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                        DEATH CRIMSON 2 WALKTHROUGH BY ADK,
                        Final version :  

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Welcome to my guide for this unknown game. You have probably noticed it in a
store or two, you have never heard of it and when you search, the only article
you find is the one in IGN and it says to pass your way and buy House of the
Dead 2. This game is a good one, read my guide and you will understand...

Final version : I added how to use the micro to create your own damage voice in
the game. You must try it with friends, it's very very fun. Look at the new




Ok, let's check what we have now. It's 17H PM, i don't know which game i will
play. Oh a shooting ! let's try this. I begin to play and the surprise was so
cool. Death Crimson 2 is the sequel of the Saturn game, but not only in the
name, also in the story. The game begins by the murder of one of the hero of
the first episode, Dany. Then this scene is followed by other cinematics with
good voice acting. There is not much to say about this story, you begin to
investigate on Dany's missing and discover a ton of problems.
The presentation is really really good with cool cinematics in 60 fps and
excellent voice acting, even if it's in japanese. They are long but fortunately
you can zap them, if you are not interested.
The graphics are colorful and various. You will visit a city, a museum a
warehouse but also the same cave as in the first episode on the Saturn. During
the adventure phase you see your character as in Resident Evil. it's in fact a
good idea cause it brings new situations, unexpectable in House of the Dead 2 for
The animation, during the shooting phase is in 60 fps and perfect. I have seen
the game slowed one once or two but it's not important. The foe is quick and
you need a good timing to shoot him. During the adventure phase the animation
is strange if you use the analogic thumb. I was laughing a lot the first time
i see it, but after taking serious control i obtain a descent animation for
this phase.
The sound is excellent during the adventure phase and the voice acting too. But
don't expect anything of the shooting phase. The music is always the same, the
voice are awful, dread and words are missing to describe it. There is no boss
music even for the last one. One originality however, you can record your voice
and put it in the game, look at the voice acting section to learn how to do
that. The real problem is in fact in the sound effect, very poor compared to
House of the dead and it spoils a great part of the fun.
The gameplay is good, you can finish this game in three or four hours but you
will have a lot of fun. In the adventure phase you can have some problems due to
the controls which are not optimum but with some good will it's possible to make
So, is it a good game ? i answer yes. I don't know if you will buy it or not,
but you have a story mode, some download, a mission mode and you can play with
three other friends to this game. The interest is real, but alone you will not
play this game often. Find a friend, complete it with him and you will have a 
good opinion of this game.

GRAPHICS     : 18/20
ANIMATION    : 16/20
SOUND        : 12/20
CONTROLS     : 13/20
FINAL NOTE   : 86 %


It's simple, 
Use the analogic thumb only if you want to run very fast and always in the same
Use youR cross + X to make a normal run.
Use LEFT or RIGHT to turn
Use L or R to turn quickly.
Use Y to switch your character in the adventure phase (not in all scenes).
Use A to shoot and B to reload in the shooting phase.


This tool was made to talk with the people you meet on line. Especially in
first person action game like Half Life or Unreal Tournament. Hope they will
use it when they will make the game.

During the adventure phase, when i say to search the box or anything else,
sometimes it didn't work cause you are not on the good pixel. Other times it's
because you don't do the action in the correct order.

The death cosmos is the name for your HP in the game. Once you lose it in
shooting phase, you can regain them in adventure phase.

4 TIPS : 

Press Y in the adventure phase to change of character.
To change the voice you need the mike device or you can download new voices
from the official site of the game.
Press A+B each time you shoot to never reload.


ECOLE has prepared 200 blocks of download just for you. Go in the dreampassport
option and click on download.

Download 1 and 2 : each take 49 blocks. They are new voices for the shooting
Download 3, 4 and 5 : 101 blocks in total. You obtain three new stages in the
mission mode. You will shoot in the warehouse with a tons of hostage to save,
or in the last cave (Elmyd) with new opponents. These three are really
difficult to play and was originally created for a four players game.


You can change the voice during the shooting phase, to do it you need an
original tool called in japan the MIKE DEVICE (understood micro device).
Have you ever seen this strange VMU with no screen and some kind of joystick on
it. It's a micro and japanese named it MIKE DEVICE. Once in the game, go in the
option menu. Search the menu to record your voice using the mike device and
then you have just to talk. After that, load your voice and player 1 will have
it. If you wish to download more voice for other player record more.


Be sure to input the micro in controller 1, port B.

Damage voice recording
Stereo/monoral sound
Movie ON/OFF
Cancel option -> fast, normal, slow (in this order). It is the speed you wish
when you zap scenes in adventure phase, it is set to fast by default.
Hi score
Main menu.

Click on damage voice recording.

Custom voice
Kou voice
Yuri voice
Pat voice
{you can choose which voice you wish to heard during the shooting phase when you
got a damage}

Click on Custom voice.

