   Ok now head all the way to see Greg the grim reaper / just follow the path
   and avoid the ceramic dolls.Talk to greg and then head up near the giant
   gates that lead into the cemetery.Look around for a giant stone vampire
   head with its mouth open.Go inside its mouth and pull the lever.Now go back 
   to grim and get your Shotgun.After doing so go to the gate and go into the  
   cemetery.when inside shoot about 12 zombies in the HEAD only.Now go see 
   grim and head up the path to the Mansion.

   Beating the Bat,  well this get very frustrating trying to fly as a bat
   but you will get use to it.Now fly around and crap on the villagers then
   bring them to the grinder (it takes 9 villagers to kill him).Once you have
   killed him look around for keys to the front door ( kill all the zombies at
   the front door first).After you get all 3 keys into the door go over to
   mr barrel and ride him back to where greg was.Now with out breaking the 
   barrel ride it up the some what like waterfall and in that door.

   You are now back where you started , get the cash and jump off the edge
   (its safe).Now head back to windy.


   H. It's WAR.
   Ok once you enter windy an newspaper will appear saying its war.Well 
   after that head up on the left, there is a fortress.Hop the barb wire
   fence and go in.
   It all begins!!! tHIS IS THE LONGEST cHAPTER!

   Ok once you are in talk to the general.After go and push the metal block
   over a few feet.Now head up to the bathroom and knock on the door.Bring 
   mr tnt to one side of the plane and set him there (watch out! 1 wrong move
   and your a gonner.).Now go back and knock on the door again and then bring 
   this guy to the opposite side of where you brought the other guy!Ok now go
   and find a switch down on the sand(its on the wall).Go and pull it.Now go
   On the Giant B and shoot their fuses.BOOM! now a path is cleared.

   attention! you can only take out 1 guy at a time!

   ok now you are on the boat.Get ready to safley try and get past the nests.
   Once you are up there you get your gun.Now get ready and shoot all the 
   tediz.Go and shoot the lock on the door and go inside.Now Just follow the 
   hallways until you get to the evil doctor tediz.Defeat them and then defeat
   the giant evil tediz.Once you have done that pull both levers on the wall  
   and go out the opened door.

                    []                 |
                    []   ###########   |
                    []   ###########   |
                    []       ###       |
                    []      ###        | 
                    []      ###        | 
                    []       ###       |
                    []       ###       |

  Now you will run into tediz killing squirrels.Kill the tediz.Now take that
  squirrel,rodent and he will protect you from the robot spiders.Just hide
  behind him when the robots are coming at you.Watch out for falling bombs too!
  Now when you reach a giant metal door go on the B pad located in the water
  and shoot the locks on the door down quickley (the locks are yellow circles).
  Ok avoid the tediz and go in the door.Now get in the tank and shoot the door 
  across from you!When you hav removed the door get out of the tank and go 
  inside.Follow the pathway to a switch .Activate it and quickley get your ass
  out of there!Now get in the tank again and go and destroy the base of the 
  watch tower.There are four base parts.But in order to get around the tower
  you have to get out of the tank when the watch tower isn't facing you.Then 
  Jump across avoiding the tediz stick grenades and press the action button
  on top of the bridge.Once you get into the Hole the tower left , destroy the
  submarines.Then go to the little girl and get ready for a suprise!

  Defeat the giant robot tediz by getting back in the tank.Once you are in the 
  tank shoot the robots guns when it reloads (hide in tunnel).Then after you
  shoot both guns he will come after you.When he is close enough shoot the 
  little girl out of his hands.Then when he turns around shoot his back.Do that
  2 more times!

  Now escaping the tediz fortress.Just follow the single hallway and avoid
  the red laser beams as best as you can.When you come to one that looks 
  like you cant avoid being hit just crawl under it and take 1 hit instead
  of 3.Now you will come to another one just like it do the same.Now in 
  order to leave this place kill the tediz then the door will open.Now get
  to your boat Pronto and kill the tediz on your way out.


  I. Heist.

  Now when you get back leave the army base and head out the exit.Ok a few
  things have changed but anyway go to the broken windmill and go inside it.
  When you get to the bank you will talk to berri and the mob boss.Go in the 
  bank and beat the very fun Enter the Vertex.Once you beat that go in the 
  doors ahead until you reach the panther king.After watching that skit you
  will have to fight an alien.Knock him out then grab his tail swing him
  around and throw him out the open door.Repeat that 2 more times and guess
  what You just beat conker live & reloaded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  SEC> 3 : Meet the Characters.


  Conker :

  Neo Conker :

  Soldier Conker :

  King Conker :

  Hammered Conker :

  Hungover Conker :

  Bat Conker :
  Van Conker :

  Robot suit Conker : 

  Berri :

  Scaredy Birdy :

  Panther King :

  Greg the Grim Reaper :

  Paint pot & Brush :

  Tediz :

  Gargoyle :
  Hay People :

  Hay Robot :

  Great Mighty Poo :

  Clang :

  Big Bonah :
  CountBatula :

  Little Girl :

  Little Girl's Robot :

  Alien :

  Dung Beatles :  

  Cash :

  Worms :

  Zombie Worms :

  Sweet Corn :

  Cheese People :

  Von Kripplespec :
  Rodent :

  S.H.C :

  Queen Bee :

  King Bee :
  Rock people :

  Cave men :

  The Boss :

  Weasles :

  The Weasles :

  Guard Weasles :

  Panther King's Hench Men :

  General :

  Villagers : 
  Zombies :

  Evil cog :

  Queer cog :

  Mr. Big cog :

  Lady Cogs :

  Cat fish :

  Doc Tediz :

  Giant Doc Tediz :

  Mr. Barrel :
  Big Breasted Sunflower :

  Pitch fork :

  Barry & Co :

  Tickly Bees :

  Block People :

  Burt :
  Jack & His fat Wife :

  Marvin :

  T-rex :

  Baby T-rex :

  Bouncer :
  Frankie :
  Paulie :

  Chicho :

  Bartender :

  Bull fish :
  Bull :

  Cows :

  Ceramic Dolls :
  Mr Crate :

  Tiny mr Crates :

  Mr TNT :
  Goblins :

  Flamethrower Guy :

  Robot Spiders :

  And those annoying Spike people :
  I might have a few characters missing or gave them the wrong name!


  SEC> 4 : Multiplayer & X-Box Live.

  Brief :

  Multiplayer is very great.It's very addicting.Creating your own army and
  sending them into battle.It's even better when you play with your community
  or nation wide , scratch that world wide!Or if you dont have x-box live just
  play with a friend.Create a profile of your own have your own avatar to 
  leave your mark.heal or be healed by a partner.
  Intense game play will keep you on it forever!

  Charaters : Special Weapon : Their Vehicles

  Grunt : Hogster : Toad MkII - R-Hog

  Thermophile : Fauster : Dragon MkI

  Seeker : Dagger : R-Hog

  Demolisher : Strayfur : Tankus

  Sky Jockey : DP 500 : Steed - Mule

  Long Ranger : Krotch 45 : R-Hog

  Upgrades help you get their special weapon and other weapons!

  Unlockables only occur during online gameplay.

  You can unlock new avatar packs and permanent upgrades for your characters!

  And bonus stuff like purple regal bullets.


  SEC> 5 : Cash Locations.


  [  WINDY  ]

  $100 - Retrieve the Queen Bee's hive for her.

  [  BARN BOYS  ]

  $100 - After you get the pink box off of the blue one, jump on top of them to
       reach the roof. Grab the cash on top of the barn roof.

  $100 - In an alcove above Sunny the sunflower; use her chest to reach it.

  $100 - After you beat Haybot and escape the basement, use the monk to flip you
       up to a high ledge in the barn where you can find cash.

  $100 - Slam the big button in the bucket to open the gate near the ravine. You
       will find a wad of cash past the gate.

  [  SLOPRANO  ]

  $100 - At the summit of Poo Mountain. Roll a poo ball to the top of and use it
       as a stepping stone to reach the very tip of the mountain.

  $100 - After the Poo Cabin gets flooded, enter it and as you enter the tunnel,
       look for an opening at the ceiling. Enter the opening to find a ledge
       with a wad of cash.

  $100 - Found inside Poo Mountain, you must beat The Great Mighty Poo for him 
       to break the glass door that encases another wad of cash.

  [  BATS TOWER  ]

  $100 - Climb the top of the tower and walk around the perimeter to find a nice
       wad of cash.

  $10 - Found after beating the Boiler, go into the next room for a measly $10.

  $300 - After the Bullfish eats the aristocratfish, climb on top of him after
       he slams into the wall to reach an alcove revealing 300 dollars.

  [  UGA BUGA  ]

  $100 - Found on top of the temple statue's head.

  $100 - Found at the back of the Dragon God's head. Use the monk to reach the
       top of the statue.

  $100 - Once Berri is freed, super jump up to her cage to find some cash.

  $100 - After beating Buga and meeting up with is girl, chase and capture the
       runaway wad of cash

  [  SPOOKY  ]
  $100 - Jump to the hexagonal opening on the wasp hive and enter it to find 
       yourself in another opening. Super jump and helicopter spin to the 
       right and you will find a wad of cash.

  $400 - Retrieve the Queen Bee's hive one last time for her to give you 400
       bucks. Nice!

  $100 - After riding Mr. Barrel out of the mansion, head to the bloody lake and
       go up the waterfall. Enter the cavern leading to a wad of cash.

  [  IT'S WAR  ]

  There is no Cash Here!
  [  HEIST  ]

  $1,000,000 - Collect all of the money in the bank vault to finally become a


  SEC> 6 : Walkthrough Credits and Misc.



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