Change voice
Load voice from a VMU

Click on change voice, if it the first time you arrive in the sound quality menu
if it is the second you must choose between : 

Overwrite voices
New voices

{you can create new voices only if you have a VMU to store the old one. If you
haven't enough free blocks, you can only overwrite voices.}

16 bits quality (need 96 blocks to save it).
8 bits quality (need 49 blocks to save it).

Choose the quality.

Now, you can record a maximum of 3 voices for a maximum of 3 seconds. It is few
? believe me you will discover how to laugh in only 3 seconds with this

Press Up or Down to set the volume of the voice.
Maintain A while you speak to record your voice.
Press B to change track.

Now exit of all menus to play and enjoy the fun. You can say all what you want
and when i say all it is all. Fun is so great that yu will play this game just
to hear your own voice. It is not possible to record voices for other players.
Be sure to record at least the voice of each friends with you.

KOU : is the player one. He is quite nervous but he is a good detective.

YURI : is the player two. She wants to learn why Dany and Marsa were killed.

PAT : must be player 3. He is intelligent, but have a horrible voice.

CYBORG (not a translation, his name is in the manual, i forget it): 
He was in Death Crimson 1, don't ask me what he did in it, i don't know cause
i have never played with Death Crimson 1.

DANY AND GREG : they were player 1 and 2 in Death Crimson 1.

MARSA : was Dany's wife.

ALGA : a girl that lives in the desert. She will test you then help you.

AZYM : only him can help you to go in the Elmyd Cave.

MAC NELLY : is the first foe you encountered.

ZAZA the cyberbots : is the bad guy of this story but not the last boss. You
will not kill him in this episode.

MELANITO : She is the last boss of this game, but she is only under an evil
power, you must free her.



In a castle, Dany is in a jail. Zaza arrives and talk to him. He wants to know
more about the emerald but Dany didn't answer. Zaza killed him. Dany is Crimson.

Meanwhile in Asalia, Lili receives a call. Then Greg arrives. he wants to see
Yuri. I answer 2 then 3. It's 20 PM, Yuri will go home soon. Then Marsa comes
to talk to Lili, she said that Dany has disappeared.

Dany was searching the Ruby cause Greg got the Saphir after Death Crimson 1.
Eventually Yuri arrives and talk to Marsa. Yuri obtained an emerald.

ACTION SCENE IN THE STREETS. (Press start to begin)

Marsa is killed. She asks you to talk to Greg of the saphir and of what it is
in reality. Then she died. Later you ask to a nurse how Greg is and she said to
come later to see him. Yuri decides to go to Dahow.


Yuri must look at the sign here. It's an add for the "new art" expo at the
museum of Dahow. Try to enter in the museum by using the left door, talk to


1 : click on the big mouth. you obtain 1 death cosmos.
2 : click on the painting right of the mouth. Then on the third painting you
see, you find a quizz. (answer 1 to play).

QUIZZ : The event of the day is : 
                1 : the arrival of Oby one Kenobi in town
                2 : the sapphire
                3 : the new art expo
and of course the answer is 3. (answer 1 is a joke, but it's because this
answer is in kanji and i don't want to translate it).
3 : You find a pedestal on the left, click to gain one death cosmos.
4 : you will see another with a Chewbacca on it. Behind are 2 doors, click on
the right door.
5 : come back to the center pedestal to awake MAC NELLY. Talk, then he lets 8
minutes to find a second quizz. Run to the exit corridor near the Chewbacca
pedestal and click to find Mac Nelly. Click on the left door behind Chewbacca
to find the second quizz.

QUIZZ 2 : We are in : 
                1 : ZAHOW MUSEUM
                2 : DAHOW MUSEUM
                3 : MAC NELLY MUSEUM
and of course the answer is 2, unless you didn't understand anything to my
guide...Click on the first painting near the exit door. Then go to the door and
open it. Mac Nelly lets you pass but beware he lets a boss for you here.

Save the game.


You can choose between  easy (1 credit=8 death (understand 8 hits))
                        normal (1 credit=6 death)
                        hard (1 credit= 6 death but foes are longer to kill and
                        there is more).
The difficulty didn't change anything to the end of the game so be cool and use
the easy mode. In fact this difficulty setting is here for the multi player

During all the action scene from now you will hit cool items : 

Yellow ball = +3 credits.
Pink flower = regain all your life (they are often in a barrel).
A glowing ball = all foes are kill automatically.

The boss here is the GROPS FAMILY + 1 SILVER GROPS. They are long and hard.


Talk to Pat then exit of Dahow. Enter the SMO enterprise. Talk to Marc. In this
hall click on the painting with a face (answer 1 then). Now exit on the left
and talk to Marc.

In the next scene answer 2 then 3. Greg feels better, now you can talk to him.
Lili has disappeared, you ask to Greg if he has an idea. Answer 1 about Lili.
Then Greg talks of the story of the three jewels, they are in fact three doors,
he has opened with Dany the blue one, and now it's time to open the red one
before Zaza does it. Then he concludes that Dany is dead now.


1 : Click on the library then on the right so it falls.
2 : Click on the PC, you need a password.
3 : Click on the box on the right wall near the second door.
4 : Click on the library near the PC. Click again on the PC. Now pass the door.


Click on the safe here. Click on the paper inside and return to the office.
Enter the password and a secret safe appears. Click on the safe in the
kitchen and answer 2 to look at a movie. After that return to the office and
click again on the box of the right wall. Last click on the secret safe to
open it.

FMV : where the cyborg of Death Crimson 1 gives you his gun to burn the last
boss of this game exactly like the last boss of episode 1 was.

ACTION SCENE IN THE BUILDING. Choose your difficulty, but don't kill hostages
cause you lose your life.

Yuri reports to Greg. They decide to ask Pat to help them to find where was the
sapphire door.


Click on the little barrel on the other side of the plane. You find a death
cosmos. Answer 1 then to use it. Pat appears. Click on the plane to talk to
Zaza. The pilot was Mac Nelly but he killed him after you killed the grops
family. Then Pat said that he can pilot the plane... So you escape.

FMV : you fly and then land on the desert.

ACTION SCENE IN THE DESERT : It's a little different this time. You must find
Alga here and finish her test.
I'll give the shortest direction but keep in mind that she is in the upper left
corner the first time, one square under the upper right corner the second time
and the last time, near the down left corner in the last line of the entire

In fact it's : 
up, answer 1 then kill. then up, up, up. Now left left, kill,left again. Talk
to Alga then kill.
Now go right, right, right,kill, right right then down. Talk to Alga and kill.
Last go down, down, down,down then left, left, kill, left,left left. Talk to
Alga and kill but be sure to have all the credits because this scene is long
and difficult.


Enter here and pass the door on the right. Click on the computer then on the
right experiment soldier for one life. You find another death cosmos on the
opposite experiment soldier. Click again on the computer to see a scene with
Lili used as an experiment by Zaza. She is dead now.



Kou and Alga meet Azym. You have 15 minutes to solve this puzzle. Enter. There
are 6 doors.
1 : enter the door straight. You find on the little tree (right) a death
cosmos. Click on the left window to learn the code 847.
2 : enter the door left, search on the right the piece of furniture to enter
the code 847.
3 : you can now open the locked door, right of the entrance. Go in this room.
Click in the
shadow near the barrel to find an item. (you heard the sound of a gun then).
Then you will put it in the barrel and you can exit.
4 : you find a death cosmos in the tree near the entrance.
5 : return in the left room, click on the barrel near a cupboard to find Azym.

Yuri and Alga talk. Musasabi is a squirel and he comes with Yuri. Talk to Azym
,Kou and Alga.


1 : Use the stairs right. click on the three doors. exit of here.
corridor 1 : a bridge.
corridor 2 : a bridge, you find a death cosmos. 2 exit, straight and left.
corridor 3 and 4 can be reach by the straight exit, it's a dead end.
corrior 5 you lose and win one deathcosmos (it's possible to not lose but
beware of where you walk).
corridor 6 : exit.
corridor 7 : find a key and exit.
final corridor : find and lose one death cosmos. exit.
little room : now go straight (click to advance if necessary). At least you can
enter the Melanito shrine.

Save the game.


You must return safely to the three doors. You must especially reach the red
one cause you have the key (of course...).


1 : shoot her head until she escapes.
2 : go in corridor 3 to chase her.
3 : return to the Melanito shrine, In fact you must go in the final corridor.
4 : go back to the red door. On the way you meet his silver form.
5 : enter in the red room to fight the gold form and finish him.

OK, this boss is Crimson now. You have saved princess Melanito. She explains
everything, the how, the why, the when. To be simple, Dany and Greg has opened
the blue door and kill the last boss of death Crimson 1, you have done a great
job in this episode and killed the boss of the red door.

Unfortunately this game is to be continued. There will be Death Crimson 3 for
the green door with new heroes. For the moment Kou and Yuri must wait the
result of their battle in the Elmyd pyramid.

During the end sequence, you receive a password, 991017. This is a date. I have
entered it in my dreamcast clock to see what happens but nothing happens. In fact
it's the password to synchronize this adventure with Death Crimson 3. Too bad,
the idea was cool but now that the Dreamcast is dead, Death Crimson 3 will
probably appears on a Gamecube or a Play 2 or in a Gameboy Advance...

ADK, who wants to Crimson Ecole for not making the third part.


I want to thank Gamefaqs for posting this walkthrough.
I want to thank Kyapiko who played the game with me.
For any other info e mail me at [email protected] This walkthrough is
copyright 2001 and as usual, if you want it in your site, ask me first.

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